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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 1, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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suddenly, falling wall-by-wall this house into a sinkhole some 100 feet wide, 15 feet deep. and now, one member of that family that lives in that modest home, is trapped just as the sinkhole expands deeper into the ground. >> the whole house could collapse at any moment. our reporter, rob munoz, from our tampa station wfts is there. and has the latest on the rescue effort. what can you tell us, rob? >> reporter: within the past--hour crews from the engineering firm has assessed where this sinkhole is on this property. they're using radar detection to know exactly where these holes exactly. the sink hole swallowed the entire bedroom of the 37-year-old, jeff bush, he was a nant nance worker.
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his brother tried grabbing him. he was sinning as hole. the first responder on the scene grabbed him out. they weren't able to reach jeff bush. they haven't heard from him the past several hours. this property, this sink hole is 100 feet wide. the home could go at any moment. >> what a scene. all right, rob munoz from our tampa station. thanks very much. sam, how does this happen? >> it happens a lot more than we think, robin. and a lot more places than we believe. and what's most frightening about this is how sudden and instant it is. the ground is fine and there, until it's not. you're looking at pictures from florida right now. we'll give you the abc virtual view to describe what's going on under the ground. everything looks tranquil and peaceful right on top of the surface. but when you pull it away from the surface and get a side view.
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and the most likely states are florida, texas, alabama, missouri, kentucky, tennessee and pennsylvania. and here's why. under the surface, there will be a deposit of earth that's probably a soluble rock, like salt or gypsum or limestone. water gets in here and can't get out. and all of this dissolves. then, the water leaches away. the ground collapses. you never know the ground is going to collapse because for a long time that ground will stay perfectly in place. and all of a sudden, just give away. it could just be a few feet. it could be hundreds of acres that go suddenly, just like that. that's why this thing is so frightening. it can also happen in construction areas where water has been pumped out of the ground. >> certainly terrifying. we'll have updates as news warrants. thank you for that, sam. we turn to washington, d.c. where it is deadline day for those massive federal budget cuts due to take effect just before midnight tonight. abc's jonathan karl tracking the latest at the white house right now. good morning to you, jon. >> reporter: good morning, josh. the day is upon us. those dreaded across-the-board spending cuts will go into
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effect some time before 11:59 p.m. tonight. and only now is the president having his first meeting with congressional leaders here at the white house to try to do something about it. congress has now gone home for a long weekend. [ crickets ] after failing to pass a plan to avert the sweeping $85 billion in cuts. >> i cannot tell you how disgusted i am. >> reporter: in an impassioned speech on the senate floor, republican lindsey graham, cast blame not only on the president, but also on his own party. >> to me this is pathetic leadership by the commander in chief. this is an abandonment of the republican's party. this is a low point in my time in the united states congress. >> reporter: the finger-pointing is a little embarrassing, since both sides spent almost no time trying to come to an agreement. >> it is the president's sequester. it was his team that insisted upon it. >> it's a shame our republican
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colleagues have decided that protecting special interests. than the right thing for our economy. >> reporter: now what? the administration warns that in the coming weeks, we'll see flight delays, kids thrown out of headstart and criminals set free. but white house press secretary jay carney acknowledged the pain may not come right away. what happens at 11:59? >> look, you know, not all of them will be felt immediately. they don't all happen on saturday. it's a gradual process. but the cumulative impact of sequester, you know, will be significant to our economy and particularly so to the individuals affected. >> reporter: nobody has high hopes for today's meeting. even if they were to suddenly come up with an agreement, of course, the house and the senate are gone for the weekend. so, there would be nobody around to actually pass it. robin? >> so true. all right, jon. thanks so much. so, how could the looming cuts affect each of us? "gma weekend" co-anchor bianna golodryga is here with that. good morning, bianna. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
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while all these budget cuts may not have a huge impact on the overall economy just yet, they will be affecting millions of americans. and many of them not well as it is. let's show you what's going to happen. those receiving unemployment checks, unemployment checks will go down by nearly 10%. 9.4%. the long-term benefit, a loss of $400 for those collecting checks. also, those on disability payments will be delayed for weeks. we don't know how many weeks. also, we're talking about small businesses. small business loans will be down nearly $2,000. small businesses affecting millions of americans. this particular cut would affect 22,000, nearly 23,000 americans. this is important because small businesses employ the majority of all american workers. robin? >> bianna, thank you. and on "this week," george will have the latest with his guest republican senator kelly ayotte. let's turn to dan harris with the news. >> taking this place over. >> you are. >> watch out.
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rachel smith is here, too. it's colonization starting now. good morning, everyone. we're going to be leading with a wildfire that's menacing homes out of los angeles this morning. it broke out overnight, east of the city in riverside county. you can see 30-foot flames devouring palm trees and scorching backyards. this fire is being fueled by unseasonably warm and windy conditions. 200 firefighters are trying to put this thing out. people have been told to evacuate. but some of them are using garden hoses to protect their property. so far, the fire is about 30% contained. at the vatican this morning, pope benedict's apartment has been sealed. the doors closed with that symbolic red ribbon, all part of the ancient, secret and elaborate process leading up to choosing a new pope. abc's david wright is at the vatican once again this morning to tell us what is coming next. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. a new day begins for the roman catholic church. this morning, the dean of the college of cardinals sent out this letter, calling the cardinals to rome. he sent it out by e-mail, in fact. the vatican adapting its ancient
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traditions to modern times. at the stroke of 8:00 last night, the swiss guard closed the heavy doors at castel gandolfo. and the local police took over for them. marking the moment that benedict was no longer hope. -- pope. the vatican took his picture off the pope's twitter account and deleted all of the tweets. that account will soon belong to someone else. today, the call went out to the cardinals, a summons to a general congregation 9:30 monday morning. they'll have daily meetings to discuss the issues facing the charge. while technicians prepare the sistine chapel for the conclave. installing cell phone jamming devices under the floor boards. installing the chimney for the smoke signals, the only way approved method for communicating the results. what are you hearing? >> you know, quite honestly, it's an open conclave. >> reporter: the cardinals tell us the names they have in mind going in, include all the ones being discussed in the news media.
