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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 13, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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and vacuum components. >> viewers sent images of the fire. amy sent this picture, showing huge plumes of smoke, coming from the fire. this viewer tweeted the pictures from the smoke from the fire, as he was driving nearby and another viewer shows crews fighting the flames. firefighters are trying to knock the flames down, pouring water on all sides. >> a major investigation into a disturbing threat in a south bay high school. lynbrook high school in san jose had a graffiti message, threatening the life of a teachener monte vista high. monte vista was shut down and so was nearby lincoln elementary. this threat is being taken very seriously. >> reporter: it certainly is. there is really no explanation as to why the graffiti found in san jose mentioned a bomb here. there is some rivalries between
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the schools, but they are in the same school district. we are here at monte vista, which was closed along with lincoln elementary, right dun the block. both were closed because of this graffiti found four and-a-half miles away. police and students say the graffiti found at lynbrook high school at 6:40 this morning, crossed a frightening line. >> it's a pretty big deal, even as i prank. first of all, this was a name, a teacher's name. >> reporter: this is the picture of the spray-painted message. we have blurred out the name of the teachener cupertino to protect the teacher's identity. it said a bombing was planted at monte vista to kill him. >> that's the shocking part. he's one of the most popular teachers at the school. >> reporter: in cub cupertino, the santa clara sheriffs deputy shut down monte vista and lincoln elementary school. no explosive device was found,
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but both schools were closed the entire day. neighbors say they support the response by law enforcement. >> when they go over the edge, like columbine -- we have had several -- yeah, that's not a prank. that's a very serious matter when you talk about blowing up people. >> reporter: investigators with the sheriffs office are not taking any chance when is it comes to the teacher's safety. >> we have a couple of deputies stays with the teacher and his family at this point, too toprovide that protection. >> reporter: students say they wouldn't be surprised if the teacher is not in class tomorrow. >> he always had a picture of his kids and they were so cute. he was just like -- he was such a family man, you know? he was really family oriented. >> reporter: whether the person responsible ever intended to act on the threat, the damage has been done. >> it's like yelling fire in a crowded theater, mass disruption. >> reporter: both schools here in cupertino will reopen tomorrow with extra deputies
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patrolling and sheriff investigators say they are following up leads to identify a suspect. and the person responsible for that bomb scare could face felony changes. in cupertino, abc7. >> thank you. police are looking for a man who disrupted services in a fremont mosque. witnesses say he barged into the islamic center during prayer services yesterday afternoon and shouted that he had a gun and wanted to use it to kill the worshippers. members of the congregation confronted him and kicked him out before police arrived. he was seen driving away in what looked like an old gray camry. >> a san francisco police officer who posted a controversial video, saying he took a high-speed drunken ride is being investigated. the police chief did not like what he saw in the video. carolyn tyler is live at the hall of justice. harsh words from the officer. >> reporter: that's right. the police chief knows the officer in question very well.
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me and sergeant carl "t" attended the academy together. they have served on the force for more than 30 years am but now, sergeant "t" has been taken off the streets because of what the chief calls poor judgment. >> obviously, it's just beyond irresponsible and dumb. >> reporter: the san francisco police chief is want mincing words about the officer whose online video has created the latest scandal for the department. the video was found on his facebook page. sergeant "t," bragging about a high-speed drunken joyride with friends in a lamborghini in the tunnel. 100 miles per hour in the lambo, roomier than you would think and plus, we were all drunk. sergeant tnchs is no longer on dutiy and was transferred to a desk job at headquarters, while an internal affairs investigation is underway. >> if it plays out the way it
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certainly looks it's going to, the discipline will be swift and severe. >> reporter: what might that be. >> it will be a very stiff suspension, to be sure. did. >> reporter: but sergeant "t" appears to be backing away from his facebook post, sell telling sf weekly, quote, there was no drunkenness, no, no, god no. that was done tongue in cheek. and the officer said, he was a passenger, not the driver. the mayor believes whatever was going on was irresponsible. >> to the extent that the video has anybody -- whether it's an officer or somebody promoting or being proud of going 100 miles per hour in the broadway tunnel is absolutely dangerous. and people should be held accountable. >> reporter: that tunnel, which runs from larkin street in russian hill to powell in busy chinatown has a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour. it took our news crew 40 seconds to get through. we timed sergeant "t"'s video
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and it appears to take his car, 16 seconds. >> it is my district. and that activity is incredibly dangerous, completely unacceptable. >> reporter: we still have been unable to talk to sergeant carl tnchts, but the police chief says he has and he has told him he is embarrassed and contrite. carl "t" will have a chance to tell his side of the story, during the police investigation. live outside the haul -- hall of justice, carolib tyler. >> a community-based effort to reduce gun violence, the oakland and san francisco police departments will buy weapons for cash on saturday like they did at this event last june. residents will get $200 per gun or rifle. in oakland, the program will be held at saint benedict's church in sabfran at the omega boys club. in both, it is from 10:00 a.m. to three 3:00 p.m. on saturday.
