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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  June 16, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> terry: in the news this saturday morning, june 16th. dozens of people in the peninsula are out of their homes after an apartment building fire. investigators are trying to determine what caused a 300 acre wildfire in sunol as firefighters prepare what could be a busy weekend. i'm terry mcsweeney. the forecast is a hot one. here is lisa argen. >> lisa: good morning. you can see the haze from mount tam. we have the spare the air day and pollutants right at the service and temperatures today, much warmer than yesterday. fire danger in the highlighted red areas and lake county and sonoma and napa, winds continue to gust to 30 miles an hour. we're still cool at our coast
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with a little bit of fog but 77 in antioch and 65 in livermore. this is 8:00. we're talking about a quick warmup with plenty of 60s in the next hour. by noontime, we'll be into the 80s in inland valleys, not stopping there. the hottest day of the year possible with 1023. 70s at our beaches. fog is returning quickly. i'll explain later. >> terry: breaking breaking news. firefighters have extinguished a construction site that happened in hunters point. the spectacular fire on west point road and third street is under investigation. particle she'll built structure burned fiercely. it was brought under control around 5:00 this morning. no reports of any injuries. new this morning, dozens of people are burned out of their homes after an apartment building fire in burlingame destroyed three units and
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damaged 25 others. this is what it looked like at north park apartments near highway 101 and broadway. it came in as a grease fire and they found several third floor apartments in flames. no injuries this morning. the red cross is helping as many as 50 displaced residents. fire investigators working to determine if in fact it was a grease fire. >> east of fremont cal fire crews are keeping their eye on the welch fire. it's in the sunol regional wilderness. tomas ramon shows us. >> reporter: more than 200 firefighters supported by helicopters and fixed wing aircraft fought flames, steep terrain and heat in remote alameda county near sunol. as you can see, flames rapidly
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consumed a grasses and brushes on the hillside. five fire agencies including the department have corrections were on hand. >> we had a lot of resources. with the heat we've been experiencing and will be experiencing we wanted to throw a lot of resources at it too try to contain it. >> this dry grass land is the problem. the land is owned by the water district came by to check on the damage. >> we need to find out how far back it burned and if we need to fix anything or damaged any water facilities. >> more than 300 acres were charred. no homes or structures were threatened. fire danger is high. a fire broke out in marin county just after red flag warnings were put in places o place for north bay hills. cal fire chief says if winds were concern there, there will be a problem here.
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>> the winds are in the bay area and winds will potentially not to the red flag potential but they will be increasing. >> the fire begin about ten feet off the road. cal fire investigators placed flag markers in an effort to determine how it started. >> fire investigators will not say whether it was suspicious until they analyze all the evidence. we have stunning new information this morning about that fire that disrupted bart service on thursday. a night watchman says she was forced as gunpoint to leave the building where the fire broke out. it comes to us from our media partner the oakland tribune. security guard was surprised by three men just before the fire erupted at 2:00 a.m. at a home in construction. the building inspector and two a little entered the burned out building yesterday to determine whether it was safe enough for investigation to look into the
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cause of the fire. >> there are parts that could possibly collapse. the engineer is going to come and reassess the situation and see what parts are safe or unsafe for investigators to go inside. >> police have not confirmed the night watchman's story. never looking at the video. in rodeo the problem is not fire, it is water. as field inspectors are watching a ruptured water tank that released a bad odor. it spread through the area yesterday morning. the tank had million gallons of water and hydrogen sulfide suddenly split open. the seal will be fixed this afternoon. people with breathing problems are warned to stay indoors. >> right now in oakland, parents are waking up in tents at lake view elementary school where they plan to hold a rally this afternoon. that campus and others now closed by district officials.
