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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 30, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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so i went throughout o tlutd i didn't know anything about the marijuana. >> a san francisco grass fire grows into something much more when firefighters stomach only to a pot growing operation. >> firefighters were trying to get water on the flames behind the house. in the process they found a bunch of marijuana. john alston is live at the san francisco hall of justice. this fire has gone in a difficulty direction. >> there is san francisco and
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more and more firefighters and police officers are going out calls and finding indoor pot farms. it's hardly a surprise any more. >> this is what firefighters stumbled on, 18 fully grown marijuana plants. street value an estimated $75,000. whole thing was shock to next-door michael williams, a local pastor. >> i don't think stuff growing in a house. >> it raced up the interchange, flames got as far as back fence. investigators are looking into whether this was started at aney nearby homeless encampment. they broke through the front door of an empty house to drag their hoses through, that is where they found the marijuana grow in two back houses, it had
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an extensive lighting set >> i don't know what marijuana smells like, i was in the back room watching television. when my neighbors came next-door there was a fire outside. i didn't know anything about the marijuana. >> pg&e shut off power to the house. they say the wiring bypassed the electric meter which is typical in illegal operations. more often police and firefighters are stumblingpot fn pot farms. >> there is a gray area what is legal and what isn't. we're going lot of people stretch those boundaries. it would be common to find more of these of situations. >> police say they found no paperwork to indicate a legitimate growing operation. they have not found the two people that rented the house. they could face charges of growing marijuana and stealing electricity. wild fires continue to burn
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across the west tonight but things are improving in colorado where fire officials believe the flames can be kept in containment lines. waldo canyon fire is 25% contained right now. more than 30,000 people have been evacuated. two are dead. some evacuees have been allowed back home where the red cross is feeding them. a volunteer from the peninsula is leading the operation. we talked to him by phone. >> cleaning them during the day so they don't have to stop and get lunch or anything, we will be going around with mobile and giving them ability to get on back and get the job done. >>. >> firefighters are getting help. governor brown have order twod aircraft to colorado. wildfire that has grown to 40 acres is burning out of control in the town of harriman
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in central auto out. this is rose canyon area. fire officials are stay off people to stay off the roads in the fire zone. in many cases they are impassable anyway. >> dan: this tahoe, they are banning smoking this summer in an attempt to keep forest fires from breaking out. they announced the ban citing extreme fire conditions. and open flames and fireworks are banned. >> day two this n ross mirkarimi misconduct hearing. he denied one of key charges that led to his suspension but he tried to convince witnesses . he is accused of bruising his wife's arm during an argument. >> at any time, did you dissuade anyone from any law enforcement investigation? >> never. >> at any time did you ever ask
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anyone to destroy any evidence? >> never. >> after the bomb scare, the mayor said suspended him because the actions had direct consequences. also mirkarimi's wife's attorney that she will testify either in person or by video. on the eve of the tour de france, a defending champion will be defending himself against charges that he used performance enhance 89 drugs. they filed formal charges against lance armstrong. they prose prosecute him but he can strip him of awards. they say they have evidence that he used steroids. he has been denying those charges for years. >> dan: it's hard to know when any of us would do in an emergency. two bay area brothers make that kind of life and decision
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reacting quickly to help a pregnant woman trapped in a car. tomas, what they did certainly while brave is not recommended? >> not recommended. one of them is studying to be a firefighter and waiting for the emergency personnel would have been right thing to do but hwomn danger and had to act. >> the brothers are being called heroes, they were traveling west this morning when another car clipped it and this was the result. focus flipped over. the brothers heard the commotion outside and 20-year-old alexander ran down the street and up to the car. >> i see her in the car banging and kicking. i go over there and i explain i am here to help. >> you 17-year-old influence him
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a hatchet which he put to use. he started to break through to the woman trapped inside. >> i'm sorry, i'm going to break the glass. turned her back toward me. twice it didn't break and third time it shattered. >> he cleared the glass from the window. as he pulled the woman to safety. he heard her panicked cry. >> she was still in shock. she said a baby. i thought there was a child in the car. i started looking and she pointed at her stomach and she was pregnant. >> they waited for paramedics and police. he says he doesn't consider himself a hero but someone at the right place and right time. he is studying to become a firefighter. he says he knows firefighters would not have approved of his rescue. >> something would have happened i would have felt bad myself. >> reporter: firefighters say they don't recommend civilians to perform the rescue that was
