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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 3, 2013 4:00am-5:00am PST

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who frequented these religious dating sites because he thought they were easier prey >> that's coming up. these a ground breaker on the gridiron, the first woman ever to try out for the nfl. does she have a real shot? we'll talk to her coming up. she he's got quite a story. but first this morning it is march but winter will not quit. more storms are on the way and i can guarantee you ginger zee is all over this story. good morning. >> been waiting on the storm in the models for awhile starting to come together. winter storm warnings for all of north dakota, parts of minnesota, minneapolis included in winter storm watch. this really starts tonight through tomorrow and then it will slip south and east and here's who is going to be affected for minneapolis that chicago on tuesday. looks like especially the south side of chicago at this point going to get into that snow and then that low just keeps on going across the nation. how much snow are we talking? well, fargo kind of in that high point, 8 to 12 inches. minneapolis at this point looking like a 4 to and chicago into tuesday somewhere south and
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west could get in that 4 to 8 area too but the low keeps going and it goes all the way through the mid-atlantic states so parts of the carolinas into virginia could get a rain/snow mix then back into the mountains and including a d.c. mix by the way, philadelphia too but back in the mountains that's where you could see a foot or more in parts of virginia and west virginia. much more coming up including the cold in florida but now to bulgari. >> ginger, even though it's march seems like spring is so far away. thanks for that report. well, we'll turn now to new details on that growing sinkhole in florida. officials now saying that the home that swallowed a man asleep in his bed will be demolished. his body left buried 150 feet below but the story far from over. now neighboring houses being in danger of being sucked in, as well. gio beneath tez is there in seffner, florida, with the latest, good morning, gio. >> reporter: you know, new tests have revealed much of the ground in this community is simply too unsafe.
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this morning, two more homes are in jeopardy of being swallowed by that massive sinkhole. >> we determined that the house right next to the house that's actually damaged is also compromised. >> reporter: the families in this house and now this house were given just 20 minutes to gather their belongings as engineers fear if they stay the unthinkable could happen again. how rare is what we've seen here? >> well, certainly you get at least dozens of sinkholes a year, but to have one occur right in the center of a home and certainly to injure and even kill somebody i've never heard of that happening before. >> reporter: overnight they called off their search for 37-year-old jeff bush. >> the mission has changed because we can no longer sustain a rescue effort. the site is entirely unstable. >> reporter: he is now buried 100 feet underground devastating his family. >> he didn't deserve to go like this. >> reporter: bush's brother
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jeremy had tried to save him when the floor suddenly gave way. >> i'm so sorry that they can't get him out of the hole and that's the last place he's going to be. >> reporter: family and friends did the best they could saying good-bye bringing flowers to bush's final pressing place. >> i tried. i tried my hardest. i tried my very hardest. >> reporter: so now the house with the sinkhole behind me that will be demolished this morning. as you heard it is entirely unstable. what happens next well, it's too early to tell. >> so much uncertainty for people in that neighborhood. thanks for your reporting. now to the vatican tomorrow cardinals from all over the world will start meeting and officially start the process of finding a successor to pope benedict. we're expecting the cardinals to perhaps set a date for the conclave, that ancient and secret election ritual inside the sistine chapel where a new pope will be chosen. abc's david wright is in rome once again this morning. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this is the first sunday in eight years without a pope and
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that means no blessing and prayer from the window today and it means tomorrow they'll begin in earnest to process of choosing his successor. ♪ it's not the start of the conclave but rather a precursor to that event. on friday the dean of the college of cardinals summoned all of them to attend what's called a general congregation starting 9:30 monday morning. it's a series of meetings about the state of the church. the cardinals will have formal discussions, they'll hear sermons, but they won't nominate or even discuss any candidates. discussing specific cardinals is strictly forbidden. >> we're not going to hear any campaign speeches at these meetings. we're going to hear rather subtle hints dropped perhaps about who might be able to lead the church or what calls we need in a new pope. >> reporter: the conclave itself is limited to the cardinals who are younger than 80. but the general congregation includes the older cardinals, as