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>> did we miss anybody? >> cardinal -- >> reporter: now, we should underscore that the meetings that begin monday morning are not the start of the conclave. they will have general meetings to discuss the future of the church while they await all of the cardinals' arrivals. but most of them are already here. so, it could begin relatively quickly. dan? >> and the cell phone jammers in the floor of the sistine chapel. david wright, thank you. this morning, president obama is taking a stand on gay marriage. and he has an unusual ally here. the white house is now urging the supreme court to overturn california's ban on same-sex marriage. calling it unconstitutional. and support is coming in from clint eastwood, who famously ridiculed the president with an empty chair at the republican convention. and finally this morning, take a look at what happened in iowa. a tractor-trailer burst into flames. it was dangling off a highway after a crash. watch as the fire crews go to extremes here. they push the trailer over the
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edge so the flames wouldn't spread to the second trailer. the driver had managed to jump out. so, in the immortal words of one josh elliott, no one was hurt. >> thankfully. >> which i believe that should be the name of josh elliott's book. it's going to have that intonation, too. you know what i'm saying? >> just like that. >> you will be forced to read the book. thank you, dan. all right, we're going to turn now to a very odd and rather stunning couple in the news this morning. basketball hall of famer dennis rodman, making international headlines, becoming the first american to meet north korean leader kim jong-un. file this under the strangest but the truest. abc's claire shipman has more, now, in washington. good morning to you, claire. >> reporter: good morning, josh. maybe it's an updated take on that cold-war ping-pong diplomacy. the match-up is bizarre. but both personalities are so quirky, it almost makes a strange sort of sense. it's a long way to go for a bromance. >> it's my first time. i think it is --
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most these guys' first time. >> very upset. >> reporter: american bad boy nba hall of famer dennis rodman. and worldwide bad boy, dictator, kim jong-un. two guys, sharing a lot of laughs in north korea. bonding at a harlem globetrotters exhibition game. the north korean leader is a passionate basketball fan. afterwards, sushi at the leader's palace. background music -- the theme song from that smash tv show, "dallas." the unlikely courtship made the front page of the newspaper. rodman assured his new pal, he has a friend for life. apparently, it's basketball diplomacy. an hbo producer brought rodman and a few globetrotters to pyongyang as part of a new documentary series. >> this is a basketball game. and it's a basketball game designed to bring about dialogue. >> reporter: always over-the-top, remember the hair? the wedding dress? north korea may be the only place rodman is considered a
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diplomat. he's now the first american to meet the new north korean leader. an honor not even given to the head of google recently. administration sources say this get-together came as a surprise. >> we don't think the timing of this is particularly helpful. >> reporter: especially just a few weeks after the north koreans conducted a highly-provocative nuclear test. rodman tweeted, i'm not a politician. kim jong-un and north korean people are basketball fans. now, kim jong-un said he hopes this visit will break the ice between the two countries. rodman reportedly invited him for a visit to the united states. that got a huge laugh from the dictator, robin. >> i'm sure it did. all right, claire, thank you. have a good weekend. now, to the mystery of the show dog who suddenly died just days after the prestigious westminster dog show. the owner suspects her beloved pet was deliberately poisoned during the event. dan, you've been tracking the latest for us. >> all over this story. good morning, once again. the death of a dog named cruz
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has touched off a feverish round of finger-pointing and hand-wringing. and it has provided us a fascinating glimpse into the intense world of dog shows. cruz was a cotton puff. a 3-year-old purebred samoyed, worth thousands of dollars, flew commercial and was considered an up-and-comer in the dog show world. >> he was just a cool dog to be around. >> reporter: he came to new york last month with a dream, competing at westminster, the super bowl for canines. the night before at the new yorker hotel, cruz had a steak dinner with his handler, robert chapman. the day of, he trotted spryly, although he didn't win. but days later, he started coughing blood and then died. the vet says his symptoms suggest he ate rat poison. >> we wholeheartedly believe that he was intentionally poisoned. >> reporter: he believes cruz was poisoned by animal rights activists. one of whom argued with him outside the show.
7:13 am
and he's raising the possibility that she could have thrown some rat poison into the dog's cage. >> the accusation is ludicrous. and he hasn't even identified the person as an animal rights activist. it was someone who criticized him. >> reporter: so, what about cruz's rivals? after all, the dog show world is a competitive hothouse, where i've seen owners go to extraordinary lengths for an edge. >> she gets breakfast made for her in the morning. and it's a hot breakfast. >> reporter: eggs? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: it's happened before. look at this "new york times" headline from 1895. eight dogs poisoned at westminster. jealousy believed the motive. impossible, says the handler. >> i don't believe it was another competitor by any means. i believe it was somebody who is sick. >> reporter: so, then, maybe cruz ate rat poison unintentionally. however, the people at the hotel where he stayed say they don't use the stuff. and, according to the westminster kennel club, the same thing is true at the facility where the dog show was held. okay. so what now? the owner has called the nypd.
7:14 am
but it's too late to have the body examined. the owner was so confident that cruz had been poisoned, she said she immediately had him cremated. his life, impossibly cute. his death, perhaps, impossible to solve. >> thank you, dan. we turn now to a truly one of a kind rental opportunity. in the heart of beverly hills. perfect for a large family or every single one of your friends. 29 bedrooms, 40 bathrooms. your own nightclub and all for just a cool $600,000 a month in rent. abc's nick watt takes us on a tour. >> reporter: who could possibly live in a place like this? the answer could be you. nice is possibly an understatement. if you can afford the rent. $600,000 a month. yes, you heard me right. it's not my accent. $600,000 a month. whitney lived here in "the bodyguard." gazed at k.c. across this pool.
7:15 am
jfk and jackie honeymooned here in real life. we all know this view. >> that's the famous staircase from "the godfather." >> reporter: all yours for $20,000 a day, plus a gigantic security deposit. has anyone ever trashed the place? >> no. >> reporter: this, one of the only old-school beverly hills estates left is also for sale to the right buyer. >> and most likely, it will be a buyer who will live here maybe six weeks, eight weeks out of the year. has multiple homes. >> reporter: sorry? someone's going to pay 115 million bucks to live here for six weeks a year? >> exactly. >> reporter: buy or rent, we're talking 17 bedrooms, 29 bathrooms, a nightclub and a gentleman cave. that's like a man cave but lined with vintage french wine. do you have to pay utilities? >> utilities are included. >> reporter: good. good. just checking. i wish i could say it was gaudy and gauche. but it's not.
7:16 am
it's lovely. i'd love to live here. but they wouldn't cut a deal. it's cozy. 600 grand a month. i can dream about it. i can dream about living here. and i will. and i will. ain't nothing wrong with champagne wishes and caviar dreams. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, beverly hills. >> got to love that nick. got to love that nick. >> what's that line? this is the life we have chosen. that's the life we could certainly choose. >> you called it. you knew it was "the godfather" house. >> i tell you that shot from that pool. >> mr. movie magic here. he knew it. he knew it. speaking of mr. movie magic. that's what we like to call sam the second hour of the program. sam, what do we have? >> we're going to start with cold air moving across the country. you might have california dreams. it's one of the few places that end up being warm. watch the fronts drop down. we have freeze warnings in georgia today. i wouldn't be surprised to see them in north and central
7:17 am
florida during the day tomorrow. morning windchills, 16 in chicago. 27 in memphis. they're on their way down further south. again, the west coast, one of the few places where it's actually warm. and we're sharing the northwest warm here. look at this -- 62 in seattle. 64 in portland. this is very close to record levels. all the way around the west coast. just a beautiful couple of days. cold right in the middle of the country.
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>> heads up for the weekend. deep south, cold blast, everybody. that weekend getaway was brought to you by target. >> all right, sam. coming up, a dramatic twist in the so-called breakup murder trial. what caused jodi arias to break down in tears on the stand? and fighting for his job. a popular high school basketball coach fired over a racy video from his past. why parents, though, are rallying around him right now. and everyone's going bananas for "the harlem shake." but is it safe to do it when the entire plane's in flight? the faa investigates. we got answers. "gma," straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ advil pm® or tylenol pm. the advil pm® guy is spending less time lying awake with annoying aches and pains and more time asleep. advil pm®. the difference is a better night's sleep. >> now from use. an investigation into a fatal officer-involved shooting is
7:23 am
underway in sonoma county town of guerneville after the rescue of a kidnapping victim last night after a woman was abducted from san rafael. she sent out text messages and the deputies gave chase and that is where the suspect crashed the car, the woman was pulled to safety by deputies who fatally shot the suspect. the victim was not injured. >> sue is off today so we will look at the traffic conditions. this is highway 87 in the show area and another example of how foggy it is. with the sun up, this is the by bridge toll plaza, it is murky, so remember that headed to the bridge. most of the bay area bricking are
7:24 am
7:25 am
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>> this is how it looks from mount tamalpais to san francisco you can barely see a leg of the golden gate bridge sticking through. this is how it looks, on the golden gate bridge, you can see ho
7:27 am
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♪ creating "harlem shake" videos. how does the banana -- how did it get past security? >> so many questions. >> the faa investigating. and we'll -- i love the gentleman in the front. it's kind of like -- >> he got sucked in. like, what's happening here? our audience, doing a little "harlem shake" on their own. but you're not seeing how they were instructed to do it. >> come back for "gma live!" and you will, however. it is friday. happy friday, everybody.
