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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 22, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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great to have amy robac here this morning. we're going to bring you a very special conversation between robin and diane sawyer about what she finds most liberating so far. but let's get right to some breaking news, olympic sprinter oscar pistorius just granted bail in south africa, an audible question from supporters in court. the judge spoke for over two hours before ruling. abc's bazi kanani is tracking the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. oscar pistorius just broke down in tears when the judge announced just moments ago that he has been granted bail, that he will be allowed to go home. his family shouted for joy. they were huddled together. the magistrate said that this is not a matter of whether he's guilty but whether he has the right to have bail until he stands trial. the magistrate said that there were a couple of main factors
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that he considered in his decision. and those are whether pistorius is a flight risk and whether pistorius is a danger to anyone else in the community if he's allowed to go free. the midge straight said that the profession cushion wasn't able to prove that. at this moment, oscar pistorius is in the courtroom, he's listening to the conditions of bail that have been set. a few are, he will not be allowed to have guns, he will not be allowed to go back to his own home the home where these shooting incident occurred with his girlfriend. although it's unlikely that he would choose to go back to that home at this point anyway. oscar pistorius is expected to post bail later today. he'll have to pay $100,000 and he's expected to stay with family. george? >> okay, thanks, bazi. let's bring in "good morning america" legal analyst dan abrams. pretty extraordinary morning in
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south africa. the judge spoke for a couple of hours and finally granted bail, this is a pretty high standard, exceptional reason to grant this bail. >> that's right. we talked about whether the judge was going to still apply that tough standard to the defense. you have to prove to us why you want to be released. when the judge ruled, it seemed that the ruling was simply based on the fact that he wasn't a flight risk and he wasn't going to be a danger to the community, which are standard bail conditions. it seems what the judge did, here's the tough legal standard and then actually didn't apply that tough of a legal standard. >> so much discussion among the prosecution and the defense about the pistorius' disability and whether that meant he was a flight risk. >> and that didn't come up in the judge's long ruling. it seems very clear that this judge wanted to cover his basis.
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he wanted to have responses for anyone who was going to have criticism. he gave validity to some of them, criticized others. >> a history lesson -- >> a long history lesson. he knows that the world is watching. as a result, he wanted to make sure that he had been very clear about understanding the legal standard, understanding the facts and why he came to the ruling. >> we have to remember, this is just the bail hearing. >> and the court made that point again and again. the court, the judge kept saying, let's remember here, i'm not the trier of the fact. i'm not the one who's going to determine whether this case has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. when you're charged with premeditated murder, you're generally held without bail. the fact that he's been released, six months, eight months, one year period, is a big win for him particularly if
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the defense is going to end up being -- this should be a much lesser crime, negligent homicide, where you're talking about a less sentence. >> the prosecution case wasn't as strong as it appeared in the first hours. >> without question. the reality is, the prosecution's case isn't as strong as when this bail hearing started. that's going to be a problem not only for the bail hearing but when this goes to the trial. the other big story is in the west. drive-by shooting in the las vegas strip. a big firefight outside of a major hotel, leaving people dead. abc's abbie boudreau is at the scene of the crime in las vegas. abbie, good morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy.
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it was right here on the vegas strip where three people were killed. and what many are calling a drive-by shooting made for the movies. these images show the fiery end of a deadly shooting, which played out in the heart of the vegas strip thursday. leaving three people dead and three injured. this morning, a multistate manhunt is on for the unidentified shooter, who sources say may have been targeting this man, las vegas rapper kenny clutch. seen here in facebook photos. >> we believe the occupants of the range rover are armed and dangerous. >> reporter: police say it all began when a group of men inside a black range rover suv opened fire on this maserati. the passenger was hit, but survived. clutch, who was driving, was killed. police say the maserati swerved into oncoming traffic, hitting multiple cars before slamming into a cab, which burst into flames and exploded. the cab driver and passenger both died. >> i could see one vehicle down here on the corner of the intersection, totally engulfed in flames.
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>> reporter: police now say they believe the shooting began as an argument moments earlier at a nearby casino. this morning, as authorities in four states search for the driver of that range rover, police here in sin city are trying to calm nerves. thursday's shooting marks the fifth violent incident on the popular vegas strip since december. >> this is something you never really, really ever want to explain as a parent, to lose a child -- >> reporter: and police are continue to look surveillance video this morning, trying to look for clues that will lead them to the shooter. amy? >> all right. sam is tracking the latest weather. good morning, everyone. not just that snow, ice and cold that you're talking about. more than 1100 miles worth of storm from the great lakes all
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of the way to the gulf coast. we'll start with one of the tornadoes in mississippi. you can see it in the light area. the twitter pictures. the idea four tornadoes possibly in that zone, three have been reported. we're looking at storm damage that's eeril similar to tornado damage. strong, gusty winds. in one part of texas, a woman, a 74-year-old woman was killed when a tree limb from that storm came down on her home. on to the north, you see the winter watches and warnings still out. chicagoland, got its biggest hit of snow. one of the places that was practically buried with snow, we're talking about kansas city and where ginger zee is this morning. >> reporter: sam, it takes a lot of snow to get mounds like this in a city like kansas city, they had more than nine inches more than had in 20 years.
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now, roads are slick and commute is rough from here through illinois, wisconsin and even michigan this morning. this morning, as the mammoth snowmaker marches east, it's sending cars sliding. and watch this bus as it tries to turn down this street, it fish tails and slams right into a light pole. whiting out chicago's streets before dawn. in kansas thursday, the deluge of snow led to this low-flying rescue attempt. planes stand still. >> it's a mess out here. >> reporter: it's not just how much snow is falling but how fast. at times, up to three inches per hour. then, there's this. watch as lightning illuminates the skies in missouri, the storm creating a relatively rare winter combo. one we caught on camera. there it is.