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john alston shows how the occupiers hope to change that. >> as the sun went down, the tents went up outside lake view elementary school on grand avenue with some parents and children hoping to make a statement. >> wanted to come down and speak out what is going on here in oakland. i want everyone in oakland and across this nation to know this has to stop. we're going to stop this now. it's not acceptable. >> the small tent city follows the end of lake view that closed for good. >> we plan on staying here until something changes. >> it's one of several schools shut down. they blame declining enrollment. >> this is a top decision, it's one that we need to make for the long term benefit of the school district. >> final day of class brought out parents and children with a heartfelt connection. >> i am going to miss this school. i drive by it on the highway and
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say its great school. >> we want to make sure, i think it's important. >> now protestors are having their say, school district will allow them to stay for the time being. the protest settled down as night went. on and there were earlier faces from the occupy protest. another rally is scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon. an alameda superior court judge accused of speelg stealing his neighbor's money and lying about it is scheduled for a plea next month. he got a taste of what it's like to be the accused. they claim he befriended his neighbor and quickly added his name to her bank and investment
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accounts. he brushed off reporters. >> we have no comments to make. we haven't had a chance to read the amended complaint and have no comments at this time. >> he added his name to, total more than $2 million. >> out ra rage and celebration, how president obama changed the lives of thousands of illegal immigrants and some say what he did is illegal. historic a day in china as they launch a rocket in in space
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>> terry: an election underway in egypt right now.
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there is a huge difference between the candidates. one is a former aide to hosni mubarek. military general that took over power last week took over legislative powers make a defacto declaration of martial law. mubarak tightly ruled egypt for 30 years until an uprising 16 months ago. >> president has unannounced undocumented immigrants brought here as children over the age of 16 as legal. >> this is not amnesty or immunity. this is not a path to citizenship. it's not a permanent fix. >> terry: in one sweeping acted, young illegal immigrants can stay. check out the details here, as long as they live continually
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for the past five years or attending or have graduated from school or have been honorably discharged from the military. now, the story does not end there. critics of the president's decision say he acted illegally by side stepping congress. here is reaction on both sides. >> he just became a citizen last year. she was born in mexico and came to america with her parents when she was five. she graduated from san jose state and is an active member for advocates for higher education. >> we are advocating for all students regardless of legal status to obtain a college degree. >> it helps a scholarship fund-raiser in san jose. it doubles as a party to celebrate president obama's announcement of less deportation enforcement for young undocumented immigrants. >> these students have been here since their younger years. they are going to go back to
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their community. they can go back to their native land and they want to help the community and not rely on social services. >> republicans are forcing their opposition including mitt romney. >> the president's action makes reaching a long term solution more difficult. >> this could be more divisive in the long run and less helpful to the country instead of passing a law. >> but some say it's a huge step in the right direction that might help the president. >> he pay may 'pull a lot of latino votes because of this. if he he is going to do more than this, it will probably be beneficial for him. >> i did not ask her who she was voting for but now that she is a citizen she is very excited to vote in her first presidential election.
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>> a rocket carrying three chinese astronauts are on the way to the chinese space station and one of crew members is the first chinese female astronaut. it lifted off around 3:30 this morning. she and her two male counterparts are on their way to the chinese space lab launched last year. back here at home, state agencies say they have already identified eight times as many cases of west nile virus this year than last. last year the first case didn't turn up until late june. it's been detected in several counties already. they say a warm, wet spring created ideal conditions for mosquitoes to thrive and
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reproduce. lisa argen joins us talking about a forecast. we got triple-digits to talk about. >> 70 right now in the livermore valley. >> it's getting there. >> it's definitely cooler. >> and emeryville has the haze. we have a spare-the-air day today. a mini heat wave to talk about. >> terry: also next, tiger woods moves to the top of the leader board taking aim at his 15th major title. rick kwan has
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>> terry: 36th annual film festival is now underway. oldest festival dedicated to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender programming. nick smith says it promises to be as exciting and edgy as always. >> this is the theme as we came up with. >> casey is the man leading the san francisco international film festival. it's the largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender film festival in the world featuring films from 33 different countries. it's programming edgy and all inclusive. >> a total of 104 programs over the course of 11 days. >> one of the most buzzed films is love for your guy. the story of gene robinson.
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openly gay bishop fighting for rights. >> having the whole theory about this very brave man it will be very special moment. >> there are other films aimed as highlighted the lb gtd community but thee he says it's also about san francisco. >> to share a film in our festival with our audience. it's a unique event. >> a slumping economy says the nonprofit will have to work harder to secure donors and volunteers but asking tow work a little harder has pulled everything together without a hitch. >> in san francisco, nick smith, "abc 7 news". for information about the festival and movie show times we have posted a on our website at
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lisa argen joins us now. you make a good point. it's mostly away from the coast. you can find some bearable temperatures if you want to look around, a lot of things to do today. >> north beach festival. >> fillmore and about geary in san francisco and juneteenth festival it's a huge party. >> and 15 degrees cooler tomorrow. mid 70s but take a look from mount tam. doesn't look too good. that is because we have spare-the-air day and we have pollutants close to the ground. high pressure continues to build in. allowing for heating and warming quickly. already in the 70s and east bay valleys. live doppler 7 hd. you'll notice from mount st. helena. we are looking at live sweep. nothing going on.
