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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 8, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PST

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and it is happening in san jose tonight. right now a bomb squad is checking out a suspicious device found in a car during a traffic stop. it is happening at north first street and matrix boulevard. >> a holiday inn suggesting guests stay indoors and traffic at the intersection will be shutdown until the bomb squad is finished with its work. good evening. i'm dan ooshly. >> i'm -- i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. some rough weather is moving in. >> rain, lightning and even some snow. sandhya patel is tracking the system that is on its way. >> dan and carolyn, let's show you what is coming in ahead of the storm. this is a cold storm. we are already seeing some high clouds on live doppler
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7hd. that is disrupting the low cloud cover. the temperatures have dropped a good 10 to 20 degrees. check out this storm. it is in the gulf of alaska. it is already producing showers around the pacific northwest. as we look at the origin of the storm it is coming from the gulf of alaska. look at the surrounding temperatures. aping reg 9 -- anchorage 9 degrees. the cold nature of the storm will bring possibility of snow in the bay area. certainly cold showers, and we may even be talking about thunderstorms. i will be back with a complete look at the timing of the storm. when you head out tomorrow morning, make sure you have your coats and umbrellas with you. carolyn? >> thanks, sandhya. a mu knee -- muni bus bashed in and burned. there is another suspect in the world series celebrations that got out of hand thanks to social media. ama dates is on market in san francisco. ama?
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>> reporter: carolyn, police arrested two people believed to be responsible for bus.lizing the muni. but they still have four people who they are looking for tonight, and they hope the public can help them again. they smashed, trashed this muni bus at market and third on october 29th. today san francisco police arrested a second suspect. 19-year-old nicholas hudson from daly city. >> this person was seen smashing out the window and vandalizing the muni bus on the 29th. >> reporter: the public helped track hudson down. >> and if it wasn't through the social media and the help of the public we wouldn't have been able to capture this person. >> reporter: social media helped police arrest 22-year-old gregory from san francisco. he was caught after this picture went viral. police are hoping the public can help do it again. so they are releasing more pictures from that night. take a look at this man, dressed in dark clothing and a baseball p cay.
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baseball cap. in addition they are looking for this man, the san francisco chronicle caught a photo of him using a barricade to smash the windshield. she dressed in a red and gray striped long sleeved shirt. and police have not found these arsonists we showed you last week. you can see them setting fire to the bus in this video. >> they are all felony crimes. arson damaging the muni bus. reckless acts on the street. they are all very serious crimes. as you heard from our district attorney and our city attorney, they are going to prosecute to the fullest. >> reporter: the city attorney also promised police that those convicted will be forced to pay restitution. the mayor says the cost to replace the bus is a million dollars. ama dates, abc news. new at 11:00, an elderly man died after being struck by a hit and run driver. witnesses say the 93-year-old victim was riding a mobility scooter across fifth street
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west when he was hit. it appears he was in the alk. alk. rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. they spotted a chrysler pt cruiser on napa road. they believe the 80-year-old driver of that car hit the victim. the driver has been arrested. and look at these pictures. a wrong turn by a driver in redwood city created big delays for cal train passengers. a car turned on to the southbound tracks at maple street in redwood city. a woman and child inside the car were we are glad to tell you able to get out before the collision. no one was injured. the moraga school district is backpedaling on what it will do involving a law siewnt and a farmer student. she is suing for covering up her charges of sexual abuse years ago by two teachers. in the legal response to her lawsuit, the district said her own carelessness or negligence may have played a role in what
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happened. she told abc7 news she is outraged by the district's defense. and today the district issued a statement for any anxiety or distress it caused. it directed its attorney to withdraw the line of defense. the day after the election it is back to work for the president after a grueling campaign. president obama and his family arrived back at the white house tonight. the president and congress have a big deadline to contend with. on january 1st, an $800 billion tax cut will expire and analysts say it will hurt the nation's economic recovery. the president called top ranking democrats and republicans to talk about the work ahead. republicans seemed willing to compromise. >> we also have the problem of our fiscal imbalance overnight. certainly won't do it in a lame duck session of congress. the house stands ready to work with you to do what is best for our country. >> the president will have to work with republicans to make