7:29 am
march 1st. george and lara are off today. great to have dan harris and rachel smith are here today. it's like the weekend is creeping in on us. >> we had a plan early this morning. >> everybody is jump-starting. weekend starts friday. we have that story. a basketball coach said he was forced out after a risque video from his past surfaced. but the interesting twist here. the parents of his team are now fighting to help him get his job back. everyone wants to know the answer to this question. what's the secret to a happy marriage? is it putting your relationship first and your children second? we're going to introduce you to the celebrity couple saying that's how they do it. and can you believe it's actually causing controversy? there's going to be discussion about it. >> let everybody weigh in. hear their opinion. rachel, i look at you. i think of the oscars. i can't believe it was earlier this week. it was a big week, a huge week for jennifer lawrence. now, she's starring as the face of miss dior. her reaction when she saw these
7:30 am
photos. a little unexpected. but real when she saw these. >> she remains real to the very last bit. >> yes, she does. we're going to get to the emotional day at the so-called breakup murder trial yesterday. jodi arias, repeatedly breaking down in tears, as the prosecutor grilled her on the night that she killed her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander. it was her 13th day on the stand. and really could have been the most pivotal of all. abc's ryan owens has the latest. >> reporter: jodi arias finally caved under the pressure. >> ma'am, were you crying when you were shooting him? >> i don't remember. >> were you crying when you were stabbing him? >> i don't remember. >> reporter: on day five of juan martinez's withering cross-examination. >> would you like to look at the photograph? >> no. >> reporter: she broke down when he told her to look at the gruesome crime scene she
7:31 am
created. stabbing and killing her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander. >> would you also agree you are the individual that stabbed him in the upper torso? >> yes. >> reporter: the 32-year-old claimed she killed alexander in self-defense in june of 2008, when the mormon businessman threatened her life. the prosecutor made arias act out the way she says he lunged at her. >> show me the linebacker pose. >> reporter: martinez believes arias is a cold-blooded killer who made up the fight and abuse allegations to justify her bloody rampage. she also did a lot to cover her tracks. like leaving this voicemail for a man she just killed. >> but let me know. and i'll talk to you soon. >> there would be no other reason to leave a dead man a telephone call, would there? >> ultimately, that was the main reason, yes. >> reporter: she also wrote this e-mail to him three days after the crime. >> hey, you. i haven't heard back from you.
7:32 am
i hope you're not still upset i didn't come to see you. >> reporter: martinez ended by showing this clip from the show "inside edition." >> you can mark my words on that one, no jury will convict me. >> and you believed that no jury would convict you because you were going to lie your way out of it, right? >> objection. argumentative. >> reporter: next week, arias will be back on the stand, under friendlier questioning by her attorney. he has a lot of work to do. his client could face the death penalty. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. >> thank you, ryan. for more, now, we're going to bring in our legal analyst, dan abrams. until now, jodi arias had been composed on the stand. you had been impressed by her level of composure in her testimony. seemingly, as you said, almost robotic at times. but it all changed. >> at the right time. right? i mean, she's crying at the right time. she continues to follow a script. she continues to be, in my view, a good witness, with horrible
7:33 am
facts. so, she's getting really upset when they're showing her photos of his dead body. she's getting really upset when they're talking about how she killed him. but i say, this is the right time for the prosecutor to be aggressive. i've been critical of the prosecutor for being overly aggressive early in the cross-examination. this is the time for the prosecutor to be aggressive. i would have liked this to have popped a little more, from his perspective, rather than fighting with her over some of the details he was fighting with her about earlier in the case. this is that moment. this is the courtroom moment. >> has he established motive? >> the prosecution has enormous evidence in this case. the problem is, the last thing you want is one or two jurors maybe feeling sorry for her. and as a result, possibly pushing for a lesser conviction.
7:34 am
you know, i don't think it's likely. but possible for a not guilty. so, the last thing prosecutors want in this case is a hung jury. >> quickly, what to expect from redirect? >> i think it should be quick. i think that we've heard enough from jodi arias. i think she's done well enough that the defense attorney should have her on the stand, ask her a few questions, maybe for an hour or two. but then, move on, let this case go. i think she's done what she needed to do. >> testifying help or hurt her? >> it's helped. even if you can say she's probably going to be convicted. >> still more to come. now, to a popular high school basketball coach fighting to get his job back. he says he was pushed out over a racy video he made ten years ago. some parents at the school now taking his side. abc's gio benitez is here with much more on this. a lot of eyes on this story. >> reporter: it's interesting. good morning. this story is creating controversy across the nation. many asking how much of your past should come back to haunt you? perhaps most surprising is what
7:35 am
parents are saying. mike visdo was a possible high school coach, known for setting a good example and winning games. >> it's not just about coaching kids' basketball. it's about keaching them life lessons. >> reporter: but this morning, he's out of a job because of this. >> i'm so psyched. >> reporter: this is also visdo, not on the court. but starring in a raunchy short film back in 2003, while he was working as an actor. it's something he hadn't thought about for years, until he says it was e-mailed to his bosses at weston high in february. >> it may not be the film everybody likes to watch. not pornographic. no nudity. i was an actor. >> the film is extremely sexually explicit. contains vulgarity and demeans certain types of individuals. >> reporter: after agreeing with vhzdo, he agreed to resign. the school sent this letter to parents saying he quit due to
7:36 am
person reasons. and he could not lead the program the way it needed to be led. but vhizdo says he was forced out. >> they're my sons. >> reporter: in the weeks since he stopped coaching, parents rallied around him. >> he was an actor in a film produced who has gone on to be successful in the industry. >> he's been very involved in the community. we believe he's a good role model and a good person. >> reporter: this morning, the school district says it is, quote, continuing its review of the matter. but that's little comfort for vhizdo, whose team will play in the state playoffs on sunday, most likely without him. this morning, sources tell us the school is in talks with vhizdo, working on possibly rehiring. if you're asking who the director was? it's a guy who has written and directed small films for more than a decade. even work as jack black's personal assistant for a few
7:37 am
years. >> a professional he was working with. but it's got to work in his favor that he has parents speaking out on his behalf. >> thanks, gio. let's get another check of the weather with sam. >> has anybody said happy friday? >> happy friday. >> if we haven't, let's do that. we start with pictures out of north carolina with some snow in that area. look how beautiful that is. it really can be. i prefer it to be sunny and warm. but if it's snowy, it can look like that. more in the carolina mountains. louisville, lexington, paducah, nashville, memphis. you're lined up to get light snow as the cold front drops in the middle of the country. maine coming in with more snow. and the cold air drops in behind all of this. tampa goes to 39 by sunday morning. monday morning, 37 degrees. miami, you're in the 40s sunday and monday morning. atlanta, of course, you're down into the 20s. that's how cold this burst of air is. a little unusual for march when
7:38 am
we should be settling out with milder temperatures getting in. but we're getting a cold shot of >> if you're looking for warmth, it's all over the west coast. >> you just walk and talk your way right over here. >> i move over to the desk. >> you should see him do "the harlem shake." "the harlem shake" on a plane. the faa investigating right now and the guys behind the video. also, the secrets to a happy marriage. controversy heating up over whether your relationship should be first and your kids second. "this is george. he is a good little monkey and always very curious.
