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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 21, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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did it. ♪ good day sunshine good day, indeed. wake up america! we're still here. those doomsday predictions appear to be a dud. our cameras in times square at midnight to prove it. >> there's the clock -- three, two, one. okay. >> this morning, the sun is rising, right now, on a brand-new day. good morning, america. ♪ i'm in love and it's a sunny day ♪ and there is the proof right there. it may be raining in times scare. but look at that beautiful sun rising over hollywood beach in florida this morning. >> why aren't we doing the show there? >> more proof positive that we have survived the mayan doomsday. so, happy friday, robin and everyone watching at home. welcome back to elizabeth. paula faris in for josh.
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>> it's great to be here this morning. and life is going on in many ways. take a look right now at the lines at chicago o'hare airport. more than 1,000 flights were canceled. and there are going to be long waits this weekend. it's a major hub for the country. a lot of flights if you're not going to chicago, go through chicago. >> a. busy travel day. we're closer than ever to going over that fiscal cliff. the latest republican plan to block tax increases on almost everyone failed last night. it's created some chaos in washington and a rough day in the financial markets. and we switch gears, george, four days left to get your christmas presents. if you haven't done it yet, don't worry. we have incredible deals. let's get right to the wild weather across the nation, creating trouble for holiday travel. our team is tracking it this morning, beginning with sam. good morning, sam. >> good morning, george. as the storm that terrorized the country, now that it's moved in the northeast, it is a big heavy rain situation with wind. we've had an inch of rain so far in the new york city area.
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another half-inch of rain coming. 45-mile-per-hour, 50-mile-per-hour winds. take a look at the damage that came in with the winds. four stories' worth of scaffolding collapsing. just one of the scaffolding collapses that we have seen in new york. "gma" storm site radar will show you there's plenty left in this storm, still plenty of rain from washington, d.c. to boston today. and plenty of snow in the back end behind it. we use this model to show us where the worst winds will be. what you need to look at is the red arrows. and those red arrows go from the boston area, north into maine, all the way to atlanta. this storm has big snowfall totals, big-time. 20 inches of snow coming down in some locations. and one of those places, williamsburg, iowa, picked up a good, heavy snowstorm and a blizzard. our ginger zee is right there. good morning, ginger. >> sam, we're tried desperately to get to chicago, just couldn't
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do it. i-80 kept shutting down. you can see why. this is what litters the side of the highway everywhere. trucks, semi-trucks. it was such a rough night and really, this storm isn't quite done with us yet. overnight, the lashing winds and blowing snow stretched from nebraska to michigan. major highways across the midwest, shut down. as drivers struggled to stay on them. believe it or not, this is i-80. look at the long line of cars. just a complete parking lot. we've been here for at least 30 minutes. and we don't know how long we're going to be here. how long have you been sitting here? >> about an hour. >> you knew it was going to be -- >> i knew it was risky. but i have surgery tomorrow morning. i don't really have a choice. >> reporter: the crash that set us back was 1 of at least 1,000 in this behemoth. there was that wreck north of des moines, at least 25 vehicles there. so many accidents in iowa, the national guard was called in to help. >> the u.s. army came.
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put us in this really fancy truck. we got blankets and snacks. >> reporter: in madison, wisconsin, up to 20 inches of snow fell around that city. a record. and the university of wisconsin canceled some final exams. from the snowy side, to the tornado side. in mobile, alabama, an ef-1 twister left trees in houses. and street after street, full of debris. the relentless wind gusts also tore down power lines all across the midwest. more than 100,000 customers are still without power. i'm going to tell you, sam, that's going to be a problem. the windchill, 10 below. >> it's that brutal wind that comes in from behind it. it stays for the weekend, from where you are to where i am. there's bound to be travel delays. there are continuing travel problems. we'll go over those for everyone when we come back in regular weather. liz zblet all right, sam, thanks very much. we can hear the wind out there. now, to the travel problems. it's snarled for galore at chicago's o'hare airport. more than 1,000 flights canceled
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already, as we said. and abc's alex perez is there where lines are already very long this morning. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. what a crazy morning it has been here at o'hare. i want you to take a look behind me here. this is a security line. some of these people have been lining up since about 3:00 this morning. and they couldn't even get into the airport until about 4:00 a.m. now, chicago did not get if snow anticipated overnight. but this storm, still creating some major headaches for air traffic across the country. more than 1,000 flights have been canceled. and this storm is now heading east. so, airports across the east coast are now expecting to deal with delays into the weekend. the good news is that most airlines have been relaxing their rescheduling fees. so, for those who have to travel through the path of the storm, that is some good news. it's going to be one of those weekends where your patience is going to be tested. george? >> it's going to be a rough one. okay, alex, thanks. we're going to get the latest, now, on the fiscal cliff. just 11 days until everyone's
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taxes go up. all federal programs are cut. and it's looking more likely than ever that washington could trip over that cliff, after house speaker john boehner's plan to prevent a tax increase on all but the wealthiest americans. jon karl is covering this. jon, this is real chaos now. no one has a clear plan. >> reporter: that's right. this was a crushing defeat, george, for speaker of the house john boehner. it demonstrated definitively that he doesn't even have the republican votes to pass a republican plan, let alone a compromise with the president. and he left last night, telling republicans that it is now up to house democrats and the president to come up with a way forward. but i talked to people at the white house and senate democrats, who said it's actually up to boehner to finally compromise. all chaos, no clear path forward. and i will tell you that the speaker talked to republicans last night, closing with a prayer, george. saying, god grant me the serenity to accept things i cannot change. he is greatly weakened. that's not necessarily a good thing for the white house
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because they will need him to be able to pass whatever deal is finally reached, if one is reached. >> they need a partner. but now all eyes turn to the senate. they're the best chance, now, of passing something to block the tax increases on everyone. but they're not even back until two days after christmas, december 27th. >> reporter: they're not back until two days after christmas. and they are saying that it is up to the speaker to act. so, george, i have no idea where this is going to go. and neither do folks here. >> this is just a mess. okay, jon karl, thanks very much. we're going to cover all the latest on "this week." but now, let's get the rest of today's top stories from paula faris, in for josh. >> good morning, all. we head back to the windy city. the fbi has tracked down one of two convicted bank robbers who pulled off a daring escape from a high-rise jail in chicago. agents arrested joseph banks in chicago last night. they say he was unarmed. but his cell mate, kenneth conley, is still on the lam. they broke through a wall on
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tuesday and used bedsheets to repel 20 stories to the ground before escaping in a taxi. and much of the nation paused this morning to observe a moment of silence in honor of the victims of the sandy hook elementary school shooting exactly one week ago today. abc's linsey davis shows us what people in newtown, connecticut, and across the country are doing to pay tribute. >> reporter: here in newtown and beyond, a moment of silence and tolling of bells at 9:30 this morning at houses of worship across the country. bells rang 26 times, honoring the memories of 20 children and 6 women. from the president, a message to immediately address introduce laws on gun control.
