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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  March 12, 2013 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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>> this person told the people
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there that she tied the child up with her wrists and her ankles with masking tape. >> new at 11:00. police investigate disturbing incident at pleasanton day care center. good evening. caroline has the night off. former pre-school teacher apparently tied up a two-year-old. the proof? the teacher took a picture and showed it to her co-workers. lillian is live at the christian present school in pleasanton with the story. lillian? >>reporter: dan, the people who oversee this preschool are trying to be as open about this as they possibly can. they like everyone else are horrified by what happened. incident at center point christian present school started when a two-year-old girl refused to take her nap. that's when her teacher threatened to tie her up. all of this came to whent when the same teach they are since left the school shared the story during social out with former colleague that included the girl's mother. >> child did not go down and the person told the people
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there that she tied the child up with her wrists and her ankles with masking tape. and then she showed them a photo of the child tied up. >>reporter: center point christian present ask part of the press by taern church. leaders were informed of the photo right away and shocked and no idea what that teacher was thinking. >> no child deserves to be in any way treated in such a way that they would be dehumanized in any way and this incident in our opinion does exactly that. so we are horrified by it. we rejest it. >>reporter: the police department launched a criminal investigation. investigators interview staff members and will troy determine if others were involved. church leaders meanwhile self reported the accident to the department of social services. also sent a detailed letter to all the parents scheduled a meeting with the parents for tuesday night and plan to suspend open rigs for 5 days to retrain the staff. attention is focus on the family of the 2-year-old girl. >> private family matter for
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them. we are caring for them. we weren't to extend and we continue to extend care and in dialogue with them and so we are doing everything we can in that regard. >> pre-school will shut down on friday for that staff training. it will reopen the following wednesday. live in pleasanton, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. 2 workers at company that launches space craft for the u.s. government are recovering tonight after an electrical explosion at vand deny berg air force base working on delta 4 rocket like this one when an arc flash occurred when an electric current leaves the intended path and travels through the air to another conductor. an investigation in how this happened continues. >> well we are just moments from the vatican secret conclave and the first vote to elect a new pope. it is 7 in the morning already at the vatican and this is a live picture at vatican city. cardinal expected to arrive at the sistine chapel really any
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moment now and here in the bay area the church wants to keep its members very much informed and involved in this process. john is live at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco tonight. john? >>reporter: and there will be a special mass here tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. archbishop wants all parish in the arrest diocese of san francisco to hold special services for the start of the papal conclave n.a matter of hours this is what the one 15 cardinal will see as they enter the sistine chapel to select the next pope. already staff of 90 has been sworn to secrecy including doctors nurses waiters who will assist the conclave. anticipation is building not only in rome but in san francisco where catholic attended 5:30 mass in lower pacific heights. wore hiper had own hope for the new pontiff. >> somebody that draws people in the church. so many people left the church. >> it could be pope from africa. it could be a pope from latin america. definitel
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definitely, they are talking about a pope from the philippines. i would think it would be great to have a pope from america. of course. >>reporter: before the cardinals again the secret gathering there will be a mass at the vatican featuring a homily that could be a tip off to the kind of candidate who emerges a leader of the roman catholic church. lacking for someone more out reaching out to the world in latin america. somebody more idealogical or somebody trying to get governing to the catholic church worldwide. >>reporter: before the white smoke appears signaling election of new pope the haill have 4 round of voting each day. 2 third majority or 77 out of the 115 ballot is needed. one man will go in a cardinal and come out a pope. >> well, politicking, yes i would say very subtle politic. they take ballot to the point where they found someone who
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has pre-requisite number of votes. >>reporter: father michael russo things a first ballot tomorrow but new pope is unlikely. he think there is might be an outside chance on whedz but guess that is by thursday we will know who the new pope is. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> okay john thanks very much. >> all eye on the sistine chapel chimney at the vatican tomorrow. white moons new pope. black smoke means voting will 10 wednesday. in year past there have been times when 0both black and white smoke came out. make sure that doesn't happen church officials now use mix of chemical chemiens out. don't want any confusion. stay with us for the latest news from vatican city in the amazing process. conclave process. abc news provide extensive coverage of the papal conclave on all of our broadcasts including tonight edition of "nightline". oakland woman family can use your help finding her.