7:39 am
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we're back at 7:44, with, oh -- video we've been showing you. passengers on a jet doing "the harlem shake." a recent flight from denver to san diego. plenty of time for a bunch of college students, as you see here, to flash mob the cabin. getting almost every passenger out of their seats. however, unfortunately, now, the faa is investigating. and clayton sandell has the
7:43 am
story. >> reporter: they've been done underwater. with puppies. but this morning, it's this "harlem shake" on a plane, that has federal investigators rattled. >> it hasn't been done before. why not try something new? >> reporter: the video complete with a dancing banana and abraham lincoln was recorded by a sophomore at colorado college. he and his ultimate frisbee team was flying from denver to a tournament in san diego. now, after seeing the video on youtube, the faa wants to know if the team broke any rules, like standing up on takeoff or interfering with the flight crew. >> we spoke with the flight attendants. they seemed excited about the idea. >> everybody has a great time with it. we never felt we were being unsafe at any point. we were up when the fasten seat
7:44 am
belt sign is off. >> reporter: given that airliners are built to design mother nature's turbulent rocking and rolling. >> unless you had everybody running forward and backward, that would be a little difficult to handle in the cockpit. but it couldn't bring the airplane out of the sky. >> i think it looks worse in the video. >> reporter: for its part, frontier says all safety medses were followed and the seat belt sign was off. the airline is no stranger to "the harlem shake." recently posting its own video of flight crews passing the time during flight layovers. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> we have to really look at ourselves as people right now, i think. serious, serious look. we got lots to come. >> we do. anne hathaway apologizing for her last-minute dress
7:45 am
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7:49 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> a little sting from our past. love when "the play of the day" is a play. brett williams, north carolina state center fielder. he's tracking this one down off of the new mexico state bat. and look at the catch. >> oh. >> thank you. pleasures can simply hurt.
7:50 am
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>> now from abc7 news. the spacecraft is on the way to the international space station with a payload from the bay area launching from cape canavaral, florida, last hour. the unmanned spacecraft is delivering a payload that includes a dozen experiments designed by high schoolers in san jose and los gatos. and now, you can see how foggy the bay bridge toll plaza is, with the fog above the cars. the golden gate bridge is really foggy this morning.
7:55 am
some of the other bridges are, too. >> check out the reverse commute and the fog this morning. it is moving from east to west toward the ocean, that is the offshore wind that will bring us the warmer weather this afternoon. look how quickly it is disa disapatit. >> enjoy the warmth. >> the news continues now with "good morning
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] we said it before, we'll say it again, we love our studio audience. the people who come out here with their signs, bringing such great energy and joy. great crowd here in times square. d.j. irie spinning us into the weekend. >> it's "deejay friday." >> absolutely. >> and he has a dance himself. >> he has a home game. >> love it when you're here,
7:59 am
d.j. irie. george and lara taking time off. glad to have dan harris and rachel smith with us here on a friday morning. why you -- >> why did i fill your shoes? they tell us this is a fitness craze afoot. >> i get it. >> ding. >> we're trying to figure it out. it's working out in high heels. i'm going to recuse myself from this discussion. i can't imagine. >> there's some that really swear by this. and say it makes all the difference. a new controversy brewing. should you really put your relationship ahead of your kids' needs? one celebrity couple revealing that their secret to a happy marriage. and we'll get into the debate and it's really heating up right now. and what a fun night. we all love this woman. jennifer lawrence, looking fantastic, as the new face of miss dior. but amazing, her reaction has got everybody talking. the first time she saw the
8:00 am
pictures. and we want to talk about that. you have to love her. she just always talks from the heart. >> absolutely. what else, sam? is it safety or is it luxury, ladies and gentlemen? how much would you pay for this stroller? >> what? >> yes, aston martin. maybe it's the fastest stroller on the block. i'm not exactly sure. but it is gorgeous. we're going to talk about it. >> that baby better be well-behaved. every day, you think you've seen it all. you come to work -- and dan harris now with the news. >> good morning, everybody. we are watching closely, this scene, near tampa, florida, where a sinkhole is swallowing a house from the inside. kind of hard to tell from this video. but the sinkhole opened up beneath the bedroom, taking down the interior walls, along with a 36-year-old man, who is now presumed to be dead. the hole is described as 100 feet in size. still growing at this hour. the house could collapse at any moment.
8:01 am
and neighboring homes have also been evacuated. also this morning, fire crews east of l.a., battling a wildfire that erupted overnight. threatening neighborhoods in riverside county. the flames 30 feet high and fanned by warm and windy weather. this fire is only 30% contained. the week-long manhunt for the man in the shoot-out on the las vegas strip. is finally over. police say mark harris opened fire from his ring rover, killing a rapper in a maserati. that car crashed into a taxi, killing two other people. president obama is meeting with congressional leaders this morning, in a last-ditch effort to avoid the $85 billion in spending cuts set to take effect today. both sides admit there's very little hope for compromise. without a deal, the government will start reducing services and notifying workers of furloughs. new information this morning about olympic star oscar pistorius, who is now out on bail, charged with murdering his girlfriend.
