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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 17, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. tragedy strikes america's most famous family again. the wife of bobby kennedy jr., found dead in her garage. breaking, new details on what led the mother of four to take her own life. and the kennedy family speaks out overnight. school bus terror. a city on-edge, on high alert for a gunman on the loose. caught with his rifle pointed right at a school bus. thousands of students heading to class right now with police escorts. and look at this. man versus wild in the suburbs. the dangerous moment caught on camera, when this scientist went one-on-one with an angry gator. why he took him on and how he barely got away. and -- lady gaga banned. her international tour brought to a screeching stop. has she finally gone too far.
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she's vowing to fight to stay on stage. are all her little monsters headed for a meltdown? and it's a pretty day out there in times square. we have an awful lot to get to this morning. good morning, everyone. including those growing wildfires out in the west. they have tripled in size, getting even bigger overnight. hitting arizona and colorado very hard. people are being evacuated from their homes right now. we'll have the latest on that. >> those high winds have not helped at all. and things are wrapping up quickly in the high-stakes john edwards trial. closing arguments start today, after the defense team rested its case, without calling edwards or his daughter or rielle hunter to the stand. >> that was a surprise. also, one of us is getting punk'd. it's never been done before. we're going to see who fell for
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it. in just a little bit. >> i think you can guess. you'll have to wait to see a little later. >> that's right. we want to get right to the tragedy that struck the kennedy family. the estranged wife of robert kennedy jr. was found hanging in her garage yesterday. it looked like he killed herself. claire shipman has more from washington. claire, she had been trying to cope with serious trouble. >> reporter: she had. and, george, the family is in shock and grieving right now. there will be an autopsy later today. all we know that reportedly mary was depressed and worried about her financial situation. abc news has learned the 52-year-old estranged wife of robert bobby kennedy jr., was found in her family's bedford new york garage by a housekeeper wednesday afternoon. sources say the mother of four hanged herself. police wouldn't comment. overnight, bobby kennedy could be seen arriving at the house. the family is asking for privacy. but released a statement, saying
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mary was a genius at friendship. a tremendously gifted architect and a pioneer. also saying, mary inspired our family with her kindness, her love, her gentle soul and generous spirit. >> i'll miss her. i liked her very much. i think, i think, i really feel badly for her children. >> reporter: mary richardson married rfk jr. the son of slain political icon robert f. kennedy, in 1984. he, a prominent lawyer, and she, a successful architect and passionate advocate for green design. they were married for 16 years. but they had known each other for much longer. mary was a friend of bobby's sister at boarding school. but the couple reportedly had problems and bobby kennedy filed for divorce in 2010. that was never finalized. but as their relationship broke down, mary struggled publicly with drug and alcohol problems.
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and had two high-profile arrests that same year. one for driving under the influence of alcohol and then prescription drugs. >> any comments? >> no, thanks. >> reporter: but this chapter, horribly unexpected. and now, a heartbreaking puzzle for her family and for the kennedy clan, which has seen too many moments like this one. and mary, george, leaves four children, ranging in age from 18 to 11. >> okay, claire. thanks very much. boy, that family has dealt with so much heartbreak. >> they really have. and we're thinking of her children this morning, george. now, to arizona, where those wildfires just keep getting bigger. as george said, nearly tripling in size. fueled by high winds overnight. abc's ryan owens is in mayer, arizona. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we're near the command center as what's known as the gladiator fire. it's gotten bigger in the last 24 hours. but the good news is that the swiend pushing it away from the
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homes. this morning, all firefighters can do is hope that that wind does not shift. overnight, the so-called gladiator fire lived up to its name. it nearly tripled in size. >> the next three days are critical in fire weather, as far as the winds that are coming through. so, we have a lot of concerns as to how the fire's going to move and what's going to happen. >> reporter: so far, the winds are pushing it away from the historic arizona mining town of crown king. its 350 residents, already evacuated. >> the sheriff was saying, you've got to leave. it's not good. not good at all. i mean, ashes were coming into town. and big chunks of ashes. it was hard to breathe. >> reporter: the blaze started sunday at this woman's house. she and her husband were inside. >> i had to run through the fire to get out. and he got trapped in the bedroom. and a neighbor came and helped him and our dogs out. >> reporter: for most of her neighbors, their next move is uncertain. >> it's getting kind of close.
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we don't even know if we can go back yet. >> reporter: most of her neighbors left everything behind. they wonder what will be left when they can finally return home. >> what you're predicting kind of drops it straight over our house. >> the probability is, it's going to get there. >> reporter: some good news overnight, that woman actually learned her home has been saved. only four structures have been lost in this fire. that's a tribute to the job those firefighters are doing. cooler weather is in the forecast, that should help, robin, but it's all about the wind. >> it certainly is. they are working hard. all right, ryan. thank you. now, to josh elliott with the other top stories that are developing right now. good morning, josh. >> good morning to both of you and all of you. we're going to begin with the staggering losses suffered by jpmorgan chase bank. this morning, we're learning they're far worse than first thought. the nation's largest bank
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actually lost at least $3 billion. in last week's trading blunder. this, according to "the new york times." those losses piling up in just four days. breaking news this morning. a rare earthquake rattling east texas. the 4.3 magnitude quake, powerful enough to break windows and knock dishes to the floor. thankfully, there were no serious injuries or major damage reported. and parents and children near atlanta are on-edge this morning as police hunt for a suspected sniper. he was spot aiming a loaded rifle at a school bus filled with kids. abc's yunji de nies is in hampton, georgia, with the latest. yunji? >> reporter: good morning, josh. more than 75 police officers are on special assignment this morning, at bus stops like this, trying to protect students as they head to school. thousands of students in clayton county, just south of atlanta, are coming and going to school today, like this. escorted by police, who are patrolling on foot and surveying from the sky, searching for a sniper. >> he was inside this fence. >> reporter: david diller
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spotted the gunman on monday morning, crouching in his neighbor's yard, with a rifle pointed through this fence, directly at the school bus stop. >> when the school bus pulled up, though, he rolls up and aimed the gun. i noticed the gun had a scope on it. >> reporter: he yelled. the man dropped this rifle and ran. diller's nephew was close behind. >> i was running. and he turned about right there. in front of, like, the corner of the patio. and he shot. and he kept going. >> reporter: the bullet hit a fence. the gunman got away. but he left this key piece of evidence. >> we found this weapon here on the scene, along with a note pad. >> reporter: sources tell abc news, that note pad contained detailed information about school bus numbers and routes. parents are on-edge. >> we are very concerned. very watchful. >> i make sure i go pick him up from school instead of him riding the bus. >> reporter: the school district has now moved all activities inside, trying to keep the students safe until the school year ends on friday. >> there will be no p.e. classes outside.