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well. a chance for them to weigh in and share their experience. while they're meeting workers will prepare the election venue inactustalling a stove in the m famous of all of christiandom. installing electronic devices to jam cell phone communication to prevent any other way of communicating the results but they haven't done so yet. in fact, we were inside the sistine chapel just yesterday along with hundreds of other tourists, dan and bulgari. >> this is a big week and soon enough they will be shutting that place down for history in the making, david wright, thank you for your reporting. a lot of news overnight. for that ron claiborne just back from it's himself. >> good to be back. good to be with you, dan and bulgari, good morning, everyone. u.s. intelligence is trying to confirm reports of the death of one of the world's most wanted terrorists. they claim they killed mokhtar belmokhtar, the mastermind behind the deadly assault on a natural gas plant in algeria
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that killed dozens of foreign workers. belmokhtar has reportedly been killed two times before in previous years. syrian president assad is accusing u.s. and the british governments of supporting terrorism by backing anti-government rebels in his country. the comment by assad came in an interview published in "the sunday times." assad insisted he will not step down or go into exile. an estimated 70,000 have been killed since fighting broke out in that country two years ago. and in florida, 1,000 acres have been devoured by a raging wildfire. this morning it's burning all across volusia county in the northeastern part of that state. hundreds of homes were evacuated when the blazes got too close to them. flames also threatened a ranch where horses were loaded on to trucks to take them to safety. and a privately funded cargo ship today arrived at the international space station. the spacex dragon is delivering a ton of supplies to the crew. spacex engineers needed to
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perform a series of orbital maneuvers following last week's launch. finally, they're off and mushing. the 41st iditarod sled dog race getting under way in alaska today. 66 mushers and their dogs took part in the ceremonial start of the race yesterday. the iditarod covers a thousand miles of frozen terrain and finishes in nome, alaska. the winner receives a big prize here, a new truck and more than $50,000 in cash. >> what do the dogs get? >> the dogs get food. >> they do all the work. >> not fair, is it? >> no, it's not. all right, ron, thank you. well, with self-imposed budget cuts now forced upon the country president obama and house republicans appear as deadlocked as ever. so what will happen the next time they lock horns over the economy or anything else? let's bring in george stephanopoulos, host of abc's "this week" just back from rome himself. >> hi, guys. >> that next fight could come soon at the end of the month so
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now that both sides have proven their point can they come together? >> i don't think so, no. the only thing they seem to be agreeing on is that they're going to avoid the shutdown, not shut down the government in march but keep those spending cuts, keep those automatic across the board spending cuts in place at least until the end of the fiscal year which is september 30th so they basically resign themselves to the idea there's not going to be a big deal right now that includes both taxes, new taxes and spending cuts. they are agoing to keep the sequester in. what no one knows is what the impact will be and what the political fallout will be from that go let me ask you about something else. on nour show you'll do the first interview with dennis rodman, current reality tv star. >> can you believe you're saying that? >> no, let me just finish it. one of the more bizarre utterances. he has become sort of an accidental diplomat becoming the first american to meet with kim jong-un, the new leader of north korea. there he is in the video. here's the question for you, what's the consensus at this
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point? did he oddly enough make a fresh opening for the united states with one of the most repressive and isolated regimes on the planet or get used by a brutal dictator. >> clearly the north korean regime will be happy with those pictures. we'll see what he says when he comes out in his first interview and learn a lot more. he has spent more time one-on-one with kim jong-un than any other american. you know, you talk to experts right now. they say he knows more than anyone in the cia knows about kim jong-un so anything he says about the dictator is interesting but it will be interesting also to see his take on kim jong-un and whether he sticks by those words that he tweeted out coming off the trip where he said, i love this man. he's awesome. hard to reconcile that with the human rights record of kim jong-un. >> with 200,000 in prison camps and no freedom of communication and all the repression in that regime it's ard to reconcile that with him saying i love this guy. very much looking forward to your interview.
