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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 1, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> a fire at your house, your child is not breathing or sick or injured, this is the guy you want coming to your door. >> alan: a special service today for a bay area firefighter, fighting for his life. good evening, i'm alan wang. ama daetz that the night off. parishioners are sending thanks to in of the. frank ryan went down while battling the blaze at st. patrick's cathedral. here's the latest. reporter: firefighter frank ryan is in stable but critical condition. now, his family and fellow firefighters have been keeping vigil by his bedside since he was brought here thursday, and today parishioners of the church
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he fought to save actually offered up prayers for his recovery. >> we pray for frank ryan. reporter: more than 200 st. patrick cathedral pa rich north america cried the gymnasium to say mass. the fire broke out in their church on thursday. this is also where 41-year-old frank ryan collapsed due to a heart attack after coming out of the flaming building to replenish his oxygen bottle. the fire captain visit ryan at the hospital this afternoon. >> everything we're getting so far is definitely in a positive direction. reporter: the captain and other members of engine one and truck one, were invited to attend the mass. prayers were offered for ripe's recovery. pa rich north america like joanne stone are happy to pray for one who tried to sayre her church. >> firefighters, if it wasn't for them the church wouldn't bet there, and they need to get everything they deserve. >> ryan was one of 60
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firefighters who worked to put out the three-alarm fire. parishioners and clergy were evacuated as the fire race thyroid the building, creating thick smoke and searing temperatures, dangerous mix for firefighters. >> a lot of fire, a lot of heat inside there, so absolutely. i mean, those are some of the worst conditions. >> ryan's family and fellow firefighters have been by his side at the regional medical center. the family issued a written statement which in part stated, frank is progressing in a positive way. we're taking it one day at a time given the circumstances surrounding his condition. the family thanks everybody for their support like the kind joanne stone is offering. >> he is going to survive. he just has to. he just has to. reporter: frank ryan has a lot of well-wishers the fire at the church is under investigation, and church member wes spoke to say they don't know when they'll be able to worship inside the cathedral again. in san jose, abc-7 news.
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>> alan: a major wildfire in moan dough seen know -- mendocino county has burn two houses. the fire as burned nearly 41,000 acres. it has now destroyed a total of seven homes and is threatening 21 others. tonight it's 58% con tak -- contained. 1600 firefighters are on the scene and the cost of fighting the fire has topped $20 million. >> police are investigating a deadly shooting in north oakland. investigators say a man was shot to death on the street around 9:20 at 53rd street near mlk. one block north of oakland children's hospital. traffic in the area is blocked off as police investigate. so far that have been no arrests and no word of any suspects or motive in the shooting. >> also in oakland, growing concern about safety after two more craigslist robberies. one victim was robbed at gun
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point during a meeting with a seller near 73rd avenue last night. the other incident happened this morning near 62nd and outlook avenue. this follows at least two other craigslist robberies in oakland in the past month. police say you should always insist of meeting in a high traffic, public location, when buying or selling on craigslist. >> in responsible to the ongoing crime in their neighborhoods, fed up residents, church leaders and officials marched for peace today. >> have to take back the streets. take bat our communities. >> lisa: they marched, 100 strong, down international boulevard, demanding change come to oakland. [shouting] >> lisa: pastors from several oakland churches are leading the march because right now oakland is struggling. last night, four people were shot during three different incidents. one was in this kentucky fried
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chicken parking lot on macarthur boulevard and last week ten more people were shot, including three children. >> no one wants this to happen to their children. >> lisa: she is marching, not just for her children but for all of oakland's children. >> our youth, i don't know what's wrong. you know what, you have nothing else, you do have to pray. >> lisa: they sang, prayed and talked about the city's real problems, and some real solutions. >> what i really think is african-american males need to step up and take their behinds out there and get their kids and pull them off the dispreetz -- streets and don't by afraid of their kid. >> march organizers are holding the city responsible. and are asking the mayor for more youth programs and more of a partner ship with programs. >> we want to say what do you need us to do so we can make it happen. >> i've one reaching out over the summer to churches to ask
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them to join and adopt these young people in the programmed we're starting next month. >> cease fire program is a guidance program for teens who have been incarcerated. but for some young people in oakland, there's only one solution. >> why do you think you moved? >> because i didn't like the violence that was in this city here. >> lisa: organizers are trying to bring pride back to oakland residents. they'll have several more marched and going to have a clean up oakland day when volunteers will pick up trash on international boulevard in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> alan: in the south bay work continues on the dumbarton bridge which is closed for a major seismic retrofit. caltrans says so far the work is on schedule and the bridge is expected to re-open by 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. just in time for the rush hour. the closure began friday night, and crews are working around the clock. they're replacing replacing thed
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joint on the eastern side of the bridge across all six lanes of traffic. >> this area of the bridge has been decked out by up to five inches in preparation for work over the next few months. >> alan: the upgrades are intended to protect the bridge from earthquakes. the entire $153 million project is expected to wrap up early next year. in san francisco, fremont street between howard and mission is also closed until tuesday. crew are excavating the underground rail level of the transbay transit center and installing a temporary bridge to keep traffic moving while they dig. our wave app can help you navigate around the detours this weekend. you can fine it at the apple app store on google play or at health officials at san francisco state university put out an advisory this weekend after two students were diagnosed with chickenpox.
