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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 28, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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scholarship fund. you can find it under see it on tv. reporting live in santa cruz, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> abc 7 news obtained new video of the shooting from a witness who was close to the home where the first gunshots were fired. you'll hear from neighbors who describe what happened, what they saw, coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> hundreds of viewers sent condolences to family and friends of the officers on our facebook page. a felon wanted for shooting and killing atvmíñ rapr is now in custody. police arrested an mar harris. this is harris in a you tube video bragging about money. the rapper went by the name of
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kenny clutch. >> benedict the 16th is no longer the leader of the roman catholic church. >> benedict is the first hope in 600 years to resign, beginning with a short meeting with his cardinals where he pledged obeed yens. >> he left just before 5:00 this evening bidding farewell to staffers and churchvhañç officials and boarded a helicopter circlinggle before making the flight. >> benedict's eight-year time came to an end 11:00 in the morning our time, here. members of the swiss guard closed the doors. the process to choose a successor will begin no later than march 15th. >> here in the bay area, the
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mission rang church bells 85 times cardinal berton tismt will serve asy] interim hope. >> the mass took place today in san francisco. to celebrate the service. >> abc 7 news has more from st. mary's cathedral. >> catholics say they felt somber heading into church this morning. the mass held to honor pope benedict the 16th. >> i'm truly thankful, feeling grateful for a man given a life of, of service to the church. >> the archbishop ask all hold a mass at thanksgiving for his long, healthy retirement. during the sermon he encouraged catholics to learn from the resignation.
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>> he was the right person for the job. i respect him resigning for whatever reason that may be. and i just hope that someone will be able to continue the role. >> catholics say they are also praying for the next pope. >> i have to put my faith in god to protect vid someone to lead the church. progressive ones, conservative ones and hopefully, bring us together with idea of how to love the world and serve others though we're all very different. >> they hold mass here every day. a lot of catholics told us they don't come every day, they came to honor the pope. >> several agencies are digging in an alameda creek
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now searching for crews to help discover the discovery of a human skull. sky 7 was over the scene as crews sifted through soil there. a teenager found part of a skull yesterday. and at least one more bone has been discovered. the remains are not those of the native american because the skull contains teeth with fillings. xpj depending on what is found officials may conduct an excavation of the creek. >> a woman claimed she was she made it up. the 21-year-old woman not identified told police she staged attack and fabricated the story. investigators say other evidence corroborates the admission and the case is now being forwarded to the santa cruz district attorney for possible prosecution. >> police are looking for the shoot whyer in a black vehicle firing at another car causing a three-car crash today. sky 7 hd was over the scene
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splees say occupants of the vehicle ran from the scene. no injuries were reported and the people being targeted returning when police arrived. they were detained for questioning. >> brace yourself. gas prices are going up again this, time, you cannot blame big oi. state of california is raising prices. the state board passed a(+ü cent per gallon increase. this will take affect july 1. the state increased the tax because we're using less gasoline than expected so the tax revenue from fuel coming up short of what officials had originally budgeted. >> the cost ofvojñ a bart ticket about to go up. trab transit agency needs to pay for new planes. >> we're live in san francisco with details. heather? >> today's board vote was
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actually one to continue an existing increase plan increasing fans every two years. so in 2010 and -- sorry, 2008 and 2010 there were no increases. now, guess what? things are looking up. so are fares and parking fees. >> inflation-based increase of about 5% will go into affect january 1. parking fees will go up by $1 at all stations including those where it's now free. exception with the west oakland station. increases could continue by 50 cents depending on demand at lots with increases capped at $3. revenue goes to help pay for trains and improvements and the agency is planning for an expected growth in rider ship. >> we think we can operate the
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service that we're now operating on without the increases but the problem we have is huge, huge challenges as well as we need investments. >> bart did not have dates for the parking fee increases except to say nlt spring in north concord martinez is that will take at least a year this, lot scheduled for june 1. >> thank you, heather. >> one thing not going up in price? a spencer christian forecast. >> yes. >> remains free of charge. >> hopefully, accurate too,. >> i'm considering an excise >> spring like conditions. >> here is a look. weiñ have mainly sunny skies no, as you can see there are some little areas of fog touching coastline. fog over central valley and
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mainly sunny right now. look at beautiful skies, temperatures now 56 degrees in san francisco. 61 in oakland. 63 san jose. here is a different view from our camera. looking down in ocean beach, you can see mainly sunny skies above. 66 in santa rosa.v/ofñ 68 in livermore, here is our first forecast we'll have mainly clear skies this evening. and overnight with some patchyk% coastal fog. it will be cool, but not cold in the morning with lows ranging from 52 togñf about 606789 what about afternoon? sunny skies really mild conditions with lows, highs rather in low 60s near the coast and mid to upper 70s inland but that will be the last day of this kind of weather. how our pattern is changing a little bit later. >> thank you very much. >> still ahead at 4:00 ebay expanding its same day delivery service now,
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competing with amazon and walmart. >> former dn drks -- nba star makes new, high profile friends in north korea. >> coming up at 4:11 checking traffic. wow. downtown skyway is jammed in both directions. bumper to bumper left to right going to lower deck of the bay bridge. not much better for folks heading southbound. stay with us, more still to
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san francisco symphony is mourning the loss of their principal oboist. he was the principle oboist. he collapsed saturday night, he was also an instructor at san francisco conservatory yeef music. >> technology news, not only are smart phones becoming smarter, but tougher, too. same sung will protect phones from malwear used to steal sensitive information from phones. there are some reports that it will have an option to keep business and use separate but contained on one device. ebay offering same day delivery service to san jose.