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>> me too. >> george one-on-one with the worm. george has a big show coming up. he'll sit down with dennis rodman and white house economic adviser gene sperling and republican senator kelly ayotte weighing in on what's next in the budget battle. but moving on now, we're going to go to the shocking 911 call. a dispatcher pleading with nursing home staffer who says she won't perform cpr on a patient in trouble. so why didn't she come to the elderly woman's aid? ron has this incredible story. >> bulgari, it really is dramatic and it is shocking. it began when an elder rry resident began having trouble breathing. a nurse at the facility called 911. but when the 911 operator told her to perform resuscitation until paramedics could revive the nurse respond that the facility had strict rules that do not allow that and she was not going to violate them. >> fire department, what's the address of your emergency please. >> reporter: what started as a routine emergency call turned into an intense ethical battle.
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>> they're refusing cpr. they're going to let her die. >> reporter: lorraine bayless collapsed in the dining room of a retirement center and nursing home. the 911 dispatcher tried to give instructions to the caller about how to perform cpr, but the nurse at the facility said it was against facility policy for the staff to do that. >> it's a human being. is there anybody that's willing to help this lady and not let her die? >> not at this time. >> no, they won't touch her at all. >> reporter: the dispatcher pleads with the nurse repeatedly asking about there was anyone who would perform cpr if the nurse would not? >> anybody there can do cpr. give them the phone, please. i understand if your facility is not willing to do that. give the phone to that passerby, that stranger. this woman is not breathing enough. she's going to die if we don't get this started. >> reporter: with every passing second bayless' chances of sur skriefal are diminish and her tone turns desperate. >> is there a gardner or flag
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someone downen 0 the street and get them to help the lady. >> reporter: bayless was pronounced dead at the hospital. and glenwood gardens released this "in the event of a health emergency at this independent living community our practice is to immediately call emergency medical personnel for assistance and to wait with the individual 23450eding attention until such personnel arrives. that is the protocol we followed." but some critics are arguing there are state and federal obligations that the facility did not follow. many lawsuits and even criminal charges could follow. now, what is not clear yet is whether that cpr could have saved the life of the elderly woman. the nursing home did say while its personnel followed standard protocol it would launch an internal investigation into this matter. very sad story. >> it really is. >> thanks, ron. now to the website that's supposed to help christian singles, quote, find god's match for them but now a beauty queen is coming forward and accusing a man of using the site for decidedly unspiritual purposes.
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abc tanya rivero is here with the story. >> it took a lot of courage to come forward and talk with us speaking out against a man that police say targeted women on a religious dating site because he thought they would be easier prey. california beauty queen victoria kinney says she feared falling victim to an unholy crime at the hands of this man, sean banks, who police say used this christian dating site to fish for more than just dates. >> reporter: join today. >> he was very eloquent, very educated, very smart. there were a few things he said that were a warning sign to me. >> reporter: banks stands accused of sexually assaulting another woman he also met on >> he began to become more and more aggressive and ultimately led to a charge of raping her. >> reporter: police had trouble tracking him down as the 37-year-old allegedly used aliases to open three accounts, but when they did, banks was arrested for rape and robbery.
4:14 am
kinney, a miss california 2012 contestant says banks began to threaten her when he got out on bail. >> he called me letting me know that he had been arrested and didn't want me talking to police. >> reporter: friday a judge banned banks from getting within 100 yards of kinney. banks has pleaded innocent to all charges. >> can you imagine being a young man going on a dating service thinking things are going well and then having her make these types of accusations that are misconstrued that are not corrected. >> find got's match for you at >> reporter: christian mingle makes it clear the site does not conduct background checks. a spokesperson tells abc news, we continue to assist police in every way possible. the safety and security of our members is our top priority. and in that courtroom friday banks also faced two additional charges, one involving a previous rape allegation from 2009 and another involving threatening a witness.
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he was taken into custody on a new bail request. on the new charges he will be back in court on wednesday. >> makes you think they don't vet these people. >> you have to be careful online. online is online. >> thanks. >> time for a check of weather and back to ginger. >> hey, guy, one of my best friends taking her family to disney and said are you kidding me. i have to pack pants and a coat. that's right. it is so cold in florida. orlando, 39. charlotte is 23 and charlotte had some snow yesterday. let's see it. we've got pictures. you don't think this is north carolina in march but it is and i saw a lot of great photos on facebook and twitter. thanks for those too. not only the freeze warnings for this morning but, of course, there will be some milder air filtering in so alicia, best friend in disney, it will get better. don't worry about that. orlando, 74 by tuesday, miami to 77 by tuesday and for the midweek 50s in raleigh. i'll fly you across the nation and give you an idea of what'shaing. snowstorm starting tonight especially in the northern plains and drops across the country.
