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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 8, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. cold blast from coast to coast. 31 states below freezing right now. the first snow of the year in the northeast. is winter already here? sam's tracking the latest. oh, oh there's contact! stewart into the middle of the pack and over! >> massive crash, just feet from the finish line. at one of the biggest nascar races of the year. a stunning 25-car pileup at almost 200 miles an hour. twisted steel, burned rubber, and which superstar racer triggered it all by getting greedy to win? caught on tape. marriage mayhem. police officers from all over philadelphia, racing to a high-end hotel where a fight is so out of control, tasers and batons are pulled out. one of the brides gets punched. what really started the wedding brawl? i'm going turn it around and
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cut you open like a rotten piece of fruit! >> and it's "melrose" monday, with billy, allison, jake, and joe, and of course, heather locklear as amanda. wait till you see who is here live. one of the original cast members takes times square. happy monday, everyone! robin is recovering from her bone marrow transplant. it's great to have amy robach here with us, who may be the only person who knows who the surprise guest is. >> right. >> i'm keeping my lips sealed right now. >> who is taking times square? >> who is it? >> does he snore? >> we have a lot to get to this morning. we want to get the latest to the white house race. inside a month to go, a new race. national polls show mitt romney getting a real bounce out of the debate win. we'll have the latest on that ahead. also ahead, we'll have the latest on the escalating meningitis outbreak.
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the number of cases more than doubling over the weekend to 91. dr. besser joining us with what you need to know right now. and we have some big news for one of our family members, sam. [ applause ] many of you know his fantastic news. over the weekend, do you want to tell, or shall i? >> i -- i drks i -- i was -- i got engaged. [ applause ] >> there's the ring. >> thank you. yeah, thank you very much. and the amazing response from folks all over the country was just incredible for us. and i thank you. and we'll talk about that. >> we have a wedding to plan. >> we got a wedding to plan. >> so excited, sam. we'll talk more about that coming up. that's right, sam is leading off the show because we have freezing weather headlines to talk about. after the third hottest summer on record, the u.s. is getting a quick turnaround with winter-like air. look that snow. so many people across the country waking up to a big chill right now. over the weekend, hundreds of
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lows. sam, the man of the hour, has been tracking is overnight. >> good morning, amy, thank you very much. the chill this weekend, so cold, as a matter of fact, temperatures in the 20s that minnesota was able to make snow and open ski resorts. yep, at least put a little patch on the ground. we got about an inch of snow in the mountains of vermont and new hampshire as well. so take a look at the temperatures and drop down. know that that 32 degrees in tulsa is remarkable. 15 in sioux city, 6 in laramie. in dallas, highs getting into the 50s. this is a real reach for this deep cold air. and it starts to swing east. it's not just the middle of the country and the great lakes that will be feeling those temperatures over the next couple of days, we're moderating that but the chill under way now. take a look at the number of states -- 2206 them under frost and freeze advisories. it's an early punch of cold air. and this may be the pattern for the winter that we're mild in general but get these really deep pushes of cold air. but we'll talk more of that as we get to america's weather in
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just a minute. >> a lot of cold. congratulations, sam, great news. >> thank you. and to the white house now, 29 days to go. it's "your voice your vote" and mitt romney is heading into the week with a head of steam from the debate. abc's david muir is here with the latest from the campaign trail. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. as you know, both campaigns eagerly awaiting polls in those crucial battleground states this week to get real sense of who is ahead this week after the political whiplash. the president lifted with that unemployment rate, now below 8%. even the president overnight reviewing his own debate performance. president obama on the west coast overnight, at a star-studded concert fund-raiser. after thanking the performers, the president with a not-to-subtle reference to his own debate performance. >> they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. [ laughter ] >> reporter: one of six fund-raisers expected to bring in nearly $10 million with help from bill clinton and stars including katy perry, who
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tweeted this photo of her presidential polish. it comes as we learned the president had a record haul in september, $181 million in donations. the most any incumbent president has ever raised in a single month. ♪ i was born free >> reporter: but mitt romney charging ahead with his debate performance now getting some of his biggest crowds yet. >> i'm convinced that you'll have a chance to hear his answers or his nonanswers. now, of course, days later, we're hearing his excuses. and next january, we'll be watching him leave the white house for the last time. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the newest daily gallup poll has romney just throw points behind the president, cutting the lead in half from the president's peak. romney's running mate touting poll numbers in his home state of wisconsin tightening, too. >> i feel good. it's great to be home, too. >> reporter: and "saturday night live" with its own version of the debate. >> excuse me, governor -- mr. president?
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>> yeah, what's up? >> mr. president, governor romney has just said that he killed osama bin laden. [ laughter ] would you care to respond? >> uh, no, you two go ahead. [ laughter ] >> reporter: a few more debates to come. the gallup daily tracking poll that i mentioned there is an average of over seven days. even though the president is ahead, if you look inside the numbers, the president ahead by five points. five days after, the two men 47/47. >> he's going to press the attack with a foreign policy speech focusing on that attack that killed the american ambassador in libya. >> he's going to take on the administration in this, george. in fact, the campaign giving me a preview of what they're going to say later. the attack in benghazi was likely the work of the same forces that attacked on september 11th. not the reprehensible movie on islam that the administration
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has been talking about for several days after the attack. he's going full steam on this. >> and diane sawyer and i will have live coverage of the v.p. candidates, joe biden and paul ryan go at it this thursday, 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific. or colleague, martha raddatz will be moderating. let's go to josh. you have information on libya as well. and new information this morning about that attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that did kill the u.s. ambassador. abc news has retained a memo that raised questions about whether the state department rejected warnings from its own staff about security. senior white house correspondent jake tapper joins us this morning with those details. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, josh. that's right, this memo details all the ways the u.s. embassy in libya relied on what is called a security support team. that left in august. the commander of the team tells me he wanted to stay past august and ambassador stevens wanted his team to stay, as well. in the memo, obtained exclusively by abc news, the embassy in libya did not mince
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words, requesting that the state department keep the 16-member security support team in the country. quite simply, we cannot maintain our existing levels of embassy operations without a continued security support team presence, the memo says. that request, made in february, was granted. after that, security in libya deteriorated further with western target attacks. now the commander of the security team tells me his team wanted to stay past august and that ambassador stevens wanted them there as well. but for some reason, the state department, he says, did not let it happen. wood will testify in front of the oversight committee wednesday. >> we need to operate in a country like libya with -- erring on the side of security. >> reporter: a senior state department official tells abc news that no official request for an extension after august was ever made and there were just as many u.s. shooters present as before. the official denied that the state department was too eager to transfer security to local libyan contractors, an idea that congressional investigators are exploring. and the big question is, of course, would the presence of this security team made a
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difference on that horrible night last month. the state department says no, the security support team would have been in tripoli that night of the attack. not in benghazi. but lieutenant colonel wood tells me the last time that ambassador stevens was going to go to benghazi, the security support team was going with them, although that was scrubbed. >> jake tapper in washington, thank you for that. meanwhile, the venezuelan president hugo chavez a vocal opponent of the united states has been re-elected. it is his closest win yet, however, with just 54% of the vote. he has promised to create his own version of socialism there. meanwhile here at home, major security lapses at one of the busiest airports in the country. an undercover investigation by the tsa found that screeners at newark airport failed to properly pat down passengers 83% of the time. and in only one-quarter of all cases did screeners find prohibited items and take appropriate action. and an historic launch from cape canaveral overnight. for the first time, a commercial
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cargo ship is headed to the space station to resupply astronauts. that's because the shuttles are not around to do it anytime. nasa is paying a company called spacex, $130 million. for each delivery. and a milestone last night in professional football. saints quarterback drew brees surpassed johnny unitas' record last night. broke the record for most consecutive games with a touchdown pass. there it is, 48 and counting. also of note for one of our own, the saints won their first game of the year, 31-24, over the chargers. that is why, between her toes, robin roberts is smiling wide this morning. congratulations to all you who dats, who are gonna beat them saints? amy? >> all right, josh, thanks so much. now to the very latest on the dangerous meningitis outbreak. the number of known cases more than doubles over the weekend.