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that happen. republicans have control of the house. there are still nine undecided seats, but it will not affect control of the body. bound insthey have 54 eastboundn their caucus and one independent senator who is expected to lean democratic. despite the majority, the senate still needs 60 votes to pass most legislation. >> protests may take place outside the chick fillet. but tonight it is a chicken love fest. leslie brinkley is there in the drive-thru lane where she is surrounded by tents. leslie? >> reporter: it is awfully cold to be camping out here, but people are curled up with their laptops and their generators out here. as you said, they are in the drive through lane of this new chick-fil-a. they are quite intense, these devoted fans of the chicken chain who got here at 5:30 on wednesday morning for a 24-hour marathon. the first 100 people that
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claimed wrist bands and stayed overnight get a bonus. >> we will get 52 free meals. >> reporter: in the meantime, there is a dj, free food and the comradery of camping on cement. >> are you cadeing? are you kidding? this makes 27 for me. i travel all over the country for chick-fil-a. >> i had a couple of people from florida show up as well just to be here and camp out for 24 hours to get the free chick-fil-a for a year. >> reporter: but there are those who despise the chicken chain for the public anti-gay stance the founder took this summer. so for this restaurant's grand opening thursday morning, there will be protesters. on their facebook page, organizers say they want to educate the public about monetary donations made to homophobic and discriminatory organizations. but that didn't phase these fans. >> we'll probably play some board games and dream about breakfast biscuits and wake up ready to go.
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>> here is how the timetable works. they are out here at night and they get their free passes for a year and they clear out. the restaurant opens to the public for the first time. and then at 9:00 the first wave of protesters are expected reporting live, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. tensions are growing with an on going strike. union official was arrested at the mount hill grocery store in alameda. the chain said he assaulted an employee. they walked off the job on sunday over health care benefits and wages. without concessions it can no long can no with nonunion supermarkets. a californian mall rights activist is in -- california animal rights activist is in china trying to stop a slaughter. >> dan and carolyn, the japanese government has refused to stop its annual whale and dolphin hunting season.
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we have new video of the hunt going on right now. i took the:00 tau vies complaints. you will hear how they defend the slaughter. >> and a suspect puts his hands up and surrenders to police. do they really have to tas him? >> and then on "nightline." >> coming up next on "nightline" the real story in the election of barack obama. and what it says about a changing america. we are looking at blacks and hispanics and single women tip the scales in this election. and what has happened to apple stocks. the golden company is sliding a bit. we are taking a look. that's on "nightline." >> stay with us.?x1@ú?
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a life and death struggle is underway in japan. the capture and slaughter of dolphins and small whales. >> and an animal rights activist is there trying to stop it. dan noyes took the complaints to san francisco and he is here with an i-team investigation. >> the japanese government received intense pressure two years ago after a documentary
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film about this controversy won an oscar. but the brutal process has begun once again on the eastern coast of japan. a warning. some of the pictures are difficult to watch. the japanese government does not want you to see these pictures. a drive hunt underway last week. fishermen use boats to push pilot whales, 100 into the cove to be slaughtered for food. >> pilot whales are docile and sub miss sigh. >> i spoke via skype. >> this is the second time being cove guardian leader. >> does it get easier to watch? >> it never gets easier being here. it is not a quick, humane death. there is a lot of suffering. these animals fight for every last breath they have, and it is a struggle. >> the japanese government has refused to call off the annual killing season that runs
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september through march despite international pressure. >> it is a dolphin's worst nightmare right there. >> a document -- documentary called "the cove" won an award. it shows capturing dolphins and other things. >> they bang on these polls with hammers and they create a wall of sound which frightens the dolphins. >> they coral them close to with nets and attack. the cove turns red with blood. that same process is playing out right now. this time it is pilot whales. the fishermen drive them to shore. >> they start to panic. they start to thrash and bite for all they have. we witnessed several whales throw themselves up on to the rocks. the killers tried to wrestle them off and it was a bloody struggle. >> while the fishermen focused on the larger whales that yield the most meat they watched a calf get caught in