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to find the addresses, go to our web site and click on see it on tv. >> we have learned the name of the woman who abandoned her new-born baby in san francisco because she is charged with a crime. police tell us, 39-year-old nanecka nash will be aporing in court tomorrow on one felony count of willful cruelty and one misdemeanor count of fail tower care for a charge. nash is from the bayview district. she gave birth to the child on the street and handed that baby boy over to a man. the baby is recovering in san francisco general hospital. >> lthe bay area housing market is headed toward normalcy, that's according to industry analyst data quick. 7200 new and existing homes were sold last month, down from october, but up 15 1/2 percent from a year ago. the median price was $438,000, up 20% from november 2011. the number of bay area homes sold last month for over a half million dollars was up 36%,
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while the numbers below half a million was down almost 13%. >> the alinement of the sun, earth and moon, creating very high tides to the california coast, called king tides. in san francisco, it swallowed up steps at the yacht club t. surged more than 9 feet in some areas inform southern california, the community of seal beach experienced flood from this tides. the water came up to the steps of the hotel. the best way to move around -- check it out -- surf boards. more king tides are expected tomorrow. >> what a picture. >> u.n. ambassador -- to the u.s., susan rice will not be the next secretary of state. she were you from consideration, saying the confirmation would be lengthy, disruptive and costly. she was considered the frontrunner to replace hillary clinton, who is expected to step down. but she faced criticism from senate republicans over her initial statements about the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi, libbia.
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the president accepted the withdrawal, but noted the unfair and misleading attacks leveled against her. still no deal on the fiscal cliff, following an unschedule the meeting at the white house this afternoon, between president obama and house speaker john boehner. they met for an hour, with both sides saying only that the two had a frank discussion. president obama and boehner have struggled to break their impasse over taxes. the president wants a rate hike on the top 2% of the income earners. boehner opposes that fiercely. a deal must be reach bide december 31 to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. the combination of tax increases and spending cuts. >> a san raphael mother has returned from the middle-east with what some may call a holiday miracle. she negotiated an agreement between israel and the palestinian authority to begin removing band mines from beth lehe. they are working to remove
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the devastation of land mines. they took a check of $141,000 to pay for the land mine removal. a family visited abc7 last year. >> it's been a terrible experience. and it's a need for other children. >> the roots of peace land mine removal effort is due to start in bethlehem next month. >> get ready for another change in the weather, just in time for the weekend. >> that's right. we have a wet seven-day forecast. and i mean unsettled. il show you how many days of rain is coming and get ready for another night of freezing cold conditions in parts of the bay area. details are coming up. >> i have a different type of showers falling from the sky and the peak viewing time to catch
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the meteor showers. >> the bay area startup where girls can make their own dream doll house and learn the building blocks for a career at the same time. stay with us. the news continues here in just
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>> good news and bad news about california students. cigarettes smoking has declined. but the use of smokeless tobacco has jumped significantly. we have more on the new report from california's department of public health. >> reporter: tobacco use trends in california among the young are raising red flags at the state department of public health. nearly 9% stores illegally sold to minors last year, up 5%. 18 to 24-year-olds are moking more than any other age group in
