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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  April 15, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning and welcome to "this week." and they're off! the general election begins and so do the wars over women. >> his wife has actually never worked a day in her life. she's never dealt with the kind of economic issues that a majority of women in this country are facing. >> my career choice was to be a mother. we need to respect choices that women make. the economy. >> the president is so out of touch, i don't think he knew that number. >> i tell you what, he missed the movie. and taxes. >> don't give tax breaks to folks like me who don't need them. >> does anyone think that raising taxes is going to create more jobs? >> topics this morning for our headliner, treasury secretary tim geithner and our powerhouse roundtable. good morning, everyone. with paul gigot. katrina vanden huevel, kevin
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madden and cokie roberts. good morning, everyone. the treasury secretary and our powerhouse roundtable are coming up. but first, two breaking stories. overnight, more than 120 tornadoes swept across the midwest killing at least five. ginger zee has been chasing the storms and she joins us from wichita, kansas, and ginger, we can see how hard kansas got hit and these storms aren't over yet. >> luckily no one was in this house behind me, george. flipped over wizard of oz style. that wasn't the case everywhere. the storm that did this, the tornado, was on the ground for at least five hours covering 250 miles. lot of these storms happened overnight. so, as the sun comes up around the heartland, we'll be able to assess the damage and understand
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more of how many injuries and deaths occured. of course, we followed those storms and we'll continue to follow the threat that heads north. from the great lakes, northern plains, south to houston, the threats exists for tornadoes, damaging wind and hail. george? >> all right, down the middle of country. ginger, thank you very much. i know you'll be updating all day long on now to that other breaking story, the scandal involving the secret service detail with the president in colombia. they have been put on leave and are being investigated for inappropriate conduct with local prostitutes. some military personnel may also have been involved. pierre thomas joins us now. do officials have a handle on what happened and are they confident that the president's safety wasn't compromised? >> george, this was incredible breach of security.
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they do think they have accounted for everyone involved. yesterday, the 11 agents and officers were interviewed and placed on administrative leave. the president wasn't in danger. but here's why this is so serious, these women potentially prostitutes were brought back to the agent's hotel, a secured area, also the agents compromised themselves to potential blackmail. they need to know if this reckless behavior has ever happened before. the focus is supposed to be singular is protecting the president. if found to be true, they may find their careers in the secret service, over, end of story. >> thanks, pierre. now to the economy, at the heart of this already-hot presidential campaign. with our headliner, treasury secretary tim geithner. good morning, mr. geithner. >> good to see you. >> i want to begin with a pretty startling number in our poll this week, it shows that 76% of the country thinks we're still in a recession, what do you say to those americans?
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>> well, it's still a tough economy out there. it's not surprising given the scale of the damage that the crisis caused. but, if you look at the evidence, the economy is getting stronger, we have a ways to go still, a lot of challenges still ahead. but, the broad indicators are pretty encouraging. they show an economy still growing. we liked it to be stronger. we have a lot of work to do. >> last month's jobs report was much weaker, only 120,000 jobs created. the weekly unemployment claims took a big jump last week, are we seeing the patterns the past couple of years repeated? >> can't tell you, but if you look back at what happened in 2010 and 2011, you're right that you saw some early strengths in the beginning of the year, but then what happened, was the crisis in europe in 2010 and 2011, then the crisis in japan, then the oil shock caused growth to slow.
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then it was made worse by the debt limit -- >> does that mean you're not confident that we're going to keep creating jobs this year? >> no, i would say that the economy again is gradually getting stronger. people are going back to work. those are good, encouraging signs. obviously we have some challenges ahead and some of those risks are europe still going through a difficult crisis and iran and oil still pose some risk to us. the available evidence is still pretty encouraging. >> do you expect that unemployment will be lower on election day than today? >> if the economy keeps growing at the pace, yes. more people will be back to work. >> you have given a pretty measured view of where the economy is, from both the left and right, president bush's chairman of the economic advisers called this the worst recovery since the depression.