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the net and its mother spy hoping and coming out of the water to see the baby struggling. >> after 30 minutes she never resurfaced. it is very painful to witness something like that. >> they watched the fisherman select a mother and two calves for a marine park. but in four days in the pen with the young the mother grew sick and died. the fishermen separate the pod. half are dragged to shore and a spike driven through their blow hole into their spine to paralyze them, and then they go to the butcher. the other half huddle near the nets. >> the worst part about it is they pick half of the pod. so the living pod is witnessing their family members being slaughtered one by one. and then forced to swim in their family members' blood. >> i went to the consulate to hear how they may defend the process. he compares this to the way americans slaughter cattle and poultry for food. >> i see the pictures and you
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can see the blood in the water and you can see the young separated from the parents. it looks brutal. >> as i said, i haven't seen the killing of the other animals. >> the world has seen it though. >> we would appreciate you pay more respect to what we eat, how we eat, how we use our resources. >> they say you should respect their food culture. >> honestly it is not about culture and tradition. these drive hunts originated in the 1970s. this is fairly new to them. this is about profit and greed. >> they say the fishermen can get more than $200,000 from marine parks for a trained dolphin and kill the others for food. this whale bacon on yahoo! shopping is pilot whale. despite the protests in san francisco, the only change the fishermen have made is to hide
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what they are doing. they use police and coast guard to cordoned off the killing cove. they put up they tarps at the butcher house when the carcasses are delivered. and they restrict segal and her team as much as possible. >> you can see the pilot whaleb. right there and the blood. >> the san francisco consulate claims the fishermen are ready to adopt more humane techniques. >> if there is anything the animal loving groups have any suggestion, maybe they would be very happy to hear. >> if you have any ideas, they say they willisen to you. >> the only thing i can think of humane is to stop it. these animals are ripped apart and taken captive and brutally slaughtered. >> the japanese are not allowed to sell the dolphins in the u.s. because the federal government has declared the drive hunt inhumane. they are finding new ways to bring attention to the cause. she streams the the internet at i will be posting links to the
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site and the japanese site where you can read their perspective. we are also posting ways you can take action if you would like to. >> a cope filled with blood is the image you can't shake. >> it has been exposed for years and still going on. >> dan, thank you. a martinez man is suing that city, and police for excessive force for an incident caught on camera. he spoke exclusively to abc7 news about the case. a gas station surveillance camera shows officers confronting eric gilsoth. they wanted to talk about a domestic violence case. the video shows he complied with their demands and they tased him anyway. >> i didn't know what was happening. my body was immobilized and it was the most painful in my life. as i fell to the ground he continued to hold the taser to continue tasing me. >> martinez police chief gary peterson declined to talk on camera, but he did speak over the phone. the video was edited to
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misrepresent what happened. internal affairs found he acted properly. he resisted arrest and they never filed charges against him. now to the other side of the country. it is exactly what they do not need in the northeast. here is a look in new york city where nor' easter has dumped wet snow on a city that is still recovering. it is from the devastation of super storm sandy. tonight's storm has crippled delaye delayed transit service. and there is concern that will knockout some of the power that has just been restored once again. >> it is truly exactly what they do not need. a different situation for us. >> we do have changing weather. sandhya patel is here with the full forecast. >> dan and carolyn, how about a taste of winter coming early to the bay area? starting tomorrow we will see some major changes. right now doppler 7hd is just showing some cloud cover. higher clouds moving in right now. santa rosa is reporting some fog. it is dense to a quarter of a
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mile. so it could include patches of dense fog. as we look at the radar, here is the storm system. it is approaching the pacific northwest. they are already seeing the showers beginning to approach. this is the storm that is working its way toward the bay area. it will get here tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s and here are the highlights. cold showers for your thursday and your friday. snow above the highest peaks. mount saint helena and mount diablo and a chance of thunderstorms. the latest computer models are elevating the chance of thunderstorms into your friday morning. here are the morning lows. you will want to wear your coats. make sure the little ones have a coat or jacket. it will be chilly. mid40s santa rosa, napa and down to to the upper 40s in concord, livermore. low 50s elsewhere. we will we will see potential of a few sprinkles developing. here is a cold storm. it is in the gulf of alaska. and this is what will head
