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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 30, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> stay with us. >> for more on the latest on sandy. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. i'm kristen sze. >> >> i'm eric thomas. millions in america's largest east coast cities in the dark this morning facing flooding fires and other damage. >> katie marzullo is monitoring the latest. >> reporter: recoup operation is underway as we speak -- as many as 1,000 people are trapped in three new jersey towns after a levee break in the past few hours. water flooded their trailer homes, there are reports people are on their roofs waiting to be rescued. live look at new york city. you are seeing that condition
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instruction crane dangling from the manhattan luxury highrise. winds 90 miles an hour snapped it over like a twig. latest numbers the storm has killed 16 people. one was a crew member of the tall ship hms bounty. 7 1/2 million people are without power. the storm surge reached 13 feet in new york and knowledge 50 homes destroyed by -- new york and new jersey. 50 homes destroyed by raging fire in queens. fires broke out late last night firefighters are telling our affiliate that 25 people right now are trapped if the upstairs unit of an apartment building. some rescues are being carried out by boat because the water is chest high in some places. here's the cause of some of the power problems. transformer blew in new york. there are power lines down
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everywhere this is atlantic city new jersey. the state taking the brunt of the storm with new york severe flooding and wind there. president obama has declared major disaster in new york and long island. katie marzullo abc7 news. 'x the atlantic city boardwalk took some of the damage as well. mike has been tracking it on radar. i see a huge storm that is a little bigger than it was yesterday. yesterday we measured it at about 700 miles north to south and 600 miles east to west it goes to nearly nova scotia to atlanta u.p. of michigan. as it progressed retrograded to the west snow moved out of the mountains now into kentucky and in ohio detroit up into the u.p. of michigan. this is a massive storm with hundreds of delays
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cancellations anything trying to head to the east coast, it is going to be a bear again. circulation still sitting in pennsylvania that's where going to continue to churn pull moisture off the ocean best threat of tornadoes in new england today. best threat of heavy rain in the person parts of pennsylvania some of the higher elevations. this is going to sit for another 24 to 48 hours before it starts to accelerate. another four to eight inches of rain and flooding out of this system. the storm has forced evacuation of a new york city hospital. new york university medical center had to move patients by ambulance to other hospitals starting last night. that occurred when the back-up generators failed at the hospital. hundreds of patients are being moved out of the facility. sandy flooded new york's brooklyn battery tunnel normally busy toll road connects manhattan and brooklyn. officials shut the tunnel and
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holland tunnel down yesterday. >> airports are trying to cover after the storm forced cancellation of thousands of flights. sfo, 150 flights cancelled. travelers are scrambling to find other means of transportation tough as well travelers are filling up hotels near the airport some could be stranded through the end of the week. more cancellations are expected. terry mcsweeney will have a live report from sfo at the top of the hour. for up to the minute information on flight cancellations and delays, go to the flight tracker on the front page of the storm is having a big impact on presidential race. mitt romney cancelled an event in wisconsin last night and made his staff available for storm relief. president obama cancelled campaign events in florida and virginia so he could return to washington to manage federal storm relief. traditional campaigning taking a backseat to the storm analysts say it is important
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for each candidate to look presidential during this disaster. we continue to track sandy as damage mounts. at 5 a.m., we take to you ocean city maryland for a live report. in san francisco today barricades have started going up police and firefighters stakeout their positions for tomorrow's parade honoring the world series champion giants. doesn't that sound good? amy hollyfield is live at civic center plaza, that is going to be the finish line for the parade. >> reporter: it sounds great. i love. look behind me the stage is set this is where the world series champions will greet fans this is in civic center plaza this is facing the library. look how empty it is now. imagine what it is going to look like tomorrow. the team arrived home at 5:00 yesterday afternoon. adoring fans were there for them at at&t park to greet them. many waited for hours to see their champions.