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91 cases in nine states. seven people have died. the and the scare has been linked to steroid injections. the company involved is recalling all of its products. dr. besser is joining us. you were here friday. how serious does this outbreak look now? >> this is very serious. it's more than doubled since friday. these were injections that people got for back pain, okay? they were dealing with back pain and now they have to worry about meningitis. the product was sent -- there were over 17,000 vials sent to 76 clinics in 17 states. this fungus grows very slowly. you could see cases for an entire month. >> and how soon should patients, if they're starting to feel symptoms, get to the doctor? this could be a matter of life or death. >> you want to get to the doctor right away. go to to see if your clinic is one of those 76. if it was, contact your doctor to see if you received this product. and if you did, at the earliest symptom, you want to contact your doctor and get treated. >> the outbreak has put a spotlight on something called a
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compounding pharmacy. what is that and should we be concerned? >> these are what is called an old-style pharmacy mixing powders and solutions. there is no fda oversight. that has to change. these pharmacies were designed to provide products for local people in your community. and that's not what happened here. it's a big problem, and i think there's going to be change at the government level. >> all right, dr. richard besser, we appreciate very important information. george, over to you. >> okay. amy, thanks. now, what could be the latest fallout from skyrocketing gas prices out west. with fuel so valuable, thieves are pouncing, stealing gas straight from the pumps. abc's cecilia vega is at the pumps at a gas station in los angeles to explain how they're doing it. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: george, good morning. take a look at this. all of this gas here at this station in los angeles, well above $5 a gallon which shows you just how much this stuff is worth right now. one pair of thieves here in california stole so much gas
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they had enough gas to make the trip back and forth between los angeles and new york four times. the brazen thieves hit this shell station near sacramento four times in three days. managing to steal $4,500 worth of gasoline. >> i don't know if we can recover that money or not. but at least, those people should go to jail. >> reporter: in all, they took off with more than 1100 gallons of precious gas. here's how police say they did it. at 1:30 in the morning, a man in a black pickup pulled up to the station. somehow, he managed to disable the meter and pump 300 gallons of gas straight into a tank in the back of the truck. police believe the thieves came back twice the next day and hundreds more gallons. then, they came back again, a day later. this time, during store hours to steal even more. >> it actually was brought to the attention of the owner because he was short on his tallies for his amount of gas. >> reporter: this as skyrocketing california prices broke records over the weekend with aaa putting the average
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price at $4.65 a gallon. that's a whopping 84 cents more than the rest of the country. this summer, thieves punctured tanks and cut fuel lines in a fleet of rental trucks in southern california. and this spring, at another sacramento area station, two men were caught on camera prying open a tank and funneling $1,000 in gas straight into an elaborate pump right inside their fake bread truck. with so much pain at the pump, it seems thieves up and down the golden state are making a killing on liquid gold. and it's not just that thieves are stealing gas that concerns police. there's potential for danger here. amy, any spark could ignite a serious disaster. >> all right, cecilia vega, thanks so much. that leads us to our next story which is all about a major disaster. a massive 25-car pileup at the talladega racetrack in alabama sunday. it was one of the biggest crashes, look at that, in nascar history.
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it all happened just feet from the finish line. josh is here with the latest on the big one. josh. >> you see that, you wonder how does this not happen each and every week? as it took out all manner of champion and contender. and as amy said, it all happened on the race's final lap triggered by a little racin' from tony stewart. take a look at the aftermath. >> kenseth behind him. >> oh, there's contact! >> inside of you now. >> stewart in the middle of the pack and over! >> reporter: this is what trying to win at all costs looks and sounds like at nearly 200 miles an hour. twisted steel, flying debris, torched rubber. when it all cleared sunday at talladega, 25 cars out of the race. >> and a huge wreck to end this race. >> reporter: watch again, just after tony stewart in the 14 car pulls ahead in the last turn of the last lap at one of the cathedrals of racing, storied talladega. >> tony stewart's car up on its
7:16 am
side. >> reporter: but stewart, by his own admission, got greedy. >> i was trying to win the race, you know, i was trying to stay ahead of matt. you know, just a mistake on my part but it cost a lot of people a bad day because of it. >> reporter: to hold his lead, he tries block others from passing him. then impact. watch as stewart gets clipped by michael waltrip, starting one of the biggest chain reaction wrecks in nascar history. >> i just screwed up. i turned down. it was my fault blocking to try to stay where i was at. >> reporter: while nine drivers were released from the nascar care center, almost nobody was injured. >> you know it's going to get aggressive. you know you're not going to make it back to the checkered without there being a wreck. >> reporter: in the end, matt kenseth escaped the carnage, snatching the race. one of only five cars to actually see the checked flag. >> that was the craziest, craziest experience i have ever had here at talladega. >> oh! >> for somebody like jeff gordon to say, yes, seriously, it is not. you also saw the technological advantages in the sport.
7:17 am
where something like that can happen, because the force is taken away from the drivers, everybody did in the end walk away. >> no injuries at 200 miles an hour. >> no. >> that is incredible. okay, guys, thanks very much. now, a story you might not expect to see at costco. everyone knows the warehouse chain is a great place to stock up on basics with big discounts. now costco is giving its 60 million members the ultimate high-end shopping experience. abc's john muller has the details. >> reporter: it is famous for stretching the family dollar from toilet paper to televisions, t-shirts to t-bones. costco is the american staple for staples. now the retailer is selling fine art on its website. >> costco sells just about anything. i mean, why not? >> reporter: a matisse lithograph. $1,049. and an andy warhol. to put it another way, 2,336 rolls of kirkland brand of toilet paper or 187 pounds of cashews.