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no recess outside. no field days. nothing that involves our students leaving the building. >> reporter: police tell us the suspect is a white male or light-skinned black male, between the ages of 18 and 25. the atf is now doing a profile of that rifle, hoping for more solid leads. josh? >> very troubling. yunji de nies outside of atlanta. thank you for that. meanwhile, police are looking into a rash of burglaries on capitol hill. most of what's missing has street value, everything, from cash to computers. and all lifted from lawmakers' offices. all classified information is believed to be safe. and scary moment in tampa bay last night. will rhymes is hit. just above his elbow. moments later, he collapses at first base. trainers, though, on-scene say he merely fainted and he is just fine. >> from the pain?
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>> i don't know if it was from the pain. but he fainted. it was a fainting episode. we'll update it this morning. also, well, you saw this at the top of the show. fair to say, you don't try this at home. you believe the gator wrangling to the experts, like sam champion. a north carolina man tried his best to corral a wayward alligator. this is no wayward waterfowl. that is for sure. look at him. he gets ahold of the man's arm. thankfully, that's all that happened. the man nursing his wound this morning. likely, this will be the last time that man actually volunteers for duty. he was actually -- he's a scientist at a local aquarium who volunteered his time. it's fair to say, that's no starfish in the petting zoo. yeah, that's tough. sam, we've got a sea rescue for you. >> sea rescue gone awry. thanks a lot there, josh. now, to a major turn in the high-stakes john edwards trial. heading into the final stretch earlier than expected.
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the jury is set to hear closing arguments from the prosecution and the defense today, after the defense spent just three days presenting its case. abc's bob woodruff has the latest. >> reporter: after weeks of speculation and days of hints, they would call john edwards' daughter, cate, or his former mistress, rielle hunter, to the stand, john edwards' defense team opted to end their case with a whimper, rather than a bang. showing jurors a series of bank statements and memos, in a last-ditch effort to discredit the prosecution's lead witness, andrew young. but not calling edwards' daughter or mistress. today, in a long and tedious process, the judge will formally instruct the jury. in a major blow to edwards' defense, the judge said wednesday, jurors will not have to decide that the money spent to hide hunter was for the sole purpose of his campaign. but only that the money affected
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the election in some way. >> will the judge's instruction going to confuse the jury on what is the single most important question of this trial. and that is, when a third party makes a payment for a mistress, is it a campaign expense? >> reporter: for 14 days, the prosecution tried to convince the jury that edwards knowingly used campaign funds to hide his mistress and child from voters. resting their case with my 2009 interview. a report has been published that the baby of miss hunter is your baby. true? >> not true. >> reporter: the prosecution got a lot in about john edwards, his lies and his deception. his credibility was definitely hurt. >> reporter: but edwards' defense team has maintained he used the money to hide the affair from his dying wife, elizabeth, and in no way violated campaign finance laws. the judge will tell jurors more details about the laws they need to follow. then, they will disappear into their room. and we could get this verdict as early as tomorrow.
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robin? >> all right, bob. dan abrams said yesterday that no way was edwards going to take the stand. >> a little surprise that cate didn't testify. >> it was a surprise. we're going to turn to an expensive settlement that could mean cash to all of you that tried the shape-up shoe from skechers. the suit says that skechers made false promises that the shoes would help you get in shape. abc's linsey davis is here with all of the details. linsey, skechers is writing a check but standing by the shoe. >> reporter: that's right. they're saying, we're giving them a "bum rap." the government is putting its foot down, telling marketers to shape up its fitness claims. and telling marketers that tag lines like get in shape without setting foot in the gym, are kind of sketchy. brooke burke's ad for skechers says -- >> the newest move in fitness.
7:14 am
>> reporter: while kim kardashian said she was giving up her trainer for the sneakers. >> bye-bye, trainer. hello, shape-ups. >> reporter: but theed if ral trade commission is saying that the notion in putting on these shoes in lieu of working out, isn't working out like skechers advertised. as a result of what the ftc calls deceptive advertising, skechers now has to foot a $40 million bill. most of that money will go to consumers, who paid as much as $100 for these and three other brands of toning shoes. but wound up feeling like only their wallets ended up leaner. >> let me remind marketers once again, either shape up your substantiation or tone down your claim. >> reporter: the ftc says the claim that the shoes improved circulation and aerobic conditions, or caused weight loss, are all unsubstantiated. in fact, the ftc found that people who wore the shoes actually gained weight.
7:15 am
and then, there was the shoemaker's claim about an independent clinical study by a chiropractor. the ftc says the so-called independent doctor is married to a skechers marketing executive. still, skechers is standing by its product and released this statement to abc news. skechers denies the allegations and believes its advertising was appropriate. but has decided to settle these claims in order to avoid protracted legal proceedings. look at it like this, in 2010 alone, people spent a billion dollars on toning shoes. and skechers was the market leader. so, even after paying out this $40 million settlement, it seems the company will be as advertised, in great shape. the ftc settled similar charges with reebok last year for $25 million. as for skechers, it can still sell the shoes. they just aren't supposed to make specific assertions that lack scientific evidence.
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they may still use catchy phrases like make your bottom half your better half, in hopes of improving their own bottom line. >> ding, ding, ding, ding. thanks very much. >> we have to get a little bell. thank you, linsey. it has been less than three months, now, since a twister tore apart henryville, indiana. high school students there losing a chance to go to prom. but one of country music's biggest acts decided to help change all that. and abc's juju chang was there. >> holy cow. >> reporter: it was a massive twister. packing winds up to 175 miles per hour. this is henryville high school's gym on surveillance video. intact one minute. blown away, in the blink of an eye. >> i have a lot of really good memories of this school. to see it in ruins -- you can't put it in words. >> reporter: cody grace's house was severely damaged. but he says it was seeing his
7:17 am
school in ruins that left him shattered. but now, just two months later, henryville is getting an unexpected but big boost from a high-wattage source. >> the way we were raised was -- to give back and be thankful for what we're given. >> to share it. >> to share it, yeah. what good is our success if we can't share it with others. >> reporter: after hearing of the school's plight, lady antebellum, said they wanted to help salvage henryville's prom night. and overnight, they did. ♪ >> reporter: and after the prom, a benefit concert for the community raised over $200,000. >> on the surface, there's obviously raising money. but more than that, just hopefully letting everybody escape from it a little bit. >> we're not going to remember 2012, as the year that a tornado hit our town. we'll remember it as the year we got to see something awesome. >> reporter: for one night, a
7:18 am
happy ending for a town and a school that needed one. >> we want to take a second and thank you, to say how much each and every one of you have inspired us. and we're so honored to be here. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, henryville, indiana. >> they are the real deals. lady antebellum. they've been here many times before. they're heart is in the right place. hey, there, sam champion. >> we just love them. when they're here. you just knew they were the ones to do something like that. it lets kids know that even when their town is destroyed, that memories can be permanent. good morning, everybody. let's talk about what's going on in the northeast. who believes they deserve a great weekend? raise your hands. >> right here. >> right here. >> everybody over there. it's been a really crummy week. out goes the cold front and in comes some drier air. there may be some chill in the great lakes. the high temperatures recover. and there's great weather all the way through the weekend. you deserve it. you're going to get it. here's the warm temperatures
7:19 am
going all the way through the middle of the country. denver at 85. oklahoma city, about 87 degrees. the warmth is there. and also, six states have fire watches or warnings out. and the strong, gusty winds will continue that problem in that direction, in the southwest.