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>> i want to take a minute to respond and let you know, we hear you. >> reporter: and for the first time since the tragedy, we'll hear from the national rifle association this morning, in a news conference that's been billed as a promise to be, quote, meaningful contributions to make sure this never happens again. it's a discussion that abc's cynthia mcfadden had with new york city mayor, michael bloomberg, on "nightline." >> you hold them responsible? >> well, i hold you and me responsible. i said that we didn't pay attention to what our legislators were doing. they, as well. but i don't absolve you or me. all of us. >> reporter: this is church where the bells tolled. as we remember the victims today, hundreds of schools across the country have canceled classes because of concerns about threats. a reminder of how on-edge many of us are in the wake of this tragedy. paula? >> linsey, thank you. live from newtown, connecticut, this morning. and the brother of wall street swindler bernie madoff has been sentenced to ten years in prison for his role in his brother's massive ponzi scheme.
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peter madoff, he claimed he didn't know about the $20 billion fraud until his brother told him about it. however, the judge didn't buy it. and a dramatic scene in florida. a car crashes, bursting into flames, with three people trapped inside. a good samaritan pulled one passenger out. and then police raced to the driver's side. it's hard to see. but check this out. they managed to break the windows to rescue the driver and another man. miraculously, all three survived. and finally, on this friday morning, look out lebron james. meet julian neumann. sure he's only 4'5." and sure his only in fifth grade. but he's starting for the high school varsity team in orlando, taking on kids seven years older than him. he stunned the crowd. he scored 14 in wednesday night's game. they had to move him to varsity because he scored a mere 91 points in 1 game. against kids his age. he goes to a private school. they don't have to adhere to the florida high school athletic
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association. that's why he can play for varsity. what is your 11-year-old doing, everybody? >> i should show my 9-year-old that video. >> amazing. >> we need to follow-up on that one. >> we do. eight more years until he's in the nba. >> maybe he'll go at 12. who knows? >> thank you so much, paula. now, to the final holiday shopping frenzy. it's just four days left to get the gifts for christmas. and if you're not done yet, don't panic. there's still some great deals out there. and abc's becky worley tells us where to find the very best ones. >> reporter: be it a big box, a local boutique, or the good, old mall. you may not find a parking spot this weekend. but you're sure to find some delicious deals. why? well, consumers have waited longer than usual to wrap up their shopping. so, retailers are ready to slash prices. big, across-the-board discounts are coming. let's start with clothes. aeropostale, a staple for the teen set, has 60% off everything. american eagle and banana republic has slashed 40% off
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of their entire store. kmart has 50% off all jammies and robes. from cozy and warm, let's move over to hot gifts. at toys "r" us, they're offering a buy one get one 30% off deal on video games. for the dudes and the handy ladies, sears has $90 off one of their most popular tool sets. lowe's has 20% off vacuums and small appliances, including the ever-coveted kitchenaid mixer. ooh, i want that. now, a big trend i'm seeing is bundling. like this single-serve coffeemaker for $149, bundled with a $30 gift card from target. ditto, the nook simple touch at $119, with a $20 gift card. walmart has the best deals this weekend on apple gear. the ipad 3 is $399 plus a $30 gift card. and they have the iphone 5 for $75 off. final tips, if you want to avoid
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the hordes of humanity who are shopping this weekend, many stores are open late. and some all night. macy's will be open in many locations from this morning, all the way through christmas eve. same deal for toys "r" us. open this morning continuously 10/24. and many walmarts that are normally open 24 hours will continue to be so, until 6:00 or 8:00 p.m. on christmas eve. good luck. there's plenty of time to shop. >> lot of overtime out there. okay. now, we're going to turn to that big never mind. so much chatter, a paramount of fear by the doomsday prediction based on the mayan calendar. it appeared to run out today. and abc's john muller reports that we're all still here. >> reporter: today, armageddon for all. or not. ♪ december 21st, 2012, the end of the mayan calendar, drawn up by an ancient civilization
7:14 am
thousands of years ago. in france, true believers flocked to the pyrenees mountains, believing it was the only place that was safe. thousands of tourists flocked to mexico, hoping to celebrate a new era in an ancient mayan city. at the thirsty dog brewing company in akron, ohio, there's a special beer for the occasion. find out if it's our final year. our last few moments on earth, abc has trusted me with this assignment. the scoops of all scoops.
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as the hour draws near, the moment of truth is here. there's the clock -- three, two, one, okay. there you have it. folks, we're still here. john muller reporting exclusively for abc news, we're still here. back to planning on those last-minute gifts. getting back to life. life goes on. back to you guys. >> thank you, john. >> john did the all-nighter for that. >> good for john. all right, now to those out of control christmas decorations. we love to look at those wild displays every year, but what if you lived next door to one of them, ryan owens joins us from plano, texas. .
7:16 am
>> reporter: good morning to you, elizabeth. not only are we all still alive. i've got christmas lights this early in the morning. take a look at this. everybody loves the beautiful christmas display. but here's a question for you. what if you had to look at this every, single day for a month solid? would that try your holiday patience? 'tis the season to love thy neighbor. except, perhaps, when thy neighbor puts up this. ♪ for years this synchronized show of more than 200,000 lights in el paso, texas, has drawn the ire of neighbors. every christmas, they complain to the cops about the spotlights, the traffic, the parking. >> it's basically turned our neighborhood into a side show. >> tremendous traffic. >> our whole neighborhood is being held hostage during christmastime. >> reporter: near atlanta, neighbors are so mad about this display of inflatable characters around a mansion, they whipped out their cell phones to record
7:17 am
traffic accidents. >> cars always stop here. it's a traffic nightmare. >> reporter: you're only hearing that neighbor's voice because he didn't want to appear on camera, so no one would accuse him of being -- well, you know. these light displays are causing such traffic jams in major cities, sometimes the best way to see them is from the air. so, we caught a ride with our great dallas affiliate, wfaa, to look at the lights. and more importantly, look at those taillights. how would you like to live in that neighborhood? in southern california, they may be able to escape the snow. but they can't get away from these lights. more than 60,000 of them. plus, music, lasers and a fog machine. all in the middle of an orange county neighborhood. >> every light is doing its own thing. they're all choreographed to do different things. i'm sorry if they don't like it. i guess they're not in the christmas spirit. >> look at that. how do you take all that down? >> i have absolutely no idea. paula, i'm sorry to see you didn't approve of that?
