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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> occupy oakland takes to the streets once again tonight. show of solidarity exactly one
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year after the night police raided the camp at frank georgia washington plaza. >> occupy demonstrators want to reclaim frank ogawa plaza. they march through the streets at times blocking intersection intersections. 7 news reporter alan wong in the demonstration and has the developing story. >>reporter: here at the emergency operation center police say one democrat industrytor threw a rock at a police officer and hit him in the chest so they arrested him and took away his shield. that has been the only arrest so fa far. right now we are told property easttors are beginning to settle down at frank ogawa plaza where this march began around 7:00 o'clock tonight. the group of about 250 plan to demonstrate until dawn and eventually set up a tent at the plaza where the occupy movement maintained a tent city last year. but police are ready to prevent that from happening. they have been keeping their distance and we have seen about
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6 police advance following those demonstrators throughout downtown oakland. tonight during occupy oakland general assembly speakers urged protestors in the to vandalize during the march. some occupy members even argued with younger demonstrators who appeared to be ready to do some damage. >> what do you have? fv nice shiny rock. what could you potentially do with that. chuck it through a window. i'm only going to use this in case of an emergency. that's it. and that's nothing else. >>reporter: you have no plans of bricking into any of the business window. >> no. none whatsoever. >>reporter: police say several ac transit buses have been diverted from parts of downtown oakland and frank ogawa plaza but so far no reports of vandalism and only one arrest. we are told the group has dwindled down to 60 but police will be monitoring them throughout the night.
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reporting live in downtown oakland, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> oakland police will get some help in a few week. highway patrol is reloaning personnel to oakland with the crime rate up 20 percent from last year. stockton gets help as well. chp officers will aswiss patrol and traffic enforcement in high crime area. >> county coroner office says the dental records helped identify the body of girl who washed ashore at the state beach on sunday. 16-year-old katie chu of richmond has been run away since last month. authorities are waiting for toxicology reports to determine the cause of death. she was a senior at albany high school honor student and member of the tennis team. >> if former senator mitchell offered to withdraw from settlement talk from the pipeline explosion according to the chronicle. san bruno city council has accused mitchell and law firm of conflict of interest because they represent inshurnts company that is involved in the negotiations.
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if. >> let's go giants indeed. you probably know 2 down for the giants. 2 to go. hometown takes game 2 of the world series scoring 2 runs but that was enough as the detroit tigers come up empty. of we are live at the ballpark what a great game. >>reporter: oh, it certainly was dan. as you can imagine fans are still out partying tonight after the giants won game 2 of the world series. now it wasn't as spectacular of a win as last night but still, it's worthy of celebrations. if it's easy to figure out who won gym 2 of the world series. before giants fans are basking in the 2 game lead over the tigers for the team. if series now heads to detroit where tiger fans are just as dedicated as ours. michigan
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couple sell pwriingt the 25th anniversary here in san francisco. only they seem to be missing something. >> we didn't get tickets. no. imagine that. do you have tickets for us. what are you planning to do. we came here to be annoying. >> we just dime annoy the giants. >>reporter: kim is proof you don't need a ticket to live the excitement of the world series. renee of san jose came to watch 3 innings for free through the chain link fence. >> we came and waited in line here and yes. for a couple hours and got our wrist band and in we were. it was amazin amazing. >>reporter: she waited for 2 hours and it was absolutely worth it. of course again now the giants head off to detroit. from at&t park, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. >> game 3 and 4 are saturday and sunday if necessary game 5 would be monday also in detroi detroit. >> tonight the abc 7 news i team investigates a cold case.
