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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  March 8, 2013 1:40am-4:00am PST

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>> rafe: how long does it take to figure out what to do with one kid? >> mcbain: well, you know social services is trying to set you up with a foster home. i mean, it's late and there's these waiting lists, and my guess is they haven't found one yet. >> rafe: and if they can't swing that, then what? get sent to an orphanage? >> mcbain: no, more like a -- they call it a group home. it's -- >> rafe: that's a nice name for an orphanage. >> mcbain: no, not exactly. >> rafe: what's the difference? >> mcbain: group homes don't
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make you eat porridge. >> rafe: look, i've stayed at shelters before -- and hostels. lots of them, actually. only difference was my mom was there. other than lockup downstairs, this is the first time i'm doing this alone. >> mcbain: you're not alone, kid. there's a lot of people pulling for make some >> molly: can't you make some calls, pull some strings? >> alexis: look, honey, you know that i would do anything i can to help rafe, but it's not like i can do anything tonight. >> molly: then why can't rafe just come home with us? >> alexis: [ sighs ] >> kate: your life back? you never had a life, connie. you stole mine. >> connie: why don't you think again, kate? i've been out for the past five months, and i've been doing just fine until you decided it was safe enough to come back. >> kate: doing just fine? i wonder if trey would agree with that. >> connie: let's talk about trey, because as soon as you found out the son that you never wanted was alive, you ran for the hills. don't you walk away! yeah, you decided it was too , ! much, so you took off! you can blame me all you want, kate, but that was your choice.
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>> kate: oh, no, no, no, no, connie. you saw an opportunity, and you took it. >> connie: that's right. i made a life for myself. and you think you can just come in here and take that all away from me? oh, no, no, honey. you don't get my job, you don't get my life, and you certainly do not get my man. >> i'll give you a minute to figure this out. >> duke: what? no. no. you don't think seriously that i would be passing counterfeit bills? >> anna: yes. i mean, your new suit and everything -- this whole thing -- and the wine.[ g. >> duke: anna, do you honestly believe that i would set up our first real date in 20 years and use forged bills to pay for everything? what sense does that make? >> anna: it doesn't make any sense. >> duke: thank you. >> anna: except for the fact that when i asked you how you could pay for all of this, you just dodged the question. >> duke: no, i-i did a private transaction with the quartermaines, and i didn't feel it was appropriate for me to disclose the details. >> anna: wait. you said that the quartermaines always had an
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investment to tap. was that a lie? >> duke: that was not a lie. perhaps it was... an embellishment. >> anna: oh. duke, seriously, have you gone back to your old way of doing business? >> duke: no. no, i have not, and don't even say that. >> anna: then you just tell me how -- how did you get this money? >> duke: i swear on my life... this money...came from the quartermaines. >> anna: their assets have been frozen. >> duke: elq's assets have been frozen. this money came from tracy quartermaine. >> luke: you gave lavery funny money? >> tracy: i did, indeed. >> luke: what, you just have wads of it laying around? >> tracy: yes, loads. i keep all my phony money in my phony fault. and what the hell is the matter with you? you don't like duke. i just did something bad to duke. >> luke: hey, don't get me wrong. i think it's great you put one over on rob roy. >> tracy: but? >> luke: but you've got the s.e.c. breathing down your neck! you want the fbi involved, too?
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>> tracy: i'm not the one passing counterfeit money! duke lavery is! and, by the way, this is not his first felony. this isn't even his first felony this week. >> luke: you lost me. >> tracy: ahh! do you ever listen to me?! i told you he stole my relish! >> luke: tracy, have you ever heard of proportional response? >> tracy: i think i showed extraordinary restraint. the man robbed me of my family legacy! >> luke: it's a condiment -- granted, a very rare and precious condiment which may have the key to your family's fortune, but it's sandwich topping! >> tracy: do you know how he did it? by breaking in to this house. >> luke: that is standard operations for burglars. >> tracy: and pretending to pump me for information about your relationship with anna. >> luke: i don't have a rela it's through.
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>> tracy: i know that. and duke certainly knows that. in fact, i don't think there is a person in port charles who doesn't know that you and anna are through. >> scott: i'm only going on what you told me. maybe luke and anna aren't together, but you did say you saw them kissing on the docks. >> laura: yes. i did see them, and they were certainly acting like a couple. and lulu told me that luke was seeing anna. >> scott: then that's that. >> laura: no. it's -- it's not that. it's much worse than that. anna is cheating on luke. >> scott: this may sound a little cold. so what? it's none of our business, laura. if anna is stepping out on luke, it's up to her to fess up. >> laura: well, she must not feel very guilty about it if she's seeing duke right in front of everyone.
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she's making a fool out of luke. >> scott: well, i got a news flash for you. luke is a fool. okay. what are you saying here? >> laura: i have to tell him the truth. i do. >> scott: [ groaning ] first kid you ready? [ female announcer ] second kid by their second kid, every mom is an expert and more likely to choose luvs. after thousands of diaper changes, they know what works. luvs lock away wetness better than huggies for a fraction of the cost live, learn, & get luvs.
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>> connie: who the hell do you think you are, sleeping with sonny? >> kate: why do you care what i do with him? you hate him. >> connie: well, your intel's out of date, because things have changed between me and sonny, kate. we helped each other through a very dark time. sonny was there for me, not you, when my son died. >> kate: leave it to you to use my son's death as an excuse to crawl into sonny's bed. >> connie: well, sonny doesn't feel that way, because no matter how many awful things i did to him, he stood by me because he cares about me. >> kate: oh, does he, connie? well, if he cares about you, then why did he jump right back into bed with me?
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>> anna: tracy gave you this counterfeit money? >> duke: yes. >> anna: oh, my god. i thought you said you work for a.j. >> duke: i do work for a.j., but a.j. and tracy are in this dispute over relish, and their dispute was escalating, and i decided -- >> anna: what did you say? did you just say, "relish"? >> duke: a.j. and tracy -- well, it was getting out of hand, so i just -- >> anna: with relish? >> duke: pickles, anna. it was getting rather byzantine, so i decided, on a.j.'s behalf, to do some opposition research. >> anna: that's corporate espionage. >> duke: all right. so, while i was doing my research, there was an opportunity which i discovered -- >> anna: what opportunity? >> duke: an opportunity to convince tracy that i was in her camp. >> anna: okay. >> duke: well, i went into the quartermaine den, and tracy caught me there. that's br >> anna: that's breaking and entering right there. that's breaking and entering. >> duke: i decided to use this opportunity to my advantage. >> anna: uh-huh. oh. what? you tried to put one over on tracy quartermaine?
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>> duke: yes, i did. and tracy put one over on me. >> luke: what ever made you think giving lavery a suitcase full of phony cash was a good idea? >> tracy: better question -- why do you care what happens to duke lavery? >> luke: i don't care about him, baby! i care about you! >> tracy: oh, well, i'm fine -- soon to be a lot better when my revenge is complete. >> luke: all right, let's think about this for a minute. lavery wants nothing more than to get close to our fair police commissioner. aren't you worried that he's gonna tell anna where he got that cash? >> tracy: no, because then he's gonna have to explain how he got a briefcase full of big bills! everybody knows you don't get one of those for being nice. >> luke: what if he decides to come clean? women love that. >> tracy: well, i guess i'm just gonna have to cross that bridge when i get to it. in the meantime, don't think for a minute i didn't notice you changed the subject! we were talking about you and laura! >> scott: wait, wait.
1:56 am
hold on a second, laura. i-i don't think telling luke is really a good idea. >> laura: of course you don't, because you hate luke. >> scott: no, i -- [ sighs ] i'm indifferent. if i hated him, then i would be cheating on him.tell him that >> laura: i just think he has a right to know. >> scott: you know what? we have a -- we have a wedding to plan. i think we should think about that. we don't want to get mixed up in all of luke's sordid life, do we, now? i mean, let him just handle his own business. >> laura: it's just that if luke is seeing anna, then i know that he cares about her. and he does not give his heart easily. >> scott: yeah, i know. you would know that. [ sighs ] >> laura: i'm sorry. i shouldn't have said that. that was stupid.
