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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  December 30, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. >> thanks, carolyn. good morning, everyone. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. a big change this morning. no rain here in the bay area but i want to take you up to tahoe, where we are picking up some snowfall, the areas of white there in the south tahoe area. chains are required on highway 50. for us, you can expect a cool and clear start so we are
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starting to see the clouds break up. cool numbers, though, with temperatures in the low 30s to near 40. by this afternoon more sunshine. temperatures climbing up into the low 50s. some upper 40s stick around. then this evening we cool around again with clearer skies. we will be dropping down into the 40s if you have evening plans. carolyn? >> thank you, frances. breaking news in san jose, where investigators continue sifting through the charred rue ins of an apartment. three people died after flames swept through third apartment last night. kira klapper has been on the scene all morning and joins us now with the latest. >> carolyn, it has been ten hours since crews first arrived on scene to this fire. they are still behind me. the initial call came in just after eleven last night. it will be still quite some time before their investigation yields any answers. an overnight two-alarm fire
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killed this unidentified man, woman and child and destroyed this apartment on bridge port court in san jose. >> people were trapped inside. our crews went into rescue mode, combating hire fire conditions. >> a person behind the complex called 911. down the hall this man saw the fire, evacuated his own family and called for help, worried that his neighbors were trapped. >> i hear leads cry. i'm scared because i don't know if somebody is inside or not. >> a quick response kept the fire from spreading to other apartments and other buildings in the large apartment complex and also saved lives. >> our emf evaluated maybe up to seven or eight people. three were transported, including a police officer who made entry into the doorway of the residence and pulled one of
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the residents out. >> the three remain being treated for smoke inhalation. working to pinpoint what caused the deadly blaze. >> firefighters don't like the loss of life in fires. that's one of the things that saddens us, particularly during the holiday season. we will try to determine what caused the fire and how to prevent it in the future. >> fifty-six neighbors have been displace bid the fire. we are told the red cross put about 20 of them into local hotels. the rest of the residents went to spend the night with family and friends. they are expected to be let back into their apartment later this week, maybe around wednesday. until then the investigation will continue into what caused the fire. reporting live in san jose, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> kira, one fire captain predicts a long investigation, and as you said, it's already been ten hours. thank you. a rare sunday session for
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congress. all eyes on the senate as the nation moves closer to the the brink of the fiscal cliff with massive spending cuts and tax hikes cut to automatically kick in. lawmakers will get down to work starting at 10:00 this morning our time. senate negotiators are trying to come up with a last-minute compromise to present to the house. president obama says any bipartisan bill has to extend unemployment benefits, affecting some 2 million americans. he says it must increase taxes on the highest income earners. the president knows neither side is going to get everything they want, and he thinks it's time for house republicans to compromise. it is very important for republicans in congress to say we aren't going to get 100%, at the need to compromise in order to solve problems. >> if there is enough in the agreement for republicans to be able to support it, and we can
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get a majority of republicans in the senate and a majority of democrats in the senate, then i think there's a good opportunity for a majority of democrats and republicans in the house. >> well, the stock markets appear to be betting against a compromise deal. the dow plunged 158 points on friday after dropping every day last week. san francisco detectives are looking for a man who mugged a woman, then killed her dog. as abc7 news reporter tells us, a witness is offering a reward to catch the attacker. >> the victim was driving through the tenderloin friday just before 5:00 p.m. she agreed to tell us what happened if we didn't reveal her identity because she's worried for her safety. she told us she pulled over because she couldn't find her phone and needed to look on the passenger side. >> so i got in my car and walked around. >> in the front seat was her dog, a 12-year-old dog. and he started barking because a man grabbed her.
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he grabbed her by her jacket. >> by the car and he took out my money. >> he turned his attention to roxie, the dog because he seemed angry that the victim only had $5.00 in her pocket. >> he looked at me with a blank look on his face, and he said i'm going to kill your [bleep] dog. >> after a struggle the man snatched the dog out of the car. >> he put roxy over his head and threw her towards incoming traffic. >> roxy survived being thumped on the pavement, but she was later put down because she suffered major injuries. >> police are already starting to collect data in the investigation. one witness saw it. >> she's really small and he was big and i could tell he was going to hurt her. >> he wasn't going to get to the struggle in time to save roxy, but he's offering a $1,000 reward to catch the attacker.
