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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  March 25, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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>> carolyn: good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's get started with the first look at the weather. here is our meteorologist lisa argen. >> lisa: nice break from emeryville. you see clouds, few hints of sun sunshine in the east bay and south bay but right now we have a lull in the activity as most of the energy heading in the sacramento valley and also the sierra nevada and winter storm warning for yosemite until 5:00. few flakes of snow around the northern sierra. we are looking more rain to be
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generated offshore and move into the bay area this afternoon. so our 24-hour storm totals quite impressive. one inch in livermore. nearly that in concord. nearly an inch in san jose and an inch, maybe an inch and a half before all is said in done? san francisco. more to come mid-week. >> carolyn: people should be prepared for all the usual traffic issues with wet roads. you might come to places where water is pooling. chp reported that westbound 80 on-ramp was flooded from buchanan. >> it happened in a instant right before 7:00 p.m. suv crashed directly into a pole on san pablo avenue that that was holding up the street lamp.
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the passenger in the seat did have on her seat belt. man was tha was driving was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the crash is being investigated as a possible indictment. speed and the rainy weather appear to be factors on this crash northbound on 101. she was rear ended by a red pickup truck. truck hit the center divide and they suffered a minor head injury. >> water was pooling in the usual places near sir francis drake boulevard making tricky driving conditions. >> in healdsburg a few dwruilt lines landed on fitch mountain road. this time the transformer sparked but there was no serious damage. john alston, "abc 7 news". >> carolyn: and this accident in
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pleasant hill rain and alcohol may have contributed to it. police say a female driver was travel on contra costa boulevard around 7:00 last night then suddenly veered off the road, hit another car and landed on top of a fire hydrant. they say she tested over the limit for blood alcohol content and has been arrested. >> there is other news this morning, san francisco detectives continued to gather evidence from a horrific crime scene in ingleside district where four family members and a friend were found dead inside a home friday morning. tomas ramon as our update. >> reporter: crime scene tape surrounds the house where killings of five people took place. investigators will forced to come back again due to the scope of the murder scene and number of victims. >> inside a residence, five victims, we don't know what belongs there so it's a
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methodical process. >> reporter: they combed through the home go through for more evidence and to clues to why it happened. the woman discovered the scene four victims were family and fifth person was a friend. police say it was so gruesome the cause of death was not easily apparent. >> we have to work with the medical coroner's office so we can be sure what occurred in this residence. >> reporter: co-worker and friend who owns the home. he left these flowers. he can't believe it. >> they lived here had been a gang member of a chinatown gang years ago. they were specifically targeted but the reason is unknown. >> we have concern.
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>> residents deserve answers and peace of mind. >> we want closure. we don't want this to linger on and never know what happened. >> police are not talking about, what the causes of death were, whether they found a weapon and whether or not they are searching for a killer. we hope to have some of those answers soon. >> carolyn: in sacramento the search has begun for a 22-month-old baby who has been missing for nearly a year. this is dwight and has not been seen for year. family members were asking about him after the mother was arrested on probation violation. officials say they tried to make several welfare checks edwards and her son before last april but weren't able to find him. edwards is being health without bail. another vigil for sierra lamar is planned for 6:00 in
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morgan hill. there has hen a huge outpouring of support for the 15-year-old who disappeared a week ago friday. yesterday more than 90 people including the f.b.i. scoured a 12-mile area near her morgan hill home. earlier investigators found her cellphone and then last sunday they discovered her purse with some clothes inside, but there is still no sign of sierra. >> you are looking at some cases simply to see if things are different and things are out of place or things have changed recently. they become indicators to do a further investigation and see what is there. >> investigators are now worried the rain could wash away valuable clue kloos that might help them. >> the wife of ross mirkarimi is heading back to venezuela. she and her son will leave to visit her sick father who had a
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recent reoccurrence of cancer send undergoing therapy. month long trip was approved by a family court judge. last month, mirkarimi pleaded guilty to misdemeanor count of falsely imprisoning his wife. he was suspended without pay by the mayor. initial thing is stemmed from an argument over a visit to venezuela. >> more details in the man that shot treyvon martin. >> and a sharp warning from president obama for north korea after the country announces plans for a long range rocket launch.
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>> carolyn: federal justice officials could bring a hate crime charge against the neighborhood watch captain who shot and killed an unarmed florida teenager and then claimed self-defense. protestors are calling for george zimmerman to face charges for the killing and congregations at several churches are wearing hoodies today symbolizing the sweatshirt
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the victim was wearing. zimmerman are defending his actions saying america hasn't heard the whole story yet. >> this morning we are learning more about treyvon martin's killer, george zimmerman with a portrait of man hiding facing death threats. his attorney tells us he fears for his life and for his family's safety. >> i understand he is in heig. do you know where he is? >> i don't know where he is today. >> it sounded across the country. simultaneously, rallies, black panthers offering a $10,000 bounty for his capture. but his attorney contends that he acted out of self-defense echoed by his friend.
