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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  March 6, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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that area still raw from hurricane sandy, now scrambling to protect the fragile coastline from this storm's driving rain, surge and winds. wabc's phil lipof, right there. >> we are getting tremendous wind off the ocean here. the ocean that, by the way, is getting closer. >> reporter: wind so strong in maryland, this semi teetered on the edge of a bridge. in north carolina, real life bumper cars on an icy mountain road. the federal government shut down. more than 200 accidents so far, as we make our way through the storm. so, we just had to get off the highway because there's a jackknifed semi. we're going to have to go around it. the roads deteriorating every single mile. we're here in shenandoah national park and every once in awhile, you'll hear a tree crack or pop in the woods. and you can see why. the weight of the snow, so heavy. you can imagine what that's doing to power lines.
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250,000 power outages and at least one person is dead. hit by a fallen tree. this snow is thick and it is heavy. so hazardous and the storm isn't done yet. we keep saying that the snow is wet and heavy. well, we wanted to give you an idea of how heavy wet, heavy know is. so, i know what i weigh and -- this adds almost ten pounds. to give you some perspective, that is more than a gallon of milk. diane? >> thank you so much, ginger. and as you said, it is not over yet. let's turn next to abc's weather editor, sam champion. sam? >> reporter: hey, diane. yeah, what ginger just showed you, we have been watching that storm move from minneapolis, all the way to washington, d.c., as a garden variety, but heavy snowstorm. now, that low has stepped offshore. it is cranking up to be a major nor'easter. a two-day weather event for all points north of washington, d.c., including the jersey shore, new york city, all the way into boston. watch this low pull just off the coastline and know that it is pushing some very strong winds,
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whipping winds, a little bit of extra snow, a lot of rain along the shoreline. but the wind and the water in coastal areas may be more damaging than anything else with this storm. let's show you the snowfall that will fall with this storm. we do believe there will be in some places like 2 to 4 inches of snow in the new york city area. maybe 2 to 4 in the boston area. just west of boston, we feel there will be a heavier hit of snow. and there will be a final blow of this storm friday morning to deliver some of the biggest snow in northeastern new england. but let's talk a little bit about this wind field, because this may be the most damaging. if you look for the red arrows, and you'll see those arrows, 30 to 50-mile-per-hour winds, they last until friday morning. that's 13, 15, 18-foot waves just offshore, diane. it's going to be punishing along the coastline and a very powerful wind storm up and down the eastern seaboard. >> sam champion tracking it all. and now, we turn to a fast and urgent fight, under way by doctors in states across the country tonight. they are trying to contain new bacteria, a kind ordinary antibiotics don't reach.
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even the cdc has called it a nightmare. and abc's chief medical editor dr. richard besser takes us to the front lines to show us what these doctors are doing. >> reporter: isolation rooms. surveillance cameras. hospitals in a race against time to contain nightmare super bacteria. before it spreads from the hospital out into the world. how big a deal would it be if cre got out of the hospital and set up shop in the community? >> it would be nothing short of catastrophic. >> reporter: this is the enemy. a group of intestinal bacteria called cre. practically antibiotic proof. the cdc estimates thousands of hospital patients are infected. it's highly contagious and spreading fast. in nearly 200 hospitals and nursing homes in 42 states. the bacteria is spread from patient to patient on the hands of health care workers. and here's the scary part -- these almost untreatable superbugs alter other bacteria, so that they fight off drugs, as well. these can cause life-threatening infections.
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patients with infections of the blood, nearly half can die. so, hospitals pull out the stops. at montefiore, isolation rooms stand at the ready. and dedicated equipment from stethoscopes to blood pressure cuffs are just for cre patients. some use video cameras to police hand washing. here, they even posted medical students as spotters to make sure everyone's washing their hands. and that's where the hand washing spies can be very helpful. >> i call them observers. >> reporter: with these superbugs, it's a matter of life and death. if you want to make sure you don't get this infection, here's what you do. when you're in the hospital, before anyone touches you, ask them to wash their hands. then, ask them to wash them again before they leave the room. it's not easy to do, but it's so incredibly important. >> so, you're stressing, wash again when you leave the room, so it doesn't spread. >> reporter: that's right. they take nothing out. >> all right, thank you, rich. and now we head off to washington, and you're looking at a scene that reminds you of the movie "mr. smith goes to
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washington," because it's an old fashioned filibuster. tea party fire brand, senator rand paul, talking and talking and talking on the floor of the senate. he started late this morning, just before noon. and he is opposing the nomination of john brennan to be head of the cia and the use of drones against u.s. citizens. he vows to keep speaking until he can no longer speak. and elsewhere in washington, the president is going to be dining out tonight, and what's unusual, his dinner guests are republicans. they will be talking about the budget cuts, after the white house says they're forced to shut down white house tours. little kids are disappointed, and people have been e-mailing us today, saying, really? is that the only way to save money? abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl gets answers about the place called "the people's home." >> reporter: for tourists visiting the nation's capital today, the decision to close the white house has hit with a thud. what do you guys make of this
