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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 4, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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forecast. sue? >> thanks, mike, an update on the dublin accident, west 580, c.h.p. is saying it has cleared from the lane to the right shoulder, but we are sighing very slow traffic now approaching the scene from dublin to the interchange and that will only get worse at the commute is underway in earnest, at a 34-minute drive time from 2305, the central valley, over the altamont pass into dublin/pleasanton and slow traffic, highway four, westbound, and there is the east shore commute to the macarthur maze funneling into the bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights but you are seeing a delay if you are paying cash this morning. >> now, from the top of the newscast from san francisco for the south bay to the east bay, bay area police are investigating a rash of officer-involved shootings, this past weekend, the latest was in hair, and that is where our reporter is joining us live. cornell?
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>> it was a violent weekend for police. we are live at foothill and d street here in hayward. this is where a police shooting came to a deadly end this week when a suspect tried to ram a hayward police car. it happened on sunday after police fired eight shots into a honda after police say the driver tried to ram the patrol car which had a civilian inside for a ride along. a passenger in the honda was killed and the driver crashed and ran away. police later caught up and arrested the suspect, 23-year-old. here is what a witness saw. >> i looked out and i saw the cops running to the car with the guy right around that little turn over there. i heard them say "face on the ground." that is gunfire from another shooting in san jose where a suspect tried to ram three police cars. it was one of several shootings involving bay area police in 24
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hours including union city where an armed suspect was slot and killed, and daly city where a daly city police officer shot and killed a suspect near candlestick park after police say he raised his gun at officers. that began with a chase involving a stolen car. now, police officers across the bay area were not injureed. >> thank you, cornell we have developing news from the south bay in campbell, investigators wrapped up at scene of a homicide a short time ago. after 10:00 last night, police responded to a report of a shooting they found 18-year-old richard vega suffering from gunshot wounds. he was rushed to santa clara valley medical center where he died. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, will have more in the next half hour from the scene. >> cardiac arrest is the cause of death for an athlete
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competing in the 33rd escape from alcatraz triathalon in san francisco. the 46-year-old man from texas was spotted in the water face down and tried to revive him. it was too late. it is the first death in the history of the event held three months earlier than usual in colder waters but officials say that was not a factor. >> man from spain won. this is a 1.5 mile swim, and followed by 18 mile bicycle ride and eight mile run. >> new this morning, more than one rogue caltran technician was very muched in testing errors of state bridges and falsifying data. the recently released san francisco investigation shows for the first time, four state engineers misrepresented or ignored data on several freeway structures. that includes the benicia martinez bridge, two of those four engineers still work for caltran. it is conceded that the loss of
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thousands of data files because of poor archiving practices means the full story of debting problems and their significance may never be known. >> many people have said how beautiful the bay bridge is lit up and now the show will celebrate the official opening tomorrow night. it is part of an art installation featuring 25,000 white lights on 300 of the vertical cables and it will light up each night for the next two years, from sundown to 2:00 a.m. >> new this morning out of new york city, a baby delivered after his parents were killed in a brooklyn hit-and-run crash has died. police are still searching if the driver and passenger of the bmw that broadsided a taxicab killing the child's parents much the crash happened yesterday. the wife was 24 weeks pregnant and on the way to the hospital because she could no longer feel the baby. doctors delivered the boy by c-section and a hospital spokesman confirmed that the baby passed away around 5:30
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this morning. >> a just released survey shows most economist oppose the automatic spending cuts taking effect on friday when congress and the president could not compromise on a plan do cut the firm deficit. 56 percent say reduction should be achieved mostly through spending cuts and half say the cuts should focus on entitlement programs. 95 percent say congress needs to reform the tax code and three quarters call for sightly increasing the tax revenue. >> cardinals are gathering in rome to begin a process to pick the next pope. coming up first, flames rip through a south bay high school over the weekend and firefighters say it is not the first time this has happened. here is a live look outside, the bay bridge toll plaza, slightly cloudy this morning, and we have traffic and weather next as