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no low clouds or high clouds. red flag warning in effect for another 40 minutes or so. breezy winds from lake county and around sonoma, napa. do be careful. we are looking low humidity in the teens here or below on that. with all that hot weather the fire danger increases significantly not only in the north bay but east bay valleys where temperatures are already quite warm out there. 62 in san carlos. you have the helicopter air slow getting warm on the peninsula, 67 mountain view with 65 in san jose and pat san rafael. a little bit of haze, half moon bay, temperatures 13 degrees warmer than yesterday morning and n livermore as well as hayward. mountain view is 8 degrees warmer. 100 degree heated for far north bay communities as well as the tri-valley. highest fire danger all across the bay today.
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we'll look at the big cooldown tomorrow. the return of the fog tonight. so really the air quality doesn't look great out there even though it's relatively better compared to the east bay. santa clara valley and around the bay. usually we get the better quality but it's hazy out there. it looks unhealthy. we've got big high pressure building into the north of us. that is the high pressure ridge and we'll see a few high clouds from the system and low pressure is going to help send up the fog tonight. we're looking at the offshore component increasing. with that that is why the numbers are really going to soar today. by this afternoon with numbers 10-15 degrees above normal. inland valleys, ready for the big cooldown with the marin air surging into the east bay. we'll be out of the hundreds tomorrow but more cooling into the early part of the week. temperatures from the sacramento
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valley to fresno, well over hundred degrees. it's comfortable in southern california, looking at temperatures here with the breezy northwest wind at our beaches in the 60s to near 70 for the u.s. open. locally, big range are 70s at our coast and 102 in antioch. 94 in san jose. 80 in watsonville. if you heard in order oakland today. it's going to be a warm afternoon, breezy as well with northwesterly winds blowing in. temperatures in the 80s but today the warmest day out of next seven, big cooldown tomorrow for father's day and temperatures should be cool effort by monday. then we'll slowly warm it up and summer begins on wednesday. >> terry: in sports, tiger woods tees off at 3:05 this afternoon in the third round at olympic club. not the only one turning heads
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in the difficult second round, here is rick kwan. it's not often a 17-year-old can still some of tiger's thunder but that is what amateur did yesterday during the second round. the weather, gorgeous at the olympic club. jim furyk owns a share of the lead shoots a 69. he is one under, as is david toms that knocked down this birdie and even par 70. first round leader, michael thompson is two strokes back. he had a 75. tiger had a string of three straight bogeys but also made some great shots like this one, 25 footer for birdie. he has share of the second round lead. my favorite story had to be bo losler had sole possession of
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the lead. he chips in for a birdie. he finished with 73. so at the halfway point, it's tiger and thoms and furyk sharing the lead. mickelson made the cut but defending champ did not. he was ten over par. let's hear from tiger. >> i think i'm in a good spot. i think i'm tied for the lead. i'm in a good spot. looking forward to it, it will go off late tomorrow. get some good rest. >> it takes a bit out of us. i would much rather be there than just making the cut. >> one of a's big signing was veteran manny ramirez. he had been playing in sacramento and did not think he was going to get called up anytime soon. after completing their games, a's were back home taking on the
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padres. he makes a beautiful sliding catch. oakland jumped out to a big lead. josh rips this one down the right line and he had a triple. brandon moss went deep. this time a 2-1 blast. they cruise to a 10-2 victory. >> the giants were in seattle, buster posey on top with this solo shot in the second off of jason vargas, melky cabrera went deep, vogelsong earned his sixth win of the season. vogelson is now 5-0 in the last 7 road starts. that is sports for a saturday morning. i'm rick kwan. go out and have a great day. >>. >> terry: big day for graduates at santa clara university. where a silly voluntary con valley legend delivering the
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commencement. >> i'm nannette miranda. the state budget, is it ededededd
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welcome back. in this morning's weekly address president obama continues to pressure congress to pass his package of jobs bills.
