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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 8, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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day. >> and there is two more fund raising events but i'll let you talk about those events. the campaign raised $181 million so far this month. that is the more than any other month, i am told. coming up at 5:00 we'll focus on the money race and where that money is going to. i'm live with the president, abc 7 news. >> and the president has three fund-raisers this morning and ta supporters paid $40,000 to meet him. he heads over to the bill graham auditorium for two events and that koths $20,000.
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he stays for a concert featuring john legend and there is complete coverage of the visit in the bay area today. our live coverage continues at abc 7 news at 5:00 and 6:00. >> mitt r.mitt romney shifts his focus to international affairs, blasting the president saying the risk of convict has grown under mr. obama's leadership. >> this is timt to change course that should be organized around these principals. -- principles. america must have confidence in our cause. clarity in our purpose and resolve in our might he pledged to tighten sanctions on iran skpin crease military assistance with israel. the white house touting the record in iraq and afghanistan
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and the killing of osama bin laden. >> the day of reckoning is near for suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. >> the board is preparing for a vote on whether or not he keeps his job. >> this is happening now, the clock ticking down on the vote whether or not to reinstate ross mirkarimi. nine of the 11 supervisor votes are needed to save the job. they're not talking about which way they might be leaning. mirkarimi suspended in march after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment. a neighbor called police after his wife showed her the bruise she got him from during an argument z she now stands by him, but the mayor and ethics commission want him out. today, an antidomestic violence group held a rally at city hall and called for his removeal. and he his wife called this case a political witch hunt.
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the meeting is tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. >> there is a judge postponing a hearing to determine how much pacific gas and electric should be fined for the explosion. the california public utilities commission wants the hearing suspended so it can negotiate a deal in private upsetting assemblyman jerry hill. and the judge will decide next monday whether to delay the hearing. >> you could see relief at the gas pump, the governor allowing refineries to begin producing a cheaper winter blend of gasoline, shell martinez oil refinery tells axe bc 7 news it will make the switch as soon as it can but cautions it's not as easy as just flipping a switch. there is a live report on when we can see prices drop is at 5:00. >> and there are investigators looking for clues in a murder
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of a herk kul use -- hercules woman. her family says she was stabbed. police spent the day combing her home for clues. the family and frendz will held a memorial vij yint yil tonight at 8:30. and there is an update coming up at 5:00. >> there is a search for an armed man who fondle aid woman in the east bay this morning in eastern contra costa county around 6:00. the man held a knife to the woman's throat before fondling her. the victim was not seriously hurt. >> there are businesses cleaning up after another occupy oakland demonstration dissolved into vandalism. happening now, dealing with the aftermath of a march where protestors left thousands of dollars worth of damage behind. this custom glass will not be easy to repair and extra thick
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glass used for businesses and city hall were no match for force by protestors intent on smashing things and leaving a destructive mark. police say 200 pro testors started marching around franklin street, hitting windows and throwing paint. and also hitting oakland tribune offices and oakland police have been criticizing the past for their response to occupy oakland demonstrators as a threat of a takeover looms everything the department does is under a microscope no. arrests were made. this is the week marching the one-year anniversary of the prot test. >> 12 cats rescued from a house fire yesterday have been euthanized. firefighters rescued 14 cats and a dog. all pets treated for smoke inhalation.
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two cats died. remaining were in such poor health they had to be put down. spca said they had not been properly cared for you may have been one of the thousand who's saw blue angels over the weekend. and there is big ship tour that's just wrapped up. the final event features a band with a tribute performance with memorial club. fleet week and other events brought one million people to san francisco. >> this is incredible. numbers show people got the message to use public transportation this weekend. bart reported it's largest weekend ridership ever with 963,000 riders friday through sunday. nearly a million people. saturday was busiest single weekend day in bart's 40-year history. there are 319,000 riders. >> and a's are back in oakland
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getting ready for game three. western division champs lost two straight to the tigers over the weekend and there are today's workout manager made left hander brett anderson as a starting pitcher for the game. >> there is now we have them where we want them. >> what will the weather be like? >> there is lovely weather continuing another day or so. looking at sunny skies all around the bay area, and there is 59 across the bay and oakland. there are fers forecast, partly cloudy skies developing later tonight. mainly cloudy skies clear skies into early morning. cool 40s in parts of the north
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bay to mid to upper 50s, sunny skies, mild condition was highs ranging from low 60s at the coast to mid-70s into mildest locations and there is a chance of showers during this week. i'll specify where with the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you. >> and coming up a new study finds black friday shopping specials might not be such a big deal. >> and he's anything but basic. a scientist wins the nobel prize, no less. a look back at his work and what he had to say about his research before most of us had heard about it. >> and michael finney is taking your questions and will be answering them here live just a little later, you can contact michael at finney abc 7.
