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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 8, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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>> reporter: he was transferred to jordan where the u.s. picked him up last week. in a statement, attorney general eric holder said no amount of distance or time will weaken our resolve to bring american enemies to justice. officials tell abc news that he's already revealed key intelligence about al qaeda's operations, including current status, personnel, and finances. >> he was in the inner circle. of bin laden's al qaeda operations. now we have him alive and he's talking. >> reporter: some lawmakers would prefer further interrogation and rather him face a military tribunal than stand trial in the u.s. >> we're now setting a new precedent that will come back to bite us. you're putting people like this into federal court. giving them the same constitutional rights as an american citizen. >> reporter: despite his capture, terrorism experts say there are still four major al qaeda players living in iranian territory. diana and john?
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>> why is bringing him to new york such a significant move by the obama administration? >> reporter: this marks one of the first prosecutions of senior al qaeda leader on u.s. soil. president obama pledged to try terror suspects in federal court right after he took office. doing so has been controversial. it looks like abu ghaith will stand trial here in the u.s. >> all right, tahman bradley in washington, thank you very much. we go to north korea flexing their muscles right now after being slapped with a new round of sanctions. its young leader kim jong-un took a boat to inspect fences along the border. they claim there is already a long-range nuclear missile ready to fly. the regime has cut off a hotline used to communicate with south korea. all after tough new sanctions against north korea were approved yesterday at the u.n. analysts say they're years away from perfecting a nuclear weapon. and in venezuela, 30 heads of state are expected at the funeral today for the late
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president hugo chavez. his body will be embalmed and displayed forever at a military museum there. the u.s. sent a diplomatic delegation to the funeral. later today his hand-picked successor will be sworn in as venezuela's acting president. from the vatican now, one catholic cardinal from the u.s. says the decision on when to start the conclave at which the next pope will be elected is expected soon. all the cardinals have arrived there. and that american cardinal says there's a mood of excitement among them. but there is a bit of disagreement. some u.s. cardinals are calling for more meetings to get on the bottom of the church's problems. vatican-based elders want to get to the voting for the next pope more quickly. and a shocking story on airport security. this morning, word that screeners at newark airport in new jersey failed to detect an improved explosive device not once, but twice in a recent test. an undercover inspector hid the explosive device in his pants and was cleared to board a commercial flight even after
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patdown. people along the jersey shore have a messy cleanup job on their hands. after taking a pounding from yet another storm with winds hitting 70 miles an hour. >> coastal community there is dodging the heavy rain and snow. but the high surf pushed waterway beyond the beaches. two feet deep in some places. for some towns, the worst flooding since hurricane sandy. and the storm is leaving neighborhoods underwater in new england. waterfront homes were hit hard in new england. officials cut utilities and evacuated residents in low-lying areas were hit hard. still recovering from the recent blizzard. sand and rocks washed up on the streets. a boardwalk was underwater. a new storm blowing into the west coast. here's accuweather's jim dickey. >> good morning. well, still keeping some wet snow in place in the early morning hours in new england. as our storm spins its way out of here in the morning and the afternoon. snow ends. we'll clear things out. nice weekend on tap, thankfully, after an active couple of days. in the west, a storm system
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pushing into the southwest keeps thunderstorms in place. l.a., san diego, with some heavy snow across the higher elevations. it tracks north and eastward headed into saturday. john and diana, back to you. >> all right, jim, thank you very much. an about-face by president clinton in the defense of marriage act. even though he signed the bill, he's urging the supreme court to overturn it. he says the law is unconstitutional. the only reason he agreed to it was because the alternatives were worse. carl levin, michigan's longest serving senator, says he won't run for office next year. his departure creates an open seat in a state where democrats have backed president obama twice. republicans hold the governor's office there. a special ceremony is being held today at arlington national cemetery. the remains of two u.s. sailors who died in the civil war will be laid to rest. today is the 151st anniversary of the "uss monitor's" battle against the "merrimack." the monitor sank nine months
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after that in rough seas off of cape hatteras, north carolina. dna from the remains has been tested to try to determine the sailors' identities. so far no conclusive links. >> remarkable stuff there. >> mm-hmm. coming up, how will today's all-important jobs report affect the week for stocks? business news next. she died living her dream. more about the young woman who was killed by a lion. incredible new insight from her family. it's a staple on kids' menus everywhere. but two moms have a serious beef with kraft macaroni & cheese. details coming up.
