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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  KGO  March 2, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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this whole thing started. a police officer spotted a suspect vehicle, let the vehicle go, then saw the car again and that car rammed into the police car, and that's how the chase started. [sirens] >> oh, my god [ gunshot ] >> from this exclusive video you can hear more than a dozen gunshots. a police spokesman says officers had reason to believe the suspect was in there. >> they're dealing what if they believe to be an armed suspect. the suspect displayed some sort of threatening behavior. >> this is a pursuit is that right started at a low speed and then sped up. witnesses said they saw the commotion and saw some dangerous speeds on highway 85. >> this guy comes up on the shoulder, on the left side, zooms by us, and then cuts
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across, cuts us off and our friend that was with us on a bike. >> during the chase the police say the suspect threw several times out of the car. >> we had a couple of citizens proof officers with items discarded from the suspect vehicle, saying he threw this out of the car. reporter: police say one of the officers saw the suspect pull a weapon during the pursuit but they have not recovered one at the shooting scene. as the chase ended, police cars swarmed the neighborhood. witnesses say the suspect car was going slow before it finally stopped. >> ly there was no stopping him. it took 23 cop cars to subdue the guy. reporter: now, this is san jose's first officer-involved shooting right now investigators are trying to recover all the items tossed by the driver, including possibly a weapon. police are asking anyone who recovers any items to actually call police a they can collect
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them as evidence. reporting live in san jose, abc7 news. >> ama: and a high-speed chase through two cities ended with the shooting death of a stolen car suspect this morning. daly city police spotted the car and gave chase. san francisco police joined the suit on highway 101. and then two suspects abandoned the vehicle. the passenger surrendered but the armed driver ran away. when officers approached, shots were fired, scaring residents. >> not something we're used to around here. >> raised the gun at the officers. the daly city police officer, feared for his life. discharged his firearm at the suspect. >> ama: the suspect was shot in the torso and died at the scene. breaking news from the south bay. santa clara county firefighters on the sight of a three-alarm
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fire. we don't have any information just yet about injuries. we'll bring you more details on this breaking news as soon as it becomes available. tonight, mental health councils say the santa cruz community will benefit from intervention to cope with this week's tragedy. two officer r police officers were shot and killed. one colonel council said the community is so small that many people were just one or two degrees of separation from the victims. a touching gift was found at the memorial. someone left their purple heart medal, a note read, in part, the purple heart is for the sacrifice above and beyond the call of duty. on the other end of the spectrum, this man was arrested for stealing flours from -- flowers from the memorial. he has been charged with vandalism and public intoxication. a memorial for detective butler and detect-sergeant baker will be held thursday at noon ah at hp pavilion in san jose.
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a charge crowd is expected to pay respects to the officers. >> a mid-air emergency had rescue crews scrambling at sfo today. sky 7hd shows united flight 378 after it made a safe landing but had to be towed to the arrival gate. the pilot reported a problem with the hydraulic system after taking off from vancouver. crews were well prepared. >> declared million so we had all the emergency equipment on the airfield to meet the aircraft. >> ama: the plane had 107 passengers and ten crew members. it was an hour late on arrival due to a late departure from vancouver. let's head to spend -- spencer christian. >> spencer: the skies continue to threaten but not much right now. little batches of moisture developing offshore. taking aim at the golden gate and san francisco. some scattered showers could
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occur during the nighttime late-night hours. here's the live view from the rooftop temperature, cloudy skies, temperatures in the 50s, san francisco, oakland, san jose. another view of the bridge. downtown san francisco, showing communities in the 50s, santa rosa, fairfield, livermore. we don't see any rainfall hitting the ground in the bay area yet, but there is a chance of showers overnight and tomorrow. >> ama: oakland police are investigating a shooting that left two people dead. neighbors called police after hearing gunfire around 4:00 this morning. a man and a woman were found debt. their names have not been released. dozens of bullet holes now riddle the scene. crime taupers and police are offering a $20,000 reward leading to a conviction in the case. >> in florida, officials are planning to demolish the house near tampa where a man was