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>> 6:10 on this monday. we have 49 in alameda, and newark and cupertino, and 48 in san ramon and lafayette and redwood city and san mateo and richmond district is 47 right now. lafayette is at 48 degrees. we are going to hit the low-to-mid 60's inland. you will see sunshine first. we have mid-to-upper 50's around the bay and low 50's at the
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coast of the rain is likely tomorrow everywhere with scattered showers on wednesday and less of a chance on thursday but notice the temperatures in the 50's for highs wednesday and thursday and cooler than the average. we will have a timeline for the rain coming up. >> at bay bridge metering lights have been turned on and traffic is backing toward the first overcrossing. car pool in the fast track lane is looking good. it is sluggish on the upper deck beyond the metering lights. 280 north, snaking its way from san jose to cupertino and sunnyvale area, it is moving nicely. an update on the accident in dublin west 580, it is cleared to the shoulder. slow traffic is remaining. you are looking at 35-minute delay from 205 to the dublin area. >> right now, students will return to a san jose high school
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a day after a suspicious fire. firefighters arrived yesterday eastbound and found smoke pouring from the center of campus. the sprinkler system kept the flames from causing more damage. investigators tell our media partner that the fire may be connected to other recent fires on campus. >> soaring home prices are nothing new to the bay area. ahead, the one city topping almost every other city in the nation. >> coming up first, new video shows cardinals gathering for the first meeting at
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it could be march 4 but it looks like summer when you look at cloud deck off mount tamalpais. if we saw drizzle or mist, i would expect the visibility to be lower. it is four miles in santa rosa, as low as it gets. we off to overcast gray start with temperatures in the mid 40's to around 50. clouds open up by noon and low 50's at the coast and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 50's. toward 4:00, temperatures in the upper 50's to 60 and the coast will be hangs around 50. low-to-mid 50's under the stars for the rest of us. >> happening right now cardinals from around the world are in rome for the first meeting before the election of a new pope. on the agenda are hot topics facing the catholic church. we joined live from washington, dc, with details.
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at the cardinals are preparing if the conclave and will meet and talk and getting to know each other while praying. cardinals began to discuss the hot topics as they look forward to finding a successor to pope benedict. catholics around the world are closely watching the decision. on sunday when the pope usually appears to bless the faithful, the windows remained shut. it is no small task to pick a new pope. >> i would look for someone who has that vision and that energy to say, this is what i want to do. >> like a pastor in a par in, you have someone who connects with people, the conclave meeting is a precursor for the main event. it is forbidden to talk about potential candidates.
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there is politicking and jockeying. >> we will pray together, talk together and get to know each other better. >> starting today until the conclave, there will be serious discussions about the state of the church. >> we will hear rather subtle hints dropped, perhaps, who might be able to lead the church or what qualities we need in the new pope. >> the new pope takes over a church plagued by a sex abuse scandal the on sunday a well-known cardinal apologized and admitted the sexual conduct is fall be below the standards expected. >> all the cardinals need to be in a rome for the conclave. we can find out that date as early as today. in washington for abc7 news. kristen? >> thank you. 6:17. now, we have our busy meteorologist, mike nicco, who has some potential changes on the horizon. >> rain is on way for tomorrow. we will look and show what you
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is going on. today, there is nothing going on as far as the wet weather. something has popped up that should not be there. let me close that. i will close this. let me restart the show. here we go, look at live doppler 7 hd. it is quiet even with all cloud cover. temperatures right now as we look at bay bridge, with the lights turned off, we are running in the 48 degree area, san mateo, half moon bay, san francisco, and 47 in oakland and richmond, and 48 in walnut creek and pleasanton at 49 and antioch is 44 and headed to the south bay, we are 47 in morgan hill and cupertino and mountain view and gilroy at 49. same in sausalito. novato is 43 and santa rosa and