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>> and there is traffic on this monday, what a nice way to start the week. there is bay bridge starting to get sticky at this time of the day. not bad today. stay with us
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a medical researcher with ties to the bay area can add nobel prize winner to his resume. colleagues celebrated this morning's announcement. the research revolutionized
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the field of cell biology but turn mature skin cells into stem cells. and i profiled him three years ago. >> this is making a major discovery changed his life good luck getting him to admit it. >> i'm just busier than i used to be he has been named recipient of the laskar award for his part in discovering a technique for regramming dna taking adult cells and turning back the clock making them into induce stem cells or ips cells. >> these cells used to be skin cells that have been reprogrammed so they can turn into beating heart cell autos this discovery came at the
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height of controversy over stem cell research. and ips cells can be created from almost any adult cell in the human body. >> so that is how i got got interested in reprogramming. >> researchers face challenges including cancerous tumors produced by ips cells in early studies but techniques are improving and some predict human trials within five to 10 years. >> the international recognition and talk of a possible nobel is likely to support for his work. and this could change the course of science, seems less likely to change this researcher. >> and i'm a basic scientist.
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>> i will predict when he wins a nobel prize it will not change him one iota. >> and the mad dash to grab a good deal on black friday may be a waste of time. there are shopper that's do not get lowest prices on friday after thanksgiving. prices for many gifts are qlor at other times. and retailers select just a few items to dur us n walmart teeming fourp a card that is called blue bird and saying it will allow users to avoid increases fees and ause -- allows users to send money through a smart phone app.
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and there are google could be getting into the credit card business. >> which companies might be spying on us. >>? there is a house intelligence committee calling two tech companies a national security threat n a report throat that wallway and zp have links to china's government and goes on to say they can be using technology to spy on the united states and recommends the u.s. government block mergers involving those companies and warns contractors and businesses to find alternative suppliers. and we should note in a statement that the report released today employs many rumors and speculations to prove nonexistent accusations
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and does not address challenges faced by ict industry. ict stands for information communication and technology. and remember that wasn't and for the camera? now, there is a nokia's head of smart phone marketing is out of a job. he had to apologize for this video. then accused of misleading customers we should note it's not clear and and htc may be the latest smart phone victim. the company posted a record drop in quarterly earnings. there is net profits totalling $133 million. and to put that into perspective it's the lowest
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quarterly profits. the share of the bloomberg smart phone market fell at less than 6%. it had 10% just a year ago. google is launching a credit card for businesses with lines ranging from $200 to $100,000 for customers of its ad words service. for now it's just for businesses in britain but may be announced the united states in the next couple weeks. financial times says this follows a test program for u.s. businesses led to increased advertising. taking a look at stocks ending the day lower, stocks took a hit on news of more production delays in china. your bloomberg silicon valley index closing lower, shares of apple, google and ebay dragging this down. and there is sprint rolling out new service that will let
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you use a name instead of a phone number to give out to people. and there is a by calling or going to the sprint web site. and there is a new spin to call me maybe". dan, carolyn, back to you. >> there is a perfect weekend now and there is looking great. there are changes coming up. >> minor changes. there is a chance of showers and and weather today and east bay hills camera looking west, clouds and there is just how clear it is from the coast to bay to inland around the bay area now and there is forecast
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features we can share with you. partly cloudy skies overnight. sunny skies tomorrow with lingering clouds there is a chance of showers to the south. overnight partly cloudy conditions and pushing across the bay to inland locations and low temperatures into low 50s and we'll see low 40s around the north bay valleys and will be on the chill eye side. there is upper level low lingering off shore and there is a move into our direction first, will be a chance of showers down around monterey and these showers not likely
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to make it north. and there is partly cloudy skies to mostly sunny skies, high temperatures from mild and low and mid-60s on the coast. and low to mid-70s into inland locations up to 74 in fairfield. 73 in cloverdale. and father south monterey bay looking for highs into mid to upper 60s, santa krudz, inland there is low to mid-70s, here is the accu-weather forecast. a lovely week is ahead, again just a slight chance of showers into southern most part of the viewing area wednesday and there is a warm up to low 80s by sunday. now, it's not too late to win $49,000 from abc 7. these people taking a chance.