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california. >> youth and young adults get addicted to tobacco and end up smoking their entire lives and then they and their families suffer the health consequences. >> reporter: the state projects tell spend $6.5 billion to deal with adult health care, related to smoking. that's $400 per taxpayer. it is unclear why younger people are picking up the habit. but the prev vans -- prev lance was higher with neighborhoods with five or more stores selling tobacco. smokeless products are more and more popular. >> the smokeless tobacco products are not safer. the trends are very concerning. >> reporter: we found that on this college campus, students say they smoke because they're stressed, reading tuition costs and juggling classes and jobs are just too much. the young smokers we spoke with started in high school. >> school trend, to college and worries about money and then
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jobs. i have three jobs right now. so all of that was kind of a lot of pressure on me. >> reporter: the campaign for tobacco-free kids has been critical of states like california for not spending enough of the 1998 multi-billion dollar settlement from tobacco companies on prevention. this life-long smoker also agrees. >> i don't think they are using the funds effectively. >> reporter: for every dollar it spends on anti-smoking campaign, the tobacco industry spends $8 to attract more smokers. in sacramento, abc7. >> all right. american airlines has a twist to the extra fees that the airline travelers are paying. >> oh, boy. we are breaking it down. >> please! >> kind of good news. kind of. the new fare structure allows to you bundle the services you want to pay for or not at all. if you want the choice fare, you
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can continue to pay for checked bags, preferred seating and the meals the way you do, a la carte. but for $68 extra, you get one checked bag, no change fees and priority boarding. no change feings is the big thing. $88 will get you three items, a premium beverage, a mile-credit and a same-day change. the new fares could help passengers avoid the costly change fees on non-refundable fares. that's a very good deal. blue shield is proposing raising the health insurance rates as much as 20% on individual policy holders. >> shame on you! >> reporter: past rate hikes have attracted protesters outside the whether blue shield corporate offices. under the plan, the rate hike
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would be 12%. but some could see rate increases as high as 20%. consumer groups are crying foul. they point to blue shield's huge cash reserve of nearly $4 billion and some say, some of the money should be used to off-set the rate increase. blue shield says the money is needed to ensure it can always pay all claims. >> tough. >> while santa stuffs his sleigh full of ties for girls and boys, a couple of recent stanford grads are stuffing boxes with a new toy, just for girls. but as jonathan bloom explains, ruminate is different from any doll house you have ever seen. watch. >> reporter: in case you are worning, this is a spinning electric fireplace in an imaginary ski cabin. >> a bobsled appears and you can make stairs for the loft. >> reporter: it was built with
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ruminate, a building toy set for girls, ages 6 to 10. >> today, there are not very many building toys for girls. it's all dolls and princesses. so we wanted to do something. >> reporter: they started the toy company at stanford start "x" business accelerator, after graduating with mostly male engineers. >> something needs to be done at an earlier stage to get girls to understand that science and engineering are fun and they are an option for them. >> reporter: while most doll houses teach interior design, they teach structural engineering. >> these are the building pieces for the furniture. and included in that is a mini catalog of ideas that you can make with that. >> reporter: there is an electric motor for fans, and washing machines. >> a little one here. >> reporter: and now... the orders are pouring in. >> it's just been beyond anything that we expected. >> reporter: they have already
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sold 2,000 toys this holiday season. and the latest batch is well on the way to selling out. that means between now and christmas, they will be working some very long hours. working together, they can label, box and ship one order a minute. >> it is not glamorous. that's what i have learned about entrepreneurship in the last year. it is about doing everything that has to happen. >> reporter: but seeing kids captivated makes it all worth it. >> the parents are like, we have to go -- i am not done. >> reporter: jonathan bloom. abc7 news. >> that's so cool. tonight, it's the perfect night to keep your eyes on the skies. it is time for the annual meteor shower tonight and tomorrow t. happens about this time every year, as the earth passes through the debris trail of an asteroid. you can see it tonight, starting at 11:00, the best time is 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning. >> i always get a bad hair day.