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child disappearance in san francisco almost 30 years ago. >> and in the process discovers a possible connection to serial killer. dan is here with an investigation you will see only on 7. >> kevin collins was one of the first missing children whose case got national attention. thousands of tips came in over the years but they all led nowhere. tonight we have uncovered the one serious lead san francisco police either missed or chose to ignore. from san quentin state problem. east block. first tier cell 115 on death row. could the bizarre rant of serial killer hold the key to a boy disappearance almost 30 years ago. >> he was very sweet. very shy around other people. >>reporter: after ann collins 10-year-old son kevin vanished. bay area responded in a big way. posters went up. volunteers went door to door. police scoured local parks and shot public service announcement reenacting what happened using older brother as stand in. kevin left cy o basketball practice in the
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haight and waited for a bus at oak. last place ever seen. >> take each day at a time. some days are a little easier than others. some days are real hard. >>reporter: the days turn into week and month but kevin family continued to push. man ago 24 hour hotline out of their home. and pleading with the kidnapper directly on abc 7. >> kevin loves his family. we love him. please let him come home. >>reporter: when newsweek magazine put kevin on the cover the tips poured in. they all led nowhere. but san francisco police either missed or chose to ignore one significant lead. possible connection to serial killer john dougal. >> john was an evil evil man. >>reporter: district attorney steve gave the i team access to the case file. i spent a week combing 12 boxes of evidence police reports court transcripts audio and videotapes. in the town of belmont the disappearance of
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15-year-old john davis and stabbing death of 12-year-old lance turner went unsolved for years. as did the murder of 12-year-old shawn dan in sacramento. then the john went to the men colony in san luis obispo on burglary charge. got into a sexual relationship with a cell mate and finally confessed to him about killing those 3 boys. we found a recording of the cell mate charles wright reporting john doug el to authorities. >> take whatever necessary to get this guy what was your reason for giving this information. >> i can't stand a child can i recall. >>reporter: he wanted a deal on his own charges so he convinced john doug el to write details of the murder. draw map to the crime scene and tell authorities everything. >> stab him where? tl. >>reporter: here's the intraeinging part. documents show doug el told his cell mate and second inmate that around the time of kevin disappearance he killed a fourth victim. by
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throwing them off the golden gate bridge but made it look like a suicide attempt. description also appears in this psychiatric report on joh john. that document also shows months before kevin disappeared doug el got a manual labor job with the irs in san francisco just 2 miles from kevin's bus stop. after that information came out the fbi went to the men colony to interview doug el but in the final report agents focus on the 3 other murders. there is no mention of the fourth victim. >> wasn't in the reports. i remember that vividly. i remember how much i wished the fbi didn't have their policy at that point of not tape recor recording because i would have liked to have heard every single word spoken but that was their policy. >>reporter: but the i team learned the fbi didn't question john about the fourth victim. retired special agent frank hick e mailed me that he went to the interview blind and on a very, very short notice. i was never told by wright or anyone else about a fourth murder or
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throwing a fourth victim off the golden gate. that was never mentioned during my time on the case. if it had been i would have interviewed john in detail about it. fbi was not alone in failing to ask doug el about the fourth victim. see exclusive video belmont police question doug el about the murders but not about this fourth victim. >> thanks coming up in a momen moment. >> that's right. >> abc 7 meteorologist is loo looking ahead to the forecast now. sandia. now. sandia. >> weather pattern changin
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>> when serial killer doug el cajon fessed to his cell photo about killing 3 children he also talked about throwing the fourth victim off the golden gate bridge but we learned several law enforcement agency failed to follow the lead and question doug el about it early on when he was talking freely. >> how about the body on the trail where the stabbing occurred. where did that occur. >>reporter: when he took bell mont police to the crime scene he was in a talkative mood but detective rich fogarty also failed to ask him about the
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fourth victim. >> i wasn't really concerned with. that i was concerned with the belmont case. because we needed to solve that for our community. >>reporter: ever since their son went missing in 1981 jim and joan davis suspected john doug el was a family friend. >> he was in and out of our house every day. he knew where the key was. he called us mom and dad. >>reporter: after their son disappeared doug el never returned to their house and that raised suspicion. so jim cave is began tracking doug el. after kevin collins disappeared in san francisco he confirmed doug el traveled from the home in belmont to the cit city. the night kevin went missing. >> i determined that he was in san francisco not directly from john but from all of his friends. >>reporter: and belmont police confirmed doug el movements that day. >> john may involved in from my understanding the that they may have placed him in san francisco around the time the collins went missing.