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>> grab that second cup of coffee. all of america's weather is coming up in the next half hour. >> thanks for coming over. coming up next half hour, vanished. a star of "terminator" missing a week. inside the mystery baffling hollywood. plus, banned. why lady gaga is being stopped from going on stage. even though her show is completely sold out. everybody's coming over here because we're going to try to tell you, coming up, who got punk'd? which one of us? might be lara, too. you'll have to wait a little while to find out. we'll be right back.
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>> you'll have to wait a little while to find ou we'll be right back.
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assaulted in the same area he's expected to survive. htt haven't released a motive. let's find out how the traffic is going this thursday. slow in some spots there aren't major accidents on bay area freeways. bay bridge toll backed up to the 880 overcrossing. here's what you can expect across the golden gate bridge, traffic flowing well out of marin low clouds there. also, in the south bay northbound 280 through san jose heavy from meridian towards highway 17. when we come back, matter mike nicco will have the bay
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he is the star of "terminator 3" right there with arnold. and now, is the center of a baffling hollywood mystery. what's behind his vanishing without a trace in we're going to go inside that case this morning. >> it is baffling right now. also ahead, will the show go on for lady gaga? she has been banned from performing a huge sold-out performance. why she's telling all her little monsters she's going to keep on fighting. and could this be true? everyone here at "gma" very excited about the possibility that pippa middleton could be coming to new york. that's right. >> oh, my goodness. pippa may be moving to manhattan. >> i know. exactly.
7:31 am
also, "pop news." we've never done it before. and this person certainly did not see it coming. who got punk'd? nick jonas was the accomplice. who pulled it off, lara? >> i might have been a little bit behind it. and, josh, we got you, buddy. >> very true. >> josh, i have to admit, i was in the staff meeting yesterday afternoon, and when i heard and saw the tapes, everybody made fun of me for being so gleeful. >> you know, there's a reason we've never done this before. >> because it works. >> you really had no idea. >> no idea. no idea. we'll get to it later today. the tease of all teases. but there's a lot ahead about what you're about to see. >> and i just want to say, i know i'm going to get it. you already said you're going to pay me back.
7:32 am
but this was for the year-long teasefest. you are the big brother i didn't know i wanted. and -- >> i would be the little brother. the younger brother? >> in size, big brother. >> we're going to get to that later. we have another story to get to right now. it is the story of the missing star of "terminator 3." nick stahl. his wife fears he may be strung out on drugs. cecilia vega has more from los angeles. >> reporter: good morning, george. we spoke to his wife by phone. it has been eight days since she has seen or heard from him. he disappeared in the past. but nothing ever quite like this. >> no one can find me. >> reporter: nick stahl stars alongside arnold schwarzenegger in the sci-fi action film, "terminator 3."
7:33 am
playing john conner, a bad boy, who not only drinks. he steals drugs. but could it be his risky alleged behavior in the real world led to his disappearance? the actor's wife, rose, reported him missing to los angeles police on monday. >> we know he's been plagued with the illness of addiction for years. >> reporter: stahl and his wife have reportedly been living apart since january. she reportedly cares for their daughter. while nick is allowed eight hours of visitation each week. court documents filed in february, shows stahl was so concerned about her husband's behavior, she insisted he get tested for drugs and alcohol before seeing their daughter. and tmz reports that lately, stahl has been frequenting l.a.'s skid row, an easy spot to score drugs. in an appeal for help, rose stahl hosted this from her
7:34 am
husband's twitter page. please pray for nick stahl. he is still missing. but, quote, this is not what we would call a critical missing person case at this point. >> they're saying it's not somebody who is there all the time and wasn't there. it's a different circumstance. >> reporter: earlier this year, things got so bad for stahl, he reportedly spent a day in jail for failing to pay an $84 taxi fare. >> it's sad when something like this happens and it's not even a shock to the police. that's perhaps the saddest part. so much potential. so much talent. yet, this is a kid who has spent some time allegedly hanging on skid row in l.a. can't imagine anything more tragic. >> reporter: now, l.a. police are reportedly following up on a handful of leads. so far, no sign of nick stahl. his wife said if she happens to be watching this, the family is desperate for his safe return. >> part of the reason the police
7:35 am
may not be calling this critical, she said it's happened before. >> reporter: yeah. his wife said he has disappeared in the past. she didn't say where he's gone. but when he has left, he called or texted. this time, his phone seems to be off. so far, no contact with his family. and again, he's been gone for eight days now. >> cecilia vega, thanks very much. now, to lady gaga, telling all her little monsters that the show will go on. police in indonesia, denying the superstar permits for a sold-out performance. nick watt has the latest on her battle to get back on that stage. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, what we're looking at here is east meets west. it's gaga meets islam. somebody has finally told the singer, who loves to push the boundaries. they've told her, enough is enough. she's a lady who knows how to make an outstanding entrance. for the 2011 grammys. and zip lining on to the "gma"
7:36 am
stage last summer. ♪ >> reporter: that's what the sassy superstar's fans were hoping to see in her sold-out born this way tour on june 3rd. >> the journey continues. >> reporter: but officials in jakarta have said no no to gaga. and banned her from performing. ♪ i'm on the right track, baby >> reporter: her sexy clothes and down and dirty dancing will corrupt young people. or so say some indonesian islamic groups. they're scared she will undermine the moral fabric of their country. they've even dubbed her satan. who will gaga do? for the little monsters who snatched uf every little ticket? will they end up sorely disappointed? >> indonesia did not remove this
7:37 am
as a possibility. the police around the event, actually felt they wouldn't be able to guarantee security. so, the permits were revoked. >> reporter: but gaga's not giving up. the promoter's just tweeted this. little monsters, be patient, please. we'll keep you updated. we are still fighting. >> you had the beatles from madonna banned in all sorts of countries. >> reporter: beyonce's outfits were too bootylicious for malaysia. she had to cancel her concert there after protests in 1989. and gaga's not toning down her eyebr eyebrow-raising ways. wearing another meat dress at her tokyo concert this week. a chanel dress, or lack thereof, in a japanese airport just days ago. >> i think it kind of creates this pent up demand for her.