7:18 am
costco says it keeps the cost below those of most galleries by charging no more than a 14% markup. business is booming since the art was first listed weeks ago. if you go online, you notice these masterpieces are sold out. >> i mean, i like costco. but for fine art -- i'd rather be in person. >> they're a big company and i would trust buying fine art from them. >> reporter: the artwork will join other luxury offerings at costco like jewelry and designer wedding dresses. believe it or not, fine art has been sold at discount chains before. sears sold picassos, rembrandts, and chagals back in the 1970s. and get this, your warhol comes with a money back guarantee. if you don't like it. that might just be better than 15 minutes of fame. for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> who knew? hey, sam i i saw you had your eye on the matisse. >> i know where you're going, george. i got it. no. let's get to the boards.
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one or two things we need to talk about. we talked about that cold air that's pushing through the country. how about soaking rain for a good part of the east coast? it starts in the southeast with the stationary front from north florida. a low runs around it. it's going to be a soaking time. in wilmington and raleigh. by dinnertime, this rain moves up to d.c., after dinnertime into tomorrow morning, it's into the northeast. it's locally about an inch of rain with gusty winds. here's where the gorgeous warm weather stays in place. sacramento at 75, l.a. at 77 palm springs at 92 degrees. phoenix, you're sitting at 95.
7:20 am
>> that's the weather on this columbus day. all of america's weather coming up in the next half hour. everybody. >> all right, sam, thank you. coming up on "gma," brand-new clues in the desperate search for a 10-year-old girl who vanished on her way to school. caught on tape. a stunning brawl breaks out between two wedding parties at a high-end hotel.
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for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress! a toast... the capital one venture card. fly any airline, any flight, anytime. double miles you can actually use. what a coincidence? what's in your wallet? [ all screaming ] watch the elbows ladies. >> good morning. cleanup is underway around oakland city hall after protesters broke windows and damaged cars as they marched from 14th and telegraph last night they targeted city hall, police recruiting station, banks, businesses and cars.
7:25 am
police say they were outnumbered and couldn't move in without help. demonstrators disbursed before the help could get there. >> sue is checking traffic. still a couple hot spots 80 westbound looking better earlier accident gilman now cleared. lombard between webster and buchanan with a water main break that could be flooding lanes there we are following that. westbound dumbarton bridge left lane blocked with fuel spill. you may find slow traffic from the toll plaza.
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few clouds around the bay area, temperatures 40s north bay valleys around half moon bay and los gatos a little fog in the north bay valleys lowest availability 2 appear 1/4. into the afternoon, -- cooler five in livermore, 12 in napa.
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look at this brawl caught on tape. that is actually two different wedding parties coming together in a high-end hotel. and they went at it. mayhem. one of the brides got punched. police from around philadelphia were called in to stop it. we're going to have that story coming up in just a little bit. good morning, america. as you know, robin recovering from a bone marrow transplant. great to have amy robach here. >> thank you. also ahead, a surprising twist in the story of an nfl cheerleader accused of having sex with a 16-year-old student. we're going to look what the it means for this case. also, it's "melrose" monday here on "gma." it all started when we teamed up with our friends at "entertainment weekly" to make it happen. one of the stars is going to make a surprise visit to our
7:31 am
studio, thanks to one of our anchors this morning. >> oh. >> you wield a lot of power, my friend. we'll explain coming up. we as have the world exclusive premiere coming up. world superstar taylor swift for you, "gma," viewers, it's her brand-new album. it's fantastic. can't wait to share it with you later in the show. >> can't wait for that. but now we have a difficult story to begin with out of colorado. the latest in the search for a little girl last seen walking to school on friday. police are zeroing in on an area where they found 10-year-old jessica ridgeway's backpack. clayton sandell is covering that recovery. >> reporter: good morning to you. police are going through that backpack. it is a major clue and the first promising lead in a case that has so far investigators stumped. >> we've been looking for a lead and this possibly is that. >> reporter: police swooped in on this denver subdivision sunday after a man e-mailed his neighbors about a backpack and water bottle he found on the sidewalk. >> he wrote an e-mail that said
7:32 am
there's property that has the name of jessica ridgeway. 20 minutes after he had sent that, he received an e-mail that said this may be the missing girl's. >> reporter: officers immediately shut down this neighborhood six miles from where jessica disappeared. questioning residents and stopping cars. >> he believes the backpack to be jessica's. >> reporter: jessica's mother sarah said she last saw her daughter friday morning walking to the elementary school in westminster, colorado. when jessica didn't show up for school, the staff called her mom, sarah said she was sleeping after working the graveyard shift and didn't get the call. by the time she got the message, eight crucial hours had passed. over the weekend, 800 volunteers came to search, scouring hills and roads. teams with dogs combing up and down jessica's street. overnight, jessica's father
7:33 am
jeremiah bryant provided this photograph of his daughter. bryant lives 600 miles away in missouri. he said the photo was taken six weeks ago when she came to visit him. it was the last time he saw her. jessica's parents are in the middle of a custody suit over their daughter. but police say they don't believe that has anything to do with her disappearance. for now, investigators say they haven't ruled anyone in or out. >> the idea or thought that she was taken by a stranger clearly is possible. but statistically, it's going to be a very small number. >> reporter: but investigators stress they have no suspects and they still need tips from the public. right now, they're using a bloodhound in the area where jessica's backpack was found. they're hoping to pick up her trail and bring her home. >> we're all hoping for that. thanks very much. george, now to that former cincinnati bengals cheerleader and high school teacher charged with having a sexual relationship with an underage student. the style was set to start this week. but sarah jones is due in a kentucky court to accept a plea
7:34 am
deal today instead. abc's paula faris joins us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy. it's a complete 180 for this cincinnati ben-gals cheerleader. she pleaded not guilty to having sex with a minor but her attorneys say today she will accept a plea deal. abc news had learned that sarah jones, the former cheerleader and high school teacher accused of having sex with a student will avoid a very public trial. jones' attorney said later this morning, she will accept a plea deal after originally pleading not guilty to sexual abuse. >> people don't know the real me. i ask people to hold their judgment until the truth comes out. >> reporter: prosecutors said the 26-year-old used e-mails and text messages to seduce a 16-year-old student back in november of 2011. the relationship they say led to a three-month affair with the
7:35 am
teen. up until now, jones denied wrongdoing, blaming the boy's ex-girlfriend for spreading lies. >> this has gotten out of control and it was started by high school girls. and at the end of the day, everyone will know the truth. >> reporter: jones maintains the 16-year-old boy was a family friend. in a surprising twist, the teen's family showed up at court to support her. >> yes, he was a student, he was not my student. he was a family friend, who i'm close with his parents. had it not been for their support, it would have been tiflt to get through this. >> reporter: abc news has learned that jones' mother, a former principal in the same district will also accept a plea deal. >> mentally, sarah couldn't have done it by herself and she needed my support. >> reporter: cheryl jones was charged with tampering with evidence in the case, something her daughter maintained throughout was unfair. >> the hardest thing was going through, not only me going through it but having my mom go
7:36 am
through it with me because what had happened to her is not fair. so my goal is for her charges to be dismissed. >> now, the prosecution has no comment on that plea deal. but her attorneys tell us that it should be filed today. had sarah jones opted for a trial, she potentially faced upwards of ten years in prison, her mother, five. amy? >> all right, paula faris, thank you so much. for more on this, let's bring in "gma" legal analyst dan abrams. we just saw that the judge was going to allow those allegedly incriminating e-mails between jones and the boy. what role did that play? >> the game-changer. the minute the judge says these text messages are coming in, suddenly, sarah jones and her attorney probably sat down and said to themselves, okay, is this worth it? these are being described as steamy text messages. so at the very least, you've got something that would be incredibly embarrassing to her. and at the very worst, you've got incredibly incriminating against her. the minute the judge made this ruling, i bet it was that moment
7:37 am
that the defense attorney went to the prosecutors and said, okay, i may not have been ready to cut a deal, but now i am. >> we understand why the defense made that move. why would prosecutors agree to this? >> because this wasn't that easy of a case. yes, you've got text messages but you've got the family of the alleged victim, this boy, supporting her and saying he wasn't a victim here. so imagine now the trial taking place where you've got this young man taking the witness stand, really supporting her account. you've got his family supporting her account, her side, makes it a tough case to prosecute. >> what do you think this deal may look like? >> well, i think it's probably a misdemeanor. probably something like 30 days in jail. maybe no jail time. just probation. something very light. conditions that, for example, she shouldn't teach again, et cetera. but that's the sort of deal i'd expect. remember, you were talking about something for each of the two charges here, up to five years, even if convicted of those likely would have been, let's say, a year, year and a half.
