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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 29, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> oh, yes. and everybody is ready for that, dan. the crowd has now come and gone because players have come and gone. just a short time ago waits a love fest here. fans celebrating the champs. when te arrived, the crowd went wild, showing appreciation and mvp of the seri basically said back at ya. he carry that's world series trophy throughout the krout. sergio romo also reved things up. we've got a chance to talk to buster posey about this amazing run. >> it's been a long time, you overcome so much adversity. end result is lasting and it's a great feeling. >> we knew it isn't going to be easy. we have a a lot of people stepping up. you know?
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great moments. and we went out there and gave it everything. >> sky 7 got a shot of the fans as they shouted let's go giants! general manager bruce bocci talked about the team's heart, more from him in sports. he says everyone is excited and tonight they're celebrating being champs and being back home. >> thank you. now, not all fans managed to contain themselves. 35 people were arrested and several fires set around the city. the first fire started around 9:00 last night at 19th and mission. by 11 krn 12, there were two more. within a half hour there was yet another fire a block way. take a look at this picture.
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if you're just e mailed, it's someone tajing a muni bus last night on market street moments later a mob overturned this bus and set it on fire. abc 7 news is live at the hall of justice. vic? >> the mayor calls those troublemakers hoodlums. the district attorney says he'll prosecute those arrested to the fullest. police chief greg sui says he'll have a better plande withn again. a crowd celebrated after watching the game on the big screen. a peaceful, exuberent crowd. the street parties turned bad. trouble makers overturned cars. they stopped traffic on market street. jumping on taxi cabs. any car was fair game.
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people set off fire works. some in the crowd broke windows of the bus. but what angered the mayor is this. the burning of another bus. >> burning of muni bus cost almost $1 million. we're going to have to find ways to pay for it as a city. >> revelers set fires in the streets. fueling them by throwing furniture and cans. a huge crowd celebrated into the night in the mission district. there are more bonfires. police monitored this situation. when command officers felt it's getting out of control they went in. revelers said they exhibited a lot of restraint. perhaps too much. >> they kind of let it happen. >> police made 35 arrests.
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almost all of them for felonies. they confiscated two guns aarrests go from drunkenness to shooting a rifle out of a window. >> the scheefz the bonfires surprised the command staff. something they did not expect. firefighters wanted police protection because the crowd at someplaces were growing too large. the situation became fluid. the chief says there is no adequate plan to deal with the fires. 50 we could have known that fire is going to be an issue as to what the fire department to get in more rapidly. >> the chief says he'll have the band ready just in case troublemakers decide to set more fires on wednesday. he told us he believes that wednesday will be different because the rally will be held
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early in the day, and there won't be that kind of kol-driven violence we saw last night. >> let's hope so. thank you. at the civic cent 10,000 ople packed the plaza he yocan see crews cleaning up the mess they left behind. not too much of one. the work finished by noon, including removeal of the giant jumbo tron screen. in just minutes we'll bring you the report on the planning underway now for that big day of celebration on wednesday. >> very exciting stuff. now an update on sandy. battering the east koflt tonight. it made land fall at 5:00 our time. sandy has been down graded from a hurricane to a post tropical depression. >> now, she's left more than 1.5 million people without power. the jersey shore got a major pounding today. wave waves from point pleasant to new jersey and the town of seaside hit by a huge storm of
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storm water. >> here is the picture from new york city. sandy is churning up waters of new york harbor, stock markets are closed. it will be that way tomorrow as well as well as a construction crane toppled by the wind is dangling 74 floors above mid town manhattan. >> here is snow falling as sandy collides with a powerful cold front coming in from canada. blizzard warnings and higher elevations could get oup three feet. >> the president cancelled campaign appearances to deal with this. here he is getting a briefing today in the situation room. we want to turn now to abc 7 spencer christian. tracking sandy into the night. >> this is a storm worth tracking all day into the night this, is our doppler radar. you can see how massive this is affecting the northeastern quadrant of the nation. an unusual thing is turning from tropical system now into what will be a snow storm for
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areas. wide spread rainfall, and into the center. circulation is now just west of atlantic city, new jersey. taking a look at conditions around new york. it's hard hit by storms, two new york airports overcast conditions, temperatures about 60 degrees, winds gusting. in battery park water levels now at a record level 13.65 feet. this is our forecast animation. starting at 7:00 we'll see storm moving westward across pennsylvania into western pennsylvania by tomorrow. turning northward. by the end of the week into eastern canada. southeastern canada. it's an amazing storm that will continue to have devastating affects. >> thank you. >> hurricane sandy is the biggest atlantic sorm ever to come ashore north of north carolina. 60 million people in its path. we've just learned of the first death blamed on the storm. a man in queens died after a tree limb fell on him.
