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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  June 23, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> terry: in the news this saturday morning, jerry sandusky is vowing to appeal after being convicted of 45 counts of sexual bias of boys. woman is hospitalized in san francisco after trying to fight off a group of purse snatchers. i'm terry mcsweeney. we've got a changing forecast, not changing that fast but it's changing. >> lisa: that is way we like it the good morning, although the clouds are well south of this point. north bay has been clear. this is mount tam. you can see clouds in the distance and visible picture shows some of the clouds hanging south of san jose. we've got sunshine in san jose but watsonville and hollister,
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hanging on to the clouds. 40s and 50s across the bay. near 60s around the tri-valley this afternoon. by noontime but we will only manage the low 70s for sonoma, santa clara and as terry noted we have a slow warming trend. i'll explain what it means coming up. >> terry: this morning, penn jerry sandusky is on suicide watch. separated from other inmates at a county jail in pennsylvania. they convicted him of 45 counts of child sexual abuse. his lawyers will appeal. he is shown here faces a mandatory minimum sentence that will keep him in prison for the rest of his life. jim avila has court reaction. >> the courtroom gathered hungry for justice. nearly a year's worth of hostility spilling on to the courthouse steps. >> he is going to hell forever.
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>> every day, i hope he rots in that prison. >> he jeered as he headed to jail. first night for the rest of his life behind bars. he was convicted of 45 counts. a penn state icon now another pedophile heading for prison. >> there is no doubt jerry sandusky is a monster. that is what they said. >> his hands in his pockets, his shoulders slumping deeper. >> he was saddened. >> jerry's wife did not shed a tear coldly staring at the jury and shaking her head. as there was no question when a jury of her peers thought of her husband. >> obviously the jury in this case didn't agree with the assessment of mr. amadola. >> they said it had been rushed
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to trial. detailing for the first time is reasoning for keeping jerry off the witness stand. they knew his son matt ready to be called for a rebuttal witness. >> we were trying to climb mount everest from the bottom of the mountain. obviously we didn't make it. >> the prosecution labeled him a serial predator. with a guilty verdict the jury called him a monster. >> terry: on headline making case in san jose may be headed for a mistrial. a man is accused of beating up a priest. attorneys for will lynch said prosecutors conducted misconduct saying that jerry lindner would lie on the stand but you can't compel someone to lie on the witness stand. >> they said in an opening statement that would probably lie and in fact when they put
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him on the stand, he did in fact lie. he perjured himself. they were aware of that. there is what is known at perjury. >> a deputy district attorney says the charge is baseless. a judge will hold a hearing on monday when he may later declare a mistrial. >> a group of purse snatch certifies still on the loose this morning. they attacked a woman this morning after she left the glen park bart station. they are injuries were throat to be life-threatening, john alston tells us her condition has improved. >> reporter: it was dark and foggy along the street had when the 238-year-old woman walked away from the glen park bart station and was surrounded by two men, one in front and one in back. they wanted her purse. she didn't want to give it up. >> during the sfrug she fell backwards striking her head on the pavement.
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>> a woman driving by found the victim near the curb and bleeding from the head. she called 911. during fright rush hour hour they were learning of the attack and using it as an unfortunate reminder. >> it's good to bring it back to your wariness and keep in mind you need to be on the lookout. it's unfortunate that she got hurt. >> this woman who didn't want to give her name she travels with the bare minimum of traveling with cash and credit cards. >> i walk like i'm on a mission. i think that is all you can do. you never know when you are going to get hit. >> reporter: a few hours there was another purse-snatching a few blocks away. again there was struggle but no injuries. police say the two attacks are not related and offered this advice. >> you don't know whether a suspect would be armed or not and that is something you don't want to find out. if someone comes up to you the
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best thing is to hand over the property and get the best description possible. >> i just let him have it, but my life is more important. flee men ran away with the purse. they say the incidents are relatively rare but it is getting the word out to residents and working with police to catch the guys and prevent any other crime. >> terry: this morning, oakland police are asking the public for help in solving a couple of mysterious deaths after two bodies were found. first was a woman's body discovered near mountain boulevard on-ramp, highway 13, a second body was found in east oakland near 66th avenue and coliseum way. amtrak conductor spotted a man's body. they have not revealed how the man died. police have confirmed that the woman found near highway 13 was shot.