7:38 am
with a plea deal, i think you're talking about a lot less than that. >> and the mom may end up winning in this as well? >> yeah, i think she was the token here, basically to put pressure on her saying you don't want to play with us, we're going to charge your mom. >> thank you. let's get a check of the weather with sam champion. sam? >> hey, good morning, amy. remember we talked about at the top of the show, it's the first real push of cold air deep into the country. it's not a shallow push. 44 in rapid city. get to dallas, 40 degrees in dallas as well. houston, 55. nashville, 46, new york city, 44, boston, 46, remember, most of the country was settling into those very warm numbers for a long period of time. third warmest summer on record in the u.s. and now we get our first early push of cold air. but the warmer weather battles back. in the deep south, you don't hold on to it long. dallas, 80 by wednesday. new orleans, 83. memphis, you're going into the 70s on tuesday.
7:39 am
>> and don't forget, a little soggy on the east coast this morning. all that weather was brought to you by nutella. amy? >> all right. wedding guests gone wild. the stunning reception brawl caught on tape. reception brawl caught on tape. i tell them, "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast." funny, that last part gets through. [ male announcer ] serving nutella is quick and easy. its great taste comes from a unique combination of simple ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. okay, plates in the sink, grab your backpacks --
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7:43 am
7:43 now. and we are back with the stunning brawl caught on tape. two wedding parties throwing punches at a high-end hotel in philadelphia over the weekend. police from all over the city called to the scene to break it up. and abc's linsey davis joining us now with the latest on this story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, lara. when you think of some of the worst things that can happen during a wedding this is likely one of them. a huge brawl during a wedding reception involving according to police estimates anywhere from 75 to 100 people. a fiasco that lasted 20 minutes and ended with one person dying. what you're watching is video from not one but two weddings gone horribly wrong.
7:44 am
leaving one man dead from an apparent heart attack and three others in handcuffs. police say this massive brawl came about in a high-end hotel in, wildly enough, philadelphia's society hill neighborhood. police say at one point, it got so chaotic, officers from all over the city responded. you can see at least half a dozen of them here in a blue shirt. watch as this officer appears to strike someone with a baton, force police now say was necessary. officers say one of those involved had to be tased. and a 57-year-old man, reportedly the uncle of the bride, suffered a heart attack. he later died. if you look closely, you can even see one of the brides right there to the left of your screen. >> did they just deck the bride? >> reporter: this marriage mayhem was all caught on tape by max schultz, a teenager from harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> hundreds of people, 75 to 100 people, shoving each other. at that point, i started with my
7:45 am
camera. >> reporter: it was schultz's birthday, he had just turned 15 and was awakened by all the ruckus. >> it's my freakin' birthday. go to bet. >> reporter: police say this was a confrontation between relatives and friends attending one of the weddings held at the hotel. when people attending a second wedding elsewhere came back to the bar at the hotel, police say the original confrontation escalated, soon becoming this. schultz's video is now evidence and police continue to review it to determine if additional people will face charges for involvement in this wedding reception that unexpectedly became a real bash. the commissioner has viewed the cell phone video, along with surveillance video from the hotel. and he said the amount of police force used was appropriate, considering all the chaos. two of the people were charged with disorderly conduct. one man is still in custody. he was arrested for assault on
7:46 am
police. we need to tell sam, make sure these people are not on his guest list. >> thank you very much. coming up, we have josh with "the play of the day." and it's stopping traffic. we'll explain. also, "melrose" monday. the cast together again. and which one is here live? a shadowy figure coming at you. ou. ♪ a pep talk s dad gave him about asking out the cutest girl in algebra. the metcalfe brothers had a staring contest to see who'd get the last bite of dessert. four old roommates debated whether asia was or wasn't the greatest '80s supergroup ever. and a surprise birthday party caught amanda sullivan totally off-guard. all over delicious entrees like new smoky chipotle chicken fajitas from our $20 dinner for two. chili's -- more life happens here. what do we do when something really wants to be painted? we break out new behr ultra with stain-blocker from the home depot...