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this woman was supposed to be on a flight friday morning to visit her brothers in texas. she never made it. last time she was seen was thursday morning and what you are looking at her surveillance video showing her walking past oakland bakery on telegraph and 34. plain as day but where did she go? oakland police investigating her disappearance. meantime in oakland man out of prison tonight after serving 15 years -- 14 years for sexual assault he did not commit. this is 38-year-old johnny williams leaving parole office after judge threw out his conviction on attempted rape charges after new dfa results proved his innocence. he was convicted for the 1998 attack on girl in oakland. her family identified williams former neighbor as possible suspect and he was later convicted. his tern says williams wrote a statement for the court just before he was released. >> the he said i have nothing but love and respect for the family and hope some day that they will realize this was not me and i with issue that i
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could help the oakland police department fine the man who did this. >>reporter: northern california vl innocence projectr two years. the district attorney says the victim is understandably upset. well new at 11:00 police believe man may have act entered self-defense when they say he stabbed a 17-year-old at livermore jack-in-the-box. happened saturday on north livermore avenue. group on field trip from modest to davis high school stooped for food at the in and out across the street. half the students decided to run across to the jack-in-the-box. motorcyclist says they nearly took him out. he confronted and got no a fight. police say he stabbed one of the students in the shoulder. is is expected to survive. motorcyclist was taken to the hospital with broken nose among other injuries. woman who pleaded guilty to abandoning her daughter during supermarket rip off has been sentenced to 60 indicates in jail. 38-year-old marsy key admitted leaving her daughter at morgan hill safeway in
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september after the two were spotted shoplifting. key will also serve 3 years of pro begs and must complete class ins theft prevention as well as parenting. muni says tonight absolutely nothing it can do about controversial ads featured on 10 buses for the next month. ads show photo of islamic figure alongside violent skints like the 9/11 attack. muni says it must run the ads otherwise it could be sued. american freedom defense initiative says the ads call attention to the nation greatest threat. local muslim say they are just designed to terrorize muslims. >> makes them uncomfortable to ride the buses. makes them worry about the safety. it makes them think twice about how people are looking at this everything on those ads are just nearly a statement of fact. these are hi profile muslims from the prime minister of turkey to the times square bomber to osama bin laden. i think the campaign awareness campaign is desperately needed
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at this time. >> tomorrow san francisco supervisors plan to officially denouns the ads at board maeingt. muni says the 5000 dollars it received to run them will good to fund to study the impact of discrimination in the muslim community. all right. it is certainly starting to look and feel an awfulke spring. sandhya is here with look at live doppler 7 hd. so nice outside. >> it's absolutely beautiful. rate now we have some fog around near the coast line and that is dropping visibility half moon bay down to 5 miles right now. see the fog from the camera on mount tamalpiais. 46 in santa rosa. quite comfortable in fairfield livermore union city. in the low 50's. an as we check out different advantage point from our high definition roof cam are beautiful day today. 73 in santa rosa exploratorium scene degrees. got up to 74 in livermore. this is nothing.
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wait until you see how warm it's going to get in the coming daisy. back with look at the temperature trend in a few minutes. >> i lake it. thanks so much. >> coming up next. strong reaction to the tsa new rules. should small knives be allowed on planes? how the tsa is defending the controversial decision. >> we call our daughters bossy not our sons bossy we need to change this. >> also. facebook executive cheryl sandberg dives head first into the he shall of women and the way they are treated in the workplace. >> all that coming later on jimmy kimmel live. >> tonight on the show jennifer lopez bob and my dramatic one-on-one sit down with mark wahlberg who finally confesses that he 40's boston. i knew sf about.fro
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>> this week the head of the transportation security administration plans to defend
