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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 8, 2013 11:35pm-12:35am PST

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quite a few of them, after which i suggested maybe the video had been cleverly edited to make him look good. i can be very cynical when it comes to you too. -- youtube. his father saw me say that. he made a video to which he challenged me to a shoot-out with titus and i have accepted that challenge. tonight i will play basketball against a baby. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] that's a little bit later. before we get to that, i have some very important kardashian news to report. there are rumors going around that kim kardashian might leave her show, "keeping up with the kardashians" after the up coming eighth and ninth seasons, and there are also rumors that bruce jenner's face might fall off. these rumors stemmed from an interview she just did. she said her boyfriend kanye west has taught her a lot about privacy. she said that to a writer who was printing it in a magazine. she said i'm realizing that
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everyone doesn't need to know everything. well, it might be too late for that realization. [ laughter ] then she said, and make sure to check out pictures of my hot new fetus. in this week's ultra sound issue of "us weekly". if she does leave the kardashian show, it would create a vacuum for the e network. everything they worked so hard for could disappear. but they're a resourceful bunch. they are already testing a show if the unthinkable happens and kim goes away. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it might get better. as you are undoubtedly aware, the oscars are airing live this sunday on abc. the ceremony takes place right across the street from us. i know this sounds like a cliche but it is an honor just to be located across the street from them. it really is. there's an interesting contest going on in the best actress category.
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both the youngest and oldest actresses are competing. the star of the movie "beast of the southern wild" is only 9, which kind of makes your kids' performance as tree number two in the school play seem a little less impressive. emanu emanu emanuelle riva is nominated. is 85 years old. she said if she doesn't win, she's threatening to die during the broadcast. which will ruin the montage. there are very few african-americans nominated for the awards. it is a very caucasian award this year. why, i'm not sure. i visited my friends down the street at legends barber shop to get their thoughts on the oscars. hey, everybody, what's happening? good to see you. >> how is everything? >> good, good. >> jimmy: have you been celebrating black history month? >> yes, all month.
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>> jimmy: i want to ask some questions about the oscars and the academy awards, just to get your thoughts. >> of course. always. >> jimmy: how many black oscar nominees are there? >> we got denzel. >> jimmy: yes, denzel in "flight." >> the 9-year-old. what's her name -- quivery vajay -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "django unchained." spike lee said he didn't like it. >> spike lee didn't make it. [ laughter ] he was mad he didn't think of that movie. >> i was mad that -- like every year, we look for the big blockbuster movies around christmas time. and we normally have like a will smith movie or something like that. we had slaves and orphans. [ laughter ] j >> the one thing about django in the theaters is black people were already laughing.
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and everybody else was waiting, like is it okay? like wait until the third or fourth "n" word to sneak a little giggle in. >> jimmy: there's a stereotype about black people that yell at the screen in a movie, but i'll be honest, i've never experienced that. i've never seen that happen. >> anything with magic johnson in it, guarantee you you'll get it. go to like the magic johnson walmart, they'll still scream at you over your stuff. >> jimmy: what's the most yelled at the screen movie of all time? >> boys in the hood. run, nicky, run! like go sideways, go sideways! you want him to live. >> then you see ice krcube in t stre streets, you like i'm sorry about your brother, man. >> jimmy: did everybody see lincoln?
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>> yeah, but why couldn't they find an american actor to play him, though? >> i don't understand high they made such a big deal about the vampires and stuff. >> jimmy: no, no -- >> that's the other one. >> that was the best damn movie of the year. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: who was the greatest african-american actor of all time, man or woman? >> samuel jackson. >> jimmy: who do you think is? >> barack obama. >> of all time. >> jimmy: why do you say that? >> like it's impossible. >> jimmy: you're not buying it? >> i'm not buying it. the last month of his last term, he's just going to start pimp slapping people. just slap them as they walk off. >> denzel ever play the president? >> no. not until morgan freeman dies. >> jimmy: let's go through some of the nominees.
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i'll show you a picture and you give me your thoughts on, first of all, this guy right here. "silver linings playbook." >> bradley cooper. >> is that ben affleck? >> jimmy: that is not ben affleck. >> they say he got snubbed. >> "hangover" guy. >> he did good. >> jimmy: here's another one. this is a movie -- >> that guy is funny. >> seymour something. >> jimmy: do you know what his movie was this year? >> "the master." >> we went with django. >> jimmy: well, thank you guys. i really appreciate it. once again, i appreciate getting a perspective that i don't have. because i don't know if you guys know this, but i'm white. >> you're white? >> you got a lot of black friends. >> jimmy: thank you very much. that's right. well, thank you, black friends. >> not a problem.