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sergio quintana has more. >> reporter: for students the word is out about chickenpox on campus. >> got an e-mail and said there were two case, i think, that came out and my roommate yelled from the other room, we got the e-mail at the same time. >> it's very unusual. we were very surprised to get two cases, which appear to have arisen in two separate california counties. reporter: both students were diagnosed at san francisco state university this week. one student lives in alameda county, the other in el dorado county. they're unrelated and inpecked before they came to campus. >> with two cases of chickenpox on campus, health officials' biggest concern is people who have immune dissis or pregnant. >> people on chemotherapy or steroids, most people are aware there have been these cases. reporter: for many california college stunts chickenpox is an
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illness they had as a child or have been imu niced against. >> the rash is typical of chickenpox you get little red bumps that rapidly turn into little thin-walled breasters and then those blisters burst. reporter: vaccinations will be available on campus next week for students who are interested. >> have you had chickenpox. >> i haven't. >> never been vaccinated for chickenpox. >> in san francisco, sergio quintana, abc-7 news. >> alan: just ahead, it's not over yet in louisiana. tonight the new evacuation orders issued because of severe flooding. the rush to save whales beached on a florida shore. the amazing story of how so many people came to help. the marathon controversy involving vice-presidential candidate paul ryan. what he claims and what one magazine's research discovered. >> leigh: it does look like temperatures will climb in some locations tomorrow near 90 degrees. a look at
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>> alan: developing news out of louisiana where a new evacuation is being ordered because of flooding in the aftermath of hurricane isaac. it's happening in a rural area. officials believe a lock from a diversion canal is going to fail and possibly flood hundreds of homes. area waterways are swollen from heavy rains from hurricane isaac. the gulf coast could take a long time to get back to normal. reporter: even as a ghost of its former self, hurricane isaac is haunting the gulf coast.
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>> we're cleaning up and waiting for the power to come back on. >> more than an incon seasons. it continue 0s to be dangerous for everybody. reporter: hundreds of thousands are without electricity in the sweltering southern summer. >> i have a generator now. bought it yesterday, which is better but still miserable. >> now we need the things that are not going to spoil in the refrigerator. >> you can sit eat in this new orleans restaurant but by candlelight. >> we don't have any power since tuesday night so we cooked the meat stuff, and we. reporter: thousands are stranded in shelters, wondering when they'll see their homes again. >> we evacuated monday and it's been really hard on us. >> one day at a time. take it like that. reporter: for others, home is just a memory. >> some people probably aren't going back because there's nothing to go back to. reporter: isaac shut down gulf refine riz that produce 10% of the nation's falls,ing a sell
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writing a spike in gas prices just in time to make your labor a little harder to pay for foe labor day drive. in louisiana, this may -- scene after flood water unearthed caskets in a graveyard. isaac remnantses are bringing rain the midwest where people will spend the weekend manning sandbags. >> alan: rescuers are struggling to help a pod of whales beached in florida. 20 whales washed ashore this morning in a state park. hundreds of local residents came to the beach to help, pouring water on the animals and turning them upright so they can breathe. five of the whales were transported to a local rehabilitation center. a cal bears played their season opener today in their newly renovated football stadium. the cal marching band hit the field for the first time and