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that's thundersnow. wait for it. this morning, more than a fifth of the population across 20 states is waking up under this winter blanket. >> the storm is developing so rapidly you get this intensified cloud development that creates the lightning and thunder. you can get it in a snow, even you're more likely to get it in a thunderstorm. in parts of the northeast and the mid-atlantic, we'll go over who gets what. when we come back in regular weather. thank you, sam. let's go to josh elliott for the other developing stories right now. josh? >> good morning. we're going to begin with troubling, new warning signs in the nuclear standoff with iran. u.n. inspectors now confirm hundreds of advanced machines are being installed at one of iran's nuclear facilities. it's considered a major upgrade for a program that could be used to make weapons. u.s. officials are hoping to speak one-on-one with iranians
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next week. of course, abc's david muir is in tehran. and his exclusive reporting continues tonight on "world news." and new details about a major terror plot. three men in britain caught on tape, saying they wanted to pull off another 9/11, have now been convicted. police say the men traveled to pakistan twice for training with al qaeda and were looking to build ten suicide bombs. and four peanut company executives now face criminal charges in connection with one of the deadliest salmonella outbreaks in u.s. history. nine people died in 2009, after eating products containing peanuts from the peanut corporation of america. investigators later found unsanitary conditions including mold and roaches at the plant. the justice department says that this case serves as a warning to other food companies not to put profits before safety. and there's proof this morning that this year's flu shot just isn't doing a very good job of protecting those who need it most. overall, the vaccine's been
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about 56% effective. similar to previous years. but, when it comes to senior citizens, that effectiveness dips to only 9% against the toughest strain. experts admit we need a better vaccine. but insists that the flu shot as currently constituted, is your best bet to stay healthy. and former illinois police officer drew peterson has been sentenced to 38 in prison for killing his wife. but his trowels are far from over. he could be charged for killing his fourth wife. before sentencing, there was a rare outburst. peterson, i did not kill kathleen. and finally, what do you young kids think? take a look at this. some guys in california had a bright idea. we're going to back the truck up into a hooters and steal the atm. imagine the surprise that they hadn't stolen an atm. they had stolen a jukebox.
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>> oh, boy. >> suspects in their teens and 20s, apparently too young to know what a jukebox was. this would never have happened to richie and potsie and the fonz. >> no. perhaps they were distracted by the sights. >> perhaps they just like rock 'n' roll. we're going to turn now to the latest budget crisis in washington that could start affecting your family in just seven days. that's when those across-the-board cuts in government programs kick in. and the costs could start piling up pretty quickly. jon karl is at the white house with the details. good morning, jon. >> reporter: one week away. and there are lots of dire warnings about what these cuts will mean. but one of the most visible ways most americans will see their impact will come some time during the spring travel season. when it comes to air travel, the first thing we'll all see are longer lines at airport security. expect 10% fewer tsa agents on the job. to cut its budget, the security
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agency will ask each of its agents to take unpaid days off. one prominent budget expert told us, it could get really bad. >> you guys are going out to reagan airport. and they have to wait three hours before they get through security. there will be enough pressure put on these guys that hopefully american people will say, we have had enough of this. >> reporter: it's not just security lines. the cuts will mean fewer air traffic controllers, which will mean less traffic in the skies. and, you guessed it, more time on the runway waiting to take off. you might also want to rethink trips overseas. without a budget deal, there could be fewer border control and customs agents. and the department of homeland security says, lines as long as four or five hours at immigration and customs. yet, despite the dire warnings and inability to reach an agreement, the spending cuts represent only a fraction of total federal spending. and, in fact,
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even with the cuts, the federal government will spend about $15 billion more this year than it spent last year. the spending cuts go into effect one week from today. but their impact won't be felt right away. first, the government must give employees notice, 30 days notice, before they can force them to take one unpaid day off a week. that means you're really going to see the impact some time in april. >> but those cuts could be in for some time. the president made phone calls to congressional leaders last night, but no real progress on negotiations. >> reporter: we've been asking, almost every day, why isn't the president talking to republican leaders. he finally did. he placed calls to mitch mcconnell and john boehner yesterday. my understanding was these calls were a reiteration of position. and there's no common ground right now. no sign of agreement on the horizon. >> jon karl, thanks very much. we'll have more on this sunday on "this week." we'll have our oscar predictions, too. and lara, that's just a warm-up for your big show on the red carpet. >> our big show. it's going to be so great.
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so looking forward to that. let's raise a glass of orange juice or a cup of coffee. we're gearing up for "good morning america's" koss par party with the stars. we're just two days away from finding out who is taking oscar home. oscar's biggest night, full of surprises. and come sunday, we could see some major upsets. this morning, the red carpet is out. and all bets are off for who will walk away with hollywood's most coveted leading man. and if you think you know who -- >> the oscar goes to -- >> reporter: experts say, think again. >> i think there are going to be quite a few surprises. >> reporter: take "lincoln," the favorite for best picture. it's leading the pack with 12 nominations. a blessing? maybe not. the most-nominated film only wins best picture 67% of the time. >> some people think that argo is neck and neck with lincoln. and then there are other people who say "silver linings
7:16 am
playbook" might sneak in there, too. >> reporter: and what about that movie's star, jennifer lawrence? odds have her even now with jessica chastain for best actress. but throw out the conventional wisdom playbook. >> there is emmanuelle riva who had a stunning portrayal in "amour." >> reporter: quvenzhane wallis could also provide an upset. once considered a wildcard, she became a megastar just as academy members were voting. >> and inside i was doing flips that i could never do before. >> reporter: and there's "les mis" star and best actor nominee hugh jackman who told me this. >> it's great to be nominee. if i'm in the mezzanine, there's a very good chance i won't be winning. >> reporter: you may not want to put all of your pennies on daniel day-lewis. no one has ever taken home best actor for playing a u.s. president. >> that's a little fun fact there. thank you. you and robin, hosting the oscars preshow on sunday. that's at 7:00 eastern, 4:00
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pacific. on monday, we'll all be out in l.a. the "gma's" oscar party with the stars, we'll have interviews with the winners and all the best moments on stage and off. >> and we get to see all of you handsome devils in tuxes. >> turning us loose in l.a. nothing could go wrong there. >> if we can get there, sam. we started early this morning, george, by talking about the big storm that went from the great lakes all the way down to the gulf coast. that's more than 1,100 miles of storminess in the country. these are the big snowfall totals that came along with it. just another look. this is the heaviest hit of snow in chicago. now, we take you west. santa barbara, ladies and gentlemen, look at the lovely shoreline there. just a sigh. just a moment of what's going to happen over the weekend, as we head there for oscars. by the way, sunday, now, up to 73. monday, looking at 74 because we're doing "dancing with the stars" as well, on monday, live from l.a. phoenix, you're in the 60s. it looks good. on the east coast -- oh, tuesday. on the east coast, there's that big rainmaker and snow headed if for the weekend. we'll talk about that throughout the morning.
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still to come -- tough cross-examination for the women woman at the so-called breakup case. [ kids ] yes! it's better to be fast to not be bitten by a werewolf and then you'll be turned into one and you will have to stay in and then you'll have to get shaved because you will be too hot and then you're like... [ growling ] which means i wish i was back to a human. what? [ male announcer ] it's not complicated. faster is better. and iphone 5 downloads fastest on at&t 4g. ♪ two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas.