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>> but to hold it above your head as high as you can and slam it into travel is another whole level. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> detectives are looking for a black male in his late 20s but 6'1" with a lean build. he was clean-shaven wearing a block hoodie or beanie. anyone with information about that attack should call san francisco police. friends of the man shot and killed by walnut creek police early thursday morning held a vigil last night at the salon where he worked. they came to remember 22-year-old anthony banta jr. he died at his apartment on creekside drive. police responded to a 911 call with a woman screaming in the background. officers say banta had a weapon, but they have yet to reveal what it was. relatives say his death doesn't
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make any sense. >> he took his business. he was a good man and he had a future. >> the officers involved are on paid leave, which is routine procedure. a shooting in san francisco's bayview district has police looking for clues. two teenagers, a 17-year-old boy, a 15-year-old girl were found after multiple gunshots were reported on keith street near third around 6:30 last night. the girl suffered critical injuries. the 17-year-old boy was not seriously hurt. no arrests have been made. we have new information on the murder investigation of a monte serino entrepreneur near,
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raveesh kumra who was found dead in his home last month. no cause of death has been released. yesterday deangelo williams was arrested in be sacramento on suspicion of murder. police have also released this mug shot of lucas anderson that was arrested last wednesday, garcia was arrested last thursday, also on suspicion of murder. and a fourth suspect, a raven dixon, was arrested earlier this month is has been charged with being an accessory to murder. new this morning an off-road motorcycle collision yesterday in antioch has left a 9-year-old boy hospitalized in critical condition. antioch police say he collided with a 15-year-old boy while riding dirt bikes on a vacant lot. he suffered major head injuries. even though he was wearing protective headgear. he was flown to children's hospital oakland for treatment. the. >> coming up next, a man fell in
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icy waters and several others fell in trying to save him. we will tell you what happened next. and they are getting ready for the tournament of
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>> a sledding exhibition goes horribly wrong in the san bernardino mountains. look at this, it was caught on video. it almost turned into a christmas day disaster u see a man falling through the ice. setting off a chain reaction. one person after another tried to save him, only to fall in themselves. >> we saw this guy coming across the ice really fast and it went from cheering to all of a sudden an unbelievable amount of panic and chaos. >> give me the rope. >> wow, you can see them frantically out there. the crowd gathered on shore frantically screaming for help. at one point twelve people were in the water. it ended after nine minutes when everyone was finally hauled out to shore. remarkably no one was hurt. preparations are underway for the 124th annual tournament of roses parade, now just two days away.
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volunteers are getting the impressive floats parade ready before showtime on new year's day. >> this year the parent company, disney, returns to the lineup. we have a report on the around-the-clock final preparations. >> everything is coming up roses in pasadena. this is your ticket behind the scenes to the 124th annual tournament of roses parade. >> i took off a whole week from work to do this. >> that's because there's more to these floats than just flowers. it takes days of painting, grinding, blending and glueing around the clock to make the whimsical creations come to life. for the first time in six years disney is returning to the roses parade. after all, walt disney was the marshall in 1956. this year the new float, cars land. >> up and town.