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>> jump out of a car and start running after treyvon and shoot him. i just want to go on record, there is more to it. >> did he provoke him? >> personally, yes. >> if it was all the crime to the neighborhood that pushed him to the edge. >> this was one of homes that was burglarized during the week date. >> if you received a voicemail thanking them for support. >> i appreciate it and set an example for me in the future of doing the right thing. even when it's tough and i appreciate it. i talk to you soon, thanks. >> a voice of another friend remembers clearly, a voice he recognizes as zimmerman not caught in this 911 call. >> i'm not sure. there is screaming outside. >> carolyn: a church in oakland is one of several churches
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inviting families to wear hoodies this morning to services in treyvon's memory. >> they have moved a rocket to launch strike in north korea calling it a peaceful mission. u.s. and other military sources says it's a missile system capable of reaching a west coast here. they tested one that landed in the pacific ocean. u.s. warned another launch would violate a moratorium on nuclear testing and end u.s. food donations to the north. that is major topic for president obama who is now in south korea. at a news conference this morning, he says the north will achieve nothing by threats or prove indications. he spoke after meeting privately with south korea's president. both leaders promising consequences if the north goes
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through with another launch. lisa argen is here to talk about what has been a lot of rain going on. >> lisa: sluggish system has moved off. that is why we're looking at a break. you can see drops on the lens. night shot from sutro, clouds and fog. snow in the sierra. a little break and no rain. all coming your rain. i'll have the details next. >> pope benedict xvi prepares for an historic mass in mexico. we will have the details coming up.
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[ female announcer ] allergy congestion? allegra-d d-congests, d-pressurizes so you can breathe. a fast, n-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion. >> carolyn: right now pope benedict is holding mass in a tiny town in mexico. is live look at the mass. it begin about ten minutes ago. it is taking place in the shadow of one of mexico's most important religious symbols. a monument, christ with outstretched arms. it has historic significance to the catholics. back in 1926 they staged a revolt against government restrictions that would have prevented an open air mass like this. tomorrow he heads for cuba. lisa argen is here now and talking about rain, quite a bit of it yesterday.
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what is happening today? >> lisa: we're going to see more another system, not quite as energetic as last night's system. this one is just going to continue to destabilizize the atmosphere. looking over the bay. doesn't look too bad out there. most of activity is in the southern sierra where a winter storm warning is in effect for yosemite, half a foot of precip in terms of snow there. rain in san joaquin valley. locally we cleared out. here is a look at the snow around the tahoe valley airport and winter weather advisory until 5:00 this afternoon, couple inches above 5,000 feet on the west slopes of sierra. back closer to home. we've had a few areas of light rain, central coast. we are going to get into more rain, not this much rain. this is from the system that went through.
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very generous amounts of rain, 1-2 inches average for this system. we'll see a break and then we'll see another inch possibly inch and a half with the next system coming in tuesday and wednesday. we have fog on the coast as well as novato and drizzle around the delta. numbers quite cool low to mid 40s. mostly cloudy skies, chance of showers with better chance of rain this afternoon and possibility of a thunderstorm. then we see a break until midday tuesday and then more rain into wednesday. there is the system finally kicking n on out. we have more energy on the way. the storm door for now still open. here is a look at the rest of the day. you'll notice a little break not a lot because by 2:00 or 3:00, we've got more organized rain from the east bay, santa cruz mountains and as soon as the sun begins to set, things quiet down.
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fast forward until 5:00 monday afternoon, that is our break until 5:00 monday. then look what happens on monday into tuesday. next system, focusing on the north bay for much of tuesday monk. then by tuesday afternoon it pushes through the rest of the bay area. as for today. high temperatures on the cool side. low to mid 50s with possibility of a thunderstorm, 53 in fremont 54 in san jose. it looks dry right now, things will be changing throughout the afternoon. 53 in gilroy. 55 in hollister and look ahead, more like a february with a chance of thunderstorm today. a break tomorrow and rain moves back tuesday and wednesday. moves out on thursday. then still not sure if that is rain is going to stay north come friday into saturday. the numbers get warmer but it's going to be chilly today. coolest day out of the week. keep that umbrella with you. >> carolyn: the other thing is
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what is the weather word -- unsettled. did you have any uninvited guests at your wedding? >> no. >> carolyn: coming up next, royal wedding, bride and goom get a couple surprise guests on their big day.
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>> carolyn: here are the winning numbers from the super lotto plus. mega number was 25. nofr7b got all six numbers, wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $15 million. >> everybody is talking about tuesday night's mega millions draw with the jackpot at $356 million. the odds of winning is 1 in 175 million. according to professor odds of plane with a drunk pilot are one in 117. odds of struck by lightning, 1 in 500,000. and if you won those mega millions you would have a better
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chance of dating that supermodel. i'm just saying. money is power. finally there are wedding crashes and royal wedding crashes whose near presence was incredible gift for a bride and groom. who is in the recession line. john and francis beganing. that queen elizabeth and husband prince philip. they were properly greeted who had no idea they were coming. they sent them an invitation. do you think they are going to show up? the wedding would coincide with a royal event. majesty declined and decided, hey, i'm going to crash that reception anyway. think about the pictures. [ laughter ] >> final check of the weather forecast. >> it's gray in spots. a lot of moisture and
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possibility of a thunderstorm later on today. along with the rain and temperatures on the cool side, just in the low to mid-50s. you can see some of that moisture off the shore along the central coast. rest of the day today, not making it past the low to mid-50s. we'll see that rain any time throughout the bay area and then a break comes tonight into monday. here comes more rain, tuesday and wednesday. this is one is going to be stronger with more moderate and heavy rain. the one we had we accumulate a lot of rain but a lot of light rain. >> carolyn: that is going to do it for us. we're off early because of a st. petersburg. next newscast is coming at 5:00. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. keep track of us at twitter and talk about it at news. have a great sunday.
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