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swallowed by a sinkhole. the rescuers have stopped their efforts because the area is so unstable, it's too risky. >> we feel we have done everything we can. >> authorities are no longer looking for the body of jeff bush, who was swallowed by a sinkhole as he slept in his bedroom thursday night. >> at this point it's really not possible to recover the body. >> the focus shifts to demolishing the house on sunday because of fears it may cave in at any moment. >> they say the hole is getting bigger and i don't think they can find him. reporter: the hole is contained within the house but it's growing, and grounds around the house are so unstable, equipment will be kept of the perimeters. this area of florida is dubbed sinkhole alley. 40% of the country is prone to sinkholes. they form when water dee dissolves the lime tennessee
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underground. usually there are cracks, structural problems to indicate a cinch sinkhole is forming but not this time. >> this one was entirely within the building, at least initially, and below slab. so it was hidden until it became catastrophic. >> houses next 0 the bush home are at risk so officials gave families just a half hour to go inside and gareth belongings, not knowing if or when they will be allowed back in again. a memorial for jeff bush will be held at a later date. >> ama: people in the rockaway section of queens are letting new york mayor michael bloomberg hear the frustration in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. the mayor was booed during the st. patrick's day parade. >> there's no loss of enthusiasm for saint mary's basketball team as the program is placed on ncaa probation. the gaels took the court for the first time since the sanctions
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for recruiting violation were announced. it's four years of probation, the loss of two scholarships per year and five-game suspension for head coach randy bennett. it's also been the talk of the campus. >> people are talking. i play golf, so it's been hard for our sport because we think somebody is going to happen with our sport and affect everyone. >> we're a small community, we can get through it. four years, but some things are going on. it will be fine. >> ama: mike shumann will have the exciting highlights ahead in sports. a lock-picking class that mayor jean quan has apologized for, continues to draw interested students. the mayor says the class strikes the wrong note in a city trying to reduce its crime rate. the instructor says the classes is more for tech people who want to know how things work.
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>> certainly not blind to the fact it's a loaded term, and in oakland this press coverage is garnered with mixed emotions and we were very happy with the number of community and civic leaders that wanted to see what it was about. >> the class is part of an event called workshop weekend oakland, other classes were cheesemaking and the basicking are sole -- soldering. >> a home makeover for a girl who lost a father and sister. plus... >> going to let her die. >> ama: a nurse at an independent living facility refuses to give a patient cpr. the reason why she wouldn't help save a life. >> later, budget cuts have been made.
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> ama: an independent living facility in bakersfield is sticking by its guns. officials say staff acted properly in not giving cpr to a woman who whatten conscious with a heart attack. the 9-1-1 operator pleaded with the staff to help the woman. >> they have been on the way but we can't wait. this lady is going to die. >> okay. well, then, if you get anybody, any stranger to perhaps walk by that is willing to help. i understand if your boss is telling you, you can't do it. it's a human being.
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anybody that is willing to help this lady and not let her die? >> um, not at this time. >> ama: an ambulance arrived minute after the call. the 87-year-old woman died at the hospital. nearly one year ago, handa stoorai was hit by a car. her father and older sister were killed. today she and her mother left a house they once called home and today volunteers helped them fear more settled in the under surroundings. >> oh! oh, my god. >> for the first time in a long time, excitement and happiness or filling the noori home. >> oh, my god. >> they're starting a new chapter in life. since april 7th they lived in a very dark place. the day a 17-year-old driver
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crashed into her husband, solomon, and her two daughters, while they were riding bieks on treat boulevard. solman and ha death died instantly, and handa recovered. >> thank god, she's healthy, but we're basically dead inside. you live for the other child. reporter: that's where healing spaces comes in. >> certainly tragic. an extent of that proportion, just heart-wrenching. >> the high school club chooses one person to do an extreme makeover for each year. students from nearby high schools raised nearly $10,000 and went to work on the new home. they took handa's bedroom from this to this. >> it's awesome. it's perfect. >> with one space healed, the focus can shift elsewhere.
