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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 23, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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console, jimmy. xbox 360 is the only place to play the most anticipated game of the year "halo 4." preorder it from retailers, including the microsoft store. >> jimmy: wow. however, mark, mila, if you do not make the shot, our studio audience gets nothing. we don't do consolation prizes here. in fact, they will go home sad and empty-handed and possibly with an unquenchable thirst for your blood. so, mila, you are gonna shoot first. >> mila, go first. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: make it count. make it count. >> is it okay if i do it like this? >> jimmy: that's the way -- whichever you want to do it. whoa! >> oh! [ audience groans ] >> jimmy: very close. let's look at the instant replay here. that was close. >> that was pretty good. >> jimmy: now, you got really close there. >> listen, i hit the backboard -- that was my only goal. >> jimmy: you hit it. it almost went in. it really almost did, but almost doesn't count. and so now it is up to mark wahlberg. >> okay. >> jimmy: ready? all right, here we go. [ cheers and applause ] take your shot. oh! close.
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let's look at the instant replay here. >> how did that not go in? >> jimmy: it was very -- so close. there's the shot. [ audience aws ] just off the back of the rim and, unfortunately -- well, the good news is we all still have our health, right, studio audience? >> ohh. [ audience boos ] >> jimmy: thanks to mark and mila. their very funny movie "ted" comes out june 29th. i want to apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time for him tonight. join us for our new show at our regular time tonight after "nightline." stay tuned for game 4 of the nba finals on abc. thanks for watching. [ cheers and applause ]
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cheers from the crowd on the courthouse steps after the verdict is read in the jerry sandusky child abuse case. >> jerry sandusky will tell you he didn't do what was alleged, and that's why he is going to appeal. >> despite the overwhelming evidence his attorney tonight is promising it is not over. good evening. i'm ama dates.
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>> jurors returned with the verdict around 10:00 p.m. eastern time. they convicted the former football -- assistant football coach of 45 of the 48 he faced. >> reporter: jerry sandusky arrived holding hands with his biggest supporter, wife dottie. what was inside was a near total conviction. >> we had an uphill battle. i used the analogy that we were attempting to climb mt. everest from the bought m to of the mountain. from the bo the tom of the mountain. >> a serial child predator who chitted horrific acts against his victims causing life long and life changing consequences for all of them has been held accountable for c crimes. >> reporter: sandusky stood as the charges were read by the juror charged as the foreman.
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he stood with the left pocket in his sport coat. she shed no tears in the courtroom, but she did start shaking her head at one point. daughter cara broke down as her father was handcuffed and the judge revoked his bail and rend mad him to the correctional facility until formal sentencing. that sentencing will take place in approximately 90 days. the maximum sentence for all of the counts is 442 years. tv -- t.j. winick, abc news. >> there is more to come on this breaking story on "nightline" following this newscast at 11:35. the case of a man accused of beating up a priest as revenge for molesting him as a child. defense attorneys for lynch say prosecutors conducted misconduct when they said the father would lie on the stand meaning he would deny molesting anyone. the defense contends you can't compel somebody to make a
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false oath. >> they stated in opening statementses he would probably lie. and then in fact when they put him on the stand he lied and per jernlged himself. they were aware he would purger himself. >> the santa clara county deputy district attorney argues the charge is baseless. the judge will hold a hearing on hearing on the matter monday where he may declare a mistrial. it may be the first week of summer, but it didn't keep light drizzle from falling in the bay area. spencer christian is live with a look at live doppler hd. >> here is a good view of live doppler hd. at sfo where we had numerous delays because of the lou clouds clouds -- because of the low clouds we had improved visibility. there were residual delays in the afternoon even as conditions improved. winds out of the west 9 miles an hour, but the visibility 10 miles.