8:02 am
we have learned that pistorius is trying to settle a lawsuit, stemming from assault allegations in 2009. a neighbor accused pistorius of slamming a door on her during a party. the charges were dropped. pistorius claims the case damaged his reputation. he's now holding confidential talks to resolve this case. new legal trouble for lance armstrong. an insurance company in nebraska is now suing him for 3 million bucks. the company covered the bonuses for some of his tour de france wins. armstrong's legal woes could now top $100 million. and finally, this is big news. the missing link has finally been found. to be precise, the missing italian sausage link. to be more precise, a sausage costume named guido, used at milwaukee brewers home games. the costume disappeared two weeks ago from a bar. he was spotted in local bars. even doing "the harlem shake." there you go, everybody. the costume has been returned,
8:03 am
safe and sound. a woman claiming to be one of the thieves apologized in a note saying, quote, you probably think i'm the wurst. it continues. i started feeling the heat, as the police began to -- get the bell ready -- catch up. there was a reward offered briefly for an unlimited supply of mustard and something else. >> relish. >> some other condiment, that will not be given to anybody at this point. >> thankfully, no one was hurt. >> that's right. i should have said that. i should have said that. >> i'm here for you, dan. >> nobody was hurt. >> milwaukee on-edge for days. thank you for that. and for us, is rachel smith. lara is taking a little time off. good to have you here with "pop news." >> great to be here. great to see you twice in one week. we were at the oscars. speaking of the oscars, ben affleck, celebrated a big oscar win with, check this out. a good, old shave. this morning, we're finally
8:04 am
seeing how he looks without that rumored lucky beard. according to tmz, after snagging the oscar for best picture sunday night, ben's wife, jennifer garner, of course, apparently bought the clippers and cheered him on to do it. his whole family, and three of the kids, were reportedly sick of the scruff. off it came sunday night. at an oscar after-party. george clooney and ben. >> i think the girls wanted to shave it all. >> where did daddy go? >> he was great with it, too. >> either way. i'm with you. >> just saying. okay, so, susan boyle, she is dreaming another dream. can i get a ding? there we go. the beloved scottish singer is making her feature film debut in "the christmas candle," which also stars samantha bard. it tells the tale of angels, candles and christmas wishes. now, while she's enjoying the
8:05 am
period costumes, susan boyle, it's very cold filming on location in the u.k. and, quote, she says, i'm wearing long johns under my bustle. >> got to do what a girl's got to do. >> indeed she does. layer up, susan. and speaking of style and everything, paris fashion week is in full swing. and bringing out very bold couture and big names like this eye-catching duo. fergie and cher. the 66-year-old oscar winner and 33-year-old black eyed peas singer, dazzled with their outfits. fergie who recently announced she was pregnant, played up her growing baby bump. they were really dazzling in some interesting fashions. finally, before having children, many couples try caring for a dog. one couple in the netherlands is treating their sheepdogs like kids. taking adorable pictures of them and posting them online for
8:06 am
everyone to see. look at the two posing there. a landscape shot, out with -- i think their names are sara and sophie. two sheepdogs. the dogs -- they're very cooperative. and the pictures are just proof. here they are, having a little breakfast. and i think there's another shot of them, of course, at the atm. we all need to have a little cash on us, right? don't want to get stranded without cash. especially when you're playing chess. look at that thought. the look of contemplation on that checkmate, right? that's "pop." all i have. >> thanks for bringing it to us. how much better can it get? sam champion. that's how much. >> we're outside in times square. what an amazing crowd. first, i have to say, young man, what's your name? >> jack. >> jack. and you think you can handle the weather? >> yes. >> and you know, deep down inside that you're better than i am? >> yes. >> we'll give you the opportunity. but let's say hi to you and all of your friends who are part of the
8:07 am
1 million strong they say, by the way, this is colorectal cancer month. explain that to me? >> we have a 20-foot supercolon you can come through and look at what a healthy colon looks like. or a colon with polyps or cancer. >> we're going to do some maps together. let's look at the maps. we're going to show you what's going on. this is the west coast. give me a couple of cities and some numbers. >> san francisco 69 degrees. los angeles, we have 84 degrees. san diego, 80 degrees. palm springs, 83. >> i think you've got this. i think you've got it down. the problem is, you just showed america how easy it is to do my job. so, that's the weather around the nation.
8:08 am
>> i'm jack. and now, back to rachel smith. >> jack, you rock. you're a rising star, man. now, here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." jennifer lawrence's startling confession about being the new face of miss dior. plus, is putting your relationship first and your children second the key to a happy marriage? one couple revealing that's their secret. and exercise in high heels. well, i'm going to give it a try. yeah. inside the new way to pump up your workout. all coming up. yes. yes.
8:09 am
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new angel soft®. now stronger than ever. [ male announcer ] we all have something neatly tucked away in the back of our mind. a secret hope. that thing we've always wanted to do. it's not about having dreams, it's about reaching them. ♪ an ally for real possibilities. aarp. find tools and direction at [ cheers and applause ] all right. yeah. ♪ >> d.j. irie. >> he's got the best smile. >> you have to respect that. >> thanks to everybody outside.
8:14 am
we have a great crowd out there. and we have a special guest joining us, now. larry hackett, with the heat index. hot topics to discuss. he's the managing editor of "people" magazine. there she is. jennifer aniston. the wedding countdown is upon us. we do want to start with another jennifer, lawrence. she is the official it girl. if she wasn't before, best actress, the goings on backstage with jack nicholson. she is miss dior, the face of. but when she saw the photos, she spoke very frankly. look at -- what was miss dior unhappy with? i don't understand this. >> who said change the eyebrow? this is like when you pull on a string. you touch an eyebrow, then, she has a new head. she doesn't need a new head. >> the fact that -- the photo people don't want to admit they've been photoshopped.
8:15 am
>> that's part of her appeal. she says whatever she thinks. she does things like maybe she shouldn't do, like flip off photographers. she's incredibly frank. as a result, they look kind of silly. they signed her up before she was completely ubiquitous everywhere. the oscars, she's in everybody's house. they know how she acts. and again -- like her cousin. like a patty duke, you know? >> they are lovely pictures. >> they are. >> and she points out, they're just photoshopped. let's talk about anne hathaway. she's getting so much flak. it's almost the opposite effect, where it's a backlash for her. i don't know why people are being hard-core with anne hathaway. >> i went online to read the comments. and life being like high school, this is really like high school. the criticism, if there is any, is that she's kind of a theater girl. and in some people's minds, a little overly dramatic. and that's what she's getting
8:16 am
heat for. two months of acceptance speeches are hard for anybody. you get up and say thank you, thank you. enough. >> that causes problems. >> and the whole dress issue. >> did she need to apologize? >> probably not. maybe ruffled feathers on the valentino side. >> she's a nice lady. really sweet. she's incredibly talented. come on. give her a break. >> don't need to drag her out in the town square. >> crossing off the days there's here at the program, as the royal bundle gets set to arrive. however, a geneticist in south africa, with tons of time on his hands could not wait. so, she actually believes the duke and duchess' child might look like as a toddler and a teen. your thoughts? >> i hope there was no state funding involved here. if it's news that prince william and kate will have a cute baby,
8:17 am
that's money not very well spent. >> we'll be having fun on the slopes of some mountain. >> when the baby come, you can compare it to what they rendered and see if the geneticist knew. >> we have a new cast of "dancing with the stars." this might be the most entertaining cast we're going to see. some of the behind-the-scenes stuff is going to be funny and wonderful if nothing else. favorites right now? >> i'm going to pick dorothy hamill. she's good on her feet. she's likable. she probably trains hard and is serious. >> i say d.l. or wynonna. >> wynonna. >> i think d.l. i love him. he's funny. >> he was great in "soul plane." >> it's a huge personality cast. i don't know what the skills are going to be on the dance floor. but every one of them is funny and out there. and so, it's going to be good tv. >> don't sleep on the athletes. aly raisman, dorothy hamill, and
8:18 am
jacoby jones, who is ready for this. larry hackett, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> have a great weekend, larry. appreciate it. now, to what could be the secret for a happy marriage. is it as simple as putting your relationship first and kids second? one celebrity correspondent is kicking up a controversy, after revealing she puts her husband before their baby. our cecilia vega has that story. >> coming up, we have adele, jennifer aniston. >> reporter: she's the white-hot entertainment reporter on e! he's a savvy businessman, the first-ever winner of "the apprentice." together, they are gulianna and bill. and their decision to conceive and use of a surrogate is the subject of a reality show. this morning, gulianna is at the middle of a mommy war.
8:19 am
she said the secret to happiness in their marriage, is to put bill first and their child second. i always say to bill, you are my first baby. he was my first love and my first baby. and duke is my second baby. for these mom bloggers, one thing always comes first. >> babies take precedent over everything. >> if you ask me, actually, what the breakdown was, i would say it goes, my children, my girlfriends, then my husband. shh. don't tell him that. he doesn't know that. >> reporter: not so for radio host and relationship expert mel robbins. >> if you want a one-way ticket to divorce, put your kids ahead of your spouse. if you end up focusing 100% of your attention on the kids first, you and your spouse will start to resent each other. >> oh, god. no. >> reporter: gulianna and bill say they split the parenting
8:20 am
duties and still have loots of date nights. white 5-month-old duke may not be king of the house. mom and dad say, we're stronger than we ever were before and imagined we could be. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> hmm. >> you have to let people run their homes the way they want to run their homes. just my thoughts. now, completing the transition from friday to the weekend "gma" team, bianna golodryga is here this morning with, by the way, there's no doubt this is a hot-looking exercise trend, started by camilla, the queen of heels. >> earlier today, this is a hot segment, i took off the jacket to bring you this. it's hard enough wearing sneakers. you can imagine our surprise when we heard about heel hop. it's described as a low-impact full-body workout to shed pounds and sculpt that sexy you, i'll while wearing high-heel pumps.