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the southern tip of new jersey sandy made land fall this afternoon. it was about four hours ago. it was obvious sandy was headed our way. rain began to blow sideways. the surf began to pick up. right now, cape may is experiencing a high tide. it's likely not seen in decades. sandy may no longer be a hurricane but it's a powerful storm. >> this is a serious storm. it could phone shallly have fatal consequences if people haven't acted quickly. >> nearly 12 foot storm surge is possible in new york city. a crane collapsed in mid town manhattan. residents bracing for more flooding and more power outages. >> they're talking about surges we've not seen before. so there is nothing at all to be taken light lie sandy collide was an early winter storm, snow falling in west virginia and north carolina.
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power probably going to go out. other than that, it's just one of those things. >> it's going down. >> 90 miles off cape hatteras north carolina the coast guard staged a dramatic rescue for 14 crew member as board a massive ship. they're searching for two passengers. >> sandy shut down federal government, new york stock exchange, and mass transit from boston to washington, d.c.. amtrak has been suspended and 10,000 flights have been cancelled. authorities telling residents to stay indoors if that is possible. >> this is not time to be a showoff. this is time to try to save yourself and your family. >> 60 million people are
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likely to be impacted by the storm. fema pledged $3.5 million for the clean up, if it's necessary. >> tj, thank you. >> hurricane sandy forced cancellation of 150 flights in san francisco international airport. a number of airlines set a special to rebook thousands of passengers. some couldn't reach the airlines by phone to figure out what to do. there is a passenger that ended when 17 airports closed down. >> this is my first time flying. i feel like flying is horrible. i don't want to do it again. >> the situation not expected to improve and oakland airport not affected, as affected by the storms. there were some cancellations at san jose international
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airport. >> we're learning pg&e will be sending 150 employees to new york to help restore power. members of the international guard are sending help. abc 7 news has more on today's deployment a.and the mission. members of the 129th rescue wing are on a first name basis with a number of devastating hurricanes. >> first one in 1992, hurricane andrew, then reeta, ike and floyd he will kep conduct air rescue operations. the versatile helicopters being transported into the belly of the huge c 17 plane. once on the east coast, the days will be long and the missions, dangerous. just as they were in aftermath of hurricane floyd in 1999. >> we did 12 plus hour days
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with night vision goggles.. >> as planes take off no, one knows how long this will last. it depends on the severity of the storm and where the rescue units are needed. the five cargo planes and 100 international guard personnel are headed to charlotte, north carolina but could be reassigned from there. the mobile saigs of moffett came together overnight. >> we had to do that. get people here, get them on airplanes and then to the east coast. >> some people who serve remember role played after hurricane katrina. rescuing 300 people. its not really that draining. it's energizing. toe tibl see the catastrhes k see people' fes when you rescue them. it's just... reward enough. just being out there. >> this international guard
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says it's ready to respond when it is needed. >> now, we'll track this storm, sandy. plus an extended one hour edition of night line. >> and spencer will be back with the bay area forecast. >> here is a question. will it rain on the giants parade? >> merchandise being sold to unexpecting giants fans. how you can tell if it's a fake. >> and from abc 7 news i team a serial killer leav
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guilty of first degree murder is the verdict of the trial of gisele esteban for the murder of her former friend michelle le.
