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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 2, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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spencer christian is here with how hot it got. >> this is pretty hot, dan. temperatures rose to 101 degrees today in santa cruz and 103 in livermore, 101 in antioch. there is 100 in napa. there is kent field, 99 degrees. there is a new record high for this date and there is new record high for this date and there is san jose, 96 and all three of the old records in these locations set in 1980 on this date must have been a hot day but hotter today. there is relief on the way. it's around the corner, we're going to see a sharp cool down. i'll tell you about that in the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you. >> and because of the extreme fire dangers allen rock park was declared off i limits this, closes off during hot
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weather spells, rangers plan to keep it closed tomorrow, too. and there are teachers encouraging students to drink plenty of water and limited outdoor activities. >> you still want to get out there to do exercise. but we've -- we don't do soccer. we don't do some of the sports that might overexert theme others flocked to the fountains in downtown san jose. and there appears to be little relief for some people. >> and san francisco is known as a tollerant city but tonight what leaders said enough is enough whit comes to public nudity. introducing a measure restricting where people are allowed to be in the buff. abc 7 is live in the epicenter often in the castro.
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people will be surprised to know there is no state law against public nudity. >> that is right. it only deals with lewd, nude behavior, and not nudity itself. last year you might remember san francisco supervisors passed a law requiring nudists to put a towel or something down on the seat before they sit. and the man behind that measure has been pushing for new restrictions. >> on a nice day, this man enjoys baring it all. these a are the so called naked guys. >> this is a neighborhood that has limited public space and our town square is now almost every day a nudist colony. it's not okay. >> the supervisor scott weiner proposed public nudity be restricted to what he calls
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appropriate venues including bay to breakers, folsom street fair and the beach. he says his district, the castro has seen a skyrocketing increase in people who like to display their privates in public. this man would not divulge his name and put his clothes back on believe there's is nothing wrong with showing his assets. >> i think to be human it's to have a human body. to be ashamed of your bod gee ashame fd of of being human. >> this neighborhood is changed a lot. and in last couple decades there are children and families here, why should anyone have to have a conversation with a child mommy why is that man naked? that never has to happen. >> as long as they're respectable about it and not doing sexual things let them wear what they want. it's great about san francisco. diversity. >> supervisor weiner's legislation calls for fines. the measure has the mayor's
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support. >> there is some criticisms about it. we're a city enjoying freedom to do everything but there should be a ball so get ready for san francisco to be the butt of jokes. san jose and berkeley have bans on public nudity. >> and thank you very much. also in san francisco another crack down taking place on people who sleep in their vehicle. this afternoon there, is final approval of a ban after complaints from residents say these vehicles are use as homes and stay parked on streets for long periods. the bans going from midnight until 6:00 a.m. it mostly affects areas near the beach and golden gate park. >> south bay city of milpitas may be joining other cities in outsourcing the police department but proposal to make that switch took an
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unexpected turn. david louie is live. david? >> this is clear budgets make services vulnerable that. is how the police department finds on the potential chopping block. it costs $22 million a year to operate. the city council wanted to find out could they save money by outsource something now, they may never find out. 95 office yefrz found themselves in the cross hairs. three of the five decided to explore outsourcing to save money. reaction was immediate. there are posters a web site, and citizens began to speak out. >> this doesn't work. quality isn't g service is not good. and we don't have compassion that we do from our police department here. >> residents have seen cut
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backs. and park and landscape maintenance were outsourced. 42 city employees laid off. >> lie brairys we don't want them to cut that. and maybe other stuff. i don't know. >> he says he couldn't break way but told me outsourcing is one of many options being studied. >> if this sheriff was to take over services, the residents of milpitas could wo not have much of an impact on the sheriff responsible for two million people within the county. >> only agency that expressed interest was santa clara county sheriff that just
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indicated it's not interested in bidding. >> we have to find ways to raise the economy. it's find a way to create more jobs. >> and there is a res yugs requiring a vote of the public before outsource together police department can happen. >> thank you. >> and a san francisco man under aest for kidnapping a 9-year-old girl from parkside elementary school is fashion charges. the 25-year-old is accused of a second incident in washington elementary school. a teacher says he hid in a bathroom taking inappropriate photos of four girls reaching underneath the stall. >> there could be more victims that we are looking for. the fact that two weeks ago, we didn't have this mug shot out there. now this, will help with us
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this new case. because... the dpeens attorney will not be able to argue this teacher just saw his picture on television or in the newspaper. won't able to do that. it hasn't been out there. >> he's already in jail accused of groping a 9-year-old girl at parkside elementary and then carrying her off campus. investigators say she fought him off, ran back to school, reporting the crime. >> a man is in critical condition tonight after police say he shot himself in the head during a chase. sky 7 was over the scene and it happened on montgomery street just before 4:00 p.m. that is when police say they responded to a report. a man acting strangely in the area, possibly armed with a gun. police say they tried to contact him but the man ran and shot himself. >> and not far away a man went door to door wanting his neighbors just moments after a fire broke out at their apartment building.