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the woman who gained noted right for blaming a finger for being in her fast food chili and was in prison for four years and now is in custody on charges of filing a false police report and tampering with evidence. ayala lied about her 26-year-old son accidentally shooting himself in the ankle because he has a previous burglary conviction and is not allowed to have a gun. sue is following the it from commute. >> northbound 280 at highway 85, four vehicles involved and slowing in northbound 280 through cupertino to the toll plaza, no friday light here but metering lights are on and sluggish in the upper deck into san francisco. when we come back, our meteorologist and the
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>> we back, with beautiful sun and nearly clear skies from mount tamalpais. now, the temperatures, in the low 40's in san francisco and oakland and mid-to-upper 30's in san jose and walnut creek and palo alto and mid-valley. our temperatures are close to average from one or two degrees of average, and we are ending up in the low-to-mid 60's today. breezy and cooler tomorrow. and the warmth and calm
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♪ happy crowd out there in times square. our oscars party is just getting started. d.j. kiss is in the house. we have all the hot fashion predictions for hollywood's biggest night there. and a list of nominees before they were stars. lara and robin getting ready to host that oscar show. >> robin has a big interview with michelle obama later and then she's headed out to hollywood.
7:29 am
and ahead, robin's revealing int interview with diane sawyer. also coming up, we have the astonishing seconds caught on camera when a 17-year-old snowboarder plunges four stories off of a chair lift. i know. it's terrifying. and this morning, he reveals why he fell. >> he's okay. also, a woman who finally helped snare an alleged internet scammer who was stealing women's hearts. and then, stealing their money. >> a lot to look forward to. but let's get to the latest on the so-called breakup murder trial. jodi arias facing a withering cross-examination thursday. the prosecution, taking direct aim at her credibility. abc's ryan owens has all of the latest details, he comes to us from phoenix, arizona. ryan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy. all of a sudden, we met a brand-new jodi arias. forget that soft-spoken, sobbing woman we got to know on the stand the past eight days. she was replaced by a smiling, sometimes smug defendant, who was ready to fight for her life.
7:30 am
jodi arias debuted a new look for her big day, a black business suit. and she meant business. sparring with veteran prosecutor, juan martinez, on his first day of cross-examination. >> do you have problems with your memory, ma'am? >> sometimes. >> reporter: martinez grilled the 32-year-old admitted killer about her claims that she couldn't remember repeatedly stabbing her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander in june of 2008. >> i have no memory of stabbing him. >> reporter: all arias seems to remember now is she killed in self-defense, after claiming alexander attacked her. >> what factors influenced your having a memory problem? >> usually when men like you are screaming at me or grilling me. >> that affects your memory problems, right? >> it does. it makes my brain scramble. >> reporter: martinez tried to rattle her. but she stuck with her story. frequently smiling at the man who wants her sentenced to death. the prosecutor says she plotted
7:31 am
the murder of her ex-boyfriend and then repeatedly lied to cover her tracks. he believes one of her biggest lies is that she was an abused woman. arias says her crooked finger is evidence of that. she claims months before she killed alexander, he broke her finger. >> show us how bent it is again. >> reporter: but martinez believes she injured her finger while she was shooting and repeatedly stabbing them. to make the point, he showed this picture of arias' perfectly healthy looking hand months after alexander supposedly beat her. that didn't phase the newly-confident arias, either. >> you don't have a bent finger here. in exhibit 453. >> my finger is bent there. >> you're saying your finger is bent there? >> yes. >> reporter: jodi arias has been on the stand for so long, to be honest, the jury was starting to get bored. not when cross-examination started. they stopped taking notes.
7:32 am
they looked right from jodi arias, back to the prosecutor and back to jodi arias. it was like they were looking at a tennis match, amy. and this will continue on monday. >> all right. ryan owens with the very latest. thanks so much. for more, now, let's bring in "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. dan, i know you've been impressed with arias as a witness up until now. she was so calm under cross-examination. was that a good thing for her? >> i think she continues to be a good witness. she has horrible facts. her story makes very little sense. but as a witness, i think she continues to do well. and i think she's doing well while the prosecutor, i think, is going a little overboard. meaning, the prosecutor has the facts on his side. he has the inconsistencies. he has the trouble with her account. he doesn't need to yell at her because i think that the only danger here is that a juror, a few jurors, feel sorry for jodi arias. and the way you feel sorry for jodi arias is if it seems like the prosecutor is unnecessarily badgering her. keep in mind that he has the
7:33 am
facts on her side. i think he has to take it down a notch. >> and court is back in session on monday. do you think we'll see a change of tactic? a change of attitude with the prosecutor? >> i don't know. a lot of people are echoing what i'm saying. lawyers who are watching the case, people on social media. and these are almost all people who presume that jodi arias is guilty of something and a lot of them are saying that the prosecutor, by saying to her, yelling at her and pointing at her and doing other things, is not helping his case. so, if he's listening and if he cares, i think that he might take it down a notch. from what i understand, this is his style. this is the way he cross-examines. this is the way he deals with witnesses. >> he's looking for that perry mason moment. >> it's not going to happen. >> thanks. we're going to turn to the shocking video we've been telling you about. a young man high above a snowy peak, holding on to the lift by his fingernails. abc's gio benitez is here with the story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning, george.
7:34 am
the video already has 1.2 million views on youtube. and just watch, because once you do, you can't look away. >> dude! >> reporter: what you're seeing is a young man hanging on for dear life. 17-year-old jacob gutierrez. his grip slipping, is about to plummet four stories into the side of this mountain. >> it was pretty terrifying. i was thinking, if i fall wrong, if i land wrong on one of these rocks, i'm probably going to get really hurt or die. >> reporter: this amateur video, which was just posted online, shows the shocking moments right after gutierrez tried to throw a snowball to a friend february 2nd. instead, he loses his balance and eventually his grip. >> i'm hanging. and i just lose grip. and i remember it all. i remember just falling. it felt really far. but i hit a rock. and i just -- next thing you know, i'm looking up at the ski lift. >> reporter: look again. gutierrez drops 45 feet from
7:35 am
this santa fe, new mexico, ski lift, as his friends watch helplessly, recording it all. >> as he was falling, i just -- it was pretty scary. i thought he might have died. >> i actually hit my head on the rock. as you can see, i have a scar. there was just blood everywhere. i was in shock. >> reporter: it's not the first time someone has slipped off of a ski lift like this one. just this year, this young boy slipped from a chair lift in wisconsin. you can see his father holding his hand. as strangers gathered to catch him. the boy was unharmed. but back in new mexico, gutierrez wasn't as lucky. this left him with liver damage, along with a collapsed lung and a broken skull. >> dude! >> reporter: scars, he says, which have now scared him into being more careful. >> i'm definitely going to start wearing a helmet from now on. >> reporter: a good lesson, no doubt.