1:57 am
>> scott: no, it's -- it's okay. you and -- you have a history together. you have kids together. i don't like it, but that's the way it is. but you know what? we have a history together, too. >> laura: [ chuckles ] >> scott: and we have a future. mr. and mrs. scott baldwin. the sequel. >> laura: i know. and i'm really glad about it. >> scott: good, 'cause this is our time, and i don't want to waste it. listen, i'll tell you -- tell you what i'll do. since i'm a sport... >> laura: oh, really? >> scott: yeah. ...if you want to tell luke, i will go with you and we can do it together. but i still think that we should just stay out of it. >> laura: okay. >> scott: okay? >> laura: mm-hmm. >> scott: okay. i'm gonna go take a shower.
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then we're gonna have dinner. then we're gonna find an old movie to watch. >> laura: [ chuckles ] sounds good. >> scott: okay. [ footsteps depart ] >> luke: there is no me and laura. there hasn't been for years. >> tracy: and yet you managed to stop by her hotel room today. >> luke: yeah, to warn her about baldwin. she accepted his proposal. she has a right to know that he's working an angle. >> tracy: baldwin is irrelevant. baldwin has always been irrelevant, especially if you want to be with laura. do you? no more dry hair. get hydration that lasts! new hydra recharge from garnier fructis. hydration innovation! bead after bead, burst on impact. a superfruit blast of goji berry and passionfruit. hydra recharge actively replenishes hydration. so potent, you'll feel it 2 full days. nonstop silky.
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>> scott: laura! damn it. >> luke: is there a reason that we have to constantly revisit this tired old topic? >> tracy: oh, i don't know. maybe because, as many times as you say it's over, she's never really gone. she's always in need of some
2:03 am
kind of rescuing from baldwin or the cassadines or her own illness. >> luke: i won't apologize for wanting my ex-wife to be happy. >> tracy: no matter who you have to step over to make that happen. >> luke: tracy, you're my ex-wife, too. i want you to be happy. you don't generally need to be rescued, but if you do, i'll be there, just like you're always there for me. >> tracy: well, that's a really nice sentiment, but it certainly doesn't measure up to the greatest love of all! >> luke: laura. >> tracy: oh, i heard you were in town. >> laura: your maid was kind enough to let >> luke: what are you doing here? >> laura: i was looking for you, luke. >> tracy: how'd you track him here? >> laura: he wasn't in his hotel room and he wasn't with -- this was the next logical place. >> tracy: of course it was. >> luke: well, what's so
2:04 am
important you need to track me down? >> laura: there's something i need to tell you. it's about anna and duke. >> anna: so, tracy figured out what you were doing and she decided to get back at you? >> duke: yes. >> anna: that's -- wow. >> duke: obviously, yes. this -- this -- this everything, this...whole evening has been paid for with money that she gave me in a briefcase. >> anna: [ chuckles ] >> duke: well, i apologize that this nightmare of a night has come to an end so soon. >> anna: [ chuckles ] >> duke: what do you find funny? >> anna: oh, just -- i don't know -- everything. i mean, you apologizing for a nightmare of an evening -- it's just all so... >> duke: it doesn't make much sense, does it? >> anna: no. yes. certainly not your usual smooth self, are you? >> duke: hmm. no. i've lost my finesse in certain areas.s, i will admit that yes, i will admit that, anna. well, i'm gonna go make it right. >> anna: going off to tracy? >> duke: yes, i am. >> anna: well, i can't miss this. >> duke: no, i'm gonna do this on my own.
2:05 am
>> anna: no, you're not. looks like i uncovered a counterfeiting ring, and what would the mayor think if i turned a blind eye to that? how would that look, right? >> duke: all right. come with me. >> commissioner. >> anna: yes?ank you so much. >> commissioner? >> anna: yes? oh, god. [ sighs ] >> duke: [ sighs ] >> anna: just a second. thanks. sorry. >> molly: so, he can stay with us, right? >> alexis: the system doesn't work like that, honey. i can't just take him in. >> molly: why not? >> alexis: because, honey, there are rules in place for situations like this, and even if there weren't, i don't think i could handle another teenager, especially a teenage boy -- one that you hid in your bedroom. >> rafe: what's that? >> mcbain: what's what? hey! i'm starting to get the feeling you're an experienced food thief. >> rafe: you knew what i was
2:06 am
doing. you let me do it. >> mcbain: yeah, well, you could ask next time. >> rafe: i don't really like asking for things. >> mcbain: i guess that makes two of us. >> alexis: you know, molly, the decision is not just about you or me or rafe. isn't there someone else you're forgetting about? >> molly: kristina? well, she doesn't care if rafe stays with us. >> alexis: say we take rafe in. have you ever thought about how t.j. might feel about it? >> t.j.: she's all about rafe -- breaking him out of jail, hiding him in her room. >> shawn: she's just looking after the kid. >> t.j.: no, see, i remember when molly was there for me when i was in trouble. it seems like since i cleaned up my act, she moved on to another project. >> shawn: you know, you've helped her out just as much as she's helped you. >> t.j.: no, i haven't. >> shawn: didn't you stand up to connie falconeri when she stole molly's book? >> t.j.: okay. a lot of good that did. molly never got her book back. >> shawn: and she still might. sonny told me kate's back. >> t.j.: okay. good for them.
2:07 am
u get it? there's no way connie's mess is gonna go unfixed -- well, not as long as kate is here. >> kate: sonny and i just made love, but you knew that, didn't you? otherwise, you would never have called me down here. >> connie: [ echoing ] yeah. i see you put him right to sleep. >> kate: oh, he was thrilled to have me back. >> connie: don't worry, kiddo. i'm gonna deal with sonny -- right after i deal with you. >> kate: what are you gonna do, connie, from behind the mirror? you gonna reflect him to death? >> connie: no, you see, because sonny doesn't get to sleep around when he told me that he cares about me. >>for you? is that we he said? >> connie: damn right. >> kate: >> kate: but he didn't say, "love," because sonny loves me. he told me over and over again how he tried to move heaven and earth to get me back, despite all the horrible things you did to him. sonny slept with you because he wanted to get closer to me. >> connie: you don't know what you're talking about, because sonny and i have a real connection. >> kate: how can you have a real connection with anybody? you're not a real person. >> connie: oh, no. you got that backwards, sweetheart. >> kate: how so? >> connie: well, i hate to break
2:08 am
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2:12 am
uh... >> tracy: oh, please, don't keep us in suspense. what about anna and duke? >> duke: what about us? >> tracy: are you kidding me? is this a private residence or a fast-food restaurant? >> anna: laura, hello. anna. we've never actually met. >> laura: uh, yes, anna. i recognize you. people speak so highly of you. >> tracy: why is this meeting taking place in my living room? alice? alice?! >> anna: ooh. >> tracy: oh, well. so much for that. >> anna: it's okay. please don't blame alice. i flashed her my badge. she let me in. >> tracy: oh, good. well, you'd think by now she'd ask for a warrant. speaking of warrants... >> anna: i don't have one yet, but this is official business. i would like to ask you a few questions. >> tracy: regarding? >> duke: this. >> kate: no, no. you're the alter. you are an out-of-control coping mechanism. >> connie: boy, you really missed a lot when you checked out, huh? the court of law decided i'm the real deal. kate howard is a symptom of mental illness. >> kate: oh, is this the same court of law that has both you
2:13 am
and me on record for killing starr manning's family instead of johnny? you can tell the judges anything you want. i know the truth. >> connie: what truth, kate? the truth about your childhood in conabout your made-up name? everything about you is a lie. i'm the real deal! okay. okay. let's just talk about the facts. connie falconeri was born in bensonhurst. connie falconeri fell in love with sonny. connie falconeri was raped b joe jr. and pregnant with trey. but when connie falconeri had the child, she abandoned him. something snapped. >> kate: no. that is when i made the conscious decision to become kate howard. >> connie: oh, no. that's just what you tell yourself to fill in the gaps. >> kate: you are the liar. you lie about everything, connie, and you're lying about this. >> connie: then why are you so scared? you're starting to think i'm telling the truth, ain't you? >> duke: you gave me counterfeit money. >> tracy: why would i give you any money at all? >> luke: is this what you wanted
2:14 am
to talk to me about? >> laura: no. >> anna: trafficking in counterfeit money, you know, is a serious offense. >> tracy: really? i did not know that. >> luke: why don't we let them handle this? >> laura: okay. >> duke: i want to press charges. you defrauded me. >> tracy: then i'm gonna press charges. and if you're humiliated now, imagine how you're gonna feel when anna arrests you for breaking and entering and theft! >> luke: there. that's better. i can actually hear you now. >> laura: yeah. >> luke: so, what did you want to tell me? >> laura: you know, i'm not so sure that i should be doing this. >> luke: laura, why? you know you can tell me anything. right? >> laura: yes. yes. of course. [ chuckles ] okay. [ chuckles ] here goes. um...i, uh... i was in the metro court --
2:15 am
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>> luke: what are you doing here? same questt ask you the same question. >> luke: well, you see, i have friends here, upstairs and down. oh, wait -- how do i explain the concept of friends to this? >> laura: please, uh, let's -- let's not do this. i-i came here because i wanted to talk to luke. >> scott: let me just talk to you first. >> laura: [ chuckles ] y. do you mind -- for a minute? >> luke: no, i don't mind. no. i need to find alice anyway and find out why she's letting all the riffraff in. >> laura: what are you doing? >> scott: i might ask you the same question. i thought that we decided that we weren't going to get involved in spencer's business. >> laura: i just wasn't sure that that was the right thing to do. >> scott: no, but it's not for you to decide, 'cause we kind of decided that together, didn't we?