7:18 am
>> i said that it was a little obnoxious. i didn't know you were going to quote me. i love it, actually. >> come on, george. let's go to sam and the weather. >> there's a lot of rain to talk about. let's talk about airport delays across the country because of two storms, one that's exiting and one entering. if you pop this up for us, from chicago, to new york, to atlanta, there are already delays. there are also delays on the west coast, from san francisco all the way up to seattle. take a look at the cold air that rushes behind the exiting system and know that these windchills are serious. from below zero, to below freezing to freezing in florida today. there's a real push of cold air behind it. a quick look at the big boards to show what you're in for today. it's mild in texas and oklahoma.
7:19 am
and coming up on "gma," the olympian leading a double-life. she comes clean on her secret side job. why did she do it? plus, home for the holidays. these formerly conjoined twins, released from the hospital after miracle surgery.
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♪ baby, baby look at that little holiday miracle. amelia and allison, born conjoined twins. separated now, after a successful surgery. we go behind the scenes with the tucker family, as they celebrate the best christmas ever. >> oh. they're so cute, those little girls. it's amazing when the little girls have been attached their entire life. and get to see each other for the first time. we're going to tell you about the shocking story about the three-time olympian who was apparently leading the double-life. the wife and mother will tell
7:30 am
you why she did what she did. >> there's a clue. >> it's not a -- no. we switch gears. we know the story of noah's ark. but did the great flood really happen? our christiane amanpour show us the discovery made at the bottom of the ocean. and she'll be here to talk about it. look at this. jennifer aniston, one of the many faces speaking out about the paparazzi in a brand-new documentary. but do those photographers help make them famous? we look at it from both sides. let's get right to the olympic runner who lived a double-life. suzy favor hamilton was a las vegas high-priced escort is sending shock waves. and abbie boudreau is covering it all for us. >> reporter: good morning, george. the former track star is calling her secret life a huge mistake. and never meant for anyone to get hurt.
7:31 am
from a three-time olympic athlete. >> in her day, she was one of the best distance runners in the world. >> reporter: to her secret life as a las vegas escort. >> she was charging $600 an hour. $6,000 for 24 hours. >> reporter: according to the website, thesmokinggun, the former olympian was living a double-life. the wife and mother of a 7-year-old daughter. a successful real estate agent. and a motivational speaker. but by night, a paid escort, who reportedly went by the name kelly. seen here, posing an on escort website. >> she actually has been one of the more popular people, as you look at the review sites and the different police stations that people go, who pursue this sort of lifestyle. >> reporter: and shockingly, she wasn't in it for the money. she apparently did it because she was bored. >> she was unsatisfied with her mundane life. she was unhappy. and this is something that she enjoyed doing. >> reporter: the track star, featured in this nike
7:32 am
commercial, never medaled at the olympics, she came close in the 2000 sydney games. but then, collapsed right before the finish line. >> later, it was found out she basically decided she couldn't win. and there were psychological issues, as well. >> reporter: hamilton told abc news, she is trying her best to get better. and admitted on twitter, she was living a double-life. tweeting, it provided an escape from the life i was struggling in. she even compared herself to tiger woods, telling thesmokinggun, she felt invincible. hamilton says she is now seeing a psychologist and trying to figure out why she did this in the first place. and how she can be a better wife and mom. george and elizabeth? >> wow. that sounds like a smart move. >> let's hope it works out for her. now, to the miracle surgery that is sending formerly conjoined twins home for the holidays. it took a team of 40 doctors 7 hours in the operating room to separate them. and abc's sharyn alfonsi met
7:33 am
exclusively with the family. and they are looking forward to their bright futures. >> reporter: baby, by their very nature are miracles. and amelia and allison tucker are more proof. mom, shelly, was 13 weeks in her regularcy when she learned she was having twins. >> she said, you're having twins. and i think they're connected. my heart dropped further. their recommendation was to terminate. >> reporter: march of this year, shellie gave birth to amelia and allison. the sisters were joined at their abdomen. >> they held on to my fingers. they came out screaming. we knew we made the right choice. >> reporter: the next eight months would be at children's hospital of philadelphia. the girls' 2-year-old brother, owen, often turning the hospital hallways into his own play room. the girls facing daunting medical hurdles ahead.
7:34 am
doctors decided it was time to separate the girls. they prepared, among other things, practicing on two dolls sewn together. >> it didn't look as cute as the girls. >> reporter: dr. holly headrich and a team of surgeons worked for seven agonizing hours. carefully separating the girls. and then, the moment, one became two. >> at the end, all of the surgeons came in and told us they were separate, the weight of the world was off of our shoulders. >> reporter: just two months later -- >> this is allison. she's the smaller, scrappier one. and amelia. she's a little bigger and laidback. but mom, doctors, everyone ag e agrees they're little fighters. allison is already home. and amelia will be joining her soon. two christmas blessings. for "good morning america," sharyn alfonsi, philadelphia. >> what a great story. >> so glad that surgery was a success. time for the weather and sam
7:35 am
champion. >> beautiful. we have so many problems from the board from the storm that's leaving. and we have more storms coming in. each one of the storms in the western areas are creating big problems. look at what it looked like when they had to close 30 miles of i-5 in southern oregon. lower elevations just picked up four to five inches of snow. plenty of rain. plenty of snow. there's two systems that will move across the country. does that mean that we see snow in the northeast by tuesday? and then, another chance again next week, thursday and friday? that's really possible. we'll watch these storms move across the country. but for today, take a look at the east coast. there's some problems traveling from the great lakes, all the way in the northeast. storms have dried out in the southeast. the middle of the country is pretty good. and that brand-new storm system in the northwest today. quick look at the big board. milder in some places of
7:36 am
>> all of america's weather was brought to you by smucker's. and we have much more following the storms across the country throughout the morning. >> that's a big story. all right, sam. thanks so much. coming up, was there really a great flood in the time of noah and the ark? christiane amanpour is here to reveal the secrets at the bottom of the sea. and celebrities versus the paparazzi. we hear from jennifer aniston, kid rock and other stars now snapping back in a brand-new movie. ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ [ male announcer ] for tim and richard smucker, giving a gift of their family's delicious jam always made the holidays just a little bit sweeter. we forgot to put our names on them! richard, i think they'll know who it's from. ♪ thank you boys. you're welcome. you're welcome. [ male announcer ] happy holidays from our family to yours.