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that is one uping amazon's service. customers can buy from local stores through free i tunes app called ebay now it and will be delivered in san jose in 60 minutes. the app let's customers track deliveries so it's cool. >> remarkable. >> yes. >> groupon fires its ceo in the wake of sinking sales and makers of a new video app face a lawsuit from a former friend. >> good afternoon, larry, carolyn.néé7ñ andrew mason is out he will be replaced as interim kro coes a group onwent public at $20 a share.
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the company mind girls gone wild videos files for bankruptcy trying to protect itself from steve wynn listing debts of $16 million and assets of $8,000. the founders of the app nap chat have been sued but one former class mate. claims they stole the idea from him and shut him out of the company after they had a falling out. >> stocks raising gains after news the senate rejected proposals to stave off tomorrow's spending cuts. the bloomberg silicon valley index lower on shares of apple and oracle. in the battle for advertising it appears facebook and google are ahead of the pack. 13 of the top 15 display apps
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ad platt forms saw declines in ad volume in january. two company was generate a third of all revenue in 2013. larry, carolyn, back to you. >> it's getting warmer, and sunnier. >> it s it's changing. >> this will be changing but do you remember march coming in like a lamb going out like a lion? sorry. coming in like a lion going out like a lamb. either way, comes in one way, it goes out the other. >> a lot of things work like that but maybe we can talk about the forecast. >> march coming in like a meek lamb. her inner lioness will move in next week. >> let's move on. how much are we paying for the
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forecast? >> we'll drop the excise tax. >> we have areas of fog touching the coastline, sunny skies above. and some high clouds, things looking nice and spring like. some patches of fog are lingering. mid-70s and mostly cloudy skies saturday, maybe sprinkles develop saturday first this beach hazard in effect from tomorrow morning through saturday evening. there could with dangerous sneaker waves. it could be hazardous. moving on to satellite image and animation showing systems and weather almosts. high pressure holding on and you can sigh clouds will be working by saturday.
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so ridge holds on one more day. a mild spring like weather coming our way. but then, things begin to change this, evening, notice how fog will move down along the coastline. anothera gorgeous day. highs into mid to upper 40s so relatively mild overnight. this is compared with other areas. san jose up to 77 in gilroy. 76 morgan hill. highs in the low 70s, 74 mountain view. 60s on the coast. 61 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco, high of 68 degrees tomorrow. 63 sunset district. mid-70s. 75 in santa rosa and nappa. 73
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cal stoga. near east bay highs 71 in oakland. 70 in union city. inland east bay, highs in mid-70s as well. 75 in pleasanton. here is the accu-weather forecast. so things starthfaafú that is the hope. >> that is all i'm saying. >> probably a good place to leave it thank you. >> coming up, two cats live in and guard a courtroom. >> and after 4:30 wayne freedman sits down with iron mike tyson and lives to talk about it. you can catch the performance this week. >> and taking a look at traffic this is mcarthur maze,
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you can see cars heading east on 806789 it's slow going. it's also sticky on the right side of the screen for cars making a sharp right towards san francisco and bay bridge. stay with us. stay with us. ssure news at 4:00 continues and get a colde high be
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get coricidin hbp. the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high blood pressure. and the only one i use to relieve my cold symptoms without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp. cats in the court house
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are drawing atension in lebanon, indiana. county workers got so tired of clean cleaning up the mess left behind to python they turned to boom and panda. they scare off the pigeons congregating there for years. >> they're in front of the door. and we were having to clean that up on a daily basis. and... didn't want that. >> so now, someone makes a trip to the top floor to clean up after the cats saying it's easier than cleaning up after pigeon autos they look so cute. they don't look like. >> but they're terrorists. >> yes. >> if you're a pigeon, i suppose they are. >> an actor and rapper joining forces and big headlines in france. >> the cannes film festival is
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one of the biggest. steven spielberg helping to decide which films will win prizes. it's been trying to get speilberg for years but the director always busy working. he's considered a regular at the festival. premiering some of the big films there. saying it's an honor to preside over the jury of the cinema proving it is the language of the world. >> red carpet to get the word out on the show brought to you by the and this is great to be part of the twilight community. i hope they come up with this project. >> it premiers this sunday here on abc. now to actor mark wahlberg and rapper sean combs announced a business partnership selling water.