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it remains unclear if she was shot along the freeway or if the body was dumped there. >> speaking of oakland, a skyrocketing number of injury claims is leaving the police department shorthanded. they report right now one out of every seven officers is physically unable to work the streets. department has not been able to say why the injuries have increased but the head of the police union contributes to a heavy workload including mandatory overtime during the protests. >> here we are three weeks before the election and supporters of proposition 29 are admitting defeat. the associated press has called it off by 28,000 votes. using commercials like this one spent $47 million to defeat prop 29. pro side spent $21 million. it would have made $1 tax on
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cigarettes per pack. >> big tobacco wanted to protect their bottom line. they had 90% of kids before the age of 18 about to be smokers. >> the last thing our sons and daughters smoking. but this is not about this, it's about taxation. >> the defeat is the narrowest? state history. >> this morning at 10:00 10:00. a will memorial will be dedicated to honor local military heroes that gave all including a marine who died fighting in afghanistan last fall. lance corporal was just 19 years old when he was killed in action in november. his life will be celebrated with day at the town green and following a dedication ceremony. it's located on heart avenue at
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the diablo road exit. >> coming up next, an electric car launch, tesla hands out the keys to it's new model. new owners are taking it home.
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>>. >> terry: four years of development and millions of dollars spent, first models of tesla are hitting the streets. sergio quintana reports on the rollout. >> a model f tearing through the back lot of the tesla planted. behind the wheel, jim draper. it ends his two-year wait. >> i put my check down the first i heard about it. i've been waiting quite a while. >> i am feeding money into an oil machine but it's really exciting to switch everything over to electricity. >> he collected his new car, one of the first ten to roll out of tesla planted. for the people that built the machines, it's the latest step in a larger vision. >>. >> these new cars are the first
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of 5,000 teslas they plan on delivering. goal next year is 20,000. hope for this plant is employ more when it closed down in 2010. this is luxury car and priced out of the mass zblashlgt we have a few traditions but if we get a little more money the price comes down, you can be sure this will be the fleet in california. >> as me roll out plans are already in the works for the next generation tesla. >> after tax rebates of around 50-k and try to get it under 30-k. >> they didn't have the specific number of employees who were retired when tesla reopened but they do say when work lets up they plan on hiring more of
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those inform nummi workers. >> terry: google ceo is reassuring employees that nothing is seriously wrong. after he skipped the annual shareholders meetings on thursday. the cofounder apparently lost his voice but google won't comment further on his condition. >> a san francisco homeless man's plant is getting a lot of attention. mo has been living on the street for the past four years. a man found panhandling offered to buy him a sand wif. they have been pals ever since. he discovered a whole new sied of mo as we gave him a flip cam and documented a day in his life. >> i said mo go out and shoot video i want to know what your day is like and it would be good to show other people. >> you have a nice day. be safe. >> as you see right there, mo
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did shoot the video and it's on youtube and turned him into a local celebrity. to view those videos go to our website at right now, volunteers are installing the pink triangle as part of pride week celebrations here in san francisco. a commemoration ceremony will be held at 10:30. last night the trans march was held on market street. organizers estimate about 15,000 people march from delores park. more festivities are planned and then tomorrow, look out, world famous pride parade will make its way down market to beale. they estimate one million people will watch or participate in that parade. there is a song that says don't rain on my parade and we're not going to do that. >> lisa: we're not going to do
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that. lots of sunshine out there. in most areas. fog drifting by. this is vollmer peak, very nice shot. low 50s where it's been clear earlier this morning. we got clouds around monterey area but breezy winds in higher elevations. >> terry: also next, tim lincecum survives a rocky first inning and flashes of old. larry beil has highlights coming up in sports. c
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>>. >> terry: that is beautiful picture, yes, it is. top of sutro looking at golden gate bridge, presidio. clouds got the sunshine and it's going to be cooler than yesterday but cooler than it should be but warming up. lisa will have more details. >> this morning there is a new champion for the title of world's ugliest dog. 29 contestants from all over the world competed for the honor at
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sonoma marin county fair. mugley, was the ugliest dog is now world champ. >> everyone loves mutley. i knew everyone would. i had my doubts. because he is the most amazing dog. he is kind and patient and he is really sweet, sensitive dog. >> he is also taking home a thousand dollars and supply of treats. i wasn't sure how to take it that that dog is worth a million. was that compliment? did i go in the wrong direction. >> you know i love you. >> what is going on. >> at least it's nice and sunny out there. as you head outside we do have wind out there. east bay hills, breezy and 20
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mile-an-hour winds and elsewhere. we have nice and sunny. so live doppler 7-hd shows in the way of low clouds but that is around monterey. partly cloudy and salinas and hollister. you can see the live sweep helena and mono rain. 57 in fremont as well as san jose. it started out with the clear sky and dropped to the mid 40s earlier this morning. mildest numbers is where we 6 had the cloud cover all night long. we'll get into some sunshine and holding on than cooler than average temperatures. today and tomorrow and even into the start of the workweek. it will take time. we've got a big ridge of high pressure to build in and even when we do it will be the middle of the week and it will be a modest warmup. as we go ahead and look at the water vapor imagery.
