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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a live report. >> family in need looks to friends and strangers for help. why they so desperately need why they so desperately need it. 7 news begins
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>> we are going go forward not backward. that's why i'm running for a second term. as president of the united states. >>reporter: with 29 days to go and tightening race, the president delivers a fiery speech tonight in san francisc francisco. good evening everyone. >> the president is in san francisco tonight collecting a lot of money for the last few weeks of his campaign. he's also trying to the regain the momentum lost in a lack luster debate performance. lillian is live outside the bill gram pacific auditorium in the city where the president spoke to fired up crowd just a short time ago. lillian? >>reporter: dan, 4 million dollars. that's how much the president raised in san
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francisco in just one day. president obama appeared at the bill gram civic auditorium for the third final fundraiser of the day. objective, fire up the troops. >> hello san francisco. we are here because we have got some work to do. we are hear because we have got an election to win. >>reporter: this is mr. obama sixth fundraising from i hope to san francisco this year. i arrived at sfo before 2:00 p.m. . then headed straight to the intercontinental hotel where 25 people paid 40,000 dollars each for a meet and greet with the president. those who didn't want to fork out that kind of cash made their way to the bill gram civic auditorium for one of 2 events. 20,000 dollar per plate dinner and 200 dollar per person rally. people say because of the president lack luster debit performance last
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week, the support and money are needed now more than ever. >> after the debate i thought if romney got elected and i hadn't done everything i could to help i would never for give myself. >>reporter: that's why you are hear day. yes. definitely a wick up call. i would like to think that his performance awas somewhat intentional to remind people this is important. can't take anything for grante granted. >>reporter: the president is counting on his supporters to step up lick they did 4 years ago. not much time left. election is only 29 days away. >> we are not going back. we are moving forward. that's why you are here. that's why i am here. that's why i am running for a second term as president of the united states. >>reporter: the president will be spending the nature at the hotel here. tomorrow he heads to the all important battle ground state of ohio. live in san francisco, lillian, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. lots of cheering supporters but
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president obama visit to san francisco also drew protestors. small group turned out in front of bill gram civic auditorium tonight code pink activist another and other anti-war group called on him to end the use of unman drone and withdraw troops from afghanistan. >> the visit brought out supporters of mitt romney who came to criticize the president handling of the economy. if [ yelling] [ yelling]. >>reporter: today the republican presidential nominee attended a rainy campaign rally in the ballots ground state of virginia offering his own harsh words on the president spending record. >> he would tip to spend a trillion i don't know dollars more than we take in every year. in my have you that's immoral and wrong. if i'm president ought united states i will cut federal spending cap it and finally get us on track to balanced budget.
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>> romney campaign has been reenergize following his strong debate performance last week. the poll are narrowing. president obama has now just a slight lead over his opponent with 4 week to go until election day. tightening poll are putting more pressure on the thursday vice president debate between ryan and biden. you can watch it here on thursday starting at 6:00 o'clock. you might feel it. there is a change in the air. sandy is here with the first look at the forecast. sandy. >> yes. that change may include the possibility of needing umbrella. of let's check out live doppler 7 hd and show you what we are keeping its eye on. we have our own doppler and looking carefully here this is what it is watching. some moisture off the coast line. highlighting it for you. as we take you in to the mount saint helena area it's tracking any moisture for you on our radar. if any rainfall does develop, it will pick it up first. located on
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mount saint helena once again and potential for wet weather in the forecast when you 11 home tomorrow cool start. grab a sweater or jacket and make sure you have the umbrella. isolated showers tomorrow. timing of that and better possibility of seeing wet weather later on. carolyn. >> all right thank you. >> fbi is now investigating friday stabbing death of woman in hercules. as authorities sift through clue susie's family and friend held a candle light vigil for her tonight doing all they can to help track down her killer. cornell live in hercules at the family home. >>reporter: very emotional night here on ash court where hundreds of friends and family came to light candle and pray while police 10 to search for clues and a killer. grieving husband and family leads a slow procession of mourner to the home on ash court where susie a
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beloved wife and mother once lived. place now with candle and flowers. >> everybody thinks she is such a good mother figure. instead of calling her her real name susie i always call her mommy too. because i feel in like she is everybody mommy. >>reporter: he was waiting for his wife to pick him up at the airport last friday but she never showed. her body was found by a neighbor stabbed inside the home entry hall. family blue subaru out back missing from the garage. photo of the car with idaho license plates is now posted on the family web site and facebook page. fbi now assisting hercules police in finding the killer. >> we are lacking for things like possible small drops of blood that may have been from a weapon or just anything that might help us have any kind of lead in this case.