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nick? >> good evening. just this afternoon, a jury of six men, six women decided to find gisele esteban guilty. there is no consoling the le family. they left the courtroom this afternoon, shaken and upset. after just learning the jury had decided to convict esteban for the death of michelle. le last sneen a hayward hospital parking garage. after the verdict was read, the family continued to hug and support each other in the hall way saying they're grateful to have the trial over. they asked if they believed that gisele should spend her flif prison. >> she took her life. and that is for god to judge. >> we can never know what is
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going on in the jury's mind. we can hope they made the right call. they can did. >> the prosecution presented evidence that showed esteban spent a month stalking le and making death threats. as the verdict was read aloud, she remained calm. for fr my vantage point was rather emotionless. in december she will be sentence alameda county abc 7 w. >> thank you. >> we're following sandy, but of course our weather forecast. >> yes. it's a marine coming in on that day. >> looks like it's going to be cloudy. the rain appears to be headed off until wednesday fight. that is good news. here is a live view from our mount tam camera.
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with that clear skies inland, you can see the moon. we have fog at the coast. we've got the unusual mix of bay area weather. you can see formation of fog along the coast right now. probably becoming dense in parts of the north bay as this morning. right now, mild conditions and mainly clear skies. it's a cool 57 right now. visibility is good virtually everywhere up to 10 miles now. only a quarter mile in half moon bay. this morning we had very dense fog and reduced visibility. we'll see dense fog overnight. sunny, mile tomorrow after the foon. rain likely late halloween. that is good news, late.
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tomorrow visibility res than one age of a mile. we'll start at 7:00 this evening, we'll see fog pushing locally across the bay to some east bay loks and out over the peninsula. fog with the greatest densitty in the north bay. looking at conditions ahead, we'll look at -- let's try that again. high pressure is a dominant feature in the weather picture, we can see our next storm. starting at 7:00 wednesday after the noon. it will be cloudy. rain to the north. what happens sthau follow a time line that. front sweeps south ward. we'll see first wave the rain developing up in the north bay. then continuing sweeping south
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ward by 11:00 p.m. is just beginning to reach the east bay. will be a wet overnight period into thursday morning and thursday morning beginning rush hour at 5:00 we'll see lots of wet weather. sunny skies after morning fog nice mild afternoon upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. to our south highs in the 7. here is the accu-weather forecast. interesting forecast ahead with clouds and rain wednesday night. showers continue into thursday morning. drying out, warming up throughout the weekend. warmth just doesn't want to go away for a couple days then comes back. >> how many people are going to be dressed as giants
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players? >> 08%. right? >> coming up a sign of giants fever. >> pricey merchandise.
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homeland security agents may be hitting the streets during the giants parade with one eye out for counterfeit merchandise. the stuff was being sold near at and t park. this is missing the auj lentic baseball tag so it's not the real deal. >> logos have double printing. if you look at this shirt you can see where the threads have blocked ink from being printed. it's a low quality shirt. >> agents may the -- say the merchandise could have been worth at least $25,000 and police say it um may come from southern california gangs.. >> real giants gear is flying off the shelves. take a look at the line in san fr the corner. it's that long before the story opened.
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fans aren't just buying caps and shirts for them selfs.. >> my sister and 5-year-old son i want to mark the ocean for them. >> we have excitement and energy. just you know, eager to put on that shirt that says 2012 champion. >> authentic tee shirts go for $32. >> it will be a scene in orange and black. >> we're going to ask spencer christian to give us a report on what accused -- used to be hurricane sandy. >> from abc 7 i team a serial killer leaves local police to his victims. the news continues right after this.