2:20 am
i turn my back, and you do the opposite. how do you think that makes me feel? >> laura: you're right. i'm -- i'm really sorry. >> scott: you don't have to apologize. just do me a favor. forget about spilling the beans to spencer. come home with me now. >> anna: tracy, what are you talking about, exactly? >> tracy: mr. lavery entered my house under false pretenses and stole my relish. >> anna: when you say, "relish," is that, like, code for something, or is it, like, a condiment for a sandwich? >> tracy: pickle-lila, my mother's recipe. it made elq millions and would do again if he hadn't walked off with it! >> anna: you know what? you are accusing each other of very serious crimes, which leaves me no other option than to arrest you -- both. >> t.j.: so, you think kate will give us molly's book back? >> shawn: kate howard may not be the warmest person, but she's got integrity.
2:21 am
look, once she understands what connie did, i'm sure she'll get in touch with the publisher and molly will get credit as the author. >> t.j.: molly's gonna be so stoked when she hears about it. >> shawn: then i think you should be the one to tell her. that way it'll remind her of all the great things you did for her. you'll be her hero again. [ chuckles ] >> t.j.: yeah. yeah. and maybe she'll forget all about rafe. >> molly: rafe, i just want you to know, whatever happens, i'm here for you. >> rafe: thanks. you've been so great to me. i don't even know why. >> mcbain: well, look, thanks for letting me know. all right. i'll call you back. uh...that was social services. i'm -- i'm -- i'm sorry, rafe. they couldn't find an open family tonight. >> alexis: oh. all right. so, where does that leave him? >> mcbain: well, that means they're gonna place him in a group home, but it's just for tonight. we're gonna find you something better, something permanent, okay? >> rafe: sure. >> mcbain: all right. listen, the social services lady -- she's gonna come by and pick you up, all right? >> alexis: okay, look -- this is all gonna work out, all right?
2:22 am
you're gonna be fine. shawn's waiting for us. we do need to go. >> molly: mom, i can't just leave -- >> rafe: molly, molly, it's cool, really. you've done so much already. i'm not really good company right now, so...get out of here. >> molly: are you sure? >> rafe: hey, at least it's not lockup or some creepy mansion with tunnels and a serial killer. >> molly: still, my mom and i are gonna find you a home -- a good one -- i promise. >> rafe: thanks. i appreciate that. >> molly: hey. i mean it. it's not over. right, mom? >> alexis: right. we're gonna take care of this, i promise. >> molly: bye. >> mcbain: so... what's your game -- war or crazy 8s? >> rafe: texas hold 'em, nothing wild. >> mcbain: what?! >> rafe: mom and i had to do
2:23 am
something to make money. >> mcbain: damn. >> rafe: look... i appreciate this, you know? >> mcbain: [ sighs ] >> rafe: but you really don't have to stay here with me. i mean, you've been here all night, too. >> mcbain: kid, i'm not going anywhere until i know you're okay. >> kate: no. what you what you're saying -- it doesn't make any sense. dr. keenan told me about my d.i.d. >> connie: [ echoing ] ha! dr. keenan -- the sheep farmer turned psychopath? see, unlike you, honey, i got diagnosed by a real shrink, and he told me the truth. me, connie falconeri, is the real deal. you, kate howard -- you're nothing. you're like a fairy-tale princess. >> kate: no. that is impossible. >> connie: fight all you want, kate. it's not gonna change a thing. >> kate: i am not the alter! you are! >> connie: isn't it horrible to think that you only exist because someone's dreaming you up? so hollow.
2:24 am
tell you what -- if you find that this is too much for you again, why don't you do us both a favor and run away and give me back my life? >> kate: no. [ crying ] this is my life, connie, and i'm not gonna let you take it!
2:25 am
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2:28 am
services. she's good people. >> rafe: hi. >> ms. blackwood: it's good to meet you, rafe. we're going to get you settled tonight at the facility. >> rafe: you mean the orphanage. >> ms. blackwood: actually, they're group homes now. >> rafe: so i've heard. what's porridge? >> ms. blackwood: these days, we call it "oatmeal." now, if you'll come along with me, please. >> rafe: hey, detective? >> mcbain: hmm? >> rafe: thanks for waiting with me. >> mcbain: you got it. i'll check in on you tomorrow. >> rafe: sure. >> alexis: hi, guys. sorry we're late. >> shawn: no problem. we're just glad you could make it at all. isn't that right, t.j.? >> t.j.: hey. >> molly: hi. >> alexis: okay. how about we join you for dessert? >> shawn: hey, i'm on board. but, uh, t.j. here doesn't seem to have much of an appetite. >> t.j.: uh, i had a lot of food. i'm good. >> molly: oh. uh, i-i had a veggie burger at the st-- uh, kelly's. >> alexis: yeah.
2:29 am
>> shawn: you know what? i could use a drink. join me at the bar? >> alexis: yeah. uh, i could use an adult beverage about now. >> t.j.: you okay? >> molly: uh, yeah, i guess. >> t.j.: you know, whatever's bothering you, you can tell me. >> molly: even if it's -- >> t.j.: even if it's about rafe. >> molly: [ sighs ] i don't know. i just feel so bad for him. he's all alone..j.: i'm s >> t.j.: i'm sorry. >> molly: thanks. >> t.j.: it might not be the right time, but i do have some news that might cheer you up. >> shawn: group home? >> alexis: uh, just for the night. >> shawn: tough break. do you think a foster home will open up soon? >> alexis: soon? i don't know. i hate when the system fails any kid, let alone a kid who's a friend of my daughter. >> shawn: i wouldn't worry about molly. something tells me things are about to turn around for her. >> molly: seriously?! >> t.j.: yeah. >> molly: oh, my god! >> alexis: what? what? what?
2:30 am
>> molly: kate's back! [ laughs ] >> kate: i'm coming, sonny. >> anna: if you're going around town handing out counterfeit bills and you're breaking in to her house with the intent to steal condiments, i have no option than to arrest both of you. unless you mutually decide not to pursue either thing any further. >> duke: i spent 20 years in prison. i don't relish the thought of going back.