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see how you can save at back, now, at 7:41 with our colleague, christiane amanpour. in a special on abc, christiane goes inside to look at the history and the mysteries of the bible. you met with one scientist who says there's proof that the great flood that took noah's ark existed? >> as you can imagine,
7:41 am
historians, archaeologists, discovers, are trying to figure out were these stories true? nobody thinks they will find an ark. for obvious reasons, wood, decay. but robert ballard, who found the "titanic" ship wreck in 1985, believe there's evidence of a massive flood about 7,000 years ago, which is when the bible situates noah's story. and he thinks it's in the black sea region offer t er thturkey. let's take a listen. our journey to investigate noah and his ark, led us to the black sea in turkey, where we heard that tantalizing clues were being uncovered by dr. robert ballard, one of the world's leading underwater archaeologists. we were astonished to learn that he believes the biblical flood could have actually happened. and he says he can find proof. if you were to discover
7:42 am
definitively something that could pin science on the noah story, how fantastic would that be? >> it would be pretty cool. and i'm confident we can. we just have to look. >> reporter: now, using advanced robotic technology, he's traveling even further back in time. >> i'm putting a lot of money in the water. and obviously, can't wait to see what it's going to see. we're talking about the floods of our living history, they don't compare at all to the floods of ancient times. the question is, was there a mother of all floods? >> reporter: ballard thinks there was. and he's testing a controversial theory that the biblical flood happened here. >> why the black sea? well, because the black sea appears to have had a giant flood. not just a slow-moving, advan advancing rise of sea level. but a really big flood. and people were living there. >> reporter: the theory goes,
7:43 am
this was once an isolated, fresh-water lake. but then, when the mediterranean swelled -- >> it broke through and flooded violently. >> reporter: what did noah or people who were living during this flood, what did they see? >> it probably was a bad day. and a lot of real estate, 150,000 kilometers of land went ur7bd. >> and 400 feet below the surface, ballard believes he found proof of that catastrophic event. >> i love it. i love it. >> reporter: they unearthed an ancient shoreline. >> we actually dated it, about 5,000 b.c. >> reporter: that's about the time the bible says noah and the great flood happen. i mean, wow. >> wow. so, it nailed it. >> what an adventure this must have been. >> it really was an adventure. we trace moses' steps up mt. sinai. we trace abraham's path. it's a healing message.
7:44 am
this is the old testament. it shows how jews, christians, muslims, have the same patriarch, abraham. and a fantastic adventure we were on. and beautiful shooting over the middle east. it's fabulous. >> cannot wait to see it. it begins tonight. "back to the beginning." it's tonight on abc. and next friday. a two-part special. >> looking forward to it. thanks, george. coming up, the stories behind those candid celebrity photos. some of the biggest names are speaking out, now, in a brand-new movie. and we've been counting down to the number one play of the year. and this time, we want you to remember these brothers. well, they're about to get the surprise of their life. but freeze it.
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7:48 am
ing right then, here's t"the play of the day". >> this is a lot of pressure. >> i want to know what it is.
7:49 am
>> big day. josh, this one's for you, buddy. it's our countdown to the play of the year. we've been doing it all week. the top five videos you voted for at number five was our favorite european cannonball guy. that hurts, every time i watch. number four was the lion and a little baby. i'm going to move on from that one. number three was a dog driving. >> nothing better than that. >> number two was that dancing teacher. >> this is better than that. >> we love him. >> yep. >> and claire stevenson, from cleveland, ohio, may i have the envelope, please? >> thank you, claire. >> thank you for coming in. >> and the number one "play of the day" and voted by you is marine homecoming surprise. staff sergeant joshua richardson. >> this is fantastic, yeah. >> he shocked two kids back in november.
7:50 am
they thought they were taking part in a halftime challenge during a game. >> love that sprint. >> that is fantastic. just tremendous. who doesn't love a big, old hug. >> that gets me every, single time. >> you can see that time, total, real surprise. they just bolted right toward their dad. >> their faces when they turned around. >> look at that. >> they thought they were going to win a little prize. they got a big prize. >> helping people feel good, i don't know what is. >> we thank you, "gma" viewers. you made a great choice. coming up on the show, it's your favorite holiday guilty pleasures. but we're doing them with half the calories. but we're doing them with half the calories. love it. g and entertainment. your favorite magazines and catalogs look better than ever. and with scrapbooking, you can save the things you love, bring them all together, and be inspired like never before.
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0 good morning i'm eric thomas. rain moving into the bay area. it hasn't moved too much, 2/3 of us not dealing with it, the third in the north dell dealing with lightbxñ to moderae rain evenñ(i0 heavy at times, north of 80 where we have the light to moderate rain, sprinkles around 80 the rest of us will get it by 10:00.+ the roads are moving nicely earlier accident central san rafael at 101/580
7:56 am
split residual slow traffic towards the civic center. ace train delay number 3 due to equipment problems, earlier train number 1 has arrived no other mass transit issues with "good morning america." we'll have another update in
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ ♪ word of the father now in flesh appearing ♪ how much do we love that tradition. amazing. the philadelphia boys choir, every, single year, here on "good morning america." back to celebrate the holidays with us this morning. good morning, america.
8:00 am
i know robin loves that choir, as well. she's recovering at home. josh is off. paula and elizabeth here this morning. we have a gourmet snow globe here for good reason. >> oh, good. >> and frosty the snowman. >> let's see a throwback. not bad. >> frosty has no moves. >> we're going to give it a try in just a little bit. >> are you really going to eat that? >> good job, frosty. >> did he get one in there? >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> that will wake you up. >> really. >> i don't think this is a good idea. i'm shivering. >> red, white dress, bad idea. superstars, versus the paparazzi. some of the most famous faces in hollywood are dodging cameras and speaking out this morning. can you have it both ways? the fame without the intrusion? >> yeah, it's a spicy topic.
8:01 am
to be sure. >> this is refreshing, however. >> okay. i'm going to give it a shot. and coming up, it's the secret to keeping the hottest celebs looking so glam. and now, you can get in on it, with your own personal stylist. however, one difference. a lot less money. >> okay. look at sam, cool as a cucumber over there. you would never know that just in a matter of hours, you're going to be a married man. [ cheers and applause ] >> are you nervous? >> i -- the whole family's at the house right now. i should just be able to kind of walk in and have everything. >> walk in and say i do? >> i should. i should. i should be nervous. >> this is the exercise in delegating, i guess. >> we're hoping it works. >> sam, have you decided on the first dance? >> is "stairway to heaven" out of the question? >> we have a bunch of veterans here.