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>> you're looking at a live picture from atlantic city, new jersey. sandy made land fall. >> sandy has been down graded but we've just received word there are still hurricane force gusts in the north new york city area. >> four million people have lost power, new york state confirmed five deaths including three children. flooding is wide spread and it's expect owed to continue and get worse. >> in the weather center we're tracking the storm. >> that is true. it's a dangerous storm, here is a looping image on doppler
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radar. you can see wide expanse of coverage and it's heavy flooding rains. center of the system is northwest and affecting a wider area than that. around new york there is heavy rainfall, gusty winds, still gusty. in lower manhattan, water levels reached in battery park 13.87 feet which is well above the old report of water levels for. the storm going to move westward tomorrow up into western pennsylvania then make a turn north. then northeast ward up through new york state, into southeastern canada. it's a dangerous storm and we'll continue tracking it for you. >> thank you. and spencer will be back with another update and we'll have
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coverage on abc 7 news at 11:00 and on a special one hour edition of night line at 11:35. >> now werk want to take you inside of the mind of a serial killer. >> last week the i team discovered a possible connection between a killer on death row and kevin collins the san francisco boy who disappeared almost 30 years ago. >> tonight we canow you the confession to murders of three other boys. >> it's disgusting to hear dunke did and why. two brave women played important roles in getting him to confess. >> on the screen, he's got dunkel with police. >> by the time he stepped in front of the camera john dunkel was old. and ready to put on a show. >> this is great. i had an urge to kill he took belmont police on a tour of his crime scene.
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>> and i killed him and placed his body on top of the mountain. do you want to just walk up the trail? >> he showed him where he stashed a murder weapon and seemed to get emotional, became annoyed by questions. >> what is going through your mind at the time? >> going through it. >> okay. >> belmont 1971 we never had a case close to this magnitude. it had the community locking their doors. disappeared from his home in the middle of the night. 12-year-old lance turner died near daytime soccer practice. 12-year-old sean dinel died in a sacramento park just after dark. police told media but they lackedtofdz make an arrest. their last resort paid off. >> when he moved to sacramento
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we planted a female detective in the fast food restaurant he was working in. >> she became his drinking buddy, wore a wire ask called for b whupe snuck into a home. e drunkel awaited trial on burglary, his first victim's mother volunteers to try to get him to confess to the murders. >> we had to get closure, it was ruining our family. >> joan davies knew dunkel well. he was a family friend who hung out with her boys. she drove to the state prison at jamestown. by this point her son, also named john had been missing almost four years. >> i knew the minute i walked in and i looked at him. that he had murdered john. after they left me alone with him, he started to tear up. when i kept saying over and over again, john, we need to know. >> dunkel did not crack at jamestown but those familiar with the case told me joan davies set the stage. when he began serving a
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sentence he started a sexual wrip a cell mate charles rice and told him about killing the boys. rice turned dunkel in to authorities. hoping to get a deal on his own manslaughter charges. >> detectives thought dunkel would be moretalkative there. the two joked about dunkel return together scenef the davies murder and findg wild animals. dunkel told detectives he went to the dave yeez house after 2:00 in the morning convinced the fwoi drink beer with him, then stabbed him in the back with a pairing knife. >> he said get the stick out of his back. i pulled it out. >> dunkel said he stabbed
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davies in the throat but dropped the knife so he finished him off with a 12 inch round rock. >> crushed the bone. >> his cell mate couldn't find remains but the map led a team straight to the spot along highway 280. >> this is the first bone found. the shoe will be item number six. >> an officer was there helping wrap up the case. lance turner's body found in the woods in belmont just hours after his soccer practice there. >> move a little bit tt right. ? >> students spotted someone who looked like dunkel at the scene around the time of the killing and helped an artist draw a sketch but dunkel ran free two and a half years before heinally confessed.