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the day"! all kidding aside, at least for a minute, sam, congratulations. seriously, it's great. great news. love it. thank you. this one's for you, for some reason. the next time you're stuck in traffic, you might want to blame this fellow. he's an emu. >> oh. >> just check it out. this happens in cape canaveral and apparently other parts of the globe when it's emu mating season and the only thing that might work out for them are the
7:51 am
cars. >> where did that come from? >> taco. >> exactly, that's taco. >> there's emus there? >> that sounds like a question, sam. apparently, he was tracked down and taken off to jail. as you see here, read his rights. everything's okay. >> he's in emu jail? >> he's in emu jail. which we like to call -- hey, sam, congratulations. it's great. taylor swift, world exclusive! where are you going? ♪ every ever ever ♪
7:52 am
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7:56 am
. good morning. governor brown is ordering state regulators to allow winter blend to be sold early. senator feinstein has asked the ftc to investigate the recent hike. prices are at record levels. $4.74 in san francisco, 50 cents higher than a week ago. >> mike has forecast. good morning. big weather story, 5 to 12° cooler this afternoon, partly cloudy, 60s mainly inland valleys, a few 70s, 40s and
7:57 am
50s tonight. >> water main break on lombard has traffic slow one lane blocked. slow past the presidio. westbound dumbarton earlier fuel spill clear. 80 westbound crawling off the bay bridge due to an accident at 8th street. slow on the skyway. >> news continues with "good morning america." another update in about a
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ it's always a good time and a nice columbus day crowd here on times square this morning. a little chilly but look how packed they are. it's cool today in new york. we had a lot of people come here. it is a big monday here at "gma." it's "melrose" monday. big all-star blowout. our friends at "entertainment weekly" covering it. and some of our favorite cast members. we cannot wait for all of that. >> it's great that the cast comes together. >> amy is enjoying this. >> i, for whatever reason, had a chance to sit down with some of the cast of "melrose place" to talk about some of those moments we all loved to watch. remember this iconic scene. the pool fight between jane and
8:01 am
sydney over the wedding dress. >> you are trash, sydney, with a rap sheet to prove it. >> let go of me. i swear to god, if i don't break your arm, i will. >> before i break yours! [ screams ] >> we're going to hear from jane and sydney. and perhaps my favorite cast member, the surprise special guest. we've all been scratching our heads this morning. who do we mean? also, take a look at this picture, and then you tell me. what is ben affleck doing in this? what's going on there? what is that? well, we're going to ask him that. but also he's here to tell us about that hot new movie that's getting automatic this oscar buzz "argo" right now, so much buzz for ben affleck. he's the star and the director. >> it deserves every bit of buzz it is getting. it is a fantastic movie. >> all right, there you go. also, we have a world exclusive sneak peek from taylor swift this morning.
8:02 am
the superstar revealing a brand-new song from her upcoming album "red." guess what, you're going to hear it only on "gma." i'm excited about this, we can't stop smiling for our friend sam. [ applause ] >> what a great, great weekend. wonderful news that you were kind enough to share with us. sam's getting married! >> and rubem's here this morning. >> yea! >> i have to show you swatches. i've got flowers to show you. i've got cakes to sample with you. very busy morning. >> hey, rubem. >> there he is. [ applause ] >> so, we're going to talk a little bit more about that with you later in the show. >> i love how much fun you're having. >> this is great. and we begin with the race for president. the latest gallup poll, the race
8:03 am
tied at 47%. mitt romney is calling for a more active policy in the middle east. he wants to arm the rebels in syria. meantime, president obama spent the night at a star-studded performance in california. the big debate over his own performance last week. also raising $10 million. the campaign raised a record $181 million last month alone. and a dire assessment from afghanistan. the outgoing head of the red cross said the war set getting worse for civilians. and there's less chance of peace than there was seven years ago. meanwhile, that meningitis outbreak more than doubled over the weekend. 91 cases are now confirmed in the nine states there. seven people have died. the massachusetts pharmacy that makes steroid injections blamed for the outbreak now recalling all of its products. as a recaution. and with the price of gas topping $6 per gallon in some areas, california's governor now allowing cheaper winter blend gas to be sold a month earlier.
8:04 am
prices across the state rose an average of 50 cents the last week because of refinery and pipeline problems. finally, the story of an animal and treater take the place. the owners asleep upstairs, he took a chocolate cake off the kitchen counter. hey, he wants to sleep it off. he went upstairs to a bedroom, was literally sleeping behind the night stand there. >> oh, wow. >> ahh. >> homeowners called 911. he was whisked off to a local zoo. we hope we can repatriate him, though. his folks have to be worried about him. wanders off, grabs a snack. he'll be back. he'll be back. >> some cake, a snack? >> it's all good. >> life is good. >> life is good. hey, good morning to you all, again, congratulations to our sam, can't wait to hear about "melrose" monday, amy. but first, we have to get to "pop news" so let's do it.
8:05 am
i have two names for you, susan boyle/donny osmond. >> say no more. >> say no more, exactly, josh. duet, people! many of you have dreamed a dream in times gone by and now it has come true. [ ding ] susan boyle and donny have recorded not one but two songs together. it is big news for fans and also big news for susan who calls the man in the purple socks her idol. the song will be on susan's new cd coming out next month called "standing ovation" but maybe it should be called". "puppy love." >> i've seen it, she has a donny osmond blanket that she wraps herself in. >> who doesn't, amy? who doesn't. a donny osmond snuggy. here's news that ashton kutcher will agree with. mila kunis now named the sexiest woman alive. according to "esquire" magazine.
8:06 am
and the 29-year-old actress is apparently living up to the new title. hello, posing in what appear to be leather pants and only leather pants for the november cover. in the interview inside, she credits her parents with helping her stay grounded, but it's -- she's also getting some spiritual guidance from ashton who has reportedly introduced his new love to kabbalah, taking her to services recently to celebrate. rosh last month. and jay-z in crazy love this weekend when his wife appeared on stage this weekend. beyonce looking so hot when she appeared for a surprise duet. jay-z was rendered speechless. he later told reporters he just got so wrapped up in watching his wife do her thing, he did regain his composure and finished his song. and he also said he's the man of the people on saturday taking the subway to the concert. fellow passengers got quite the shock when he hopped on the
8:07 am
train and even posed for a few pics. >> i love it. >> that's great. what a way to get around new york city. when it's cold, exactly. >> i mean, i totally get it. who knew rudy cheeks make a girl go weak in the snees. a new study from st. andrews and durham university. they have found that ladies like a guy with rosy cheeks like brad pitt and prince harry because it's a sign of good health and dominance. although i don't think women are staring at brad pitt's cheeks. >> sam's ready for weather. >> anyway, apparently, too much ruddy cheeks, not a good thing. that would point to anger and aggression. thank goodness we have science to teach us these. >> that's "pop news." >> listen, i always say to you, george, i'm here for you. >> thank you very much. sam, we're so glad you're here for us this morning. >> good morning, gang.
8:08 am
hey, take a look at this columbus day crowd in times square. we are going all the way down to 45th street, basically, we've got such a long line here. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> thank you. tell me your name. it's your birthday? >> dawn. >> dawn, where are you from? >> albuquerque, new mexico. >> happy birthday. thanks for spending it with us. good morning, everybody. it's pierogi day? today's pierogi day? let's get to the happy pierogi day. we're going to start with the rain on the eastern seaboard. now, it is more south earlier in the day. by nighttime the rain is in d.c. and continues up the coastline. and most of the nation is dry. all that warm air in the west, though, is going to get a knockdown so look at l.a., 77 today, 67 on wednesday. a big change in san diego as well. even in ph
8:09 am
>> congratulations to robin and mike who got engaged last night. robin if mike's still sleeping, that's a good sign. that's a good sign. inside to lara. >> wow. you'll explain that later, sam. but first here's what goes coming up on the "gma" morning menu. nicole scherzinger is opening up for the first time for her very personal battle. but it's "melrose" monday, the cast together again and a surprise visit from one of the original stars live here in the studio.
