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tonight a high school swim coach on the peninsula is under arrest. >> picked up boy police after an allegation made by a female student. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates in for carolyn johnson. >> this is not the way they wanted to end the school year at aragon high school, a coach caught up in scandal. john is live in san mateo with the story. >> just last night there was a meeting for the senior class. police picked up 25-year-old joshua david tetro of el granada. he has been a swim and water polo coach for the past year.
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the san mateo police say they started their investigation two and a half weeks ago. they say a female student who was a minor claimed tetro touched her inappropriately in the last year. the alleged incident was brought to the attention of school officials who called san mateo police. he was taken into custody and booked on one count of sexual assault on a minor and one count of lewd acts on a minor. police say they are working with the school district to make sure students are safe and they are asking anyone with relevant information about the case to come forward. live in san mateo, john alston, abc news. >> thank you. be have breaking news in east oak ped la. that's where a -- in east oakland. *9 victim staggered into a liquor store after being shot around 9:00 this evening. police found shell casings nearby. no one has been arrested and officers have not released a description of the shooter.
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you can go to for more information. san ramon police have arrested a man they believe took part in a deadly botched robbery attempt at a jewelry store. officers took 19-year-old pasad into custody near his home in hayward. a jewelry store employee shot another suspected it robber, 18-year-old biru to death when four men stormed into the store on wednesday. detectives say he was holding a gun. friends and family of missing morgan hill girl sierra lamar held a rally at her school. abc7 news reporter thomas roman joins us live with more on the rally. thomas? >> ama, it has been 11 weeks since sierra lamar disappeared, and since then family and friends have not lost hope they would find sierra alive. tonight here at washington high school they held what they called a faith and hope rally.
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about 200 family, former schoolmates and friends gathered at the high school. this is where sierra lamar attended school before moving to morgan hill. this is a faith and hope rally, because it seems no one here, especially her father, has lost faith sierra is alive and will one day be found. >> we will keep doing what we are doing. our focus is to find sierra. we are not giving up. we don't have anything to tell us otherwise. >> money is still being collected to fund the continuing volunteer search foresee yarr raw -- for sierra missing since march 16th. she says she is glad police arrested 21-year-old anthony garcia torres in connection with her kidnapping and possible murder of the but the search has to continue. >> it is great they have found him. there is no body. there is no closure. we don't have anything. we still believe she is out there.
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>> many who came to the rally today were teenagers with their parents. >> i see her pictures and it reminds me of my daughter. >> her daughter is 16 and says she has a resemblance to sierra. iliana says sierra's disappearance has changed her behavior. >> it has made me think more about the actions and people i am with. >> this kind of outpouring helps him cope. he says he tries no the to think of the suspect. >> ichs inked emotions like -- mixed emotions like anger questioning why. >> the rally started at 7:30 and lasted less than an hour. it was also a fundraiser. money was collected to fund the search center in morgan hill. organizers say another search party for sierra will go out tomorrow morning. reporting live in fremont, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thank you. a big blow to the confidence in the economy as they released a dismal jobs report. employers created 69,000 jobs
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in may. that's less than half what was predicted. for the first time in nearly a year, the unemployment rate went up. it is now 8.2%. at uc berkeley, former clinton labor secretary robert rice calls the job report horrendous, but says there is hope. >> last year at this time we also had a job slump. we came out of it, and by the end of the year things were looking really good. >> the report fuelled the presidential race. president obama was quick to deflect the bad news saying millions of new jobs have been created in the past two years and blame the economic crisis in europe for the che. republican candidate mitt romney says the job of the president is to get people back to work and he claims president obama is failing in that regard. now the unemployment report caused big problems on wall street. the dow jones industrial average had the worst day of the year. it fell nearly 275 points closing down more than 2%. it is now lower than it was at the start of the year. >> san jose police arrested a
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man they believe handed a threatening note to bank employees. it happened around pief:15 -- 5:15 on west santa clara street. they surrounded the branch and took the same precautions they do when they receive the report of a bank robbery. police recognized the subject as a transient who spends a lot of time in downtown san jose. the suspect will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. police arrested a man they say disguised himself as an elderly white man to rob several bay area banks. williams is a former fell 11 who lived in oakland and hayward. he is charged with robbing banks in 11 different bay area cities both with and without a gun while wearing what police call a movie industry quality mask. he is being held at the jail on $1.3 million bail. back in san jose, police captured a man wanted for being 5* prolific graw tee tee -- graffiti vandal. it is a cat that resembles
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felix the cat. it is scrawled throughout san jose. that and the other work totals $30,000 in damage. a large tree branch fell and caused problems in one palo alto neighborhood today. it brought power lines with it, and when it crashed it did some damage as you can see to a parked toyota prius. that was 4:30 this afternoon. the good news is nobody was hurt. but three homes lost power. it remains unclear what caused the big branch to suddenly come crashing down. up next, the brian stow case. a witness who saw the beating talks about what he saw. >> the four bay area medical facilities that made a list they did not want to be on. >> and an unforgettable prom night for some very special kids. all of that is coming up, and then late other "nightline." >> dan and ana, coming up -- dan and ama, coming up, the
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war on soda as the mayor proposes a ban on sugar re drinks over 16 ounces. could it happen in your town. and kids with a dangerous disease whose main symptom is
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. in los angeles today, the third day of testimony in the preliminary hearing in the brian stowe beating case. on the stand, stowe's friend who was with him when it happened. the judge is not allowing video of the witnesses, but we can show you sketches and hear their testimony. on the stand alan bradford, a paramedic and friend of brian stowe talks about his experience opening night in the dodger stadium parking lot. he heard a confrontation, an attack on another friend, matt leigh. >> a punch came in and caught him on the left cheek. >> after that they tried to move on, not wanting to provoke anything. a few minutes later he was struck. and then came the more brutal attack on stowe. >> i saw him hit the ground. he was going straight back. his arms were limp out behind him like gravity had taken him. it was like a tree f lling. there was no movement.