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let's show you the video in the neighborhood of san francisco. you can see the mist and drizzle were heavy. people had to use their umbrellas to shield themselves. it is mainly in the right now. bay right now. i will be back with the complete forecast a little later. ama? >> spencer, thank you. purse snatchers who seriously injured a san francisco woman are still on the loose. they attacked her near the intersection of bosworth and brome -- brompton. john alston is live at the scene. john? >> ama, the victim was walking along this dark stretch about 24 hours ago. at one point her head injuries were considered life-threatening, but police now say her condition has improved, and she is expected to survive. it was dark and foggy when the 28-year-old woman walked away from the glen park bart station around midnight and was surrounded by two men, one
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in front and one in back. they wanted her purse. police say she didn't want to give it up. >> the victim fell backwards striking her head on the pavement causing those severe injuries. >> reporter: a woman driving by found the victim bleeding from the head. she called 9-1-1. during the friday rush hour commuters were learning of the attack and using it as an unfortunate reminder. >> i think it is a good thing to always bring it back to your awareness and keep in mind that you need to be on the lookout. it is unfortunate it happened. i'm sotr she got hurt. >> reporter: this woman who didn't want to give her name the bear minimum of cash and credit cards. >> i walk i like i am on a mission . that's all you can do. you never know when were going to get hit. if i had to give it up, i would give it up. >> reporter: a few hours before this incident there was another purse snatching on
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bosworth. there was a struggle, but no injuries. the two attacks are not related and offer this advice. >> the thing is you don't know whether a suspect would be armed with a weapon. that's not something you want to find out. if somebody comes up to you, just hand over the property. get the best description possible. >> i just let him have it. my life is more important. they can have the purse. >> reporter: in all three men ran away with the purse. *9 glen park neighborhood association says these incidents are relatively rare, but it is getting the word out to residents and working with police to try to catch these guys and also to prevent anymore crime. live in san francisco, john alston, abc news. >> thanks, john. oakland police are asking for help in solving two mysterious deaths. the bodies of two people were found in different parts of the city today. the first was discovered near the on-ramp to highway 13. a second body was discovered in east oakland near 66th
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avenue and coliseum way. an amtrak train conductor spotted the body next to the track. investigators have not revealed how he died. police have confirmed the woman found near highway 13 was shot. it is unclear if she was shot along the freeway or if her body was dumped thereafter she was killed. a sky rocketing number of injury claims is leaving the oakland police department shorthanded. our media partner, the oakland tribune is reporting that right now one out of seven officers is phy to work th unable to work the streets. the department has not been able to analyze why the injuries have increased. the head of the police union attributes the spike to a heavy workload including mandatory over time during the occupy oakland protest. supporters of proposition 29, the tobacco tax, are admitting defeat. it is the measure lost by the votes .60 of a percentage point. they spent $47 million to defeat prop 29 using
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commercials like this. the pro 29 side spent just 12 million. the proposition would have imposed a $1 a pack tax on cigarettes with the money going to cancer research. >> big tobacco wanted to protect the bottom line profits. they have to uh district 90% of kids before they are age 18 to be smokers. >> the last thing that many of us want to see our sons and daughters is smoking at any age. this is not about that. this is about taxation and regulation. >> the narrowest in state history. an electric car launch. tesla hands out the keys to the model s. what they are taking home. >> and pride weekend kicks off with thousands marching down market street. >> and homeless mow. we'll introduce you to a
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homeless street celebrity. >> and ama, coming up next on "nightline" breaking news in the case against former penn state football coach jerry sandusky. we will have a full report and john edwards' mistress, rielle hunter, te
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development and millions of dollars spent, the first tesla model s rolls off the assembly line and it was handed over to their owners. sergio was there for the fanfare and is live with more. >> reporter: it has been a big year for the tesla co founder. just a few weeks ago his other company, space x, successfully launched and docked the world's first privately built rocket ship. and then today less than two years since tesla reopened this plant after toyota pulled the plug, the next generation luxury electric sedans rolled off into the streets. model sa e back lot of the tesla plant.