7:38 am
and also eases this notion that lady gaga is a dangerous pop star. and that's only going to help her. ♪ i'm going to marry the night >> reporter: i mean, listen. lady gaga is the kind of person who likes to wear see-through dresses in public. i'm sure she's loving this controversy. it's much simpler back in the day. i don't think my personal favorite, karen carpenter, ever offended. >> i love karen carpenter and the carpenters. you're right about that, nick. i didn't know that about you. his expressive face. thanks, nick. let's get back, now, over to sam. any of your fans? >> now, i'm totally in the -- am i close to you? just like -- ♪ when birds suddenly appear every time, every time ♪
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♪ you are near, you are near just like me, they want to be ♪ ♪ close to you >> good morning, everybody. come on in, george. sing along. by the way, if you could hear the yelling in my ear how we're out of time right now. >> who cares? >> we're going to start with a live shot out of florida, to show you that the rainy season has started in miami about two weeks early. the idea is this heavy rain stays in that direction probably through the weekend. watch this area of low pressure, this impulse just sweep into the southeast. and it stays rainy from wilmington, to jacksonville, to orlando. meanwhile, cooler air is moving into the southwest. it will drop temperatures like those. but it means some gusty winds. and that's bad for the fire
7:40 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by walgreens. josh elliott gets punk'd later. in the meantime, pippa middleton in a new york state of mind. why the world's most eligible bachelorette may be headed to manhattan. maybe to meet josh. >> it has nothing to do with getting punk'd, by the way. [ male announcer ] it's happening right now at your local walgreens. pharmacists are going above and beyond... armed with expertise and advice... ♪ ...with one goal in mind... to better serve you... ♪ nothing will get between you and the care you deserve. find your pharmacist at
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pippa middleton has one of the most famous faces on the planet. now, there's talks that she may be headed to the big apple. why might pippa be in a new york state of mind? abc's john berman follows the clues. >> reporter: start spreading the news. she's leaving today. or soon, at least. maybe. pippa middleton is considering trading in big ben for the big apple. swapping tea time for times square. why would the sister of the future queen consider a move to a city that includes queens? maybe she's a "seinfeld" fan. and if not for -- >> the summer of george. >> reporter: but the summer of pippa. maybe she likes "sex and the city." the show that is. >> hello, lover. >> reporter: we'll let you decide if she's more carrie, charlotte or miranda.
7:45 am
how about the city of linsanity. is pipsanity next? brittany says pippa would fit in nicely. you think it would be different for her here? >> yes. i think the americans are much more easygoing. >> reporter: and if she needs work? >> she can work here. she can be a waitress. she's not going to get any family discount. >> reporter: how will she be received? no comment from tim tebow. but he no doubt would say -- >> i'm very, very excited about it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," john berman, abc news, new york. >> we could give her a better offer at "good morning america." coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and hollywood's stars dazzling on the red carpet. and one show-stopping camera. k9 advantix ii.
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here's "the play of the day." >> what do we have coming up in
7:50 am
the 8:00 half hour? anything? all right. real quick. this is sarina. she watches the soccer with her daddy. god love her. watch this little fan. yes. yes. >> yes. what? what? what? >> oh. >> yeah, what? >> what, daddy. >> it was a travel. >> a travel? oh, no. no. >> no. >> oh, no. >> oh, no. >> there's a bit more to get to. we, actually would have to bleep it. but take a look. that's a little girl hanging with the fellas. this little girl has no interest in hanging. >> oh, hey. >> he just wanted to say hi, too. >> no means no. >> exactly. >> exactly.
7:51 am
how many times do i have to tell you? keep your hands to yourself. it isn't happening. buddy, i'd be lying if i said it wasn't the first of many. coming up, somebody gets punk'd. and by somebody, i mean me. your summer getaway, brought to you by ally bank. which of these destinations is going to be the most popular for summer? for the answer and to weigh in on your summer plans, go to on yahoo! on your summer plans, go to on yahoo! brought to you by ally bank. u mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fifty thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. people don't like to miss out on money that should have been theirs. that's why at ally we have the raise your rate 2-year cd. you can get a one-time rate increase if our two-year rate goes up. if your bank makes you miss out, you need an ally.
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7:56 am
good i'm eric thomas. protesters are planning to gather at stanford this evening when former british prime minister tony blair speaks. blair is expected to focus on issues surrounding development in africa. protesters say they will call attention to his part in the iraq war. >> mike is here with a look at the forecast. thank you eric. good morning. warmer than yesterday, sunshine everywhere this afternoon, albeit breezy. upper 50s, low 60s along the coast mid to upper 60s bay shore mid to upper 70s inland. warmer for the weekend
7:57 am
everywhere. looking good now at the bay bridge toll look at that, not much of pay back-up beyond the end of the parking lot. heavy south 880 to fremont and earlier crash south 101 university and willow. the news continues with
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] fabulous crowd with us on this friday eve, here in times square. and there is a lot to like on the red carpet, as well. in cannes, glamorous gowns. and jaw-dropping jewels. a who's who of hollywood, showing up, dressed to the nines. and our fun this morning, comes at josh's expense. >> who knew? >> he gets punk'd by lara and nick jonas. and this was real. >> oh, yeah. >> you were behind the screen, right? >> i was in another room listening. and i was in pain, actually,
8:01 am
feeling guilty. i had guilt. >> and then, hysterics. >> and no one knew. >> it hadn't been the best day, either. >> oh, i know. >> not a good morning to be doing this. >> he showed up in the worst mood. and i had to -- we'll explain the whole thing coming up. >> worst morning. also, on a bright note, josh, we have great "deals and steals" ahead. gr great products. next week, it will be big. all three "dancing with the stars" finalists, including the new champion of the mirrorball trophy. the after-party, george. break out your dancing shoes. >> only kirstie alley could get me to do it. >> george breaks out the dancing shoes. good. >> thank you for that. let's get to the news and josh. >> we're going to begin with the increasingly stubborn wildfires raging in arizona. they've burned through some 20,000 acres since the weekend.