8:21 am
is this a craze in fitness or a workout disaster? it's a typical fitness class, complete with stretches, situps and stilettos. wait. stilettos? welcome to the high-intensity world of heel hop. camilla barrett is a professional dancer turned fitness guru. she's worked with some of the hottest names. from r. kelly. to 50 cent. >> i came straight out of the womb with high-heel pumps on. >> reporter: we decided to check it out for ourselves, with yours truly, one of the world's at least stiletto-savvy women, strapping on my mary janes. >> come on, russia. down and stretch. it's time for every woman to have this power. press. step. press. step. good. all right. >> reporter: are we ready to go? >> come on, girl.
8:22 am
>> reporter: there were plenty of women all majs ready to kick up their heels. >> reporter: are you ready? we have a doctor in the house. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: before we knew it, we were on the mat, lifting our pelvises, rotating our arms and feeling the burn. it is more damaging in heels. >> oh, my goodness. that was awesome. >> reporter: some in the medical community aren't as pumped. one leading podiatrist expressed concerns about the class. >> they're an unable shoe for your body. exercising in them doesn't make sense in any way, shape or form. >> reporter: for camilla, it's all about the rewards opinion i love the way i look in heels. i wear them to work all the time. but as soon as i'm done, i take the shoes off and i'm in flats. >> i'm not in heels 24 hours a day. but when you have to get in them, you want to know how they will feel. to this day, i'm still performing in heels.
8:23 am
>> reporter: i survived that. ladies, grab your heels and free weights. we're going to give you a taste of working out in heels with the sillito workouts at mbg fit in new york. lara hayes is here to show us the moves. you saw what we did in the piece. how is working out in heels really working out in sneakers? >> it's a different world. you're in a resistance posture. from there, you have to make sure you're properly aligned, your core is intact and your hips aren't moving all over the place. it's different. but as far as the stiletto workouts, it's different than other stiletto workouts because there's no dancing. there's no cardio. >> can you show us the moves? at home, if you've got your heels on at home, show us one or two. >> yes. >> so, using the weight. the ladies are here to help us out. and we're going to start off. are you ready? yeah. let's go. going to take it.
8:24 am
good. hold on to it, from here. we're going to go for our ballet. take it back one. and two. squeeze the glut. three. >> i was waiting for it to come out. it is, if nothing else, it looks incredibly glamorous. ladies, we thank you. bianna, insightful, in depth reporting. come meet the world's most expensive stroller. keep it right here.
8:25 am
>> now from abc7 news. santa cruz police officers are back on job hitting street as short time ago after taking two daze off to mourn the death of two officers in the department who were gunned down on tuesday. santa cruz county sheriff deputies who patrol the city in their absence stood in a line to welcome the returning officers back. and st. mary's college basket ball team is banned with a reduction in athletic scholarships.
8:26 am
>> now a check of the only commute. this is pretty much the big issue, the fog this morning, slowing down the commute in places. here is the bay bridge toll plaza, and it is slow and the metering lights are on. >> we will check with mike nicco and talk
8:27 am
>> floating city of san francisco again and the fog is thick around the bay area. but as you look down to the south bay, 87 in san jose, sunshine is already out. well talk about visibility, they
8:28 am
are still thick around the area you see in gray here and we saw arrival delays in sfo at eighth of a mile with the lowest visibility. we are sunny in the east bay ♪ oh, oh, oh. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah [ cheers and applause ] wonderful. wonderful to have. that is tori kelly. she is the new musical it girl. mellowed us out a little bit. over 30 million views on youtube since releasing her debut album. there's a very special reason she'll be performing a song that she will, coming up. good morning, america.
8:29 am
on this friday morning. lara and george are off. great to have rachel and dan here, along with us. and d.j. irie. always good to have him spinning a little bit for us. it is deejay friday. >> watching him bob along with tori kelly. it has the d.j. irie stamp of approval. how much would you spend on a stroller to make sure you have the very best for your little one? just ahead, a look at, yep, an aston martin stroller. most exclusive in the world. and they're not give it away. >> the car's like $300,000. so, i don't know what the stroller is. but we'll find out. >> yeah. how about this? she's one of the world's most famous crime writers. how about patricia cornwell here. solving her own real-life mystery, the disappearance of her fortune. we're going to find out how she solved that. yesterday, we had "deals & steals." all of the companies
8:30 am
participating in this week's "deals & steals," are extending the discount through the weekend. 15% of all of the deals are going to be the match. great products. donations for a great cause. go to on yahoo! to get the discounts. cannot wait to tell you the total. we're off to a great start. when you sign up to be the match, and wonderful that people are doing that, it doesn't cost you anything. but it costs be the match to send out the swab kits. those donations are going to make a huge difference. >> that's the irony there. they need more. and after yesterday, we thank you. keep at it all weekend long. first, an age-old question. what to get the baby who has everything? how about an aston martin, you say. don't know why you'd say it. you wouldn't need a driver's license. you're look right now at silver aston martin addition stroller. it's tricked out, among other
8:31 am
things, italian leather, an air-ride suspension. i don't know what that is. it's a bargain compared to the actual car, which sam has conservatively at about $300,000. it comes in at a mere $3,000. here's abc's diana perez. >> reporter: it's the perfect ride for bond. baby bond, that is. the luxury carmaker, aston martin, is gearing up to give newborns a taste of the 007 lifestyle, this exclusive stroller. the new ride is fully loaded with aluminum alloy wheels and air ride suspension. features usually found on a luxury sedan. >> the handlebar is made with fine, italian leather. it's the same leather used on the aston martin steering wheel. >> reporter: aston martin and other brands appear to be cashing in on a recent celebrity baby boom. luxury brands are offering stars
8:32 am
everything, from designer baby duds to diamond-encrusted infant tubs, like the one given to beyonce's daughter. as for aston martin, it says it will only make 800 of the high-roller strollers. the price, a cool $3,000. >> this is outrageous. there's no reason to have a stroller that costs that much money. >> reporter: still, aston martin is hoping some moms will think this bond-esque ride is worth the price, to keep their napping 007s from being shaken or stirred. for "good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york. >> it's worth it if only for the shaken and stirred line. let's take a look outside. where are you, samuel j.? a final look at the weather. >> oh, josh, robin, we're out here in times square, with a crowd we love to call our family, that joins us every day. but particularly hot on fridays. how could you not start your
8:33 am
weekend right here on times square. and know that if you come down today, the folks that are fighting colorectal cancer are here. we want to show you as you step outside your doors to enjoy the weekend. and maybe getting in your last moments of work. how about this gorgeous shot from mt. rainier. one of the most beautiful pictures above the clouds there. and willis, texas, just outside of houston. we give you that beautiful shot. and thank you for sending your facebook and twitter pictures. new york, chicago, d.c., detroit, all part of the cooler that gets in today. that drops to the deep south in >> all that weather was brought to you by aarp.
