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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 19, 2012 2:05am-2:40am PDT

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west bringing the cooler ocean air in. relative humidity coming up steadily at 36 percent. tomorrow they are going to take a 10 degree drop in temperatures 91 the high today tomorrow 81 degrees. higher humidity will help the firefighters. today it was the heat. new records. oakland 8 87. oakland airport 87. sfo was 86 and moffitt field 89 degrees. i'll have the rest of the high pressure in just a few minutes and tell you about some big changes that you are come and that includes cooler weather and wetter pattern. >> okay excellent thanks very much. >> a huge night 49ers at home and the giants battling the card nationalities in st. loui louis. >> huge night 2 very different out comes. larry is here. wow! >> we start with the giants. unfortunately now one game away from elimination. tim really just didn't have it tonight in game 4 of the national league championship series in st. louis. the collides details leading the charm at busch. has been the case often this
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season tim shakey early. holiday up the middle scoring john jay 2 nothing cards after 1. in the fifth. same story. holiday 4 and two-thirds. gave up 4 runs in 8-3 st. louis up 3 games to 1. giants start barry in a must win game 5 tomorrow. >> oh. all right thanks larry. >> wayne was at tonight's game in st. louis. >> tonight just a quick look at how the other half lives. you sequard national fans are not much different from the california counter part. except that when it comes to being an out of counter -- there's nothing like having home field advantage. >> i have been getting heckled but i'm doing all right. >> strange interfamiliar land lives not far away in illinois but he likes the giants. >> i was a big barry bond fan
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and took my allegiance to san francisco with him. >> he sees many more games here than there. immanuel coming to the stadium as giants fan and being hand add cardinals towel to wave. or seeing a woman who painted all 10 of her fingers in cardinal symbol e. do you see any orange in all of this red? >> this town is red. this is red october. cardinal town. >> which means if you are a giants fan uttering the words go giants you have to wonder anyone if anyone is listening. for fans in st. louis during this game 4 there have been better nights. >> i think they are scared. they are feeling sad. we are doing well. >>reporter: more than a little too well as far as giants fans are concerned. as the rainfal rainfalls on busch stadium ready to turn the later out, their sentiment echo those of giants players this evening. win tomorrow. get this series home. anything can still happen. in st. louis, wayne, abc 7 news. >> and here's the line up for
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the giants game 5 will be played in st. louis tomorrow night at 5:07. >> now there's a game 6 it will be played at at&t park m san francisco on sunday at 1:37. game 7 would be played here monday at 5:07. hoping for extended games. >> positive sports news. 49ers got it done tonight but not as decisively as fans hoped. >> but not much of a passing game. larry has those highlights. >> not master piece but a win is a win. niners will take it. as seen here on special edition of thursday night football on abc 7. 49ers and seahawks at candlestick just one touch down tonight so let's all enjoy it together. smith and walker watch a great block right there from davis. 12 yards for the scores. 10-6 niners. tight roping in gold shoe. gold and red. niner defense is tremendous. shock quarterback will so that blasted on the throw. picked off by olson and niners win 1
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13-6 and improve to 5 and 2 open the season. and in possession of first place in the nfc west. >> of course happy fans tonight and terri caught up with them. >>reporter: on night of great defensive performance by the 49ers you might expect to hear high praise and we almost did after the game. i think. >> we took em down. we showed what we were all about. let's go niners. >>reporter: forty-niner fans leaving candlestick after the 13-6 win were not entirely eloquent but did seem to agree on what they liked most. i think. >> everything. fan forever. >> everything. we had a really good game. >> i love everything baby. that's what we did as niners is all about defense. we have offense. smith is doing what he needs to do but at the end of the day our defense is what we do. >>reporter: offensive star of the night clearly frank gore
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no. 21. talk to fans about him after the game and hi praise indeed i think. >> awesome. right here. niners. great game. no. 1. [ yelling]. >>reporter: candlestick park, abc 7 news. >> well san francisco police are cracking down on bad behavior by fans. they go undercover at candlestick park. camera caught 2 people being arrested at the game tonight. officers had to restrain one woman because she was being combative apparently. man in hand cuffs wept more quietly. pd didn't say how many people were arrested today. tonight there is a call for congress to audit the boy scouts of america. at issue is child abuse policy. it follows the court ordered release of what had been confidential files detailing more than 1,000 alleged cases of sexual abuse involving scout leaders. john is here with the story. >>reporter: well, they are called the perversion files