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since the crash happened all the damage has been repaired on treat boulevard. the city even put in a new fire hydrant, but the family hays not forgotten. there will be a vigil this year april 7th. >> ama: so great to see their reaction. let's check in with spencer christian with the weather. >> spencer: here a look at live doppler 7hd. earlier in the evening we had a widespread area of moisture over the bay area, and now much of it dissipated. now more batches of moisture developing cloong the -- along the coastline, and we don't expect significant rainfall from the moisture but could be some sprinkles or light showers. right now, some of today's highs. highs in the 70s. upper 60s in san francisco and concord. right now, looking at the bay
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bridge from the high definition rooftop camera, cloudy skies, temperatures in the 50s in san francisco. and another view of the bay bridge from the other side from the high definition south beach san francisco, downtown san francisco, and temperatures in other bay area locationness the 50s. our forecast features will probably see -- well, certainly will see cloudy skies overknight. not so chilly. probably see a few light scattered showers overnight, and maybe into tomorrow morning as well, and then sunshine returns on monday. here's the satellite image showing the movement of clouds and moisture over the last 12 hours, most of this from the southwest. the long stream of moisture. and clouds building throughout the day and evening hours. so the forecast animation at 11:00, at which point it will be still cloudy, cloudy overnight, and little patches of light sprinkles or scattered showers
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developing, and then quickly dissipating. clouds and moisture will disappear by early evening and we'll clear out tomorrow night and sunday. overnight, look for low temperatures in the up per 40s to low 50s. won't be very chilly tonight. relatively mild. but it will be cooler tomorrow than today. highs in the south bay, low 60s. peninsula, 60. palo alto. mid-4050s on -- mid-50s on the coast. san francisco, upper 50s. north bay, mid-60s. on the east bay, highs of 62, oakland. 61, san lee an dough. inland, highs in the mid-60s, up to 65 in concord and fairfield. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny skies on monday. fairly pleasant. cooling down on wednesday when we have a pretty good chance of some rain. looks like a soggy day on wednesday. high temperatures in the mid-50s, and start to dry out on thursday,.
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abc7 has another great weather resource. the weather app. whether it's range or signing, get all your individual you're forecasts and "spare the air" alerts and other advisories from your favorite weather crew. >> ama: shu is here with sports. how are the sharks doing? >> mike: not so well until tonight. predators in town, hopefully
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>> mike: well, the sharks for one are glad that february is over. they were 2-10 in the shortest month of the year. the first game this month will hopefully create some march madness of their own. san jose had more goals than all of the month. dan boyle, the pass, the power play goal. third of the year for dan, 1-0 sharks.
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second period, sharks again on the power reply. joe pavelski knocks it home and thornton with the assist. 1,100th career point. 56th on the nhl all-time scoring list. the sharks get the winle. >> the warriors have not fared much better, end a road trip in philadelphia with only one win in five tries. now they have the longest home stand of the season. steph curry, career night, 54 points and his shot is pure. 8-10 for the first half. warriors up three at the half. clay to son, seven three-pointers in the game. here come the sixers. fourth quarter, curry, coast to coast, smooth as silk. he has 30, but the sixers took over. the corner three, led the team with 27. philly up two.
11:23 pm
then turner iceses it. the jumper. warriors lose 4-5 on the road trip, 104-97 your final. take a brief time-out before we hit the college hardwood where are chiney ogwumike led stanford to a share of the pac-12 regular season final. who will they
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>> mike: a little college hoops, ladies first, stanford and cal won today so they'll share the park twelve regular season title remembering stanford at washington state. jocelyn tinkle. 13 points. nothing but net from downtown, player of the year candidate, chiney ogwumike, breaking standard's record with 381. 24 double-double of the season.