8:02 am
the fire threatening a historic mining town, have nearly tripled in size in 24 hours. with another hot, windy day on tap, almost everyone in the town of crown king has been evacuated to safer ground. an autopsy will be conducted today for mary richardson kennedy. the estranged wife of bobby kennedy jr., found hanging in her garage in suburban new york yesterday. likely, a suicide victim. she has struggled with alcohol and drug abuse for years. mary kennedy was 52 years old. and a health alert now for a wildly popular antibiotic, now found to increase the chance of sudden death. a new study found as that azithromycin, also known as the z-pack, can cause sudden death in people at risk for heart disease. doctors are recommended to prescribe other antibiotics for high-risk patients. a major change in the nation's racial diversity. for the first time racial and ethnic minorities account for more than half of the babies
8:03 am
born in the year ending last july. that's compared to just 37% in 1990. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning, josh. sunscreen. they were supposed to change the labels to protect everyone in the sun. but did they? we have a big reality check tonight. before anyone heads out into the sun, be sure to watch tonight on "world news." >> and so we shall, diane. finally, sam, what do you know? it's a dramatic rescue at sea. but it's not what you might expect. a horse, completely freaking out. the arabian show horse named william, spooked during a photo shoot on a beach near santa barbara. swam into the water. three miles out to sea. harbor patrol managed to corral william. the entire ordeal lasting about
8:04 am
2 1/2 hours. william exhausted. otherwise, he's okay. you're looking at the channel islands. almost three miles off the coast. shark-infested, i might add. >> wow. >> you will probably be seeing it some saturday morning, on an abc station near you. >> you already did it. if you had a wet suit on, this would have been a full episode of "sea rescue." >> i want that check. >> wet suit. wet suit. >> you're so bad. let's get the "pop news." >> all right. good morning, everybody. i know many of us, especially here at the morning show, often call our beloved cup of coffee a lifesaver each morning. but it might be true in the literal sense, as well. a new study by the national institute of health looked at the health habits of 400,000 people and found that, indeed, coffee drinkers are likely to live longer and less likely to die from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, even accidents. probably because you're more
8:05 am
alert. the study showed it doesn't matter if you take yours regular or decaf. the sugar, it negates it. doughnuts, not so much. the "forbes" celebrity list is out. who do you think is number one? >> george. >> besides stephanopoulos. >> celebrity? >> number one. >> i was surprised at this one. >> no. >> i was very surprised. so you know. it is jennifer lopez. >> shocking, right? >> above oprah. above justin bieber, who ranked second and third on the list of the most powerful celebs. the top ten included rihanna at five. gaga, last year's number one. she's in there. i think she's number five. katy perry is number eight. tom cruise is number nine. and speaking of celebrities and money, robert downey jr., rolling in it, thanks to "the avengers" reportedly making $50 million for the role as ironman. he wisely made the deal to get a
8:06 am
percentage of his earnings. >> he'll be there next year. >> he'll be on that list, i imagine. yes. our parent company. go, girl. now, it is time for our sneak peek of next week's finale of "modern family." i can tell you, what you're about to see will change the show forever. take a look. >> honey, if you spot the wall, you won't get dizzy. watch daddy. >> how cool would it be if you turned into wonder woman right now? >> can't talk about it. >> the adoption agency. >> it is? >> you need to stop doing that. last time they called to confirm our billing address. hello? uh-huh. yep. really? >> really what? >> that mother, she picked us. >> she did? >> she went into early labor. she's having the baby today. >> she is? >> we have to go go right now.
8:07 am
>> we do? >> just assume it's the truth. thank you so much. okay, bye. we're getting a baby today. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. >> such good news. >> great, right. "modern family" airing wednesdays at 9:00, 8:00 central. i'm moving on. tom says we're running out of time, george. things happen that you don't need to know about. finally, pudsey, the dog that won britain's got talent last weekend. pudsey may be enjoying the spoils too much. he has gotten pudgy. backing on the pounds by eating his favorites, cheese balls. his owners are purchased a treadmill to get him in shape before he hits hollywood. simon cowell bringing pudsey to hollywood, to make him a big star. we brought you the story last week. i felt i needed to update you.
8:08 am
>> follow-up. >> we love a weight loss story. good luck, pudsey. let's get the weather from sam. >> speaking of overweight, what was that? >> pudsey. >> you're a celebrity when you gain a few extra pounds. get sam a treadmill. we'll show you what's going on. we're going to start with the pictures of the fires in arizona. josh told you at the top of the news. these are pictures from the crown king, the fire in that area. we're going to forward you this story. there's a cold front that's sweeping through that area. look around crown king. basically, what happens, is that wind will swap around. look at the arrows coming from the north. that means the fire will be blown back toward the town by the time we get to saturday. if they don't get that thing under control because the wind will change direction by then. just telling you what's going on out west. here's a look at the big board. as we like to say, why should you move when the map can come
8:09 am
to you? sit right there in your chair and see the west coast fly right at you. >> nice times square. josh elliott gets punk'd, moments from now, times square. back to the studio. >> sam champion, you seem gleeful about it. as well you should be. all right. here's a look at what's coming up before josh gets punk'd.
8:10 am
hollywood's hottest, burning up the red carpet. we have all of the glitz and glam from cannes. plus, josh gets punk'd in a big way. can't wait to see, well, to show everybody. i saw it firsthand. we'll show you how we pulled it off. and "deals and steals" a special edition for you, coming up on "good morning america." [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air. that could adapt to changing road conditions. one that continually monitors and corrects for wheel slip.
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8:15 am
descending on that tiny town in the french riviera. pulling out all the stops. look at them, lara. abc's lama hasan has all of the dazzling details for us. do tell. >> reporter: good morning. yes, there are plenty of dazzling details. okay. we don't have the sun, sea and sand of the french riviera for you. but, boy, do we have all the glitz and glamour of the red carpet. and this year, the ladies are sizzling hot. it's the hottest spot on the french riviera, cannes, where hollywood's biggest stars come to make a splash. >> this is an event that you see a lot of trends emerge from. >> reporter: designer dresses. sparkling jewels. flawless makeup. this red carpet has it all. even a camel. in true fashion, funny man, sacha baron cohen arrived in full uniform, as his new alter ego, general aladi. >> i'm for free press, fair elections and equal rights for
8:16 am
women -- i can't say that. >> reporter: snapped here on a yacht. theand clooney's ex, elisabetta canalis, put on a show for photographers and sipped champagne. and then, supposedly, got into a fight. the general is then seen throwing a body bag overboard. don't worry. it was all just a stunt to promote his new film "the dictator." hitting the red carpet, the stars for fashion forward. later, channeled jackie o. in this soft number. >> she nailed the look. >> reporter: we got an exclusive look at eva longoria's marchesa stunner on twitter before it went outside. longoria tweeted -- leaving my room on to the cannes red carpet. what do you think? train a little long? no, eva. you're just fabulous.