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it will have 145 moving parts and a water fall. >> how many flowers to cover in float? >> hundreds of thousands. >> they will use 200 gallons of glue, 2,000 volunteers like melissa rodriguez. >> it brings people together in the community. >> and this work is not easy, as i quickly found out. >> wait! >> it takes six hours just to cover this one car with glue and seed. >> there you go. not bad! >> not bad at all. >> every float is unique this year. and for the first time a wedding will be televised live from atop this farmer's insurance love float. we were with the lucky couple from virginia when they saw for the first time where they will hairinessed in and exchanging vows 27 feet above the ground. >> thankfully the weather is
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expected to hold up for the parade. and because every decoration has to be natural, they use dried artichoke for fur and dried seaweed for windows. abc news, loves. >> you can watch the tournament of roses parade new year's morning beginning at 8:00 right here on abc7 and abc7 news sports anchor mike shumann is headed to pasadena to cover the rose bowl game between stanford and wisconsin. schu reports -- his reports will air all day tuesday, new year's day here on abc7. and the theme of that parade is, "oh, the places you will go." which is one of my favorite dr. suess books. >> and if you are headed there, it should be nice. partly cloudy conditions expected for january 1st in pasadena with a high of 59. for us we are only going to get into the low 50s. check out this beautiful live shot. big difference, we can see the blue skies this morning. we have some cool numbers and i
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will tell you what you can expect for your accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you, frances. also ahead, the resurgent warriors actually tie a franchise record with a big win over the boston celtics. rick kwan has the highlights
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>> for the past couple sundays we've been in storm watch coverage locking at live doppler
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7hd. >> yeah. a well-deserved break because today we are actually seeing some blue skies. we will take you outside and show you a live shot from mount sutro. there are a few areas of partly cloudy and low clouds over parts of the bay area, but a lot of sunny conditions already reported for the north bay. you see mt. diablo in the distance and san francisco in the foreground. here's what i mean by live doppler 7hd taking a much-needed break. it's quiet out there, just some cloud cover. dy show you some of the snow falling in the sierra. there is snow in south lake tahoe and chain requirements on highway 50 at this point from twin bridges out to myers. the numbers are a lot cooler this morning because we've had less cloud cover. but we are starting to warm up a bit more now. 36 in santa rosa, 37 in san rafael, and san francisco at 46 degrees. but it was -- or it is a lot
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cooler compared to yesterday at this time. the biggest losers in terms of drops in temperatures is napa and santa rosa 7 and 9 degrees there. visibility limited right now in novato. they are reporting fog and less than a quarter mile. everyplace else not a problem. even though we have a cool start, we have partly cloudy conditions. new year's eve dry and chilly. if you are heading out, definitely bring a coat. we have a bright start for new year's day. even more sunshine january 1st we will take a look at the satellite radar. it shows this area of high pressure building. the storm moves south. that's what brought us all the rain yesterday so that's headed down to southern california, bringing chances of rain to them. but for us just sunny, but cool weather for us. so we will take a look at those numbers. low 50s for the most part. everyone between 50 and 53 degrees. 51 in san francisco, as well as
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in fremont. 52 san jose. as we head down to monterey bay, you will find low 50s there, as well, and up to 53 in santa cruz. if you are headed up to tahoe, you should be okay. there is a winter weather advisory, but it's mainly for the western part of nevada and it's going to expire within the next hour. there has been snow, one to three inches of new snow. there could be a scattered snow shower this afternoon. just keep that in mind if you are headed on i-80 or highway 50. possible travel delays but for the most part you are probably safe if you head there later on today. here's a look at highs around california. snow in tahoe, 28. reno 31. some showers possibly in las vegas with a high of 48. and mild temperatures in los angeles at 60. 52 fresno. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. not much rain for the next few days. just look out for chilly mornings, cool evenings, temperatures mainly in the 50s.
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more sunshine new year's day and january 2nd and then just keeping an eye on a slight chance of rain for thursday. then dry hopefully next weekend, as well. >> frances, you have chosen a nice time to come here. >> i don't mind filling in for lease aa when it's this nice. >> all right. let's check out sports. this afternoon the raiders close out their disappointing season in san diego with quarterback tirrell pryor making his first nfl start. the 49ers are at candlestick needing a win to clinch the nfc west. kickoff 1-25 for both of those games. last night the warriors rolled past the boston celtics. here's rick kwan. he has the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. the red hot warriors said good-bye to 2012 with a bang. last night they notched their 21st victory. that's the first time since 1980 they have gotten that many wins before new year's day. boston without rajon rondo, who is out with a thigh injury. first quarter action.