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mvp sandoval showed off the trophy and passed it around to a couple of other players. some of the players said the world series victory is still sinking in. >> [ inaudible ] to overcome so much adversity and the end result is -- [ inaudible ] great feeling. >> we knew it -- [ inaudible ] we had a lot of people step up great moments. >> reporter: here's the parade route if you are hoping to see the team i am the team will start at the base of market at justin herman plaza and make its way up market toward civic center plaza. starting 11:00 in the morning. they are expecting more than one million people to be here for parade tomorrow. public transportation is recommended. it is going to be crowded. officials are recommending that you buy your ticket fare
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before tomorrow they think the lines at the ticket machines are going to be long. amy hollyfield abc7 news. if you plan on coming to parade mass transit is your best option. bart and caltrain will run extra trains muni will operate more buses golden gate ferry additional service san francisco's ferry building. we posted details of all of this at our website the parade live tomorrow 11 right here we will also stream it live on and on our ipad app. >> a lot of us will be out there cannot wait. now let's hope the weather will hold up. not sunny and warm like it was two years ago but that's okay. looks like a little sunshine early mixed with clouds then the rain will come in later during the evening in the north bay. tomorrow it will be fine may need a jacket compared to last
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time we went through the celebration. doppler quiet across the bay as far as rain is concerned. we still have dense fog and it is thick right now north bay valleys down into san francisco along the peninsula coast down into the salinas valley going to be hanging around until 9:00 visibility quarter mile or less through at least 9:00 some areas outside of dense fog advisory are seeing thick fog hayward quarter mile visibility now the same in half moon bay, napa santa rosa 3/4 in novato now. some of your dangerous spots this morning many 50s for the most part through 7:00. bay fog will linger like yesterday through lunch hour brightest part of our day around 3:00 to 5:00, low 60s coast low to mid 70s rest of us back at 50s at the coast clouds returning to the bay 60s there, mid 60s to near 70 inland. looking like rain in the north
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bay during the trick-or-treating hours tomorrow everybody else dry all of us will have rain thursday morning more sun towards friday. here's sue. good morning. fog is a factor for your commute this morning in san jose comes and gos dense -- comes and goes dense around the bay area this is san jose roadwork north 101 through cortamadera the repaving project until 6:00 this morning. roadwork south 880 stevens creek on-ramp closed until 6:00 this morning. you can be rerouted around that. westbound 380 to 101 all lanes closed until 8:00 this morning roadwork. the giants' parade tomorrow 11:00 as eric was reporting you want to take mass transit extra services we'll detail those in our next break. next what a difference a year makes. oakland mayor quan delivers
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positive news about the city's financial picture. verdict in the michelle le murder case. the victim's family tells abc7 news whether they are satisfied with the outcome. we continue to follow the latest on tropical storm sandy. you are looking at live pictures from manhattan much of the city in the dark this morning. flooding and other problems. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: executive in charge of apple's mobile products has been asked to leave the result of the map app flap users found all sorts of mistakes in the software when it was released last month. forestall refused to sign the company's public apology. apple and samsung together control 106% of the profits in the mobile market because of
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so far over a million neighbors, friends, and family have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide. welcome back many here's 807 down at -- san jose you can see how thick the fog is outside the dense fog advisory varying conditions for the commute. séyñ now tomorrow evening through thursday morning more rain on the way. updated forecast if a minute. 4:43. the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar is due back in court
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today. antolin garcia-torres arrested in may held without bail. he was supposed to enter a plea in july several hearings have been postponed. police say they have dna linking him to the 15-year-old who disappeared march 16th. her body has not been found despite regular searches. woman accused of killing nursing student michelle le is headed to prison. a jury convicted giselle esteban of first degree murder yesterday it took 4 1/2 days to deliberate. le disappeared in may 2011. her body was found four months later. her family says it is good to have closure but the conviction doesn't bring michelle back. >> it is really hard. she took michelle's life. she took her life. and that's for god to judge. >> giselle esteban will spend
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a minimum of 25 years in prison. sentencing set for early december. oakland mayor quan says new report indicates the city is in its strongest fiscal position in a decade. the revenues exceeded budget expectations by almost 35 million dollars in the last quarter of the fiscal year that has left oakland with a record 83 million dollars in general fund reserves she attributes it to growing property business license and sales tax reflecting increase in new businesses. quan says the city had to make 318 million dollars in budget cuts and eliminate 740 positions in six years to balance the budget. next the latest as tropical storm sandy cuts a deadly path across the east coast. from pounding waves to snow mass flooding we are tracking the storm's progress. >> the storm is producing serious blood shortage.
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welcome back. here's a live shot from atlantic city beach erosion still there. most of the boardwalk destroyed remember that picture i showed you yesterday of an 80 foot slab sliding through town or floating through town as streets became rivers and parking lots became lakes. latest radar out of the area sandy no longer a hurricane, no longer a tropical storm it is close to a nor'easter with coastal rain and inland snow at higher elevations and farther west you go. 40s around the great lakes down to d.c. 60 new york today denver 70 90 phoenix. all major airports in new york are still closed all other
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major airports are on time. here's more on superstorm sandy has left 16 dead. president obama has declared new york and long island federal disaster areas to allow them to access federal funding. 7 1/2 million are without power. travel disrupted with hundreds of flights and amtrak service cancelled along the eastern seaboard and wall street is shutdown. growing outrage online in response to an american apparel ad promoting hurricane sandy sale. the company is offering 20% to people in 10 states hardest hit by sandy. hundreds tweeting against the company saying it is trying to profit from a disaster. >> here's why they call sandy a superstorm not just wind, rain and flooding, some places are getting blanketed in snow. this is beach mountain
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north carolina where students at appalachian state university are bundled up for winter a shock considering they were wearing shorts last week. some schools in the region have declared a snow day today. >> >> the red cross is making an appeal for help for victims of the storm. it needs blood donations. the storm has forced the red cross to cancel 100 blood drives on the east coast to make up for the loss there are series of blood drives this week right here in the bay area. we will tell you where you can go on click see it on tv. mike is going to wrap things together for us on sandy. all become a very big storm, winter storm in some areas. spring storm in some other areas. right now we are wrapping up our morning with fog starting our morning with fog as you look at the embarcadero center.