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>> he remembers hearing people tell the attackers get out of the area and he saw them. >> one guy was holding his pants up while they were running. >> the prosecution claims that luis sanchez is the one who actually attacked stowe. his friend, marvin norwood was next to him. earlier this week the prosecution played a videotape of norwood during a police an teargas. he calls his mother using the officer's phone and tells her he was involved. that videotape was just released today. >> i got arrested for that dodger stadium thing. ya. just to let you know. no, i mean, i don't know, there is really not much i can say about it over the phone. i was involved. >> another one of stowe's friends is expected to testify when the preliminary hearing resumes on wednesday. dan? >> ana, a judge ordered neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman back to jail
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in the shooting death of trayvon martin. the cuing ram after prosecutors prosecutors -- they were accused of lying when he was granted bail. they said he had little money. his bail was revoked. he must surrender to authorities by sunday afternoon. zimmerman claims martin was beating him and he shot the unarmed teenager in self-defense. four bay area hospitals are being fined by the california department of health for medical errors, some of which resulted in the patient's death. kaiser san francisco was penalized because surgeons left a foreign object in a patient. in san francisco's chinese hospital it was a feeding tube mistake. patients died at oakland kaiser and santa clara county medical center after the staff ignored monitoring signals. the state hopes to use these finds to prevent more medical mistakes. >> we currently have a proposal that would allocate some of the funds to
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medication errors which is the second most prevalent type of event we see in administrative penalties. >> in all 13 hospitals were fined for medical errors. the most common mistake is leaving objects in a patient following surgery. researchers developed an experimental cancer drug that shrinks tumors. it uses the body's immune system to do the work. the tumors have a molecular shield that repels attacks from the immune system. they issued promise and the immune system that shrinks some lung, skin and kidney cancers. more clinical trials will begin. the study was published by the new england journal of medicine. it is prom night. this special prom was held at lucille packard children's hospital in palo alto. the theme? mysteries of the deep. more than 125 patients and their guests attended the event which offers a chance for teens to experience a prom
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even if they couldn't attend their own. >> you really miss out when you are in hospital school. it is nice to get together with everybody. >> i get to see all of my prendz here. friends here. i get to do my first ever prom. >> any kids who attended the school in the past year were invited. the goal is to help give patients as close to a normal life as possible. it looks like they all enjoyed it. >> it breaks your hard -- it breaks your heart kids have to be in the hospital like that. let's talk about the forecast. you made it to the weekend. >> yes, sandhya has a look. >> it is a changing forecast for the weekend. we will see temperatures going down. the heat will ease up a bit. look at how hot it was today. low to mid-nineties inland. 95 in fairfield. got up to 96 degrees in antioch. 94 in livermore and morgan hill. toward the coastline you
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notice it was a 36-degree difference between antioch and half moon bay. it was 60 this afternoon where the fog was sitting. these are the summer-like mayo clie -- microclimates. san jose got up to 84 degrees with oakland at 77. these numbers are all going down. here is where they are at right now. in the 50s and 60s. still warm at antioch. 78 degrees. look at what is happening to the wind. we have an on shore wind really beginning to kick up. westerly gusting to 28 at sfo. out of the southwest gusting to 33. it is a cooler breeze that is coming in off the ocean. that is combining with the marine layer and will drop our temperatures. fog along the coast and bay. the cooling trend for the weekend, and we are looking at a chance of showers on monday. so your weekend is fine. if you have any games this weekend, little league games, giants games, we have graduations, they are all looking fine. this warm ridge is moving off to the east, and as this ridge moves off to the east it will be pretty much a dom nebt --
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dominant player. it will be replaced by the trough. this will bring cooling over the weekend, but it will also bring much cooler weather on monday, and the possibility of some showers. this is a late season system that is due in here on monday. we may see some wet pavement as we head back to work on monday. until then we have fog along the coastline. and that's how the mornt will start out. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. pretty cool in terms of the numbers. computer animation shows you what happens to the fog. it will pull out from the bay and eventually from the coastline. could see a patch or two lingering along the coast. temperatures are falling for your saturday. mostly 80s inland with the exception of antioch at 90 degrees. 60s along the coastline. so here are the specific temperatures for the south bay. 83 in los gatos. san jose is dropping about 4 degrees. 89 in santa clara. blue skies by the afternoon. palo alto, redwood city, menlo park, mid70s. 60 on the coast in pacifica.