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this ends his two-year wait. >> i am one of the first 10. i put my check down when i heard about it. so i have been waiting for quite awhile. >> you just feel really bad like i am feeding money into this machine. so really excited to switch everything over to electricity. >> reporter: he also collected irst one of the first 10 tohe tesla plant. for the people who built these machines, it is the latest step in a large division. >> we are going to break the spell. compromise. >> reporter: these new cars are the first of 5,000 tesla plans being delivered. the goal for next year is 20,000. and the hope for the former plant is to employ more than the 5,000 who were let go when it closed down in 2010. this is a luxury car, and it is still priced just out of the mass market and california's state owned fleet. >> we have a few budget issues, but as we get a little
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money the price comes down, be sure this will be in the fleet of california. >> as they roll out, plans are already in the works for the next generation tesla. >> it will start after the tax rebates around 50k. i think we need to in our third generation try to be under 30k. >> tesla spokesperson say atheyc number about how many employees were rehired here at the tesla plant when the numi plant shutdown in 2010, but when work reves up here, they want to rehire those workers. abc7 news. >> thanks, sergio. google's ceo is reassuring employees-mail about e-mail abot his health saying nothing is seriously wrong. this as he skipped the internet company's yawl shareholders' meeting. co-founde the co-founder apparently lost his voice. google won't comment further on his condition. a san francisco homeless
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man 's plight is gaining national momentum. he came across mo, a homeless man who has been living on the streets for the past four years after moe asked for some change. he offered to buy him a sandwich instead, and they have been pals ever since. now he discovered a whole new side of moe after he gave him his flip cam and asked him to document a day in his life. >> i told moe, moe2 out today and just shoot some video. first of all, i want to know what your day is to sit would br people what your day is like as well. moe di >> moe di t. now his videos on youtube have turned him into local local celebrity. to view the videos in their entirety go to our website at click on see it on tv. pride weekend in san fran tonight underway tonight starting with a march down 9th it was the 9th annual trans march, a walk in support
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of the transgender community. organizers estimate about 15,000 people marched from dolores park to the civic center, and this is just the beginning. the celebration continues tomorrow at noon at the center, center, and then on sunday. the world famous pride parade will make its way down market street police estimate a million people will come out for the parade either to watch it or to participate in it. >> hopefully the rain is done so they have nice weather. >> looks like things are shaping up that way. let's check in with spencer. >> it will be a nicer parade day tomorrow than today, that's for sure. live doppler 7hd doesn't reveal all of the moisture content in the few clouds that are around. we do have some drizzle near the coast moving to parts of the peninsula and through parts of san francisco and across the bay. just spotty drizzle, and that's what you can expect for the remainder of the overnight period. the temperatures are in the 50s, although we have low 60s at mountain view, san jose and los gatos. areas of drizzle overnight
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giving way to sunny afternoons this weekend. and we w warmer a warmer pattern midweek next week. the frontal system is passing through the bay area right now, and there are little areas of spotty drizzle along the frontal system. we will start our forecast animation at 11:00. we will see a few areas of light drizzle. 6:00 tomorrow morning, maybe a little leftover moisture drizzling on parts of the peninsula and out over the bay. that will quickly disappear and we will have milder conditions tomorrow and sunday. on we go and taking a look at the low temperatures tonight. we will see some low clouds and fog around. spotty drizzle, but it won't be wet all over the bay area. low temperatures in the mid50s. tomorrow a cooler day than normal, but milder than the last couple days for sure. we will have partly to mainly sunny skies in the afternoon hours with high temperatures in the bay around the midup toker 60s. upper 50 to 60 on the coast
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and some inland locations like santa rosa 1k3* napa will top out at 70 degrees. fairfield, concord, antioch and san jose. and just to add to our south 71 in santa cruz and mid70s inland at gilroy and morgan hill, here is the seven-day forecast -- i sound like i am going through puberty again. we will have a cooler than average pattern with upper 60s to about 70 around the bay. low 60s on the coast and then warm up. next week. high temperatures will be back in the 80s. >> a very wide forecast. thank you. up next, the ugliest of the ugly have been crowned in petaluma. >> that's cute. you will hear from his
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it was t it was the title of world's ugliest dog. 29 contestants competed for the honor if you could call it that. the winner this year hales from across the pond.
