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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  February 29, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. good morning. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. breaking news. in san jose firefighters are battling a fire on the 1100 block of denise way. the fire started before 3 a.m. early reports say at least part of the building has collapsed.
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you could tell from this video. there are concerns about powerlines. this is cell phone video taken by our photo journalist. no word on how many people have been displaced. we do know that no injuries have been reported so far. amy hollyfield is gathering more information. she will be joining us in half an hour. strong winds complicated efforts to fight a massive house fire in napa overnight. that fire started about 9:00 last night in the large home of a woman who runs an antique business. she and her husband and two dogs managed to escape. a 6,000 book library and huge antique collection may have been destroyed. the couple said they had a fire burning in the fireplace earlier in the evening. firefighters have been on the scene all night. they say it could take hours more to knock down the hot spots. winds all night and rain
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o. mike nicco is tracking the storm. good morning. winds 26 in livermore, 30 oakland, 37 napa. 43b6 sfo. 28 half moon bay. the cold front is upon us. you can see a little clearing in the northern sections of sonoma county. heaviest of the rain moving through the heart of the bay now. we have rain ahead of this cold front steady for the morning commute. you can see showers behind it that will move in during the afternoon and drop the snow level down to 3500 feet we are going to get snow also. let's find out how the ponding on the roads is affecting traffic. north bay flooding reported on 101 southbound past the expressway. here's what it looks like in san rafael past the lucas valley exit to marin wood, san mateo bridge a wind advisory just both hands-on the wheel.
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also wind advisory for the bay bridge. look out for ponding in the usual spots. couple accidents westbound 580 castro valley and northbound 238 at hesperian. one of those tricky rides into work this morning. that means frequent visits from you to tell us more. 4:33. severe weather leaving a path of injury and destruction in the midwest. one person is dead after tornadoes ripped through southern missouri this morning. a dozen were injured some trapped in their homes. a tornado moved through heavily damaging the city's famous theaters. the storm caused major damage to a wal-mart. authorities say one person was killed, 13 injured when a ten hit a mobile home park south of the town of buffalo. three men arrested after leading police on a chase through the east bay last night. a dozen police cruisers chasing a war on westbound 80
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in -- chasing a car on westbound 80 the chase reached 100 miles per hour and continued on to 880 through oakland, san leandro, hayward and fremont. it ended at the dumbarton bridge in newark where officers arrested three. two men were armed and had robbed this shell station in martinez an hour earlier. pg&e has decided who should pay for an inspection and improvement program to make sure a san bruno type fire can't happen again. utility says the customer should a the lion's share of the estimated five billion dollar cost. katie the response has been loud and negative. >> reporter: as would you imagine it has. maybe adding insult to injury, pg&e has agreed to pick up more of the tab. wait until you hear the numbers. the first phase of the improvement project is expected to cost 2.2 billion dollars. reach five billion with
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interest payments. of the 2.2 billion pg&e agreed to a 320 million dollars. after yesterday, they bumped that number up to 360 million. that's 40 million more out of billions. customers would be left holding a 1.84 billion dollar bag. the utility company contends it should not have to pay for the improvements because regulations that mandate them are new, put in place by the state public utilities commission last june in response to the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. consumer advocates say customers shouldn't pay because pg&e has been overcharging for years and the company should have been maintaining the lines all along. the battle is not over. it continues. a hearing on the pipeline plan and who should pay starts march 12th. a judge will oversee it, a decision is not expected until later this year.
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katie marzullo, abc7 news. the domestic abuse trial of sheriff ross mirkarimi resumes today. the judge is expected to consider a motion to block key evidence after a one day recess. mirkarimi is charged with injuring his wife's arm during an argument new year's eve. the judge is expected to rule today whether to allow testimony from a per girlfriend of mirkarimi who claims he also abused her. the judge ruled monday a video showing a bruise on the arm of mirkarimi's wife eliana lopez will be allowed as evidence. budget problems in walnut creek forcing the police department to change and even suspend some public safety programs. traffic unit eliminated, extra traffic enforcement around schools and in some neighborhoods will come to answer. community policing team will end focus on school out reach and concentrate on the downtown entertainment district. >> the public women not notice any change, slightly less
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traffic enforcement. we will give slightly less specialized service to the schools but we will still be available for any crime issue >> city says the cutbacks will be temporary but will last until july when the new fiscal year begins. there was a similar restructuring last year and police say crime rates went down. -- [ unintelligible ] it is 4:37 now. as you may notice camera is bouncing which is an indication of how windy it is. >> you dove across the span.