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izzyr entered through our facebook page. the winner announced here on abc 7 thursday, october 18th. you can enter, too. just go to 7 news and click win $49,000 button for details and get in line. and have a chance to win. >> up next a subject of a qlert of his going for millions of dollars. >> there is news on another hollywood divorce. the latest celebrity couple to call it quits. >> traffic is light today, you're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. but there is no wait when
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a letter written by albert in stein that dismisses god as a symbol of human weakness is going on the auction block. it's a year before his death. a collector who bought knit 2008 is posting it on ebay starting today. asking price?
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$3 million. and if that is beyond your budget there is another einstein letter selling for less than 100s oodz there is a big drag show that brought out the stars and there is 30 years of marriage actor danny zivito and his wife are calling it quits. the two worked together on the show "taxi" before tying the knot in 198. they have three adult children. and actress mila kunich is the sexiest woman alive. she will grace the november edition last year's winner was singer rihanna. and now, one of many celebrity judges at the fest in drag
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show. >> this is a chance to dress up. we do this thing at work, too. so this is fantastic. i recommend it. >> catch it thursday night at 9:00 and for more entertainment news go to >> there is police releasing information about massive brawl involving two wedding parties this was captured on camera and left two newlywed couples stunned. we have the latest ahead. >> and there is a mission to space, a sweet that is now on the way to the international space station. stay with us.
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a major battle over what is a fair day's pay, voters set to decide if minimum wage should go up. david louie joins us live with the developments. david? >> there is minimum wage will
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affect a lot more than just businesses but also these food vans that come from all over the area to sell food. many workers on the vans do not make more than 8ss today $9 an hour. opponents say workers could lose their jobs and supporters saying it will only help food from local economy. and can you live on minimum wage? >> no. i've got a son. i try to support him. $8 ain't cutting it justin stands on street corners three hours per day to drum up business for a pizza rea. he makes $168 a week. if this passes it will take a 25% jump to $10 an hour, helping pay for rent and food opponents warn employers may cut hours or eliminate jobs.
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this economist was hired to analyze the pro pose wral by the san jose, silicon valley chamber of commerce saying small businesses will be impacted most. >> there are folk that's will have to scale back operations and it's noted that means fewer jobs for the workers. >> supporters have been poring over studies claiming there are benefits for small and medium businesses when paying higher than minimum wage. >> there is a reduced turnover, they look for another job, meaning companies have to continue to recruit ask train. >> measure d lined up agencies on one side against business owners and mayor on another. and this city says auditing businesses will cost $600,000 a year.
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and there are supporters say higher wages will give workers more spending pou question, voters will have to decide and figure out what is best for them and workers that will go to the ballot november 6th. >> and there is community groups calling for a boycott of a chain over employment practices. the group wants them to stop wrusing the federal e verify program to check immigration status. >> this is going to send it andy cresting they ease that action. and interfering on behalf of the employer. >> they call it irresponsible. the chain accuses a group of jeopardizing jobs. >> flight cancellations have ruined travel plans for some
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alaska airlines flyers, computers stopped working at about 8:00 this morning that tlod nobody getting on board in cases. and the airline had to cans yet yell flights because two lines were cut and we checked airports and they say their alaska flights were pretty much on time. >> police say a 26-year-old faces charges of assault in qex a huge brawl involving two wedding parties in a philadelphia hotel. and this is lindsay davis with the story. >> you're watching video from two weddings gone horribly wrong. leaving one man dead from an apparent heart tack and three others in handcuffs. police say this massive brawl played out early sunday inside
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of the bar in a high end hotel in society hill neighborhood. police say the fight got so chaotic officers from all over the city responded. you can see half a dozen here. watch, this officer appears to strike one smun with a baton, force police now say was necessary. saying one had to be daysed and a 57-year-old man reportedly the uncle of the bride suffered a heart attack. he later died. if you look, you can see one of the brides right there to the left of the screen. this was caught on tape by max shults, a teenager from harrisburg pennsylvania. >> there are tons of people sh probably 75 people that started shoving each other. i started holding up my camera. >> it was his birthday. he just turned 15 awaken bid ruckus.