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61 in daly city. downtown san francisco, near 70 degrees. still a beautiful day. just not as warm as where we were today. and in the north bay, we will get up to 86 at ukiah. san rafael, 80 degrees. sausalito 72 degrees. low 70s to the low 80s. oakland will come in at 72. 79 in castro valley. head inland and you are a little sheltered by the marine influence. you don't see the temperatures go down dramatically. 87 in livermore and 85 in walnut creek for the art and wine festival and for the monterey bay, 63 in monterey. if you are going to the giants game they host the chicago cubs in the afternoon and it will be nice weather. brazey and mostly clear. mid60s and dropping to the low 60s. perhaps a very light layer. cooling trend for the weekend, we drop the temperatures dramatically on monday from 90 inland tomorrow to 70 inland.
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chance of showers in the north bay, and it will get windy on monday and tuesday before the temperatures rebound the middle of next week. coming up, a wild ride for a baby in an out of control stroller. >> what happened next when a trucker springs into action?
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the fran public library will thought -- the san francisco public library will not fine a person who turned in a book 37 years after it was due. the presidio branch received this book in the mail. it is called "american cooking creol and acadian." it came in the mail with a note saying, "sorry we had this for so long." >> the library should get some of the food they were probably cooking. a seattle garbage truck driver is being hailed a -- haled a hero after he helped rescue a baby in a run away stroller. the baby's mom was jogging uphill pushing the stroller that got away from her. it rolled down the street. he used his truck to block traffic and then ran to save the baby. >> i hit the brake and tried to grab it. when i was honking the horn there was a fed ex truck and stopped when he heard the horn. jay they stopped the stroller
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just after it hit the curb. when he got to the little boy he was actually smiling. probably felt like a fun ride. the boy's mom arrived moments later relieved to see her son was okay. >> can you imagine that mom? >> the panic and fear. >> they reacted quickly. >> you would do the same thing. jay i have had a -- >> i have had a similar situation on a ski slope. it was a little dicey. everybody was fine. major league baseball and history made tonight. santana with a feet the mets had never seen before. sports next. t
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good evening. the new york mets franchise had gone over 50 years and 8020 games without one of their pitchers throw a no hitter until tonight. johann santana with a no no against the cardinals.
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santana missed last year with a shoulder injury and struck out 8, adams and green victim there's. continues verse see though in the 6th. carlos beltran fair or foul? that was a fair ball. they called it foul. it should have been a hit. it should have been no, no no. santana threw 130 pitches in the seventh. what a catch by mike baxter. this was in the 7th. this is off mow loan gnaw. >> he's out! it has happened! >> it did happen. right there. the first mets no hitter in franchise history. the first no no of santana's career and the third major league -- the third in major league baseball. the mets win it 8-0. the giants and cubs. buster you -- ♪ you light up my life ♪ you give me hope never mind. you can't have a giants
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highlight without the milk man. cabrera tripling hitting 376. he is second in the league. 3-0 giants. bumgardner struck out 11. he was yanked after giving up two hits in the 9th. caw see yaw comes on and gives up a three-run bomb to soriano. it is a 4-3 game. two on for the cubs and lopez tries to close it out. the giants had to sweat a little, but win it 4-3. the a's and royals and he is back after missing 22 games out with a hand injury and struck out twice. colon went seven innings and allowed two runs. bettencourt doubles to left and when you score zero it is hard to win a game. a's drop their 9th straight 2-0. it took awhile for that to sink in. college baseball and stanford hosting fresno state.
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bottom of five. austin wilson breaks a tie. 2-0 cardinal. look at the break on that ball. it dropped off the table. complete game and four hitter and struck out 11. stanford wins it 9-1. the cal softball team got shoved that the loser's bracket. they were beaten by rick cets who grew up in san jose. in old kc, the stand are filled with sooner fans. the national player of the year. they struck out 16 in the 6th. high, deep and aloha and means goodbye. oklahoma wins this game 3-0. so cal is now fighting through the loser's bracket. this is doubly limb thaition. chris rock checking out the celtics and the heat. boston is down 0-2 coming in. but they are at home with kevin garnet. 24 points. rondo show and go, oh pretty.
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21 points and 10 assists. the celtics lead by 24. miami cut it down to 8. reason dough right down -- rondo to seal it. celtics win it and the heat are still with a 2-1 series lead. a little golf and tiger woods, he is in the hunt at the memorial. they had a rain delay early on. first round leader and one over 73. 5 under on the tournament. tiger started four back, but gained a share of the lead with this long birdie on 6. he did have a little trouble on 12 for bogey. tiger double bow imeed. he dropped to minus 3. green pants and a cowboy hat. who dresses him? he is now the leader at 6 under par of a a 60 nib -- after a 69. tiger birdies 16. back to back birds and he is 5 under one back. >> thank you, larry. "nightline" is up next. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama dates. abc news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.
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>> for larry beil, sandhya patel and all of us here. have
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