7:36 am
now, incredibly, gutierrez was hanging there some six minutes before falling. he was in intensive care for a few days. but, as you can see, this morning, he's doing just fine. >> held on for six minutes. sam, what have you got? >> how can you watch that stuff, george? i don't know. i'm going to see what's on the boards. i wasn't paying a bit of attention. we're going to start -- this is the detroit area. some whiteout conditions. we're getting this in. detroit, it's been a big, snowy february. you pick up half of your yearly snowfall total in the month of february. it still goes on today. that monster storm splits into two lows. one weakens. the biggest part of the storm weakens as it drives in the great lakes. and the secondary storm forms. mostly rain for cities. it's rain for southern cities. and from hartford south, you're dealing with a mostly rain event. northern areas, like boston and portland, you'll go to snow and you'll get snow out of the system. look at the frigid temperatures. kansas city, feeling like 12
7:37 am
this morning. >> all that weather was brought to you by progressive insurance. george? >> thank you, sam. and coming up, revenge on casanova. the woman who finally tracked down the alleged internet scammer, stealing hearts and their money. and robin is sleeping in this morning before her big interview with michelle obama. and we're looking forward to sharing her revealing interview with diane sawyer about her incredible journey. and we're looking forward to sharing her revealing interview with diane sawyer about her sharing her revealing interview with diane sawyer about her incredible journey. car insurancs? yes. er but you're progressive, and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here.
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back, now, at 7:43 with a major update on a story we first brought you a few months ago. the so-called internet casanova, raymond holycroft, using aliases to steal the hearts and the money of women in several states. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: he's being called the internet casanova. >> he was extremely charming. >> he seemed very smart and very charismatic. >> reporter: but this morning, raymond holycross isn't accused
7:42 am
of breaking hearts. he's accused of breaking the law. >> he had been texting over 25, 30 different women. meeting up with seven, eight women a day, when he said he was supposedly at work. >> reporter: in just a few hours, the 29-year-old will be arraigned before an indiana judge, after allegedly scamming and robbing 38 women in 7 states. >> he relies on girls he meets on the internet to provide him what he needs to get through life. >> reporter: police say holycross has logged on to dating website, stealing not just the hearts of the women he met, but taking everything they own. theresa says she was one of those victims. >> these are all the different texts, from all of the different women. >> reporter: she had been scammed by holycross, who she knew as ray price since september. he had moved in. then, her camera disappeared. >> and i found a receipt for a
7:43 am
pawnshop. and it was for my camera. >> reporter: she says holycross denies selling it. but when she went to police, he moved out. but she still wanted him stopped. so, she texted him and initiated a reunion earlier this week. when he flew back into town to see her, she called police. >> that's when i found out all the information about all of the websites and the dating sites. i think he should pay for what he did. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. and coming up, we've got oscar fever. a sizzling red carpet preview. how to throw your own oscar party. and the nominees before they were stars. >> love it. also, a "play of the day." it's another play, actually. a couple of fellas in connecticut. just freeze it. just stop, please. this is going to be good. real good. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card
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right then. here's "the play of the day."
7:48 am
>> all right. sorry. mom couldn't get the plastic off the couch. so, we're going to stay here at the desk. but we have a nice little bo-fer for you on friday. this one, i couldn't believe it when i saw it. you try to pick it apart to see if they photo shopped it. couple of kids in cheshire, connecticut. off the bouncy ball, off the garage, off the side. that's one brother filming his brother and his brother's buddy. that's the greatest. d.j. deangelis, liam mccaffey getting that done. >> thanks, guys. great job. >> we're equal opportunity. take a look at cheerleaders at the university of mississippi. that, also good. >> whoa. >> that's amazing. where does the ball come from. >> she's been doing this at halftime of every home game all season long. this was the last home game.
7:49 am
she hasn't made it all year long. >> front handspring. grabs the ball. >> that's beyond play -- that's my favorite. >> there you go. >> it's good, right? >> george has a favorite play. >> i wanted to make it earnest. >> congratulations. we have so much oscars fun for you. stick around. great hour ahead. see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. visit your eyecare professional today
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7:54 am
>> now from abc7 news. an oakland man who was wrongly convicted of attempted murder 15 years ago could be released today. the 51-year-old man will be in court. the conviction was overturned with help from the santa clara university law school and a san francisco law firm. they found multiple errors in the case and enough evidence to prove he was innocent of his 2006 conviction. mike has the forecast.
7:55 am
mike? >> good morning, everyone. we will talk about sunshine. a lot of it is out there. temperatures are close to average. you can see we are in the low-to-mid 60's if most neighborhoods and mid-to-upper 50's at coast and it is breezy. the warm of the day this weekend is sunday. >> the bay bridge teleplays -- toll plaza there is a stall. in cupertino, north 280, an accident in the median and the have divide and the battery at sacramento, an accident, as
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
[ cheers and applause ] may i have the envelope, please? we're counting down to oscar sunday, with our biggest celebration ever. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> woo! >> revealing the red-hot fashion, hollywood's hottest could be wearing on fashion's biggest night. and the suprising roles of nominees before they were stars. >> want to go for one more? >> and one final surprise. it's "gma's" oscar party with the stars. and we are headed to hollywood.
7:59 am
we're going to need a chevy cam. driving all of the way to hollywood. there's d.j. kiss to send us into the weekend. we're all so excited for oscar sunday. all of us going to be there, including robin. she's sleeping in this morning, she has a big interview with michelle obama and then heading out to hollywood. great to have amy robach here. >> thanks so much. and coming up, we're going to have the revealing conversation between diane and robin. so many great messages here for all of us, no matter where we are in our life. robin has some amazing messages. also aid head, it's sad if true. josh brolin and diane lane, perhaps calling it quits after seven years of marriage. she's fantastic. if nothing else, we wish them the best. >> indeed. indeed.
8:00 am
then, we switch gears. it is our biggest oscar preparty ever, i dare say. robin and i are going to be part of the sizzling red carpet preshow on sunday. that's the hour before the actual oscars. >> we're going to show fingernails? >> this is a big trend this year on the red carpet. lots of actresses do personalized nail art. and our audience members are getting the star treatment this morning. upstairs, we've got some incredible nail art happening in the studio. >> i wonder how long it takes. >> find out. speaking of oscars, folks, how can you make a an oscar-worthy appetizer for your at-home oscar party? >> tell us. >> you may be wondering. we're going to help you by spinning the wheel, ladies and gentlemen. that's right. and joining us are the best in the food world. daniel hotzman from the meatball shop. and kelsey, from kelsey's essentials on the cooking channel. we're going to spin the wheel, by the way.