8:02 am
i would say remember every second. >> yeah. >> of that big day. >> i did that. so many brides and grooms, i heard, don't remember moments. so, just remember. be present in every, single moment. >> lock it in. >> you know what? as big as today is, it's the rest of your life that's really amazing. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. let's get the news. >> you don't look nervous at all. i'm glad you're spending the morning with us. >> no pressure. >> well, there is no fun in the journey right now. we begin with a travel nightmare for millions of americans trying to get home for the holidays. more than 1,000 flights have been canceled already. most of them in chicago, after the nasty storm dumped two feet of snow in parts of the upper midwest. two people were killed in a highway pileup in iowa. thousands without power. the storm moving into the northeast, is bringing heavy winds and rain, which has collapsed scaffoldings here in new york. sam's forecast coming up in a moment. it's a somber day for
8:03 am
newtown, connecticut, as well as the nation, which marks one week after the sandy hook shooting. bells tolled across the country ringing once for each of the children died and adults. this morning, president obama observed a moment of silence, posted on twitter. and earlier, the president responded to an online petition calling for more gun control saying we hear you. also today, the nra is explaining steps to prevent another tragedy. and on wall street this morning, investors are growing more concerned that congress will fail to reach a deal to avoid that fiscal cliff at the end of the year. just last night, house speaker john boehner's so-called plan "b" to prevent tax increases failed in the house.
8:04 am
meantime, farmers are warning that milk prices could skyrocket to $6 or $8 a gallon. if congress fails to pass a new farm bill. we have just learned that president obama will nominate john kerry as the next secretary of state to succeed hillary clinton. that official announcement is expected later this afternoon. and i think we should unlike this. it could soon cost you to send an e-mail on facebook. the company is testing out a new service that will charge $1 to guarantee that an e-mail you sent to a nonfriend gets into their inbox, reducing the chance of them mistaking it for spam. no. i hope you have a budget for that. and finally, a special princess is celebrating a special birthday. disney's original princess, snow white. she looks great. she turned 75 today. she and the seven dwarfs was disney's first feature film, debuting on this day in 1937. walt disney called the film his
8:05 am
christmas gift to the children of the world. it will be 13 years -- who was the next princess that would come along? >> cinderella. >> how did you know? did you see that? you're really good. she beat elizabeth to the punch. >> thank you. yes, and i'm going to get right to it because we have a lot to cover. and we're going to begin with just a really impressive -- jenny mccarthy. always been in great shape. check her out on the cover of "shape" magazine. she is something. 40 years old, actress, mom, rocking more than a six-pack. this is the january/february cover. she reveals how she does it, in case you want to know. i know i'm inspired. yoga twice a week. running, strength training, five times a week. do the math. this is a full-time job. and it looks it. all right, now, teens, i want to see if you know your madonna playlist. and i would like you, keep track of how many titles i use, as i tell the following story.
8:06 am
>> all right. >> and we begin. madonna wants us to know how not in "vogue" smoking is. never one to shy away from expressing herself. she was "borderline" furious, during the soundcheck for her show in santiago. when secondhand smoke blew in her face, she blew up on the people puffing, saying they would need, "like a prayer." they would need -- they would be asking, "who is that girl" singing? it wouldn't be her. she said, "everybody," you cherish this opportunity to quit. and that way, they would "live to tell" this incredible story. >> ten. >> that's amazing. >> thank you. >> could you do that with any other singer? >> i have done it before, elizabeth. >> with that story, you were "burning up." that's 11. >> i should have said that on the cigarette. oh, man.
8:07 am
>> oh, my. i don't know how we get, like -- let's move on. we're doing so well. finally, everybody, a quick update on a story we brought you yesterday, about the 24/7 panda cam at the san diego zoo. so many of you loved it. we wanted to show you video of the things you can see if you logon to their website. look at this little fella. 20 weeks old. his name in english, the little gift. he has to reach several milestones before he's able to play. he's working on coordination. >> oh. >> we all are, little fella. we all are. just logon. it's really wonderful. it's friday. and i feel like on weeks like this, it's time to enjoy some soft, fluffy pandas. >> i agree. >> go home with those little balls. >> i'm not only a "material girl."
8:08 am
>> oh. >> i have a heart. and i have a pop quiz. all right, everybody, listen up. a very busy morning here. what star, who has been named one of "forbes" top three-earning female musicians said, and i quote, i feel doing this show over the past year has allowed me to come out of my shell a lot more? >> christina aguilera? >> britney spears? >> we'll have the answer in a moment. two good guesses. two good guesses. let's get to the board. we'll show you what's going on today that you're about to face when you walk outside your doors, in the next couple days. take a look at the cold air -- it's right there behind me. i could actually do this. if you want. if you'd like. i could, yeah. let's look at the cold air. these are your overnight low temperatures. windchills in south florida will be as cold as the 30s, by the way. but real temperatures in the 20s, throughout the area, through the atlanta zone. we feel like there's a brand-new
8:09 am
system, and there's actually two of them coming in to the northwest. we feel like there's an opportunity for this system to cross the country, the system, much like the last two did. and that could mean some snow on the east coast for the time we get to tuesday. and another opportunity by thursday and friday. stay up with your local abc stations to figure that out. there's certainly that cold air coming in behind it. a quick look at the big board. vegas, 51. denver, 54. an >> i'm just heartbroken all of the madonna songs that haven't been used yet.
8:10 am
>> we have an hour to go. and i'll use them. don't you worry about it. but first, everybody, here's the "morning menu." some of the most famous faces are dodging cameras. they're not getting "into the groove." jennifer aniston speaking out in a new movie about stars versus the paparazzi. plus, we have favorite holiday treats. here's the great thing. we're doing them with a fraction of the calories. you do want to listen to that. and the year in fun. uh-oh. get ready, guys. for a little embarrassment, as we look back at some of our favorite moments, some bloopers and a big surprise. all that coming up on "gma," live in times square.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
to use her signature sound bite, was amazing. >> i think i picked britney, didn't i? >> one of the first. >> she's out of it, now. coming up, everybody, jennifer aniston is talking about the paparazzi. she's on the frontlines of the celebs versus the paparazzi war in a new movie. we'll talk about that, coming up on "good morning america." celebs versus the paparazzi war in a new movie. we'll talk about that, coming up on "good morning america." . ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪
8:15 am
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8:17 am
we love hearing from the philadelphia boys choir and chorale. a lot more from them coming up from them, coming up. right now, we have the insight on what it takes to get the candid celebrity shots that keeps magazines in business. as cecilia vega shows us, the battle between stars and photographers can get pretty ugly. and you can see it all in the new movie, "sellebrity." >> reporter: ever wonder what happened before those pictures end up in the glossy magazines? photographers chase, celebrities run, cameras flash. >> it's a really weird, scary feeling. you're disoriented. you can't see in front of you. it's false imprisonment. i can't get away. i can't get out. >> reporter: in today's celebrity culture, fame equals paparazzi. and now, some of the most famous faces dodging the cameras are speaking out.