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you can notice it off the oregon coast that have allowed the low clouds and fog to usher in the sea breeze after the fog has burned off. with passage of a weak cold front we're still under the influence of the stronger onshore flow. by the afternoon and even right now lots of sunshine, milder conditions with a few more 70s today. we did manage 70 yesterday in fremont and some mid-70s in parts of the south bay. across the state, normally we should be well into the 90s for sacramento and fresno. big cooldown for the seven federal valley. a little bit of drizzle this morning, light rain around blue canyon. should be around 60 degrees later on today. temperatures in the mid 60s this afternoon in oakland. by the time the game starts, the wind will have picked up. so it will be a little breezy there. mid-60s to start auto.
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then numbers dropping to the 60s and bottoming out in the upper 50s by 7:00 this evening. in sonoma county, nascar, nice and warm, only about 70 degrees today. alameda county fair, nice and mild, upper 60s to around 70. san francisco for all the festivities over the weekend, cool day but nice and sunny for you with 60s. average highs to as much as 5-13 degrees below where we should be for the first weekend of summer. mid 60s in salinas with a mild afternoon. here is a look ahead you notice we don't get into the 80 degree reading until the middle of next week but that will be inland valleys and cool at our coasts. not a bad forecast. folks in the inland valleys likes it. >> terry: if the trend continues 90s next weekend, i'll thinking. there we go. >> sports this afternoon, at
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4:15 bay bridge series continues with madison bumgarner taking on tyson ross. they were trying to beat the a's for the first time in three years and they almost didn't. larry beil has the highlights. >> good morning, tim lincecum hasn't won a game since april. he had a shaky first inning but recovered to see the giants come through with a dramatic ninth inning rally in the bay bridge opener in oakland. timmy had a rough start. that scores coco crisp. a's on the board, 1-0. based load. smith grounded to first, what are you doing? the a's would build a 3-0 lead. timmy strikes out the side. he gave up three runs and struck out eight. the wheels fall off in the ninth
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ryan cook, he can't get to the sinking fly ball. buster posey and panda score. base hit to the left. giants going up 5-3. a's got a homer in the ninth but the giants prevail by a counted of 5-4. >> if you like racing, sonoma is the place to be this weekend as nascar makes it's one and only visit to the bay area this year led by junior, dale earnhardt, jr. sonoma is not an oval and its road course and junior has never finished higher than tenth here. >> you have to be here all the time and if you neglected it or don't take it seriously you won't be good at it. i can't just pick up a bag of clubs and go hit every four months and think you are going
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to play a good round. >> germany has been bailing out greece but not bailout. greece and germany meeting in poland. he finds some room. he shoots and scores. 1-nil, germany. nice cross and beats the german keeper. and germans go on to win 4-2. germany will face the winner of sunday's italy-england match. >> finish up with baseball news. jeff kent was known as a fiery competitor. he will go to philippines, jeff said one of the best second baseman ever to play the game is reportedly lined up to be one of the contestants of the reality show survivor.