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police say this all began as a confrontation between relatives and friends attending one wedding which had been held earlier saturday night. people attending a second wedding held elsewhere came back to the bar police say the original confrontation escalated soon, becoming this. the video now evidence, police continue to review it to determine if additional people will face charges for their involve solvement in this wedding reception that became a real bash. >> just crazy. and plois say the fight began members of the same wedding party and then, escalated when people attending the second wedding arrived and got into it. and investigators say alcohol played a big role if the violence. >> there is a commercial supply ship heading to the spaes. -- international space station.
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this unmanned cap tul launched last night. that is carrying a thousand pounds of supplies including cock lit vanilla swirl ice cream. there is nasa relying on rye vit business to resupply the space station. it was founded by the co-founder of pay pal and tesla motors. >> and coming up next, latest on a fungal meningitis outbreak. >> a study thinking twice about what our brains do when we sleep. >> there is still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. and over on twitter, i'll answer questions right here, live in just a little bit. >> and from our mount tam
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camera looking south, blue skies and broken low clouds and skinny streaks of low clouds. what will tomorrow's skies bring? i'll have the forecast coming up. >> there is smooth sailing in both directions.
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checking healthy living news fungal meningitis outbreak climbed to 105 case was eight deaths linked to steroid shots for back pain. the cdc says nine states have reported cases and so far none in california. four here have received shipments of the potentially contam nated drug from a pharmacy linked with this outbreak. and there are experts predicting the number of cases will grow. >> there are over 17,000 viles sent to 76 clinics. as they look they're going find more this, fungus grows slowly. you can see cases for a month. >> the center now recalled that steroid. the government is also urging doctors not to use any of the
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company's other products. >> and new research is contradicting theories regarding how memory is consolidated while we sleep, researchers measured the activity of a brain region during sleep and found parts of the brain act as if it's remembering something and this is important because humans spend a third of our lives speaking. whether it's ketchup or red rice, more could help prevent stroke. there researchers found men between 45 and 65 with higher levels in blood reduced a risk of stroke by more than half. findings published in journal neurology. >> back now to update the weather forecast, spencer
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christian is here with lovely way to start the week. >> you're right about that. nationally tomorrow there will be a shower along the atlantic coast and there is most of the nation will have sunny skies and mild conditions tomorrow applying to the state of california as well. there are sunny skies and there is highs into 70s, and palm springs a high of 91 and very warm, not unusual there. here in the bay area there is a partly cloudy start, sunny skies into afternoon with highs into 60s on the coast and around the bay. and there are low to mid-70s inland, tomorrow evening a's will be taking on tigers in game three of the american league playoff series. skies at game time between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. cloudy, temperatures on the cool side, upper 50s at the start of the game dropping off to mid 60s and mid-50s,
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rather. and we get later into evening hours and there is a great evening for baseball. and so we can extend this... >> absolutely. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and on that subject we want to help you share your team spirit. go and click on go, giants and a's. right there on the home page. >> you can then choose and post that team's badge on the wall, we have choice s for giants fans three for axe's fans. if you're torn there are openings to split it right there. >> there are option torz fans of both teams, too. and talk about a leap of faith. a sky diver preparing to break the sound barrier in a jump from the edge of space. >> there is 7 on your side
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taking your questions about that man in san francisco. i'll clear everything up, hopefully when abc 7 news continues. >> a study explains why temperatures need to keep extra tabs on their children. >> an ancient city buil
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michael finney is answering your questions tonight and there is sean r asks when obama care kicks in what happens if you can't afford to pay for health insurance or the fine for not having it? if your family is at the poverty level plus one third that is about $30,000 then gou to medicaid. you'll go on that if you're under 65, on medicare, if you're above that level and you have to have insurance, have you to buy insurance or pay for it. when you pay when you file income tax. that is going through irs.