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not a problem. >> jimmy: take care. >> all right, see you later. >> hey, wait, wait, wait. where you going? you ain't paid yet. >> he never pays, dude. that's how they stay rich. >> see, he is white. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks, guys and gal. it's thursday night, it's time for our weekly tribute to the fcc where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. it is "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> the only way for lance armstrong to get back into competitive sports is to tell all under oath to the u.s. anti-doping agency, but today, armstrong said [ bleep ] it. >> we're going to [ bleep ] your money and [ bleep ] your brains. >> if i manage to not [ bleep ] this up royally, i hope that's pointed out. >> your mom's a piece of [ bleep ]. >> it's not cool for parents to
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[ bleep ] their kids. >> i love my ploo[ bleep ] so m. >> we're going to see hawthorne shut down unless you're [ bleep ] jimmy kimmel. >> it's very scary to think about having a conversation about marrying his daughter when i'm [ bleep ] three other women. >> [ bleep ] love triangle. >> yeah! >> why don't you think sticking your [ bleep ] in these holes. >> so you're ready to come over to my house, [ bleep ] my kids and we'll see how you do. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: kelly ripa is here. elon musk is here. we have music from the mowgli's. and when we come back, i go one-on-one with a 2-year-old. we will be right back. the patient, presented with
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visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful >> jimmy: hi there, welcome back. kelly ripa, elon musk and music from the mowgli's. first it is time to throw down. a few weeks ago, a dad made a video of his 2-year-old son titus making basketball trick shots. it became a viral sensation. it is almost 9 million views on youtube. but then titus and his dad got cocky. they went on the "today" show and titus shot like a 2-year-old. [ laughter ] so that night on the show, i pointed that out, and the next day, titus's dad responded with this. >> hello, jimmy kimmel. trick shot titus's dad here.
11:49 pm
caught your show the other day. saw that you said titus "stinks without editing." now, i could point out that we had just flown halfway across the country the day before, we woke up at 4 a.m., or that he was in a place that he had never been before. but i won't bring that up, titus wouldn't want that. at least i think that's not what he would want. he doesn't really talk so i can't know for sure. but i think what he would want is to challenge you. titus, can you say jimmy -- >> jimmy. >> you're. >> you're. >> going. >> going. >> down. >> down. >> jimmy: well, we'll see about that. tonight i have accepted the challenge and joining us all the way from kansas, the ashby family. we've got isabel, answel, titus joseph, and lincoln. they're all here.
11:50 pm
when did titus get interested in basketball? >> when he was real little -- >> jimmy: when he was little? [ laughter ] >> before he could walk, when he first started to walk, he wwe would watch nba games on the laptop. he started throwing it in the basket. >> jimmy: will he go to preschool or directly to the nba? >> age limits, what are you going to do? >> jimmy: are you disappointed with the other kids? >> our 4-year-old asked the other day, he says dad, why didn't you make a trick shot video of me when i was a baby? >> jimmy: that was before -- we didn't have that kind of thing back then in those days. and when you grew up. so everyone's here. we've got the whole family. are you guys ready to do this? titus, are you ready to do this? he's cocky. look at him, he's taunting me. all right, come on over and let's do it.
11:51 pm
oh, look at this. look at this. all right. so now we've got two basketball hoops. we've got my cousin sal, who is not a referee, but he is dressed like one. and my hoop is my height, about my height. it looks a little bit shorter, and titus's hoop is his puny height, whatever that is. titus will be shooting from six feet away. i will be shooting from twice that distance. help me with the math, sal. >> nine, ten, 12 feet, something like that. >> we will each shoot for 45 seconds. are you all right with the rules? >> i'm all right with them. >> titus, you want to play? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you do, okay. do you think you're going to win? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you do. [ cheers and applause ] you know what? it's kind of not fair that titus has his dad helping him. dad, you should come and help me. my father is here. dad, you come help me out.
11:52 pm
how do you want to do this, joseph? all right, great. you can yell at me just like in little league. >> all right. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you guys want to go first? you want know go first? >> go ahead, it's your show. >> i will go first. all right. do we have 45 seconds on the clock? guillermo, what role are you playing in this event? >> whoever wins, i will give the prize. >> jimmy: all right, thanks. >> 45 seconds, you ready? shoot the ball! >> jimmy: oh, boy. all right. [ cheers and applause ] oh, one hit me right in the balls. how much time do i have left? >> 20 seconds.