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his decision to allow some knives back on airplanes. the new tsa policy would allow fol foldable knives with blades up to 2.36 inches as carry on items. fen i was in. tsa head will testify before a house homeland security committee this thursday. he's going to talk about how it will affect security lines and how assessment determined small naivs couldn't cause catastrophic damage in airplane cabin. the decision has been criticized by airline employee groups. >> we do not need these blades on board. these will be concealed weapons. and there were blades that were smaller than this that caused all the damage that took place on september 11. >> new rules go into effect april 25th. >> she is one of the most powerful women in the world and today facebook chief operating officer cheryl sandberg release add book on how other women can take steps to succeed in the workplace as well. here's
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jonathan bloom with the story. >>reporter: she's on the cover of "time"magazine. featured guest on katie. >> please welcome cheryl sandberg. >>reporter: facebook ceo getting a lot of attention for her book called lean in. that offers advice to women on climbing the ladder of success. >> no matter how much progress women have made we are very far from having our shir of the leadership rolls in any industry anywhere in our country or anywhere in the world. >>reporter: sandberg, 43, among the exception. woman in a position of corporate power. the women attain more than half of today college degrees. still make up only about 4 percent of fortune 500 ceo. and sandberg suggest it's because society is still biased against women whether take charge. >> we call our daughters bossy don't call our sons bossy we need to change this lack at our daughters and say she has executive leadership skills. >> in her book she offers suggestions for women whether want to climb the corporate ladder and avoid losing their footing when they decide to start a family. >> message is advance as much
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as you can so you can negotiate a position that's favorable to work family balance when you come to it. >>reporter: law professor joan williams who studies the balance between work and life says sandberg advice is sound. equally important is the attention she's getting. >> it's reigniting the feminist movement. >>reporter: and kochbilitys among those who feel the corporate deck is stacked against women. >> instead of saying that doesn't work for women. and it won't work and let's change the system, she's kind of going backward and saying let's change you. instead. >>reporter: sandberg agree the rules need to change but so do our attitude. >> try to change the conversation around women from what we can't do to what we can. >>reporter: in san francisco, jo abc 7 news. and we should point out that in addition to being second in command at facebook sandberg also on the board of the walt disney company, parent company of abc 7. more of her enter view tonight on nightline
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at 12:37 am right here on abc 7 and good morning america tomorrow and wednesday. all right let's focus now on the weather which as you know is absolutely spectacular. awfully warm. sandhya is here and spring is a week or more away. >> yes. next week dan but we get an early taste of spring and just wait until you see the temperatures next couple days. you look at live doppler 7 hd we have fog around near the coast lean and really patchy at best. show you the high for this week. this is one city selection there tuesday concord getting up to 76. 80 on wednesday and then the temperatures drop-off few degrees but really leveling off sunday heading into monday. here's a live picture from our high definition emeryville camera as we look across the bay here you can see pretty good advice interest here but i showed you earlier we have some fog out there near the coast line. 51 right now in san francisco. it's 52 degrees in san carlos. 51 in san jose. here's what's coming patchy fog
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at the coast. warming up next two days then it's cooler by the end of the week. right now as i show you the pacific satellite picture here's what's will happen. high pressure is going to be calling the shots the next two days. with rim of high pressure in control the warming trend will continue. temperatures by wednesday in the low 80's. all right. tomorrow monk it's going to start out comfortable. well above normal by the way in the low 80's. in the 40's for the entire bay area but what you have to watch out for is the fog near the coast. poor visibility in pockets. give yourself extra time for the morning commute if you drive along the coast line. the fog will be around and then it will pull back pretty quickly tomorrow afternoon. nasty day. 70's than land. 60's coast side. weighs take a look at the specific temperatures you will see what it will turn out like. 75 degrees in santa cruz tomorrow. 74 in san jose. sunny vail on the peninsula blue skies 72 in san mateo o. 73 palo alto, coastal area half moon bay up to 64 degrees.