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made they recommend calling 911. we tried to reach police to find out what the woman driver is but we couldn't reach them. we were told the car had several air bags deployed that probably prevented any serious injury. >> dan: let's hope so. >> up next, alameda county prepares to make color coated placards. >> and what to expect before a delicacy vanished from stores and restaurants. >> and beverly hills home up in flames. the actress that once lived in a sprawling mansion. >> coming up next on "nightline" the end of a hollywood power couple as tom cruise is blindsided by divorce papers. and basketball rookie and hungrs
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green, yellow and red placards will replace the grading system used in the past. nick smith is live in oakland with reaction from restauranters. >> alma, good evening. health inspectors routinely check places where people serve food to the public but the results are not usually posted where we can see them. but on sunday all that will change. >> that is why chris and his business partner posting their safety results is good business. >> i wanted to know the place is clean. people don't abide by the standards that most restaurants should abide by. if you are serving the general public you need to have a clean,
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work area. you nd to be providing good, clean food. >> the new food rating system is meant to ensure just. that it will require owners to post results of their inspections in the windows of their business in plain view. the way elena makes her sandwiches. >> i think it's great there is some kind of placard or sign that allows people to know that this is an approved and safe food establish scly this i new gradie new grading system, green means a history of good inspection. yellow, two or more major food safety violations and red is place that has been closed because of violations because of unsafe food storage and unsanitary conditions. you can look up on the website that will show color coded dots on a map. back at elena's, it could spoil
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relationship with her customers. when they opened the store in 1897. >> it's absolutely necessary. >> reporter: the new law goes into effect on july 1st, the only city in alameda county not participating is the city of berkeley. they chose to opt out. >> dan: thanks very much. while we're talking about food you have 24 hours and 45 minutes to buy a delicacy. that delicacy foie gras is french for fatty liver. it's controversial because most of it is forced feeding ducks or geese to make their livgs bigger. we exposed it from a series of reports. delicacy is now outlawed as of july 1st. several local chefs have been running a get it while you can promotion for the last of foie
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gras supply. >> a big day on wall street. stocks closed with second biggest gains after european leaders announced a plan to rescue blanks. dow was up 270 points. nasdaq finished up 86 and the s&p 500 closed up 33 points. >> transportation administration said it's fired eight sky marshals for drinking at a new york restaurant on a training day. six other air marshals were suspended. none of them were scheduled to fly that day but the ts a a says they have a zero policy toward misconduct including drinking on duty. >> a fire in beverly hills caused major damage to a mansion they will recognize this house, its home where lisa lived during the show's first two seasons.
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flames broke out on the roof and nearby home was evacuated where another episode of desperate housewives is being taped. one firefighter did suffer minor injuries. >> and let's focus on the weekend weather forecast and the heat. >> heat will come but not until next week. this weekend we'll keep it cool around here. here is a look. marine layer has really ramped up and where we have low clouds puck over the bay and into some of our inland valleys. it's 1600 feet deep. you know we're in the middle of summer when you have a marine layer deepening like that and rainy season officially ends tomorrow. santa rosa, just over 23 inches of rain coming in at 63% of normal. oakland over 15 inches of rain
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only 72% of average, san jose, you shall way behind, only 48% of normal. if you look at the entire state of california, everyone is below average for this rainy season expect for the northwest corner of california where they came in close to normal. we weren't alone with not much getting rain. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. here are the highlights. low clouds inland tonight. patchy coastal drizzle first thing in the morning and it's going to be a little warmer as we head into sunday. satellite and radar, this is the trough that is responsible for our cooler weather today. t continuing to deepen our marine layer and as it deepens the onshore flow continues. this will keep us in a cooler than normal pattern for the entire weekend. what is going to happen tonight we have the fog and low clouds, you are going to see it push all
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the way out toward the delta and you will start you on with gray skies and drizzle right near the coast first thing tomorrow morning. if you have early morning plans you may need the windshield wipers tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 50s and cloudy and foggy start. then the fog and low clouds will actually peel back to near the coastline. then just sit here. afternoon highs will be held down by the fog in the 60s. inland areas in the low 80s for your saturday afternoon. here is a look at highs, specifically for your saturday, 70 degrees in richmond, 78 for santa rosa. low 80s ukiah and clearlake. 72 on the peninsula in san mateo. half moon bay, 62, fog is going to be around. 77 in san jose, 79 in concord. 82 degrees in antioch and nice looking day in monterey. 80 degrees in morgan hill.