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uc berkeley officials were bursting with pride during the ribbon cutting ceremony. it took a year and cost the university more than $320 million to upgrade the 89-year-old stadium. >> love the new stadium. could not wait to be here today. most excited to see the field. the players keep -- the coach and players keep saying our great the field so, so i'm expecting a lot of cal bear action. >> all they needed was a victory. we'll let mike shumann fill you in on that in just a few minutes. the celebration for petaluma's little league all-star team continues tomorrow with a parade through town. last night the oakland a's honored them at the coliseum. the national team played a dramatic game last week at the little league world series in pennsylvania, and took third overall. tomorrow's parade starts at 1:00 p.m. at fourth and d street in petaluma. team members will ride in convert able hot rods and classic cars and end up at
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walnut park for a free hot dog barbecue, leigh glaser is here. what kind of weather are they going to have? >> leigh: terrific. it's been overcast but you'll see agent more -- see a little more sunshine and temperatures when the parade starts in the mid-to-low 70s. so a terrific day. we warmed up nicely. a little more so today. here's a live look from the high definition rooftop cam. a little bit of fog out there but not as widespread as this time last night, which is a pretty good indication that we're going to see some tomorrow, and that's going to mean warming for most locations. let's check in with live doppler 7hd as we always do at this time. and you can see for yourself that we are seeing a little bit of fog and low clouds right near the coast. we'll take you in a little bit closer. mainly in the north bay valley areas, just a little to the west of san rafael, parts of the marin headlands seeing overcast, starting to move in toward the
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golden gate bridge, daly sit, towards pacifica, now seen the dense overcast and most of this will venture into the bay and the peninsula overnight tonight. here's a look at some current readings. clear sky in antioch right now. 64. livermore, clear at 60. san francisco, seeing some overcast. 53. santa rosa, 53. 59 in mountain view and clear sky in san jose right now with 58 degrees. our highlights. clouds, coast and bay, overnight. a sunny and mild day for your sunday afternoon. and then as we continue into our holiday monday, looks like temperatures for all of us will really start to warm up. here's a look at the lows. moving inland will keep most overnight temperatures uniform, upper 50s inland, mid-to-low 50s near the shoreline and upper 040s extreme north bay communities, cloverdale clear with 48 degrees. that area of low pressure that has been sitting off the
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coast, responsible for the cool air mass, overnight tonight and tomorrow, going to exhibit pull out -- going to exit and pull out of the state, allowing for higher pressure. so get ready for more sunshine, less fog in the morning hours and that will translate to warmer days ahead, especially inland locations. it's labor day, you know it. sausolito arizona festival -- art festival. warming close to 70 degrees and then temperatures drop off 4:00 to 7:00, temperatures in into the mid-to-low 60s. also, millbrae, the art and wine festival tomorrow. 7:00 a.m., mid-50s, and then things start to warm up. mid-to-upper 60s by noon, and then pick up some wind there by 7:00. here's a look at the highs tomorrow. the high pressure builds in, so temperatures come up. 80 for san jose, and our beaches, 62 for half moon bay, loss altos, 78.