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>> now in maine they have been loving all the snow or at least the people that are accepting me note tos have been. there's the mode of transportation, snowmobiles across the bridge and i wanted to show you a peek of spring from california. beautiful across the landscape there. thanks for your photos. please send more and snow this whole week ahead. very exciting. >> given the options i'd pick san jose over maine. >> your friend alicia got a raw deal. >> she did but, hey, first time at disney going to have a good
4:17 am
time. >> ginger, thanks. to the latest groundbreaking moment for women and sport, history in the making for possibly the most male dominated sports there. >> lauren silverman will become the first female ever to try out for the nfl. for that story, great to have marci gonzalez, newest member of our abc news team here. >> great to be here. thank you so much, dan and bulgari. good morning. silverman has never kicked a football in an organized game but she's been working with a coach practicing every day. her ambitious goal for today, perfect 60-yard field goals. lauren silverman not only clearing the uprights but kicking her way into sports history. this morning silverman will be the first woman to try out for the nfl. >> it would be, you know, a lifelong dream courtroom true. >> reporter: today she's kicking at an nfl regional combine at the jets facility in hopes that she'll impress the scouts and earn an invite to an nfl
4:18 am
training camp as a kicker. >> the nfl is a huge deal. what lauren is trying to do is something that's incredibly admirable. shows her confidence, her comfort level. her love of sports. and that statement should reverberate throughout the united states. >> reporter: her stats, 28 years old, a university of wisconsin and mit graduate and a former college club soccer player. she admits that while she's new to the gridiron she hopes her years of studying sports video games will give her a leg up. >> i'm hoping through all this virtual play that i've done that it'll extend to performing well physically on the field. >> reporter: silberman's tryout comes just days after danica patrick sped past nascar's gender barrier. >> the daytona 500. >> reporter: becoming the first woman to lead a lap and sit on the pole position at the daytona 500 and finishing in eighth
4:19 am
place. >> jeff gordon. >> reporter: ahead one of the speedway's best, jeff gordon. >> all i can say just like anybody else in this moment, i'm happy, i'm proud. >> reporter: happy, proud, just like silberman would says even though she knows she's a long shot pick for the nfl, she still is one kick closer to achieving her goal. >> hopefully and if this doesn't work out i can contribute and strengthen the league one day in a different way so we'll see where this goes, i guess. >> reporter: what a great attitude. the nfl just changed the rules last year allowing women to play. silberman says when she signed up she had no idea she'd be the first woman to try out. >> it's incredible. just beyonce's women rule the world song playing throughout that speech. it's incredible. thanks, marci. >> an accidental trail blazer. thank you, marci and great to have you on abc news. >> thank you. coming up on the broadcast an astonishing allegation. what this man says his ex-girlfriend stole from him. a headline-making lawsuit
4:20 am
including sex, lies and dna. up close and personal with the newest military marvel. could this robotic bomb-sniffing dog save hundreds of lives on the line. incredible story we'll bring you. >> real-life wedding crasher. how these pictures turned one college student into an overnight celebrity. he's traveled around the world and now he's going viral around the world. we'll have his story after the break. keep it here on "gma." much more coming up. ♪ i've always had to keep my eye on her... but, i didn't always watch out for myself. with so much noise about health care... i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still going to give me a heart attack. we're more than 78,000 people
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>> check this out. >> thanks to you. >> thank you. thank you. >> to you and me. >> at "gma" we have so much fun. >> well done. >> good morning. >> we are -- >> good morning. >> very much. >> good morning, america.
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>> it's because of you "gma" is riding high seven days a week and we're just getting started. so -- >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up on "good morning america," she's one of the most photographed women in the world. we have new pictures of kate middleton and that baby bump. what she's wearing. how she's feeling. all that coming up as she looks fantastic in that coat. >> as always. and he's the guy that travels around the world and somehow photo bombs people's wedding and has gone viral. we're calling him the international wedding crasher. we'll have his story. he's speaking out right after this quick break.