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and liberal economists, roubini said that recovery is anemic, subpar, below trend, below potential. if we avoid a major external or internal shock, we may avoid another recession and that might be the good news. but, that's where the good news ends. they may have different prescriptions but they seem to converge on this key argument, we would have been better off if president obama made better decisions. >> if he had more support from his opponents in congress, we could have gotten more things passed and put more people back to work more quickly. but the actions that the president took at considerable political cost at times, we had no support for the republicans -- were incredibly effective in preventing a great depression. again, it's important to look back at, this was a financial crisis caused by a shock larger than what caused the great depression. caused by a lot of borrowing.
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it takes time to work off those things. that makes recovery following financial crisis slower than they would otherwise be. but we're making a lot of progress on those fronts. bringing down risk in the financial system. working through the housing problems. and consumers are bringing down those debt burdens and those are encouraging things for the economy going forward. broad measures of health in the private sector in the united states, they're pretty encouraging. profits are high. productivity is higher. huge boom in energy production and exploration. lot of strength in manufacturing and exports and agriculture and high-tech. >> but, you get right to the heart that's puzzling a lot of economists and americans, up, the dow go up, but they haven't seen jobs created in a significant way. or their wages go up. >> again, unemployment is still very high, and until that comes
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down, income growth is going to be very soft, very weak. but, again, if you look at broad measures of the basic resilience in the economy, they're pretty encouraging. we have to work to reinforce them. >> women have been front and center in the presidential race this week and governor romney tried to turn the table on democrats who said that republicans have prosecuted a war on women with this argument, listen. >> the real war on women has been waged by the policies of the obama administration. did you know that of all of the jobs lost during the obama years, 92.3% of them are women. during the obama years, women have suffered. >> now, i know that you disagree with the point that governor romney is making, but that number he's citing, 92%, that's accurate, isn't it? >> it's a ridiculous way to look at the problem. this is a political moment. to borrow a line from governor
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cuomo you're going to see a lot of politicians use campaign in fiction. we have to govern in fact. it began early in 2008. lot of the early job losses in 2008 affected men, because they affected construction and manufacturing. as the crisis spread, and state and local governments were focused to cut back on services, fire a lot of teachers, that caused a lot of damage to women, too. but what matters is, what can we do to help families across america get back to work and help them afford college? help them get access to affordable health care, preventative care, and make sure we're strengthening this state. >> but you completely reject his argument? >> it's a ridiculous argument. largely debunked by the people who looked at it. >> even though, you do concede that the number is correct. it's technically accurate. >> again, the crisis began in early 2008, a year before the
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president took office, it was gaining momentum throughout 2008. even coming up to the time of the inauguration. you know, the gdp at that point, the economy was contracting at a rate of almost 9% at that point. devastating damage. it hurt men and women. it hurt families across the country. no doubt about it. and again, early job losses were concentrated in manufacturing and construction. on the -- a lot of men lost jobs. the question is, what can we do to make the economy stronger? the president's policies are making the economy stronger and the alternatives proposed by his opposition would be devastating not just to the safety net but to investments in education, would be very damaging to the economy. >> the president has been arguing this week, the whole administration, for the so-called buffett law, that will establish 30% tax rate for
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millionaires. the president argued that the rule would stabilize our deficit for the next decade. but it would only raise $5 billion a year. >> let me correct that. the president proposed this as part of a very comprehensive, detailed fiscal program. it would bring our deficits down to a sustainable level. he's proposed a modest effective tax increase to the richest americans. as part of a balanced package. of fiscal reforms. we never claimed that this measure alone would get us the trillions in savings that we need to bring the deficit down. >> you're saying that this is one part of his overall economic plan, are you worried at all though, that it might harm growth, these taxes, when the economy is so weak? >> no risk of that.