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check out this passing. davidson lee with the dunk. harrison barns had 15 points, 8 rebounds. he knocks down a three. golden state led by 17 at the break. lee goes behind the back to steph curry. he fakes out the defender and hits the jumper. next possession, steph, this time from another zip code. curry with a team high. and they next host the team with the best record in the league, the l.a. clippers on wednesday. the top-ranked women's basketball team squared off against number two, connecticut. the last time they were in naples the cardinals ended their 90-game win streak. yesterday uconn and the head coach got some revenge. the huskies took control early and never let up. the tough shot and foul. the key was connecticut's stifling defense. the steal leads to this easy basket. it was 31-13 at the half. this shot is blocked. banks will lay it up and in. stanford shot just 19% from the
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field. lewis led all scorers in 19. uconn cruises, 61-35. the loss snaps stanford's 82-game home win streak. the stanford men had better luck at naples, but had a tough time still against lafayette. the cardinals led by 8 at the half but the contest would go down to the final seconds. stanford holds on to win 65-59. randall with the team-tie 16 points. cardinals improve to 9-4. harvard was at cal. the bears look for their third straight win, but the crimsons can play. saunders drops in two of his 18. cal's allen crab leads the pack, 12 in scoring. put in a game-high 27, but it wouldn't be enough as harvard holds on to win 67-62. rivard hits the three. the bears fall to 8-4. >> last week marion grise lost
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his brother when he was shot and killed over a pair of air jordans. despite the tragedy, grise took the field against navy in the craft hunger bowl. go out to at&t park which was converted to football. in memory of his late brother, he had a great game running for 159 yards and two touchdowns. sun devils led after the first quarter. and kelly threw four touchdowns, three to ross. the sun devils sink navy, 62-28. they finish 8-5. and later today the 49ers host arizona while the raiders close out their season at san diego. of course, i'll have all the highlights for you tonight at five. for sports on this sunday morning, i'm rick kwan. i'll see you later today. >> up next, a family in mourning after a father and son are killed fishing in the bay. and the end of the free ride for sunday drivers in san francisco. a new policy for parking meters
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>> we are continuing to follow breaking news in san jose where fire investigators are into their tenth hour looking into the cause of an apartment fire that killed three people and sent three others to the hospital, including a san jose police officer. the officer was treated for breathing smoke after he went inside a burning second floor apartment on bridgeport court just after 11:00 last night. he managed to rescue one resident. the bodies of two adults and one child were found inside.
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two others were taken to local hospitals for smoke inhalation. 56 people who live in that complex are now displaced. this morning we are learning more about the two people who drown off the marin headlands while fishing. nine-year-old juan carlos escamillo-monroy was swept out into the surf by a wave. his father, 37-year-old juan escamillo-rojas, jumped in to try to save him. we spoke with their family. >> it's a very difficult time, you know. everybody is saddened. >> the escamillo and monroy family has gathered to grieve and say a rosary for 37-year-old juan escamillo-rojas and his nine-year-old son, juan carlos escamillo-monroy. the father and son were avid fishermen who decided to fish on the marin headlands west of the golden gate bridge. they were fishing in an area known for unpredictable and heavy surf. a cousin joined them friday afternoon for the first and last
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time. [foreign language.] in spanish he told us how the son turned nine a few weeks ago and was swept away by a huge wave around 4:00 p.m. he described how the boy's father screamed out, my boy, my boy, and cove in after him. gabriel said he clung to the rocks and watched helplessly as the father and son drift the 20 feet away in the surf. he said he threw out a fishing line to bring them in, but it snapped. having no other choice, he ran up the hill to call 911. he wishes he could have done more. scene from sky 7hd, the tiburon fire rescue boat managed to pluck the pair from the water. that was a little after 5:00 p.m. they were announced dead after arriving at the horseshoe station. his brother says he feels a bit numb. >> really hard. >> friends and relatives cling to each other while some cry or
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stare out into space. they cannot believe the misfortune that has hit this family. the sister-in-law, gloria, said the escamillos recently lost all they owned in a house fire the week before christmas day. the family is trying to raise enough money to bury father and son in their native mexico city. friends have set up a bank account to pay for funeral and moving expenses. if you wish to contribute you can click on our website and the information is there on "see it on tv." abc7 news. >> next month officials in marin will open up five location to buy back guns and violent videos, using almost $15,000 in donations collected so far. the donations included $10,000 from the marin community foundation, according to our media partner, the marin independent journal. $5,000 in donations come from private donors. this has the added twist of