2:31 am
>> anna: so, that's it? you're not gonna pursue charges? is that what i'm -- i'm good here with this? >> duke: yes. >> anna: yes? yes? great. my work here is done. >> tracy: well, then, see yourselves out. >> anna: always such a pleasure. >> tracy: ow! >> duke: [ chuckles ] >> tracy: [ sighs ] >> luke: i'll take that. >> tracy: why? where's laur-- >> luke: she left with baldwin. >> tracy: really? was he here, too? >> luke: just long enough to talk her out of whatever it was she came to tell me. >> tracy: [ laughs ] and you let that happen? >> luke: she makes her own choices, tracy, no matter how bad they may be. "let it happen." >> tracy: [ sighs ] >> scott: you okay? >> laura: yeah, i'm fine. >> scott: you hardly said anything on the drive.
2:32 am
>> laura: i'm just hoping i did the right thing. >> scott: you did. you know, spencer's life -- it's always been a big mess. >> laura: yeah. it's pretty complicated. yeah. >> scott: i just don't see where you have to pick up after him anymore. >> laura: no, i don't. >> scott: good. it's you and me, okay? we're gonna get married. we're just exactly where we belong. you know that, don't you? >> laura: of course i do. i love you. >> scott: i love you, too. you and me -- where you always should have been. >> duke: well, at least let me buy you a drink. i have enough legitimate money in my pocket to pay for that. >> anna: no. i think we should call it a night. >> duke: it's very early, anna.
2:33 am
>> anna: yeah. i got to get up in the morning and i got to return this, and -- >> duke: no, no, no, no. no, don't -- don't -- don't do that. i'll take care of it. well, this is not the way i thought this night would end. >> anna: maybe it's for the best. >> duke: i don't see how. >> anna: i, uh -- probably before we get too far into it and find that it's all a conflict of interest -- >> duke: conflict of interest? >> anna: i'm police commissioner. i can't be socializing with someone who habitually breaks the law. >> duke: oh, anna, you don't mean that. >> anna: i do. your first impulse was to break in to tracy's home, which proves to me that you haven't really changed. you always like to be one step outside the law, and if i turn a blind eye knowingly, then i'm gonna lose my job and, more importantly, my self-respect. >> duke: there's more to this than that. what is it? what's going on? is it faison? every time you look at me, you see his face?
2:34 am
is that it? >> anna: no. >> duke: then what? what is it? tell me something that i understand, 'cause i don't understand. and don't hide behind your badge. >> anna: i'm sorry. i tried, you know? i just -- i don't want to go down this road. >> duke: right. there appears to be... >> anna: [ sighs ] [ door opens, closes ]
2:35 am
2:36 am
[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hi, guys. hi. nice to meet you. hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. kicking things off today is a recent college grad who can't even afford to buy his own food. now, he hopes to get off the free samples with a big one today. from new york city, please welcome drew kunas. hey, drew. nice to meet you. [cheers and applause] okay, so it's hard. you're a young guy starting out. it's hard to pay for-- you know, grocery bills are very expensive, so where do you get your food from? >> i've been on the free-food-at-work diet for, like, three months now. >> free food at work? how does--you take other people's food out of the fridge or... >> well, i don't want to say that on live tv, but... [laughter]
2:37 am
yeah, normally, it's just, like, nuts and granola bars. big two. >> okay, so they're the snacks that they might offer at work, you mean? >> yeah, yeah. it's amazing. you can find way different stuff on different floors. >> so you go from floor to floor, basically, taking food. >> there's, like, an ecosystem of food you can find. >> so how does that-- is the best floor the higher up you go or... >> best floor is food number three--floor number three. >> why is that? what's on floor number three? >> oh, yogurt-covered nuts. yeah. >> really? >> and the fudge graham zone bars. >> wow. you've found-- this is just where you work, or you find in every--like, here did you find this to be the case? >> [laughs] yeah, the little muffins are the best. like, i put them in the fridge so, like, no one else would find them backstage. yeah. [laughter] >> we need to get you help. we need to get you some money and an intervention. >> please, please! >> actually, i know another thing about you that's also very interesting. you were emma watson's r.a. at college when she was a freshman. people know her as hermione, right, from the harry potter series.
2:38 am
so she came to your school. you were a junior at that point or... >> sophomore. >> sophomore. what was she like? she was already a star at that point. >> well, much like you, she was way smaller than i expected in real life. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> you're really batting a thousand, i'll tell you, drew. >> bam. [laughs] >> okay, what else? >> yeah, no, she was great. she was so nice, super, super nice, but she didn't really have a sense of humor. i guess it was, like, a british thing. sometimes i'd be like, "how was your day?" and she'd be like, "oh, it was dreadful. i had midterms and a paper." and i'd be like, "well, that's fantastic." and she'd be like, "no." no, drew. no, that's not fantastic." [laughter] >> you make friends wherever you go, don't you? [laughter] i wish you the best. >> thank you so much. >> let's take look at the money in your round 1. okay, computer, please randomize the dollar amounts. now here are the categories to your questions. computer, please randomize the categories. and now that everything is all
2:39 am
shuffled, drew, are you ready? >> i am. >> audience, are you ready? [cheers and applause] then let's play millionaire. [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ what music style got its name because the phrase was commonly sung in such 1950s r&b hits as in the still of the night? >> "e," a-wimoweh? [chuckles] >> no, tha >> no, that's gonna be-- just want to make sure. "b," doo-wop, final answer. >> nice job. it is doo-wop. [cheers and applause] let's take a look at your bank, okay? >> yeah. >> here we go. $3,000. [cheers and applause] >> whoo! >> good start. $3,000 in the bank, 13 questions to go. "character building." what is the name of the online company that insists its purpose is for "when 140 characters just
2:40 am
isn't enough"? >> oh, so twitter limit is 140 characters, so i think the answer has to be "c," twitlonger, final answer. >> twitlonger it is. very nice. [cheers and applause] let's add some more money to that bank. you have $3,000. to that, we're gonna add another $15,000. [cheers and applause] $18,000. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's nice. >> thank you. >> 12 away from $1 million. "names that stuck." a destination for aspiring actors with grand ambitions, hollywood is frequently referred to as a what? >> ooh. so my gut, i'm going toward "c" here.
2:41 am
[sighs] grand ambitions? you know what? i feel really bad, but i think that i'm gonna poll the audience on this just to make sure, since i got the $15,000 already. >> okay, drew. audience, drew needs your help. on your keypads, vote now. [percussive music] okay, 94%... >> okay. [laughter] >> are either delusional or they think it is dream factory. so it's a good number. >> well, you know what, guys? thank you. i'm gonna go with "c," dream factory. [cheers and applause] >> final? >> final answer, yes. >> yeah! dream factory. all right, let's see how much money is behind this question. thank you, audience, in advance. we're talking $1,000. $19,000. now 11 away from the million. two lifelines left. "the die is cast" is the category. on a standard six-sided die,
2:42 am
what side's dots, or pips, are often in an arrangement known as a quincunx? i had to say that very carefully. [laughter] >> so a quincunx, that's, like, a quintet. that's five, right? so "c," five, final answer. >> yes, the "quin" being-- [cheers and applause] all right, drew. show us the money, computer. $100, up to $19,100. >> yeah! >> we'll be back with more millionaire right after this. i look at a tax return and i know where to find the deduction. i don't think you can afford to leave money on the table. bring in your turbotax return
2:43 am
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[ male announcer ] you've got questions. your state farm agent has answers. backed by the life insurance company millions of moms and dads already trust. we put the life back in life insurance. [dramatic music] [cheers and applause] >> and welcome back to millionaire.
