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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 3, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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honda. white lines mark where the patrol car stopped. the suspect pulled into he parking lot and refused to get out of the car. he then lunged the honda at the officer's car who had a civilian riding along. >> he fired at the direction of the driver. reporter: orange circles mark where the shells landed. the honda took off up frencher and mission boulevard and then foothill boulevard, where he smashed into a divider, light pole, and a sign before coming to rest in this garden area. the driver then ran. >> i saw the cops running towards the guy. had the guy right around that little turn over there. and i just started to -- heard them, get on the ground. >> you can see where five shots fired by officers entered the passenger side of the car two came close to hitting the driver.
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>> at the scene it was determined the passenger was deceased, and he does have at least one gunshot wound. >> it's not clear if the passenger died from gunshots, the crash, or a combination of both. the driver has been identified as 23-year-old arthur pacman of oakley. charged with assault with a deadly weapon because he tried to run down the police officer. and homicide. that's because the passenger in his car died as a result of his actions. the passenger has not been identified. abc7 news. >> ama: union city police say they shot and killed a suspect last night after an attempted traffic stop on dyer street and meteor way. the driver ran and police gave chase. they fired when the suspect pointed a gun at officers. an investigation is underway. the suspect's name is not released. [sirens] >> oh, my god. >> ama: you hear that gunfire as another pursuit ended with a shooting. this time san jose police opened
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fire on a suspect yesterday afternoon. they say he rammed at least three police cars. investigators say the suspect got out of the car, and officers opened fire nice thought he was concealing something and perceived a threat. >> an investigation is underway after an officer-involved shooting yesterday morning in san francisco. a daly city police officer shot a man to death. officers say the armed driver tried to run from the car and raised a gun at them. there is a strong show of support online tonight for tuesday santa cruz police officers killed in the line of dutiy. people are offering condolences and worlds of support on a facebook page created in the memory of loren baker and elizabeth butler. they were killed on duty tuesday. officers killed the suspect, jeremy goulet, and a shootout a short time later. businesses in the area are showing support for the police department. one restaurant is offering
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officers three meals and -- free meals. >> hundreds of abc viewers have been sending condolences on our face book page. >> a memorial for detective butler and domestic-sergeant baker will be held thursday at noon at hp pavilion in san jose. a large crowd is expected. >> man died today during the world famous escape from alcatraz triathlon in san franciscoment the 46-year-old man from texas suffered what they call a massive cardiac event during the swim portion of the race. that's the first part of the race which begins on al alcatra. our we caught the first three runners over the finish line. a man severely burn in a house fire has died from his injuries. the 34-year-old, troy vocle, suffered second and third degree
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burns on his body. he died at the burn center. the fire start yesterday morning inside a home on west grant street. investigators were unable to pinpoint a precise cause of the fire but may have been started by the kitchen stove. in developing news. a suspicious fire caused heavy damage to independence high school in san jose. firefighters saw heavy smoke coming from a building in center of campus and they arrived on scene at 12:30. it was the principal0s office. >> the think that helped us out is the building hat sprinkles, which held the near check. >> ama: fire officials added there have been several suspicious fires at the school in the past. arson investigators are looking at the cause of this one. >> we are just hours airplane -- away from cardinals gathering to pick a new pope. the crowds were absent today. u.s. cardinals, who have arrived to prepare for the conclave,
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held sunday mass in rome. ahead of the conclave to elect pope benedict xvi's successor as pope, it's been eight years since the pope's seat was vacant. >> i have been through another conclave, but the world one had died. this time the pope is still here, and so a strange feeling. >> ama: pope benedict xvi resigned last week for health reasons. britain's queen elizabeth has been hospitalized for the first time in a decade. a supply mission to the international space station has been salvaged, and the shipment includes something from a bay area. >> and nba bad boy dennis rotman says north korean ticket dayor, kim jong-un, is a nice gay.