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which cover sexual abuse case from his the 1960's all the way to the 1980's including about 2 dozen from the bay area. confidential files reveal the names of 1200 suspected pedophiles. >> today is also a victory for all of the victims who suffer in silence and now their voice is heard. >>reporter: matt stewart of gilroy successfully sued the boy scout after molested for 13 years in washington state. today more than 14,000 pages of files became public after a ruling by the oregon supreme court. >> you do not get to keep secrets about hidden dang investigators children. perio period. end of conversation. >>reporter: but the files show that in a third of the cases the boy scouts of america never told police about sexual abuse allegations. in one memo scouting executive suggest dropping a case against a suspected abuser writing if it don't stink, don't stir it. head of the boy scouts says there are stronger safe guards in place today noychlt question that there are times in the past these go back to 40, 50
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years old where we did not do the job we should have. for that and for people, for a that we are profoundly sorry. >>reporter: large number of the sex abuse alleges ins the files are unsubstantiated. legal analyst dean johnson cease the potential for numerous lawsuits. >> undoubtedly former boy scouts will be suing the boy scouts organization. who will be suing the individuals named and some of the named individuals may very well be suing the boy scouts organization for invasion of privacy, for defamation. >>reporter: former boy scout matt stewart know what is he would like to happen. >> congress should remove all founding from the boy scouts especially in light of the fact that the boy scouts have been protecting child molestors for over 100 years. >>reporter: one former bay area scout leader we contacted tonight denied ever being the target of sex abuse alleges even though there was a file on him. too late to prosecute the
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case because of statute of limitation expired but it is possible in california to file lawsuits under certain circumstances. >> all right john reporting. >> moraga boy scout kicked out of the troop because he's gay trying to get the eagle scout award he earned. he delivered 400,000 petition signature to the council today asking for reinstatement. they prohibit gay members. >> when we asked them if they agree with the policy and if they think it's okay they couldn't really answer us. they just said it's a national policy and we are following a policy. >>reporter: the petition came from an on license mobilization effort started by ryan's mom to get support for her son. >> and new tonight. executive director of the port of oakland has been put on paid leave. that's the result of ongoing investigation into allegations of improper expenditure. omar benjamin and other top officials of the port come under scrutiny lately including
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marine director james kwan. kwan 4500 dinner tab at strip club in houston looked at very closely. 2 meetings have been held in the past week to address questionable spending practices. south bay doctor suspected of trading prescriptions for sex and money was in court today. dr. marvin bonnie ham was the medical director of the valley health plan. he didn't enter a plea. his attorney needs more time to review the case. bonnie ham faces 18 felony drug charges. his attorney did rae least statement that says despite the recentensational sensational cot about his arrest we won't recipro indicate and ray this case in the press. we are confident when all the facts are placed before the court he will be cleared of the charges. oakland city council candidate whose campaign center piece is the call for more police officers was mugged last night near his hope. it happened when dan was heading home from an anti-crimemeetin ag meeting. he says the mugging could have been prevented with
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officers on the street proving his campaign message. >> we are way under staffed in our police department. need more police. throughout the city. every neighbor. patrolling the neighborhood on regular basis. >>reporter: robert took his wallet, robert was not hurt. >> new tonight. called camping for cause. right now group of students and alumni from san jose state university has pitched tent on campus ground in support of minimum wage. annual sleep over is to raise awareness of poverty problems. this year the sleep over is to support san jose measure d. it would raise minimum wage from 8 to continue dollars. measure will be on the november 6 ballot. >> new tonight a disappointing honey moon for couple visiting san francisco. after a tour of alcatraz the newlywed went to get the car from the parking garage only to find their car was gone. at first they thought they might have forgotten where they parked they found the evidence. just married decoration were strewn
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on the ground when they knew things had gone wrong. >> when we looked at the glass we saw like the newlywed just married painting on the glass broken out on the ground okay. this is not a coincidence. and so we went and talked to the grand jury and went through all the footage and we found the guy who jacked our car. >>reporter: unfortunately most of their belongings were inside that car. 2005 green ford taurus. couple don't hold any grudge against san francisco. matthew says his face book status still reads go giants. really taking it in stride. >> that's a shame. >> well abc 7 gave away frain,000 dollars tonight. >> yes. sandy had the job of phoning the lucky winner. >> yes. this is a lot of fun. up next. the moment we break the good news to the winner. plus what she plans to do with the money. that's coming up. also last night streaking fire ball. meteorite hunters searching for treasure from space.