8:17 am
jessica chastain donned this white beauty, by alexander mcqueen. >> it's sort of a wedding gown. >> reporter: perhaps a sneak peek at the designer's new wedding line. freida pinto stunned the crowd in this beaded bodice. >> it's more sophisticated. it is very trendy right now. >> reporter: but who could not notice tilda swinson's look. specially in this long number. >> she has a futuristic, cyber look about her. and it was something that was custom-made for her. >> reporter: whatever the fashion statement. on this riviera red carpet, everyone is making waves. and the fashion doesn't end on the red carpet. this year, legendary icon, marilyn monroe, is on the official poster, celebrating the film festival's anniversary. robin? >> lama, thank you very much. who do you think was best dressed? eva longoria. unanimous. go to on yahoo! to vote. lara?
8:18 am
well, it's time, everybody. we've mentioned a few times that somebody's getting punk'd. and it's you, handsome devil. >> yeah. >> as you now know, the victim is in fact josh. what you may not know about our friend here is, he is usually the one pulling the pranks. and one of the main targets is this girl in pink. is was time to turn the tables. and i got held from the mtv show that put the word punk'd in the lexicon. and nick jonas, who is very sweet. >> lara spencer, ladies and germs. >> reporter: every day on "gma," josh elliott loves to tease me. i mean, really? this is like a frat house. so, mr. elliott, time for a little payback, courtesy of "punk'd." the mtv show has punk'd some of hollywood's biggest stars. we're talking taylor swift, justin timberlake, beyonce, with some of the most elaborate pranks imaginable.
8:19 am
now, it's time to release some of the minds at "punk'd" on josh elliott. the first step, getting in touch with jason goldberg. hi, jason. >> hi. how are you? >> reporter: good. we wanted to use your expertise in the field of punk'ing people and give him a taste of his own medicine. >> wow. i love it. a guy i actually think would work is nick jonas. and i guarantee you, he is quite a little prankster. >> listen, got a shoot for you. nick jonas. he is going to open up about being a child star to us. >> oh, wow. i'm in. >> awesome. thanks, dude. trap is set. >> hey, nick. how are you doing, man? it's goldberg from "punk'd." let me introduce you to andy santino, star of the show. >> here's what we got going on. we're thinking we're going to take that song that you told us meant a lot to you. and you're going to say you
8:20 am
stole it from an artist on youtube. we're going to have a video for josh to show you of a terrible songwriter that says you stole his song. ♪ a little bit stronger before ♪ a little longer and now, it's time ♪ >> i go crazy because i'm offended. >> that's great. >> just basically on the verge of tears. >> see you in new york. >> sounds good. >> my man. are you ready to do this? >> all the people from "good morning america," my friend andrew, from "punk'd" is playing my publicist. we have hidden cameras all around the room. a hidden camera in this wardrobe. josh is in for the worst interview of his entire life. >> reporter: finally, it was time to meet up with my fellow punkers. hi. >> how are you? >> the man of the hour. thanks for meeting up with me, andrew, and nick, to get josh. >> this is all planned.
8:21 am
>> reporter: there's a dark side to nick jonas you're about to see. the cameras are rolling. >> hey, buddy. >> how are you doing? >> good. good to see you. >> reporter: everyone is in place. >> josh, we're going to move on. >> all right. thanks for sitting down. >> yeah. >> reporter: the stage is set. >> let's go all the way back to the beginning. what moments stick out to you? was it hard to retain that sense of artistry? >> reporter: nice. >> did you want to be a solo artist? what's that like for you? >> reporter: the anticipation is killing us. when he is going to ask the question. >> there was that controversy. in your career. 2009, an artist named anthony rhames claimed that you had ripped the song off from him. >> really? >> reporter: ah, show time. >> how did it make you feel? >> are you serious?
8:22 am
you're actually doing this right now? the song is incredibly personal to me. i mean, i'm shocked we're even going into this. no. it's absolutely -- >> reporter: josh's face. >> you've really pissed me off. i'm going to take this off. this is unbelievable. >> nick. >> andrew? >> just relax. >> are you kidding me? the pain and frustration that went into this song. and you're telling me to relax about this. i'm so appalled. how many times have we done this together and you come out with this? >> it was a part of the whole. i'm sorry that you feel that question exploits you. >> oh. >> reporter: cue the ipad. >> let me see this video. >> he settled this privately. >> reporter: andrew, from "punk'd," in the role of nick's
8:23 am
fake publicist. will take it to another level. >> you're a joke. you're a total joke. and this operation. thanks for giving us the small room. this is pathetic. we're busy people. you seem to be an idiot. >> we're not moving on. we're absolutely not moving on. we're done. it's over. turn the cameras off. >> relax. will you relax for a second? >> you know what? we're not relaxing. we're not going home. you know what's happening? you just got punk'd. >> that was very funny. i'm josh elliott. and i just got punk'd. >> he was such a good sport. nick jonas is here to celebrate. hi. thanks for coming.
8:24 am
>> how are you? >> how are you? >> look, i want to show you the real ipad. >> this is the ipad. oh, my goodness. >> this is the ipad. that is unbelievable. >> have you recovered from the emotional damage i caused you? >> you know, it was a really good interview. i just want credit for that. >> it was a good interview. i felt terrible. >> people have asked, did i see it coming? did i see it coming? i did not see it coming. >> good. >> i did not. really? nick jonas, you want to cash in right now? this is how it's going to go down? >> nick and i, afterwards, we felt so bad. you were so prepared. you were so earnest. you were asking really nice, smart questions. and we're just waiting for that moment. >> knowing it was coming, made it that much more intense. i was a bit nervous. but once you asked the question, i settled into this pace of being able to freak out. >> i could tell.
8:25 am
you were going to go -- >> it was -- >> i did some research the night before on some classic freak-out interviews. >> there's a daytime emmy in your near future, by the way. >> speaking of row search, i actually researched. i wanted to research what went into this guy stealing your song. and i couldn't find it anywhere on the internet. and i guess they totally scrubbed it from the internet. who knew they could do that? >> oh, man. you were a good sport. >> you were a good sport. a very good actor. >> no. it was brilliant. there was a brilliant turn. >> there's a drama role in your future. >> you should go on broadway. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> you are fantastic. you're killing it. i've seen it twice. >> thank you. >> so great. you're a great sport. thank you, nick jonas. everybody, miley cyrus, hosting an all-new episode of "punk'd" on mtv.