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♪ isn't she lovely >> oh, she is lovely. take a look at kate, stepping out at a friend's wedding this week with that royal baby bump on display. brand-new pictures we'll show you this morning. she looks fantastic. >> she always does. she always does. >> she can't do anything wrong. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> i'm dan harris, this is sunday, march 3rd. coming up, could this little robot dog be the secret to saving hundreds of lives on the battlefield? our reporter getting rare access to the military's top secret robotic facility. we'll take you inside coming up. >> that little thing is interesting. also this morning, are you a dog person or a cat person? we know what both of us are but what are you at home? get ready to take sides. a video featuring a dog, a cat and a bathtub full of water
4:29 am
that's going viral right now. >> we're freezing the video because what happens next is very controversial. we'll show you that coming up in "fixation." we'll start with that strange story out of louisiana. strange does not even begin to describe this. a man taking a fertility clinic and his ex-girlfriend to court accusing them of helping her conceive his baby without his permission. you following this? abc's linzie janis is all over this. >> good morning, pretty wild, indeed. he accuse her of bluffing her into getting two vies of his specimen. her story is different. they were in a relationship and wanted to a baby, she said. it may be one of the most bizarre cases of he said/she said ever heard. this man, 44-year-old lane harden says his ex-girlfriend coby duvall stole his dna in order to his his now 2-year-old child. a donation clinic inside this hospital is the scene of the alleged crime. where harden says duvall made a
4:30 am
withdrawal without his permission. >> there was a contract in place. clear as day saying who the sperm belongs to and sperm bank let a stranger walk in off the street an take it and get pregnant. >> reporter: hardin is suing duval and the clinic for negligence, fraud and breach of contract and claiming emotional and monetary damages. in a countersuit duval says she not only had his permission but hardin was right by his side at the fertility clinic asking the court to make hardin pay any damages if she loses. hardin says it wasn't for devall but katherine le blank with whom he has a 12-year-old son. >> if that's in writing is a firm agreement and anything in contrary violates this. >> reporter: her attorney said "this case involves the life of one innocent child, soon 12 men and women will see all of the evidence and make a decision upon the true facts of the case." a lawyer for the bank, texas andrology services says hardin
4:31 am
gave the required permission to release his deposit. of course, there is a 2-year-old boy at the center of this case. devall's lawyer says he has never seen his child and this case will go to trial. so we'll have an update, i'm sure. >> linzie, appreciate it. to ron claiborne with the other stories making headlines. can you fop that, ron? >> i cannot top that. that wins for the day but we'll try. good morning, everyone. in the news, rescuers are calling off the search for a man swallowed when a sinkhole appeared under his home in florida of the man is now presumed dead and neighboring homes are being threatened by that growing sinkhole. cardinals from around the world are still arriving at the vatican in rome in preparation to choose a new pope. they will begin their meetings tomorrow. they'll set a date for the secret conclave, the process by which a successor to pope ben dit will be sdlekted. street protests and john kerry held metings with egyptian leaders in cairo and demonstrators set fire to
4:32 am
pictures of kerry and demanded he leave the country. finally something for the royal baby watchers. new photos today of duchess kate with barely a hint of her baby bump, william and kate join prince harry as the three royals attended a friend's wedding in the swiss alps. all three were seen holding court, no pun intended with guests and stole thunder of the bride and her big day. the royal baby is due in july. time now for the weather and over to ginger zee. remember, ron, it was just monday when amarillo, texas, had 19 inches of snow. today going for a high of 77. closing in on records, dallas, 70, oklahoma city there, 68 and woodward who had 15 inches of snow will be 70. obviously no snow left. let's go to wabc's camera and give you an idea who is not warm, new york city, right now 29 degrees. the early morning temperatures feel like they're right around 0. it won't get a whole lot warmer.