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the president and mrs. obama just arrived in chicago a short time ago. today they will be attending the wedding of a daughter of a white house senior advisor. he accused republicans of election year politics by dragging their feet. >> they should have passed the bill a long time ago to put workers back to work, rebuilding our roads and runways. instead of talking about job creaters, they should give small business owners a tax break. >> republican response comes from wisconsin governor scott walker who last week survived a recall voted. he rejects the president's plan because it calls for bigger government. he says country needs bold reforms like ronald reagan 30 years ago. >> california lawmakers have approved a budget to balance the state's $15.7 billion deficit. the legislators meant last night
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and they did it so their pay wouldn't be docked. nannette miranda has more from sacramento. >> reporter: democrats passed a budget using majority vote powers gave them back in 2010. no republican votes were necessary. by approving the plan before the midnight deadline they get to keep their entire paycheck. but they deny that was the motivator. >> it was the paycheck deadline? >> no. >> but technically the budget plan is incomplete. a host of trailer bills that explain how cuts will be carried out still need an okay. the governor hasn't given his blessing. >> we acknowledge that we still 6 some more work to do in terms of negotiating with the governor. >> the governor and democratic leaders have yet to agree on how to cut welfare and how many home hours to take away from the
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disabled and elderly and cal grants. they held a vigil during the vote hoping that the governor adopts less severe cuts. >> there is common sense here. you have to stop cutting. >> reporter: besides the incomplete budget, republicans pointed out it relies on $8.5 billion of new taxes and assumes voters will pass them. that vote is still more than four months away. >> you think the voters will give you your tax increases in november and all you offer them is this sham you are sadly out of touch. >> they say it's a budget incomplete and relies on new taxes that may not come through. >> prop 25 was on time, one that really balanced and if it wasn't so that the legislators would lose pay. >> a judge ruled several weeks ago that controller can't be a
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sole determinant whether a state budget is balanced. so they called on governor brown to veto the budget. the the iconic cofounder of apple will be the keynote speaker at santa clara commencement ceremonies. steve wozniak. graduating class of 2012 will listen to him during his speech. he will receive honorary degree of dock rat of engineering leadership. that is going on right now. the sixth annual east bay aids walk takes place at oakland's lake merritt. funds raised to go help local hiv-aids organizations which help more than 10,000 east bay residents living with aids. it's puts on the east bay aids
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advocacy foundation. and straight ahead, it kicks off in a bay area city that hasn't been crazy about cannabis you can see a slight breeze and see the bay bridge. there is much more to this picture than meets the eye. lisa argen has more when she comes on with weather.
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>> terry: hempcon is under way in san jose. it will continue today and tomorrow. jonathan bloom explains it's happening in a city that still is not fired up about the idea of medical canny business. >> you don't need to stick your nose in the jar to smell the marijuana. all you need to walk down the aisles and inhale. you do need a prescription from a doctor to get into this area. there are three doctors stationed out in front and line out the door to see them and there is entertainment. man ago boot, henry is pot personified. >> this is my new henry hemp comic book. >> and yes, he has superpowers. >> but he and his friends are getting together in a city that is not friendly to medical
8:38 am
marijuana. san jose is still fighting whether to regulate the dispension arise or whether they should be allowed. >> why? >> because it shows we are not going to be pushed around and bullied. >> they voted to cap the number of pot clubs but then backed down after there were enough signatures to put it on the ballot. >> i think there is a lot more issues they should be focused on than stopping a progressive medicine from reaching the public. >> but potted has more problems and whom%con happening next to a volleyball tournament. >> i understand their concerns. we are doing a real good jobs of policing ourselves and making sure there are no problems. >> antique dealer isn't the only one that the crowd seems bigger this year? >> i do think there are more people coming out that would not have attended it five years ago.
8:39 am
>> voters in the next election? >> i think so, sure. >> terry: there is the haze out with hempcon going on. >> purple haze. >> we've got higher elevations. 20-30 miles an hour. that is not good. the red flag warning is in the north bay. that just means increasing fire danger all around the bay from sutro camera you can see the hiasz out there. we are talking 70s already, triple-digit heat. >> also next, the hottest ticketed in town, but what do you do if you don't have a ticket to the u.s. open? next, what happened to wayne freedman when he found a back way in or at least tried to. and a phone that uses a tv set to make calls. michael finney tested it out. we'll have the results next.