11:53 pm
>> jimmy: all right, thank you. we're going to need more balls. oh, titus. >> three, two, one! [ applause ] all right, what did i get, sixsosix so? all right, it's up to you, titus. i'm going to hit sal in the head with one of these things. my testicles took a real beating, i'm going to be honest. very funny. i'm in a lot of pain right now. dad, do something. you sit there and you let him do that to me? >> this is a normal night. >> jimmy: all right, so the number to beat is six. titus has, what, 15 seconds to do it? >> 45 seconds. you ready, dad? >> jimmy: titus doesn't like that ball. all right, titus. joseph, you tell us when you guys are ready to start.
11:54 pm
>> go, titus. >> oh! [ cheers and applause ] [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: nice job, buddy. you did really good.
11:55 pm
well, congratulations. he was the better man. he's not even a man and he's the better man. well, for your sharp-shooting efforts, we have a good for you. season one of "basketball wives" on dvd. and we are sending the whole family on a two-day park hopper trip to disney land. [ cheers and applause ] good job, titus. there we go. we'll be right back with kelly ripa. good job, buddy. ,, so do you guys think being fast is better than being slow? [ kids ] yes! it's better to be fast to not be bitten by a werewolf and then you'll be turned into one and you will have to stay in and then you'll have to get shaved because you will be too hot and then you're like... [ growling ] which means i wish i was back to a human.
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>> jimmy: there will be a rematch eventually. tonight on the program, this guy is a real genius. not one of these comedy geniuses we usually have here. elon musk will be with us. he wants to send us to mars. he's had enough of us. then with music from the latest called love's not dead, the mowgli's from the sony stage. and you can see them live at the satellite here in los angeles on monday night. tomorrow night, this is exciting, we have the exclusive world premiere of the trailer for the new season of "game of thrones," so that will be cool. and on sunday, stay up for our
12:01 am
8th annual "jimmy couple legal live" after the oscars special. on the east coast we'll be on after the oscars and your late local news, and here on the west coast we'll air in primetime at 10 p.m. our guests that night will be channing tatum, jamie foxx and robin roberts. and dozens more big, giant names in the sequel to our smash hit from last year, "movie: the movie" on sunday night. "mov "movie: the movie: 2-vie." and then, join us next week with matthew fox, jim parsons, gordon ramsay, terrence howard, stanley tucci, music from ziggy marley, ryan bingham, gold fields, morrissey, and many more. our first guest tonight is a living breathing, tiny statuette of gold, presented every morning to millions of americans who, quite frankly, don't deserve her. watch a special after the oscars edition of "live! with kelly and michael" this monday morning. please say hello to kelly ripa. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:02 am
>> thank you. >> jimmy: how are you? >> it's even fancier in person. >> jimmy: we fixed things up since the last time you were here. >> i like it. it's gorgeous. how are you? >> jimmy: it's great to have you here. welcome to california. it is always a little sunnier when you're here. >> that's awfully nice. >> jimmy: i know you brought some company with you. >> we did. i have a group of women every year for the past three years, we've had this contest called girls night out. we give women an opportunity to sort of write a letter and tell us why they should, you know, have a girls night out with me. >> jimmy: and get drunk with you. >> and get drunk with me. we go out, we party all night. these are five navy wives. they are incredible. they've been together for the last 12 years and their husbands are about to be stationed elsewhere so this is a last hoorah. >> jimmy: so they've decided to leave their husbands. >> and they're coming with me. >> jimmy: to come with you. >> they're coming with me now. >> jimmy: there they are. backstage pretending to be relaxed.