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dunkel gave a dripgs of killing shaen daniel, knocking him off his bike and stabbing him to death. >> i knew i could kill him. >> dunkel blamed marijuana and alcohol for fuelindesire to kill. he explains why he decided to confess. >> um i need help. and... that is -- . >> that is dunkel age 25 this, is his current mug shot. he's now 52. the death sentence he received for murders on hold because a judge decided he's incompetent to help in his own appeal. a received a bizarre letter from dunkel, i'm posting it along with this report on abc 7 you can see last week's
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investigation where i explore his possible connection to the disappearance of kevin collins in 1984. >> thank you. >> you may be surprised to learn what happened to the money when a refinery is fined after a labor of hire. ├▒esne local mayor saying show
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a mayor is questioning where money collected fr air quality finds going. the complaint three months after that huge fire at the chevron refinery blank yetting much of the east bay. abc 7 news has the story. >> dan is the mayor of hercules, one of the cities not far from this. a huge fire that the refinery in august. the bay area district since indicated it plans to fine
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chevron an amount that could reach into hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> the system goes into the general fund. the perception is that those fines are going back to the community. under state law, any penalty goes into the general fund. however, the board provided direction to have the money be spent in the community. >> but there are no guarantees. in 2009, air district collected 515,000 for failing to monitor air quality programs. but in 2008 when air board and county collected $2.2 million from shell, for a carbon monoxide problem, only 10%
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went to an air quality project at one school. the district hasn't totalled fines yet but the mayor thinks at least half should go to the local community. it may not be 50% but the board says they're working on it. >> we dd resend it. i'sure the board will reconsider putting that in money. >> the board is lobbying to increase amount it can fine a company after a major incident. >> san francisco just got more than half a million dollars from the governor to fight domestic violence in the city .s this grant comes from the department of justice's office of violence against women.
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gascone says he suffered a set back because of the political fight involving the ross mirkarimi abuse case. >> we know how difficult for women to come forward. reality is that a manl ti never come forward because they're afraid. we're playing games. >> the money will be used to enhance direct services to the spanish and chinese speaking communities. >> giants and mayor's office working together to put together a celebration marking the team's four game sweep of the tigers and world series. they've scheduled a parade for wednesday morning to civic center plaza. tonight abc 7 news looks at what else is in store. >> nothing says giants spirit like these orange and fuzzy dice decked out in bling he
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knows where he'll be wednesday morning. two years ago, he will be shoulder to shoulder with a throng of thousands. in 2010 the team took the same route. they came to san francisco with the old fashioned ticker tape. this is a simpler route instead governoring through financial district the mayor tells thus will start up there at the ferry building taking a shot down market street. a shorter route but no shortage of fans. >> i think we have a well organize d approach to this. he mayor wasted no time setting up a stage and portable toilets. they'll run trains and longer train buzz back up could be at
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the ticket machines.. >> buy tickets before wednesday or load up cards before wednesday. so you'll have enough fair to go into the city and back home. >>ac to trick or treat, perhaps? the mayor says he supports it. >> i know there are a lot of you leaving school earlly. parents going to be meeting with kids. we're creating a family friendly event. >> that is what they said last time. before they pulled out a rally song. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> the memories. >> yes. >>hat parade begins at 11:00 a.m. wednesday. we will be sreing it for you on abc 7 >> so much fun. coming up a step on a storm,
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sandy now ove and wreaking hav. >> amazingsurvivaltory of a young woman spent four painful days in the yosemite wilderness aft
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a young woman spent four days in yosemite wilderness is getting back on her feet. she broke her back in a fall but is making remarkable recovery. this is a story you'll only he
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here. >> each step jessica garcia takes is painful a reminder of days in the wilderness. her doctors say she's lucky. >> the last thing i want to be is paralyzed. >> she says she's a fighter. >> i never quit, ever. >> that was put to the test unlike any she's faced the 23-year-old spent the summer working in yosemite national park. walking trails and climbed rocks three weeks ago about to begin a new job. the afternoon before orientation she decided to explore new surroundings. that decision near capitol hilled her. >> it was not meant to be a hike. >> about two miles into the walk she says she lost footing, slid over a ledge. >> it was a, almost a straight drop down.