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>> we're like yin and yang. our human is different90ñ&z andr style is different but it fits together. >> get more celebrity news on >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 a murder mystery accusations of poisoning at one of the world's prestigious competition autos a pee we hockey coach in trouble caught tripping a young player from the opposing team. do you believe that? >> diplomatic score. former nba star dennis rodman's leader kim jong un. >> millions of us fall victim to id theft. is it worth to pay someone to get protection?
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breaking news is happening san francisco. a woman is in critical condition after being hit by a muni train near san francisco state campus. sky 7 over this intersection. >> workers performed cpr at the scene before the woman was rushed to the hospital. we will continue to stay on top of the story for you and
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send out updates on twitter. >> today the obama administration is asking the supreme court to overturn california's ban on same-sex marriage. the administration argues denying gays and lesbians the rights to marry violates the equal protection clause. the fight over gay marriage led president obama to make this pledge last month. >> our journey not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. >> now, putting his pen where his mouth is. urging justices to overturn the gay marriage ban, the second filing with the justices hearing two back to back gay marriage cases next month)sjkñ.
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eric holder spoke about the issue. >> this is a question of whether or not american citizens are going to be treated with protection of the law. >> briefs may not sway the high court but the opinion does carry weight. apple, google, facebook and hundreds of other businesses are also filing briefs in support of gay marriage with several well known republicans including john huntsman, meg whitman and clint eastwood. in december, washington became the ninth state to legalize gay marriage. >> we're so fortunate. >> opponents have said they believe the decision will swing their way. >> what is the purpose of marriage? marriage brings together men and women for the reproduction of the human race.
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>> officials in monday tanya said yes to arming school police with rivals. this was arjly ceremony yil as the rifles were ordered well before the sandy hook mass qlaer. they cost nearly $20,000 stored in locked safes on campuses, critics say they don't belong around schools and the money should have been spent to restore counseling >> what i don't want is to close that line between providing security and safety and mill tarizing our public system. >> i'm for anything to protect our kids, i'm for it police say there have been no specific threats to the fontana unified school district. >> a prize-winning dog may have been poisoned at the kennel club show.
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his owner believe bleaches an animal rights lover slipped rat poison into the food. peta long protested dog shows but a spokesperson says they don't condone poisoning. cruz was cremated. the kennel club officials say they found no evidence of rat poison budget cuts are apparently coming. congress seems unwailwilling to stop the cuss cuts that are due tomorrow and it's hard to pin down. >> you're right. congressional democrats warn the cuts are going to be severe saying that is a scare tactic. >> we've been hearing the cuts will cut into the head start program. the said said protected
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683,000 won't begin until june. she's heard nothing from the national office on specifics because they don't know yet!nx. we've heard food inspectors will have to be furloughed meaning meat processing plants would have to close on days that the inspectors are not present. many do much of that monitoring themselves and don't know what the impact of the cuts will be. workers did not want to talk about the possibility of furloughs because they haven't been told. and faa warns air traffic at san francisco international airport could be cut back as much as 30%. i spoke with a controller from san francisco who is also the
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local spokeswoman. >> we're all waiting just to -- as much as the rest of america to see what is going to happen. >> a contest this with what we're hearing out of washington, d.c.. >> unless the house stops mindless across the board cuts, you, too, could lose your job. >> the specifics aren't there yet and republicans are pushing back. >> there is a lot of post you'ring i'm going layoff employees unless do;nk] you something. close hospitals down. i live in that world, come on. >> we'll check on the airport. flight inspectors being told control tower there is closing april 1. no spoke. >> thank you. >> a youth hockey coach
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tripped two opposing players, someone captured the scene on video. take a look. the 48-year-old walk as cross the ice during the game, there, it e.sticks out his right leg and trips two boys sh one boy broke his wrist. most observers expected a slap on the wrist but a judge jentsed the coach to 15 days in jail. >> big lesson forbpr anyone is that sports can be intense. you often have to have passion but need control. >> he put in years and years coaching hockey and as a scout master that. is all over. he's paid a heavy price for actions that day. >> his attorney says itd cost his client construction contracts and his marriage. he says he will not be appealing this decision. >> this is diplomacymñ at its
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best. dennis rodman has done something no american has done before, meet north korea president kim jong um. rodman apparently told the north korean leader quote have you a friend for life.