12:03 am
hi, ladies. are you having fun? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: what do you have in store tonight? what's the plan? >> we're taking them out to a very swanky restaurant, then we're going on a good, old-fashioned bar crawl through los angeles. >> jimmy: how many bars are you planning to go to? >> i don't know. however many gellman is willing to pay for. >> jimmy: is that right? >> yeah. it should be a short and early night. >> jimmy: do you think you can keep up with them? >> i think so. i'm a little concerned. when we surprised them, we e-mailed them and said, get on your computer. we're going to facetime. you're one of the finalists. then we surprised them and told them they had won. they were already drinking mimosas. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> just with the announcement that they were in the finals, they broke out the bubbly. >> jimmy: and you do your show in the morning, too. >> we do our show in the morning. >> jimmy: worth pointing out. everything is on film with you. you were just at disney world with the families. do the kids still like that? or are they, enough of this already? >> very funny. my kids are at these really
12:04 am
strange ages. the two little ones are still gamers, but michael -- i can't believe i just said his name. we call him he who must not be named on tv because he does not want his name mentioned. >> jimmy: he doesn't, oh, wow. >> we did this taped piece where i take the kids on this test track. this car ride that goes around and around. he goes, we're not going to film. there won't be cameras there or anything, right? i go, of course not. what do you think i am? we get in, there's basically there's a camera everywhere. a camera here, here, one next to his head. he is so uncomfortable. and i always say that he becomes the human croissant. when he's uncomfortable. he sort of slumps over like this. and so he was so horrified that these cameras were there. and we go out that night. we go to epcot for dinner. this group of young girls comes up to him, oh, my gosh, are you in 1d? he doesn't know what that is. he has no idea what one direction is. >> jimmy: i didn't either. by the way. i was like no, i'm pretty sure
12:05 am
i'm in 3d. >> you're in 1d? like, no. and they go, you look like just one of the band members in one direction. and he becomes so horrified. he goes, thank you, thank you very much. and he walks away. so horrified. >> jimmy: it could be a lot worse than that, believe me. >> please. i could talk about it on jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: when i was his age i would have girls say, do you play clarinet in the band? [ laughter ] i go, yeah. are they here with you now? >> they're not here now. they're home recovering from some horrible stomach bug going around. >> jimmy: really! >> yeah, i always say whenever we take our show on the road, we have what we call the live flu. it sweeps everybody. it goes through the entire staff. >> jimmy: great. >> and we were -- we were -- >> jimmy: do you think it will continue to our show in our audience? >> i left it at home. >> jimmy: guillermo fainted. what's going on over there? >> i'm not kidding.
12:06 am
we were in japan at epcot and my daughter said i don't feel very well. can you take me to the bathroom? i said sure. and she's one of these kids that with an open toilet there, if she's about to be sick, will turn to me for help and she's like -- aarrggghh! >> jimmy: like titus would be great. he would get it right in the toilet. >> titus, in the toilet. i saw him backstage, by the way. i got star struck by him. >> jimmy: isn't he something? >> he's adorable. his whole family is cute. >> jimmy: they are. those bastards. >> i said i can't believe that. i have to follow titus? and i was, like, you gave him a trip to disney? why not a basket of puppies and ruin my life. >> jimmy: we're going to take a quick break. kelly ripa is with us. she has a big show monday morning. i will be on that show. we'll be right back. >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is brought to you by sony.
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>> jimmy: welcome back! more with kelly ripa. you've got a big oscar show monday morning. >> following your big oscar show sunday night. >> jimmy: it's going to be exhausting, as a matter of fact. >> you were a guest on my oscars show. >> jimmy: what time do i have to be there? >> i think at like 2:30 in the morning.
12:13 am
it is the most obscene time ever. >> jimmy: will you be able to get any guests besides me at that hour? >> i doubt it. that's why we're counting on you to show up. >> jimmy: i'll be there. one thing i am is reliable. but i might not look so good. >> i mean, i don't think i'm going to look so good. >> jimmy: are you going to be at the oscars themselves? >> i'm going to be backstage at the oscars which for me is a much better position than my co-host, michael strahan who you had here last night. he's going to be on the red carpet. it's terrifying. people are at the most nervous, most exhausted. they've just been asked the same question 80 zillion times. >> jimmy: and you have to recognize them instantly. if you don't, it's terrible. >> exactly. it's terrible. and we don't have the ear piece where people are telling you who people are. >> jimmy: you should get that. they're like $80. >> i know. we don't have that kind of technology. >> jimmy: you can use ours. >> can we borrow yours?