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seven-day forecast, morning drizzle giving way to a mild day bay a side and inland. sunday a little warmer. we'll continue the warming trend for monday and tuesday. summer warmth to 80s to low 90s monday and tuesday in particular. 60s coastside. independence day, looking good for any plans you might have if you are going fair, 4th of july fireworks, really warm inland, mild at the coast. >> it's going to be gorgeous. >> and what about the new wake-up call? >> a personalized wake-up call. take a listen to this. >> good morning sunshine. you know what they say about an early-bird. >> that is me with a wake-up call for you. it's part of new alarm call app for the iphone. open up the app and set the alarm clock. it loads the bay area news, headlines and weather forecast and traffic info.
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you need to get yarted. started. it's available on the app show 7 search for "abc 7 news" san francisco alarm and it's free! >> thank you, sandhya. >> coming up next, a big day. >> fans are getting
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♪ >> it was even better day to be a deadhead. u.c. santa cruz opened up the archives and fans descended on the library as if jerry garcia was alive and playing. box of rain archiving the phenomenon. >> it's an extraordinary chance to better understand from the 1960s and the counterculture to the birth of modern rock theater. dead is key to a number of scenes and intellectual and cultural history. >> band members chose santa cruz to house the archives in 2008 2, admission is called dead central
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is free. >> the marriage of tom cruise and katie holmes. she filed for divorce for her husband of five years. website reports that she is demanding full custody of their six-year-old daughter. it surprised the entertainment industry and cruise himself. >> who would have thought that? >> no idea. >> the giants, almost in another shutout tonight on the wrong end of this one. this one belonged to the reds, errand on phillips you have
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good evening, giants streak game to an abrupt end tonight. would you believe on the very first pitch from matt cain, it was hammered over the left field wall. one pitch, and break the shutout streak, eighth home run of the season, just like that, 1-0 and
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jay bruce knocks in one. bottom of fourth, brandon belt and he backs it up with his bar. you have to check out the replay. nice play by phillips. pablo sandoval, this is like, holding, penalty. never seen that. and throws him the twinkie and he eats it up. he got five runs, giants lose by a score of 5-1. >> how about the a's. pitcher, a.j. madestart andareer start and he was awesome. struck out all three batters in the first, on 15 pitchers. six scoreless and gave up two hits. he deserved to win and in the fourth, line drive, 1-0 athletics and coco crisp, scores
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chris carter who got called up from the minors. it was 2-0 and a's bullpen imploded. and here is one to left. then could not run it down. all the way to the wall. everybody scores. the rangers jump in front for good. texas wins it 4-3. >> this week stop is pga is in bethesda, maryland to avoid melting. temperatures in the hundreds. eiger teed off early. long eagle on 16.t he putt he sf the pace. hunter, 65 today finishing strong with a birdie on 18. he is seven under and leads by two strokes. summer games in. will. motor cross, trying a 7:720. adding insult to injury, he
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almost ran over him. moore is okay but mad. the winner is australian jackson you want to talk about strong. this is the second straight motor cross, that is impossible but clearly he just did it. they would say, that was sick. jim harbaugh, he the kind of guy and he likes being upside-down. 49er coach tried out the new superman in discovery flags, harbaugh is a huge coaster fan and that is him screaming right there.abc7 abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> "nightline" is coming up next. >> thank you for watching. we continue tomorrow morning at 5:00. >> for all of us here. we appreciate your time. have a great weekend. @ññc?x1@@d?
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