8:18 am
>> i'm not going to stop. >> get that shot, no matter what. >> reporter: it's called "sellebrity." and the man behind it is no stranger to cameras himself, famous rock 'n' roll photographer, kevin mazur. >> the consumers don't see where the photo came from, because when you see the photo, you usually see the celebrity. they're not shooting a wide shot to show you all the mayhem. >> reporter: sarah jessica parker opens up about the first time that mayhem bothered her. >> i started crying. and i said to the photographers, please, don't chase me. i'm pregnant. and they kept following me. and i went into a building. and there was a couple. and they were on a motorcycle. and they saw me crying. and she and i traded clothing. and i got on the back of her boyfriend's motorcycle. she walked out in my clothes. he took me elsewhere and dropped me off. >> reporter: but do a-listers owe some of their status to the paparazzi? >> yeah. you know, i kind of asked for this life.
8:19 am
and kind of knew this was part of it that comes with it. the same way the magazines make money, they make money for me. >> reporter: while others try to fight back. >> i do feel sorry for them because it's hard. the paparazzi would start at michael douglas' house. and then go down to sarah jessica parker's house. and then hugh jackman's house, and they follow them, bringing their kids to school. >> reporter: it is celebrity life in the spotlight, and in the fish bowl. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> and "sellebrity" opens in select cities and video on demand january 11th. so many of us are busy decorating our homes for the holidays. but, right now, sometimes, decking yourself out isn't as easy. but now, some companies are giving real women a chance to look like superstars, without all the paparazzi chasing them. that's with the help of personal stylists who won't break the bank. paula tested it out and takes a
8:20 am
look, without breaking the bank. >> reporter: from sofia vergara's red carpet perfection, to emma stone's subtle yet sultry glamour, these celebs and so many more have a secret weapon to achieve that look. a stylist. and now, you, too, can get fashionable looks with a stylist for a fraction of the price. from $75 to $300 an hour, new companies are offering real women a chance of having their own stylist, without busting their bank account. >> we can take somebody who doesn't have any confidence and give them all of the confidence in the world. it's extremely rewarding. >> reporter: allison berlin runs styling agency style made simple, and works with clients on all sorts of budgets. she connected liz with samantha. who got liz to stop worrying about what to wear. >> i have the same top in five colors. it really wasn't representative of what i wanted to look like. i was essentially wearing the same thing every day. >> reporter: their first order of business, a major closet overhaul. how many of her clothes did you get rid of? >> we probably purged about 20% of her wardrobe.
8:21 am
>> reporter: next comes the fun part, shopping. today, they are browsing new york city boutique, elizabeth charles, for a few special pieces. things liz would never pick for herself. >> i feel like this bright blue would be flattering. and you can multipurpose it. >> reporter: i feel like the theme less is more when it comes to clothes. fewer clothes but clothes that work together. >> yes. and clothes that fit. you would be surprised how many people own ten sizes. and none of them are the right size. >> reporter: if you still want to be your own stylist, samantha has a few suggestions. buy two of your favorite jeans or pants. have one for heels. one for flats. and look thinner by accentuating the smallest part of your body, often your waist, and keeping it the focal point. and befriend a good tailor. fit is everything. >> i like the back. >> yeah, the back looks great. i love these panels on the shoulders, also. >> reporter: but investing in her own stylist has given liz more confidence. she looks great. and what's more, she's gained a bff.
8:22 am
and another perk, the stylists will have the clothes picked out for you. you don't have to dig through the racks. you might even notice you save money in the long run because you're buying fewer pieces but pieces that actually work together. and elizabeth and lara, some of us need more help than others. i need a lot because i have no fashion sense. >> yeah. >> i'll bet you guys are set. >> you and i were talking. we could live in gym clothes. >> yes. and ponytails. >> i love the idea that less is more, i do agree with that. that's a great segue to what we're talking about. we're talking about christmas with 12 days of cooking. and when it comes to the holidays, it is hard sometimes to resist our guilty pleasures. we all have our favorite. but we are lucky to have chef danny boome, host of abc's "recipe rehab." and he is taking some of our favorite guilty pleasures of the holidays and reducing the fat, the calories, by quite a bit. and i want to start with sam's. i didn't know this about you, sam. your guilty pleasure is caramel chocolate popcorn.
8:23 am
>> yeah, but we can't say the name. but it rhymes with moose crunch. as far as i can remember, it's been a part of our christmas. >> we took your recipe. and what we do, we like to take one family dish and give it to two chefs. they convert it into a healthier option. >> i can't believe you made that healthy. >> we made it healthier. the bad news is -- i'm going to take this off and show you the calories. so, the bad is, per serving -- >> no. >> yes, sam. >> that's not going to look good on the wedding dress. >> oh. >> you're never going to fit in your wetsuit. >> i never knew that. >> so, basically, the bad calories, 695 calories per serving. and 35 grams of fat. that's horrible. shall we have a look at the good one? >> yes. >> let's move quickly to the good one. >> okay. so, the good one -- >> it's pretty. >> now, there's a thing you're going to notice straightaway. come on. let's hear it.
8:24 am
you're going to notice more flavor in it. >> i taste the chocolate. the dark chocolate is amazing. >> so what we did, you have the store-bought here. we made our own caramel, with a little bit of brown sugar, half the butter and light corn syrup. we made caramel with that. and we used 60% to 80% dark chocolate. >> there's a big bunch of chocolate. >> and you make your own popcorn at home. it's a cheaper version, as well. the good facts -- we passed everything down. 325 calories and 10 grams of fat. a >> i want to show everybody. that's the verdict there. what a big difference. my guilty pleasure is my mom's garlic mashed potatoes. >> absolutely. it's not a bad thing to have. but it's the things that you put in. we're going to offer you choices now. normally, you put lots of butter in, a bit of half and half. the garlic's always great for flavor. you're going to kiss your children good night. add a little bit of chives because you want to keep the garlic down. so, looking at your dish, the bad is --
8:25 am
>> that's the good, right? >> this is the bad. >> 264, 11 grams of fat. and on to the good. 141. and what are the two things you did? >> we used lighter objects. we got yukon gold potatoes, which are lighter and less starchy. >> they're good. >> we used light butter. and a little bit of sour cream. >> listen, everybody. we've got your recipes. we want to see your show. "recipe rehab" on saturdays, abc. go to our website for those recipes, george's, everybody else's. and we'll be right back. and we'll be right back.