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>> split shattered vertebrae she snapped these photos. jessica tells me she knew earliest anyone would begin looking was the next day. with little use ever her legs she crawled to find shelter. >> my right leg was numb and weighed so much. i had to drag it. >> jessica spent four days in pain with little water, and no food. all she can think about was her family. >> last thing i wanted to do was die in yosemite. because i've been away from my family for almost the entire summer. >> four days later a day before she says she would have given up hope a search and rescue found her park id. >> i heard a lady call my name. i could have jumped up and started crying because i knew i was saved and everything was
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going to be okay. from there. >> she was put on a stretcher, carried out of the merced river. her rescuers told her these clothes her shredded uniform likely kept her alive. the team flew her here to community regional medical center. the only eleven one trauma center in the valley dwrorktz spent eight hours trying to repair her spine. >> there is a high likelihood she would be paralyze bid us with the surgery. >> this neurosurgeon and a team involved a technique of a titanium cage and fragments of bone she's walking with a walker for her strength increased. >> jessica is also receiving support from friends, family and high hikers across the country. with every step she's proof she's a fighter.
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dr. miller says she should be walking in next three to six months. >> when i do get better i plan to go back and saying thank you, in person. >> what a story. >> let's check on the forecast now. >> yes. >> we've got great weather tomorrow, we'll start with dense fog overnit continuing into early morning hours. by afternoon sunnyskies, high temperatures well into 70s and ur day planner looks like this through the giants parade wednesday. we'll have clouds around and sun as well. mostly sunny skies in the afrt noon. clouds thickening but weather looks good. and by 7:00 p.m. clouds thicken more.
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that means a cloudy evening. here is the accu-weather forecast. rain developing after 6:00 p.m. wednesday continuing overnight into thursday, showers tapering off. >> thank you. >> coming up next we'll return to celebration hangover at at and t
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then as sales of the ipad off so do two top executives at apple. the shake up of the management team. >> then at 11:00 super storm sandy on the move, weaker, still packing a punch.
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millions left in the dark tonight. an update on this powerful storm is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> now on to sports. guess what? giants are back in town. >> champions have returned. >> heroes welcome the world series san francisco giants. back in town, as we showed you live on abc 7 news at 4:00 this bus caravan arrived and you can tell by ras py voices they have not splept a lot. >> special. it's tough to describe. i'm just fumbled to be a part of this team. a group of guys you know, a journey was special. swe shared it and it was great.
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>> this seems to long. you overcome so much adversity. and then, the end result is lasting and a great feeling. >> i can't say i've had more fun than this year with this group of unselfish guy that's did all we asked and never complained. >> a's need a new short stop. the a's picked up drew in a traichld he gets 255. if it's all player form in 39 game was the a ae.s there is a game out of first place now in week afc west. carson palmer's touchdown pass helped seal the deal at three and four raiders only a game behind denver. >> when we needed to, when we had to close out a game, we
6:56 pm
were able to do that. we dominated and ran the ball well. 15 carries in the 4th quarter with three opportunities to finish games. >> patriots beat rams yesterday in london. marching like a royal guards in buckingham palace, there is a tribute i think to prince harry. not sure but what is what i am guessing there. a win keeping niner as lone in top nfc west. right now niners leading on a pair of touchdown passes. we'll have highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. golf, tiger woods and rory mcel roy squared off in
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central china. the top owe two golfers trying to get more people into golf the approach is to blame. turns towards fin and steps in for birdie there. mcel roy with a nice shift. two freet feet from the pen. mcel roy shot a 67 by a stroke. rory paid $1 million, tiger made million. nice day of work if you can get it. abc 7 sports brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> there we g >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. 7 news. >> from the entire abc
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a writer from ojai, california... an attorney from fort lee, new jersey... and our returning champion, a research chemist originally from charlotte, north carolina... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!" --


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