8:01 am
we put the wheel up on the board. you're going to get a movie. you'll have to make an appetizer. we'll share that with the audience. you'll have your appetizers ready to go. go ahead and spin the wheel. the pressure's on. what movie will he get? "skyfall." not a bad job. all right. we got the sound effects. "argo." please, no '70s, day-old food. let's try one more time. all right. that was kind of a weak spin. oh, no. "frankenweenie." it can't be beanie wienies. it can't be a dish. we're going to give you 45 minutes on the clock. do you have your ideas for your oscar party appetizers? >> we'll see. >> ready, set, go. george, it's an oscars food fight.
8:02 am
>> okay. we watch them all go in and start to cook. let's go back to josh and get some news. we begin with breaking news. huge victory for olympic star oscar pistorius. he has been granted bail, after highly unusual and extend hearing in south africa, the judge ruling that oscar pistorius has made the case for release, even though he faces a premeditated charge. he's accused of murdering his model girlfriend, he said that he thought she was an intruder. the judge doesn't consider oscar pistorius a flight risk. the other big story this morning, the major winter storm sam has been tracking. at least one person has been killed in the outbreak of severe storms and reported tornadoes all across the south. that snow that wreaked havoc on roads across the plains, including this street in downtown kansas city, is moving into the upper midwest. it's unclear which weather was a
8:03 am
factor in this crash, a medical helicopter crashed near a nursing home in oklahoma city. and authorities in three states are hunting for a black suv involved in a wild shoot-out on the las vegas strip. police say that someone in a range rover opened fire on a maserati, sending it into a cap, that burst into flames. killing three people. and the man dubbed america's worst deadbeat dad is now facing justice. he owed $1.2 million for a pair of failed marriages. he's been on the run for a decade before his arrest in the philippines. and in washington state, an embarrassment for some army paratroopers. they were jumping from a plane during a training exercise. this happens. the winds blew them off course. and they ended up struck in the trees. firefighters had to rescue the three. still much better at it than any of us will ever be. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hello, josh. i know you and the team are getting ready to head out to california and the oscars.
8:04 am
i'm jealous. but i'll be watching. and tonight, here on "world news," i'm going to sit down with robin. the two of us, just a personal conversation, to talk about how you find strength and the real message she has all for all of our lives at the end of this week. it's coming up tonight. >> for someone who knows her as well as you do, that is something to look forward to, indeed. finally, youtube sensation known as kid president. we had him on "gma" live. he got a big shoutout from the man himself. the commander-in-chief reached out, asking kid president to star in the promotional video -- for this year's white house easter egg roll. take a listen. >> kid president, it looks like you got my message. >> yes, mr. president. i got your message. this is historic. i'm in. and you should, too. >> thanks for your help. >> yes, sir. anything to help.
8:05 am
it's the easter egg roll at the white house. be there. >> he's so cute. >> he's 9-year-old robbie novak. >> we love him. >> we had to get him on "gma live!" the series of videos on youtube are fantastic. and that's great. >> he's wise beyond his years. such a great thing. and, hey, "pop news." this morning, big news for "star wars" fans. prepare yourself for "return of the jedi." that's right, actor mark hamill says he has been approached to appear as luke skywalker in "episode 7." and he's not the only one that might be back. hamill says carrie fisher and harrison ford have also been asked to reprise their roles. but the story is reportedly going to focus on their kids. they may be able to leave the light sabres into the holsters. it's expected to hit theaters in 2015. josh, good idea? >> good idea.
8:06 am
no jar jar binks. >> oh. >> okay. sam, this next one is for you. i'm going to remind you -- do you remember noc? >> it has a sad ending. >> well, noc. no, there are new studies there may have been something to that. dolphins scientists now say they may be able to call each other by name. the clicks they make are made in the same way that people greet their friends. and dolphins were separated so they couldn't see each other. but they could hear each other to communicate. and the conclusion was that mothers and calves and closely allied males seemed to be calling each other by name. >> they're incredibly social. they hang out together. there's one that is the boss. >> and smart. >> incredibly.
8:07 am
>> it's too late for noc. >> god rest his soul. see? noc, you're not alone. and finally -- >> not for the whale that passed away. but the study was -- as we all get ready to head out to the oscars, i thought it was interesting that there were so many great films and performances, that behind the scenes, we're all having a hard time choosing who we want to win. there's too many great performances. now, i understand that producers have gone behind the scenes and put together a video that proves by the number of mentions, that i may have a favorite. and he's not even a nominee. take a look. we begin, george, with matthew mcconaughey. matthew mcconaughey. matthew mcconaughey. matthew mcconaughey. matthew mcconaughey. matthew mcconaughey. matthew mcconaughey. oh, the counter blew up. appare
8:08 am
apparently, there was something like 32 mentions. as you know, i think mcconaughey was robbed for not getting nominated for "magic mike." however there's already next ye year. there's three films. it's my job. now, sam, we go to you with the weather. >> i knew something was going on. seeing him in "pop news" all the time like that, lara. all right, we start in atlanta. in the south. oh, no. i'm the bad guy. so, if you could -- >> yeah. >> here we go, yeah. >> let's just get to the map. >> this is the south. down here is the storm. >> do we have those? yes. thank you. how about that? that's great. >> that's a remarkable likeness, i think. >> josh, that's a beautifully done weather map. just come right back to it. tight shot on that. that's josh's version. >> this is the gulf coast right here. >> this is our version of the weather map. this is why josh does news. we'll show you the low pulling up the coastline. plenty of warm air in florida.
8:09 am
this weekend, from new york, mostly rain. but boston, please pay attention to your local abc forecast for a snowmaker, we think. >> because that was florida? >> that's arizona. this is florida right there. lara, what's coming up on "gma live!" --
8:10 am
>> i have a very clear picture for you on what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." robin's journey. it's her intimate conversation with diane. her message is for all of us right now. and then a hollywood shocker. josh brolin and diane lane may be splitting up. and the stars of the oscars. and we check in on our big oscar chef competition. it's all coming up. don't go anywhere. it's all coming up. don't go anywhere. my name is marjorie reyes, and i'm a chief warrant officer.
8:11 am
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8:15 am
well, it has been an incredible week here. it is fair to say, it's great to have our friend, robin, back. sleeping in this morning. a huge weekend for her. she will be interviewing the first lady later on today. but we wanted to share with you a very special interview. her intimate conversation with her and our colleague and friend, diane sauer, about her journey back home. >> today, how do you change the way you think? how do you change the way you think from the robin i first saw countless years ago. >> with pigtails. >> yes. >> i -- and i know you will find this very hard to believe, especially in the line of work that we are in. i just think about now. i just think about this moment. so, that's how i changed the way i think.