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>>reporter: but tonight was a time to remember a former school teacher and friend. >> don't forget the lesson she is trying to teach us. she always want us to improve to be better p.i don't know why but that's in her to do that. susie we love you. say it again. susie, we love you. >>reporter: about we are back live where candles continue to burn here. we are learning that police will let susie's husband back that t home as early as wednesday to see if anything is missing or stolen. also say the idaho plates on the stolen subaru may have been removed by now but they still hope anybody out there can help with information. livin hercules tonight, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> well tonight woman originally from modest to missing in yosemite national park. jessica rose garcia last seen saturday morning walking along road here. she never
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showed up for work in the park sunday morning. rangers searched today but found no sign of her. her parents say she would often he can up to 25 miles a day. it's a mystery. >> police are warning people not to walk alon along popular stretch of trail in the east bay regional park. man held woman at knife point this morning then sexually assaulted her. this happened in bay point along the delta regional trail. allen has the story. >>reporter: woman in her 20's told police she was sexually assaulted at knife point around six this morning. she says a machine pulled her in the bushes while she was walking to the pittsburgh bay point bart station less than a mile away. >> he basically threatened her and that he was going to probably further sexually assault her and then she was able to break free. >>reporter: attacker only described as african american man in his 40's wearing all black clothes and riding blue
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bike. the stretch of the delta regional trail in bay point has quite a reputation. >> when i walk i won't walk by myself no more. >>reporter: she says she was robbed herless year. >> one of them bump me from behind and grab me and threw me down and took my cell phone and stuff i have. >>reporter: wasn't hard to find somebody who was assaulted or knew somebody who was assaulted on this trail. >> a friend of mine got jumped 2 years ago and robbed. they stole her purse. neighbor of our lives next door couple wee weeks ago somebody rode up behind her and grabbed her private. >> 2 or 3 young ladies. >>reporter: since june police say there have been 10 incidents along this small stretch of trail. they include sexual assault. battery. parolee violations and gun possession. in bay point, allen wong 7 news. the oakland a's are back in
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oakland today. tomorrow they will play in front of sell out crowd must win game in order to stay in the play offs. [ chanting]. >> die hard fans rally in front of oakland city hall to cheer on the green and goal. a's down 2 games but the players and fans are confident they will not be swept by the detroit tigers in the best of 5 series. >> i have tickets up to the world series. i'm that confident. we are to rerye money ball 2 and this time we win the last game. >> team american league western division pennant flying over city hall game time tomorrow 6:07 at the coliseum. >> go a's. >> gas praises ratchet up again in the bay area around the state in fact. quick action just to prove to get the spiraling prices under control. >> jerry sandusky on the eve of his sentencing. daring and
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unapologetic statement. >> also tonight. change that you are about to see on vending machines. >> all that coming. later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". first lady michelle obama opens up on the dance between family and politics and raising kids in the spotlight. plus we go inside general motors top secret testing grounds where secret testing grounds where the cars are c
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>> senator boxer wants the feds to investigate the recent increase in gas prices. she says supply is fine and gas shouldn't be at record high in california. locally triple a praises are up again since friday from 4.64 in santa rosa to 4.73 in san francisco. winter blend gasoline will be sold early to increase supply. expected to bring down prices. although it could have an impact on pollution. now if you are lacking to find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood, we have some tips for you. sgrous to our web site. you will find the best
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deals in your neighborhood. find the link at the top of our home page. >> number of people in calistoga forced from their homes tomorrow. bomb squad plans to destroy a supply of medical eevter. highly explosive substance found at the calistoga fairground today. now it's too dangerous to transport. bomb squad will december detroit on the spot blow it up. that means 75 or 100 people medley south of the fairgrounds will be evacuated for their safety. should take about 2 hours. no major closures are expected. well san jose fire department mean time is looking for arsonist tonight there have been at least 6 incidents in the area of downing avenue off south baskin avenue in the past 8 days. fire bug appears to be targeting dumpsters but the fire has also burned nearby bushes. so far there has been no serious property damage however. >> stunning comments tonight from jerry sandusky on the eve of his sentencing for child sexual abuse. former assistant football coach released recor
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recording to penn state student radio station accusing his victims of lying. tape played on world news tonight when the story broke. >> young man who is dramatic veteran accuser and always sought attention started everything. he was joined by a well orchestrated effort of the media, investigators, the system, penn state, psychologists civil attorneys and other accusers. they won. >> 68-year-old sandusky faces anywhere from 10 to 400 years in prison for his conviction on 45 counts of molestation. well soon you may see calorie count on vending machines. coca-cola, pepsi and dr. pepper plan to post the information on selection button. this is a mock-up which is democrat stating the idea here. it will start early next year in chicago and san antonio. this the move comes as city targeted soft drink to fight obesity. richmond is on one. city is considering a one cent per ounce tax on sugar