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sunset district, afternoon noon, downtown san francisco, 67. sausolito, 70. 79 for the little guys in petaluma tomorrow afternoon. 80 for napa. east bay, 72 for oakland. 78, fremont. interior east bay, it starts to warm up. 85 for for concord. and look for 75. very comfortable for watsonville, the seven-day forecast, get ready for warmer temperatures heading into labor day, back up into the mid-to-low 90s. mid-80s around the bay. 60s at the coast, and then the coastal clouds return on wednesday, and of course that will mean temperatures coming down as well. >> alan: mike mike shumann is here. the cal bears kicked off their season. >> mike: the bearer of bad news. they broke in the stadiumive a heartbreaking loss to nevada. the starting quarterback zach maynard was benched for
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>> mike: the cal bears sawferred setback before the returned the rennovated memorial stadium. starting quarterback zach maynard benched for missing a few tier -- tutorial session and the bears struggled. that move will be questioned. cal found themselves down 14-0. may indiana comes bag and goings 37 yards to bryce treggs. 14-7 wolf pack. the reverse to keenan allen. check out the bears. not a bad run. he's a playa. cal fought back and tied it but jefferson pounds it in. one last chance effort by cal. didn't work, maynard to chris harper. did maynard's benching affect
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his timing? >> anytime you come to the game, cold, you're not expecting win to come in the game, it takes a rhythm, once i got in the game, if i was able to start the first quarter, would be also different but did a great job starting the game and i came in and did what i like to do. >> mike: didn't take long for matt barkley to get on the board. in fact just one play. watch this. 75 yards later, touchdown. finished with 290 all-purpose yards. first, barkley, pass to woods, barkley, 24, 39, 359 yards, four touchdowns and usc wins big over hawaii, 49-10 your final. red hot oakland a's continue their tear around the american league, playing the red sox
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>> mike: what's up with the a's. the explodes last night and the bats keep going tonight. the a's bats are on fire. coco crisp lead off we a solo shot. 1-0a's and the fans are doing the bernie. chris carter in the seventh, solo shot, his 13th. a's win their eight in a row, coupled with a texas loss they're three back of the rangers in the american league west. got be wrigley field with cubs broadcaster harry carey staring at you. xavier indianay, first at-bat with the giants, ripped a bases loaded three rbi triple. tim lincecum, 6 in other words in other
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-- 6 2/3 wings. giants four and a half games up on the dodgers who beat arizona tonight. >> pga staging staging the fedep playoff. round two tiger on the prowl. birdie attempt from 30 feet. drops that after his lowest opening round yesterday with a 64, tiger is 10-under par, two shots off the lead. louis oosthuizen finds himself in second place thanks to shots like this. fourth hole, from the rough for eagle. a stroke back at 11-under. they're all chasing this guy, rory mcilroy. drain thursday eagle on 18. shoots a 6-under 65 for the second day in a row. holds a one-shot lead going into sunday's third round. serena williams, roger federer, andy murray and mardy fish advance at the u.s. open. this sports route brought to --
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sports route brought to you by river rock casino. >> coming up, what do cal bear fans say about the new stadium? we know what they think about the game. >> alan: the race for the white house, the candidates hit the battle ground states. and the vice-presidential candidates' controversial marathon. paul reince's -- ryan's running time has him in hot water. >> the changin
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>> alan: in tonights heedheadlines parishioners in st. patrick cathedral attended a special mass for firefighter frank ryan at the school's game nicum ryan is in stable but critical condition after suffering a heart attack while putting out a fire at the cathedral on thursday. >> a man was shot to death on the street near mlk in oakland. there have been no arrests. >> the dumb barten bridge is closed while crews work around the clock on a retrofit project, caltrans says the work is on schedule and the bridge should re open in time for tuesday morning's commute.
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>> the november election is ten weeks away and today the candidates courted voters in some tough battlegrounds states. mitt romney and paul ryan campaigned in ohio before sharing the stage in florida. president obama began a three-day tour with two stops in iowa. here's the latest on the race for the white house. reporter: just days before the democratic convention, president obama launched a road to charlotte tour in battlegrounds, iowa, trying to ride the wave he started four years ago, he is trying to ask the country not to let the republicans reverse the course. >> we got more doors of opportunity to open, to every single american who is willing to work hard and work through them. we have come too far to turn back now. reporter: it could be a tough sell with the unemployment rate at 8.3% and fears the ailing economy will relapse into a recession. g.o.p. presidential nominee
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romney told mr. obama dropped the ball. >> he was going to create more jobs, and today 23 million people are out of work or stopped working for work or underemployed. if you have a coach that is 0-23 million, you'd say it's time to get a new coach. >> romney's running mate tack the past and ran with it. tailgating at the miami of ohio to rally support before the season-opening loss to lsu gut -- but the team was together again in florida. >> this moment requires leadership. this moment requires people of principle. this moment requires action. not blaming. mitt romney is the man for this moment. >> next week, romney will be in vermont, preparing for the debates, while president obama will be in north carolina to accept his party's nomination for a second term.