2:45 am
here with drew kunas from new york city. $19,100 in the bank. no more of the free food diet for you, i think. i think you're on your way to actually purchasing food the way you're going. 10 away from $1 million. your mom, sharon, is in the audience. i want to say a quick hello to mom. nice to see you as well. [cheers and applause] all right, drew. two lifelines left. remind you, you're 6 away from round 2. at that point, you get to keep all the money in your bank. you ready to keep playing? >> oh, yeah. >> all right, let's play. [dramatic musical flourish] [cheers and applause] which of these legendary game show hosts grew up on an indian reservation, as a member of the sioux tribe? >> i have suspicions on this one, but i don't want to risk it. >> what's your suspicion? >> i think it's pat sajak. but i don't know the answer to this, and i know that i don't
2:46 am
know it, so i am going to jump the question. >> okay, question's out of play. you don't have to answer it. let's see if it was pat sajak. it was bob barker. [audience murmuring] i know. i didn't know that at all. i'm glad you jumped it. now let's see what you jumped over. a lot or a little? ah-- [audience groans] okay, but you didn't know it, and you would have guessed pat sajak if you were forced to, so that would have cost you the game, so here you are still in it by jumping, now 9 away from $1 million. "creepy crawlies" is the category. meaning "wandering leg sausage," the colorful latin name crurifarcimen vagans is reserved for a species of what animal? crurifarcimen. >> the wandering leg sausage. [laughs] >> you ever heard of the wandering leg sausage? >> that's my mom's favorite thing to make.
2:47 am
>> wandering leg sausage? >> yeah, absolutely. >> [laughs] >> it's also my dog's favorite thing to get under the table. no, that's got to be "b," millipede, final answer. >> yes, it is millipede. [cheers and applause] all right, let's see the money. you just jumped over $10,000. how much was behind this? $5,000. >> whoo! >> $24,100. now just 4 questions left in round 1, and you still have a lifeline left. "twins" is your category. despite surface temperatures reaching 870 degrees fahrenheit, what planet is often referred to as earth's twin sister? >> oh! awesome. okay, i thought they were gonna put venus and mercury up on there, and then i wouldn't know, but-- oh, wait. okay, so it's got to be either venus or mars. venus is warmer than earth, but mars is sometimes referred to as earth's twin sister or could be.
2:48 am
[sighs] ooh. >> hmm. >> ooh. hmm. >> hmm. hmm. what do you do? >> do you know the answer, meredith? >> i may. >> okay. >> would you like to know? >> you know, i'm a newly wealthy man. >> [laughs] and you're still available? >> my left hand is empty, so... [laughs] >> see, you're much smaller in person than i imagined, so... [laughter] come on. >> hey. >> i'm only teasing. you know what? i'm not gonna even tease you. i never get the answers to these questions ever. you might not know this, audience. i have to read just the questions for pronunciation purposes. so i don't ever know the answers, and i do not know the answer to this, so you're not getting it out of me. nothing in my face will say anything. >> so you know what? there are two things in this one that have thrown me. 870 degrees fahrenheit, that's really hot, so it sounds like venus, but earth's twin sister,
2:49 am
mars is-- it's a lot more like earth in terms of size. it's really close. so i am--i'm just gonna be safe, and i'm gonna jump the question. >> okay, play it safe. i don't blame you with that money that you have. you don't have to answer it, obviously. let's see the correct answer. venus, so you were on the right track between the two of them but couldn't decide. now, last time you jumped, it was $10,000. hopefully it's not $25,000 behind here. let's see what you jumped over. oh, good. [cheers and applause] all right, that was the lowest amount left for you, so that's great. you are out of lifelines now, but by making that jump, you do stay in the game now, just 7 away from the million. "before the booze." >> that's what i call tuesday. [laughter] >> though oktoberfest is now associated with massive beer consumption, what was the main event at the 1810 festival that was its precursor? >> hmm. i feel like it would probably be--
2:50 am
i'm just imagining, like, the beer maidens with the dirndls. beauty contest. >> i'm gonna remind you, drew, you have $24,100 in your bank. you could walk if you want to with $12,050, but if you get this right, it could be worth another $25,000 in your bank. it keeps you in the game, but you miss it, and you lose your money. >> that's a lot of thousands. >> yeah. [laughter] >> you know what? i think i am gonna-- i am gonna walk. >> is that a final? >> yes. [cheers and applause] >> i don't blame you. the actual answer was horse race. it was to celebrate the marriage of prince ludwig. so you weren't close to thinking that anyway, and you're walking with $12,050, which is fantastic. >> thank you so much. >> go give your mom a big hug. we're gonna take a break. we'll be right back after this. don't go anywhere. [cheers and applause]
2:51 am
2:52 am
[dramatic music] [cheers and applause] >> and welcome back to millionaire. joining me now, mackenzie mosca from coram, new york. hi, mackenzie. nice to see you. >> nice to see you too, meredith. >> you said over the break that you're incredibly excited right now? >> yes, i am. >> but you manage a restaurant right now with the dream of one day owning your own, which is very exciting. so you've come to the right place to get the money, the seed money you need. your mom, alexa, is in the audience. a big hello to mom as well. >> hi, mom. [cheers and applause] >> tell you what, mackenzie. let's take a look at the money in your round 1. >> okay. >> computer, please randomize those dollar amounts and the categories. now that everything is all shuffled, are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> then let's play millionaire. [dramatic musical flourish] [cheers and applause] dinosaurs, trains, and bugs bunny are a few designs that a kraft foods employee has mastered at a job that has been called what?
2:53 am
you know a lot about food, obviously, if you work in a restaurant, so... >> i'm gonna say "a," pasta architect. >> final? >> final answer. >> you got it. that's it. [cheers and applause] way to go. one down. let's see how much money is behind this question. we're gonna start your bank with $3,000. >> yes! yeah! >> nice way to start out. >> i like money. >> 13 to go. "side jobs" is your next category. a member of the faculty since 2001, what daytime tv fixture continues to serve as a professor at columbia university? >> [sighs] i honestly don't know, so i'm going to jump the question. >> no problem. question's out of play. you don't have to answer it. i believe the answer is dr. oz. let's take a look. yes, it is dr. oz. >> it's a good thing i jumped it. [laughter]
2:54 am
>> and let's see how much money you jumped over. $2,000, all right? it could be worse. >> it could be. >> you're out the $2,000, but you're very much in the game by making that jump. now just 12 away. "from trend to sport." hoping to make it an olympic sport, a group of fans is aiming to "take some of the eroticism out of the moves and...take off the high heels" in what activity? >> [chuckles] "c," final answer. [laughs] >> you said that one awfully fast. pole dancing it is. [cheers and applause] check out the money. >> i'd say heels in kickboxing. >> $15,000. [cheers and applause] >> yeah! >> all right, $18,000. very nice. 11 to go now. "sign my yearbook." the acorn is the annual yearbook
2:55 am
of an alabama school with what name? the acorn. >> the acorn would be "c," oakwood university, final answer. >> yup, it is. oakwood university. let's see the money. $1,000, up to $19,000 and counting. 10 away from $1 million. next category is "going places." due to the mineral magnetite in their nasal region, varieties of what animal are thought to use the earth's magnetic fields to aid their navigation? >> i honestly do not know this one either, so i am going to jump the question again. >> okay, we'll put this question out of play. correct answer, please. bird.
2:56 am
>> okay. >> now i understand how they're able to go those distances. let's take a look at how much money was behind this question. what did you jump over? $7,000 this time out of play. >> it's okay. i got $15,000. i'm good. [laughter] >> no, you have $19,000, actually. you have even more than $15,000, so there you go. >> all right. >> and you are now, from that jump, 9 away from $1 million. "state names" is your next category. what u.s. state shares a border with the place it is named after? >> that would be "d," new mexico, final answer. >> absolutely right. it is new mexico. [cheers and applause] all right, there's some big money up on that board. is any of it behind this particular question? let's take a look. $500, up to $19,500. 8 questions away from $1 million. we'll be back with more millionaire after this. >> this is so exciting. matt's brakes didn't sound right... i brought my car to mike at meineke... ...and we inspected his brakes for free.
2:57 am
-free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke.
2:58 am
>> here is your question of the day: stay tuned for the answer.
2:59 am
>> the answer to that question was marilyn monroe. [cheers and applause] and welcome back to millionaire. we're here with restaurant manager mackenzie mosca. $19,500 so far in her bank, still taking on round 1. four more questions left there. $25,000 is still available and the $10,000 here. you still have one lifeline left. >> all right. >> ready to keep playing? >> yes, i am. >> let's play. [dramatic musical flourish] [cheers and applause] the creators of what classic children's book escaped france during world war ii on homemade bicycles carrying little more than their book manuscript?