8:26 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. 45th victim of the year in san jose. a man crashed the party and stabbed the victim. the man died at the hospital. attack. we'll check the forecast now with mike. light even moderate rain heavy earlier this morning in the north bay novato you can see around indian valley road towards novato boulevard radar returns north starting to get sprinkles and light rain into san francisco and
8:27 am
oakland it looks like we'll all have rain not only today, tomorrow and sunday. when we come back, sue will update your mornin
8:28 am
it is light and dry at the bay bridge toll. first friday in a long time folks are having a long holiday weekend those who travel the bay bridge to milpitas north 880 at 237 an accident off on the right shoulder no major slowing there. drive times now highway 4
8:29 am
westbound towards concord, 101 out of santa rosa into novato, vs%d$u$e news continues now with "good morning america." ♪ ♪ joy to the world the lord is come ♪ ♪ let earth receive her king ♪ let every heart prepare him room ♪ ♪ and heav'n and nature sing and heav'n and nature sing ♪ ♪ and heav'n and heav'n and nature sing ♪ ♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪ ♪ fa la la la la la la la la ♪ 'tis the season to be jolly
8:30 am
little holiday medley from the philadelphia boys choir and chorale. so great to have them back again for this christmas. one of our great traditions. another one, a look back at some of the laughs and the tears that we shared in 2012. it's been a year packed with so much emotion for all of us. and we're excited to have a chance to share it with all of you. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> boom. >> welcome back to "good morning america," with robin roberts and george steph -- george stephanopoulos. >> new details -- details -- sorry about that. >> and jake tap -- why is it always? jake tapper. >> you make fun of me. >> the nominations were announced -- put your computer down. >> like it's the computer's fault. >> yeah. >> are we on the air? >> are we actually on?
8:31 am
>> all that at home. >> i don't have my dinger. >> there you go. she found her dinger. >> ding. >> "pop news" bo-fer. >> ooh, what's that? >> bo-fer. bo-fer. >> bo-fer. >> bo-fer. >> i got a bo-fer, too. >> george stephanopoulos. george stephanopoulos. george stephanopoulos. >> i try to limit this to once or twice a year in the first half hour. but the phrase, hot mess. >> hot mess. >> say, hi, america. >> no. >> no. >> ding. >> friday. friday. say it like that. friday. >> friday. oh, my god. i can't believe i did that. >> ding, ding, ding, ding. >> nancy is so funny to do so much. >> i can hear you. >> yes. >> oh, weather. >> you're right here. >> i'm right here. i'll tell you, though.
8:32 am
>> what are you doing here? >> we're going to go to robin. >> i'm right next to you. >> we're going to talk about -- >> hi. >> how do we spice up valentine's day? with a vat of peanut butter and some scuba gear. >> at italy's mt. etna, it is erupting right now. >> magma. >> speaking of. >> sam, i know you're a teen model. >> i was a teen model. i'm just saying. i was a teen model. just saying. i was a teen model. just saying. >> are you okay? >> we have another hour left. >> namaste. >> namaste. >> namaste. >> george stephanopoulos. george stephanopoulos. george stephanopoulos. >> what does that mean? >> that's a good one. this is the josh/sam bromance. >> i love you, sam. >> with these two dancing in the window. >> i love you, josh.
8:33 am
>> high-ten, sam. the ball comes in, like that. >> i'm singing and laughing -- >> -- in the rain. >> um -- >> peekaboo. >> everything's better with bacon. >> josh, would you do an interpretive moan? >> yes. >> that was awesome. we got game. >> please name this tv theme song. >> oh. >> yeah. >> bye, guys. >> my buzzer doesn't work. ♪ >> go. robin? >> "friends."
8:34 am
>> he's going to do it. he's going to -- oh. >> all right. amy -- >> let's go. >> yes. yes. yes. >> hey. >> i'm going to head out. >> here she comes, 44th street. >> watch out. hey, take the brake off. take the brake off. oh, look out. >> who has the whackiest holiday sweater of the season? we'll have the winner in just a little bit. >> and the winner, george. >> george, you're actually the winner today. >> two times. >> and the winner is, george. >> no. no. >> yes. >> really. let me see how it feels. >> that's awesome. >> samuel j. champion. >> george, i finally beat you.
8:35 am
i finally beat you. >> and it was well-deserved, sam. it's the epic story of one man's journey across time and space. >> the terms are nonnegotiable. >> there's a dragon on your shoulder. ♪ ♪ someday somebody's going to make you want to turn around ♪ ♪ and say good-bye until then, baby ♪ ♪ are you going to let them hold you down and ♪ ♪ make you cry >> that's "pop news." >> i'm bringing sexy back. >> the terms are nonnegotiable. >> cut. ♪ gangnam style >> psy is the planet's hottest star right now. ♪ ♪ gangnam style
8:36 am
♪ gangnam style >> who came to party? ♪ sexy and i know it >> what? what? wiggle up. wiggle up. hold up. ♪ wiggle, wiggle, wiggle wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ♪ ♪ wiggle, wiggle, wiggle wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ♪ ♪ wiggle, wiggle, wiggle wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah >> i can't do weather. mariah carrey's right here. >> part of the extreme weather team. >> you play an anger management therapist. >> i do. >> is this a stretch? >> what do you think? >> taylor swift this morning. ♪ we are never, ever, ever getting back together ♪ ♪ we are never, ever, ever getting back together ♪ ♪ you go talk to your friends, talk to my friends ♪ ♪ talk to me we are never, ever, ever ♪ ♪ getting back together
8:37 am
aw. >> thank you. >> the best new year's ever. and i hope you guys had a great one. >> welcome back, sam. >> thank you very much. nice to be here. >> great to have you back. >> i love that moment. >> don't interrupt that. >> robin is being inducted, tomorrow night, into the women's basketball hall of fame. >> i got engaged. >> sarina, look. it's "sesame street." >> we're a mother/daughter bargain-hunting team. taught me everything i know. favorite memory? >> being together. >> and that's the true treasure. >> robin roberts' tenth anniversary. >> wow. >> our guys would like to say something to all of you. >> will you marry me? >> okay. >> we have a bit of a surprise for you. colonel, i know you haven't seen your son. he is here with us. come on out.
8:38 am
>> can you do me a favor and just turn around for a second? >> oh. >> i have to have a bone marrow transplant. that was my only option to survive. i'm ready to meet the man who saved my life. ♪ she drove home and burst into tears ♪ sometimes treatment for cancer can lead to other serious medical issues. and that's what i'm facing right now. it is something that is called mds. my big sister is a virtually perfect match for me. and she is going to be my donor. she's going to be my donor. ♪ i'm gonna love you through it ♪
8:39 am
>> these bracelets, they were made for me by friends. it's the prayer of protection that my mom taught me a long time ago. >> wonder twin powers. >> activate. my "gma" family, and my family there at home, i love you. and i'll see you soon. part of my motivation is to come back to you. wonderful "gma" audience. >> robin, just let me say, i love sitting in with your tv family. >> robin, i was in your dressing room. i'm using your lotion. >> robin, we miss you. thinking about you. sending you great prayers and great messages. >> there is no place like home. ♪ baby, there ain't no mountain high enough ♪ >> robin, are you there? >> yes. i am here. you have lifted my spirits. usually, i'm watching between my toes in bed. but you got me on my feet.