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this started in a apartment building located behind a flower shop. >> what i heard was crackeling and i looked and put clothes on and fire had spread into the attic that is good time to access the area and put the fire out. >> good news, everyone got out unharmed. and investigators are still looking for what started this fire, two residents swril to find another place to live for the time being. >> we're awaiting arrival of the stars of fleet week. cameras are poised at san francisco international airport. the blue angels are due. we'll z.will be live for the landing scheduled just minutes from now. >> a's of oakland celebrating the spot they clenched in the major league baseball playoffs and they could advance before the games begin. we'll explain why.
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>> a major phone carrier accused of making a false ad. we'll take a look coming up on 7 on your side. >> and countdown to completion of the new bay bridge. tonight reporting on oakland touchdown. of
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>> fans are scrambling to secure tickets. and if they're winning ways continue they can clinch the american league west meaning a variety of tickets are for
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sale now based on the possibilities. and laura anthony is at the coliseum for us. >> and you can hear behind me, we heard chance and there is the first order of business. >> qho knew the party would extend well into today. no lack of enthusiasm among these fans. >> and. >> waiting in line to make sure they're part of the teep's next phone shall celebration. >> i was looking for tonight. >> wow this, is incredible. >> a few people can aappreciate the success more than mike norris. a pitcher known for overachievement autos we had a
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bunch of rookies in a lot of no name ball player buzz they seem to be a better team around than we were. and they seem like there is more tenacity. >> the a's performed in the shadow and the owner persists in his effort to move his effort out of town. >> now, the team is doing well. average fans are concerned. we want to show the teams get on the field and mr. wilson wants to reconsidering keeping the team here in oakland. >> and fans are lining up to make sure they're part of the regular season games. >> go, a's. and this would be butteful and let's get it cracking. >> in this line, you can't tell a fan by their colors. >> i was out shopping and he said do you want to go to the game? i said i'll pick you up.
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this is what i had on. >> so -- . >> i won't wear that tonight or tomorrow. that is my gear, on. >> and sounds like family and he said they were only considering that if the a's make it to the world series, you can hear chants behind me, they're excited go., a's in oakland. >> yes. thank you. a lot of reasons to be excited around the bay area. they're back or will be. the blue angels due in any minute they're here for annual appearance at the fleet week air show z abc 7 is live at sfo tonight where they will touch down. hi, mark. >> they're supposed to be here at 6:30 and there is is fleet
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week is fun for bay area and a lot of work for the coast guard and there is the coast guard saying it's going to be more work. >> the big air show and ships and hundreds of boats are a big weekend for coast guard. >> and when adding on america's cup it becomes bigger. >> there is a great marketing ploy but more work for the coast guard. >> there are 65 law enforcement and that is is expecting as many as 2000 private boats to be on the water. >> this is where you usually don't have a problem. people are understanding and know what they're supposed to be doing. we're there to enjoy a show. >> there will be added
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security including bomb-sniffing dogs. >> there is fears and what we'll be working on. >> most of what we'll be doing will be safety related checking to make sure voters are carrying life jackets for everyone on board and in case of trouble showing you rescue techniques. jumping in as they would to save from drowning. >> look at what they're going through. and what kind of message you're going to have to use. >> and safe as possible is the coast guard's motto for the weekend. the blue angels will be flying saturday and sunday and this world series boats plying on thursday. >> and because of events like fleet week and hardly districtly blue grass festival bart gearing up for what it is
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calling an epic weekend. they've scheduled up to a dozen event trains this weekend. the mayor today said the city arrange forward 100 taxies to be out on the streets as well. abc 7 we have a helpful guide for getting to many of the biggest events going on. just click on the one we're going through and we'll show you how to get there. and there is a s.a lot going on. >> there is. >> by the time we get to this activity weather will have changed. >> yes. yes. and there is. >> san francisco has high temperatures 90 degrees or above and looking out mount diablo. clear skies and conditions warm and is live doppler 7 hd.