3:00 am
>> all right, i do know a fair amount about children's books. i know it absolutely was not curious george, so i'm just gonna take that out of the mix. i'm really leaning towards the story of babar, but i'm not 100% sure, so i am going to go to ask the audience. >> all right, audience, mackenzie needs your help. on your keypads, vote now. [percussive music] 57% say madeline, 28% for the story of babar, and then down from there. you were leaning towards the story of babar. >> [sighs] >> do you trust your gut, or do you trust the audience? >> i'm gonna trust the audience,
3:01 am
and i'm gonna go with "a," madeline, final answer. >> you know what? the audience was wrong. you were wrong. it was curious george... [audience groans] >> really? >> was the answer. yeah. curious george was the answer. wow. [horn blares] well, our time is up. everybody here is a little bit in shock. thank you so much, sweetheart. >> thank you, meredith. >> and good luck with your restaurant, too, as well. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, folks, for watching. until next time, from new york, everybody, bye-bye. wow. [cheers and applause] [ male announcer ] break the grip of aches or arthritis pain with odor free aspercreme. powerful medicine relieves pain fast, with no odor. so all you notice is relief. aspercreme.
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3:03 am
this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a graduate student in creative writing from greenbelt, maryland... an attorney from new york, new york... and our returning champion-- a retail horticulturist from jamaica plain, massachusetts... whose 4-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, everyone. like the energizer bunny, david just keeps going and going and going. what'going to happen today? let's start finding out. we'll start by welcoming vijay and jessamine.
3:04 am
let's go to work. now the categories for you. we start off with... notice those words in quotation marks. followed by... and fi we travel. south african wildlife from madikwe game reserve. some of the amazing adaptations that aren't as obvious as claws and speed. david, you start us. time to "rock" & "roll" for $200. and that would be the shamrock. david. yes. uh, "& "roll" for $400, please. what is rollerblade? i'll take hall of famers for $200, please.
3:05 am
who is lucille ball? "rock" & "roll" for $600. what is a roll top? uh, $800, "rock" & "roll," please. what is scroll? uh, $1,000, "rock" & " what is rock candy? what is scroll? for $1,000. get your verbs moving, $200. what is jog? i'll take hall of famers for $400. hall of famers, $600.
3:06 am
who is michael jackson? uh, verbs for $400. what is vault? verbs, $600. what is to waltz? uh, get your verbs moving for $800. whatpe? i'll take hall of famers for $800, please. who is nancy lopez? i'll take hall of famers for $1,000.
3:07 am
who is jaime escalante? and that adds to yad. you're at $3,600. i'll take verbs for $1,000, alex. what is to vaunt? no. vijay or david? what is swagger? swagger. all right. let's take a break. we'll be--we'll come back in a moment.
3:08 am
3:09 am
jessamine price is from greenbelt, maryland, who has a connection with a very impoplace in recent history-- tahrir square in cairo, where they've been-- (inhales) a lot of revolts recently. mm-hmm. mm-hmm. yeah. but your connection is different. it's a--it's a different kind of connection. my cat is a cat who was born... on tahrir square. uh, i lived in egypt for a couple of years studying arabic there, and there are a lot of, uh, hungry kittens on the streets there, and i adopted this 6-week-old kitten and brought her back with me. was it--was it tough to get it back in our country? it'azing how easy it is to bring a cat onto an airplane and get it back to the country. i think it would be harder with a dog. with a dog. yes. okay. vijay iyer is an attorney from new york who also lived abroad for a while. where? that's right. i lived in japan, alex. i moved there after i graduated from college. i wanted to live in another country and learn a new language-- a very different language. and you did? and i did.
3:10 am
and, uh, it was a great experience. the specialty of the town i lived in was raw horsemeat. oh! hello. our champion is david gard. david and i have something in common. we both drive pickup trucks. you would like to-- with, uh, the over $80,000 you've earned so far-- to buy a new one. it's really about time. 8, and it's--it's really on its last legs. it just turned 140,000 recently. might as well splurge. and vijay has command of the board, so he makes our next selection. alex, let's go with you're so receptacle for $200. what is a caddy? receptacle, $400. what is barrel racing? u'refor $600.tacle
3:11 am
and that word is hopper. vijay, back to you. i'll try receptacle for $800, please. what is "the crucibl uh, receptacle, $1,000. e"? what is "the crucibl what is an ash can? uh, organizations for $200. what are police? uh, $400, organizations. what are police? what are big brother and big sister? no. sorry. vijay or jessamine?
3:12 am
(beep) correct response is plural--g . (david) oh. jessamine, we come back to you. you make the selection. uh, could i have organizations for $1,000, please? anti-steroids? no. oh. vijay. what is doping? for $1,000. i'll take south african wildlife for $200, please. african elephants deal with more heat than their asian relatives, so their ears are bigger. when they're flapped, thousands of these smallest vessels in the ear bring cool blood to the body. what are capillaries? uh, south african wildlife for $400. kelly this time. among lions that roam southern africa, the females do most of thing, and they generally outnumber males in these groups that average about 15 lions.
3:13 am
what are prides? uh, $600, wildlife. back to sarah. if a giraffe didn't have adaptations like thick-walled arteries and extra to counteract gravity, lowering its head to drink would cause an aneurysm, and then raising its head would cause it to faint, because this vitvalvessure is naturally so high. what is its height? no. vijay or jessamine? the blood pressure is so high. gotta pump that blood all the way up there. jessamine, back to you. uh, wildlife for $800. video daily double. $1,000, please. $1,000. all right. sarah has the clue for you... zebras spend a lot of time standing around on grassy plains, which would make them seem like easy prey. but to lions, they blend in with tall stalks of grass, because lions have weak color vision due to a shortage of these retinal cells.
3:14 am
at is cones? cones. correct. $2,800 your new total as you move into second place. $1,000, wildlife. to communicate over distance or in dense brush, rhinos use infrasound, too low for human hearing to detect, because it's below 20 of these frequency units. what are hertz? and before we get to the last two clues, i want to take a moment to thank the wonderful people of south african tourism for extending such great hospitality to sarah and kelly, who visouth africa to record those clues for us. and good news for you folks at home. you, too, could win a saf-- a safari, just like the one enjoyed by the girls, in south africa. we'll have details for you a little later on in the program. dawo clues left. organizations, $800, please.
3:15 am
who is rove? karl rove is right. now the last clue. what is the sierra club? and that takes you up to $3,800 and into second pl close game. jessamine will go first when we come back to start double jeopardy!, though, after this. ace. when we come back to start double jeopardy!, though,
3:16 am
3:17 am
closed captioning sponsored in part by... welcome back. is is the closest game we've had all week, and jessamine gets to pick first in double jeopardy! here are the categories...
3:18 am
"a-d-d" in quotation marks. all right, jessamine. great art for $400. what are water lilies? great art, $800. rough? back to you, david. "add" it up, $400, please. what is an addict? "add" it up, $800. who is addressee? "add" for $1,200. what is an additive? uh, $1,600, "add" it up. what is addled? "add" it up, $2,000.
3:19 am
who is addison? joseph addison earns you $2,000 more. great art for $1,200. uh, who is rembrandt? i'll take great art for $1,600. in 1931, diego rivera painted a movable fresco showing peasants harvesting this title crop. and that crop is sugar cane. vijay, back to you. uh, let's try women authors for $400. who is harriet beecher stowe? uh, women authors for $800, please. who'pearl buck?
3:20 am
$1,200, women authors. who is beauvoir? who is simone de beauvoir? uh, women authors for $1,600, alex. answer there... you have $1,000 more than jessamine, and you are tied with david at $7,800. uh, let's go for $1,800, please. okay. here is the clue for you... who is edith wharton? correct. and you go to . i'll do women authors for $2,000, please. and her name is nadine gordimer. vijay, we go somewhere else. let's try great r $2,000.
3:21 am
who's georgia o'keeffe? may-december movies, $400. what is "bull durham"? uh, i'm fedis-oriented, $400. what is seoul? uh, $800, dis-oriented. what is mongolia? i'm feeling dis-oriented, $1,200.