8:26 am
liam hemsworth as well. khloe kardashian, kelly osbourne. >> look at that. >> yeah. >> anchor of the year, josh. coming up, "deals and steals" for you.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. this morning a judge is scheduled to hold a hearing on whether to reinstate a high school sophomore into an honors class after he was kicked out for cheating. his father said he would sue the district because he says his son's due process rights were violated and believes the punishment is excessive. the teen was removed from the english after he was caught plagiarizing another student's work. a violation of the school's honesty pledge. good morning. very light now at the bay bridge toll, almost no delay, very different story in the south bay. a few accidents, northbound 87 especially heavy as you head towards 280 north 880 slow
8:28 am
through downtown sluggish north 101 through san jose. we'll find out how your temperatures will look today with mike
8:29 am
welcome back. cloud cover still over downtown san francisco flight arrival delays up to 152 minutes at sfo. low to mid 50s upper 50s fremont, mountain view and fairfield 60 antioch where the warmer weather will be mid to upper 70s today low to mid 70s
8:30 am
other unland valleys mid to upper 60s around the bay shore sunshine everywhere [ cheers and applause ] we're here in times square. we got nick jonas. and josh got punk'd. a lot more coming up. sus susan lucci is going to be here. erica kane, set to dazzle her fans all over again. he is one of our top chef favorites. fabio is here. he's in the kitchen making one of his delicious spring dishes. we cannot wait for that. >> he's so adorable. and times square will be buzzing tomorrow, sam champion. why? so many beyonce fans will be
8:31 am
descending here, dressed up as part of the beyhive. >> what's the beyhive? one will be walking away with a grand prize. beyon beyonce's costume designer will pick out his favorite outfit. check it out tomorrow. tory johnson's here. right now, we have a special "steals and deals." this is called the shark tank edition. everything we show you is a product of those millionaires on "shark tank" have invested in. >> yes. >> every one of them. >> absolutely. we're going to start with my favorite shark, barbara corcoran. she always picks the best winners. this is a product called ride-on carry-on, that was invented by a flight attendant. she would see the families getting onboard, struggling. the stroller. so much stuff with you. >> and they're squirming around. >> exactly. this is a little seat that literally attaches to any carry-on bag. when you're rolling around the airport, you put the kid in
8:32 am
there. 8 months to 5 years. i have people saying, i'd like this for my honeymoon for my husband to drag me around. comes in a variety of colors. regularly $40. but we're slashing it in half. 20 bucks. can't beat that. >> while supplies last. >> you have to go to "good morning america" on yahoo! for all of the details. you'll see it there. this is a great one. damon john. he invested in this. it's called a power decal. it goes in the back of your car. you can't see the rangers one that well. but these are so fabulous. i have to turn them on here. it lights up. when you're driving, it's flashing like crazy, so you can show your pride in any sports team. yep. they have every, single sports team. 280 universities. they have flags. they have causes, like breast cancer awareness. they have all these amazing ones. go, rangers. not too fabulous last night. but soon enough. power decals. think ahead for father's day.
8:33 am
regularly, $25 to $30. slashing it by 60%, starting at just ten bucks. really fun. >> that's a great deal. >> when you stop the car, park the car, this stops, too. it has a motion detector. this, from read arrest. lori invested this product. hold this. this is what i want you to play with. it's a magnet. try to pull that apart. i'm wearing one right here. >> it's really strong. >> super strong. if i need to put my glasses away, just like that. no matter what i do, these glasses aren't going anywhere. >> unbelievable. >> you love it. now, you won't, if you take those. this deal is amazing. these are regularly, one for $10. but for our deal, you're going to get three for ten bucks. yeah. those are not exactly your glasses. exactly. another barbara corcoran company. she picks all of the really cute
8:34 am
boys. four brothers in florida. they developed this line. and i feel like you'd love this. didn't i just read in "new york" magazine, that you love a good body scrub. >> you did. >> exactly. >> thank you, ali. >> confirmed for us. this is a line of all-natural skin care products. really beautiful products for men and for women. the whole line ranges from $16 to $75. but we're slashing it by 50%. the entire website, starting about $8. plus, these boys are throwing in free shipping. there you go. yeah. >> this is for josh. >> finally. this is for josh. so, check it out. check it out. he's got it at full size right now. but this is how it comes. this is a guitar. it's foldable like this. and it opens, just like this. just like this. this is an unbelievable model
8:35 am
for somebody just starting to play a guitar. >> or a real pro, like josh. >> a pro like josh. he doesn't even -- using it on tour. paul mccartney, taylor swift. >> i like to take this to my own cd release party. >> that's great. regularly, these things are like $2,000 guitars. real professionals use. we have a deal for you. it's regularly $399. kevin o'leary was the "shark tank" investor on it. dropping it to $199. it comes with a cool case, the size of a backpack. who would have known this guitar goes into that backpack. think ahead. holidays, christmas, really amazing gift. this could be a second job, right? >> i'm in real trouble, actually. >> yeah. exactly. last week, sam tried to be a manicurist. you have a guitar. >> a whole lot more on >> we have all of the details. and "shark tank" don't miss
8:36 am
"shark tank." >> tomorrow, season finale, 8:00, 7:00 central, right here on abc. right now, we need some weather. >> do not blame the magic box of music for not making music this morning. >> come on. >> is there a chord in there anywhere? anything? >> bum, bum, bum. >> it's much better at home. don't blame the guitar. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to show you. we'll start with our pictures. ft. collins, colorado. a little light in the sky there. also, looking at greenfield, mass. the la, la, la, la, las are coming out? the next several days here in the northeast. do you deserve another weekend? yes, you do. you deserve better music than you're getting right now. you deserve a better weekend. you're going to get one. from boston to atlanta. south florida, you're staying in the rain. spokane. that's the weather.
8:37 am
♪ sorry, sam >> that weather was brought to you by target. ♪ target >> oh, josh. now, it's time for george. ♪ back to george i think you should serenade susan lucci on your way
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're looking forward to that. i miss it. i miss it. "all my children." yes. but there is life after that. after 41 years, playing the soap
8:41 am
opera vixen, erica kane, so deliciously, susan lucci has taken on a new role. she is guest starring in "army wives." susan lucci is here to talk about it. sam came in, george, everyone, to hug you and see you. just adore you. >> thank you. happy for everything going your way. and not surprised at all. >> so great to be here. it's wonderful to get this warm reception. >> it's wonderful to see you in this new role. tell us about audrey. >> audrey whitaker, on "army wive." i've had so much fun playing audrey. this is somebody who is the wife of a two-star general. and was raised as the daughter of a two-star general. but feels she knows the ins and outs, the politics of how the game of life works. and as a good friend to claudia
8:42 am
joy, kim delaney, she wants to make sure her husband gets the third star now because somebody's after that third star, too. >> and she needs you. she needs that kind of counsel because you're not as devious as your previous character. >> no. it's coming from a good place. this is how it's done. your husband's great. there's somebody after your job. watch your back. >> let's see audrey in action. here we go. >> you spread a malicious lie about jackie clark. >> all's fair. >> audrey? >> who in politics ever has clean hands? >> i know. >> pardon me, but wasn't it jackie clark spreading rumors not that wall ago? >> that was an innocent slip. >> says who? >> jackie. >> and you believe her?