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again, we're proposing a balanced set of fiscal reforms good for job creation and economy and education and infrastructure. those things are necessary to make sure this economy is stronger. as part of that, we don't see a feasible economy strategy for bringing down those long-term deficits except by asking the most fortunate americans to pay a somewhat larger share of their income in taxes. what this buffett law does is. it's a simple fair thing, it's a good economy policy and good tax policy, and it should be a part of broad program -- >> but your main argument for this it's part of shared sacrifice. everyone has to contribute to deficit reduction? >> exactly. a big part of the burden for a sensible long-term fiscal plan is going to fall on middle-class americans.
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we're proposing an approach, where a lot of the burden of spending cuts is going to be shared broadly across the american people. these tax gains are moderate. remember, the effective tax rates on the richest americans today are at the lowest point they have been in a very long period of time. and i think that there's no credible argument that asking them to pay a moderately higher share of their income in taxes would be damaging to -- if you don't do this, whose taxes do you want to raise or whose benefits do you want to cut? those other type of allege tern tif proposals would be more damaging to growth. >> at the end of the year, if congress doesn't take action, you have been pushing for congressional action, everyone's taxes are going to go up, one of the most massive tax increases. we'll see the bush tax cuts expire. that's going to be an increase in income taxes. the marriage penalty returning.
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child tax credit decreases. payroll tax increases go up for everyone. how worried are you that congress and the president won't be able to come together to solve this problem before december 31st? >> there's no reason that has to happen. and of course, we would sign today the no-tax extension. protecting them from any risk that the politicians of washington can't come together. they have a very strong incentive to come together. >> that's not going to happen during an election year? >> of course, you can do that in the election year. they just have to be willing to do that. but they have a very strong incentive to come together in the lame-duck session, before the end of the year, and put in place a balanced package of fiscal reforms over the long run to prevent that kind of damage to the economy. >> last couple of weeks, we have seen some good news in the economy, gas and oil prices have begun to stabilize, do you expect that trend to continue
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this year? >> i think it depends on two factors. one is, how strong growth is around the world and the second, it depends on events develop in the gulf with respect to iran. but, you're right. there has been a little bit of encouraging news recently particularly because we have seen the supply of oil, because of the actions of saudis, that has helped calm prices on the market and that's pretty encouraging. >> i know that you told the president that you plan on leaving office, even if he's re-elected. i don't want to revisit that right now. one question, from what you have learned, what's the most important quality or qualifications the next president, whoever he is, should look for in a treasury secretary? >> that's a good question. that's really a question for him. i got some views on that, of course. >> just give me one. >> i think it's very important
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that you have someone who's willing to tell him the truth and help him do the tough things in this job. that understates the magnitude of the challenge. >> secretary, thank you very much for your time this morning. >> good to see you, george. time for the roundtable to weigh in. as they take their seats, take a look at this. president george w. bush making a rare retirement headline. >> i wish they weren't called the bush tax cuts. they were called somebody else's tax cuts. they're probably less likely to raised. >> george will is off today. paul gigot. katrina vanden heuvel. our own cokie roberts. we got kevin madden and melody barnes. paul, let me begin with you. i was really struck by secretary
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geithner, how cautious he was on the economic outlook through the rest of the year. >> the economy is growing. there's no question about it. it's not going fast enough to absorb a big shock or maybe even a mild shock from europe, for example. if they go back into their troubles. if you get china slowing down. or an iranian oil shock. all of those things could really set us back. he's right. there's a lot of difficulties ahead. we have seen strength in the winter. but, in march, april, jobs have really slowed down. i think he has reason to be cautious. >> he has a real political problem here. because you look at the abc poll that you cited in interviewing him, the people who think we're in a recession, only 35% of them are backing the president. people who think we're coming out of a recession, 66% of them back the president. so, he's got -- he's got to convince people that this economy is getting better if he's going to win in november.