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you can see we have no coastal clouds and no cooling fog at the coast or marine layer. we'll have it by tomorrow and right now we have continuing heat. 100 degrees at this hour in san rafael and livermore, we've got numerous readings into the 90s inland and right around the bay. there are places like redwood city and oakland. 83 here in san francisco. down from highs of 94 here in the city. there is heelt subsides tomorrow and sharper cooling for remainder of the week starting thursday and there is large masses of hot air and so almosts will add up to a cool down and is fog going to surge bringing with it a cooling sea
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breeze around the bay inland locations will be cooler tomorrow than today as well. there is mild to warm. lows into upper 50s to mid-60s and then, tomorrow, high temperatures still warm and not at today's levels. mid to upper 80s in san jose. and look for highs of 80s in san pa ma dayo z coast, mid-60s in pacifica and there is and today's low, 94 there are and there is highs of 76 in berkeley. 79 oakland and there is inland east bay there are only low to mid-90s tomorrow, low 9 1k30z near monterey bay, highs low
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70s near the bay. sheert accu-weather forecast. we'll see sharper cooling thursday and friday. and going throughout the weekend, highs reaching into 70s around the bay. low 70s and upper 50s on the coast. cool down for the epic weekend coming up. >> thank you. >> and coming up next an east bay man who has been recognized as a genius. >> and he's figured out how an unorthodox way families can become self sufficient.
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a christian legal group cal yempking a california law banning health officials from trying to turn gay and lesbian teenagers straight and the american skrik association considered this harm tofl patients. conservatives filed a lawsuit to stop the ban claiming it's tune unconstitutional violating the first amendment. >> this is absolutely clamping down on speech by professionals involved and
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affects minors and their parents rights to access particular types of therapy. >> the group argues the therapy does work for some people and he signed the bill and said, quote, these have no basis in science or medicine. they will now be relegated to the dust bin of quackery. >> an oakland man is one of 23 winners so called genius grants and is a family independence initiative after a challenge from mayor jerry brown taking a different approach to help poor families instead of giving aid it helps them figure out their own paths towards self sufficient. >> we're looking at character loans so that if you don't meet other criteria, there are other criteria you can access low interest loan autos the family independence initiative
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helped about 800 families and he plans to use a portion of the $500,000 money to expand the program to other country autos coming up next, there is a big new layoff announcement from silicon valley. hundreds of people about to lose their job autos stage is set tonight for first presidential debate. and voting against underway. >> there is a progress report on the new bay bridge. the lock is run to opening day. stay with us.
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good evening, there is a packed house tonight. emotions are really on edge. abc 7 news is in that meeting and just told us that minutes ago the public comment portion started spiralling out of control. and this is happening because the city council is considering limiting public access to meetings after major disruptions.