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they also invited barry bonds to join the cast. there is no island big enough for both of them to coexist. that is wrap on morning sports. mike shumann will be a here for your highlights later on. >> terry: coming up next honoring two men that saved the life of a south bay teenager. >> i'm nannette miranda at the state capital. unfunded liability is more than $100 billion but osososososososos
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>> terry: topping our news, new this morning, president obama is pressing congress to reach an agreement to two things: a transportation bill and plan to prevent student loan rates from doubling. negotiators are working on a deal to keep interest rates from student loans from doubling on july 1st. when the 3.4% rate would balloon to 6.8% if congress doesn't renew the 2007 bill that lowered those rates. >> we're eight days away from 7.5 million students seen their loan rates double because congress hasn't acted to stop it. this makes no sense. we know that one of most important things we can do for our economy to make sure that all americans get the best
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education possible. >> terry: senate aides from both parties say they are moving towards a deal how to pay for the $6 billion price tag. congressional negotiators are working to bring a transportation bill to a vote next week. >> there is a widening gap between what the state promised its employees and what the state is able to afford in pensions. a few studies layout the staggering numbers. nannette miranda reports. >> reporter: when you combine state and local governments. pew center for the state estimates that the pension systems obligations have $112 billion in unfunded liabilities in 2010. add in retiree health costs, the total jumps to $200 billion. >> california is is n serious trouble. >> they have been sounding the alarm for years.
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they say stated leaders have only made modest changes because public employee unions are too powerful. what they can't pay for taxpayers must make up the short fall. >> it's been caused by feeding this pension beast, eating up all the money we need for the other programs for schools, in transportation, in housing and safety net programs. >> reporter: pension supporters point out the pew center's numbers are two years and the stock market has done better since then. a pension fund is considered healthy if unfunded liabilities are kept to 20%. >> it's good news in the report in stating that california has gone from a funding ratio of somewhere around 60% to 78%. we're going in the right direction. >> let's move forward with pension reform. >> republicans tried to bring the governor's pension package to a floor vote this week but the democratic majority sets the
8:33 am
timetable. >> the vote today you had an opportunity to bring it out here and debated it and you said no. >> come on. you want to be part of the comprehensive solution here in california and in this legislature? then participate in all parts of government, not just the parts you find to be the most politically appealing or attractive. >> reporter: democratic leaders vow that pension reform will be enacted this year but the question will be how much will the final package will resemble governor brown's measures which the unions don't like. >> terry: on monday the san carlos city council members are expected to approve up to $400,000 to pay for firefighters. they report the money will reimburse redwood city for loaning firefighters to fill in. redwood city and san carlos agreed to make a hybrid fire department. san carlos didn't have enough
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firefighters to cover absences and vacancies. 20 of the 24 positions have been filled. >> ambulance crews are used to saving lives but not quite like they did in san jose last night. karina rusk shows us why two men were recognized for their heroic efforts. >> they noticed something unusual. >> right around this area. we saw a little bit of smoke coming from the backyard. >> the rural metro ambulance team quickly made a u-turn and called in a possible fire. sean ellis jumped into action. >> instinctively, i got into a side door here. >> up here in this house was a sleeping 17-year-old. >> came in my room, your house is on fire. right then, i got scared. is this real. am i dreaming? >> the fire was sbregd quickly.
8:35 am
>> i saw the flames were flickering out of the doorway and the thick black smoke completely filled the whole hallway. i said it's time to get out of here. all that before fire crews were able to arrive which brings us where the two men were honored for their heroic effort. >> i the fire was spreading very quickly. they not taken action the outcome would have been much different. >> kyle's mom really saved two lives that day. >> for sean and brian, there are plaques and pictures and handwritten cards from the entire family. >> i wanted to thank them you can't thank them enough. there is no way you can pay them back for what they have done. >> when they say there are no words, that is reward enough.
8:36 am
in san jose, karina rusk, "abc 7 news". >> terry: straight ahead, the new bay area center that is making a difference for soldiers suffering from ptsd. right now a live look. let's go down to surf city where it's 2-1. we'll explain. lisa argen tells me a high of 71 degrees and people in the water already as you can see, more from her, more news coming up.