8:43 am
it's a good thing. you're more of a pollyanna than i knew. watch your back. >> kim delaney and i never had a scene together on "all my children." >> never? >> never. it's been such a joy for me to work with her. she's so wonderful. we've had a great time with the cast. >> and also, it's discover i.d., aren't you working on a new series there, as well. >> thank you for asking. i have a brand-new primetime series on investigation discovery in the fall. i start shooting, actually, next week. >> you're playing as erica, it was fiction. but this is real-life dramas unfolding on this series. >> as erica kane, i found myself in prison, one or two times. this is the real, true-life love stories gone wrong. >> we can't wait for that. do you miss erica? >> i will always miss erica
8:44 am
kane. i loved playing erica. i adored her. i adored my "all my children" family. i miss it. >> it's great because we get to see you, on "army wives" and the new series you have. and did i see you in a gloria estefan video? >> you did. you absolutely did. there it is. >> could hear sam. woo hoo. how did this come about? >> oh, this is so great. i found out that gloria estefan had written my name into "hotel nationale." the album, her hit song. i was trying to get the album, it was all sold out, it was such a hit. then, i got a call from gloria's office, asking if i would like to be in her music video. i didn't even hang up the phone. the answer is, yes. i will be there. and kenny ortega directed. it was a dream come true.
8:45 am
they are everything their wonderful reputation says about them. >> it's a sizzling song and video. >> i know. gloria estefan music video in miami. are you kidding? >> a dream come true. and i know it's lovely that now you're getting to spend more time with your beautiful, loving family. >> my family is spectacular. and new york is my home. and my family is in new york. oh, yes. that's royce. and that's the baby, hayden, who just turned a year old. and brendan, who's 3. that's my mom. that's four generations of us. that was the day the baby met my mother for the first time. >> look at them looking at each other. >> yes. the baby just took to my mom so well. my mother lives in florida. so many retired parents from new york do. and i'm going to see her this weekend, actually. >> and yelling in my ear, nice hat, mom. >> the hat and high-heels. it's great. >> so stylish. and so blessed. look at the expression you have, too, susan. you have your family. you have "army wives."
8:46 am
you have so much going on in your life. thank you for coming to see us. what did you think, sam? >> are you kidding me? she is stunning, like always stunning. >> thanks so much, sam. thank you. >> you know i -- i know because i'll stalk her. >> she knows. please, don't miss susan lucci on "army wives" this sunday night. >> yes. may 20th, on lifetime. a really good one. and coming up, top chef,
8:47 am
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "good morning america." it's time for fabio viviani. our favorite. and just finished the second season of your online show. >> yeah. chow ciao.
8:49 am
>> we're aware. >> i'm saying for the people. we have friends in new york. always good to stop right here. >> always, so good. we're going to make three dishes that are family recipes in honor of spring. >> a chicken lemony -- i'm seeing lemon. i'm feeling lemon. a lemony chicken. >> this is the deal. growing up, we really had no money. so, we didn't have chance to make, you know, a lot of fixi fixings. improved and take it to the next level. we have simple dishes. and we add a little twist. >> yeah. >> instead of just pan-seared the chicken with, you know, a little pepper, we're going to add cherry to tomato sauce. >> you didn't have the money. but out of it comes great, rustic dishes. >> you taste everything. you taste the chicken. the tomatoes. the lemon in it.
8:50 am
>> if you don't have the money, but you have the -- you can come up with something. you have to be a little smart about it. simple things. like when you pan-sear chicken. i think i'm all right. if you want to stir. >> basically, what fabio is saying, is no. i don't want you to touch it. >> i would hate for yourself to spill something on your wonderful dress. >> okay. sorry about that. >> so, the reality is we're making -- like a cherry tomato sauce. just olive oil, cherry tomato. and we're going to add this and stir the chicken in. just like this. >> that smells great. >> you want something that is as simple as just pan-seared chicken. cheap. and you welcome, almost spring with things like asparagus, cherry tomatoes, baby tomatoes.
8:51 am
>> i promised them some chicken. >> we have chicken for everybody here. so, we're good. so, add -- even something simple, as just -- >> a little lemon. >> a little lemon zest. >> i'm afraid -- i don't want to go to the white? is that the rule? >> you're all right with a little bit of white. normally, white is going to be more bitter. but if you put a little bit, nobody's going to get hurt. >> i just never knew. i had to ask. >> i thought it was the musical instrument. >> you can make some noise with this. but the first rule is you've got to taste your food. so, if you taste it -- >> there you go. >> what are you doing? you're eating. >> i had some. >> wait. i have to do this. you guys, i have to show you something. i have to show you something. first and foremost -- wait,
8:52 am
wait. >> what? >> wait. >> you have to take care of the lady first. >> that's why we love fabio. >> what's wrong with these people? >> you talk to everybody about the mashed potatoes? simply delicious. >> can you hurry up and feed lara? >> mashed potato, a little extra virgin olive oil, and parmesan cheese. now, you can go. absolutely. >> and the asparagus? >> seared in a pan, with a touch of olive oil. and we do add fried eggs on it. we take something simple, and we bump -- a little bumper up. spring is coming. the guys are getting excited over the chicken. i'm very happy to be close to you. and we're all good here. >> and you can get, of course, fabio's recipes on our website, and his online show. where can they find that?
8:53 am
>> you canh@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ every time you are near ♪ just like me they long to be ♪ ♪ close to you solo.
8:56 am
>> we did it. this is what we did earlier, spontaneously. and people have said they can't get it out of their heads this morning. >> and now, we've ensured they can't. >> in a good way. >> all over america -- >> oh. look. [ cheers and applause ] >> tomorrow, deejay friday. they might play this. you never know. plus, bruce willis. have a good day.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. san jose police are trying to determine the motive for a fatal shooting. officers found an 18-year-old shot a few blocks last night. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he died. a second person was found assaulted in the same area and he's expected to survive. >> when will this grey give way to sun? let's check in with pike. good question. faster than yesterday. everybody will see sun this afternoon, good morning. upper 50s low 60s along the coast mid 60s around the bay shore mid to upper 70s inland. tonight drier and cooler air will bring us to the upper 40s to low 50s. warmer tomorrow. better than normal at the bay bridge toll minor wait for some of the lanes. couple accidents early on in the upper deck stall,


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