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family and supporters of a man shot and killed by police demanding an inquiry into the death. we're going to have full coverage tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00 and 11:00. >> there is the first debate between president obama and mitt romney is 24 hours away. crews put the finishing touches on the stage. the candidates mostly he stayed out of the public eye today finishing their preparation that's left the campaigning up to their running mates. and there is paul ryan pushing the g.o.p. agenda in iowa. >> we can have a dynamic pro growth economy fostering independence and opportunity. this is a clear choice in this race. >> vice president biden sent a message about his claim that 40% of americans think of themselves as victims. >> never, never, never... been
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a good bet to bet against the american people. sheriff. >> michelle obama hit the road traveling to cincinnati to help kick off early voting which began today in ohio. and there are now 34 states plus district of columbia offer early voting and abc news will provide live coverage here on abc 7. >> there is back to the blue angels arriving. >> such a terrific site. there is working hard in preparation as part of fleet week celebrations. this is a treat here and there it is. there is an f 18 hornet coming
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in for a landing. >> and there is a refueling problem. half making their way in now. and there is where i supposed rest will follow. >> and moving on, tonight's money matters there is a round of layoffs in silicon valley. there is confirmed plans to layoff with b.5% of the 9,000 employees. they would not say how many cuts would come. samsung won permission to sell it's galaxy computer in the united states. banned under a verdict found samsung copied apple's tablet technology. and there are september car cars are up because loans are cheap and drivers have gone for years without replacing
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vehicles and there is uncertainty about the european economy sent the dow jones down today. the nasdaq went up slightly. s and p hit its highest mark in nearly five years. >> researchers launching a project that could save millions of pim wim from being infected from the aids virus this, delivery puts technology into the hands of women. it's estimated 3,000 women around the world are infected with hiv every day. and there is a majority in africa. and now, this team is developing a gel they believe will cut numbers dramatically. >> this is a two part gel that will be applied to the site will stick for such a long time and two drugs in our case one effective against hiv and other against hiv. >> idea to protect women from hiv and hsv, 2, a form of
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again tall herpes. she says the gel would be effective alternative in a male dominated cultures sometimes discouraging use of condoms you want to empower the women and aan ability to take charge of their health. >> this to jekt awarded a half million dollar grant to fund research two years. this doctor believes the therapy could be effective because hsv 2 often leaves women more vulnerable to contracting hiv. >> this if reduce one, you'll reduce another. >> suggesting if it were used in a prax of women having unprotected sex in the developing world this could prevent hundreds of thousands of infections every year. and since the gel employs established drugs the team hopes to speed up the approval process. >> we're hoping next two years
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we can take this to a stage to get on there and say you're going start hopefully, now in afterica in a few years. >> and and that sounds promising. >> coming up next a promotion leads a customer to think she'd get a discount. >> there
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breaking news, the sheriff's office located a body in the area where a boat cap sized on sunday. they cannot confirm at this point the body is that of a missing fisherman. >> the coroner is on the way. a big wave hit and cap sized a boat, four men started to swim to shore two did not make it. there is live sky 7 hd pictures again. last night the body of one was found and a second man remains missing a woman thought she's going to get a monthly discount signing up for a promotion by her cell phone company it turned out that was not going to be easy. she turned to michael finney for help and there is michael here with the story it seemed easy enough. there is a monthly discount but it didn't work out that way.
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jacinta chow bought her phone and she got this message it says is simple and super easy, you can be safing $5 off. >> to get it, she thought all she had to do was sign her account up for a auto bill pay and that is what she did. >> kept saying no. is for iphone users and this is false advertisement. >> saying the message received publicized came on four separate pages we checked the message and found no mention of the iphone in the message. and then contacted joe ride out. >> if it's an only office for one particular phone, mention that's no one is that that does seem deceptive. >> telling us the message only
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meant as generic mean she wasn't the only customer confused by it. virgin mobile said it should have included a link to the iphone plan we could find no link in the message she showed us. >> that was the message. i took the screen shot first page and i scrolled down and three more pages of screen shots. the whole thing. >> the company doesn't have to deceive a consumer if a reasonable consume jer likely to be misled. >> virgin mobile later asked for a link to the message. she says she never received a link. just a message. virgin mobile refused to bend but later, agreed to give her the discount for seven months. after we got involved. >> thank you for helping me. >> and they say she changed
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the ad campaign. >> thank you. >> and coming up next a new name for the california fish and game. >> and like many celebrities working in this area, famous hollywood sign is getting a face lift.
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countdown to the completion of the new bay bridge and eastern span continues to take shape. there is a $6.4 billion project years in the making and today, abc 7 news take a look at work going on on the oakland side. >> the clock in caltrans bay bridge construction office counts down. >> we're on a rush. to finish in next 220 some odd day autos and it calls for opening the web wb side first. the problem not enough room to
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build the new roadway in the foot print of the old but engineers solve that had problem lopping nine months off the schedule. >> there is also looking for ways to improve the job. they designed this project. now we're moving forward, quickly. >> a lot of work is going on right now. and this foundation has been knocked down. the water rises and falls with the tide what is now a pool will be filled in with concrete. >> what we're able to do is use something that is back to youant. >> and the plywood forms goring up, fast. getting ready for concrete to be poured.