3:22 am
what is vladivostok? dis-oriented, $1,600. what is royal dutch? no. david or jessamine? (beep) what is holland america? back to you, david. dis-oriented, $2,000, please. what is narita? less than a minute to go. uh, may-december movies, $1,600, please. and that movie is "l.a. story." back to you, vijay. let's try movies, $2,000. as the girl to whom peter sarsgaard gave "an education." and the actress is carey mulligan.
3:23 am
vijay, go again. let's try bells for $1,600. what is an organ? no. jessamine. what is a carillon? $2,000, bells. answer... oh! (laughs) you're tied at $9,200 with vijay. you trail david by $1,800. uh, $4,000, please. $4,000 it is. here is the clue for you in bells... (muttering) jessamine. what is... (sighs) say something. what is a... (sighs) (beep) wow. what is campanile? campanile. campanile. (beep) ah, and with that you drop down to $5,200, but it's not out of reach for you, believe me. jeopardy! it's coming down to that.
3:24 am
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3:26 am
and have a chance to win a trip for two to experience south africa for yourself, go to...
3:27 am
3:28 am
think about musicals, tony-winning musicals, and now consider this clue... 30 seconds. good luck, players. ♪ jessamine, we start with you. you had $5,200, and you wrote down your response quickly. "les mis" and "phantom of the opera." you got 'em both. well--well done. and you add $4,001. you're at $9,201.
3:29 am
that's a dollar more than vijay. did both of them? let's take a look. what are "la bohème" and "the producers"? nope. i think he ge's "producers" that you wrote down. no, it cost you $3,000, so dropping you to $6,200 as we go to david gard, our champion. he's smiling. why? because he got "les mis" but he didn't come up with "phantom." did he risk too much? oh, yes. he's at $2,000. guess what. jessamine price, congratulations, young lady. you get to wrap up the week as the returning "jeopardy!" champion tomorrow, right here. till then. so long. promotional consideration provided by...
3:30 am
3:31 am
from cuba and iron are attending the funeral today. the u.s. is sending a diplomatic delegation after the funeral. chavez's hand picked replacement will be sworn in as venezuelan interim president. we're learning new details of the fatal lion attack in california. a coroner says diana hanson died instantly from a broken neck, probably from the swipe of the lion's paw. investigators are still trying
3:32 am
to figure out why hanson was in the cage in the first place and why the big cat acted the way it did. >> we're a family, and we lost two family members. >> hanson's father says her daughter was living her dream by working at the cat sanctuary and she loved these cats. she apparently was -- her father said she was upset that she wasn't allowed in the cage with the cats. and she loved couscous. that's the cat that she had really kind of taken to, she had written songs for them. she was only there for two months. she had really become attached to these cats. >> her dad said he had a premonition that he felt like this could end badly some day. >> could you imagine as a dad having something like that happen? >> it's not the kind of thing you want your daughter -- you're happy she has a passion, but going in cages with these dangerous animals.
3:33 am
>> a worst nightmare come true. let's talk about the battered new jersey shore, recovering from what may be the last storm of the season. towns along the shoreline got slammed with some of the worst tidal flooding since hurricane sandy. the pounding surf pushed waters up to two feet deep in sea bright and other coastal communities. roofs were shredded from winds hitting 70 miles per hour. more snow on tap for new york and new england. a new storm now is blowing into the west coast. more details from meteorologist jim dickey. good morning, jim. >> good morning. still keeping some wet snow in place in new england as our storm spins its way out of here. snow ends and we'll clear things out. nice weekend on tap, thankfully, after an active couple of days here. in the west, a mess on tap. a storm system pushing into the southwest will keep thunderstorms in place. l.a., san diego with heavy snow across the high elevations, and that snow tracks north and eastward on saturday. john and diana, back to you. >> thanks, jim. now to the latest on the economy. more encouraging news on the
3:34 am
jobs front. the number of americans seeking unemployment aid has fallen to its lowest levels in five years. the drop is a positive sign ahead of the unemployment report for february due out in a few hours. the dow opens at another record high and stocks are trading higher in overseas markets. now to a fatal shooting at a restaurant in arizona. two people dead at a family-run restaurant there. police say it was a murder-suicide. they believe the man entered the vietnamese restaurant, shot a woman and turned the gun on himself. another woman caught in the cross fire survived. police are still trying to determine the motive. a bizarre story that's going to get someone in trouble. it's just outside of philadelphia. in a circle there you see a big front loader being driven down a street on wednesday night. the person behind the wheel decided to bring it to a stop by driving it straight into a diner. the place just opened three months ago. the owner doesn't even know what to make of this. >> it's ridiculous, man. who does something like that? who drives a truck through the building? >> an idiot. police say they think it was a drunken joyride. they found several bottles of
3:35 am
alcohol in the cab. whoever is responsible had to know how to drive the rig and cops say that narrows down the pool of suspects. >> yeah, takes some skill to drive that thing. newly released documents show a january battery fire at boeing 787 dreamliner at boston logan airport was more serious than previously described. documents show that firefighters and mechanics tried to put out the fire through smoke so thick they couldn't see the battery. the cause still hasn't been pin pointed and the plane's grounded for the meantime. a couple bloggers from north carolina are taking on kraft foods calling for change of their macaroni and cheese. they want them to do away with the yellow food dye. >> it's already been taken out of the food in europe. because of stricter food safety rules.
3:36 am
petition about it want kraft to do the same thing here. more than 122,000 people have signed that petition. the dye that we're talking about here is yellow dye 5 and yellow dye 6. that's exactly what you want in your mac and cheese. >> i like the 6, not the 5. >> the 5 is a little pasty, if you ask me. 6 has more of a luster to it. my daughter loves mac and cheese. >> all the kids do. >> they sure do. >> bottom line, if it doesn't need to be in there, take it out. the fda approves of it and it is legal for both of them to be in the product, but it's only for esthetic purposes. so it's only for the yellow coloring. do you think alexa would eat it if it was orange or yellow? >> she wouldn't care. she loves it. she loves kraft macaroni and cheese. and now she's into trader joe's mac and cheese. >> and i'm sure it doesn't have yellow dye 5 or 6. >> i think it has a tiny bit of yellow. >> when it's made. >> well, you see, that's what we've got to go for, trader joe's. they're the ones that do the stuff with the whole natural whatever, whatever. i'm sure kraft is going to call
3:37 am
and say what is she doing? >> they're both pretty good. i try not to eat it, but i always stick my fork in there and cleaning out the pot. >> i'm sure alexa loves that. >> she does love it, actually. finally, a rare shoutout to an airline. >> a flight delay aboard a united airlines jet nearly caused a man to miss the chance to say goodbye to his dying mother. but employees at the airline weren't going to let that happen. >> the man needed to make a transfer to make it, but his first plane was held up. the flight attendants asked a second plane to sit until the man to get there and he made it in time to say goodbye. >> that is a beautiful story. >> yes, it is. coming up, justin bieber's bad day. he's had a lot of these lately. but first, this story. an elderly woman expressing her joy and her faith in a song. it's an act that got her kicked off of a bus. that's coming up. you're watching "world news now."
3:38 am
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an 82-year-old woman in miami was tossed off of a commuter train for, get this, refusing to stop singing. the grandmother was singing a gospel song apparently too loudly.