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and welcome back. there's optimism ahead of this morning's february unemployment report. other news about jobs this week indicates wrooel like what we hear later on this morning. yesterday, we learned weekly claims fell. and earlier this week, payroll company adp reported that private sector added significantly more jobs than expected. this week's good employment news pushed the dow another 33 points yesterday to a new record high. the dow has gained 9.5% this year. investors were encouraged by a report that most big banks are in good shape. senate banking committee members said the big banks caught laundering money for big drug cartels got off easy. the british bank hsbc only paid a fine and didn't face criminal penalties. some of the senators at the
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hearing say such banks should not be allowed to do business in the united states. you may be seeing facebook's new look when you logon. the new design shows bigger photos, videos, and links. and not to mention those ads. the goal is to make the network more valuable to advertisers without upsetting users. the stiffest competition for the apple ipad is proving to be the ipad mini. apple expects to ship more than 1.5 times minis this year as a full-size tablet. apple has cut back production for the regular size. two mothers want kraft to get the yellow out. two dies out of the macaroni & cheese. those colors have been linked to health problems for kids. kraft doesn't use the dyes in
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[ female announcer ] go to new honey bunches of oats greek yohere we go.ole grain. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek. all right. watch this guy giving a demonstration of how to remove snow from a building in the european country of slovenia. oh, yeah, he removed it all right. >> oh! >> check that out. >> wow! >> thank goodness, he walked away from it. >> oh, my gosh. and he -- and he stuck the landing. here it is again. >> yeah, he did. >> hold on. probably the luckiest man in the world. one more time. not only does he stick the landing, he does a flip in the process. >> i meant to do that. >> in the process of sticking the landing. >> 9.0. >> wow. >> i think so. >> that's amazing. now for a look at the morning road conditions. wet highways along the california coast. snowy mountain passes along los angeles and salt lake city. slushy commute here in new york
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and new england. if you're flying, airport delays possible in l.a., san francisco, las vegas, phoenix, new york city, and boston. now to the latest in the fatal lion attack in california. the coroner says diana hanson died from a broken neck, most likely from a single swipe of the lion's paw. >> investigators are trying to figure out why the young woman put herself in such danger in the first place. here's abc's brandi hitt. >> diana died living her dream. she was never happier than the last two months. >> reporter: diana hanson was fearless, according to her father. the 24-year-old loved big cats and interning at fresno county's cat haven. wednesday afternoon, she somehow got into an enclosure with couscous, this 500-pound male lion. and he attacked. >> it just used to scare her mother and i to death to think of her in the cage. i never got used to that. she was fearless. i couldn't believe a 5'4" person could be so fearless around a
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600-pound lion or tiger. >> reporter: another worker tried several times to distract couscous, but it didn't work. hanson was killed instantly. >> she died of a broken neck. which means the death was quick and she did not suffer. >> reporter: as couscous scratched at her body, he was shot and killed by deputies. >> she loved the lion. she was disappointed that they wouldn't let her into the cage because the rules were, only the owner could go into the cage. >> reporter: veteran zookeeper jack hanna says wild animals raised by humans should never be treated as tame. >> obviously, this comfort zone of the lion was crossed. at that point, he did what he had to do. these are wild animals. >> reporter: a necropsy is being performed on couscous. with several state and federal agencies now involved in the investigation. john and diana? >> brandi, thanks. now thousands of sharks are driving beachgoers from the waters off of florida. take a look. deerfield beach in miami shut down yesterday for a period after lifeguards spotted sharks 20 yards from the shoreline. sharks are on their annual trek
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north after migrating south for the winter. officials at miami's commuter railroad are standing by their decision to force an elderly woman off the train for singing. cell phone video captured the moment 82-year-old emma anderson was told by a security guard she was making too much noise. the guard then drags her through the open train door and wait for it, pulls her to the ground. her family is planning to sue saying their mother was injured in the incident. all right, time for some sports. basketball highlights from espn. i'm chris hassel with your "sportscenter" update. the knicks and thunder squaring off last night. carmelo anthony not playing. but new york had a good backup plan. his name is j.r. smith. off the bench and firing. behind the back and hitting. knicks down, 54-50 in the second. in the third, smith with a three, knicks up six. smith, again, from deep! 36 off the bench. that ties an nba season high for
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most points by a bench player. fourth quarter, under 4:00 to play, kevin durant, fading away. thunder up one, 34 for k.d. after a durant miss, clock winding down, smith, can't get the winner to go. and the thunder hang on to win it, 95-94. college hoops now. to the bubble. john calipari and kentucky. currently one of joe lunardi's first four out, at georgia. caldwell-pope. 24 points, 10 assists. georgia by five at the half. kentucky needs to win. getting a break here. georgia missing the dunk. here comes willie collie stein. finding kyle wiltjer. he was just 2 of 11 from beyond the arc. hitting there. it's a three-point game. five minutes to play. bulldogs up nine. and sealing the deal. caldwell-pope with the dunk. kentucky just one win over the rpi top 50. those are your headlines at this
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hour. i'm chris hassel, have a good day. there will be a lot less joy on the set of "the view." funny lady joy behar says she's leaving the popular abc show when the season ends in august. >> she'll be missed, of course. the 70-year-old comedian has been doing the show for 16 years. she was one of the originals when barbara walters started the show. we wish her the best. >> barbara, call me. >> yeah, right, call me, you need a guy. coming up next in "the pulse" it's been a rough week of concerts for justin bieber. his latest ending in a race to the hospital. and they inspired a song by toby keith. now the iconic red cups are getting a makeover. we're going to show you next. ♪ let's have a party ♪ let's have a party ♪ i love you red solo cups ♪ i really love how you're easy to stack ♪ [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid
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♪ all i need is a beauty and a beat ♪ some justin bieber there for you. topping off this friday's "pulse." a trip to the hospital for him after collapsing at last night's london concert. >> he apparently had breathing problems toward the end of the night and fainted backstage. the 19-year-old superstar given oxygen and took a 20-minute break. he did return to finish the show. >> he was taken to the hospital after the show. he posted a shirtless picture of himself saying he was getting better. earlier in the week, he was forced to apologize to fans for taking the stage two hours late. definitely not something you can do. >> no, you can't do that. especially with young people in the audience. >> you've got a tween. >> they have to go home and go to bed, literally. gotta be on time. it's getting uglier between demi moore and ashton kutcher.