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>> terry: welcome back. take a look at south shore, lake tahoe. lisa says it will be about 60 degrees out there. partly cloudy skies and gorgeous shot up there at lake tahoe right now. lisa is chomping at the bit to get the forecast in. she'll be here shortly. >> troops returning from afghanistan and iraq are going to get everything they need. they cut the ribbon on a new mental health center in palo alto. mark matthews talked with a veteran who was a guest of honor at the event. >> christopher sits next to the v.a.'s undersector health as he cut the ribbon on the new mental health center. he took his turn at the podium along with congresswoman. >> most veterans won't accept help even if they know they need
8:40 am
it. at least here the veterans won't feel like they are imprisoned or something. >> his blunt assessment and all the other thank you speeches seemed off kilter but he knows what he is talking about. he was a patient in the old v.a. center. >> i was not going outside. i was staying at my home. >> when he came home from two and a half years of combat he says he began to withdraw. his family acquitted him to get help but in the old v.a. center it felt like a lockup. >> there were only three times when you go go out during state. >> they walked around the brand-new facility, pointing out the outdoor spaces and the furniture and windows, the chairs, rather than plastic. windows instead of blank walls. >> to be able to look out.
8:41 am
>> the 90,000 square foot center was designed to give peace of mind. >> the work that can be done here cannot be overstated. >> reporter: especially with veterans that have been deployed multiple times. i asked her, how many will need this mental health center. >> honestly, most of them, most of them will need it eventually. >> he is talking about being a dees em mechanic and also a career in mental health. most of the folks that helped him here are veterans. >> lisa is here and looking behind us the sunshine and blue skies. >> running a little cool is the scene not only for today. looks like for the next couple of days. take a look from roof camera. we have pretty good sea breeze
8:42 am
out there and how much we're going warm up today. >> terry: also ahead, the premiere entertainment center about to open for business tomorrow. >> a major retailer advises a big discount water heaters but it's illegal in
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>> terry: coming up at 8:45, looking out toward from the emeryville camera and al. we got cool temperatures but if you like it warm. be patient my friend. >> stern grove begins free outdoor summer concerts tomorrow don sanchez shows us what to expect. ♪ >> reporter: san francisco ballet is a regular at the stern grove festival. so, too, the san francisco opera and symphony opera. for 75 years they have presented free concerts for ten sundays in outdoor amply theater.
8:46 am
and it goes from classical to pop. ♪ >> anita baker is on sunday, pete escovedo will come later. >> because admission is free we don't to have program to sell tickets. so we can be a little more adventurous. >> what makes it attractive is redesign they did six years ago. they created the look with stones and as. >> as it fills up the hillside holds thousands of people. in contact with nature and listen and sit on a log. >> don't worry the logs are bolted total ground. they are related to the levi strauss family. they were developing this property, mrs. stern had a singer come out and determine the best spotted for the sound. stage would go right here. six years ago when they were
8:47 am
renovating this space, audio engineers came out with equipment to determine the best place for the stage and it was -- you got it -- right here. >> as they prepare for the next 75 years, if mrs. stern was here today she would expect it to continue. >> terry: and tomorrow i'm thinking it's going to be a nice day for music and just about anything else. >> we'll see sunshine and temperatures on the cool side but a slow warm up on the way. this morning looking at mount tam, pretty picture there, few clouds floating by. we 6 a little bit of fog and most of the cloud cover has been centered around the central coast. so that is why temperatures are a little bit warmer with the insulation. it seems pretty good cooling allowing for temperatures to drop in the 40s in santa rosa. live doppler 7-hd. we have the cloudiness here. just south of san jose but we
8:48 am
have some sunshine in san jose. no 80s for anyone today around the immediate bay area. just in the low to mid-70s. we are looking at some minor changes day to day. take a look at our radar as we go further north. we do have moisture offshore. heavy rain around mounted shasta. this is a little bit unusual and for the first full weekend of summer you would expect more summer like conditions. we're slowly going to see that in the next couple of days. 52 the cool spot and 58 in redwood city. we got the cloud cover from watsonville to salinas. monterey, partly cloudy right now and 55 degrees. highlights, a weak cold front has swept on through the bay area. we're looking at good visibility. more sunshine and a little bit milder today, maybe two degrees warmer today and couple degrees warmer tomorrow. but the warming really doesn't