8:16 am
i don't think about anything else, about, right this moment. i'm talking to a dear, old friend. if this has taught me anything, it's that i don't care who you are, where you are, what your circumstances. there is a finite amount of time that we all have to do whatever it is that we're meant to do. and nowhere is it written that we should not be happy, that you get extra bonus points at the end because you -- you know, you trudged along and you did what you thought you should do. i want to be happy. now, are there days -- this is a good day. and there are some days you have that it kind of creeps in. but i don't -- >> do you have something you do when it does? do you have something -- do you have something you do that everybody in their lives will
8:17 am
keep the clothes in if the door is open. they look at you thinking, if she can make it a good day, maybe i can, too. >> what do i do? i breathe. left foot, right foot, breathe. left foot, right foot, breathe. >> what do you see when you look in your eyes, your own eyes now, in the morning? >> you know what? i see a strong woman. i know people have said that about me. but we all know our own insecurities. and we all know how we all really feel about ourselves. there is something freeing. there's something liberating about not being afraid. being afraid but still doing it because if we wait until there's no fear, we're going to be waiting a long time on the sidelines. if i can go through the year that i had and still be standing, wow.
8:18 am
i'm not as afraid of what can come next. >> and nor should you be. just a part of a wonderful and very special edition of "20/20," "robin's journey." tonight, 10:00/9:00 central. we have larry from "people" magazine. joining us now from the heat index. want to get a lot of topics. last week, you had robin on your cover. certainly the portrait of a strong woman. >> i was in a supermarket. one of the greatest sights was when there's few magazines in the rock. it did great across the country. a testament to our power and her strength and her message. again, welcome back to her. okay, let's switch gears. we have news coming up. we talked about this a little bit. surprising news to some of us. josh brolin and diane lane. >> it is. they were one of the couples that weren't front and center.
8:19 am
they were married for eight years. because of that you, thought they were steady and solid. but the marriage had run its course. he had a run-in with the police back on new year's eve. they seemed like a steady couple. they were introduced to each other by barbra streisand. too bad. too bad. >> happy couple. miley cyrus and liam hemsworth. in the new issue of "people" a lot of details about the wedding. >> she's 20 years old, getting married to liam hemsworth. and she liked one particular designer, marchesa. but she said there were so many designers that wanted to help out, she might have as many as 30 dresses. that translates to miley wants 30 dresses. >> what did she mean by it if not that? >> i think she said a lot of people were knocking on her doors. if you want to come out, go ahead. >> she can't wear 30. maybe she could. >> there are bridesmaids. so, who knows? >> no idea when they're getting
8:20 am
married? >> some time soon. he said that it's going to be small. she's being tracked by paparazzi. she doesn't know. >> isn't there an indication that they were already married? >> we saw the rings. >> we're not in a hurry, though, are we? >> no. we can wait. >> who is tracked more by paparazzi than prince harry? >> we'll have to put our teams on that. prince harry was spotted in switzerland with a new girlfriend, cressida bonas. her mother was an "it" girl from the 1960s. her half-sister is getting married to richard branson's son. i think you can tell from the photographs, if you learn how to kiss while on skis, there's a relationship. >> he may not be in any hurry, either. >> i don't think so. they met last summer. she endured his behavior in las vegas. >> lovely. >> she is. and all of her relatives have names with hyphens in them.
8:21 am
i don't know how you can type the names on an iphone. it must be really hard. >> if he finally decides to get married, that will be three or four special editions of "people." >> i think this entire crew will be there. >> i hope it's featured. >> in january. >> help us out. >> great to see you, larry. another thing we're all talking about right now is the oscars. and "gma's" oscar party with the stars is heating up. what will the stars be wearing on oscar sunday? rachel smith, host of "on the red carpet," went shopping with superstar stylists, putting together some of the most glamorous looks for hollywood's biggest night. >> reporter: elegance. drama. and sparkling surprises. from head, all the way to flit glittering tips of fingernails. the hottest trend on the red carpet this award season.
8:22 am
all leading up to this, hollywood and fashion's biggest night of the year. brad goreski, celebrity stylist and star of bravo's "it's a brad, brad world," is right in the thick of it, with stars turning to him. you have two, full racks. >> i know, honey. i am feeling good. >> reporter: this year, he's styling the stunning stacy keibler and jewan tatum. that's right. his rooms is bursting with sparkling dresses. >> don't ask me to find you a comfortable high-heel. they are not running shoes. >> reporter: but they are meant to stop traffic, which is brad's fashion m.o. >> i like my girls to have something that's going to surprise the photographers. they do the shot from the front. it's gorgeous. it's gorgeous. it's gorgeous.
8:23 am
and then, they turn around. and there's an open back. >> reporter: stacy already has the best accessory on her arm, george clooney. but for her dress, brad won't tell. >> you know, last year, stacy had a moment with the gold marchesa. and we're upping the ante. >> reporter: for jenna, who is pregnant, there's no hiding under flowing fabric. >> i want to keep her sexy. i want to challenge people for what they think of red carpet dressing for someone who is pregnant. >> reporter: it's also how you work it. you have to tell your gals, this is how you should showcase the gown. >> and then, a pop. and then you turn around. and then, you pop the head. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, hollywood. >> of course, the big trend hat we've been seeing on the red carpet this awards season, movie-inspired manicures. zooey deschanel nailed it. at the golden globes.
8:24 am
get it? nailed it. and lucky ladies are getting red carpet treatment. we are full-service here at "good morning america." so, let me ask you. what's the trend? what's the idea, if we want to do this for the real world? >> a lot of the trends are the multicolored french manicures. you can have glitter. you can switch colors up like i did here. >> can you real make your nails, turn it into a canvas and do anything you want? >> absolutely. >> look at your nails. i mean, these are usually done with stickers? >> yeah. >> that's incredible. >> thank you. manicu manicurists to the style. we will be right back. oscar party. we'll see you soon, everybody.
8:25 am
>> now from abc7 news, the south bay woman who gained national notoriety for planting a sever finger in her chili is in trouble with the law and is due in court. anna ayala spent four years in prison for the finger in chili scam and now is in custody for tampering with evidence and filing a false police report. she lied about her 26-year-old son accidentally shooting himself in the ankle because he has a previous burglary conviction and is not allowed to have a gun.
