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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 15, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PST

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it is happening riain menlol spill is forcing evacuations. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. hazmat crews right now are trying to determine what spilled inside a cheese plant. it happened inside lyri lyrical foods in corp operated in an industrial area of menlo park. >> fire officials tell abc7 news they believe the substance is either hydrochloric acid or lye. >> there are thoughts it could create a toxic vapor. employees were inside and all were evacuated. >> they are creating processed cheese, and it looked like the actual cleaning materials that they use to clean the apparatus afterwards. it had a catastrophic
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failure. >> the fire department responded with three different hazm s. no one needed medical care. more breaking news tonight. in the east bay, the body of a man was found not far from the uc berkeley campus. the man in his early twenties was discovered about 250 feet down a hill off grizzly peak boulevard. that's just north of the campus. uc police say it appears the man fell, but they are not ruling anything out. the discovery follows a report of a missing person just an hour and a half earlier. a registered 6 offender was caught volunteering at a south bay catholic school. it is illegal for a sex offender to be on school grounds. in this case he had permission from the church. leslie brinkley is live at st. francis cabrini church to explain why he had that kind of permission. >> that's exactly the question being asked by a lot of people here tonight. you can see the church behind me, the school adjacent to it. i talked to a lot of parents as they came out to pick up kids tonight. they knew nothing about this incident.
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no e-mails andool. from the school. er hand parishioners asked us to please leave the property which we promptly did. here is the background. >> 51-year-old mark christopher worked as a volunteer at the st. francis school festival festival last mh according to our media partner, the san jose media news. someone recognized him as sex offender and notified a santa clara deputy on site. but he wasn't arrested because he had a letter with written permission from a church official to be there. he is a registered sex offender who had reached a plea deal with the d.a. for molesting a young relative more than a decade ago. but he was at the school festival working the sound system with little to no supervision with hundreds of kippedder garden through eighth grade students in attendance according to the mercury news. the pastor at st. francis and the diocese of san jose told the newspaper they had no
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information on the source of the letter granting permission to be on school property. so of course that begs the question is the letter even valid? and who if anyone in the church or the diocese wrote that letter? those are the things the sheriff's department is still investigating. reporting live in san jose, leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> leslie, thank you. in oakland, a five-year-old boy is fighting for his life at children's hospital oakland. a fire official says the boy darted into traffic around 5:15 near lake merritt and was hit by a van. the boy's family was nearby at the time. the driver cooperated with police, but has not been cited. the child is l critical condition. those popular energy drinks are being scrutinized because of a filing that sites their link to 18 deaths. now san francisco city attorney is demanding labeling changes. alan wang is live near ucsf where a new study is slated
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for released tomorrow. alan? >> the fda says one five-hour energy drink has as much caffeine as two cups of coffee. sam's turkish coffee packs ay packs a bigger punch, but like most coffee energy drinks are not required to list the amount of co they contain. flow is pressure to do that -- now there is pressure to do that. >> he says the demand for the famous turkish coffee is rivaled for the demand of five-hour energy. >> i make sure i don't get out of it. i keep it in stock. >> the fda has received reports of 13 deaths over the last four years involving five-hour energy. sandra who is a nurse says she had to take a man who was working on her roof to the hospital after he drank three of these. >> his heart rate was beating so quickly that he was not getting enough blood to neither his heart nor brain.
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so he became faint. ding the demanding theity makers of monster, another highly decaffeinated energy drink proved the beverage is completely safe. the fda says monster could be linked to as many as five deaths since 2009. dr. byron leigh is a cardiologist at ucsf who suspects people are abusing the dosage. >> i think if somebody were to have a preexisting heart condition, the increased adrenaline that may come with high doses of the caffeine may tip them over the edge and potentially cause a lethal arith mia. >> ucsf plans to released a report on the risk of energy drinks tomorrow. the distributor of five-hour energy says it is unaware of any deaths proven to be caused by the consumption of five-hour energy. five-hour recommends no more than two shots a day spread out over several hours. >> i tried to stay away from them, but they are cheap and easy to buy.