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>> and the google slip up that cost the company billions of dollars today. then later on "nightline". >> i'm cynthia. coming up next on "nightline". we bring you the behind the scenes drama at one of the biggest airports in the country. >> plus the mother fight to go stop the gang violence in american war zone. 2 little american war zone. 2 little girls caught i
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suze huge night. we gave away 49,000 dollars to viewer and all they had to do was like us on face pwichblingt fun thing to be able to do. we were excited. sandy had the honors tonight actually calling the winner at home. that must have
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been a joy. >> it was so exciting. when the person picked up the phone on the other end even better. give away 49,000 dollars tonight. we selected the winner at random and it's penny crow from the north bay. i called her just before the end of tonight's 49ers game. you are the big winner of the 4 49,000 dollars sweepstake. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. i can't believe it. this is for real. >> it is for real. can you believe this. >> no. >> you gnaw i was coming. >> they called me. i am still shaking. >> my colleague nick presented the frain,000 dollar che tonigho penny crow tonight. >> penny congratulations. you are the winner of out of 49,000 dollar sweepstakes. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> what are you going to do with the money. >> i'm going to give some money
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to my children and my grandchildren. thank you everybody at abc news. thank you from the bottom of my heart. believe me, my kids thank you too. >> all right. that was really neat. >> yes we wish her the best and congratulations see you in a few minutes with the forecast. i can honestly say she was just so stunned. she kept saying is this a fantasy. i said no it's reality. you have just won. she was just so excited and so happy. >> we should do this every day. >> absolutely. i agree. hopefully we'll get a chance to win. >> thanks. meteorite hunters looking for chunk of space debris sold for hundreds or thousands office dollars at auction. laura joined the hunt. >>reporter: bob is looking for pieces of meteor night mill valley. from one that blazed across bay area sky last night. he drove from battle mountain, nevada this morning. according
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to his calculation the debris from last night car size meteor likely landed somewhere between mill valley and points north and west. >> the reflection from the stone that stone that fell starts seemed to start here in the mill valley area. it definitely was flying in low and dropped rocks all along a path. maybe even 50 miles north of here. >> all of a sudden the inside of the car got lit up. >>reporter: jerrold saw the meteor fly by in the skies above lafayette. astronomer at the science center in the oakland hills he says finding exactly where the debris landed in the absence of eyewitness accounts could be extremely difficult. >> first of all they look like rock on the ground. second of all they are spread over huge area. i would say the track is probably 10 or 15 miles long. >>reporter: for those looking bob says the pieces are as small as grape or as big as a grapefruit. light on the in. dark on the outside. much like a charcoal bring connecticut.
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this is 7 news. >> google stock plummeted today after disappointing earnings report was released 3 hours early by mistake. stock dropped 9 percent about 20 billion dollars in shareholder wealth before trading briefly suspended. report was to be released after the market closed. not only that. it was published with space reserve for quote from ceo larry page that read pending larry quote. which is already prompted a parody pending larry twitter account and first tweet read oops. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says tonight that she was not referring to forker staff member when she said i can't stand whining. clinton made the statement during recent magazine interview. blog like political called her out saying she was referring to to former staff member slaughter. however tonight clinton and slaughter both deny that cushion. in the interview clinton had just talked about slaughter trying to juggle work and family. the interviewer changed subject apparently to
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talk about the book catcher in the rye. clinton said i can't stand whining. i can't stand the kind of paralysis because they are not happy with choices they make. shers referring to the book main character not her former staff member. well brief break tonight in what has become a very tight presidential race. president obama and governor romney both appeared in new york city and shared humor. first mr. romney talking about his debate preparation. >> biggest available straw man and then just messrs. my attack it. big bird didn't even see it coming. >> some of you may have noticed i had a lieutenant more energy in the second debate. i was rested after the nice long nap i had in the first debate. >>reporter: 67th annual dinner wrists millions of dollars for needy children in new york. >> it's nice to see humor. >> exactly. >> let's go back and talk about the weather forecast. >> really warm tonight but
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changes are coming. sandy is here. >> indeed. big changes are coming. let's talk about the high for today. in case you are wondering how warm it got in your neighborhood 85 degrees in san francisco today. 80 in half moon bay and this was one of the cooler spots believe it or not. 90 in santa rosa. oakland 87 new record mav fit field 89 new record. 86 antioch. 92 in livermore toda today. and 88 degrees in san jose. it was warm to hot today and as we now check out a time lapse you will see the changes that are under way started all this afternoon from our emer emeryville camera in high def. fog coming back in from the south and live doppler 7 hd tonight, you will see what it looks like from that perspective. low clouds and fog making a pretty good push rate now all the way up into the north bay and also heading out towards the east bay. so these are the areas that are going to take the biggest hit. coast and bay as we head into your friday afternoon.