4:33 am
new york, 42. philly, 42 and d.c., 43. and on the west coast behind that storm that is dropping through the center of the nation, some cooler temperatures settling in. seattle goes from 50 to 48 and los angeles, that one yesterday was in the 80s, 68 by tuesday. that's the big picture. a check now a little closer to home. this weather report has been brought to you by at&t. you like how i tell ron, yeah, you remember when there's 19 inches. >> i was thinking about that all week. amarillo? you don't think about that. >> what i like is how ron pretends to remember. >> yes, of course. >> i did remember that. i pay very close attention to everything ginger says. >> as always. everyone should. >> well played. well played. all right, well now to a rare look at the new military technology that could save hundreds of lives.
4:34 am
they're testing a robotic bomb enoughing dog named rex to see how it works on the battlefield. muhammad lila reports just like real dogs there's a lot of training involved. >> reporter: we were given special clearance to a top secret robotics lab at a base just outside of kabul. on the way in a sign of what lay ahead. >> take a look at what's on the wall. wall-e. we found robots with eyes, claws, treads and this, not a robot, but a throw-bot. i ccan throw this? >> yeah. >> reporter: how far. >> 20, 30 feet. >> reporter: we threw it, smashed it, kicked it. it it wouldn't break. it's designed for reconnaissance. we hid a small camera pretending it was a roadside bomb. you have to pull out the pin like a gre grade. can i throw up out over the wall. this and we launched it.
4:35 am
just listen to this. >> the insect-like pitter-patter tracking down and i'm getting the coordinates of our pretend bomb in just seconds. on 9 battlefield where every second counts meet rex. you guessed it. he's a roboting dog. he walks, runs, clients, takes commands. >> rex, sit. >> reporter: even has a wagging antenna for a tail. take him for a walk. rex is playful but his mission is serious. tracking through rugged terrain looking for explosives. thanks to the tiny cameras in his eyes soldiers can see everything that he does. right there. best in show goes to the dog robot. >> best in show. >> reporter: since the war began 800 military robots have made the ultimate sacrifice to save their human brethren. >> we consider that lives, limbs of people that were able to bring home because we utilize these systems. >> reporter: in other words, more robots could mean more american lives saved and a whole new meaning for man's best
4:36 am
friend. muhammad lila, abc news, at the bagram airfield in afghanistan. >> one more time. >> rex is awesome. saves lives and you don't have to follow him around with a plastic bag. >> or feed him. >> mohammed looked like he had a lot of fun with that throw-bot. >> you say you can -- >> i bet i can. i'll take on the dog. >> ron versus rex. coming up on "gma," would you want this guy in your wedding pictures? we meet the college student photo bombing weddings an the world. coming up in "fixation" four words for you, pugs and a sled. ♪ so do you guys think being fast is better than being slow? [ kids ] yes! it's better to be fast to not be bitten by a werewolf and then you'll be turned into one and you will have to stay in and then you'll have to get shaved because you will be too hot and then you're like... [ growling ] which means i wish i was back to a human. what?
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♪ because it's a beautiful night ♪ >> back now with the story straight out of the hit comedy movie "wedding crashers". a college student now an overnight celebrity for photo bombing weddings all over the world. those couples look happier than i would think. well, now these pictures have gone viral and abc's john schriffen is here with more. good morning, john. >> good morning. which one of those just doesn't belong here, right. just imagine it's one of the biggest days of your life that you've been 34r57bing forever and here comes along this college kid looking to crash the
4:41 am
party. but surprisingly he's been successful being accepted by complete strangers. his secret to wooing the bride and groom, well, he says it helps when there's a language barrier. >> i now pronounce you man and wife. >> mazel tov! >> reporter: move own vince vaughn and owen wilson, there is a new wedding crasher in town. ♪ hey, hey jrt know wakar pen ter crashed eight weddings all over the world and has pictures to prove it. it all began when he was studying abroad in europe. >> i visited paris one day and while in the morning i saw two couples getting married and i didn't think much of it. later that day i saw more and i -- for some reason i decided to take a picture with the first one. i thought it was kind of goofy and i saw two more that day and then after i showed my friends they said, hey, you know what, you should do this more often. >> reporter: it didn't take hong for his photo to go viral and 1 million page views later noah was on his way to becoming an international wedding crasher making pit stops in london,
4:42 am
france, turkey and even west philadelphia where he currently attends college. >> that was the first one right there at the louver. you can see the pyramid and later the arc de triomphe and that night we went to the eiffel tower. >> reporter: international, yes, but wedding crasher extraordinaire, noah doesn't quite see it that way. >> i wouldn't say i'm a wedding crasher per se. i would just say i'm really good at third-wheeling couples. >> reporter: social media, a field he believes he's well suited for as a result of these posts going viral. until then he hopes to actually attend one of the wedding he crash crashes. >> to my knowledge i haven't been invited to any of the ee representations but at the same time most of the people i took pictures with were european and didn't speak english. i may very well have been invited to a reception and not know it. i think it would be pretty cool to publish a coffee table book of myself and people getting married around the world. >> well on his way.