8:34 am
joining us in the chill, is robin mitchell. a hot, new abc show coming out. "red widow." the simple extra nation is a soccer mom goes into the world of crime. >> her husband has been murdered in front of her 6-year-old son. and she will stop at nothing to protect her family. >> this is juicy. so, now, do you start out as someone who is crime-ready? i mean, ready to take it on? or does this become something that you get into? >> she actually is born into a criminal family. but she's been trying to live a different life. and you know, things change when this murder happens. and it's a catalyst to the rest of the story. >> i cannot wait to see it. can we see a little bit of it? do we have some we can show? let's see a little bit of it. >> we can make a plan to downsize. just tell them. okay? i can work at the marina like i
8:35 am
used to. okay? >> i can't do that right now. things are complicated. >> i don't think you understand me because i will protect my children at any cost. and if you don't get out now, i will take the kids. and i will leave you. >> oh. it's not a spoiler to say that your husband dies in this. one of the writers who has seen this says, your character needs a drink. when she's -- >> oh, yes. >> do you think that's fair to say? >> if anyone needs a drink, my character does. >> you've become awesome and just a fearsome fighter in this story. >> i was very the temperature that you want so what do you do? he puts his hands under there, washes his hands. >> announcer: this is an abc news special report. and good morning, i'm dan harris in new york. we're breaking in to regular programming to bring you a special report because the
8:36 am
president is about to speak from the white house about the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts that are set to take effect today. and everything from defense to homeland security to food safety, this is called the sequester. it's the result of an ongoing budget battle with republicans in congress. the president he would an hour-long meeting with congressional leaders this morning. let go to jon karl. no break through in the meeting. >> absolutely no breakthrough. this is where the at mattic cuts not supposed to happen. the president and the campaign said this would not happen. but he had his first meeting on avoiding them today with congressional leaders, as you said, it lasted about an hour. the speaker of the house was here. the republican leader in the senate and the democratic leaders. the speaker of the house came out a few minutes ago and said the exact same thing going in, which is, that he is insisting there will be no tax increases.
8:37 am
the president has said that the only way to get this done is in a balanced way, that would include tax increases. we'll' what happens. the white house has warned of dire consequences. they have told us these cuts will not be immediately felt. it will be some time. but we have heard warnings of meat shortages. long lines at airports. warnings that criminals could be set free as prosecutors are off the job. here's the president. >> good morning, everybody. as you know, i just met with the leaders of both parties to discuss a way forward in light of the severe budget cuts that start to take effect today. i told them these cuts will hurt our economy. they'll cost us jobs and to set it right both sides need to be willing to compromise. the good news is, the american people are strong and they're resilient. they've fought hard to kroefr
8:38 am
from the worst economic crisis since the great depression. we'll get through in as well. even with these cuts in place, folks all across this country will work hard to make sure that we keep the recovery going. but, washington sure is not making it easy. at a time when our businesses have finally begun to get traction, hiring new workers, bringing jobs back to america, we shouldn't be making a series of dumb, arbitrary cuts to things that businesses depend on. and workers depend on, like education and research. and infratrustructure, and defe. it's unnecessary. at a time when too many americans are still looking for work, it's inexcusablinexcusabl. now, what's important to understand is that not everyone will feel the pain of these cuts right away. the pain, though, will be real. beginning this week, many middle class families will have their lives disrupted in significant ways.
8:39 am
businesses that work with the military, like the virginia ship builder that i visited on tuesday may have to lay folks off. communities near military bases will take a serious blow. hundreds of thousands of americans who serve their country, border patrol agent, fbi agents, civilians who work at the pentagon, all will suffer significant pay cuts and f furloughs. all of this will cause a ripple effect throughout the economy. layoffs and pay cuts mean people will less money in their pockets. less money to spend at local businesses. that means lower profits. that means fewer hires. the longer these cuts remain in place, the greater the damage to our economy. slow grind that will intensify with each passing day. economists are estimating that as a consequence of the sequester, we could see growth
8:40 am
cut by 0.5%. it will cost about 750,000 jobs at a time when we should be growing jobs more quickly. every time we get a piece of economic news, over the next month, next two months, next six months, as long as the sequester is in place, we'll know that could have been better if congress had not failed to act. and let's be clear. none of this is necessary. it's happening because a choice that republicans in congress have made. they've allowed the cuts to happen. because they refused to budge on closing a single wasteful loophole to help reduce the deficit. as recently as yesterday, they decided to protect special interest tax breaks for the well off and well-connected and they think that's apparently more important than protecting the military or middle class families from the pain of these
8:41 am
cuts. i do believe that we can and must replace these cuts with a more balanced approach. that asks something from everybody. smart spending cuts, entitlement reform, tax reform that makes the tax code more fair for families and businesses without raising tax rates. all so that we can responsibly lower the deficit without laying off workers or forcing parents to scramble for child care or slashing financial aid for college students. i don't think that's too much to ask. i don't think it's partisan. it's the approach i pro posed for two years, what i ran on last year. the majority of the american people agree with this approach, including, by the way, a majority of republicans. we need republicans in congress to catch up with their own party and country on this. if they did so, we could make a loft progress. republicans in congress, there
8:42 am
are some two privately say they would rather close tax loopholes than let the cuts go through. i know there are democrats who would rather do smart entitlement reform than let these cuts go through. there's a caucus of common sense on capitol hill. it's a silent group right now. and we want to make sure that their voices start getting heard. in the coming days and weeks, i'll keep on reaching out to them. both individually and as groups of senators or members of the house. and say to them, let's fix this. not just for a month or two but for years to come. because the greatest nation on earth does not conduct business in month to month increments or by careening from crisis to crisis. in the meantime, we can't let political gridlock around the budget stand in the way of other
8:43 am
areas where could make progress. i was pleased to see the house passed the violence against women act yesterday. it is a big win for women and families and for the american people. it's a law that is going to save lives and help more americans live free from fear. it's something that we have been pushing on for a long time. i was glad to see that done. it's an example of how we can still get some important bipartisan legislation through the congress, even though there are fiscal arguments taking place. there are other areas we can make progress as well. i will continue to push for the initiatives. for high-quality preschool for every family that wants it. pushing to make sure we raise the minimum wage so it's one families can live on. keep on pushing for immigration reform and reform the voting system. and improvements on transportation. and i'm going to keep pushes for sensible gun reforms because i
8:44 am
still think they deserve a vote. this is the agenda that the american people voted for. these are america's priorities. they are too important to go unaddressed. i'm going to keep pushing. with that, i'll take questions. julie? >> how much spont to you feel that you bear for the cuts taking effect? and is the only way to offset them at this point for republicans to depend on revenue or is there an alternative? >> look, we have already cut $2.5 trillion in our deficit. everybody says we need to cut $4 trillion. which means we have to come up with another $1.5 trillion. the vast majority of economists agree that the problem when it comes to deficits is not discretionary spending. we're not spending too much money on education. too much money on job training
8:45 am
or we're spending too much money rebuilding the roads and bridges. we're not. the problem that we have is a long-term problem in terms of our health care costs. and programs like medicare. and what i have said, very specifically, very detailed, is that i'm prepared to take on the problem where it exists. on entitlements and do some things that my own party really doesn't like, if it's part of a broader package of sensible deficit reduction. so, the deal that i've put forward over the last two years, the deal i put forward as recently as december is still on the table. i'm prepared to do hard things and to push my democratic friends to do hard things. but what i can't do is ask middle class families, ask
8:46 am