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buying back violent video games. it was first proposed by the marin district attorney after the connecticut school shooting tragedy. the family of a 23-year-old man who has been missing since he jumped into a creek to evade a sobriety test on christmas eve is offering a $5,000 reward to find him. they searched the creek thursday, but no sign of him. his family is still searching for them and tell the marin independent journal they are not giving up hope. they are hoping someone with a boat will help search the creek leading to san francisco bay. on the peninsula three horses were killed on highway 280 in menlo park after escaping early yesterday morning from the pour toll law pam farm. farm. two horses were struck by one car. the third hit moments later by another car. northbound lanes of 280 north of alpine road were closed for
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about two hours. all the horses escaped from web ranch, about a mile from the freeway in portolo valley. >> the last one who put the horse away thought that the gate was locked good, and obviously it wasn't. it's a shame we lost three horses. it's -- the only good thing is the gentleman that hit them is doing okay, i guess. >> the drivers of both cars were hospitalized, but with non-life-threatening injuries. they are expected to be okay. floor this morning, a long time police chief retires today. craig steckler has a passion for police work, staying on the job nearly 20 years after he was eligible for retirement. he game fremont's police chief in 1992. now at age 68 he says it's time to call it quits. in all, he's done police work for 45 years. the former fremont mayor said he's, quote, a leader in his industry, that reflects well on
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us. others call him the godfather of bay area law enforcement because of his wealth of knowledge. with new year's eve a day away, local police agencies and the chp are stepping up patrols and staffing dui checkpoints. checkpoints will be in operation tonight across the bay area, including one in san rafael. and a reminder you can leave the car at home. muni, caltrain and other transit agencies will offer free service. bart won't be free, but it will be operating trains until 3:00 a.m. on new year's day. a longstanding parking policy in san francisco is ending. it may catch many people off-guard. if you live, work or visit the city, beware, today is the last sunday you will be able to park at a meter for free.
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>> the first parking meter was installed in san francisco on bush and poke street back in the 1940s, sundays have been a one-day break. but that long-standing policy is over. >> nowadays about 70% of businesses are open so it makes sense to have some sort of parking management in place. >> i like it because it keeps traffic moving. >> robbie owns the grill in the west portal neighborhood. he said sundays sometimes people park all day long in front of his business while they take muni downtown. he welcomes the change, but at the hair salon down the street, not so much. >> not good for themer chance because i think the customer would like to have a little break to not worry about the metering. >> all 29,233 parking meters run by the san francisco municipal transportation agency, will operate on sundays from noon to
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six pm. >> sunday is supposed to be a free day, isn't it? that's going to be a very awful thing to do. >> all the meters have been redesigned to take prepayments for up to four hours at a time. the mta hoped that would satisfy religious leaders who are worried about parishioners bolting from service to avoid a ticket. the executive director of the interfaith council believes the new policy could make going to church more costly and less convenient. >> maybe having to pay for meters on sunday is going to impact either their decision to come back or what they are going to give back to the faith communities. >> well, there will be warnings for the first three sundays when the citations do kick in, those tickets are expensive. sixty-two dollars most places in the ski and $72 downtown. coming up next, we have all heard there's an app for just about everything, but now
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there's an app for being cute on video. we will explain. and here's a live look from san jose, the bay area's largest city. temperatures in the 50s today and a dry spell heading into 2013. frances dinglasan
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> welcome back. time right now is 9:41. what is happening right now is a funeral service in new york. this is for one of the volunteer fire firefighters who was shot and
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killed by an ambush by an ex-con on christmas eve. he was a police ltd., who was also a volunteer firefighter. you see firefighters filing past his flag-draped casket. tomorrow will the service for the 19-year-old who worked at a 911 dispatcher. his funeral is tomorrow. new this morning, stung video of this weekend's deadly plane crash just outside moscow. that plane overshot the runway and careened into traffic. this video is really dramatic. it comes from a passing car. you can see the plane's tire colliding with a moving car. the crash took place saturday. red wings airline's flight overshot the runway, broke through a barrier fence, shattering into three pieces, bursting into flames before skidding to a stop on the edge of the highway.