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napa are at 46. this forecast cycle, we have clouds do start, and sunshine in the afternoon, and i expect to see the pockets developing and wet weather, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. a cold front with a low sitting and spinning and gathering moisture and colder air, the rain returns to most of our neighbors tuesday and that is the best day for wide-spread rain. tomorrow morning, you can see the clouds will be broken in the morning and it will be cooler tomorrow morning than this morning and bien knew, we have light rain moving in the northwest corner and by 5:00 we have light-to-moderate rain and starting to move in the heart of the bay during the evening commute. by 7:00, it is starting to head into the south bay and east bay valley and at 9:00, wet everywhere and as we head to midnight the steady rain is tapering to showers and we will have that dug the overnight hours and as we wake up wednesday a shower or two is possible and same thing through
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wednesday afternoon. notice how they become much less numerous. rainfall amounts you can see the green at quarter of an inch and the blue in the north bay and the santa cruz mountains .5" of rain. wednesday and thursday we will be stuck in the 50's, much cooler, and friday county saturday, and sunday we will make a run in the 60's and possibly 70 by sunday. have a great day. >> i wanted to show you our traffic app showing the 580 jammed up with an accident cleared from the lanes right before the 580/680 interchange. very slow traffic. we had a backup to the altamont pass and beyond if you can see here as the app moves along and you can download this free yap to navigate your commute but this morning it looks tough from the central valley. now, an update on the drive
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times as you move out of the central valley: 48 minutes from tracy boulevard to the dublin area. slow on highway 4, and east shore commute is on the map. we have an ace train delay from fremont, train number one is delayed about six minutes. >> 6:21. ahead, ann romney and reality tv, the tv show invitation the wife of the former g.o.p. nomination is now revealing. >> pricey bay area real estate is getting more expensive. ahead, the city where prices are increasing faster than almost increasing faster than almost every other city in the increasing faster than almost every other city in the til dance do we part! the solos are complete... you are the pig to her blanket. that's not breakdancing, that's break-up dancing. don't give up on us america, we're not done yet! now two must dance as one. you won't run into the top ten appliance brands just anywhere... only sears carries them all.
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>> welcome back at 6:24 on this on. 285 at 17 in the south bay, temperatures today because we are starting off overcast, one to two degrees cool neither san francisco, and show three and oakland is seven degrees warmer than yesterday. across the state it is quiet. tomorrow, we will have a trip of blue which is a winter storm watch tomorrow morning through thursday at 4:00. up to a foot of snow possible on the when slopes. about 83 in palm springs. kristen? >> it is 6:24. new this morning a study shows many children with attention
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deficit hyper activity disorder will struggle with it as adults. the 20-year study published today is the most extensive to date. researchers found a third of participants diagnosed with adhd as kids carry the diagnosis into their adulthood. health cover coverage can categorize it as behavioral and not medical, and limit coverage for treatment. >> new this morning, no surprise, san francisco is among the top cities in the face for restoring home prices. san francisco has the second biggest jump in home prices last year. prices jumped more than 14 percent. the median home price is now $717,000. here is a look at other cities where prices are soaring fast. phoenix is number one for
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surprising prices and san francisco is two. detroit is third, and las vegas and then minneapolis round out the top five. >> ann romney headed to reality tv? not yet according to the wife of the former republican presidential candidate. she is revealing this morning why she turned down an offer to appear on the hit series "dancing with the stars" this year. >> i am turning 64 and i thought, well, i am not as flexible as i should be and now i understand dorothy hamill is picked and i thought, my gosh, am i glad i didn't do that. i would not want to compete against her. >> she could do it. she said she a big fan of the show and will watch when the new season kicks off on monday, ambassador 18, right here on abc7 news. >> maybe next season. >> for the first time in nfl history a woman has participated in the nfl combine at the new jersey regional. she tried out as a place kicker.