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>> interesting. >> this comes from diane. she asks i was wondering when mobile carriers going to deactivate stolen phone autos they've been working on a plan that if someone steels your phone they won't be able to use your phone. verizon is doing thchl they turn off the phone. the phone cannot be used on any carrier by october 31 every other carrier will be in on this. and so if stolen, it's inoperable in america. >> and marilyn asked i was in the gap and they were not charging for bags and giving out plastic bags to customers. are they exempt? >> no. and here is the basic rule for the new bag ban.
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they must charge 10 cents if they give you a bag. you're not allowed to have plastic so you're down to compostable bag that's look plastic and then, paper bags, both they must charge a dime. and the only people or businesses that are exempt are restaurants. right now they are allowed to give you a bag so think in terms of a dried up restaurant. what would you do? >> and there is moving on an austrian daredevil about to take sky diving to new heights. going to the edge of space to attempt to break two records. a balloon will lift up to 122,000 feet above earth. he plans to jump in a pressurized suit and drop more than 22 miles to earth.
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he know s what to expect after a previous jump. >> and you hear yourself breathing and you can see this guy, the sky is black. >> can you imagine? he's trying to be the first man to break the speed of sound. >> yikes makes my stomach hurt just thinking about that. >> had you do you catch a giant panda? helps to look like one. why trainers worked hard to dur in a big bear. >> take a look at the gourd we're looking at. we're going to tell but the winner of the half moon bay pumpkin contest.
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>> happy columbus day to everybody. new race for presidency. governor romney charging hard on foreign policy. we're there. and behind of scenes of the obama campaign. and that incredible nascar crash, 25 cars piled up on the final lap. we know this happens to us, too, on highways, tonight there are lessons from pros for
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workers in a nature preserve had to use unusual tactics to catch a giant panda. it's now ready to go into the wild. workers had to put on panda costumes, take a look and use plenty of bamboo. and that not all. to gain trust they had to smear panda urine and feces on
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their clothes. nothing builds trust like that. this is to ensure it's survival. >> it and worked. >> and a new record at half moon bay pumpkin contest. 1775 pounds missed last year's weight and $650 for every pound. and there are other growers that weighed in as well. >> this is a dae they wait for. giant gourds go for gold in a pumpkin weigh off. bigger is better, competition is tough. >> there is two time winner
4:56 pm
arrived with this monster from oregon. and his kids are missing school for this event. >> and there is like a second job, fun. >> her gourd hit 432 pounds. >> what is the recipe to growing a super sized prized pumpkin. there are a few steek krets. >> getting soil just right is probably one of the important things. you've got to be willing to spend money to use a laboratory and have soil analyzed. >> ron says one hour per day per pumpkin is what it takes. >> i think the biggest secret is make friends with people who are better than you. >> matt grows champion pumpkins. >> you start with a proper
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seed. >> a lot of water, 150 gallons per day. no kidding. >> this is addicting and you gre more of the yard. >> and that is incredible. >> yes. thanks for joining us. >> we want to remind but our new alarm clock app. you can down load it for free and receive news headlines the moment you wake up. >> there is a big name lending talents to fund raising stopped in san francisco and a campaign he hopes to get. >> relief at the pump can't come soon enough. why starting today, costs should trickle down. >> there is a shower chance in the forecast this week. i'll show you when, coming up.
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>> the president arrived in san francisco today to make another stop at california atm putting a campaign in fund raising friendly territory. >> and there is live team coverage tonight beginning with abc 7 news. >> that is where you can tell the president is in town, and this is a last chance to gather cash in the bay area before the election. the motorcade arrived after 2:30 and this is each paying $40,000 to be part of the discussion this, is a first of three fund raising events this he can. so far, obama campaign raised
4:59 pm
171 alone z mitt romney raised 12 million in thes lan -- less than 48 hours online. and there is what republicans have to say about the money race. >> and there is worried about what happened with the deebit. money going to swing states and the banking state if you look at where both money has come not only for obama but romney there is california, number one. now, the president traveled to ohio


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