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>> and i was struck that in that same poll, many americans are worried about fairness and the head of karl rove crossroads, conceded that the administration is winning the fairness argument. they have to put people back to work and how do you invest in the middle class? so that they become the job creators, not the 1% and then expose the republicans as roadblocks in putting people back to work. millions of people to keep one man out of work? >> how would you respond to that? >> the reason the president has a problem right now, they're trying to make the case that 2%, 2.5% growth is the new normal. that 8% unemployment isn't that bad. $4 a gallon gas is not their fault. i think, right now, the president has to remember that he's going into a re-election,
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where he has to make the case with the promises that he made as a candidate. the anxiety that the american people has is very high. >> one of the few issues that romney has an advantage over the president is the economy. >> right. this is what we have to do is focus on the facts. over the past two years, the president has added 4 million jobs to the economy. we have seen quarter after quarter after quarter of growth. the president has always been cautious about this. in saying this is going to take some time. i started out losing 750,000 jobs a month when we walked into the white house in january of 2009. passed the stimulus bill to move the economy forward. he has a comprehensive plan on energy, so we're now producing at a greater rate. >> they need to make it a choice, not a referendum.
8:20 am
and i think this mortgage issue is underreported. even the head of the imf last week said, until this country deals with the mortgages write-downs, the global economy and the u.s. economy isn't going to recover effectively. this tax force needs to deal with it. >> the irony is, if you own stocks in this economy right now, you're doing okay because the stock market has gone up. >> until this week. >> okay, but real disposal income for the middle class has gone down in january and february. >> nothing matters more in an election year than income growth. they're putting pressure on governor romney to release his tax returns. even the president himself stepping into this on friday. should governor romney release
8:21 am
tax returns of 12 years? here's his answer. >> absolutely. i think it's important for any candidate for public office to be as transparent as possible, to let people know that, you know, who we are, what we stand for, and, you know, i think that this is just carrying on a tradition that's existed throughout the modern presidency. >> kevin, this issue seems to hobble the campaign a little bit. they had some trouble putting out the first returns earlier this year and now they're putting off the release, should we expect to see the 12 of tax returns? >> when you become the nominee you release the tax returns. governor romney has released the 2010 tax returns and he's also released an estimate 2011 tax returns. that's already on top the exhaustive financial disclosures that he has complied with candidate for president. thousands of documents talking
8:22 am
about his investments and his financial situation. i think that type of disclosure is exactly what the american public has wanted to see. i think the more important debate that we're going to have is about what we're going to be doing with the american people tax dollars -- >> i think romney has to find a narrative about his wealth. i mean, we're not talking about his taxes, we're talking about how much money he has, he's very, very rich. he needs to find a way to talk about that so that voters about turned off by that. >> cokie is right. we're going to talk about the gender gap, but there's an empathy gap. people look at romney and see him as the champion of 1%. at bain capital, he fired you. and think -- more important than disclosure of romney tax forms which i think we should have, but his policies would, help the buccaneer bankers, the private equity gamblers. >> the governor is running
8:23 am
because he recognizes the anxiety that people have on the rising cost of food, rising cost of gas, the fact that people who have a job right now are worried that they may lose it. that's the reason why he's running for president. that's the reason why i believe he's going to have a greater connection with the american public. >> the issue of opportunity. this is a question of the america dream. we talk about it a lot. this gets back to the reason why the president is going to be talking about and pushing for the buffett rule this week. it's about fairness and it's also about opportunity, making sure that people who pay do. and taking a step, it's not the president's entire plan, but a step towards bringing down our deficit and we have the resources to invest so that people have the opportunity to make sure that they're ready for those jobs. >> how do you think the romney campaign should deal with this
8:24 am
return issue? >> i wouldn't let it fester. i would have gotten the tax returns out three or four months ago, six months ago, or a year ago. about the buffett tax, it's a gimmick, it's not going to do anything for the economy. it's not going to reduce the deficit and it might even increase it if it replaces the minimum -- >> it's an opportunity to get the republicans to vote against taxing millionaires. that's what it's about. >> so it's a gimmick that just wrapped around a packet. the president said that he wanted to create jobs, close the deficit and have real tax reform. the buffett rule fails to -- even -- >> another $47 billion into the economy. it's just like -- over ten years. it's just like mitt romney saying i want to cut foreign id, that's $100 million a year. >> this is the first step of
8:25 am