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mugly is now world champ. >> everyone likes mugly. i knew that. i knew everyone would like mugly. i had no doubt about that. >> why? >> because he is the most amazing dog. he is kind, and he is patient and he is a really sweet, sensitive dog. >> he reminds me of a seal. mugly is taking home a thousand dollars, and of course a large supply ofeats. treats. there are some other mighty ugly dogs there. in florida they are talking about the black bears that decided to wrestle on somebody's lawn. this was in seminole county. the two bears appeared to be fighting to establish territory even though they were really going at it, news of the bears -- neither of the bears was injured, and then they fell over an air conditioner. they stared at each other for awhile and then went away into the woods together. interesting. >> didn't look like they were
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playing. larry? >> i don't think they were playing. i really don't have anywhere to go after that. i will just get to the baseball. it is the best and the worst of tim lincecum in one game. not quite wrestling bears, but wrestling with the a's. timmy with a rocky first inning in oakland and then he is bailed out in the 9
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mmmm. thanks. at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. tim lincecum has not won a game for the giants since april. he didn't win tonight. he add shaky evening, but recovered for a dramatic 9th inning rally bay bridge in the bay bridge series opener. nothing better than father and son taking in the ballgame. timmy another rough start, bottom of the first and weeks back of the box and a's on the board 1-0.
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bases loaded and smith grounder to first. bell has to step on first and he doesn't do that. it is a 3-0 lead. timmy struck out the said. lynn succumb worked six innings and struck out 8. they lead 3-1 in the 9th. he comes up empty and buster posey and we are tied at 3. hector sanchez and base hit. the giants go up 5-3. the a's, not done yet. here it comes and there it goes. caw see yaw in and josh reddick headed out. it is a 5-4 game. but caw -- casilla checks him and that ends it. the giants come back to take the series opener 5-4, but lynn succumb no decision in this contest. he has not won a game since april. if you like racing, sonoma is the place to be this weekend
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as nascar makes its one and only visit to the bay area lead by junior. dale earnhardt, junior is coming off his first victory in almost four years. that broke his winnless streak, but sonoma is not an oval. they have a road course. there are only two on the nascar circuit.nior has never fd higher than 10th here. >> it is like being able to play golf well. it is something you have to do all the time. iously, seriously, you won't be good at it. you can't just pick up a bag of clubs and hit every four .onths and think you will play >> germany has been bailing out greece financially. no bailout today on the pitch in euro 2012. greece and germany meeting in poland. germany strikes in the 39th minute. he finds some room and uncorks one to the back of the net.
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1-0 germany. greece responds and 55th minute and slides in and beats the german keeper. withrmany up germany up and ther to make it 3-1 germany. they go on to win it a score of 4-2. germany will face the winner of sunday's match between italy and england. we finish it up with a baseball note. jeff kent was known as a fiery competetor, fiesty dude. his next project will take him to the philippines where he will search for immunity. jeff kent, one of the best second base men to ever play the game has lined up to be one of the contestants on the 25th season of the reality show "survivor." the only way this could get any better is if they also invite barry bonds, a secret the cast late. there is no island big enough for bots of them. i can't seeait to see jeff kent
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crawling around looking for ph . abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. it is a lovely image to end the week on. >> speaking of baseball, let's go back to tim lincecum, and his dad is now back in the picture and talking. >> his dad talked to usa today and was very unhappy with the criticism that timmy is receiving, and he feels like he is being persecuted and that everybody has forgotten about the two cy youngs and the world series. he wants people to back off his son.
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hey everybody! i'm lisa quinn. welcome home! this week's makeover is right behind that window so let's meet the homeowners mike and karen right now. ♪ karen and i met in 2003 in college. since then, we've lived in a different home together renting now that we bought a home together. and we like to take a lot of free time together. we do walk the dogs, i'd say a couple of days a week together. karen enjoys reading and those things. i have a pure passion for golf. karen and mike want their spare room turned into a place where their families
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and friends can stay comfortably. right now i feel like it's an overly sad room. its collection of a bunch of random furniture in there. it's just been one of those things where we, got, had a bed given to us, and we put it in there, and it's kind of taken over the whole room. and we have a couch in there, it's just randomly positioned. it's actually a pull-out sofa, that we can't pull out because the bed's in the way. karen's brother moved here from sweden and was going through his whole college education and lived with us. so we let him have his, his guy pad, and anything beyond that doors was his. so once we moved out, now we have an empty room, that we say okay, lets try to make like the rest of the house. and with time just being busy we haven't gotten to it. so lisa this is the room that we wanted to show you.


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