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>>reporter: davis tells me he tried to report that information to san francisco police who were heading the kevin collins investigation. >> they didn't want to hear what i had to say. it was that simple. >> oh, yes san francisco police comment on davis account and give me access to the collins file. but they refused. saying it's an open investigation. but they couldn't tell me how long it has been since someone actually looked at the file. . retired sf pd inspector weaver keeps the collins information with him in case new leads developed. he last worked the case in 2003 to see if kevin was a victim of the clergy abuse scandal. weaver knows the collins file well and not a single mention of john doug el the serial killer. >> so many leads were called in all the time that it might have got a one line entry somewhere that i didn't see or got lost over the years. so many possibilities i don't know what
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to tell you. >>reporter: do you think john doug el killed collins. >> yes, i do. >>reporter: he was on the search party for one of the vichlts he found lance turner body. and he has been involved in the doug el vision ever since. after john got a death sentence for the 3 murders russell says he called the fbi. your honoring them to investigate doug el for the collins disappearance. that agents went to san quentin to interview him again. >> he gave the agents an impression that he knew about the case the. that he knew something. but he medley clamped up and decided not to say anything more. >>reporter: but that story is hard to verify. the key agents in the san francisco office who would have worked the case have passed away. the fbi tells me they destroyed the doug el file without scanning it and they can't access the kevin collins file because it has been damaged in a flood at the washington, d.c. archives and drying out right now. all this frustrates ann collins.
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>> i feel in that kevin whoever took him was murdered that day. never would have got kevin back. but i think that the police should have done all they could to find the person. it's just it's not right. not fair for kevin y.was he put on the back burner. >>reporter: to get to the bottom of this i wrote to john doug el on death row asking him about the boys he admitted killing and about kevin collin collins. he sent a bizarre 4 page letter. most coherent thing he wrote was they all had to die dead. the rest of the letter is full of crazy rambling about computer and conspiracy theories for all i know you dan could be part of a high school plan through the white house. >> if he can't actually in a credible way tell you what happened and the trail ends here, is that enough. >> no. probably not. make us wonder. >>reporter: do you want me to keep on searching. >> yes because maybe you are meant to. >>reporter: the sf pd tells me they are checking out a report
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that doug el was in jail the night kevin disappeared. they talked to him in san quen license last week after i called and denied killing kevin but couldn't say if he was in jail that night. on sunday john comes clean about the killing spree that stunned northern california. exclusive confession tapes on sichbilityd you will keep digging. thanks dan. >> let's get a check of the forecast right now. >> weekend almost here. sandy is here with the forecast. >> it is looking spectacular upcoming weekend plans. show you a picture right now. this is unbelievable. look at this shot. this was sent by the squaw valley open today just for a day. winter fundraiser for skiers and to the public and it's the earliest it has opened since 19 skichlt you can clearly see why. couple of feet of snow this week with the recent storms and it looks dry for the next three days if heading up there to just go play in the snow. let's check
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out live doppler 7 hd writ now. skies clear and headed to a cold night. own radar on mt. st. helens that. rain in the forecast a chance later on and i'll talk about that in just a moment. it will be tracking that moisture when it develops. temperatures in the 50's and 60's running cooler than where you were yesterday at this tim time. so here are the highlights clear and cold tonight. sunny an mild tomorrow. we are looking at warmer conditions this weekend. you will really enjoy the weekend weather wait until you see what is coming. now tomorrow morning make sure you wear a jacket or coat and make sure the little ones have the jacket when they head off to school. it's a chilly start. low 40's santa rosa napa down to 45 in livermore. 48 degrees in san jose. oakland. palo alto. 49 degrees in san francisco. 46 in morgan hill. so definitely cold with clear skies. high pressure builds in and what is coming is a set up that will feature mild to warm