looking at dysfunctional tax system we have. we tax labor and we're giving the very richest private equity breaks? this is not the kind of america where you're going to rebuild the middle-class who are vital to growth and fairness. we talked about romney's tax forms. what about the fact that 93% of income growth has gone to the top 1%? we need to find ways to re-strengthen the middle class with institutions and tax fairness. >> paul last word and then we got to take a break. >> the way to get the rich to the pay more taxes, lower the rates for everyone. lots more to come on the roundtable. on the mommy wars. we have seen this movie before. >> i supposed i could have stayed home and baked cookies but what i decided to do was to fulfill my profession which i entered before my husband was in public life. >> it doesn't help matters when
8:26 am
primetime tv has "murphy brown." a character that supposedly epitomizes mocking the importance of fathers by baring a child alone and calling it just another lifestyle choice. >> what side will prevail this november? >> excuse me, campaign strategist, rosen, you know what's actually never worked a day in its life, attacking motherhood. >> vice president joe biden is furious, he said that making stupid comments that hurts the president that's my job. she has no right. emotional here? aren't you getting a little industrial? okay, there's enough energy right here in america. yeah, over 100 years worth. okay, so you mean you just ignore the environment. actually, it's cleaner. and, it provides jobs. and it helps our economy. okay, i'm listening. [announcer] at conoco phillips we're helping power america's economy with cleaner affordable natural gas...
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♪ his wife has actually never worked a day in her life. she's never really dealt with the kind of economic issues that a majority of women in this country are facing. >> my career choice was being a mom. we need to respect choices that women make. >> women who stay home are wonderful. women who go to work are wonderful. whatever. >> there's no tougher job than being a mom.
8:33 am
>> what she meant to say, i think, ann romney has never gotten her ass out of the house to work. >> i happen to believe that all moms are working moms. >> i apologize. working moms, stay-at-home moms, they're both extremely hard jobs. >> boy, did that debate take off this week. let's get into our roundtable. let me begin with you, cokie, you have been following these issues for a long time. do you think this ends -- what a spring storm this was. does it go to the heart of the campaign? >> look, i think it ends up being a side show. a couple of things happened here. first of all, barack obama has a problem with married women. he lost to them in 2008. he lost married women. he won unmarried with 66% of the vote. so, he's got that problem. mommy wars are always a big issue and it makes me crazy, frankly, it is true that women are working wherever they are. but, the other thing that happened is, it got ann romney
8:34 am
out there front and center, and that's the best thing that could possibly happen to mitt romney. in our abc news poll, people see barack obama as much more likable than they see mitt romney. but ann romney is really likable. she has been all over the place this week. >> i think hilary rosen -- you saw an opportunity here. >> look, i think, every campaign has to seize an opportunity like this. i think this was the debate crystallized the differences on left and right on this particular issue where we believe that the middle is most persuadable to our opinion on this. i do think it's a bit of a side show, but the central issue here related to how you persuade women voter is still about the economy.
8:35 am
it's still about the economic anxiety they have and the pressures they have on rising households. you're right, ann romney is an incredible, she's the best surrogate that governor romney can have. she'll be an important of making that argument. >> secretary geithner said, they called that figure, 93% of the jobs loss under president obama are women, he called it ridiculous. he made a strong argument. >> you go by the metrics when the president came into office and where we are now as it relates to job creation and how it's affecting women, the numbers aren't good for this administration. women are hurting in this economy, they're hurting on the jobs side and the rising costs at home. >> independent fact checkers say that number is off-base and misleading. the reality is, 750,000 jobs were being lost when the president started in the white house. about 1.3 million jobs had been
8:36 am
lost, there were jobs occupied by women when we walked into the white house. at the same time, the president has created 1.2 million that are occupied by women now and in all of this, i think the bottom line is, policy matters. i do agree with kevin that we need to have a conversation about women and economic issues and this goes to issues of education, of health reform, of equal pay. >> flex time and economy. you want to have the ability of women who do want to stay home part time. they don't have to live by new deal laws that lock them into 40-hour workweeks. and overtime. democrats opposed that. >> absolutely not. >> of course, stay at home mothers play an important role. but i think this whole debate has been a distraction. the issues that we should be talking about are equal pay and sack payday leave for women. these are issues that the republicans oppose. on the economic figures, one thing that goes underreported,
8:37 am
is that so many of ob losses for women were in the public sectors who were teachers, librarians have come in states led by republican governors, with republican state legislators. >> that's right. when you're talking about female job loss i you're talking about government jobs almost entirely. women work in libraries and in schools and in arts council. and also, women are the beneficiaries of a lot of government programs, social security and medicare. women are the caretakers of the people who get those government programs. so, when you're talking about economic problems, the reason the women vote is more democratic is because the role of government. >> how do we combat that, kevin? cokie is right.