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>> terry: what to do on day it will be gorgeous either warm or hot no matter where you are. how about going to surf city, down to santa cruz. we got people that have a canopy set up. keep in mind it's only 20 minutes to 9:00 but it will be a great day for the beach. lease with more on that. just a great day for the beach. >> it's billed as a tv phone. just as the name implies, you can use it to make video calls in high definition. michael finney found a way to put it to the test. >> reporter: this is the biscotti. it looks like the italian biscuit. you hook the device to the hdmi input on your tv. you have wi-fi connection you should be ready to go. we connected with a spokesman in dallas using the product. >> you can biscotti to make the
8:43 am
call or google talk calls. >> this is the signal we received made from biscotti to someone on google talk. it sells for $149 --149. >> and international and domestic calls are free. voice quality in our call to dallas was clear but it also had a hollow quality to it. the picture quality, crisp. we did experience some minor video break-up and voice interruption. >> how do you push it back but overall the quality of the call was impressive. next we gave the biscotti biggest test ever. we attempted to call from the bay area to a remote region of afghanistan. >> i think it will be challenge. it will be interesting to see how it goes. we're up for the challenge. we'll learn from it. >> i just knew that i loved him.
8:44 am
>> the california army national guard introduced to us anne in mitchell a newlywed wife of scott mitchell. he is deployed to afghanistan at the air base there. the couple recently spent their first anniversary apart. >> i really miss him. it's part of your life. you complement each other. ♪ >> anne lives with her daughter shelby and longs for the day she will see her husband. she says the signal from afghanistan is extremely poor by skype. so she judged at this opportunity. >> i was giddy with excitement and to have a clear picture of him and see him okay. >> now it's time for the call.
8:45 am
her husband knows nothing about this, but through the hip of his company, we were set to surprise him. unfortunately the picture never stabilized. the call froze several times and disconnected. >> just like any other internet connection, if there is a wi-fi, good wi-fi like there is most residential environments are it will work fantastic. the u.s. open in san francisco is the toughest ticket in town assuming you can even find one. they are sold out, but the average person really locked out? wayne freedman has been poking around. >> reporter: u.s. open is america golf's biggest stage but it's a closed set. you will find a maze of barricades and rereuters.
8:46 am
>> what if i guy wanted to sneak in? >> you know what, i think that is impossible with all this police. >> imagine living less than a hundred yards away and getting to watch it ever this put the pictures up in space and back. he thinks there is something wrong with that. he had a solution. >> there is a leak in security? >> very could zblb so off we went. >> it's about two blocks up. >> a few years ago we caught up with bill clinton through a hole in the fence. if we could beat the secret service, how tough cog the united states golf association be? in a parking lot next to the course, some of the volunteers were nice enough to give us a lift to the first two gates. on the premises moving past the official cars, a lot of official cars, no pun intended. then it got tougher. we saw plenty of openings but
8:47 am
security posted even at the exits. >> how do you get past the rest? >> not good. just past the main entrance, perhaps had the same idea as us. >> you have to go down through the back. >> in short, joseph hit the proverbial wall, lots of green walls. >> i think this is the last stop. >> when we last saw him he was off to find another weak point. it may be easier to break out of jail than into the u.s. open. >> so close and yet so far if you live in this section of daly city next to the golf course. you are looking at the trees. you can see the olympic club from inside that house over there. last time we spoke with joseph? >> he said he had two more days to meet his goal. >> terry: lisa was telling me,
8:48 am
they hopped off the wall. >> baseball hat on so they don't recognize. >> we do have a cool place around the bay today. it's not going to be oppressive everywhere. north and east bay very hot, a lot hotter than yesterday but we will have the sea breeze immediately at our coast. some comfortable readings in and around the shoreline. from vollmer peak, looking hazy due to the spare the air. we're talking about temperatures really warming up quickly away from the water. you have to pick your spot to enjoy the weather today. live doppler 7 hd. you'll notice it is clear. we are not tracking any rain. the clouds are not apparent here but we are looking at haze in the atmosphere. temperatures are warm away from the bay and the coast. it's 55 half moon bay. 63 in fremont but 67 in mountain
8:49 am
view with numbers in the 70s out tordz towards antioch and fairfield. upper elevations have warm temperatures and breezy winds. everywhere we are warmer than yesterday. so we'll get into a very uncomfortable afternoon here with 100 degree heat from clover to danville today. the visibility with the haze, four miles half moon bay. a little better at the airport. upper elevations we'll have the off show flow. so hundred degree heat today. north bay communities and even napa could see hundred degrees. if you are headed up over the embattled bridge into the east bay valleys, keep that in mind, with that warm temperature we are looking at the relative humidity dropping 7%. that is high fire danger. cooler tomorrow and spare the air day with the air quality in the santa clara valley and inland east bay poor.