9:42 am
the plane had only eight crewmembers on board. four of them, including the pilots, died. former president george h.w. bush's condition continues to improve this morning. according to a family spokesperson. he's been moved out of intensive care and is now recovering in a regular hospital room. mr. bush was first taken to the hospital back on november 23rd for treatment of a bronchitis related cough. he was moved to intensive care at houston's methodist hospital a month later after developing a fever. the 88-year-old is the country's oldest living former president. these days there's an app for pretty much everything from calling a cab to doing your taxes. but how about an app that's about nothing more than just being cute on video? abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom took it for a spin. >> four in the afternoon and abc7's award winning editors and producers are crammed into tiny dark rooms, feverishly editing video.
9:43 am
meanwhile two blocks away some people are out ice skating as chris shoots snowflake-covered video of them with his jolly new app jollify. >> an app to make people smile, make them happy. >> whether you are a fan of the 49ers or your kid's marching band, it's a way to jazz up your videos without spending hours in a dark room. >> one thing we have is a karaoke theme. >> for the holidays, valentine's day, sports related themes, all sorts of themes and most importantly, you can make your own themes. >> there are other apps like apple's i-move violas that half themes for videos, but the whole point of jollify is you apply it while shooting instead of messing around with it afterwards. >> you don't have to do post production. the theme appearance in the viewfinder. when you record your viewfinder, you position it in the view finder and then you record. that's all you do, you record,
9:44 am
share it and you are done. >> it can lead to some acting opportunities. >> what we want you to do is just run around, pretend like you are being attacked. >> perfect. >> pretend you are being attacked by a dragon. better get away! >> it lets you share to facebook which could be dangerous unless you have no shame. >> shower are i can share that on my facebook. >> jollify is always adding new themes and right now they are free just like the app itself. you can build simple themes on your phone or more elaborate ones on your desktop computer. one company created a theme for doctors to capture the moment when an ear patient has been hear again. >> oh, my gosh, i can hear! >> with any luck, show won't have to here this. [he's attacking! in san francisco, abc7 news. well, as 2012 comes to a close, you can take a look back at this year's top seven news stories. videos and photo slide shows at >> lots of folks have plans for new year's eve. frances dinglasan is here for lisa argen talking about the
9:45 am
weather. >> yeah. i think you are going to like it. it's mainly dry for new year's eve and actually for the next few days. we have a beautiful live shot for you from mt. tam looking southeast. lots of blue skies. some partly cloudy conditions. i'll tell you what you can expect in the next seven days, as well. >> thank you, frances. also, leads, listen up. a warning if you have a closet full of those skinny jeans. why doctors say they now could be hazardous to yo
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>> so the reservoirs are full -- maybe not all the way full but enough we can enjoy the break. >> you don't have to feel guilty about not having rain the next few days. we are well above normal. we are fine. and there's blue skies outside. we will take you out a live shot. we are looking out toward a bit of a hazy bay. san francisco there in the foreground. mt. diablo in the background. look at all that blue. still slightly hazy over parts of the bay area and some partly cloudy conditions as we now look from the embarcadero. this is our roof cam on top of our studio looking out toward the bay bridge right there and treasure island. we will take you that live doppler 7hd. no green, no rain. well, green highway signs, that's about t i did want to quickly take you back up to
9:49 am
tahoe. notice earlier we did see some snow falling on highway 50 and now it seems like there's a barely any. just a little bit here. chain requirements actually just cancelled. some flurries being reported in truckee. that's about it. you should be safe heading to and from tahoe, especially if you are going there for new year's eve. temperatures still cool, 46 in san francisco. that's one of the milder locks. we did see some low 30s earlier this morning. it's pass in napa and antioch getting up to 43. just for right now we are still seeing some fog in the novato area. visibility less than a fourth of a mile. we sufficient some fog creep into san rafael but that's starting to clear up, as well. we have a cool start, partly cloudy conditions. no rain. but if you are heading out tomorrow night, even though it will be dry, temperatures will be very chilly tomorrow morning, as well as new year's eve day. but a bright start for january 1st with lots of
9:50 am
sunshine, as well. we take a look at the satellite radar image. basically it's this area of high pressure giving us the sunny conditions. but with a cool air temperatures still in the low 50s and the storm that brought us all that, well, not heavy rain, but rain yesterday, has moved south, bringing los angeles and southern california chances of rain today and this afternoon. but here's a look at the forecast model. i just wanted to rerun it to make sure that everything is all clear for tomorrow night. a few clouds. there were chances of rain off the coast. but still no rain expected at all around the bay area tomorrow night into new year's day. also your highs today, low 50s for almost everybody. 52 in clear lake, 51 in san francisco. 52 san jose. look for low 50s, as well, around monterey bay. tonight, because of the clear conditions, temperatures will be cool once again tomorrow morning. so we could see some upper 20s and lots of low 30s out there. 28 in napa and fairfield.