8:38 am
but for this huge group of single women, they believe that government is out there to help them. how do you combat that? >> if you're looking at how we spur job creation and economic growth, it's going to help everybody, particularly women. you have to look at how the private sector has a role in that. to help working women, women who are single parents. that's the most important thing. i think the big contrast that we're going to see in this campaign is whether or not you believe that you should put all of your faith in the government or whether or not you can put faith into the private sector to provide more certainty helps everyone. >> no one is talking about all faith in government. government has an important role to play in shared prosperity. private public partnerships are terrific. the administration wanted wit the infrastructure, it would have put thousands of people to work.
8:39 am
but republicans are roadblocks in that process. >> to katrina's point, all through this first term what i saw sitting in the white house is that one policy initiative after another to spur job growth, to help the states, on jobs, frequently occupied by women, were pushed back on by congress. efforts around equal pay pushed back on by congress. >> we have had the largest expansion of federal government spending. i mean, enormous. the first two years, open field, democratic, fast democratic majority, you got what you wanted. you got a huge expansion of federal government. >> paul, in a recession, you get expansion of government spending. by the way, the best way to reduce the deficit is to put people back to work, two unfunded wars, bush -- he doesn't want them called that way anymore, bush tax cuts.
8:40 am
no wonder you have this deficit. responsibility would be putting people back to work and a revised changed tax code that would be built on fairness. >> on fairness. >> the second income of women pay higher tax rates because they're added on to the husband's income. it's all about flatter tax. >> the marriage penalty at the moment is decreased. we'll see what happens. >> but before we leave this issue, i tend to agree with you all, that this particular dispute will flame out. i wonder if the president has a continuing problem with bill maher. you saw his comments that he made on friday night. he contributed millions of dollars. biggest single contributor to the super pac? do you think the president will have to cut ties? >> i listen to those comments
8:41 am
and my grandmother's voice came to my head, i thought about the phrase, home training, the language, problematic, the campaign and the president has said, look, civility matters. the way we talk to each other matters. they'll have to make a decision. david axelrod in earlier situations, when comments have been made by bill maher, i'm not going on your show. i'm backing away. i'm distancing myself. >> i mean that's what they did with hilary rosen. you know, they said, we're instantly out there dits associating themselves from her. what maher did and what rosen did, they're just talking on television sometimes you say things -- we have all done it. but the fact is, it plays into an image of the democrats as this out of touch with regular people and elitists.
8:42 am
>> to pick up on what cokie said, i think these discussions about bill maher and ann romney and hilary rosen, as much that plays into our politi politics, are failing to deal with the deep-seeded problems, how do you send your kids to college, how do you not get evicted from your homes? there are people looking at perhaps us right now on this roundtable, saying you're not connecting to my problems in my life. let's get with it. don't let it dominate a media cycle in the ways -- now, again, things move so quickly. there's no domination. let real issues dominate the media. >> the thing about women at home and women out of the home, it always gets people going. >> link it to the real lives of women. the equal pay. we didn't talk about access to
8:43 am
contraception. which has been a central issue of this election. >> do you think it will be by november? >> access to contraception? i do. >> i think the contraception issue, in the context in the republican primary, think one of the reasons why women judge that contest somewhat harshly because it's not central to their concern of what they want to see washington discuss and our leaders discuss. again, that's why, i think governor romney is focused on talking on the economic issues driving household decisions. >> i think it goes this issue of contraception goes to the reality of women's lives. it is a question of -- is my president or my senator or my governor going to tell me how i'm going to run my life? those are economic decisions. >> women's health care.