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harlem shake supposed to be a fun dance craze. >> now, college students sparked an faa investigation,
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check it out. >> oh, my goodness. oh. this video posted on you tube shown on board a flight from denver to san diego over president's day weekend. i like the banana. >> the colorado college frisbee team organized kor yog graphy. it's looking into what phase the flight was n frontier says seat belt signs were off and safety measures were followed. >> do you think other people were in on it? or just spon tain withus? >> good question. >> i'm sure faa is looking into it. let's turn to the forecast. >> take a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies over the bay area, another gorgeous day. a little bit of fog touching the coast lichblt high clouds over in the central valley.
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areas of light precipitation around the country tomorrow. some scattered showers between st. louis and atlanta.e75l rockies mainly dry. denver, light snow showers and light rain showers up in pacific northwest. tomorrow, not only sunny skies and dry but mild to warm with 83 in los angeles tomorrow, 68 on the coast at monterey. and here in the bay area, we'll see sunny skies again tomorrow with high temperatures in the low to mid-70s around the bay shore line. mid to upper 70s inland locations highs of 75 and 76 in san jose. things changing and we'll cool
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down sharply. i'll tell you about it at 5:00. >> coming up next the disease you might be prone to for sitting too long on your desk during the day. >> first lady michelle obama's team to get students to exercise. >> identity theft is a problem there are service that's will protect you but... are they worth the price? that story next. 4!b[e' ahead on abc's world new. >> tonight on world news we look towards rome we have contenders for the new pope. they're beginning to emerge. we'll show you front runner chz has a tv show? which one loves to play hockey? how does this man become the new world diplomat? dennis rodman first american to talk to kim jong un is in the leader of one of the
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hidden and hostile
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checking healthy living news two studies seem to suggest the link between sitting and diabetes. researchers followed 153 adults comparing time spent
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sitting to engaged in moderate exercise and foundvpv time spet sitting was linked to higher blood sugar and cholesterol levels and other risk factors. patients are advised to do moderate to vigorous exercise at least 150 minutes per week. a study in journal pediatrics suggests physical education classes may be just as important as reading, writing and arithmetic. children who are fit are more than two times more likely nroa pass math and reading tests than unfit children. results the same for kids m different groups and found did it not have a significant affect on academic success this, report is sthour raise tempers a science journal suggesting women are heavier because they're not doing as much housework. the study points out back in 1965, women spent 26 hours per week dusting and mopping but
4:46 pm
2010 it dropped to just 13 hours per week, more housework more calories d found women exchanged time spent vacuuming for time spent watching tv. >> sure that report is well received tonight. >> 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick to danced on stage with the first lady today in chicago celebrating third anniversary of her let's move initiative and said easiest way to get kids tochler sis is get their friends involved. >> they want to get around. they are outside. you're having a good time. it will come naturally. as far as just being out there, being active, playing sports... running around. i think once you can get them away from the controller 10 minutes and get them outside, i think it will take care of itself from there. nike announced it will invest
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$50 million over five years to help increase physical activity in schools and communities and he did have comments about alex smith and we'll have that for you tonight at 6:00. >> now, millions of americans victims of identity theft every year. consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side. >> if you're concerned about someone stealing identity, you might be tempted to buy one of the protection services being promoted. millions of americans have, but you've got to ask this. is it worth the cost? >> audrey started thinking about id theft after giving extensive information to a mortgage counselor then began to doubt the company was legitimate.víç
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>> panic, i gave them everything there seems to know about me. >> she began researching how to guard her credit. the search term id theft generates a list of companies atíkemz a price. >> people are prime targets that charge anywhere from $120 to $300 a year. >> marketing can be heavy handed with claims like one of the fastest-growing crimes,eq nine million americans fall victim and you can be a victim. >> less than 1% reported households tapping into medical benefits according to the justice department. >> the main service these companies offer is monitoring the big credit bureaus. trance union and he can requestfax for new credit requests in your name. you can do that your self.