8:10 am
also, taylor swift has a world exclusive sneak peek for us. that and more coming up on "good morning america" live in times square! you want the best for your body, so choose the multivitamin that helps you stay at your optimal health: centrum® silver in every bottle you get the number one doctor and pharmacist recommended, most complete multivitamin backed by thirty years of science. try centrum® silver. visit centrum-dot-com for your three dollar coupon. try centrum® silver. and every day since, two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to know, there's another commitment bp takes
8:11 am
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8:15 am
>> reporter: her smoldering good looks and powerful vocal styles helped turn the pussycat dolls into a worldwide pop sensation. but behind the millions of album sales and sold-out tours, nicole scherzinger says she was suffering from bulimia. >> every time i had a second to be alone i was doing something to myself. >> reporter: in a revealing interview with vh1's behind the music nicole talking about her eight-year struggle. >> when i got off stage, i would be hurting myself with my addiction. >> reporter: the 34-year-old star now says her first photo shoot with the group started her downward spiral. >> it was all new to me. i was incredibly scared. like i was not comfortable with my body. >> reporter: though the rest of the group would eventually learn her secret, scherzinger said the public never expected that mind her smile and sexy dance moves
8:16 am
nicole hated herself. >> i really was so disgusted with myself. just so embarrassed. i felt so alone. >> the fact that nicole is coming forward and being really candid about a very personal and private struggle can only help encourage dialogue around this issue. >> reporter: after the pussycat dolls disbanded in 2009, scherzinger said she knew she had to get help to save her own life and get therapy. >> die grew, i discovered myself as a woman and my curves. >> reporter: she says her best chapter is about to come. >> i feel on top of the world and today i feel like the sexiest woman alive. >> scherzinger's career is going strong. she's currently back in the studio laying down tracks for her sophomore solo album to be released soon. george and amy. >> thank you very much. time for the "melrose monday" blowout with the gang.
8:17 am
it's an entertainment weekly special. it's a labor of love? >> indeed. it was an extra special treat for me, getting to meet all the wonderful actors who were suft a good part of andrew's life way before i knew him. i only watched him way back in the '90s. take a look. ♪ >> reporter: the entertainment weekly photo shoot was like a family reunion for he. >> hi, hi. >> reporter: as andrew introduced me to his old friends. they were all here. matt, kimberly, billy, alison, sydney, joe, jake, jane and their special guest star -- heather locklear as amanda. >> when i saw this show before i was on it, i just went, oh, my god, that group looks so fun to be with. i want to be on that show. it's been a really special cast.
8:18 am
>> and how did you feel about being amanda. >> loved her. >> love to hate her. >> some people called me heather lockwood. >> amanda woodward, wood, definitely the hype of my career. it was great. >> do you have a favorite line? >> no, they're all good. it was hard sometimes to deliver some of those lines. >> don't worry, alison will survive. she's like a rash i can't get rid of it. when rye found out, i'm going to cut you open like a piece of rotten fruit. >> do you have a favorite line? >> i just remember saying, i said that? >> do you remember taking off your shirt? >> i kissed you and i liked it the most. >> hey! >> so your favorite plot line was with daphne? >> there was no plot, it was just kissing. >> oh, yeah, a toe man, too.
8:19 am
>> that was a very dramatic plot line. with marcia, had a baby and then kidnapped it. >> a baby! how dare she. >> i'm here, honey. >> and who can forget marcia cross, dr. kimberly dangering her wig off and then matt ripping it off, too. >> the driver of that car was wearing a short blond wig. now how could i get all of this hair under something like that? >> does this answer your question. >> sorry! >> that's fabulous. >> people still, i imagine, come up to you on the street and talk to you about it? >> you know, i have to say, not as much. they did for years and years, luckily -- >> not again? >> now they -- >> how about the building blowing up -- >> and we all survived. >> we all survived.
8:20 am
>> and it was there, here, the same building. >> allison was blinded in the explosion, then she got her eyesight back. everybody ended up being so nice to her that she didn't tell anybody she had her eyesight back. playing blind when i wasn't blind that was my favorite story line. >> reporter: the show was a spinoff of "beverly hills 90210." young uppy neighbors in los angeles. >> i had to make a full disclosure to andrew on our second date because i felt like it was a little weird that i -- he kind of asked me if i was a billy fan or a jake fan. i had to be honest. i was a jake fan. >> i didn't actually ask her, she just came out and said. >> reporter: after all these years, fans still yell out their characters' names. >> the kids don't know us, but
8:21 am
their parentses do. >> parents will say, i named my daughter this or my dog. >> reporter: preparing for this interview, i discovered a long-lost bet that andrew, my husband, was cast as billy at the very last minute. someone else was supposed to be billy campbell. steven fanning was originally cast in the role of billy campbell. what happened? >> they were talking about chemistry between billy and alison. >> well, he took his shirt off, right? >> do you think they cast me just do for my abs? >> no one told steven that he was let go. he showed up to work and andrew was in his dressing room. >> oh no. >> no, that's not true. >> he did. he was there that day. i remember. >> that's awful. >> i feel like i need to personally apologize. >> reporter: perhaps the most memorable scene was the wedding dress catfight. you remember it. >> take it off now and get the hell out of here.
8:22 am
>> we only had the one time to go in, we did the fight, fight, fight and then stop. >> you just can't take the fact that i'm better than you. >> no! >> reporter: most have remained busy acting and writing books and grant show just got married. >> i love my wife so much. i'm so happy. i'm beside myself in happiness. >> and heather, you've been tapped for the next scary movie? >> am i getting married? >> how great did they all look? i just have to point that out. >> i have to point out that you were playing hard to get on the second date. >> well, hello, i know how to play the game. it worked, didn't it. >> jeff cagle is here, editorial of "entertainment weekly." he joins us now. we're going to reveal our mystery guest. melrose place star, you know him as billy. i know him as hubby.
8:23 am
andrew shue. [ applause ] >> hello. >> you left all the laundry on the bed. >> i know, i was in a hurry, i'm sorry. >> oh no. >> sorry. >>en early wake-up call. so what was it like to have everybody together with amy at the same time? >> you know what, it was unbelievable, really. they were all talking about their kids, showing pictures. i was just talking about amy. my wife is coming in, really, we have five kids between us. she's an incredible mom. you're going to meet her. >> enough about me. let's talk about you. what was it like, though -- why do you think that everyone liked "melrose place" so much. all the stars. i saw how likable it was but it really was a behind the scenes. >> you know, we weren't cate. there were no divas.