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in the divorce battle they've got going on. lawyers for the "g.i. jane" star filed pipers in l.a. asking for alimony and attorney's fees from kutcher. come on. >> like she needs the money, right? that's kind of unexpected since she's said to be worth tens of millions because of her top box office money in the '90s. it could expose the marriage to further scrutiny. if it all ends up in court. a bunch of lawyers will get rich off this, basically. >> oh, yeah. talk about one lucky, very, very lucky guy. he bought this cottage for 300 grand if new york's long island a couple of years ago. inside, he found a couple of pieces of artwork. >> there were about a thousand paintings and drawings in the garage. turns out -- they were the work of an abstract artist, now appraised at $30 million. like say say, one man's trash, another man's treasure. isn't that amazing? for better or worse, they're part of the american culture. the red solo cup. and yes -- they even inspired a song by country music star toby keith. ♪ solo cup i fill you up let's
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have a party ♪ ♪ let's have a party >> i can't believe i have never heard that song before. of course, a must-have for any keg party, any tailgate party, any party of any kind. >> yep. >> and now they're getting an upgrade thanks to a company called red cup living. take a look at those. >> the iconic red cup in margarita glasses, martini glasses. really cool, right. they have a shot cup, a wine cup, cocktail cups. and the margarita one. they'll run you between $4 and $10. oh, the stories you can tell with those red cups. >> i would have guessed. >> classy martini glass. >> i'll bring some class to my roadies, for sure. >> the red plastic cup. >> i would do it. >> it opens up possibilities for ballparks, too. you can't use the bottles and cans. >> if it makes me look more classy when i'm drinking my beer because i have a margarita red solo cup, i'm on board. >> me, too. for some of you, your local news is next. for everyone else, we'll be right back.
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>> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> good morning, i am katie marzullo. >> i am kristen sze. we will have breaking news in a moment a fire in berkeley at a restaurant but right now the deck is still wet from the bay bridge. we had more showers overnight. >> we will check in with our meteorologist this morning. >> katie and kristen, live doppler 7 hd shows there are a few showers way south along santa cruz mountains. most of the bay area is looking at cloudy conditions. we will look at conditions to brighten up. here is the shark tank where numbers are mostly in the 30's and 40's. for the rest of the morning you can expect the 30's and 40's and perhaps near 50 with the sunshine around the bay.
4:27 am
we the afternoon we are warming into the mid 60's and on the way to a warmer weekend. details on that and a look ahead coming up. >> good morning, everyone, we have road work on the golden gate bridge. northern portion of the span has road work with crews ready to pick it up and refigure the commute for four lanes southbound. there are two lanes southbound right now and one lane in the northbound direction. we have an incident in san jose with an accident. is car is in the ditch. north 101 at the capitol expressway. crews will take care of that. westbound dumbarton bridge before the high-rise, c.h.p. is en route. otherwise, we just have road work, northbound 880 from 66 to high, the lanes are blocked road work, as well, from 23rd to high street, as well at the colisieum. katie? >> berkeley firefighters are at
4:28 am
the scene of a fire at at restaurant considered the birthplace of california cuisine. we are live at the restaurant. how bad is the damage, amy hollyfield? >> not good. this place will be out of business for a while. the chief sank when he released what was on fire. the video came in and this was after 3:00 this morning, firefighters say when they got here the front of the building was on fire. the flames were stretching high, almost reaching the second floor and were traveling inside throughout the building. they say it looks like it started outside, not inside, nowhere near the kitchen. the fire did spread inside. we will be out of business for some time. there is damage in the interior building but there is a sprinkler system and it held 9
4:29 am
fire mostly to the outside but there is significant damage outside and toward the basement and underneath. >> no one was hurt. no one was here at time. they are trying to save what they can. they say the fire could have been electrical. it could be suspicious. they just don't know. the focus was to keep the fire from spreading to the next door buildings. they were able to do that. the front does not look so bad but firefighters say the damage is extensive. they say closing down -- they say rebuilding is not out of the question. it looks to be somewhat intact but it looks like they will be out of business for a while. the restaurant was cofounded by alice waters back in 1971 and it is very famous, especially known for b


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