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it lasted only to kicks. neither traveled 20 yards. nerves, maybe. she has done better. the 28-year-old is a former m.i.t. student and club soccer player. she kicked pretty well until the tryout. >> i have always been an athlete and always been a gamer and when i had the opportunity to be in the nfl the most competitive leagues i absolutely had to take the chance. >> she is glad she had the chance and hopes while she is the first woman to try out she won't be the last. great role model. >> opening the gates for all other women to come. >> a semi automatic rifle disappeared from a san francisco police cruiser. forces reveal how the weapon vanished. >> an odd traffic situation on a bay area freeway.
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some horsessened up on a normally busy interstate over night.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 6:30 on monday, march 4. this is the embarcardero in san francisco. you can see the skies over bay bridge are cloudy and gray. that is how we start the week. is it a precursor of things to come? >> something tells me it is. good morning, i am here for eric thomas. >> mike nicco will tell us if that is a precursor or not, right? >> absolutely. good morning to you. live doppler 7 hd shows no radar runs to speak of, but mist is possible if you drive around and
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hit the clouds this morning. we are off to after overcast fort and 50 degrees around the bay and sunny pockets around noon and 55 and not so warm as yesterday and upper 50's with clouds at 4:00 and mostly clear and a lot of stars and mild and 51 degrees. inland we are starting off gray at 47, we will see sunshine and especially the east bay valley, 57 and near 60 throughout the afternoon, and 53 for the evening festivities. at the coast, we are off to a great start and look how mild it is, 49, you will be the last to see sunshine and you may not clear out, look at that, clouds and 51 at noon, and clouds and 49 at 4:00, and you will start to see fading clouds in the evening hours and 44 degrees. we will have a timetable for our rain this week and a couple of chances in the big weather coming up. first we have the traffic. >> good morning, everyone, we are at antioch, highway four, a
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report of a stall at lone tree which is usually slow westbound. you can see very slow, 11 miles per hour approaching the stall and it picks up at railroad avenue and to the concord area. update on the accident in dublin it is cleared from the lanes on the shoulder for some time but very slow. it is 35-minute delay from the altamont pass area. 48 from 205 making your way into the dublin area. and slow south 101 from petaluma and highway eight commute is picking up and you are backed up to the macarthur maze with metering lights on. >> developing news from the south bay this morning, campbell police are looking for a gunman who shot and killed a young man last night. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, is live at the scene, where investigators recently wrapped up. >> this is the surprise because this is the first time that
6:31 am
campbell police have investigating a murder in more than six years. however, some residents tell us they are not completely caught off guard because they have noticed gang activity in this area has been increasing lately. police say it is too early to decide what the motive was behind this murder. they got a call at 10:20 and they found the victim in a driveway. he was shot. he was taken to the hospital where he died. police are saying that it is too early to say what the motive was behind the shooting. a dark sedan was seen leave the yeah after the shooting and that is all they have to go on police are asking anyone in the area who knows anything to please come forward and help them where their investigation. >> at this point we are asking the community to contact us with any information they may have or any of the residents of the area who may have surveillance videos outside their house that may have captured something and provide that to us.
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>> the victim was 18-year-old richard vega. he was a campbell resident. police say people in the area are being cooperative and they are working with police, and they say they i'm -- they seem anxious to see an arrest is made. >> new this morning out of the east bay authorities rounded up a couple of loose horses that forced the closing of an off-ramp on interstate 680. the horses were spotted trotting along in contra costa county in martinez area at 2:00 this morning. officials say the two horses walk up to the off-ramp on northbound 680 and were hanging out. the c.h.p. and animal control were called out to get them to safety. the off-ramp re-opened just in time for the morning commute nor humans. >> the man accused of killing a bay area rapper in las vegas will appear in court today in los angeles.
6:33 am
ammar harris faces extradition from california to nevada. the 26-year-old self described pimp was arrested in north hollywood last week. it ended a week-long manhunt following the february 21 shooting. harris fired five shots into a sports car killing kenny cherry, and his car ran into a taxi driver after he was slot and killed two more. >> and an ak15 was taken from an unwarmed police vehicle. police do not know if the thieves were looking specifically for the rifle but it was properly secured. >> what is let of a florida home is demolished after a sinkhole swallowed up a man. crews used heavy quipment and tore down the walls of the home.