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>> leigh: we had sprinkles around the bay area this morning. more rain to come, the
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>> ama: new details on the private supply mission to the international space station. this is the successful docking of the space x dragon, it's delivering more than a ton of cargo, including experiments designed by bay area high school students. there was a booster problem following the first attempted launch on friday. >> new at 5:00, the organization code pink took on senator dianne feinstein over america's drone
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program. [chanting] >> ama: protesters demonstrated outside the senator's home. they want feinstein to stop the confirmation hearings of john brennan as cia directar they say brennan is involved with what they call the drone murder policy. the california republican party has a new leader tonight. that story is ahead. also... >> a good guy to me. my friend. >> dennis rodman goes where no american has gone before. courtside with north korean leader kim jong-un. now rodman is talking about his new friend ship and the one thing kim jong-un is asking for from obama. now here's david muir with a look at what is ahead on world
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news at 5:30. >> coming up, queen elizabeth in the hospital, the first time in a decade. our correspondent in london there tonight. the major storm sweeping across the u.s., more than a dozen states will be hit just as the work week agains. ginger is standing by tonight in what is being called the fat what is being called the fat diet in every sense of the
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california republicans picked a new leader tonight during the spring convention? sacramento. delegates elected jim grilchy
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and charmed him with repairing the image and recruiting more candidates. former nba player, dennis rodman, sat down for an interview with abc news this morning. he talk about his trip to north korea where he met with and was entertained by kim jong-un. >> really great leaders. >> in the country, i saw a country. i saw people respect him and his family. that's what i mean about that. >> aren't they forced to? >> well, i'd say no. i think -- tell you something. this is a different view. i sat with him for two days, and one thing he asked me to give obama something to say and do one thing. he want obama too do one thing. call him. >> ama: incredible as it may
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seen. rodman now has more first impressions un than any american. >> marin county will be featured in a show, red widow, which revolves around a stay-at-home mom with ties to organized crime. the majority is shot in vancouver but viewers will see a few local landmarks. the producer was born and raised in marin county and chose to set the story in the north bay. >> it's absolutely why. i know it fairly well, and, two, it mirrors the period in terms of a suburb across the bay from a larger city and being a water -- >> ama: you can catch the first episode tonight at 9:00 here on abc7, and it's already creating a buzz on twitter. leigh glaser is here checking on the weather and rain to come. >> leigh: a few sprinkles this
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morning. a little bitty system sneaked by. live doppler 7hd picking up just a few returns. really heading out towards the central valley. stockton, this area of rain has been sitting here for the past 15-20 minutes, and will continue to move on to the south and east, and you can tell in the last few frames, starting to lose at lot of its dimension. we had some sprinkles today. get ready for more rain as we head in through the first and middle part of our work week. here's a look from the high definition east bay cameras. some clouds still with us. fog near the coast. highs so far, mild. santa rosa, 67. oakland, 61. 66 in concord. you see gilroy, 66. the embarcadero right now, 54 in san francisco, san jose, 56.
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accept -- santa cruz, 58. and you can see the fog near the coast and all of this will be venturing inland tonight. napa right now, 69. here's a look at the forecast highlights. we'll go with the patchy fog overnight. the breezes will start to die down. partly cloudy for the monday and then the rain will return as we head into tuesday, lows tonight generally in the upper 30s. to mid-to-low 40s. we'll keep the fog mainly near the coast, and let's look at the timing of the next system. high pressure has been with us today. this is the little impulse that broughtes sprinkles. it's kicking towards the east. high pressure will be with us for monday and we'll start to see the clouds advance ahead of the cold front that will bring the bay area rain as we head into tuesday afternoon. here's a look at the forecast animation. we'll stop at 5:00 right now. this evening. and then throughout in the night
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you'll see a little fog and also the clouds move in. this is 5:00 tomorrow morning. just in time for the commute. we'll see a little sunshine tomorrow evening. tomorrow afternoon, that is, and then you'll notice by early tuesday morning, the first wave of showers will start to move into the north bay. this is tuesday afternoon, that is. and then as we head into the 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 hour, through wednesday morning-the bulk of the front will move through and that will be the wettest time period. so tomorrow, gathering clouds. temperatures cooling slightly. 62, cupertino. 61 menlo park. tomorrow will be dry for san francisco. we'll be on the cooler side with 58 degrees in the north bay. increasing clouds, especially monday night. 64. oakland tomorrow, 6 2. interior east bay, antioch, 64. so, kind of a wet outlook on my