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weather for the upcoming weekend occasional high clouds but this is really going to be nice looking weekend for any out door plans that you have. so high for your friday will look like this. it's in the 70's. inland valley coming. 76 fairfield. 75 for concord. 73 san jose. san mateo 70. oakland 71. look at this santa rosa clear lake ukiah mid 70's. 68 in san francisco. 66 degrees around half moon bay. around the monterey bay it's nice sunny mild day as well. 73 santa cruz. 75 agrees for new morgan hill. it will be beautiful. it's game 3 of the world series. co-america park saturday night. san francisco giants taking on the detroit tigers. 5:07. 46 degrees. chilly at 8:3042 degrees. now there will be showers earlier in the day in detroit but it looks like the showers will be moving east by the time the game is getting under way. accu-weather 7 day forecast lacks like this. 80's inland. mid 60's coast. upcoming weekend cooling it off early
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next week and halloween latest computer model run wants to bring in a chance of rain. looking pretty likely and continuing into thursday morning. carolyn and dan we'll keep you posted. hopefully trick-or-treaters won't have to put on a rain coat over the costume. >> nothing like low 40's in detroit. >> chilly. the. >> thanks. >> it fell from the sky. >> up next. experts try to explain how a shark fell on
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>> listen to this. but a shark dropped in on a golf game this week in san juan capistrano oychlt doesn't happen often. the shark scooped out of the ocean bay bird was cropped near the 12th tee box to the surprise of the govrls. >> it had puncture wuntdz but very much alive. they put tonight a bucket of fresh water salt and released it back into the ocean. >> look at that. remarkable. >> let's talk about the world series payday win again. >> some tigers may fall from the sky as well. falling in the series. giants don't have to come from behind in
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desperation. they are in charge in the world series now. up 2 games to nochbility mad balm leave
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>> good evening. giants halfway home now. they have taken a lead in the world series shutting out the tigers tonight. sergio having fun with pablo. photo bombing with everybody. detroit in the 2nd inning. young double down the line. 275 pound prince fielder racing home. nobody out. you have to stop at third base. instead out at the plate. great relay from marco to buster for the sweep tag and call right on the money. he was out. scary here in the second. blanco line off the head of doug. everybody in the bay area thinking about the a' a's. but he's okay. stayed in the game. went 6 innings. allowed 1 run. meanwhile
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madison great giant streak of pitching. 7 scoreless. 2 hits. struck out 8. nothing can go wrong for the giants. seventh inning the bunt. tigers think it's going foul. magically it stays fair. loading the bases nobody out. next batter crawford hits no a double play but hunter scores. giants up 1 nothing. sac. fly in the eighth and sergio romo klotion it out in the 9th. final out 2 nothing the score giants take a two series lead and head to detroit. here's mike from the at&t park. >> once again solid pitching gave the giants the edge tonight as they good up 2 nothing on detroit. they seem to be getting all the breaks you need to win a world series according to marco. >> hit the bag in game 1. the kind of break. >> i think that's the way baseball is. when things go good ball bounce your way but when things go wrong, it gets bad. so we just need to keep
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fighting. keep going out there and playçó hard. like i say series like this the momentum can change real quick and we have to take it for granted. go out and keep fighting >> >> history on the giants side. last 52 teams to go up 2 nothing in the world series 41 have gone on to win it all. reporting at at&t park, abc 7 sports. >> game 3 starters saturday in detroit. ryan for the giants. sanchez for detroit. thursday night football. vikings hos hosting the buck. break out performance. running back martin. 214 total yards. this is the 64 yard touch down. tampa bay surprising up 27-10. vikings with peterson. also had a score yard touch down here. amazing he came back from acl surgery and already playing. 123 yards but lasting cause as tampa bay upsets the vikings and bucks 3 and 4 and buck five and three. abc 7
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sports brought to you by river rock casino. i mentioned this at 9. when i saw the bunt stay fair my thought was get your spot for the parade right now. just think about where you want to be standing. >> it's going our way. >> it has been incredible. >> yes. >> that was a lot of fun tonight thanks. >> "nightline"up next. >> for all of us here, thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time as always. i'll claim my spot tonight. see you tomorrow.
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