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>> with the rain -- rain and wind. [ unintelligible ] with high winds ponding on the roads the hydroplaning with the winds, pretty fun driving around this morning you have to be wake before you get behind the wheel. look at the rain heaviest around the bay steadiest as the cold front is starting to move through the north bay. visibilities aren't too bad, two miles in novato everybody else three and above. at least reduced visibilities not an issue like the winds and rain. first shot of energy, cold front next one diving on the back side another chunk of energy going to roll through during the mid-morning to mid-afternoon hours and keep scattered showers in the forecast. while the steady rain is this morning scattered showers possible any time today temperatures will hang out in
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the low to mid 50s clear lake 44, snow level today around 35 to 4,000 feet only possibly hamilton getting a dusting of any snow. that will change tonight drop to 2500 feet we could wake to snow on hamilton, diablo if one of those scattered showers hits overnight into tomorrow. friday drier weather, warm sunshine for the weekend. we have several accidents vehicles seem to hydroplane that's what you want to avoid this morning. here's a live shot of the oakland maze westbound 80 heading towards the bay bridge it is light take your time this morning. also flooding reported eastbound 580 at grand look out for that. here's a live shot of 680 walnut creek wet commute everywhere, still light now in contra costa county, visibility could be limited as
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well we con see up to highway 24 -- we don't see up to highway 24 like we normally do. headlights northbound 28017 out of the santa cruz mountains, no problems in the south bay wind advisories for the san mateo and bay bridge. new accident westbound 80 vallejo just reported, chp en route. a couple spin-outs westbound 580 castro valley boulevard northbound 238 at hesperian. just be extra careful this morning. >> there will be a lot of problems this morning keep it tuned to frances. first health insurance now legal aid the proposed law that is about to put san francisco at the forefront of the nation again. it will be easier for people in alameda county to get rid of their unused prescription drugs. pharmaceutical companies may not like it. defiant stance from the head of california's
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department of fish and game in the wake of a controversial photo.
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good morning. 4:43 on this wednesday. east bay emeryville berkeley area on 80 you could see camera lens are kind of wet because we have rain coming down pretty good now the roads wet and blustery out there we'll check in with mike and get the latest on the storm. alameda county has moved closer to becoming the first county in the nation to make drugmakers responsible for disposing of unused and expiring pharmaceuticals. the county has drop-off boxes in several cities. the county supervisors have given approval to a measure requiring drug makers to take
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back the drugs by financing and operating collection boxes the county says the ordinance is necessary because dugs have ended up in the water supply. san francisco residents will soon have the right to legal help not only in criminal cases also in civil case. the gored of supervisors approved a pilot program to ensure low -- income resident get representation in serious civil matters such as custody cases. the city is partnering with legal aid groups and the san francisco bar. the board has six months to finalize plans for the one year pilot program. state fish pan game commission head dan richards says there is zero chance he will resign decision spite huge pressure for him to do so. estimates from a pick sure showing him with a cougar that he killed in idaho it is legal there but not in california. it is part of richards' job to preserve the big cats.
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40 political leaders have called for him to resign. now a letter richards is defending his record as a conservationist and says he didn't do anything wrong. 4:45. next, teetering on the financial brink stockton is closer to doing something no other large city has done. mitt romney avoids catastrophe by narrowly squeaking out a victory in michigan. where the gop race heads next, coming up. bay area county tightening food standards to loosen waist bans. arson suspect on the -- lose -- on the loose the push to identify this man after police say he set a fire inside san francisco's main library. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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. these are the high temperatures st. louis 65. mid 70s gulf coast, 84 miami. everywhere else 30s and 40s flight arrival delays into o'hare wet weather east coast delays should develop there and here also because of the wet weather. use that flight tracker at at the bottom. 4:48. this morning mitt romney is celebrating a hard won home state triumph in michigan as well as a victory in arizona. the race now moves to super tuesday. 10 states will vote next tuesday, including several where santorum or gingrich lead in the polls. tahman bradley has more. >> reporter: a sigh of relief for mitt romney the ran presidential candidate avoided a catastrophe by squeaking out a narrow victory in his home
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state. >> we won by enough that's all that counts. >> reporter: the win with an impressive victory in are could help romney reestablish his front-runner status in the race ahead of super tuesday. man who finished second to romney santorum, isn't conceding any ground. >> a month ago they didn't know who we are, they do now >> reporter: romney's win gives the candidate fresh momentum. it probably won't ease concern that he can't connect with voters. 30% in michigan describe themselves as very conservative, santorum won them by double digits. georgia, tennessee and oklahoma, very conservative voters are expected to become a bigger port of the electorate. polls show romney trailing in ohio, oklahoma, georgia and tennessee, states voting on super tuesday. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. last night stockton agreed to a move that could bring it