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down toward the bay area. i want to show uh time line of this. 5:00 a.m. for the morning commute mostly clouds. you can see ought proach of the rain at 10:00 a.m. as the storm gets closer. north bay san francisco down toward half moon bay, and then most of the bay area is going to get covered in wet weather by thursday 1:00ment afternoon. behind this system cold, unstable air moves in. you get enough sunny breaks and that sets the stage for potential thunderstorm development. not only thursday, but heading into your friday morning.could5e thunderstorms with small hail. 8:00 a.m., still the thunderstorm potential over mount hamilton. do you see the pink? that's a mix of rain and snow. 5:00 p.m. still some showers. you can see the blue around clear lake. and that may potentially be snow. rainfall totals look like this. a quarter to three-quarter thre. a quarter to the half in the south bay. the seas bay a 10th of an
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inch to half an inch through friday evening. winter weather advisory for the north coast. interior mendocino county. they are talking about accumulating snow. 3 to 7 inches above 3500 feet. could be as low as 2500. the winter weather advisory starts at 10:00 and then runs until friday at 10:00 a.m. with the gusty winds developing and the blowing snow and it will create tough travel conditions. snow level will be dropping. carry the chains or avoid travel. it will be winter-like travel. tomorrow afternoon scattered showers and low 50s to low 60s. potential for thunder and temperatures in the 50s with those cold showers. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, wet weather continues through try day. dry for the weekend and getting chilly on monday morning. more wet weather and mike niko
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will be here. carolyn and dan tracking the rain and the changes. >> coming up next, shopping anyone? the outlet mall that will try to outdoor all outlet malls.
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will open its doors for the first type. >> it was the final touches of the outlet mall. it has 32 high end stores including bloomingdales, sacks fifth avenue and prada. >> it is expected to bring in 2,000 jobs and $2 million in sales revenue. folks there are excited about it.
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it opens tomorrow. >> larry beil is here now. >> basketball to talk about warriors in action. >> yes, an interesting question. can the warriors win when their center scores zero? and the quake needed to score here to keep their dream season alive. sports is next.
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[ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin we will start with soccer. the earthquakes had the best record in major league soccer this season. all they needed was a tie to advance to the western
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conference finals. landon donovan and beckham and the l.a. galaxy knocked him off. hostility at buck shaw stadium. the quakes with an elbow to the head. where is the defense here? he strolls in for l.a. nobody picks him up. it would have tied it up. it waits on bush and scores. how about the cart wheel into the forward role and guns blazing. l.a. would go up 3-0 at the half. alan gordon and shoots and scores. one more goal and the quakes could advance. he shot it high from point blank range. he does not want to get up after that. so the season is over because the l.a. galaxy advance 3-2 on the aggregate scoring system. that's about the worst way
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ever to decide a playoff series. it is over. the warriors admit they lacked energy and intensity in a loss to sacramento. they came out with purpose and curry was on fire tonight against cleavland. world series hero and sandoval at courtside. neighbors with curry i hear. he didn't score, but he had five assists. irving, remember the number one pick in the draft was wheeling and dealing. he had 28. curry answering. he had 15 in the first quarter and finished with 21. thompson early foul trouble. a nice dish to leigh. i think this is a shot. he turned it into a pass. second quarter and jefferson and barnes throwing down. warriors by eight at the half. late third quarter and irving loses the handle. warriors were up by 11. david leigh playing despite the flu. he had 22. the warriors win it 106-96.
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10 games into the season and stanford is making a quarterback change. kevin hogan will be at the helm when they face oregon state on saturday. it is easy to see why when you watch this kid play. the freshman from washington, d.c. is mobile and he has brought a new dimension in their game against colorado. it was a blow yacht. blowout. you can see the mobility replaced nunez here. david shaw says the energy and the big play potential really forced him to make a change. >> it really wasn't that difficult. we needed more efficiency on the offensive side. we need -- needed the athletic plays. it was huge. >> how about some pack 12 volleyball giving them all they can handle. they are giving the bears a two sets to one lead. the huskies would rally


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