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decision that the white house says they're going to cut white house tours? >> how frank do you want us to be? >> reporter: as frank as you want to be. >> basically, it's just [ bleep ]. >> reporter: these folks came all from minnesota. >> open the white house! >> reporter: we talked via skype to a sixth grade class from waverly, iowa, just told their white house tour next week has been canceled. how big of a deal is it to go to the white house? >> it's very important. they'll remember it for the rest of their lives. and unfortunately, they might remember that this is a sign of their government if they couldn't get to go. >> reporter: now, they've launched a facebook campaign to get the white house reopened. the message -- >> the white house is our house! please let us visit! >> reporter: republicans accuse the white house of playing politics. but the white house says it is canceling the tours because sequester spending cuts have sliced $84 million out of the secret service's $1.6 billion budget. and they are the ones who secure the tours. they wouldn't say how much this
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saves, so, we did some math. tours are open 20 hours a week and use 30 uniformed secret service officers at about $30 an hour. total saved? approximately $18,000 a week. cuts or no cuts, here in the capitol building, tours continue. while we were there, we ran into the speaker of the house. president says he has to cancel the tours because of the budget cuts. >> we're open. and americans are welcome. >> reporter: the president is having dinner tonight with republicans at a restaurant just six blocks from here. he took a 20-car motorcade and, of course, lots of secret service agents. maybe next time, diane, he can save a little money by just ordering in. >> we haven't heard the last of this. thank you, jonathan karl. and now, we want to take you into the middle of turbulent change. it is the first day the people of venezuela are no longer under the strong control of their president, hugo chavez. america vitally affected by what happens after chavez's death and abc's matt gutman reports. >> reporter: part funeral, part
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carnival and all jam-packed. today, miles of mourners said good-bye. we cut through those thick crowds. finding tears streaming down maria josefina's face. chavez, she told me, provided her with everything, her home, a pension to live on. and as his body floated by -- absolutely intense. everybody wants to get close to the body of the man they still revere. and they chanted. >> chavez! chavez! >> reporter: and look closely. protected by those paratroopers, the man in the yellow track suit. he's nicolas maduro. chavez's hand-picked successor. they tell me they trust maduro as much as they did chavez. but maduro's first act as interim president was accusing america of infecting chavez, leading to his death. a charge echoed by none other than iran's ahmadinejad, who today said his friend chavez died of a "suspicious illness."
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the state department called that charge absurd. venezuela sits atop one of the world's biggest oil reserves. gas here costs just 2 cents a gallon. the country could pump more, which might make american gas cheaper, too. the question here, will the country elect a new leader to make that happen? matt gutman, abc news, caracas. and now, we head to rome, and the first image of the retired benedict, now pope emeritus. he is walking the grounds of castel gandolfo. this, from an italian magazine. 15 miles away at the sistine chapel, they are installing the stove that will generate the smoke to announce a new pope. and all of the voting cardinals, 115 of them, are expected to be in rome tomorrow. so, they may announce when the voting, the conclave, will begin. and tonight, a strange drama of revenge has an ending. it happened at the world famous bolshoi ballet.
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a star dancer confessing to trying to make the ballet master pay. if you think it reminds you of a movie, it does. abc's kirit radia in moscow. >> reporter: it's a story of jealousy, ego and revenge. the type russia's bolshoi ballet is famous for. but like natalie portman's obsessive character in the movie "black swan," the real drama is taking place offstage. police have detained this man, pavel dmitrichenko, a top bolshoi dancer. he's the alleged mastermind behind a vicious attack on the ballet's artistic director, sergei filin. in january, a masked man, allegedly hired by the dancer, splashed filin with sulfuric acid, leaving him badly scarred and fighting for his eyesight. the story has unraveled like the bolshoi's most theatrical dramas.
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dmitrichenko reportedly ordered the hit as revenge for his girlfriend, a rising star at the bolshoi, who the victim passed over for top roles, once reportedly calling the ballerina too fat. in a taped confession, the suspect said he only wanted to scare the victim, not hurt him. people have been coming to the bolshoi theater for centuries. and over that time, the theater's been no stranger to scandal. there are stories of jealous dancers putting broken glass in a rival's shoes, or even pins in their costumes. >> unfortunately, i think it is a little like the movie "black swan." if a young dancer has a lead role at the bolshoi, it can make them or break them. >> reporter: some still suspect this was not a solo act. the question now is, who else will fall before the final curtain comes down? kirit radia, abc news, moscow. and still ahead here on "world news," a warning tonight about a growing danger in the sky, threatening passenger planes? >> it can hit an engine, take out an engine. >> have hobbies become the new hazard? that's next.
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and tonight, a close call at one of the nation's busiest airports has a lot of people looking at a new danger in the sky. anyone in the country can buy a small, remote controlled drone. they're soaring in popularity. but what happens if a passenger plane has to dodge one on landing? here's abc's david kerley.