11:27 pm
stanford finishes the year 28-2. with 572-50 victory. >> sixth ranked call defeats washington. so stanford and cal clinch a share of the pac-12 with a 17-1 conference record. the first time cal has ever won or shared the conference title in program history. cal men won their seventh straight for the first time since 2003, beating colorado today. bears are now 20-9, winning at least 20 games, four out of the five seasons under mike montgomery. allen creab, only eight points but one man does not make a team. freshman, tyrone wallace, a huge game. got some hops. outdid himself in the second half. off the steal. this is going to leave a mark. oh, my. also had 11 boards. that would bell a double-double. justin cobbs, 15 for the bears. cal wins, improving to 20-9,
11:28 pm
half game back of oregon for the pac-12 title. >> the way we been playing, everybody playing together, distributing the ball, everybody having fun, and like i say, we're winning. >> coach came in at the end of the game said this was a great team game. everybody pitched in. and it was a fun game. >> mike: after getting busted for recruiting violation, saint mary's on the court hosting santa clara on senior day. matthew dellavedova made history, the all-time leading scorer with 1875 career points. second halve, gaels by one. 20 second left. dellavedova with the two-hand slam. saint mary's on senior day, 77-67, they win. gonzaga posting portland,
11:29 pm
gonzaga poised to become number one in the nation on monday. kelly a good reason for their success. gonzaga has never been ranked number one in the nation in their history. undefeated in wcc play. finish the year 29-2. 81-52 the final. >> and randy moss' days as a niner appear to be over. he tweeted, wished we could have finished the job. thanks for the opportunity, and good luck in the future tier niners. this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. coming up later, more sports. >> ama: still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, what is next for the cardinals in the catholic church. >> the first full day since the budget cuts went into effect. what's the impact? we'll have the answer. preventing crime in your neighborhood. the web site that can help and houston it can help you get to
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know your neighbors better. we
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>> live breaking news. >> ama: the breaking news out of the south bay. firefighters on the scene of a three-alarm fire in an apartment building for seniors in campbell. the fire is under control. in tonight's other headlines. [sirens] [ gunshot ] >> ama: you'll see this video only on abc7. a bystander caught the under of a -- end of a police chase that ended with the suspect dead. another police chase and officer-involved shooting left one man dead in san francisco. that chase began in daly city and ended near candlestick park. police say the driver of a
11:34 pm
stolen car ran away and then raised his gun as if to shoot at pursuing officers. >> a united jet was towed to the gate. the pilot made an emergency landing because of hydraulic problems. all 117 people on board were safe. the process to begin taking a new pope will begin monday, and vatican city with the cardinal conclave, pope benedict xvi resigned last week, becoming the first pontiff in 600 years to step down. changes are already being seen. the pope's apartment has been locked and its elevator has been taped shut. the new papal ring must also be made. tradition says the ring is destroyed when the pope dies or, in this case, resigns. >> talk about destruction of the sale, simply to make some scratch marks or michigan to prevent that seal from being used ever again. >> ama: a stove has yet to be installed in the sistine chapel. white smoke from the snowfall
11:35 pm
announces to the world a new pope has been elected. >> new controversy about rape and pregnancy. another g.o.p. leader says pregnancy from rape are rare in an interview, seles grigg. the head of the california public asemi says the amount of pregnancies due to rape is small because the body is traumatized. the statement was made after she was being critical of the same type of comment made by todd akin of missouri last year. >> it's the first full day of the federally man dade it sequester cuts. impact seems minimal but hasn't dampened concerns by some over what is to come. >> mariey and joe, civilian defense department employee, is preparing for the worst. >> i do live paycheck to paycheck, but anger, resentment? >> no just disappointment.