6:34 am
a giant sing hole followed below the house and swallowed up the 36-year-old sleeping if his bedroom. the sides of the sink hole made it too dangerous for crews to look for the body. >> breakthrough this morning in the fight against h.i.v. with doctors in mississippi reporting that a child born with h.i.v. is now free of the virus that causes aids. researchers will present their findings later this morning. the child is now 2 1/2 years old. a specialist treated the baby with three different drugs right after birth. the mother stopped giving the drugs after the first year. the child now is testing negative for h.i.v. >> i first panicked thinking i was treating a child who was thought infected. >> if we can copy this, it would be, this would be tremendously important for the lives of h.i.v. infected children.
6:35 am
>> more tests are needed before scientists can confirm if the child has actually been cured. >> president obama is expected today to nominate a 47-year-old who runs the walmart charitable organization and previously has served for president clinton. president obama will nominate two new cabinet secretaries, today as well, naming m.i.t. scientist to head the energy department and epa veteran mccarthy to run the environmental protective agency after senate confirmation. >> we have breaking news right new, a large sailboat has run aground about 20 yards from the beep. >> but, first, the fight over a south bay gunshot conditions. the plan under consideration today sure to anger gun rights advocates. >> a live look outside we have
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>> if you are at 2,600' you could see the sunrise but check out the cloud cover, it looks like summer and that is how the clouds retreat from east to west. here is a look at our trend ahead, notice we have a roller coaster from the low 60's today to the mid-60's to near 70's as we head through the weekend. today's temperatures are low do mid 60's and sunshine first, and mid-to-upper 50's around the bay slow and low 50's at the coast and rain returns to the forecast in all of our neighborhoods tomorrow, and scattered showers are possible on wednesday as we get into the cooler air mass and a lingering chance of a shower on thursday and it is over.
6:39 am
>> a live look at 80 through berkeley as you make your way mast golden gate field and university avenue and to emeryville a steady stream of headlights, a little bit sluggish when you funnel into the bay bridge you will find metering lights are on and traffic is back to the macarthur maze with sluggish speeds on the upper deck. a couple of early accidents to hayward, and it is southbound 880 at 92, it has been cleared at the shoulder and the damage remains with slow traffic moving into the hayward area, out of oakland, and we have another accident in daly city, this is also cleared to the shoulder, and 280 at sullivan, and a little bit of slow traffic moving southbound through daly city, as well. kristen in. >> in pacifica a sailboat has run aground, the skipper is trying to get the boat to sea and emergency crews are on shore ready to help. the coast guard is sending a
6:40 am
boat and a helicopter to rescue the people on board. we have a crew headed to the scene and bring you more information when we get it. >> los gatos town leaders will examine a land which would impose a temporary ban on selling guns. the law would only apply to new gunshots, and comes after many neighbors voiced concern over the opening of the gun shop. one questions why local authorities granted permission for the store to operate before it obtained the federal firearms sales permit. plan needs votes from four five council members in order to pass. >> ahead, the new program making sure that patients don't receive unnecessary medical tests at the doctor's office. >> and now, the dow is down 39 points and still over 14,000 mark. trading is underway and we will go to jane king at the new york stock exchange. but, first, five shootings in four days. a deadly weekend across the bay
6:41 am
area has police staying very
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>> walnut creek, campbell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> let's check with josh elliott at 6:45 for a look at "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> good morning to the bay area. the stunning story of an 87-year-old woman collapsing at a retirement home and a nurse then refused to give her cpr despite pleas from the 9-1-1 operator. we will explain why the nursemaid the decision she did. that is next on "good morning america" right here. >> police agencies are investigating five fatal shootings involving their own officers since thursday when a kidnapping suspect was killed by sheriff deputies in guerneville.