12:14 am
i'm back staining. i am literally backstage after they win the academy award, i'm the first person they see. last year i found that people would reveal things to me like, they're like, i was born with both. oh, my god. [ laughter ] i was like, whoa! did you get that? did anybody record that? >> jimmy: that's the best place to be. >> it was incredible. we had shut down. we had broken down. we thought we were done. suddenly everybody starts scrambling. i see the camera men are scrambling. they're putting like batteries in the camera. are these things still battery operated? >> jimmy: yes. everything runs on batteries. >> they're like tom cruise is coming back to talk to you. i become so nervous that he's walking toward me. i take microphone and i don't realize that it is not plugged into the camera. and i literally almost slice his face in half with the wire from the microphone as i whip it and it goes over my head. i'm like, we're a professional operation. >> jimmy: do you know what would happen if you sliced his face in half? he would have put them back together, he would have
12:15 am
continued no problem. >> he's an elegant gentleman. he's an american hero and an elegant gentleman. >> jimmy: i will see you bright and early in the middle of the night on monday morning. my pleasure to be there. >> will you ever forgive me for that? >> jimmy: i have already forgiven you. kelly ripa! we'll be right back with elon musk. ,, only the best dishes make applebee's 2 for $20 menu,
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one app, two entrees only 20 bucks. >> jimmy: hi, we're back. still to come, the mowgli's. our next guest, the founder of paypal and the founder of both tesla and space-x. he will lead us to mars, whether we want to go or not please welcome, elon musk.
12:21 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for taking time out of your very busy life to be here. i feel like you're wasting your time being here, to be honest with you. [ laughter ] >> it is late enough that it's not a problem. >> jimmy: i want to go over your many accomplishments for the audience. in 1983 at age 12, you designed a video game and sold it for $500. you quit the graduate program at stanford to found zip 2. then you sold it for $309 million. you co-founded paypal in 2000. you sold it to e-bay for $1.5 billion. you founded space-x. you co-founded tesla motors. you helped create solar city, you helped create eight spicy new recipes for panda express.
12:22 am
[ laughter ] >> my proudest achievement. >> jimmy: why hasn't china kidnapped you yet? it seems like they would do that, right? >> there may be some risk of that. >> jimmy: so you're 30 years old when you get all this money from selling paypal to e-bay. what percentage of that $1.5 billion? >> i think i had like about $180 million. >> jimmy: what do you do with that money? do you buy a sex robot? >> well -- of course. >> jimmy: do you build your own volcano? >> of course. what do you do after the sex robot? i mean, i guess, really most of that money, almost all of it went into the companies that i created with other people so space-x, tesla, solar city. more than that amount ultimately went into it. i had to borrow money from friends just to pay rent. things got pretty tough in 2008.
12:23 am
>> jimmy: all of a sudden you went from genius to dead beat. >> it was super close. >> jimmy: now next week you are launching, this is the last rocket that you launched. you are launching the new space-x rocket which you designed and paid for yourself. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i would imagine, that you would be very nervous about this launch. >> yeah. absolutely. i'm nervous about every launch. and things have gone well in recent years. but in the beginning it was pretty tough. the first three launches of our initial rocket, the falcon 1, was a lot smaller and it didn't work. i have real good memories of -- i have vivid memories of picking up shards of rocket. >> jimmy: that's not covered on your homeowner's insurance. >> no. >> jimmy: you were out of your pocket when something like that happens. >> that was rough. >> jimmy: and on top of this, this capsule would be, this would be for a manned mission. >> yeah. that's actually our cargo capsule.
12:24 am
we're developing a version two of our dragon spacecraft which will be a big step forward. so this comes in by a parachute to a water landing. like the apollo era. but this will land propulsively with landing gear, it will land on its engines. >> jimmy: and you'll be able to use it again. >> absolutely. >> jimmy: this is the interior of your proposed spacecraft. how long would those people be sitting like that? >> typically the trip to the space station would take less than a day once we have -- >> jimmy: less than a day. oh, yeah. what do you do when you get to the space station? it seems like 45 minutes goes by and you want to go back home. [ laughter ] >> right. well, you know, flying around in zero g can be quite interesting. >> jimmy: do you want to go up there? >> i do. >> jimmy: why haven't you? are you not convinced that the technology is safe? [ laughter ] >> i'm not crazy. not crazy enough, i suppose.