11:36 pm
>> she caught her rent, cable, and electric company, asking for special dispensation when the furloughs begin where she works, one of possibly 750,000 civilian pentagon employees in a potentially similar situation. she is forced to rethink her spending, buying her groceries in bulk. >> this is not going to be a apocalypse. it's just dumb. it's going to hurt. reporter: half of the $85 billion will fall directly on the pentagon. at least one air kraft carrier will not be dough moneying, and effective today cuts in military training began, curbing air force flying hours and some doors at the u.s. capitol will be forced to close. in late march, furlough notices for department of defensivelian employees go out. it might not be as dire as predicted because the full effect won't be fell for another month and we're just weeks away from the next budget deadline
11:37 pm
which could lead to a government shutdown. >> there's no sign there's going to be progress here in washington to reach a deal on restoring the budget cuts. >> ama: house minority leader nancy pelosi was in town but didn't talk about the budget issue, addressing a tea sponsored by the coalition of 100 black women. she talked about the voting rights act heard before the u.s. supreme court last week. strong protections for our democracy. >> ama: the justices heard arguments against a particular section of the act dealing with voting rights protection. many arguments claim the matter was for the legislative branch, not the jew dish. in san francisco today it was young women who took center stage in a conference with elected female officials.
11:38 pm
the event was taken bid more than 250 high school and college students. participants said with so many young women under pressure to look and act a certain way, words of advice are welcome. >> talk to us and tell how they got to the point they're at right now, so we can feel empowered to be like them. >> ama: the conference was organized by ignite, an oakland-based nonpartisan organization that builds political am, by in girls and women with emphasis on low-income women. developing a sense of community in your own neighborhood. and it all starts online. unique new web site that helps you get to know your neighbors. >> clouds and moisture are overhead, so to rain or not to rain? that's the question
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>> ama: we may know why yahoo ceo has banned working from home. a web site reports minor use of login dat a helped with the decision and she got tired of seeing empty parking lots so she checked the network which at-home employees use to log in each day. the source said she found many employees were not logging in very often so she eliminated all
11:42 pm
work from home arrangements. >> big problem for the daily deal discount webs, sites like groupon are doing some major overhauls after they are losing money. groupon has lost nearly 75% of its value since its public debut 15 months ago. living social is struggling, losing $650 million last year and has laid off 10% of the staff. social networks make itees to connect with folks around the world. reporter: one of the neighbors is putting up signs for security cameras. >> when neighbors moved to oakland years ago they never dreamed they would be considering surveillance cameras. >> we're frustrated by the reduction in the police force that's happened, and that has
11:43 pm
definitely contributedded to crime. >> people who commit the crimes are getting more brazen. the fact they feel they can go ahead and kick in doors, whether there are people there are not, is not a good thing. >> so after one especially violent robbery, neighbors began to organize, using a new social network called next door. >> a private social network for your neighborhood. >> the next door ceo says while we're busy reaching out to friends around the world on facebook we might be ignoring our neighbors. >> you see them when you're taking your dog for a walk but you don't know their names. next door makes its easy for you to get to know them and once you have a critical mass of neighbors, you can solve problems. >> the defining feature requires you to prove you live in the neighborhood before you can see or post messages. you have to answer a home phone call or get a post card in the mail with a special code. >> when you're talking about where your children go to
11:44 pm
school, you have to trust people you comiewb indicate with. >> you can post about anything, something you lost, local doctors, but the best use is crime prevention. >> literally within minutes we all know what is going on, or there's a suspicious car in the neighborhood. >> next door's public safety value is put to the test near menlo park. when police disease sended on the quiet neighborhood looking for two armed suspects. >> my husband is home with our two-year-old daughter. he sees a police officers car just zooming down the street. reporter: she says her husband used next door to send out a text message alert. neighbors stayed in their homes and shared what they knew. >> pictures being posted, the real-time updates of what was happening was the most important factor. >> police departments are taking note. belmont police used next door to track down and arrest a man driving around exposing himself. >> we put the alert out over next door, and one of the neighbors in the neighborhood communicated back that he might
11:45 pm
have the suspect vehicle in and the suspect on his home security camera. report report stories like those have earned next door the attention of silicon valley >> my mother totally gets it. >> likely use all the money to expand. >> they were contacted by a city council man in barcelona whether they can set something up in europe. >> but barcelona hartley merits -- matters two two neighbors. >> has fostered a positive sense of community in the neighborhood. i'm glad it's here. >> ama: spend -- one last check on the weather. >> spencer: the moisture is broken up and scattered. nothing very well organized but there's moisture moving through
11:46 pm
the bay area. we could see a sprinkle or two overnight. nationwide tomorrow, relatively calm weather picture there could be dustingsdustings snow over portion office the north central states and here in the state of california tomorrow, relatively mild day despite areas of scattered precipitation and shower activity around the bay area. speaking of the bay area, hoarse how things shape up here. mainly cloudy skies, with more breaks of sun in the afternoon. perhaps a shower or two early in the day. high temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. here's the seven-day forecast. warm and sunny, dry conditions on monday, and unsettled weather for much of next week, certainly cooler than last week, and the rain next week will be wednesday to prepare for that. >> ama: going to get sunny and warm. >> it does. >> ama: shu is here with sports. and, sin crow nicees skating? >> mike: team sports are always
11:47 pm
difficult as everybody has to play together. throw in the fact that everybody has to be exactly on the same page, becomes even
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>> mike: sin crow niced ice skating is not an olympic sport yet but it's the fastest growing segment of the figure skating world.