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>> meteor showers to mane rainshowers. >> we do. but if you are working, are you going to be able to see it? yes! but you may freeze your you know what off. so bundle up. this is a live view eye am not answering that. from the high-definition south camera, looking at the future tower, we are headed into a freezing cold night for some parts of the bay area. make sure, if you go and check it out, you look to the southwest and bundle up in a dark location. they do peak at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. on the live doppler, watching the weather developments. we have seen an isolated shower this afternoon. it is still there as we look down toward the south bay, around gilroy. highway 101, heading out to the pass, we have been seeing the rain there. an isolated shower. reheated moisture from yesterday's torm storm. you get the daytime heat from this sun and that created that. temperatures are falling. 46 degrees in fairfield.
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50 in half boone moon bay. 49 in fremont. we are headed to a cold night. the highs were on the chilly side. below normal, another frosty night inland. light rain arrives tomorrow. and bigger storms next week. here's a look at the frost advisory from woo'clock to 8:00 a.m. friday t. covers the interior valleys. temperatures low to mid 30s. watch out for patchy frost. slippery sidewalks. the only reason why the north bay valley's not included, we do have higher clouds moving in to the north bay first as the next storm approaches. you may get sheltered from really dropping too much. so we are going to go with the coldest readings, down to 32 in morgan hill, 33 in livermore, vallejo 35. napa, santa rosa, low to mid 30s. we are going tow see quite a --
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going to see quite a bit of cloud cover. 38 in san jose and santa cruz. bundle up in the morning. make sure you have your umbrella with you. here's the storm that is going to bring rain on friday. it will be cold. we will see very light rainfall amounts. a couple more systems lined up. we will go with a series of storms. but the storms, the first couple of them, heading into weekend, really light rainfall totals. 5:00 a.m., tomorrow morning, just some cloud cover, as you look at the computer animation, light rain by 8:00 a.m., possible. mainly along the coast and we may see the rain developing across other parts of the bay area by the afternoon. a 10th inch or less and then you will notice that it tapers off friday evening. but owning only for more showers to return. chilly in the afternoon. you will need to dress in layers. these are highs, not lows. mid 40s to the low 50s. monterey bay, upper 40s to low
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50s. a raw day. accu-weather forecast, light rain on saturday, tapers on sunday, wet and breezy for monday. cold showers on tuesday, more rain on wednesday and thursday. the forecast looks worse than it is. the showers between tomorrow and sunday, one/10 to 1/3 inch, so not a lot of rain. >> still to come, a brave area girl is learned. >> to stop a domestic spat in
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>> hd live over the scene of a homicide in oakland. police have closed off 83rd avenue and "e" straight while they investigate a shooting. one person is dead on the street. hope to have more for you on abc7 news at 6:00.
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>> a 12-year-old girl was honored for quick action during a domestic violence incident in a friend's house in san bruno. she ran to a neighbor's house to call 911. >> what's your name? >> i am at my friend and my -- my friend's mom is -- [inaudible]. >> that was skyler pomeroy. she received a local 911 hero award t. helped to keep a tense situation from getting worse. >> my friend had gotten thrown to the ground and she broke her ankle. i saw her mom getting choked out. so i ran down the tears and to the neighbor's and they -- they said i could use their phone. >> the 911ach dispatcher from bo who answered the call was also honored at the ceremony. what a brave young girl.
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>> in the abc7 newsroom, coming
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up new at 6:00, a new chapter in the sex and drug scandal. the iteam on her effort to get clean and her troubled lover's text. and holiday shopping help. a list of 25 web sites with cool gifts under $25. the hobit is here, but find out why abc7's dawn sanchez was not happy about when he saw in the highly anticipated film. that's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. >> we want to thank those of you for making abc7's share your holiday food drive such a great success. >> you donated more than $22,000, for food for thousands of people. >> the drive continues. donate by calling... >> or give $10, easy, text feed
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to 800-77. >> it was a great day yesterday. we will continue with world news coming up next. >> for all of us here, thank you for watching. we appreciate your time. see you at 6:00. this is "world news." tonight, out of the fight. the president's top choice for secretary of state pulls out. susan rice says the bruising attacks would distract the nation as the president defends her again. end game? even the friends of the syrian dictator, tonight, are saying his days are numbered. will america be safer or in greater danger if he falls? >> what is this? are they rigged? some of america's favorite reality shows under fire tonight. and, moves like jagger.


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