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i go to them for my energy source. between 2005 and 2008, they reported a 10 fold increase in the number of emergency room visits linked to energy drinks. reporting live from the golden bear market in the sunset district, i'm alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you. a 19-year-old bell moppet man is due in court on multiple felony charges after police say he wrecked two barrowed cars in two days while high on nitrous oxide. check out this youtube video of the second crash scene that caused a six-car pile up. police say the defendant smashed into a car at the interception of el camino reality. his boxcar flipped on its side and then hit four more cars in on coming traffic. police say dozens of canisters of nitrous oxide were found in both of the cars this guy
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crashed. the approaching rain storm is a big concern in daly city where a saturated hillside came down following yesterday's water pipe break. crews spent the day stacking hey bails and stakes as a temporary fix for the slipping hillside. a plan for permanent repairs is not expected until late they are week after the rain has arrived. officials still don't know why that pipe ruptured, but they suspect age was a factor. >> so the rain is on the way, but when? sandhya patel is here with a look at doppler radar tonight. sandhya? >> dan, as we check out live doppler 7hd, you will see that tonight things are pretty dry. we have a couple of high clouds just passing through the neighborhood, harmless. but things are really going to change. our radar will be tracking this first storm. is the firthis is the first series of storms. it is more southern latitude and warmer storm. the next storm is coffledder. i will -- colder. the timing of the system in a
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few minutes. carolyn, wheor make door make an extra layer on. it will be a chilly start in the morning. >> thank you, sandhya. former cia director david petraeus will testify before a house committee on friday about the u.s. consulate attack in libya despite being a subject himself. it was in question after he resigned over an affair with his by yoking graw fer, paula broadwell. he weighed in on the sex scandal saying he has no evidence at this point any classified information was sclosed. in his first news conference since re-election, the president praised petraeus. >> safer because of the work that dave petraeus has done. my main home -- hope is that this ends up being a single side note on what has otherwise been an extraordinary career. >> broadwell is being investigated for storing significant information at her home. she has had her security
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clearance suspended and she could face prosecution. mitt romney is telling his top donors that president obama won re-election eight days ago in part because of, quote, gifts he gave to minorities and young voters. romney discusses the african-american community and the hispanic community saying the dream act amnesty program was a big gift. he also mentioned the president's health care overhaul. >> the president's campaign focused on certain members of his base coalition and gives them extraordinary financial gifts from the government and then it works aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> the giving away free stuff is a hard thing to compete with. >> on the call romney says he talked with bill clinton. clinton told him, quote, i thought you were going to win, but the hurricane happened. a south bay woman is a you live thanks to the quick thinking of her 17-year-old daughter. they are haling the girl as a
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hero for performing cpr. something her parents didn't realize she knew how to do. heather ishimaru has the story from mountain view. >> 53-year-old lori dolan was perfectly healthy her entire life until sunday afternoon. she was home in sunnyvale watching her beloved 49ers. husband larry went to get the burgers off the grill. when he came back she was passed out on the couch. >> i said, honey, the hamburgers are here. she had this look and almost instantly i realized that something was wrong. i dropped the hamburgers and ran over.. she was lifeless. >> larry panicked calling to his 17-year-old daughter lyndsay who came running to her mother's side. >> her face was purple. her eyes were rolled back. she was cold, ice cold. >> lyndsay had one cpr lesson two years ago in pe class and
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knew what she had to do. starting cpr by herself until help arrived. >> she went from the worst low , 17-year-old daughter watching her mother die in her arms to actually saving her life and becoming our hero. >> lori's brain had no oxygen for nearly a half hour. if she lives, the doctors warned that she would probably have brain damage. the chief medical officer says lyndsay's cpr in the critical first three minutes made all of the difference. >> not just saved her life, but she probably saved her functionally too. >> she was gone and now she is here and she is smiling at me. she tells me she loves me. that's all i wanted. i just wanted to hear her voice. >> she saved my life. i love her. >> lyndsay has been sleeping admitted. was admitted. since the whole family should be able to go home soon.