11:50 pm
a bay area team is proving california can compete. ♪ >> this is ice skating as a team sport. >> focuses on unison, sin connization with all of the requirements that technical figure skating has but there's 15 to 20 girls trying do it all at once. >> the girls come from high schools all over the bay area. this is their performance at the pacific coast championship, where they got their highest score ever, won a silver medal and the right to compete in the national. >> it's fun. >> we caught up with the team as they practice. >> one, two three, four. >> we have a good group of girls. we get along. we have had a pretty difficult year in that we started with one routine and changed it mid-way through the season, and have seen a lot of success since the
11:51 pm
change. >> many girls have been skating together since elementary school. the team started in 1989 and one of the first skates is back as an assistant coach. >> it's speed, not knowing what is going to happen. are they going to make it? is somebody going to fall? >> there are all kind of formations and the girls must also be good individual skaters. kimberly is a high school senior. this is her last year only the team and she is savoring every moment. >> it's more than a team on ice. it's the friend you make on the team as well that makes it the most wonderful experience. >> mike: guarantee you that's a story you'll only see on 7. the national competition was last week in michigan. the tremors came in sixth in the intermediate division. their best ever showing.
11:52 pm
skating is expensive so if you want to donate or try out for the team, have a link on our web site, click on "see it on tv". >> on the ice, sharks are glad february is over. they were 2-10. the first game this month will hopefully create some march madness. san jose, more goals in the first four game of the season than all of fun. nashville in town. dan boyle, the power play goal, third of the year. sharks up 1-0, in the second, sharks again on the power play, pavelski knocks it home, joe thornton with an assist on both goals. sharks with the much-needed one. 2-1. >> warriors not faring much better can ending a five-game road trip with one win in five triesle hope to regain their mojo at home. steph curry had a career night against in the knicks, and as usual his shot is pure. 7-10 in the their first half.
11:53 pm
clay to son put up 29. seven threes. here come the sixers. turner with the al could on. fourth quarter, curry. coast to coast. he had 30. the sixers took over in the en. drew holiday. got it. led the team with 27. philly up two. the turner with the deep jumper to ice it. warriors lose 4-5. 104-97. >> college hoops, cal men won their seventh straight for third final since 2003,. bears winning scorer, allen creab, just eight points on the day but this is a team support, the freshman, tyrone wallace, huge game. now eave the steal. this is going hurt. 16 for the freshman, 11 boards. that would equal a double-double. cobb has 16 for the bears. a little body control in the
11:54 pm
paint. the tierdrop. cal wins. they're a half game back of oregon for the pac-12 title. getting busted for recruiting violations, saint mary's hosting santa clara on senior day. senior matthew dellavedova made history. this jumper makes him the geals' all-time leading scorer with 1875 points. second half, holt, he had 13. gaels pull away. 20 seconds left. the two-hand slam. saint mary's wins on senior day, 77-67 your final. >> this sports report brought to you by river rock casino, and earlier today randy moss tweeted that, good luck to the 49ers in the future, thanks for the opportunities. might be done. >> ama: thank you, shu. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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