seniors, students, to bear the entire burden of deficit reduction when we snow we have a bunch of tax hoop holoopholes t benefitting the well off and well-connected. it's not fair, not right. the american people don't think it's fair and don't think it's right. so -- you know, i recognize that speaker boehner's got challenges in his caucus. i recognize that it's very hard for republican leaders to be perceived as making concessions to me. you know, sometimes i reflect, is there something else i could do to make these guys -- i'm not talking about the leaders. maybe some of the house and republican caucus members, not -- not paint horns on my head. and i -- and i genuinely believe
8:47 am
there's an opportunity for us to cooperate. but, what doesn't make sense and the only thing we have seen from republicans so far in terms of proposals is to replace this set of arbitrary cuts with everyone worse arbitrary cuts. that's not going to help the economy. that's not going to mehelp grow or create jobs. as a number of economists have noted, ironically, it doesn't even reduce our deficit in the smartest or fastest way possible. so -- in terms of going forward, my hope is that after some reflection, as members of congress start hearing from constituents who are being negatively impacted, as we start seeing the impact that the
8:48 am
sequester is having, that they step back and say, all right. is there way for us to move forward on a package of entitlement reforms, tax reforms, not raising tax rates, identifying programs that don't work, coming up with a plan that's comprehensive and that makes sense? it may take a couple of weeks. it may take a couple of months. i'm just going keep on pushing on it. and my view is that ultimately, common sense prevails. but what is true right now is that the republicans have made a choice that -- maintaining an iron-clad rule that we will not accept an extra dime's worth of
8:49 am
revenue makes it very difficult for us to get any larger, comprehensive deal. that's a choice they're making. they're saying it's more important to preserve the tax loopholes than it is to prevent the arbitrary cuts. what is interesting is speaker barren ju boehner, just a couple of months ago, identified the tax loopholes and tax breaks and said, we should close them and raise revenue. it's not as though it's not possible to do. they have suggested it's possible to do. and if they believe that, in fact, these tax loopholes and these tax breaks for the well off and well-connected are not contributing to growth, aren't good for our economy, aren't particularly fair and can raise revenue, why don't we get start snd w
8:50 am
ed? why don't we do that? may be because of politics they can't do it right now. my hope is they can do it later. i want to repeat, because it's important to understand, it's not as if democrats are not being asked to do anything either to compromise. i mean, there are members of my party who violently disagree with the notion we should do anything on medicare. and i'm willing to say to them, i disagree with you. because i want to preserve medicare for the long haul. and -- we're going to have some tough politics within my party to get this done. this is not a situation where i'm only asking for concessions from republicans and asking nothing from democrats. i'm saying that everybody's going to have to do something and the one key to this whole thing is trying to make sure we keep in mind who we're here for. we are not here for ourselves.
8:51 am
we're not here for our parties. we're not here to advance our electoral prospects. we're here for american families. who have been getting battered pretty good over the past four years. are just seeing the economy improve. businesses wheare just starting see some confidence coming back. and this is not a win for anybody. this is a loss for the american people. and -- again, if we step back and remind ourselves what it is we're supposed to be doing here, then hopefully, common sense will win out in the end. >> you're saying this is a republican problem and not one you bear spont for? >> give me an example of what i might do. >> i'm just trying to clarify. >> i'm trying to clarify the question. i have put forward a plan that calls for serious spending cuts,
8:52 am
serious entitlement reforms, goes right at the problem that is at the heart of our long-term deficit problem. i've offered negotiations around that kind of balanced approach. and so far, we have gotten rebuffed because what speaker ba boehner has said we can't have a dime's more worth revenue. what should we do? this is a room full of smart folks. zach? >> mr. president, the next focal point seems to be the continuing resolution that threatening the government at the end of the month. would you sign something to continue the squers and continue to fund the government?
8:53 am
how do you reach the limits of your persuasive power? is there any other leverage you have to convince folks this is not the way to go? >> i would like to think i still have persuasive power left. let me check. look, um -- the issue is not my persuasive power. the american people agree with my approach. they agreed we should have a balanced approach to deficit reduction. the question is, can the american people help persuade their members of congress to do the right thing? and i have a lot of confidence that over time, if the american people express their displeasure about how something is working that eventually, congress responds. sometimes there's a gap between what the american people think and what congress thinks. but, eventually, congress catches up. with respect to the budget and
8:54 am
keeping the government open, try to -- for our viewing audience to make sure they were not talking in washington gobbledygook. what is called the continuing resolution, essentially an extension of last year's budget into this year's budget to make sure basic government functions continue, think it's the right thing to do to make sure we don't have a government shutdown. that's preventable. we have a budget control act, right? we agreed to a certain amount of money that was going to be spent each year. and certain funding levels for our military, our education system, and so forth. if we stick to that deal, then, i will be supportive of us sticking to that deal. it's a deal that i made. the sequester, are additional cuts on top of that. by law, until congress takes the
8:55 am
squ sequester away, we would have to abide by the additional cuts. no reason to have another crisis by shutting the government down in addition to the arbitrary spending cuts. >> you could sign a budget that would continue to fund the government? >> i'm not going to -- i never want to make myself 100% clear with you guys. it's fair to say i made a deal for a certain budget, certain numbers. there's to reason why that deal needs to be reopened. it was a deal that speaker boehner made as well and all the leadership made. if the bill that arrives on my desk is reflective of the commitments we made, i would sign it because i want to make sure we keep on doing what we need to do for the american
8:56 am
people. jessica? >> to your question, what could you do, first of all, couldn't you just have them down here and refuse to let them leave the room until you have a deal? >> you know, the -- i mean, jessica, i -- i am not -- a d k dictator. i'm the president. the mitch mcconnell or john boehner say, i have to go catch a plane, i can't have secret service block the doorway. i understand. and -- and -- i know that this has been some of the conventional wisdom floating around washington that somehow even though most people agree that i'm being reasonable, that most people agree i'm presenting a fair deal, the fact that they don't take it means that i should somehow do a jedi mind
8:57 am
meld with these folks and convince them to do what is right. well, they're elected. we have a constitutional system of government. the speaker of the house and the leader of the senate and all those folks have responsibilities. what ki can do is i can make th best possible case for why we need to do the right thing. i can speak to the american people about the consequences of the decisions the congress is making or the lack of decisions that congress is making. but, ultimately, it's a choice they make. and -- the -- this idea that somehow there's a secret formula or secret sauce to get speaker boehner or mitch mcconnell to say, you know what, mr. president, you're right. we should close some tax loopholes for the well-off and well-connected in exchange for
8:58 am
serious entitlement reform and spending cuts programs we don't need. you know, i think if there was a secret way to do that, i would have tried it. i would have done it. what i can do is i can make the best possible argument. and i can offer concessions. and i can offer compromise. i can negotiate. i can make sure that my party is willing to compromise and is not being ideological or thinking about these in terms of political terms. i think i have done that and will continue to do that. what i can't do is force congress to do the right thing. the american people may have the capacity to do that. and in the absence of a decision on the part of the speaker of the house and others to put
8:59 am
middle class families ahead of whatever political imperatives he might have right now, we're going have these cuts in place. but, again, i'm hopeful about human nature. think over time, people do the right thing. i'll keep on reaching out and seeing if there are other formulas or other ways to jigger this thing into place to get a better result. >> what do you say to the people like major bloomberg who argues there is posturing in the plan, big layoff, a lot of people out of work and thinks that the effects of the spending cuts are being overstated by the administration? >> i'll give you an example. the department of defense right now has to figure out how the children of military families are going to


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