6:44 am
on saturday, three people died in police confrontations in san francisco, san jose, and union city. yesterday morning, again, in hayward. this is the aftermath of that incident. the red honda was hit by at least eight bullets after police say the driver tried to ram a patrol car. the 23-year-old was arrested as he tried to runaway. his passenger died at scene. law enforcement experts say that is never the desired outcome. >> from my experience, no officer wants to shoot anyone. when they do they feel bad even if the individual was...a serious person. no officer wants to use deadly force. >> this is san jose police shooting and killing a driver they say rammed three patrol cars. >> the series of
6:45 am
officer-involved shootings is daze after two officers were murdered in santa cruz. the two were shot to death tuesday while interviewing sexual assault suspect jeremy goulet would was killed in a shoot out later. a memorial for the two will be held this thursday at noon. it is moved from santa cruz to san jose, the help pavilion, in order to accommodate a larger crowd. a procession will include vehicles from santa cruz police, the obvious county sheriff, firefighters, and emergency responders. >> important medical news, consumer reports and several medical groups are teaming up to provide people with information on medical procedures they may not need. it is called "choosing wisely program" designed to protect patients from unnecessary treatments. antibiotics, doctors often overprescribe them. it does not recommend treating most cases of bronchitis with
6:46 am
antibiotics saying that is brought on by a virus, not bacteria. it says having your colon checked more than once every five years is unnecessary if there are no other risk factors. bone density tests are younger people without risk factors for weak bones. if you would like to check it out, post it on our website at under oh sigh -- "see it on tv." >> and sentiment on wall street is muted this monday morning. we go to jane king live from the new york stock exchange. jane? >> good morning, the automatic spending cuts kicked in on friday but they are not putting much of a damper on stocks with the dow trading down about 40 points or so.
6:47 am
the nasdaq and s&p 500 are lower, and the v valley -- silicon valley index is trade down a bit. apple is, working on developing a watch with a generation of $60 billion in sales according to an analyst at citigroup. the profit margin is much bigger than on other products like the tv market which apple is looking at. environmentalists may like plastic bag bans but some say they lead to more soft lifting. the unintended consequences, the seattle post says that is because thieves use reusable bags and they pack stuff in them without paying as they move through the store aisles and the paper says there could be other drawbacks including the presence of e. coli in some bags that need to be washed better. red bull has more flavors including lime and blueberry and says the flavors were top sellers in tests in november and december. those are the first new flavors
6:48 am
in history. competitors are jumping in the energy drink business which is so fast-growing turn around company. >> usually have a black car but this morning, lime green. a lot of tree pollen out there. we will look at what going on out this. live doppler 7 hd shows it is quiet right new. tomorrow, we will look to the northwest for the next storm to roll in. here is looking from mount tamalpais this morning, a beautiful picture of our morning sunrise, and san francisco at 47 degrees with oakland at 48 in san jose and pleasanton and palo alto at 49 and mill valley at 45 and i wanted to show you san mateo bridge because we have reduced visibility at sfo. you can see looking to the west
6:49 am
there is some visibility problem. santa rosa is 46 and napa is at 47 and 50 in fair filed and livermore is 48 and gilroy is 49. the big story today is, it will be cooler than it was over the weekend, although we will get some sunshine this afternoon. rain will become showers as we head from tuesday and wednesday and thursday and those are the coolest days because we have a warming trend. this is 280, and this is 17, and we are down in the south bay, one to eight degrees cooler from san francisco to fremont. i called it 285 earlier but it is 280. the cold front is moving to the bay area, and it will take the better part of today and tomorrow to get here so well talk about a timeframe. 7:00 tomorrow morning, increasing clouds and a nice southern breeze so temperatures are like today in the 50's to low 60's and by 5:00 the steady
6:50 am