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in mountain view, heather ishimaru, abc7 news. >> remarkable story. >> it really is. a little extra holiday cash might come in handy right about now. 7 on your side's michael finney is here with a great tip for us. >> dan, carolyn, we all have a ripping or bracelet we don't -- a ring or bracelet that we don't wear anymore. it is worth probably more than the gold that's in them. i will show you how to turn your unwanted jewelry into the most amount of money possible. >> well, san francisco's popular car share companies are under attack. why some people want them off the road. the c >> and the controversy over a woman who turned herself into a real life barbie doll. all of that is coming up and then late other "nightline." >> i'm cynthia mcfaden, dan and carolyn, coming up on "nightline," the latest on the cia sex scandal, the cia agent who sparked the investigation is revealed. and president obama speaks out for the first time. plus the secret lives of those battling the most deadly
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eati country. that's on "nightline." >> and abc7 news at 11:00
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who doesn't need a little extra spending money in the holidays? and tonight an easy way to come up with some. >> it could be right there in your house. michael finney is here now with the story for us. >> holidays are coming up quickly. we are going to need some cash. many people have jewelry they never wear. a lot sell it for the price of the gold or silver the jewelry contains, but by doing that, they could be cheating themselves out of a lot of money. rita cole is arriving at the san francisco office ofcirca, an international jewelry firm. she is here to sell some of her jewelry. >> are you not really wearing anymore? >> no, have i had them in my drawer for quite some time. and it is time for an update.
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>> she goes over each piece. >> so this is 14caret which you probably know. >> the metal is identified and the diamonds and the other stones examined, but this is different from selling gold. >> we look at every item as a piece of jewelry. we don't just look at this as gold. we look as a stylish gold necklace. >> take this bracelet. what it lacks in gold and stones it makes up in pedigree. >> this is one of their well-known lines. >> it is worth more than the rolex and diamond tennis bracelet combined. it wouldn't have been like that if this was a straight up gold bar. what is today's total haul. >> the total for everything you brought in today came to $10,350. >> wow. >> here is another place you could sell your jewelry, home consignment center.
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inside there is a jewelry consignment desk. >>oes to the customer and 40% goes to us. that's how we work it. we figure a price on it and come up with a price i know the market -- that a customer will buy it. >> the golden stones matter, but again that's not the end all be all. >> we take a piece of jewelry and we take it as a piece of jewelry they can put on their finger and their happened. the manufacturing and the style is important. >> kristi sold a rolex. >> it was very, very easy. really you just walk in and show them what you have. they put a value on. it you leave it with them. within a short period of time it is sold. really happy with the process. >> and rita? sh why. >> why keep something i am not going to wear when i can take the money and put it into
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something newer and i will enjoy wearing now. >> of course you can always sell on ebay and that website is a great way to value your items before selling or consigning the pieces. the take away is sometimes jewelry is worth more than the sum of its parts. sometimes not. so because of that we have a video explaining how gold and silver is bought and sold as well. we will post that as well as tonight's at at we want you to get the most amount of money. >> very interesting. thanks. four bay area ride share car services are operating under cease and assist orders under the public utility commission. one is facing a lawsuit. uber technologies like lift, side car and pick and go use smart phone apps to connect the riders with drivers. the suit filed seeks class action status for san francisco taxicab drivers. it says the private dispatch service is operating unfairly. uber says the company is in
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compliance with all laws and will fight the lawsuit. we have seen some of sfrancc francisco's iconic landmarks lit up for special occasions for the giants' world series win and red for the 49ers. the san francisco ferry building is glowing blue as a beacon of support on the world diabetes day. landmarks across the world including the empire state building in new york are lit up to raise awareness for the disease that affects 26 million americans. >> that looks beautiful. and it is clear. that will be a different story tomorrow night. >> sandhya patel is here with the incoming rain. >> carolyn and dan, you are going to need the umbrellas before you know it. a chance tomorrow night and a better possibility by friday. here is a look at live doppler 7hd. not much in the way of rain or moisture. it is clear at this hour. other than the high clouds coming through. we are showing you our radar. it is sweeping around. it is our live doppler 7hd. it will be tracking the storm as it gets here.
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that first storm will be getting here before you know it. temperatures at this hour in the 40s and the 50s. here is a look at the highlights. clouds will increase. a chance of showers as early as tomorrow night. we are looking at periods of rain friday through the weekend. if you have outdoor plans and people are already asking about when is it going to rain? we have games coming up. we have parades coming up. i'll show you the timing in a minute. chilly tomorrow morning. 39 in santa rosa, fairfield 40 degrees in napa. temperatures dropping to the low 40s in the inland valleys like concord and livermore. san jose 49. 52 san francisco. so when you head out the door tomorrow make sure you bundle up. if you have little ones give them an extra layer as you head off to school. here is a look at the satellite and radar. we are see smfght clouds stream in from time to time. it is ahead of the storm which is gathering for friday. the rain will get here as early as thursday night. the clouds thicken tomorrow. the storm system is still off the coast.