12:25 am
i do want to go at some point. and it is probably not a good idea for the co to be the test pilot but i really want -- >> jimmy: probably not. would a human survive on the rocket that you're launching next week? >> they would actually. so what a lot of people don't maybe realize is that if someone were to stowaway on our spacecraft, they could go to the space station and back and be okay as long as the trip worked. if somebody stowed away on our last flight, they would have been okay. >> jimmy: sounds like a plot to a larry the cable guy movie. >> be like hello! surprise. like whoa. >> jimmy: but they shouldn't stow away. >> no, no. >> jimmy: if they did, it's a great way to experiment. >> exactly. and just for a laugh, on the very first test flight of dragon, we actually launched a giant wheel of cheese. and sent it to orbit and back. >> jimmy: did you taste it when it came back? >> no, it didn't look right. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i guess that's not a
12:26 am
good soon. >> it was from beverly hills cheese shop. it was the biggest wheel of cheese that they had. >> jimmy: how much did it cost you to send that wheel of cheese to space? >> it was like about $100 million. >> jimmy: that's ridiculous. >> it is. >> jimmy: your goal is to -- maybe one of your many goals is to colonize mars. >> i think a space civilization is far more exciting than one that's not. if there's a calamity on earth, humanity will continue. >> jimmy: is that a good idea to tell people that just in case we destroy this earth, we've got a fresh new earth we can all go to, so the whatever you want. it's like telling the kid if you wreck the car, i'm going to buy you a new tesla. >> i'm not suggesting complacency to the earth that we live in, but i think over time we can make it just like earth. >> jimmy: will we have television up there? >> absolutely. >> jimmy: i'd love to have the
12:27 am
first talk show on mars. i think that would be a lot of fun. maybe we'll send guillermo first. >> i would love to. >> jimmy: would mexicans be allowed on mars? >> everyone. >> jimmy: well, there are so many different things you're involved with. i know you're involved with solar city. solar power for homes and businesses. you've got the elect rric car. tesla. i have to say you really make us feel bad about ourselves. [ laughter ] are you working on anything crazy, like have you thought about time travel or anything like that? >> i don't think time travel is possible. but there is this -- >> jimmy: you're so pessimistic. [ laughter ] >> i mean, there is this thing -- this idea that i have called a hyper loop. >> jimmy: i've heard of this. when are you going to publish the paper about the hyper loop? >> i should probably get tesla profitable before i publish
12:28 am
stuff about the hyper loop because otherwise people might think i'm getting a little distracted onside projects. >> jimmy: okay. but let us know about the hyper loop. i don't even know what it is, but i want part of it. [ laughter ] well, it's great to meet you. if you want to watch the launch, why wouldn't you want to watch the launch? it's a space-x rocket. go to thanks for being here. we'll be right back with the mowgli's. >> jimmy: jimmy kimmel here with a word about the new ten-calorie 7-up 10 that's impressing everyone, even micayla maroney. >> hi, i'm guillermo. not everybody knows this, but once i was a very impressive
12:29 am
gymnast in my country. but my friend micayla doesn't get impressed by anything. so watch this. thank you. [ laughter ] okay. are you impressed? >> no. sorry, guillermo. >> i have something that might impress you. the new 7 up 10. it tastes great and low in calories. >> wow, guillermo. i'm impressed. >> can i have it back? >> only if you pronounce my name back. >> moraca. >> dicky: 7 up ten is something micayla and everyone can enjoy. finally the perfect ten.
12:30 am
12:31 am
>> jimmy: this ep is called "love's not dead." here with the song "san francisco," the mowgli's! [ cheers and applause ]
12:32 am
♪ ♪ i've been in love with love and the idea of something binding us together ♪ ♪ you know that love is strong enough i've seen time tell tales about that systematic drug ♪ ♪ yeah that heart that beats as one it's collectively unconsciously composed ♪ ♪ do-do-do-do do-do-do-do ♪ do-do-do-do do-do-do-do ♪ well i lost my head in san francisco ♪ ♪ waiting for the fog to roll
12:33 am
out but i found it in a rain cloud ♪ ♪ it was smiling down do you feel the love i feel the love ♪ ♪ c'mon c'mon let's start it up let it pour out of your soul ♪ ♪ ♪ i've been in love with love and the idea of something binding us together ♪ ♪ you know that love is strong enough i've seen time tell tales about that systematic drug ♪ ♪ yeah that heart that beats as one it's collectively
12:34 am
unconsciously composed ♪ ♪ do you feel the love i feel the love ♪ ♪ c'mon c'mon let's start it up let it pour out of your soul ♪ ♪ do you feel the love i feel the love ♪ ♪ c'mon c'mon let's start it up let it pour out of your soul ♪ ♪ do-do-do-do [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this is the mowgli's ep "love's not dead." it is out now. thanks to kelly ripa, elon musk. thanks to that little titus. i want to apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next. good night.


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