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closer to declaring bankruptcy. the council voted 6-1 to enter mediation and try to renegotiate its debt. i was hit hard by the recession. -- it was hit hard by the recession. cities must have a 60 day mediation period with creditors before they are allowed to file for bankruptcy. city leaders say stockton is on the brink of insolvency. healthier meals coming to south bay schools, hospitals and jails soon. the board of have advisers has approved the most comprehensive nutrition policy in the state. it will affect food and determines served or offered at all county facilities and events. pizza and burgers will be made with more healthier ingredients. chips and sodas will be replaced with trail mix and water. >> we have to start somewhere we have a quarter of the kids
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in this county that are overweight or obese, nearly 2/3 of adults t this is the first step as we provide six million meals a year. >> these new standards will take effect july 1st. today south bay leaders will mark completion of two year improvement project affecting cal train riders. the mayors will join 49ers and sharks officials in celebrating upgrades. they include new platforms, new tracks and additional traffic signals. one of cal trains busiest and serves as a hub for amtrak and ace. celebration begins 10:45 this morning. 4:51. we've been asking for real rain and we got it. >> you delivered. >> so far 2/10 around san francisco, half inch in the north bay valleys, all heading south. it will taper a little expect
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close to those totals if you live south of san francisco, oakland and concord. an looking down on to the embarcadero where raining we have ponding on the roads there. cold front moving through the north bay now. santa rosa cloudy to the south the leading edge of the cold front that is lying from petaluma towards napa where the cold front is now. once that passes winds are calmer in santa rosa they've turned northwest in novato west napa everybody else in the south and gusty 25 to 45 miles per hour ahead of the cold front once it passes the winds will calm briefly because they will be back as we head into the afternoon. let's talk about temperatures we are in mid to upper 40s san rafael oakland mountain view san jose, low to mid 50s around the monterey bay. showers and breezy today and tomorrow, storm track will move north friday that will
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open us up to drier weather and some sunshine and possibly above average weather by sunday above average temperatures that is. clear lake, ukiah mid to upper 40s low to mid 50s scattered showers during the afternoon. steady rain this morning, scattered showers this afternoon. same monterey bay and inland mid to upper 50s. tonight showers could continue unstable air mass, coolest weather on clear lake, cover delay and santa rosa, the rest of us in the -- 40s. cold front barreling down moving through the bay now brought us a stormy night and a me or scattered shower, stormy means thunder and hail i don't think we'll get that. here we are with the steadier rain moving through the north bay overnight and heading into the south bay over the next hour or so it will clear out
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by 8:00, scattered showers developing snow levels 35 to 4,000 feet could get a dusting on hamilton this afternoon snow levels will drop down to 2500 feet more scattered showers thursday. you can see way up here, on that side of your screen, upper right that's all snow winter storm warning extended until 10:00 tomorrow for the sierra. expecting one to three feet up there transition friday drier two to four degrees warmer 70s from the coast sunday breezy still mild monday and tuesday next week. here's frances. back to vallejo westbound 80 at tennessee, solo spin-out they thought it was a four-car pile-up it turned out other drivers stopped to help. westbound 80 tennessee in the left lane if you stop to help someone be very, very careful out there. also, westbound 580 castro
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valley boulevard another spin-out blocking left lane, another northbound 238 at hesperian. with the wet conditions and the snow in the sierra this is a live shot at heavenly, you will need chains on i-80 and highway 50. windy across the bay bridge and san mateo bridge and ponding in the usual spots especially approaching the toll traffic light now. flooding in the north bay south 101 san rafael past lucas valley. look pout for a lot of flooding in all the -- look out for a lot of flooding in all the lanes you want to have traffic information available to you while you commute, i didn't show it just now but i've been showing it lots the past month go to waze it will show you where the problem spots are. 4:55. starting this morning and for the next 45 days, no new payday
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lenders will be able to set up, relocate or expand. there's a 45 day moratorium. critics say those businesses prey on the working poor by making loans and charging interest rates equivalent to 400% annually. the county will explore a permanent ban on payday lender. critics say the ban would close a legitimate emergency credit option. san francisco police want your help finding a man who set a fire inside a main public library on larkin seat. police released video that shows the man walking inside a storm room this a closed section sunday. flame erupted minutes later, damaging books and equipment. >> when we see something or hear incident where people burning books, especially inside a library if you could look at the potential this could have caused there could have been lives lost or
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seriously injured. >> anyone with information about the fire is asked to call san francisco police. 4:57. wind is causing big problems for firefighters on both ends of the bay. >> in san jose major apartment fire sends residents running. in napa firefighters battle to keep a 3500 square foot house fire from spreading, a house with antiques inside we are live at both scenes. >> reporter: bad news potentially for pg&e customers. the utility wants you to pay more for the pipeline improvement project. santa clara moves another step towards putting shovels in the ground to begin construction of the new 49er stadium. ♪
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