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as we get you a little closer here, i want to show you the timing of the system. tomorrow, still some clouds, but really it is 3:00 a.m. friday when the showers arrive. the rain develops as we head into 5:00 a.m. morning commute. could be moderate pockets of rain heading into the afternoon. even in the evening, your get away friday is not looking good. if you are heading to the tahoe area. i know some of the ski resorts are opened. heavenly have opened and more opening on friday. the snow level is 7,000 feet. they are looking at a mix of rain and snow. this is a 27-degree low. high of 48 degrees. another storm will come in and that's colder and that will come in on sunday and monday and bring in some snow. when all is said and done a couple feet at the highest el ition haves. highest elevations.
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three quarters to an inch and a half in the north bay. you can see far across the rest of the bay area. high temperatures are coming down. we had 70s today. it is still going to be mild tomorrow, but we will be out of the 70s and mainly 60s and increasing cloud cover around the monterey bay. temperatures in the 60s to the low 70s in places like hollister. the accu-weather seven-day forecast will feature change and in a big way. the rainy day for friday and scattered showers on saturday and more rain on sunday. certainly a cooler pattern. slight chance of showers on monday and tuesday and then rain is a possibility on wednesday. get ready to say hello to wintzer. mike will be here and carolyn and dan, first thing tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. he will help you get out the door and track the storm coming in. >> thanks, sandhya. coming up next, the human barbie. >> and the rumors she has as oññc?xús1@ú? as the doll.
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this is wild. the model who has transformed the real life barbie about her appearance. >> she says she always wanted to look like the popular doll. look at the side by side pictures the 21-year-old is on the left, but her transformation has created controversy. >> as you can imagine. they say it is the result of plastic surgery and photo shopping. and they say it sends the wrong message. she said she had breast implants, but otherwise gets her look by make up. oh come on. >> it is the eyes. larry? >> the human ken do will larry
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beil is here. >> and i too wear extensive amounts of make up. >> and you wear it well. >> doesn't do as much for me unfortunately. he is making his presence felt early in his nba career. he had his best night as a pro and the warriors really needed it.
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the warriors had three days off to stew over giving away a game in overtime against denver. the test was closing out a contest against atlanta. hall of fame night and the warriors are honoring don nelson. the coach had a standing ovation and it was well deserved. richard jefferson blows past morrow. the old-fashioned three-point play. his first bucket as a pro and he gets the three and it is teed up for taunting. he was talking to himself. fanally i made shot -- shot -- finally i made a shot.
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three of his 19 points. his best night as a pro. backdoor from david leigh. lee had five assists. 19 points and 13 boards. ivan johnston, ivan the terrible. the warriors do not fall like steph curry. he had a dozen and warriors hold on 92-88 and they are thousand 4 and 4. the heat and the clippers in l.a. lebron james in the passing lane right here and intercepts. an easy dunk. 30 for lebron. jordan is seven feet tall and are you serious? the one hand flush and, yes, he has two hands too. and the clippers pound miami. clippers are 107-100 and they are now 6-2. day by day and test by test alex smith is getting better and better. he will be okay to start monday night against the 49ers.
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it was suffered against the rams. he did that and was allowed to throw passes. assume thrg is no recurrence from the blurry vision and headaches, the next step is for doctors to clear smith for a regular practice. >> i felt good today. everything i have gone through i felt good. it is not up to me though. it is a better question for the doctors. they have a lot of stuff they are looking at. i am not sure what my answer is. they are checking my symptoms and things like that. i feel good. >> looks good. the one thing about bob melvin named the manager of the year, he would rather talk about every other person connected with the team than himself. and that's part of the reason the a's love him. he goes out of his way to shine the spotlight of appreciation on others. melvin who won this award with arizona in 2007 is one of only five men to capture this honor in both leagues. >> if i was lucky enough to


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