8:24 am
people had parties. people would gather on a weekly basis and it was ground breaking. now, people would be on digital devices and you couldn't have a party because people would be texting. >> it must have been a no-brainer to get them back together? >> it was great to get them back together. when you look at a cast that size, it's always a little daunting. they were into getting together. it's so great to see a cast like that. every single one of them loved the show. they were really grateful for the opportunity. it was a great energy. like andrew said, it felt like a high school reunion. they were showing pictures of their kids. >> we'll have that later on tonight. >> sam, what do you got? >> taylor swift is releasing her new album called "red." after her interview on the tweblgd, she'll come back on the 23rd for a very special "gma"
8:25 am
concert. right now, here it is, the world "gma" exclusive. listen to taylor swift's new song "i knew you were trouble." you can get it on itunes at midnight. >> hi, it's taylor. i'll be back on "gma" live in two weeks. i'm so excited. the song we're releasing tonight on itunes is called "i knew you were trouble." and it's a song that's one of my favorites on the album because it sounds just as chaotic as the feeling was when i wrote it. it's a song of kind of being frustrated with yourself because here you are heartbroken, because you knew when you saw that person, you just went for it anyway. shame on me. here's an exclusive preview. i can't wait to see you guys. ♪ because i knew you were trouble when you walked in shame on me now ♪ flew me to places i'd never been you put me down ♪
8:26 am
♪ i knew you were trouble when you walked in shame on me ♪ ♪ flew me to places i'd never been i'm laying on the cold hard ground ♪ >> that's a huge song. we've got taylor swift. nobody else does. not only do we have her, we've got her for two days. >> i knew you were trouble. >> amy's been suffering all morning long. >> waiting for andrew to come out. he's been a good sport. appreciate it. >> i still love you. >> thank you. >> we've got a lot coming up on the show. ben affleck is here!
8:27 am
>> >> good morning many protesters demanding end to u.s. wars and military action are planning a march and rally this evening when president obama returns to the bay area. mr. obama will be here for more fundraising. he was in l.a. last night. how is the commute going? >> troubles getting into san francisco should be clearing westbound 80 skyway off the bay bridge that accident cleared, very slow from midway across the bay bridge. elsewhere, light traffic at the toll, everybody breezing through. san mateo bridge westbound towards foster city and
8:28 am
highway 101 at the limit. eastbound earlier stall gone. >> sunshine out there. we'll talk to meteorologist
8:29 am
40s north bay valleys and half moon bay still a little fog around san -- san rafael watch out on 101 this morning. most of us in the 60s, a few
8:30 am
70s inland, partly cloudy. best chance ♪ in times square, and what a happy crowd we have for columbus day. and what we have inside is something really special. ben affleck is inside. one of the busiest stars in hollywood. a brand-new movie called "argo." good morning, america. as you know, robin recovering from her bone marrow drans plant. great to have amy here. we learned so much about you. >> oh, yeah. >> emeril and his daughter are whipping up delicious recipes that we can't wait to try. and we have a very special guest dangering over times square, rob lowe will be here tomorrow. looking forward to seeing him tomorrow. you know, it's freezing out
8:31 am
here. >> well, look, everybody -- >> yea! >> let's get to the boards. we've got one or two things going on, one or two that we thought we'd share with you. let's start with please pictures. albuquerque, the albuquerque international balloon festival. 500 balloons. thank you for sending that picture. gaylord, michigan, beautiful colors. 55 in houston. 57 in new orleans. atlanta, 52. if you take the southern line, it's cold. but it's cold around the great lakes and new england this morning. it's a real chill. it's the first we've had of the season. watch these numbers come down and bauble up a little bit. they just bobble, bounce up and down. back into the 50s again. and on the west coast, it's nice and warm if you're looking for the warm air. >> bobble?
8:32 am
>> all of that chilly weather, ladies and gentlemen, was brought to you by breathe right. i'm here with ben affleck. he directs a new movie called "argo." of six americans trapped in a tehran hostage crisis. take a look at this scene where u.s. officials suggest sneaking them out on bicycles. >> to meet them at the border with gatorade. 300 miles to the turkish border. they need a support team following them. >> we were just asked to sharp-shoot this. dave is handling this. >> who is this? >> tony is an expert specialist. he's got a lot of people out.
8:33 am
it's winter. >> can't afford to wait around till spring. the only way out of that city is the airport. you send them there, he takes them out of the commercial flight. >> ben affleck joins us now. you play tony mendez in that film. cia operative. he actually comes up what you call in the film the best bad idea to get the hostages out. >> yeah. that's what's great about the movie. they have this incredibly implausible notion to hook the cia up in hollywood to pretend they're a scout for a b-fiction movie. it wouldn't work in the movie if it weren't in fact true. >> you knew the minute you read the script this is something you wanted to do? >> it was no thriller, a comedy, it was a great part to do something special with. and i think it's the best i think i've been involved with. >> we were telling everybody before, you know how the movie
8:34 am
ends. it's a true story. at the same time, we were gripping each other's arms right up to the last second. i mean, the way you bring everybody through, it was the very difficult time in american history. it's incredible. >> thanks a lot. and part of it was, interestingly, getting real footage. the precursors to "nightline" we put in there. we have a young diane sawyer. >> you sure do. wait till see diane's hairdo. >> you know, and then we used that real footage and combined it with all of this wardrobe detail. we got the shoot at the cia. which is spectacular. we got the state department. it was really an amazing experience for me. and i don't quite remember all that time. i was a kid playing with "star wars" action figures. it was fun to make it so real, if you were around, you'd go, yeah, that's how it was. >> and you were rocking that '70s hairdo? >> i was. it was kind of a davy jones
8:35 am
special. curt russell maybe. i don't know. >> that is one of the remarkable things as well. it captures the entire feel of the '70s. even the quality of the film. >> yeah, i did a lot of things cinematically to re-create the way the '70s film felt. and from "all the president's men" and had the opportunity to do a neat trick if i filmed the movie like a '70s movie it would convince the audience that they were watching something from the 1970s. >> and we have alan arkin tomorrow. >> i hope they answer some questions. >> tell us about this. this is a chocolate bar. >> a chocolate bar ultimately a gift to you and all the good people in the studio. i started this organization called the eastern congo initiative. we fund a war-torn place we work
8:36 am
with the folks at greenhouse to bring their cocoa up to a level of international standards. and we have congo chocolate bar. you can get it on the internet or whole foods. so you can have a beautiful chocolate meal and also help the world a better place. >> fantastic. when you started marketing this movie, and we had jennifer last week. she said a lot of pressure at home. >> yeah, for me. and i want to congratulate sam. >> thank you. >> very exciting. sure a shame that you can't get married in every state in the union. one day you will be able to. i was very inspired. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> "argo" opens friday october 12th. >> all right, george. now, to the shocking new allegations in a new book after
8:37 am
the days after the death of michael jackson revealed in a new issue of "vanity fair." reports of a mad dash for cash stashed in the home and a claim that janet jackson refused to bury her brother for months because of a dispute over money. abc's nick watt has the story. >> reporter: after 2009, the king of pop lay unburied for more than two months. ♪ in part, because of the feud over his fortune had already began. janet put up the deposit on the burial plot and wanted to be reimbursed by the estate before the funeral. >> she's the one that they all come to for money. >> reporter: randall sullivan spend three years researching his book "untouchable." the strange life of michael jackson coming out november 13th. an abridged version in "vanity fair."