rain is moving in the north bay and by 7:00 it is moving in the central bay and by 9:00 it is moving into the south bay and east bay valley and by midnight it is scattered showers we will have overnight, and well have scattered showers throughout the day on wednesday, and they will tape taper to sunset wednesday evening. rainfall is up to half an inch, desperately needed and up to a foot to 1.5' of snow in the sierras and in the 60's by the weekend and possibly 70 by sunday. have a great day. sue? >> we are going to san rafael, 101 southbound, getting lighter, you can see this is lucas valley road the truck scales, southbound direction is moving nicely beyond the civic center and into southern marin, and we have an update, a couple of things, in hair, first, we had an early accident, in the dublin area, first, an early accident there which has been cleared and
6:51 am
you will find slow traffic through the livermore area as a result. that was on the shoulder. now, to hayward, 92 is very slow from oakland, southbound, headed to the oakland airport you need extra time because southbound 880 is really jammed. >> ahead, five things to know before you go on this monday morning. we return in 60
6:52 am
>> a live look out here at bay bridge with clouds around the bay this morning a sign of things to come with the rain just following us, and our meteorologist will have details on a timeline and sue has has a final traffic check. >> as we hand things off to "good morning america" five things to know before you go. breaking news, an effort underway in pacifica to save a large sailboat that ran aground
6:53 am
at on yards off the beach, and the skipper is trying to get it back to sea and the coast guard and police and fire department are on the scene. >> there was a fatal shooting of a bay area teen in campbell. he was found last night in a driveway. witnesses saw a dark-colored car leave the scene. >> there have been five bay area police shootings since thursday. the most recent shooting happened early yesterday in hayward. police are trying to question go men in a red honda. they rammed their patrol car, and the driver faces felony charges. the passenger died at the scene. >> cardinals gathered at the vatican for two meetings today before the conclave to select a new pope. they will discuss issues facing the clutch and characteristics they would like. the vatican hopes to have a new hope by march 15. >> something you do not see each day, horses on the loose on an
6:54 am
east bay freeway forcing c.h.p. to shut down an off ramp at 680 in contra costa county at 2:00 this morning with animal control and law enforcement rounding them up. they were just "horsing" around the forecasts now from mike nicco. >> off to clouds to start, san mateo at 48. and redwood city at 49. richmond district is 47. novato is 43 and brentwood this morning and in the afternoon the clouds will open to sunshine and well have around the bay, mid-50's to low 60's and upper 50's to mid-60's inland and coolest at the coast where the sun will take longest at low-to-mid 50's for you. >> good morning, much, early stall at the toll plaza, gone, but you can see metering lights are on and traffic is very slow backed now to the macarthur maze and, also, it is slow on
6:55 am
the upper deck. updates, back to hayward, it is southbound 880 at 92, the accident cleared out of the lanes but you can see very slow traffic on southbound 880 approaching hayward and we can see the drive times for you, 580 from the value stream and nimitz commute and the east shore fern the abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather, and traffic during "good morning america" next.
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good morning, america. breaking now, march madness from chicago to washington, as the biggest snowstorm of the year is developing right now, set to pummel at least 19 states with a foot of snow. the northeast not out of the woods. sam is standing by. new right now -- queen elizabeth released after being hospitalized for the first time in ten years with the stomach flu. her entire schedule canceled. no word from the palace this morning as she remains under intense supervision. tough to believe. listen, as this 911 dispatcher pleads with a nurse refusing to perform cpr on a patient in trouble. >> we're going to let this lady die? >> that's why we're calling 911. >> we can't wait. >> the call going viral.
6:59 am
the angry reaction now nationwide. the patient's family with a surprising response this morning. and talk about buzzy. watch this astonishing end to this high school championship. the final shot at the buzzer. meet the hoops hot-shot live, only on "gma." >> good morning, america. and a little first this >> good morning, america. i think this is the first monday we've all been in times square together. >> wow. yay. >> and we have a lot to get to this morning. happening right now -- cardinals from around the world are at the vatican this morning. this is their first formal meeting as they prepare to pick the next pope. one cardinal saying nothing is out of the question.


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