3:42 am
>> a security guard asked her to stop singing. when she refused, the guard grabbed her, a struggle ensued and the elderly woman was thrown off the train onto the platform. >> literally thrown. >> reporter: a cell phone video that has people buzzing. an 82-year-old woman dragged out of a metro train for, of all things, singing too loudly. a passenger captured the incident last month. a private security guard is seen walking up to emma anderson and telling her she needs to step off the train. >> i was singing a song, so he came up and said ma'am, you're making too much noise. >> reporter: the confrontation turns physical. the guard grabs her, taking her off the train, causing her to fall on the platform. >> let's go, ma'am. oh, no. >> reporter: miami-dade transit says it has a responsibility to all passengers, saying, miss
3:43 am
anderson's singing was causing a disturbance. and impeding important train announcements from being heard. we regret she had to be escorted out, but regardless of age, all passengers need to abide by the rules associated with using the train. >> they should have procedures in how they remove somebody from metro rail other than dragging her from the train like that. >> he nailed it right there. >> that's it. >> so maybe she's bothering people, maybe, maybe not. >> fine, that's okay. >> but to yank her out of the train when she's 82, or any age, for that matter, not good. >> i don't think so. and you can almost hear the reaction of the security guard when he -- he does get her off of the train. he was apparently wanting to get her off at that stop because he didn't want the doors to close. he says oh, come on, like it's her fault she fell. >> like he's in trouble now. >> she wasn't seriously injured. doctors say she had a bruised hip and bruised shoulder, but at 82 years old, you take a fall
3:44 am
like that and really bad things can happen. >> amazing she's not in worse shape. >> that's right. you ask me, i think it should have been dealt with better, and i think that that statement by metro is not what we want to hear. i think there's going to be a lot of backlash. >> there's got to be a better procedure to get her off the train than that. when we come back, what demi moore now wants from ashton kutcher. >> "the skinny" is next. you're watching "world news now."
3:45 am
3:46 am
♪ skinny, so skinny all right. time for "the skinny." joy behar is going to leave "the view." this is amazing. >> i'm coming, whoopi. >> it's the end of an era. you want to step in and take over? that would be a cool gig. >> it would. >> how about i'm the first dude on "the view." >> didn't they do that man's view and it was a total -- >> i think you're right. she's leaving after 16 years. which is amazing that show has been around that long. she's planning to exit the show when her contract ends in august and she says it's the right time. she says you reach a point where you say do i want to keep doing this? there are other things on my plate. i've been writing a play, neglecting my standup. so she thinks it's the right time and credits barbara walters for making it such a great ride for her and keeping the show smart. she'll be missed. >> it's a good show and she's one of the funnier ones on there. it will be tough shoes to fill
3:47 am
if you ask me. >> absolutely right. moving on to justin bieber. this young kid who we always like to talk to. a couple of things happened to him. he's just having a bad run. it kind of culminated today. he collapsed on stage during one of his shows in london. a 19-year-old, but apparently feeling better, because he instagramed a picture of himself, shirtless as usual. he tweeted out he's feeling better. thanks to everyone for the love. he's listening to janice joplin while on the mend. this is one of the things that happened today. he's feeling better for all the bieber fans out there. another thing that happened today is one of his friends, this guy by the name of lil' twist, that's him, apparently crashed his ultra expensive car. this is the second time this kid has crashed one of justin bieber's cars. the last one was a ferrari. not only did he crash the car, but he fled the scene, illegal. he crashed into some cement pillars outside a liquor store. you can't do that. kelly osbourne rushed to the hospital after she had a seizure. according to the "new york daily
3:48 am
news." she was rushed to the hospital after a sudden seizure while filming an episode of "fashion police." apparently this happened on thursday. >> i think that's a picture of her on the stretcher. >> is that right? they were shooting "fashion police" and it occurred in los angeles. it was a little before noon. and she fainted on the set. she was taken to the hospital for testing, apparently awake, alert and in stable condition. she stayed overnight for observation as a precautionary measure. her publicist said to the daily news on her condition that she's doing okay. >> someone during our meeting this morning said she's lost a lot of weight and maybe that has something to do with it. maybe, maybe not. >> you get weak, who knows? >> thanks to tmz for that picture. moving on to demi moore and ashton kutcher. these two have been at it for a while. he cheated on her, there were reports on that. they separated, now they're getting a divorce. the very wealthy actress demi moore is apparently asking for alimony from ashton kutcher. >> really? >> but if you think about it,
3:49 am
she's worth way more than he is. she's been at this for decades longer than he was. you know, it's just probably the kind of thing that is one of those wanting to get back at him because he cheated on her. >> right. >> and he's kind of moved on rather quickly. he's dating mila kunis when they were co-stars of "that '70s show." so it's one of those -- >> all this does is make lawyers rich. >> oh, yeah. >> i never understand it. >> they can both agree on one thing, irreconcilable differences is why they are breaking up. >> irreconcilable -- easy for me to say. >> "hangover" part three, did you see part two? >> it's the exact same thing except it happens in thailand. like word for word. >> was it funny? not as good as part one. >> let's listen to part three, here's the trailer. >> we've been on a lot of adventures together, but it seems like you haven't learned anything. >> "hangover part 3." they're back in vegas.
3:50 am
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with quantum. voted product of the year by consumers ! ♪ finally this half hour, it's time to take a look back at all the headlines of this week in our "friday rewind." >> the review includes former ball players visiting dictators, and a welcome back to our colleague out with the chickenpox. >> we'll pray together, talk together and get to know each other better. >> we're going to hear rather subtle hints dropped perhaps about who might be able to lead the church or what qualities we need in a new pope. >> big nations can't bluff. and presidents of the united states cannot and do not bluff. and president barack obama is not bluffing.
3:54 am
>> now look at what's happening right now. i wish i were there. it kills me not to be there, not to be in the white house doing what needs to be done. >> i would like to see this be the end of the winter season, but i've lived in minnesota my entire life and i'm not counting on it. >> i'm so sorry they can't get him out of the hole and that's the last place he's going to be. >> this woman's not breathing enough. she's going to die if we don't get this started. do you understand? >> i understand. i am a nurse. but i cannot have our other senior citizens who don't know cpr. >> anybody there that's willing to help this lady and not let her die? >> not at this time. >> having knives on board is a horrible decision and we're incredibly disappointed in the tsa for allowing knives on board an aircraft. >> we saw a drone, a drone aircraft. >> what altitude did you see that aircraft?
3:55 am
>> about 1,500. >> when you said you love kim and think he's awesome, were you away of his threats to destroy the united states and his regime's horrendous record on human rights? >> one thing about that, i didn't look at all that. i understand what he's doing. i don't condone that. i hate the fact that he's doing that, but the fact, is you know what? that's a human being. >> this is franklin. >> everybody is clapping. >> you see that picture, that's when i got it. >> and we are definitely happy that barbara is back. and by the way, this is a new look for us. >> we're standing up. >> not contrived at all. we're standing up from behind the -- >> how tall are you, by the way? >> with my heels, i am probably your height. how tall are you? >> 6'1". >> i'm 5'10" without heels. this weekend -- >> daylight savings. and we spring ahead. >> spring forward, 2:00 on sunday morning. we lose an hour. >> hate it when that happens. >> but we get more sunlight. >> that's true. >> bye, guys. this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
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this morning, captured. >> osama bin laden's son-in-law now facing a judge today just down the street from ground zero in new york. an extremely rare court appearance by a member of bin laden's inner circle. already giving up critical secrets. hostile exchange. new tensions on the korean peninsula today. the north saying they have missiles ready to fly. honored at arlington. a special ceremony today for two sailors who fought and died in the civil war. they receive their final resting place. and concert collapse. what a week for justin bieber. he was rushed to the hospital overnight. good friday morning, everyone, i'm john muller. rob nelson's off today. >> i'm diana perez. the u.s. is learning valuable information from osama
3:59 am
bin laden's son-in-law about al qaeda. >> sulaiman abu ghaith was moved to new york last week. tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: john and diana, good morning. u.s. officials call this man a key player. comparable to a consigliere in a mob family. he's off the battlefield and will face justice. another senior al qaeda terrorist has been nabbed. osama bin laden's son-in-law is in u.s. custody and will appear before a federal magistrate in new york later today. sulaiman abu ghaith faces charges including conspiracy to kill u.s. citizens. he held the key position of al qaeda spokesman. in this video, he celebrates the 9/11 attacks on the u.s. according to u.s. officials, the cia has been tracking abu ghaith for years. as he moved from afghanistan to iran and then in january, into turkey, where he was arrested. >> once he left iranian territory and got into turkey, with close monitoring by u.s. government agencies, he was --


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