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aku las seven-day forecast. rain returns tuesday cincinnati and -- tuesday night, and then a slight break for the weekend. saturday and sunday look dry and warm, and by the way, abc7 has another great weather resource. follow live doppler 7hd on twitter, for conditions rain ore -- or shine, power outage information and weather sweeps. >> ama: shu is here with sports. a lot going on at stanford,. >> mike: it was, we ran two into stanford greats who are framing stanford greats who are framing --ys of walking
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>> mike: only a few good machine move on to the pros after college career, and the meat market, the combine, is the game for the draft. ertz and taylor returned and we talked to them about their experience. >> hand off up the middle. see ya. touchdown, stanford. >> in the nfl, it's coming to the reality right now. it's not here yet, though. still a process that i am still trying to get in. >> he is a tough kid, and also most touchdowns, total touchdowns in the history of stanford. 45, and ran a 4.7 eight. ize it wasn't as good as i wanted but coming in, it's
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about -- i didn't know if i could compete with the injuries from the senior bowl, but i was like, play the whole season injured. so go out there and compete. >> worked out for zach ertz. >> a unique experience, being in indy is something you dream of, and just to be out there with all the guys, something i'll never forget. >> i play football. since third grade. i might not be the best catcher but i know how to play football. >> fires end zone. ertz hangs on. oh, my. >> i'm been saying since the first game, kevin going to be a heck of a player, someone all the stanford e stanford fans will put a lot of pride in for the next three or four years. the whole team will be very good next year,. >> what do you think about competition at running back and. >> all of them bring something good to the table.
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honestly, i can't call it. i want to see how they do, and i'm wishing them the best of hawk. >> mike: lawrence silverman the first female to participate in the combine. trying out as a kicker. she attempted two out of three kicks. distance not her forte'. injured her quad after the second kick but was upbeat. >> the distant wasn't back, and hopety the scouts notice my technique. >> mike: give her an a for effort. men's hoops, hosting utah, joe morgan with his daughter. on senior day, dwight powell, gets another year of dunks like that. 15 points, eight boards. rad fall let the cardinal with 22. a career high six assists. stanford by 13 at the half. harris playing his final game at maples. puts up 14 points and feign --
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seven boards. >> cactus league action. a's and rockies this is little girl enjoying a nice afternoon of baseball. seventh inning, the catcher david crushessed this to left. oakland wins 7-2. >> at 6:00 we'll tee it up and see how the giants fared today. >> ama: coming up next, a photo bombing fun at weddings around the world. the world. the internet sensatio well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet.
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rethink possible.
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>> ama: coming up at 6:00, san francisco officers on alert after one of their assault weapons is stolen. she was pretty mad, and i think i was in big trouble. >> ama: he took bites out of a paste industry, the teacher thought it looked like a gun. that's coming up at 6:00. a worldwide wedding crasher has racked up more than a million views online. his gimmick, photo beening wedding couples around the globe. he is pictured with eight couples. he started in london, france, and turkey, he hopes this kind of notoriety will help him find a job and plans on pursuing a career in social media. awesome. >> mike: -- >> ama: that does it for this edition of abc7 news.
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captioned by closed captioning services inc. this is "world news." tonight, royal health scare. queen elizabeth in the hospital tonight for the first time in a decade. why doctors want to keep a close watch over her. our correspondent outside that london hospital tonight. vatican bombshell. with the conclave almost here, the sudden words from a well known cardinal. after denying charges of sexual misconduct, what he's saying tonight. just as the church prepares the sistine chapel. what to watch for with the smoke signals. cpr denied. a stunning 911 call from a retirement home. the resident on the floor, the dispatcher, urging cpr and the nurse who said no.
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>> is there anybody willing to help this lady so she won't die? >> not at this time. >> we ask tonight here, how common is this? and a fast diet in every sense of the world, suddenly a bestseller tonight. watch what you eat for two days. the rest of the week, do what you want. juju chang in the kitchen with the doctor behind it. good evening and thanks for joining us here on sunday night. we begin with the headline out of london. queen elizabeth is in the hospital, doctors believe she's battling the stomach flu. at 86 years old, they want to keep a close eye on her. it comes after a busy week, among her events, officially opening a new hospital in london just days ago. but for now, all appearances are on hold. this evening in london there's an outpouring of concern for her well-being and jeffrey kofman leads us off. >> reporter: david, the queen is spending the night here at this private hospital. she'll be under close observation, but the palace emphasizes she was admitted


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