8:49 am
begin until say tuesday, wednesday around the bay. it's all because of this system off the oregon coast that continues to spin. it's really not going to move too much in the next 48 hours. when it does. we'll look for high pressure building in from the southwest. that is going to bring a return to more typical like weather around here. that would mean at least the 80s in the east bay and the south bay. couple more days of the cooler than average weather. sunnier and milder, but that may be a good thing. alameda county fair really hot as well as nascar and nothing like that in the central valley. mid-70s, sacramento and we've got cool conditions in the northern sierra. 102 in palm springs. plenty of sunshine in the east bay today with mid 60s with a little bit of more wind this afternoon. numbers will be dropping to the 60s by 4:00 to the upper 50s and in sonoma no heat there, pleasant, 70 up to the north
8:50 am
with low 70s in concord. 62 for all the pride festivities. down by the monterey bay, only in 50s, warming ahead in gilroy with 74 this afternoon. today and tomorrow. not much of a change. tuesday and wednesday when we warm it up you went out a limb and you said next weekend, maybe the 90s. maybe you are right. >> i might have a career as a meteorologist, a weather guesser maybe. a retailer advertised a water heater on sale but the model is banned. the store told the customer he couldn't get the water heater or the sale price. michael finney stepped in to help. >> i'm looking at an advertisement that says we have this if for sale. so when i got there, they didn't. >> william says danville was a
8:51 am
little ticked off. he had seen a sears ad offering a water heater for $445. >> it was the 40 gallon, nine-year, exactly what i was looking for. when i phoned them up, i told them i seen the ad, he said, yep we got him. >> they pulled out a water heater and he pulled out his wallet. >> he rang it up, the amount was way more than what the advertised price was. >> about $150 more. so william pointed to the newspaper ad the clerk looked up the model number the heater in the ad is illegal in california. >> i'm looking at the flyer, it says you have it. i called it said you have it. i came down and you now you say you can't sell it to me because it's not allowed in california. >> it seemed unfair to advertise a product that can't be sold. sears said it was a national ad, not a local ad and wouldn't give him another model at the same
8:52 am
price. >> then i thought about it for a while, i thought maybe finance any can help me. >> finney can help me. >> sure knew there is laws. here in the bay area they 6 regulation nine. it bans the sale of water heat there's emitted too much nitrogen oxide. the heat they are the ad doesn't meet those standards. so he asked, why it was offered on sale. sears said we want to apologize for any inconvenience cause today mr. vallejo as a result of our water heater ad. it was omitted causing the confusion for the consumer. they did sell him this 40-gallon water heater for just $445. the same price as the one in the ad. >> that is what we're looking for.
8:53 am
so everything worked out great. >> reporter: dean johnson says retailers are generally not obligated to give customers a sales price that due to a mistake in the advertising. in this case omit that go disclaimer. we thanked sears for stepping up and offering that sales price. >> terry: coming up next, final totals are in for the golden gate bridge 75th anniversary celebration. was eight success? was eight success? you know that.
8:54 am
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>> terry: here are the winning numbers from last night's $55 million mega millions drawing. mega number was 13. nobody got them all. tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $65 million. in florida, they are still talking about the black bear that decided to rest 80 someone's lawn. it happened in seminole county. two bears appeared to be fighting for establishing territory but they were kind of going at it and kind of not. is this yogi and bobo but was not those bears. they ended up going their separate ways. it's great video and especially nobody got hurt. >> the final review of the golden gate bridge celebration makes it official, the event was
8:57 am
spectacular. golden gate park estimates some 500,000 people watched the fireworks show to cast off the celebration back on may 27th. you really need to review that is spectacular. a spokesperson says that estimate includes people from homes and stairways and rooftops. thousands watched from crissy field. it even counts 200,000 hits on the fireworks video posted on in history. now more are seeing it so the numbers continued to grow. >> we watched the clouds really park this morning and right now from sutro camera, i know, they still do. >> it was a full stadium back then,.
8:58 am
,000 seats. >> tell me about it. 69 at palo alto and warmest valleys with 73 in morgan hill. warming trend, middle of next week with return to 80s inland. that is just average. >> terry: thanks. our next newscast is at 5:00. keep track of latest news on twitter and talk about all it at one last gorgeous shot
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