9:51 am
oakland 39. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. so we did have a cool start. it will be chilly again tomorrow morning, but it's dry. then sunny on tuesday into wednesday. keeping an eye on a slight chance of rain thursday, and then look dry again friday and saturday. >> we can handle the cold. no problem with that. >> yes. and i appreciate the dry weather very much. >> yeah. so frances, you and i were talking about this next story, about these -- something that might be fashionable, but doctors are warning, some doctors, anyway, about a potentially painful side effect. we are talking about the ultratight skinny jeans so many of us are wearing these days. abc7 news anchor and health and science reporter carolyn johnson has our story. check out my skinny jeans. >> christine's closet is full of so-called skinny jeans, tight-fitting and versatile. >> you can wear the boots over in winter and in the daytime you
9:52 am
can wear them with like flats or drive them up at night. >> she admits it's sometimes a struggle squeezing into them. >> they can be hard to get on because you are obviously trying to pull them up. >> but more than an inconvenience, some doctors warn that an overly tight fit could actually cause nerve damage. >> it's called maralgia parastetica . it's a disorder that occurs when one of the nerves that runs in the outer part of the thigh gets compressed and the pressure on it causes symptoms of tingling, numbness and pain. >> the doctor said women can even experience symptoms without realizing the cause. >> one woman described it as sort of a floating sensation when she was walking. her thighs kind of felt weak and tingley and she got pain in the thighs. >> she said combining the jeans with ultrahigh heels can worsen the effect. >> because the pelvis tilts some, it can further accentuate the pressure caused on the nerves. >> experts say one good option
9:53 am
is to consider jeans that have 64% polyester, 31% cotton and 5% spandex. >> or short of that, shop for pants with more room in the thigh area where the nerves are more likely to become compressed. >> up next, it will be a happy new year for one south san francisco
9:54 am
9:55 am
take a look at the winning numbers from last night's $8 million super lotto plus. 6, 9, 20, 28, 33. the meganumber 19. no one correctly picked all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $9 million. there is a south san francisco retiree who is now $23 million richer. robert bought a winning ticket at the sunshine center pharmacy in south san francisco before christmas.
9:56 am
he did not discover he won until just a few days ago when a friend reminded him check your ticket. he said he hasn't decided what 20 do with the money just yet. sunshine pharmacy will get $115,000 for selling that winning ticket. frances, you said he should give that friend a cut of the money. >> oh, yeah. like i get a percentage of that too. well, for us today, we can enjoy really a nice day with temperatures in the 50s. here's a look at temperatures around the state. in sacramento, sunny, 52. 52 in fresno, as well. chance of showers in the south bay, los angeles at 60 degrees. basically the accuweather forecast shows dry days into new year's day. just some cool temperatures in the early morning and overnight hours. >> so kind of hitting the jackpot there with the weather? >> that's right. very nice. well, that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with
9:57 am
frances dinglasan, who is sitting in for lisa argen. abc7 news continues at 5:00 tonight. if you received the new tablet computer or smartphone as a gift this holiday season, remember, you can be connected with abc7 news all the time through our apps. you can download our hit alarm clock app for your i-phone, your android or tablet and the kindle fire. our abc7 news app is available for all those devices, as well as the ipad. get them for free from apple's app ├▒es
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hello. i'm eric thomas. for the past 24 years from our series we have been featuring bay area residents that make important contributions to the community. we are celebrating with the museum of


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