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drink. >> let's get a check of what is to come for our work week weather wise. >> maybe a little rain. local. we have the forecast. >> it's local indeed. i'll just put it to you this way. i wouldn't wash the car the next couple of days because we have a possibility of some showers moving in. live doppler 7 hd are the now. watching the moisture hear. just off the coast line here. it's still well off the coast but there has been at least one lightening strike around west of half man bay. so we are watching it for you carefully in case anything develops. temperatures writ now in the 50's and even few 60's showing up. here is the forecast we look at partly cloudy skies overnight. isolated showers are possible tomorrow with showers mainly in the south bay as we head into wednesday. very scattered in nature. now tomorrow morning when you head out the door make sure you bundle up. expecting some cool conditions. north bay valley low to upper 40's. even some upper 40's morgan hill santa cruz we look at temperatures in the 50's across the rest of the bay area. certainly starting out on a cool note so you need
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a swaert or jacket. this is bringing cooler than normal condition. systems off the coast line and we have been a good 10 degrees below normal in some inland valley this afternoon. it was pleasant today but this is not in a hurry to get out of town. so what's going to happen it slowly going to work its way south ward paralleling the coast an as it does tomorrow it may drop a little bit of moisture. we are going isolated shower chance mainly around the monterey bay heading into wednesday afternoon we see better chance of seeing some scattered showers as you notice south bay around the monterey bay. now if we get anything and it's a big if at this point here's what the computer are predicting. computer model predict up to 5 hundredths inch north bay. 2 day total. san francisco east bay zero to a trace of an inch possible for the south bay santa cruz mountains of course proximity of that moisture will be the highest so tenth to quarter inch. once again if we get anything it's very unclear at
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this point if we are definitely going to get some rain. mild temperatures tomorrow afternoo afternoon. possibility of showers around mostly clear lake clover dale low to mid 70's. 63 san francisco 68 oakland 74 in fairfield. livermore san jose low 70's palo alto 69 degrees. if i were you would i grab the umbrella and have it handy the next few days. monterey bay 69 in santa cruz. 67 for watsonville. morgan hill 74 degrees. all right. tomorrow is a big night at the coliseum. the a's will be playing the tigers at 6:00 o'clock. 59 degrees. dropping to 56 at 9 p.m. third game of the my off series. grab a sweatshirt if you are going tomorrow night. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. could see few sprinkle tomorrow. better chance of showers on wednesday. temperatures will fall and then we will start to see change pattern. but friday into saturday now this is latest change in the computer model. slight chance of showers friday night going into saturday morning if you have weekend plans dray and mild
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second half of the wean. it's not too late to win 49,000 dollars from abc 7. these people want to take the chance. these 3 women have all entered through our facebook page. you can enter too. go to faceboo slash abc 7 news and win 49,000 dollar button. that will take you to this page where you can fill out spwrit form. announce the winner on october 18 right after forty-niner game right here on abc 7 news. mike will be here 4:30 to receive amtraking any possible showers that develop. >> thanks. >> up next. military family gets big honors for big football crowd. >> nobody will forget wha
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>> this is great stuff. special surprise for a military family this weekend. >> during the georgia south carolina football game the family of sergeant first class scott fail was honored on the field. >> it included a personal video message on the jumbo trom from dad. family teared up but big surprise was coming. >> keep in mind f-i'll see you
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>> keep in mind f-i'll see you real soon [applause] he really meant really soon. sergeant fail had just returned home from south korea. >> look at the beautiful famil family. what an exciting moment. crowd went crazy as you heard. >> larry off and mike is here. >> a little baseball? all right we have a's and must win tomorrow and believe it or not, the nba is right around the corner. highlights next in the corner. highlights next in sports
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>> well the a's need 3 game sweep to swans to the alcs. anderson take the mound tomorrow first pitch 6:07:00 p.m. given up too many unearned runs. unforced error we haven't seen from them all season. they have had the lead three times yesterday in detroit but lost and now starter anderson out 3 week was
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a strained oblique muscle. >> it's fun. don't really know what to expect. kind of this series kind of like a little microcosm of 2 rookie and guy hurt 90 percent of the season. but team handle diversity better than any team i have seen so wouldn't expect anything less really. >>reporter: all right yankees alcs and davis single off peti petit. the score. orioles up 2-1. rodriguez at the plate with two out and johnson gets him swinging. even the series a gym appease 3-2 the final. giants battling the reds in history. no team in mainly league baseball won 3 straight road games to advance to advance. first ever post season start tomorrow first pitch there 2:37 p.m. reds not swept at home all season. starting pitcher bailey threw no hit they are year. lumber in a slumber. a must win
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tomorrow or go home. >> we know where we are at. we have our work cut out and it is best of 5. we'll come out ready to go tomorrow. >>reporter: enough said. game 2. nlds cardinal hosting the gnat. watch this john jay. this is a contact sport. beltran. 2 home run and 3 rbi. 2 run blast in the eighth. second. cardinals even a game appease 12-4 the final. improve with record setting performance yesterday. first team to have over 300 yards rushing and passing in the same gay. try to keep pace with the undefeated texan hosting by the jets on monday night football and houston jumped out early. first quarter. matt rolls out to wide open. 34 yard strike. 7 nothing texas and big game for foster. 152 yards rushing including the 13 yard touch
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down run. texas now 5 and o beating jets first time in team history 23-17 that final. jackson were your hosting the jazz pre-season action. david lee led the warriors with 19 points and 14 board looking really good early in camp. rookie barns looks like he fits in just fine. nice bucket underneath. he had 9 points worth to improve in action. 83-82 tuning of the jazz. this is 7 sports report brought by river rock casino win or go home. couldn't ask for better situation. >> they will do it they are both at home. >> exactly. >> all right. "nightline"is up next. >> giants aren't at home. what am i saying. maybe this will do well for them they do better on the road any way i'm carolyn johnson. >> appreciate your time. for all of us here, thanks for watching. watching. >> good night
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