8:40 am
♪ ain't no valley low enough ♪ ♪ ain't no river wide enough ♪ ♪ to keep me from getting to you ♪ >> if you thought this year was exciting, just you wait because, baby, there -- ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ ♪ ain't no valley low enough ♪ ♪ to keep me from getting to you ♪ >> good morning, america. >> what a year. >> oh. good morning to you, robin. so great she buttoned that up like that. >> that's so nice. oh, my gosh. what a great year you guys have had. oh. george needs a kleenex. >> i do need a kleenex after all that. >> i can't believe that was all in one year. >> i love you guys. >> and we love everyone who helped out on this, as well. so many talented and creative people. let's give them a big shoutout. taylor, sabrina, and our
8:41 am
production associate, matthew raynar. thank you. and thanks for a great year. >> yeah. indeed. >> with every one of us lucky enough to sit in front of the camera, there's 100 folks behind the camera for each one of us, making it look easy. we thank you all for that. let's get to the boards. there's one or two things -- good morning, robin. now we know you're awake and watching. your pictures from all over the country let us know what it looks like. in iowa to north carolina, a little holiday lights. continue to send in the holiday light twitter pictures. we'll use them all next week. here's the wind profile of what's happening with the storm as it exits the east coast. the wind doesn't go away today. it's a windy day from new england down to atlanta. the winds will cause some damage, even after the rain gets out of the way. here comes a double-punch on the west coast for today. that means a lot of rain will have to mix with the cold air
8:42 am
for the week to come. that could mean two opportunities for snow in the east coast next week. could be tuesday snow opportunity and thursday into friday, as well. some folks are getting a white christmas. >> all that weather was brought to you by aleve. lara just came up with a new word. if it's a snow opportunity, it's a snopportunity. by the way, our friend, chef rocco dispirito has more advice on how to tell if a dish is healthy or not. buckle in and find more healthy opportunities. >> big red flag, anything that has ooey on it. gooey, cheesy, chewy. stay away from those. anything with a "y" is usually fried or breaded or has cheese in it.
8:43 am
you want things that are grilled, sauteed. breaded or has cheese in it. you want things that are grilled, sauteed.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ all season long, we've been telling you about the macy's believe campaign, where every stamped letter you send to santa, you drop off in a macy's believe box just like this across the country, macy's will donate $1 to make-a-wish, up to $1 million. >> we need those million dollars, by the way. josh was lucky enough to be along for the ride to witness one of the wishes granted firsthand, with a little help from our friend, emeril. take a look at with the wishes do. >> she's just so beautiful. she's just this tiny, little baby, who was already ready for the world. >> reporter: from the time she was a tiny baby, she lit up the room, even though she was born
8:47 am
with several life-threatening conditions. including a heart defect and after a liver transplant, her parents were told there was no hope left. >> we were told, the situation was so bad that she was dying. and that was something that we could not accept. >> reporter: there was one, last chance, to take a small piece of her father's liver and make a new one for raeann. only after her parents begged. 18 hours of surgery, for father and daughter. a success. >> when i opened my eyes, my wife was crying. but the tears of joy. and i could tell it worked. >> reporter: her childhood was filled with hospital visits year after year. and with so much time bedridden, she became a cooking show fanatic. which brings us to her wish, to meet emeril lagasse. >> bam.
8:48 am
he was so confident. he gave me so much. >> hi. >> hi, emeril. >> reporter: last week, we made that wish happen, right here on "gma." >> the cheese mixture. and do about three-quarters of a cup or so. >> amazing story. and now, it's time to check in and find out how many letters have been collected so far. drum roll, please. and the answer is, sam? >> 911,009 letters. that's so close to $1 million. those dollars are ready, there to be harvested. so make sure you get your letter in here. we have to get to $1 million. to find out more on the macy's believe campaign, go to on yahoo! >> really incredible. keep those letters coming. stay with us. coming up, the philadelphia boys' choir and chorale with an unforgettable performance. ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ ♪ just like the ones i used to know ♪ ♪ i'm dreaming of a white
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
they are known as america's ambassadors of song throughout the world. the philadelphia boys choir and chorale has a new dvd called "sing choir of angels." they are here to perform a holiday favorite for us. "do you hear what i hear"? ♪ said the king to the people everywhere ♪ ♪ listen to what i say listen to what i say ♪ ♪ pray for peace people everywhere ♪ ♪ listen to what i say ♪ do you hear what i hear ♪ the child, the child sleeping in the night ♪ ♪ he will bring us goodness and light ♪
8:52 am
♪ he'll bring us goodness and light ♪ ♪ he will bring us light he will bring us light ♪ ♪ he will bring us goodness and light ♪ [ applause ] [ ap
8:53 am
8:54 am
[ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
8:55 am
one of our one of our favorites right there. "feliz navidad." the philadelphia boys choir and chorale. thanks so much. have a great weekend, everyone. enjoy. ♪ feliz navidad feliz navidad ♪ ♪ feliz navidad prospero ano y felicidad ♪ ♪ feliz navidad feliz navidad ♪ prospero ano y felicidad ♪ ♪ feliz navidad feliz navidad ♪
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goodvj!kñ morning i'm eric thomasnkxwç#yk rain starting here in san francisco and across the bay area. finally startingjnmlç move out of the north bay. san francisco, daly city, colma, pacifica, san bruno south san francisco millbrae heading towards san mateo alameda and oakland. you can see there's more  the peninsula and head to redwood city, foster city, palo alto. by 9:00, a lot of us are get -- of us are getting to get sprinkles to light rain. lighter rain waves of light showers tomorrow, steady rain sunday maybe the easier day to be out will be tomorrow. live shot of san rafael, raining nicely here traffic
8:59 am
light southbound. accident peninsula southbound 101 at marsh backing in towards redwood city san jose lawrence expressway accident at benton there as well. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the film "arbitrage," richard gere. and there's a i think in the -- rink in the studio as we welcome the scarets of disney on ice. plus, the love chef shows us his homemade food gifts a we we conclude our "countdown to christmas" week. all next on the emmy award-winning "live." now, here are kelly ripa and award-winning "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan!


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