8:38 am
sullivan says the security contractor told him latoya showed up at michael's house within hours apparently looking for money. janet, he says, showed up next morning with a moving van. mark geragos was once michael's lawyer. >> i wouldn't say it was necessarily money so much, at least trying to take charge of a situation that they knew or suspected was going to spin out of control. >> reporter: which happened this past summer. paris live tweeted, my grandmother, mysterious disappearance. >> there was no force involved in katherine's, quote, abduction. but she was deceived. >> reporter: some wanted to prove her an unfit guardian. >> the money goes with the children. and everyone understands that. >> reporter: and no word from janet who say the claims made against her were completely false. and cather ran told abc news the
8:39 am
implication that on the night of her son's death that mrs. jackson would be doing anything other than grieving and consoling her grandchildren is simply ridiculous. for "good morning america," nick nick watt, los angeles. >> and you can read much more in the book "untouchable." that book goes on sales next month. lara? behind the scenes with first lady michelle obama. the president has often said he would not be who he is without his wife. and "nightline" co-anchor cynthia mcfadden sat down with the first lady. >> good morning. the president may be having a rough week but with an approval rating of 65% or higher, michelle obama is still very popular with the american people. we've been following the first lady for the past several months and granted unusual access during this very high-stakes time in her life. i'll have a chance to sit down with mrs. obama at the white house. >> are we going to keep moving
8:40 am
this country forward? what are we going to do! >> reporter: she said her husband's not so secret weapon. how many days to go? >> we're in the homestretch. >> reporter: this crossing the country the past few weeks not to mention a slew of talk shows. >> he's funny. i'm funnier. >> and the anniversary. >> reporter: it was then the anniversary, not exactly the date of her dream. she did get a hug from ann romney. >> is there a certain sisterhood between women who are in this position? >> absolutely. and this is something that barack and i have talked about, we've learned this over time, whoever makes this kind of sacrifice, they deserve a pat on the back because that's how this democracy woulds. >> outside the white house there's chatter about how much is the first lady influencing policy. how do you see your role in that regard? >> i rarely step foot in the west wing. in fact, people are shocked when
8:41 am
they see me there. >> reporter: the first lady has long said her most important role is mom in chief. and now the teenager. >> i have a 14-year-old son. he's got a question. it's hard enough to be 14, he said, if your parents aren't the president and first lady. if you don't live in the white house. how do you help her negotiate that really treacherous territory of 14? >> we point out. look around, you want to see hardship, you want to see struggle? you don't have it, kid. so i think giving her some perspective on what tough is. being 14 and, you know, having the president as your father is way down on the list of tough. >> final question? >> yes. >> what would you like that you don't have right now? >> oh, gosh. i -- you know what -- i feel so blessed and so content. i have what any parent would want, a husband who loves me. i've got two kids that are healthy and happy.
8:42 am
and i wouldn't dare ask for anything more. >> well, that is just a small part of the time we spent with mrs. obama. tonight on "nightline," we really get into weather her husband is just a little bit afraid of her. and her feelings about being the first african-american first lady. >> she's fascinating. you got her to talk. >> she's interesting. she's a big hugger. she's very warm in person. take a look tonight and see what you think. >> cynthia, thank you. always great to see you. everybody check out cynthia's interview on "nightline." special series "the contenders: family ties." ann romney will be the special guest live on "gma." before
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
with emeril sharing meal together, after his daughters were diagnosed with celiac disease, they learned how to rework it. with the book" the gluten-free
8:46 am
table." emeril and his daughter. >> it's lovely to have you. >> emeril when both of your daughters are diagnosed with celiac, right? >> we're talking 10, 15 years ago, not a lot is known about that. even today, it's a simple blood test. we didn't know. >> how challenging, once you found out you had celiac, what was the biggest challenge reworking that vision? >> we didn't want to have a life of rice cakes and bland foods. we have this lovely man with our taste buds. >> gluten-free doesn't mean that it doesn't taste good. >> right. >> i hope this is pizza. >> it is. >> we're going to make a basic crust. but different than wheat flour. we're going to use alternatives. >> we have soy -- i'm sorry,
8:47 am
that's rice flour. soy flour. i'm going to trial to be as fast as dad with this. i'm not as experienced. this is amazing. this is going to could be lovely. >> that's because your body can't tolerate wheat. >> exactly. >> and this is the -- >> zantum. >> zantum gum is going to make it rise for us. >> we have yeast with water that goes in there after it's bloomed. and the liquid basically is olive oil. >> good for. you. >> and egg whites. >> here we are with the crust. >> the crust is over here. now, we're going to oil a pizza pan. we're going to pat that down and prebake it. >> now, you can look for gluten-free sausage, gluten-free tomato paste.
8:48 am
and the natural stuff you already know. >> and this is what you get! >> this is the end result right here. >> julie, tell them about this. >> this looks amazing, by the way. >> this is my chocolate and almond chocolate change. and it's divine. it uses almond flour instead of real flour. > you'll find it on
8:49 am
8:50 am
back here on the family couch. i've got to thank you for starting out our week in a happy way. >> george, you guys, honestly, people i don't think you understand what a wonderful family you guys are. i never saw any of this coming in my life until i met the most -- and i mean it, the most wonderful, giving, loving, caring person. >> oh, hey, you.
8:51 am
>> and i'm lucky. i am so, so lucky to have someone like this in my life. >> i just want to say, i've heard horrible things about you. thank god for him. seriously, the absolute joy and happiness. a great couple. robin, of course, weighed in on twitter. she did want you to know, how thrilled i am for you, she tweeted, sam champion and rubem, hope to be well enough to attend the wedding. much love. it's rubem, not reuben. he waited about eight months to tell us it was actually rubem. >> he did -- he'll take it either way. right there. >> it's great. it started on twitter, to feel all that love coming in from all over the world. >> i felt like we lived -- iowa born in paducah, kentucky.
8:52 am
to me, that's exactly what it felt like. we walked out on the street and everybody was hey, congratulations. we didn't know that it had gone everywhere. hi, thank you. everybody, the nicest things. thank you guys for the tweets and the facebook and just coming up on the street. >> and making george and i your best men, that's terrific. >> oh -- >> well, i mean, first of all, no matter who was going to plan the wedding, now, it has to be lara. >> and then we can do a reunion of it. >> it is nerve-racking, right? >> right. >> how many people have asked you, where are you doing it? when are you getting married? >> she's a groomzilla already! when are you getting married? >> she's a groomzilla already! >>
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
a lot more reunions coming up. we have a big week here on
8:56 am
"gma." rob lowe is co-hosting tomorrow. ann romney coming in to co-host wednesday. sam, thank you for starting us off in a great fashion. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> awesome. >> have a great columbus day, everyone, we'll see you tomorrow. are you ready ?
8:57 am
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