8:50 am
so here is the reason why. high pressure continues to build into the north. that is pressing down on the atmosphere giving that heating, that down slope go wind. -- down sloping wind. it allows for the onshore flow and today will have the very warm temperatures and poor air quality. high fire danger but really with that sea breeze into the afternoon, southerly surge that is going by the evening hours, get the fog out of the bay. breeze gets going. it will feel cooler around the bay. still quite warm in sacramento and fresno. high fire danger spreads to the sierra nevada tomorrow into monday. we are looking at warm temperatures in the santa clara valley. 90s there. 92 in palo alto but you get closer to the coast, you'll feel the breeze. so not too bad around the peninsula. 75 downtown. closer to the water just in the
8:51 am
60s. stinson should be in the 70s with 86 in hayward. our inland east bay. this is where the numbers will really soar. warmest numbers we've seen all year long. 70 in monterey, about 80 to low 80s around santa cruz and big cooldown for father's day that continues on monday and tuesday. a little warmer on wednesday. warmest day but it should be quite comfortable. you can find a place you won't be too uncomfortable hopefully today. >> pick from the 70s to hundreds. >> new era in theme park entertainment is underway in southern california. disney our parent company has reopened the california adventure attraction after a massive makeover. centerpiece is cars land, based on the movie. here is reporter don sanchez with the details. >> reporter: it's one wild ride. a visit to radiator springs
8:52 am
where the cars come to life. even a paint job and then pixel image to southwestern desert. >> being inspired by the cars and how they can bring them up. >> when the gates opened the crowd head for the race. this couple waited overnight for 12 hours. >> it's going tell a story. you have see all the characters, it's incredible. >> three hours after opening there was a five-hour wait. >> cars is such a big part of culture so it totally fits. >> this was the last vestige of the disneyland parking lot and we converted it into this home. >> reporter: they worked with disney imagination. >> what is so special, the
8:53 am
detail. what walt disney did with the original disneyland. >> and on the street they recaptured the 19 20s when he arrived with dreams. >> the buildings were buildings in los angeles. >> there is a replica of the theater where snow white opened. these new attractions are part of a five-year, one billion dollar makeover and they say how important theme parks are in the company. >> because of what parks are, these big kind of iconic places that people can actually and emerses themselves in. >> don sanchez, "abc 7 news." >> coming up next, amazing pictures, a daredevil high wire stroll across niagra falls. the latest flying wallenda to make history.
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♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley,
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we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. >> terry: here are the winning numbers from $39 million mega million drawing. mega number was 4. nobody got them all, meaning tuesday night's jackpot worth about $47 million. >> a retired high school teacher is on his way home after a frightening adventure, a whale nearly sunk his boat off the coast of mexico. max young was bailing and not
8:57 am
sailing when this picture was taken. the whale broke the rudder and guard a hole in the ship. mr. young is okay. folks, he did it. nick wallenda walked across niagra falls on two inch tightrope in a mega stunt. more than a hundred thousand people turned out at the falls as the 33-year-old daredevil was the first person to make the 1800 foot trip from new york to canada. absolutely amazing video. he did it. i saw his grandfather tightrope across candlestick park in 1977 and i thought it was amazing. then about six months later, he did fall and died in puerto rico. >> wow! you know it all. >> terry: what is going on weather-wise. >> we are looking at warm day
8:58 am
today. we will have the breeze onshore and comfortable readings at our coast. we'll start pretty warm in the east bay with hundred degree heat as well as sonoma county. 70 in monterey with 99 in gilroy. big time cool down for father's day, continue cooling into the first part of next week. >> thanks, lisa. next newscast is at 5:00. keep track of us on twitter, talk about it and have a great day!
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