4:43 am
had should his real life party crashing -- it's only good if i don't see you -- good thing there's a monitor here. >> we tried to get him to do a shirtless version. >> that shadow creeping in gave it away. >> family program here. >> if noah should get his moved made rash real-life pursuit he would be want to be played by shia laboeuf. in fairness since he never crashed a reception the real-wedding crashers stand. >> played by ron claiborne. >> uh-oh. who is this guy. thank you, ron, thank you, john. coming up on gp, combustible mix, a dog, a cat and a bathtub coming up in "fixation" we'll show you what happens next. cat lovers all across america. p. the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. i was quite surprised,
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♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ >> all right, time for "fixation" where ron claiborne combs the interweb, finds us the funniest videos on his way back to rome and ginger too. >> i think that bulgari and i should try this next time we sky dive. we went skydiving. it time this guy will do it with an umbrella. >> what? >> mary poppins. that's his name, erik. ellett go and -- >> no parachute. >> not yet. he's holding on as hard as he can. >> it works for awhile. >> slowed him down slightly and then rips away. >> so don't worry. it has a parachute. >> wow. >> thank you, ginger. >> okay, we heard of snakes on a plane. how about pugs on a sled. >> pugs on a sled. that sounds good too. >> pugs on a sled. >> in the house this morning. >> reilly steven and oliver
4:49 am
james are four pugs. his owner likes to dress them up. they seem to be cooperating, enjoying it. i think their outfits are adorable. >> i don't like that with the -- before we go, want to quickly show you the video dividing dog and cat lovers acot the country. dog and cat both peering over the side of a tub. curiously, and look what the dog does here. >> no, no. >> what you can't see is off camera the cat slaps him in the snout mercilessly. this is going viral. the cat clearly not pleased so we'll play this on a loop as we take you to break. we are back with more "gma." keep it here. "this is george. he is a good little monkey and always very curious. one day george got an important letter. he's built a rocket ship to travel into space."
4:50 am
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all right. that's it for us. don't change the channel. coming up on abc an nba doubleheader. coverage starts at 12:30 p.m. eastern right here at abc. >> george will be back with "this week" in the not too distant future the we thank you for joining us. >> right on the way.
4:55 am
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, march 3. let's start with a quick first look at our weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning, everyone. from our roof camera things look nice and dry but not the case everywhere. around the bay area live doppler 7hd showing that we do have a few light showers off the coast of san francisco and also inland we are looking at some rain through the livermore area. a lot in the central valley up to the north, ukiah, and as we go in closer you will notice vallejo right now. concord 680 looking at a little light shower activity. not all of this is reaching the ground, but here and there we
4:59 am
are looking at spotty light showers from time to time. all the way down to monterey bay. we aren't looking at anything in terms of heavy rainfall amounts, just a tenth of an inch at best throughout the afternoon. getting a little bit of heating this afternoon. we could see a few more showers. so we are talking about just a slight chance of showers, temperatures coming down today. a full look at another weather system bringing more rain coming up in a bit later. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. san jose police continue to search a stretch of highway 85 for evidence tossed out of a speeding car by a man trying to get away from officers. yesterday afternoon the chase ended with the suspect being fatally shot by officers blossom and carlaro avenues. he intentionally rammed several patrol car. we have some dramatic video shot by witnesses.


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