8:44 am
denied contraception. >> nobody is talking about denied contraception. that's the basic fact of this right. there's a religious concern on the other side. you see it with the catholic bishops and their concerns. we debated it. i think this debate will go right to november. because i think there's a real concern, particularly among catholics about their religious liberties. let me change subjects right now. we saw this week, george zimmerman charged with second-degree murder in the shooting of trayvon martin. here was his lawyer responding. >> george fully realizes that he was involved in some way in the death of another young man, he doesn't take the result of that altercation lightly at all. >> we simply wanted an arrest. we wanted nothing more, nothing less, we just wanted an arrest and we got it. and i say thank you. >> i wonder if this now refs
8:45 am
into the justice system and this all goes away? i think that's the case. the family doesn't have a reason to keep showing up to the press conferences. the way they have been because they got an arrest. clearly the town is going to continuing having the conversation about race. these shootings in oklahoma has a racial conversation going. i think there will be some continued fallout from it. i thought it was very interesting yesterday when the president was asked about it in latin america, he turned it around to a conversation about immigration and about latinos, which is something that of course is -- >> i don't think the president wants to get into this now. that's in the court system. the document, the legal document that was filed was troubling enough. we'll see how that plays itself out in court. not only the president but the other provocateurs should back off and let this move through the justice system.
8:46 am
>> it took so much public outrage to make justice and a trial reality. i do think will be attention paid to the injustice of these stand your ground laws. on the heels of nra, i think that comes back on the table. and it's striking that mitt romney who, by the way. was for the brady bill and ban on assault weapons has again flip flopped to the nra. >> i want to show a little bit on this. i think you're right that this is going to become the next central issue. both sides coming out hard on this issue. first major bloomberg to repeal this laws. >> the nra should be ashamed of themselves. this has nothing to do with gun owners' rights. nothing to do with the second amendment. plain and simple, this is just trying to give people a license to murder. >> katrina, mitt romney spoke to the nra. >> we need a president who will stand up for the rights of those
8:47 am
who want to protect their homes. and their families. president obama has not. i will. >> the only thing he said about guns in that speech, that speech was all about economics. but that was it. that was his one reference. >> was that an endorsement of stand your ground laws? >> i think the governor was talking about the constitutionality. i think that the governor has also made very clear that he believes that these types of statutes are placed within the states and how states decide to design their own statutes. with the trayvon martin case overall, i agree with everyone's initial assessment we have to let the justice system sort this out. unfortunately, there's a camera on a news reporter, reporter, radio reporter on
8:48 am
every street corner in that state, but this is a legal case right now. this is the justice system has to take over. >> cokie mentioned one line in that nra speech was about guns. president obama isn't one to talk about gun control, either. >> he talked about it in the 2008 campaign. over the course of the last three-plus years, the white house has done things to try and address this issue. one, he talked about the fact that he believes in the constitution, he believes in the second amendment. at the same time the second amendment shouldn't prevent common sense gun safety laws from being put in place. in addition to that, to do things that enhance the laws that already are on the books. supported on a bipartisan basis. making sure that the background checks system is working well. that we got all of the information in it.
8:49 am
so people can be value waited. appropriately. >> i can tell you, most democrats don't want to -- they want to stay a million miles away from that. no issue that i can recall such a thorough victory for conservatives than gun rights. >> you know, you know, the stand your ground laws were a product of this conservative-dominated lobbyist group, they have been the architects. there is a movement a counterforce on the progressive force. i think you'll see some mobilizing and finding allies. there are many interesting allies that you can find in this. it's common sense. it's common sense. >> some horrible shooting, people come out and say they're against people who have guns. particularly assault weapons. when it goes away and the only people who really care are the gunmen.
8:50 am
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