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>> alan: abc-7 news political reporter, mark matthews wishes be live next week from the democratic national convention in charlotte. you can get instant update from mark by following him on the facebook page. we're learning more tonight about that strange improve -- improve between clint east wawd and an empty chair meant to be president obama. >> what do you want me to tell romney? i can't tell him to do that. can't do that to himself. >> all of that caught the romney campaign offguard. an aide admit they were eyeing the clock as the performance dragged on in an interview, paul ryan weighed in. >> clint eastwood is clint eastwood. we just happy to have his support. >> alan: am immediately the picture of someone talking to a chair is trending. this image shows a lego
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character talking to an empty chair. >> and inspired a game of throne copy cats. the caption says, eastwood is coming. >> paul ryan now says he did not run a marathon in less than three hours as he claimed in a nationally broadcast interview. he acknowledged today he misstated his marathon time by more than an hour. last month he claimed to have completed the 26.2-mile trek in two hours and 50 something minutes. today ryan released a statement correcting himself after runners world magazine found evidence he completed the marathon in just over four hours. >> a man known for the hit, raindrops keep following on my head, has died. al david and his partner burt bacharach -- ♪ >> alan: hall david, along with
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partner burst bacharach penned dozen of top 40 hits from the 1960s and. you david died of complications from a stroke help was known for songs like, "do you know the way to san jose" and "say a little prayer." >> a special blessing in los angeles, the blessing of the pets at the san gabriel mission. hundreds turn out to have their dogs, cats, and horse blessed by the priest. the mission is celebrating its 241st birthday this year. >> and just ahead, it was once just for white house insiders. now you can test the president's favorite brew at hem. the recipe just released today. >> the revolution brewing in the local beer business. we'll show you what is on tap at bay area brew riz. >> leigh: we'll also take a loot out our highs for tomorrow. plus, if you're traveling across the state, we'll
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>> alan: the white house caused buzz by rereleasing the recipe of president obama's favorite home brews. >> the president, inspired by brewers around the country wanted to try this out. >> alan: ale to the chief. white house chef is sharing the secrets for making the honey ale and honey porter, both made
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using honey harvested from the white house beehive. if you want to brew your own white house beer, go to, search under ale to the chief. >> there's a revolution brewing in the beer business. craft beers are making their mark but many don't know it actually began long ago right here in san francisco. our arts and entertainment reporter found it's a revolution that's been on tap since the gold rush. >> a wonderfully rich taste. reporter: what sets it apart. mark carpenter is the brew master. he started during the gold rush without refrigeration, steamed beer. it was bought in 1965, started bottling in 197 71, and launchd a revolution. >> he had pride in his product. he charged a higher price than the average american beer, which
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is unheard of, but it worked. reporter: beer they ferment, and bottle year you're taking this raw indeedents and making a great magic liquid. >> what sets anchor and the other craft beers apart is the rich taste. >> most are going for full flavored character. >> they've achieved cult status. >> we like choices and we like having good focused high quality products we can enjoy and that we have access to. >> what anchor fostered was followed by other places. this brewing company moved to petaluma. >> it caught on right away and became our best seller. >> 65% of its business. >> the next logical step was this. the brew pub, serving food with the bores. a chance for the customers to connect with the people who work here.
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the first place that came up with this concept may be in hayward injury on our license we have 001. >> buff low bills brew a half dozen brews in the barrels. >> getting a fresh product and keeping it local. >> including alimony ale, once the most bitter beer in the world. the craft beer represents 6% of the market but it is growing. >> everybody in the industry is doing well. >> 2,000 craft breweries in the united states, and a thousand more planned. tasting is always done responsibly. >> alan: tens of authorities of spirit a wine lovers are expected in millbrae again tomorrow for the bay area's biggest labor day weekend event. ♪ >> alan: it's the annual
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millbrae art and wine festival, considered by in to be the last blast of summer. music is part of the fun with nine band performing and 250 artists artists and craftmakers displaying their skills, and the event includes a classic car skill and a microbrew tasting tent. >> do shopping for a special birthday or anniversary gift. >> the event wraps up tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. >> a lot of bay area residents are getting away this labor day weekend. according to a survey by trip adviser, 27% are planning to travel. that's up from 22% last year. among those traveling, 54% expect to drive and 31% plan to fly, and here's where bay area residents are going, carmel tops the list, followed by napa, lake tahoe, calistoga and santa cruz, and leigh glaser is standing by to tell us how the weather will
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be. >> leigh: great in all those locations. los angeles tomorrow, sunshine, 789. -- 89. palm sprimtion, hot, 107. 93, fresno, 76 for tahoe. very very comfortable. the bay area, less fog, see a little more sunshine tomorrow morning, and of course that means warmer temperatures. antioch, 88 tomorrow. livermore, you're going to warm to 86, and the north barracks santa rosa, 8 2. 78 for san rafael. san francisco, warm to 57 degrees. look for 70s, the peninsula, 75 for palo alto. 80, san jose, 86 for gilroy, and santa cruz tomorrow, one of those great destinations, 77 degrees. >> labor day, warmer, mid-90s exhibited inland, 80s around the bay, 60s at the post, and the fog will return, more onshore winds wednesday,
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thursday, and friday, and temperatureses will start to come down. >> alan: ton to shu, they're celebrating the new stadium. >> mike: that would be me. >> alan: yeah. celebrating a victory. >> mike: worked better in rehearsal. a rough day for cal football fans as the bears were upset. what do they think of their new $321 million stadium?