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>> reporter: it's never happened before. five miles from a new york airport, a jumbo jet pilot suddenly spots something on final approach. >> kennedy tower, just for your information, we just saw a little drone below us. >> reporter: the alitalia pilot says the small, black, four-rotor craft was within 200 feet of his jet. >> what altitude do you see that aircraft? >> about 1,500. >> reporter: the fbi is on the case. it's an incident that frightens pilots. >> a couple of pounds hitting an airplane going 200, 250 miles per hour, if it hits the wrong place, like comes in through the cockpit, hits the glass, it can hit the pilot or the co-pilot. it can hit an engine, take out an engine. >> reporter: you may think military, overseas and kill strikes when you hear the word drones. but these unmanned aircraft are showing up in american skies. police departments using small, hand-launched drones to look for suspects or missing children. but it's not just the government buying drones.
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remote control aircraft, some toys like this, as well, have been around for years. but look at what we bought at a hobby store for $700. this is the phantom. it is a drone, four rotors, it can carry a camera and go 22 miles an hour and 1,000 feet into the air. that's almost as high as the empire state building. but flying this drone above 400 feet within three miles of an airport violates federal guidelines, possibly even the law. with technology improving and prices dropping, the government worries many more will be taking off. new rules are being considered, but with drones easily available, will those rules be enough to keep our skies safe? david kerley, abc news, washington. and coming up, guess who's back? a big return for princess leia, next. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking.
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and would an iphone by any other name have been as cool? we learned today the device nearly had to be called something else because a competitor had a trademark on the name iphone. when steve jobs and his team drew up a list of alternatives, the number one name was mobi, short for mobile. eventually they cut a deal and the iphone, thank heavens, was born. and a familiar face with some difficult news tonight. valerie harper, who brought rhoda morganstern to life on "the mary tyler moore show" and later "rhoda," went public today with a deeply personal battle. she has been diagnosed with brain cancer, a rare form. she says doctors have given her three months. and today, the outpouring was overwhelming. one fan, with this poignant message -- "the reason we are all so sad is that we are all rhoda." she is facing it with steely grace, saying what she thinks about is being here now.
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5:55 pm
♪ >> reporter: wait, wasn't this supposed to be dead weeks ago? ♪ do the harlem shake >> reporter: this whole "harlem shake" madness meme viral video thing. "showing signs of looming death," the "la times" declared three weeks ago. "killed" wrote "the daily beast" around the same time. "played out," said "ad age." well, the views of some smartypants elitists, apparently, because today, when we asked, youtube told us this past weekend, quote, "search interest in the harlem shake was at the highest it has been." in fact, type in "do the harlem shake" into youtube and that's when the logo starting dancing. the viralilty began this winter when these guys were goofing around, a scenario then repeated everywhere, even outside of planes. and the darn thing keeps making news. the story of the students who made one midflight and provoked an faa probe into whether they'd broken any laws. ♪ they hadn't, it was decided. and just today, senator mitch mcconnell's re-election team
5:56 pm
dove in at churchill downs. ♪ do the harlem shake >> reporter: you can count his team among those who decided they are just not part of that elite that thinks this is incredibly dumb. no, they think it's fun, because sometimes, dumb is fun, even if the smartypants don't think so. ♪ do the harlem shake >> reporter: john donvan, abc news, washington. >> and we thank you for watching tonight. we're always working for you at "nightline" later at its new time, 12:35 a.m. eastern. we'll see you again tomorrow night. good night. toontd from the i team, criminal charges facing a north bay teacher who smacked a special ed student. why is he still in the classroom? >> hundreds of mourners pay respects to two santa cruz police officers as final
5:57 pm
arrangements are made for tomorrow's memorial service. >> three people arrested for stealing a sail boat, only one faces charges. tonight the story other two fell for. >> benefits of cuddles therapy. how one hug can improve your marriage and your health. >> he's got a court date for willful harm, or injury to a child, still in the classroom. >> the never answered question, why is a teacher allowed to continue teaching after being charged with striking a student. good evening, i'm ama daetz in for dan ashley tonight. >> a teacher repeatedly struck a special education student several times, now, facing criminal charges. school administrators have been less than forth coming
5:58 pm
about why he's stale loued in that classroom. >> though the teacher faces charges for striking a student he's teaching in that classroom. that angers parents and raises questions for the families of other students. >> i spotted a 67-year-old teaching a special ed x students yesterday, he's been charged for striking one of them several times during the last school year. >> in our opinion there was an assault. >> swindle faces three misdemeanor counts of child endangerment that he did cause the person and health of said child to be injured. count one covers incidents in november, 2011. two, during january, 2012 and count three, on march 1, last year. in our report, michael delgado told me swindle started
5:59 pm
picking on him when he was 15, slapping and pinching him skperks was thunder clapped both ears at the same time he would go. >> with both snandz. >> yes. >> on your ears? >> and pinched my cheeks. >> swindle did not address charges when he saw him yesterday but denied heighting michael when i met him last year. >> the family says you struck michael. >> is that true? >> no. it was unfounded. >> michael's parents told me at the time the school district ignored their complaints. >> someone listened with your help and being persistent with this, i feel -- justify ootd delgadoes say the district offered a settlement but turned it down because it game a confidentiality clause and


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