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temperatures rate now is still warm outside. and the dew point measure of the moisture in the air still running pretty high. o low 60's to low 60's so it disfeel humid out there. 66 in san francisco right now. 65 in napa. look at this fremont 70. 68 livermore and los gato gatos. not exactly great sleeping weather but much cooler weather coming tomorrow. even cooler for the weekend and rain arrives on monday and it lacks like it will continue at least chances right on through the middle of the week. low clouds fog push ing into some of our bay side and inland valley by morning when you head out the door tomorrow morning you will notice low clouds and fog around first thing in the morning with the temperatures in the 50's and the 60's. still going to be on the mild side tomorrow morning in terms of the numbers but you will notice the air conditioning is working. our natural ac computer animation showing the clouds first thing in the morning. even could be some drizzle along the coast license. cloud will pull away. temperatures spread will be much lower. 80's inland. 60's coast as much as 20 degrees
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cooler tomorrow afternoon. in places like san francisco where you go from 85 to 65 degrees tomorrow afternoon. that's going to be a big difference. 61 in half moon day. low 70's napa santa rosa. san rafael. fremont 69 in oakland. out to antioch and livermore. low 80's at best on the peninsula. low 70's san mateo palo alto. lingering clouds around the coastal areas. for the monterey bay 68 in watsonville. 76 degrees in gilroy. accu-weather 7 day forecast begins tomorrow. really, really kicks in over the weekend. upper 70's inland low 60's coast. temperatures continue to drop on sunday. leading up to the rain possibility heading into your monday. look at that only 60's monday tuesday wednesday when we see the wet weather possibility. live doppler 7 hd carolyn and dan will be tracking the rain if we get it. we have our exclusive radar in mount saint helena. updates in the morning. >> sea lyon rescued at pier 39
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all clear from doctors >> the all clear from doctors >> the wet and wi
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is a. >> california sea lyon rescued after wrapped in a plastic strapping back in the ocean tonight after 9 days of recoup ration. the sea lions release dad at the beach. it waddled to the water looks back as if to say goodbye. thank you. and then jumped right into the pacific. the video comes to us from the marine mammal center. >> happy camper. >> extreme athlete taking over san francisco. civic center plaza and part of the em back darrow transformed for the due tour that is street style competition skate boarding, bmx
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and motor cross. it's free and it runs through sunday. what a spectacle. >> yes. busiest man in the sports department here. >> i think i'll do the dude tour. skate boarding. that's my thing. is that yes. >> bring a camera. >> bring an ambulance. the giants down to the last game facing elimination after rough nature for timy in st. louis. nature for timy in st. louis. sports next
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>> good evening. good morning actually. tim couldn't get it done. giants survival now falls that the hands of barry tomorrow in st. louis. game 4
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national league championship series. tim got off to another slow start. allowed 2 runs in the first inning. matt former athletic with a base hit up the middle that scored john jay. 2 nothing cardinals in a flash. then in the fifth. like the last base hit we showed you. holiday and allowed 4 runs and 6 hits. struck out 3. not the dominating performance the coach was hoping for. the double to rate center. 2 more score. cards win game 4. commanding 3-1 series lead. barry will start a must win game 5 tomorrow. >> the get behind on carpenter the first batter lead off double and then put my snevl a hole there. >> he has done a great job for us. we brought him back a little early and gave us all he had out there and he was closing off a little bit cutting himself off and he just didn't have his good command
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there early. >>reporter: yankees they are in for a massive overhaul after getting swept in the alcs by the tigers. detroit look to go move on to the world series for the 11th time in team history. yankees give the ball to cc and miguel crushed it. first homer of the post season for the triple crown winner. 4ing in tirtion then later in the fourth johnny 2 run bomb. couple homer in the game 6 nothing tigers 16 hit w.alex benched and spectating. the final out. 8-1 tigers advance to the world series. yankees get swept in the post season first time in 32 years. on to football. 49ers and seahawks slugged it out tonight. low scoring. defensive struggle. you don't get extra style points for victory. niners will just take it and mav on. smith trying to rebound after throwing 3 pick against the giants third quarter. finally the 49ers into the end zone. jump off to walker. nice block by davis. 12 yards on the
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score. walker doing the tightrope act to get in and red cold cleat. seahawks defense tired late in the game. frank gore 131 yards rushing and 51 more receiving. third and goal. smith all kinds of time. moss wide open in the back of the end zone at any time see him. picked and touch down interception. wilson trying to lead a late come back. fourth and 17. it has been short of first down. they call the safety for chop block. 49ers not take the penalty so final 13-6. 5 and 2. sole possession fears in the nfc west. >> coming out with a w. tl short week getting ready. division game. a lot of history between these 2 teams. and any way anything to get it done. >> people call this a must win for us especially after last week. we didn't feel that way but we felt lick this is a game that we definitely needed. we
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came out here and got it done. >> tough hard fought victory. >> all right larry thank you. fun to have the game tonight. >> grit job today. good stuff. >> "nightline"up next. >> thanks for joining us. for all of us here, we appreciate it. it. >> we did indeed thanks for
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a teaching artist from brooklyn, new york... ...a technology journalist from seattle, washington... ...and our returning champion, a medical-research technician from quincy, massachusetts... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek. thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to our show. you just heard that meredith won $16,000 on yesterday's program. what you did not hear mentioned is the fact that she defeated a woman who was a seven-time champion. will meredith be able to match stephanie's total


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