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this morning we can see the tops of buildings, we couldn't yesterday. dense fog advisory still out there. it is going to remain until 9:00. that means visibilities will be down less than a quarter of a mile north bay valleys san francisco and along the coast. here's a look at visibilities once again. you can see pretty good fairfield livermore mountain view and san jose outside of that watch out for fog. temperatures in the 50s everywhere mild this morning. low to mid 50s monterey bay. we are going to see sun late around the bay limited along the coast east bay valleys like yesterday sunshine quickest you don't have cloud cover evening rain for halloween drier and warmer this weekend. temperatures today upper 50s to low 60s coast upper 60s san francisco san mateo low to mid 70s elsewhere east bay
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valleys we may top out in a few upper 70s in a few locations upper 70s morgan hill, gilroy hollister mid 70s the rest of the monterey bay. rain possible eureka 68° there mid to upper 70s chico sacramento 80 favre fresno 65 tahoe -- 85 in fresno 65 tahoe. everybody is cloudy tonight a little mist for the morning commute low to mid 50s. two systems one that is heading more north the other going to hook-up with cold front that's going to bring the rain. tomorrow 1:00 you can see steadier rain close to north bay during the evening the north bay you get the rain the rest of us have a few drops maybe a little drizzle overnight and through the
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morning hours the rest of the rain it going to be more of a nuisance for everybody outside of the north bay during thursday's morning commute by thursday afternoon it is getting dry, friday through monday increase in sunshine and warmth. the north bay the most likely to get rain during halloween. golden gate bridge you can see crews starting to reconfigure your morning commute, four lanes southbound two lanes northbound. patchy fog you can see it is not on the deck of the golden gate bridge you will need wipers it is might and wet and slick roads so be careful if you are heading that direction. bay bridge no problem no metering lights traffic flowing nicely into san francisco. roadwork eastbound 4 at loveridge due to be picked up 5:30. detour in place there. still a bad drive westbound. first reports of accident westbound 84 the ramp to 680
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chp en route. if you are going to the parade tomorrow starts 11 a.m. at the foot of market please take mass transit they are expecting close to a million people. there's a look at what is happening as far as bart ferries muni and caltrain. community members in richmond held a meeting last night to talk about the soda tax measure. public policy health advocate was brought in to strengthen support for measure n saying the drinks are causing higher rate of diabetes obesity in african-americans and points out a can of soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. >> research shows these drinks are targeted more heavily to people of color particularly african-americans. >> money raised is not earmarked to fight obesity. it is a new business license tax that applies to businesses in richmond that will be
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required to pay annual fee on inventories or sales of any sugar sweet ended beverage of any type. >> the coalition again the beverage tax is funded by several soft drink companies they say opposition includes richmond chamber of commerce and local naacp. teens and smartphones, new study finds young people who have them are hooking up more often than those who don't. researchers surveyed 2 1/2 high school stew tens in los angeles -- surveyed 2 thaw high school students . screening for breast cancer saves lives. experts say it can cause more harm than thought. independent panel confirmed findings in the u.s. and other
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studies the panel says mammograms saves lives of 1300 women every year but at the same time 4,000 -- 4,000 women are overdiagnosed. governor brown scheduled to speak at grand opening of space shuttle endeavour exhibit in los angeles this morning the craft is sitting at its new home. eight rifed there two weeks ago 17 hours -- it arrived there two weeks ago 17 hours after schedule. after 25 missions circling the earth 4700 times the final 12 miles from the l.a. airport to the science center proved to be some of the toughest crews chopped down 400 trees to clear the path for the endeavour. in a matter of hours nasa will update us on the rover mission to mars. curiosity is almost three months into its two year
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mission. it has sent back images and scooped up martian sand for analysis. if everything goes as planned curiosity will make its way to mount sharp within a year to determine chemistry and whether the red planet has ever harbored life. update from fast 11:30. sandy's path of misery millions without power thousands flooded out in the east. the super storm is living up to its name. live with the statest coming up. we'll tell you about the search-and-rescue role as the storm surges across the east coast.
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