8:26 am
sue? >> a new accident in south 101 at willow blocking lane three on the peninsula and north 280, the legal accident is still there but in the clearing phases. the bay bridge is light making your way into san francisco. >> thank you. we will check in with
8:27 am
>> a beautiful picture from mount tamalpais. now, the current conditions,
8:28 am
low-to-mid 40's around san francisco and oakland and mid-to-upper 30's in mill valley and palo alto with close to average temperatures. we will hit the low-to-mid 60's. now, tomorrow, it will be breezy and cooler. it will be dry other than a sprinkle tonight during the overnight ♪ great sign. >> welcome back. we love those signs out there in times square. all week long, welcoming robin back. d.j. kiss inside this morning. happy friday, oscar friday. good morning, folks. we're getting ready for our biggest oscar party yet. everyone's bags are packed. hosting the red carpet with robin on sunday night. we'll all be there monday morning. we'll bring you all of the big moments after their wins on sunday night. but it's all coming up monday on "good morning america." >> we should mention robin is sleeping in this morning before her big interview with michelle obama. then, as you mentioned, she is headed to hollywood, for the big
8:29 am
preshow. >> it will be terrific. >> all i hear is d.j. kiss right now? that's a nice day. let's check in with our chefs to see how the oscar food fight is going on. daniel holtzman, kelsey nixon and kerry heffernan are trying to come up with an inspired appetizer that you might serve at your oscar party, featuring the films from the oscars. >> great idea. look at this. do you recognize this guy here? he's been nominated for his best supporting actor in "lincoln." tommy three jones. that was 1970. >> and josh brolin. >> a lot of josh brolin there. we're going to look at a lot of nominees before they were stars. >> i wouldn't recognize him. i'll be honest. it is the moment you all have been waiting for and the moment we've been dreading.
8:30 am
we've done this before. it's our green screen magic. we like to celebrate hollywood by putting our spin on the hottest movies of the year. i assure you, this is one blockbuster you will only see on "gma." ♪ >> an ordinary door, leads one man to an extraordinary journey. a mysterious force. takes him to worlds where reality and fantasy collide. >> i'm bilbo baggins from the shire. there's nobody else. it's just bilbo baggins. i'm just a hobbit. >> we haven't seen a hobbit here before. >> i hit the gym like three or four times a week.
8:31 am
i left the shire like a long time ago. like half a movie ago. >> you'll witness the gritty world of undercover espionage. >> i my have a shot. it's not clean. >> take the shot. >> why are you hitting yourself? why are you hitting yourself? >> take the bloody shot. >> ow. wrong guy. >> he will go behind the scenes, as experts plan a dangerous rescue mission. >> you're telling me there is a movie company in hollywood right now, that is funded by the cia? >> yes. yes. >> pretty much. >> what is it like again? >> exhausting. >> rocky terrain.
8:32 am
>> hard to ride in bell bottoms. >> do you have a bad idea like this? >> we have a lot of bad ideas. >> there was the hula-hoops and the creme fresh and your cousin. >> and the scuba gear and peanut butter. >> and the going from 8-track to cassette. that was a bad idea. other than that, no. that's the worst. >> the united states government has just sanctioned your science fiction movie. >> all right. and visit the world of a revolution, inexplicably set to music. ♪ love for the lonely >> hello. hi. ♪ a heart full of song >> so, we're just singing? >> i'm doing everything all wrong. >> you're not doing everything all wrong. but the singing is a lot. ♪ for shame i don't even know your name ♪ >> am i supposed to sing here? my name's cosette.
8:33 am
♪ my name's cosette how is that? ♪ cosette, i have too much to say ♪ >> you have to get lost. it's too much. best of luck. >> she will bear witness to some of the most momentous events in history. >> i am the president of the united states, clothed in immense power. you will procure me these rights. >> we will? >> we will. >> oh, really. >> how about give, get -- procure. big words. >> how about please. >> you must be the president. >> wow. >> and face watery worlds of untold adventure. >> it's a story that will make you feel and hear like never before.
8:34 am
♪ >> you hear that? >> why is he singing? >> i don't know. >> shh. listen. >> what's the singing? >> singing again. >> right. left. good, okay. >> josh elliott, lara spencer, sam champion, george stephanopoulos, and directed by robin roberts, "good morning america" the movie. the journey continues. >> a special thanks to tia. anybody you want to thank in your speech? >> i know the tiger is winning the oscar. >> really should.
8:35 am
>> how about that tasty bite of fish there? those were a lot of fun to shoot. they really are. but, boy, that makeup is tough. >> everybody, tune into the real thing, the oscars, this sunday, 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. right here on abc. don't miss our oscar party with the stars monday morning. right now, it's time, if you have time in your busy schedule, you movie star, to give us the weather. >> i'm not sure. i don't know. what's my motivation here? let's start with your twitter and facebook pictures. you show us what it looks like during the day today. how about a little squaw valley in california. also, kansas is up in our next shot. been a rough 24, 36 hours in the state of kansas. eastern storm animation takes you -- this storm splits into two one heads into the great lakes. but it's still a snow producer today. then, we have this storm on the coastline for the weekend.
8:36 am
mostly a rain event for central and southern cities on the east coast. but new york, you're right on the edge of getting some. i think you're mostly rain. more north, you'll get more snow. and how about the oscar sunday forecast. morning, 50s. light sweater, lara. but by afternoon, it is in the 70s. right now, 74 degrees. that's a big change. it was looking earlier to be >> all that weather was brought to you by discover card. we're still unsettled by baggins' feet. i don't know how you feel? >> tense issues. there's the plus perfect. and it was tough.
8:37 am
>> grammar police. now, from the man that launched the music careers of bruce springsteen and whitney houston. clive davis has shaped half a century of music. and now, he is sharing amazing stories from his new memoir, "the soundtrack of my life." he sat down with cynthia mcfadden. >> reporter: for more than 50 years, clive davis has gotten the world's most talented artists to check their egos at the door. he convinced aretha franklin to get on the "freeway of love." ♪ we're going riding on the freeway of love ♪ >> reporter: talked a skeptical whitney houston into recording a song she wasn't crazy about. ♪ where do broken hearts go ♪ >> reporter: in a new book, "the soundtrack of my life," davis tells the stories of how his persistence has created the soundtrack for many of our lives.
8:38 am
like the time bob dylan showed davis a song he had written, thinking it was too racy for the public. >> i said, this cut could be a single. can you get the phrase lay lady lay on the radio? >> i think you can. >> reporter: decades later, davis is still pushing. we were there when diane warren tried a new song for him. >> i love the idea of this being a duet. >> mary j. and jennifer? >> clive will never let an artist pass on a hit song. maybe they're mad at you from the beginning. sell 10 million records and they're not mad anymore. >> reporter: you're still excited. >> of course, i'm excited. if i wasn't excited, i wouldn't do it no more. for that reason, i'm born inside aretha franklin again. there's no voice like aretha franklin. >> reporter: not even the queen of soul can say no to the great clive davis. for "good morning america," i'm cynthia mcfadden in los angeles.