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same thing for the sun set district downtown san francisco really right where were you today. 69 agrees and up in the north bay we go. 76 degrees santa rosa, sonoma, up to 74 at clear lake. 60's here coast side still enough of sea breeze to prevent from you getting too warm. 72 in san rafael. east bay communities all on the mild side. low 70's from oakland to fremont inland communities 75 degrees in pittsburgh. 76 livermore. 77 degrees in brentwood. concord up to 74 and as you look at the 7 day forecast, we are going to good from mild tomorrow where you see low 70's to upper low 60's to mid 70's upper 70's guest you up in the low 80's by wednesday. unbelievably warm. temperatures will be approaching record territory but not quite getting there. then a little bit cooler thursday friday as we get up in the mid 70's range. coastal area upper 50's to low 60's. koes coast will see the drop off. more cloud cover over the
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weekend by the way march 20th is officially when spring arrives and dan we get an early preview of it. >> feel it in the air. >> you definitely can thanks very much. >> larry is hear lots to talk by. at always. i'd like to think. take you open a trim down memory lane. warriors for the best defensive effort sense 1953 since eisenhower was president. >> wasn't alive. >> wasn't alive. >> grand pap told her about
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>> good evening lapse time curry faced the knicks went for 54 points in the garden tonight. hosted new york defense the story. held the knicks to mere 63 points. annual boly wood night at oracle. fittingly the curry was hot again. top of the key and then more from the corner. warriors up by 6. curry making it rain. 17 in the first half. finish with 26. third quarter
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warriors break it open. smith break it open. curry to thompson. sweet reserve. gomd state up 22. local legend kidd part of epic poor knicks 27 percent somewhating night. 21 points at the otheren. warriors lop sided win of the year. best defensive effort since 53 i like ike. 92-63. college ball st. mary's gonzaga title game nba exec all over the gym along with stockton a zag legend. this looks terrible for the gails. page landed awkwardly 93 buckle. no confirmation but the ferry would be a torn acl. zag after that smother him and steal and dunk and second half with authority. player of the year candidate 21 points 12 award zag show everybody why they are no. 1 in the country. 65-51 the final. st. mary's victory
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wait it out selection sunday but should get at large invitation. college hoop. crab pack 12 player of the yea year. crab averaged almost 19 points per contest. led the league in scoring. this is the third time in 4 years that a cal player has been honored as player of the year. following in the foot steps of randall and gutierrez. next stop at the cal bears pack 12 tournament. bridge ford will not be leading cal and the new bear raid offense. transferring. bridge ford most experienced quarterback oly on cal roster but not enough republic in spring bull under new coach dikes with the spread option the fact that they run so he will transfer to ask where he hopes to play right away. nfl team make off season trade starting tomorrow and 49ers will acquire man they could not stop in the superbowl. ravens receiver bolden. age 32 he's a tremendous possession receiver. hand like a vice grip. physical strong receiver.
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excellent pwloshing down field and 6 catches for 104 yards and touch down in the raven superbowl victory. niners pick up the 6 million dollar contract that's hefty but give up just a 6 brown pick for 3 time pro bowl player. collin happy to have him. >> he's great asset. great player. he's another weapon for this team. so any chance we could get the ball in the hand would be great. >> another weapon. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> really good deal for us. >> you have to pay the 6 million but 6 round pick 9 versus 14 other draft pick. so they don't need all the pick sow can convert that into a different as set and looking good. >> clever thanks very much is >> clever thanks very much is that coming up. you tube video
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>> here's a look at the wake up weather more time for the morning commute especially along the coast foggy there. clear inland temperatures in the 40's. warming up that the low 50's by 8:00 a.m. mike will be here at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> great thank you. >> finally here a new video blowing up on line shows a man picking up dance moves from his younger employees and they find out that the student has become the teacher. watch. ♪ the
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look at him go. that's john griffith, members of the calf conservation corps when they aren't dancing building trail and restoring salmon habitat. but check him out. pretty good. jimmy kimmel live up next. guest tonight mark wahlberg, jennifer lopez and sooins bob. but that is our report here tonight for carolyn, larry sandhya all of us here i'm dan. thanks for watching. next newscast tomorrow morning at 4
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many of them had already made changes to their menus and even purchased new glasses to be in compliance with the law. not a shocker at all that that got a little messy in the 11th hour. >> yeah. still not convinced that i want anybody to tell me how much i can and cannot drink. >> and look at the obesity stats. i know the argument. but obesity is a huge, no pun intended, problem in this country.
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the heart is in the right place. it's whether it's overstepping -- >> i think that is the biggest question. some people are worried he is overstepping his bounds and done so much to overstep in the eyes of the people who are against this. the smoking bans outside. commercial bans, awnings on the buildings. he has done a lot. >> let's debate over big gulp later. >> moving on to a baseball blooper that, well, thank goodness it happened during spring training and not the actual season because a lot of people would be upset. >> tampa bay batter, facing the phillies. rips a drive down the third base line. fair ball. and the hooter's girl mistakenly fields it and then offers it to a fan. only after did she realize what she had done did she remove her sunglasses for her close-up. >> oddly enough, the second time in a week that it happened. the first time was last wednesday. oh. at least she's cute. >> yeah. hooters can be distracting.
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>> and a study reveals major flaws in the treatment of ovarian cancer. what women could be doing after they're diagnosed. but first, other medical news. if you take an aspirin every day you might be preventing even more than heart disease. the results of promising new research. you are watching "world news now". research. you are watching "world news >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. colonial penn life insurance.


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