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for anyone hoping to get a boat's eye view caltrans has a warning it's dangerous. >> there is a extra patrols, it's so much work going on that span so please do not go underneath the bridge we're living that. >> and the suspension bridge is a mouthful when you're going to be hearing a lot of. and this is that signature section of the bridge and caltrans does not want anyone going underneath there because there is a probability you can be hit with someone falling off of the bridge because there is so much work going on. >> thank you very much. >> there is after six decades of california department of fish and game it will be the department of fish and
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wildlife. the word game refers to animals that are hunted. sporting groups are concerned it will change the department's focus as well. this is the result of a bill signed by governor brown. it's mer than any other governor since 1967 when ronald reagan held the office. >> arnie duncan called for a end to the use of textbooks for schools, proposing schools speed up the process of switching from printed books to digital ones saying only a null smaul number of the school districts are using in that direction and the u.s. is falling the rest of the world. >> california most famous landmarks is about to get a makeover. there is workers began stripping the letters down to sheet metal so they can be
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primed and given a coat of paint. it will take 10 weeks to finish and should be finished in time to celebrate the 90th anniversary next year. it went up in 1923 to promote a real estate develop called hollywoodland but land vanished over the years. >> still looking good. >> there is a a look back on ahas been the final day of triple digit heat there are clover dale 102. 100 degrees in clear lake and napa. there is 101 in antioch there is three records for the date. there is pretty hot weather notice highs from about 10-20
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degrees lower than today's high there is afternoon hours from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. we'll see sunny skies and winds at about 10-20 knots and mild. there are cooling continuing throughout the weekend by the end of the week highs inland only into upper 70s and low 70s around the bay. and there is where you can be a big winner, friends are eligible and whether you're a new fan or with us from the beginning just go to our facebook page and click on the win $49,000 button. we'll announce the winner october 18th here on abc 7. >> excellent, thank you. >> okay. >> an injured player gets a
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second chance at bat today. second chance at bat today. >> there is a this is a lot of food for 4 bucks. yeah... think they made a mistake? i don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night.
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then, a car accident
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caught on tape. here is a question. was it a million dollar disaster or a case of fraud? >> then at 11:00 there is new study went looking for answers from thousands of people what. we researchers discovered is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> there is a's everybody so excited. >> party is continuing. >> and there is a game coming up. a's had a chance hoping for another one, tomorrow two, more wins over texas giving american league west title. one party at a time, please. a's thrilled to have locked up a wild card playoff spot. >> this is like bunny ball, two. according to a's have lowest payroll in baseball,
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$50 million for the season compared to texas. $120 million, angels just eliminated $154 million. making champagne go down smoother. >> this is unbelievable game. there is everything you can want. you know? great crowd coming out tonight to get behind it. and when i'm out there. this is got to be a great feeling. not going get old, i'll tell you that. >> and there is a going for texas against travis blackly for oakland. orioles taking a half game lead over the a's z chris davis with a solo homer. and significance here is that team with the best record will
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host a play skrof on friday. a's need to win tonight to keep pace with baltimore, adam greenburg got a chance to experience majors tonight. this is an amazing story. seven years ago greenburg played for cubs first pitch he saw got hit in the head by a fast ball. since then suffered post concussion symptoms and dizziness. would not give up the dream. and there is marlins giving him a second chance. >> that is me ask it's a dream come true this, is the start of hopefully, my career in this game that i wanted as a kid. and i feel like i'm going to show this is a start of hopefully part two of my. >> so here is greenburg. he had to face the nickel ball
6:56 pm
king. got him swinging. hopefully greenburg will get another chance with some major league teams. >> there is cardinals coming off a first loss of the season upset over washington. there is saturday, cardinals hosting arizona. head coach saying he's not making a change. >> there is always nice to know coach has your back. the quarterback gets too much credit, we win. too much blame, we lose. it's part of the business. so for him it's just continuing to be efficient and there he's got to play better than the week before. >> there is a fun video to close with. in minnesota there is a tradition fchl they win home coming game the players and
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coaches jump into lake bimigeez then, everybody sings the school fight song. and there is -- yeah. right. >> and this is... you want to be there first. >> yes. >> and there is we want to leave you a closer look and there is only three rides this evening and they'll be here shortly. thanks for watching. >> and hope to see you later this evening.
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