8:39 am
coming up, we're going to have the oscar nominees before they were stars.
8:40 am
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8:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] and we are back. it's our oscar party. d.j. kiss right there. all of the winners on monday morning in hollywood. we'll pick it up with a look back at some of the nominees before they were stars. chris connelly is back with that. we saw tommy lee jones. >> tom lee jones, back this those days. it hasn't been all red carpets and regal treatment for all of the nominees. they had humble origins, on tiny roles or episodic television. or both, actually. >> you want to ride? >> reporter: that's bradley cooper, cruising for carrie on an episode of "sex and the city." >> if you can't carry a tune, don't come into the audition environment and waste our time.
8:43 am
>> reporter: and was a counselor with amy poehler on "wet, hot, american summer." and on "ail alias" he was -- who was that guy again? everybody loved will. >> not when he was on there. >> reporter: anne hathaway started younger. >> you know how many miles that light traveled to shine on you? >> i guess i don't. >> reporter: rockin' bobby socks in the anything but a city for "the other side of heaven." these mtv promos for "my super sweet 16" were among jennifer lawrence's first credit. >> hello, animal. >> reporter: this best actor nominee as tom lee jones, in "love story." playing ryan o'neill's harvard roommate. funny because in real life, he was al gore's. later, he would play doctor on "one life to live." she'll turn 86 the day of the
8:44 am
oscars. but in 1959, emmanuelle riva made "hiroshima mon amour," a classic french film. "psycho beach party" is a classic anything. but it does show us amy adams, up for best supporting actress. and long before bravely bearing body and sole for "the sessions," supporting actress contender, helen hunt, starred in "quarterback princess." >> ten, hut. >> reporter: on "the bionic woman," she was alien princess, ora. seeking refuge while her home planet was under attack. hey, it happens. i love "bionic woman." 15 years ago, helen hunt won an best actress oscar and emmy in the same year. that doesn't happen much. and we don't get to see these performances that often. >> i love it. >> head to tune into the oscars this sunday, 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific.
8:45 am
robin and lara host the red carpet preshow. and right here on abc, monday morning, the "gma" oscar party with the stars. all of the winners coming up. and we're going to crown in just a second, the winner of our oscar party food fight.
8:46 am
8:47 am
[ cheers and applause ] we have three, incredible chefs, four judges. but only one skinny mic, ladies and gentlemen. and i'll pass the it off to josh in a second. now, to our oscar party food fight. it's time to crown the winner. three chefs are here to show you how to pump up your oscar party at home. daniel holtzman, kelsey nixon,
8:48 am
host of "kelsey's essentials" on the food network channel, and kerry heffernan is the finalist from "top chef" masters. we gave them 40 minutes to come up with the perfect dish. they had to come up with their own movie. right? daniel, you got "skyfall." what was the dish? >> we made "skyfall" martinis. >> i like this. >> with bow ties. >> i like this. >> and they're chicken and olive meatballs. they're served dirty, shaken, not stirred. >> the martini glass, the bow tie. kelsey, you were assigned to the movie "argo." >> i made argo-choke dip. >> that's right. it has a little middle eastern flare. roasted red pepper. pita chips. it's nice. >> that's nice. it's better than day-old bread. if they were held captive. that's good.
8:49 am
kerry, you got "frankenweenie." we could not have thrown you a tougher one. what did you come up with? >> i liked the idea of a hot dog in kielbasa. kind of slashed and scarred and put back together again. and cabbage and mustard and a beautiful pastry crust. these guys can do it at home, right? >> "frankenweenie," i don't know. >> josh, i pass you the mic. >> the taste test. >> our audience got in there. i'm going to start with the young fella down there. what's your name? taylor. taylor. this is young taylor. taylor, you're going to start. please, reveal you're winner. "frankenweenie." your name, sir? bob. three, worthy candidates. "skyfall" on the list. your name, please. christy, what do you have -- "argo."
8:50 am
all right. it all comes down to this. there can only be one winner. your name, please? >> sophie. >> sophie, don't worry. we have guards for you. you will be able to get out of here safely. the winner of the golden chef's hat is -- [ cheers and applause ] >> who knew? oh. worthy opponents. >> congratulations, kerry. kerry, what do you have to say, quickly? >> kielbasa rules the day. what can i say? >> seriously, all delicious. three very deserving contestants. and it's time to eat. to get these recipes and other treats inspired by oscar-nominated films, go to on yahoo! oscars this sunday, 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. we're all going to be out there.
8:51 am
we have the "gma" after-party monday morning live from los angeles. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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[ cheers and applause ] lara on the way to the airport, she and robin host the red carpet preshow sunday night at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific, right here on abc. >> and don't miss our big "gma" after-party with the stars. >> and tuesday, our "dancing with the stars" reveal. dwts. d.j. kiss, you're amazing. >> yes, you are. thank you for watching. "gma live!" log onright now. we're coming. have a great weekend. well, well, well.
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>> now from abc7 news. getting ready for the weekend? mike nicco has the forecast. mike? >> check out how beautiful it looks from mount tamalpais this morning. now, the temperatures compared to average, we are a degree or two everywhere, highs in the low-to-mid 60's and bay and inland, mid-to-upper 50's at coast but not so breezy. the breezes come back after a sprinkling tonight so tomorrow is cooler and warmer and calmer
8:58 am
monday through wednesday. >> in santa rosa an accident right lane north 101 to san jose south 85 an accident blocking the ramp and walnut creek bunched up traffic with brake lights southbound on 680. >> see you for the midday news at announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael" pre-oscar celebration. today, jennifer hudson, vie yoela davis, melissa mccarthy, josh groban and ryan seacrest reveal personal oscar memories and give advice to the nominees. plus join us on a journey through time when we gain special access to the oscar footage vault and relive our favorite moments. find out how you can help kelly decide on her red carpet oscar look. plus, they're about to have the time of their lives. get to know our girls night out winners.
8:59 am
and pick easy, fun ideas for throwing a winning oscar party. all next on the emmy award winning "live!" now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [cheers and applause] kelly: so glamorous! so glamorous! oh my gosh. hi! michael: you look great. kelly: thank you. hi! thank you very much. it's friday, february 22, 2013. in case you couldn't tell, it is our pre-oscar celebration. michael: i'm excited about the oscars. kelly: are you really? i am too. i love holly


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