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>> we recommend getting a credit report for three bureaus it's free if you stagger requests you can get a fresh report every four month autos if you have reason to suspect the breech you can place a 90 day fraud alert warning lenders to be more vigilant about granting credit. consumer reports says place a security freeze on yourq=h cret reported. that way, qlernds like banks or anyone else won't have access to the report. that makes it more difficult for crooks to open accounts in your name. if you apply be aware you'll need to lift the freeze involving a small fee. one final thought here is you can do this yourself but may choose not to. not everybody cleans their own house or washz their own car. >> you're getting back to that? >> oh, please. would you like to elaborate on
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that? >> yes. >> up next he was once known as the baddest man on the planet. not talking about finney. >> what iron mike tyson is doing in the bay area, up next. >> in the abc 7 newsroom at 5:00 you're going to hear from innocent bystanders caught in the cross fire of a gun and don't worry if you're a late loomer.
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mike tyson appearing at the orpheum theater. >> he's got an interesting new show. >> the former baddest man on the planet takes a limo in your direction it's only natural to think thank
4:54 pm
goodness we're theer talk, not fight. you know his name, right? >> michael gerard tyson you don't look so mean. >> i'm not, now. >> no. now he's an entertainer. >> so after i left prison i >> mike tyson is a former heavy weight champion turning the story of his life into a one man show. >> i hate the act i am a peacock. >> so said the man who once bit off an ear while losing a fight. he is taking this stage in 30 cities appears a changed man. if you look at him he's still a little scary but he's gentle. a man seems to want to bare his soul. >> why do you think you're considering? -- interesting at this point? >> i don't know. maybe because i'm a little bit
4:55 pm
of a weirdo. >> who wouldn't be interested in this former person fiction of fury? all the time he acted tough he said was a scared little boy. >> it's a afraid little boichl you know you're never going to pick on me again because i'll tear your soul apart. >> going to prison for rape, earning and burning $400 million. >> you can pull the kid you were aside and speak to him what would you say? >> i couldn't tell him anything now. he went through trials and tribulations. now, he knows how to protect that young kid. >> now, he's on stage a study in what he was and who he professes to be. if nothing else, is he fascinating. >> if a guy like me with month education lived in the poorest neighborhood in the country
4:56 pm
have drug addicted sex working parents, if i can make it, you can, too. >> incredible life. >> yes. it has. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> i'm larry beil. the news at 5:00 begins right now. >> innocent bystanders describe a killer gun battle police that had bullets flying at them. and what a teenager brought home from a walk that is now the subject of a police investigation. >> one moyer spring like day coming our way, but then, winter returns. the accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> goulet suddenly surprised
4:57 pm
officers, produced weapons and that was within seconds. >> details tonight about hout police officers were caught off guard. gunned down, killed in an ambush by jeremy goulet. good evening. >> we're learning more about how those two santa cruz detectives were killed. and escape he was planning. the two officers detective sargeant and spoke with the gunman about 10 minutes through a closed door before being shot to death. the sheriff announced today that investigators found a passport and a plane ticket to on his body. he was scheduled to fly out this week. and have learned he'd been arrested for sex-related crimes including an arrest for rape in hawaii. >> the suspect in an inappropriate touching of a
4:58 pm
juvenileljpç woman or child, a female. we're following up in that investigation as well. >> we want to give you a look at exactly what happened on tuesday. this started around 3:30 p.m. the detective sargeant baker and detective butler went to goulet's apartment as part of a sexual assault investigation. goulet shot and killed both officer was no warning. >> neither officer was wearing body armor at the time. however, body armor would not have helped. officer dz not have the opportunity to call on a radio they barely had opportunity to turn and run. >> one bullet traveled to stanford woman area and grazed a woman more than a block away. you can see the view from her. he took guns and keys and drove car around the
4:59 pm
neighborhood before he tried to go back to his apartment. he pulled into an alley and a fire truck and police cornered goulet. he was wearing detective baker's bulletproof vest. >> today is the first day that neighborhood where the tragedy unfolded could begin to return to a normalcy now that the tape has come down. this is where this suspect lived. >> i'm standing right in front of the bungalow where detectives had their tragic confrontation with the goulet. they had no idea he was such a threat. there are flowers in a neighborhood trying to begin to highway.. >> i was go being into the tool box. >> robert mitchell parked his van on doyle avenue tuesday


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