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>> mike: what's up with the oakland a's. they're creeping up on the american league west leading rangers with another win against boston. barry koser, played bernie in weekend at bernies. threw out the first pitch. the a's bats are on fire. coco crisp with a solo shot. 1-0a's and the fans do the bernie. pitcher a.j. griffin, fresh off the dl. seven innings, one run. chris carter finishes things off with a solo shot. a resident win they're eight in a role. coupled with a texas loss, they're now only three back in the american league west. >> if you're walking into wrigley field you're going to stare down former cubs broadcaster harry carey. nady, born in salinas, went to
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cal. just brought up. rips the based loaded three rich triple. 4-0 giantness the first. tim lincecum, 6 in other words in other -- 6 third -- 6 and there'd evening. giants win, stay four and a half up on the dodgers who beat arizona 2-1. >> u.s. open, serena williams handed her russian opponent, set point. the return goes long. 6-4. defeeted serena in january but today serena won. a short rally on match point. serena advances. roger federer, andy murray and mardy fish also advance. >> the cal bears benched their quarterback for missing a tutorial session over the sun. it definitely threw off his times and the fans were treated with a loss to nevada.
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cal found themselves down 14-0. ray understand goes 37 yards to bryce treggs. the true freshman. third quarter, down 21, 7. the reverse to keenan allen. he is a preseason and not a bad run here. a player. touchdowndown, nevada up 7. it was tied at 34 but with 36 seconds left. the third td of the game. wolf pack up. and look at this hit. ow. fumbles. bears upasset. we asked maynard if the benching affected his timing in the contest. >> i would say it do. anytime you come in a game, you're cold. not expecting when you're going to come in the game exactly. take thursday rhythm. once i got in the game, able to start the first quarter, but he did a great job starting the
11:55 pm
game and i came in and do what i can do. >> alan: the $321 million rebuild of cal's memorial stadium is nearly complete. if you weren't one of the 60,000 plus who could take in the game today, here's a look at the new and improved 85-year-old stadium. ♪ >> i like every opening day, but nice to be here like this, nice to see it looking so nice. really beautiful facility. amazing. still looks like -- now it really looks great. >> be able to see everything. don't have to worry about somebody sitting in front or people walking in front of you. brand new football field and a new beginning, and the season, i can't wait to open it. >> love the new stadium. could not wait to be here today. >> the concourse, just being able to walk in and walk around, and most exciting to see the
11:56 pm
field. the players -- the coach and the players keep saying how great the field is so i'm expecting a lot of cal bear action today. >> beautiful facility. nice to be here. i've been coming to these games for 30 years, suffered a lot. watched the bears open the stadium, helped turn them around and they get back to what they were under ted forward's -- tedford's earlier years. >> it was greet be home but you want to play better and win the game. we have to get back to work now. >> mike: this sports report brought to you you by river rock casino and i was at the stadiumn wednesday and it's phenomenal. the facade remains the same but inside, for the big donors, the fans, everything is a lot more -- really nicely done and the experience is great. now, if the football team can bring it up and jeff tedford
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will get them back on track. it's a beautiful stadiumful you live in berkeley. you know just how nice it, and tight wad hill still up there for those who can't afford to buy a ticket. >> alan: the old and new. that concludes another broadcast of abc-7 news. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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