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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 14, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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[ bells tolling ] >> pope francis wakes up this morning the new leader of more than a billion catholics asking first for the worked to bless him. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> display a common touch to hundreds of thousands of pilgrims crowding st. peter's square. his selection dramatically shifts the balance of power in the catholic church. a jesuit with one lung who loves soccer and used to tango with his girlfriend. we'll talk to two american cardinals inside the top secret conclave. this morning, live from the
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vatican and buenos aires, with a special edition of "gma." and good morning, america. robin off today. great to have elizabeth vargas and john muller here on this historic day. >> it is great to be here on such a big morning. >> it certainly is. right to rome right now where pope francis began his first morning as head of the catholic church by visiting rome's largest cathedral. something of a humble start. went through a side entrance before an icon of the virgin mary. see him right there, spent about 30 minutes in contemplation and went outside and see people kissing his ring. he's not really used to it this first day. almost seems if he wants to shake their hands, but, of course, he is going to get used to this. he is the leader of 1.2 billion catholics right now.
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>> a man famous for being out amongst the people washing their feet so this must be a change. you may remember that last night he told those crowds packed in st. peter's square just after his announcement that he intended to pray to the virgin mary that she may watch over all of rome and pope francis told the cardinals that he plans to call on retired pope benedict in the next few days. >> something else we've never seen before. >> never seen that. >> coming up, pope francis signals a new start in so many ways. we'll speak with cardinal dolan of new york and start out with josh in vatican city. good morning, josh. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. and what a night, what history to have seen here as the world still reacts to the selection of pope francis as history's 266th supreme pontiff. actually check out this headline from an italian newspaper "la sorpresa di francesca." the surprise of francis. . judging from the reaction of the thousands massed here in the
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square. it was a surprise met by euphoria as the church enters a new era now with a new man to lead it. this morning, as the world awoke, pope francis made a private visit to st. mary's basilica here in rome, staying for approximately half an hour. the vatican press office also told reporters that the new pope stopped briefly at the casa del clero, the residence he was staying prior to the conclave to fetch his belongings. of course, his new home, the vatican where last night after 7:00 local time, with a plume of white smoke shot in the cold, dark night sky and tolling of bells, the 100,000 faithful waiting in st. peter's square erupted. >> habemus papam. [ cheers ] >> reporter: after another hour of frenzied anticipation, cardinal jorge bergoglio emerged introduced as pope francis and
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bowed to his people. [ cheers ] >> reporter: francis is the first jesuit pope and the first hailing from latin america home to 40% of the world's catholics. his attire spoke to his well-known commitment to the poor in argentina he wore a simple wooden cross and in his first address to his new congregation francis acknowledged his far-flung roots. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> translator: the duty of the conclave was to give a bishop to rome. my fellow cardinals found one at the end of the world, but here we are. >> reporter: he offered his vision for the church's uncertain future, one grounded in brotherhood. >> translator: let's pray always for each other. let's pray for the whole world. may there be a great brotherhood.
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>> reporter: and when he left he attended masses with a new chapter for the catholic church beginning. actually shy and humble man later asked the crowd to pray for him and so pope francis begins this new chapter and he's off to a very busy start. later today he will celebrate mass with the cardinal electors in the sistine chapel where he was asked to accept the role as pope and then in five days' time on tuesday morning his official inaugural mass at st. peter's basilica behind me will take place so obviously a busy next few days for the new holy father. george? >> thanks, josh. let's get more on this with one of the men who helped elect the new pope, cardinal timothy dolan of new york. cardinal, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> good morning, george. good to be with you. i miss you all at home. looking forward to having you back.
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boy, you called it and predicted before the conclave this would all be over by thursday. it doesn't seem to have been a difficult decision. >> it seemed to be a clear sense of the holy spirit and of one another that this is the way the church needed to go and i'm grateful to god for the grace of direction that he gave us and i'm especially grateful we got a new pope. alleluia. i shouldn't say that. it's lent. >> i know you can't take us inside the voting but the sistine chapel and the moment you knew there was a new pope. >> yeah, that's a remarkably emotional experience, george. and even though we weren't surprised because we could see it coming as the votes are slowly tallied and as we've seen the direction that the holy spirit was leading us, but still the moment he got to the number needed, 77, was wonderfully inspirational. i don't think there was a dry eye in the house. what moved me was how the whole natured identity of jorge bergoglio changed and was transformed into pope francis. here was a man that just a
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couple hours before we were pouring coffee with and walking through the halls of st. martha and chatting with and now he's our holy father and pledging our love and allegiance and prayer. it was a beautifully teaching moment when we just sensed what the church and what shepherding and pastoring is all about, george. >> what could you see on his face as those votes were being counted? >> he was very serene. he -- and, of course, as it became clear to all of us that he was probably going to be the man, we watched him a little more closely and he was remarkably at peace and did not seem to be rattled, did not seem to agonize over things, just was a man of resignation, which is a beautiful jesuit -- he's a jesuit. the founders of jesuits st. ignatius was the master in the art of discernment. >> pope francis groundbreaking in so many ways, first jesuit pope, first francis pope, also
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the first pope from latin america. what is the most important thing you think people need to know about pope francis? >> well, you know, all the things that you talked about, george, you bet are important but i call them grave, good things on the pasta. what we were looking for was a man of holiness who obviously reflected god to us who was theologically converse apartment, a man who was a good pastor and a man who was a good communicator and a good leader, a good -- exercised good pastoral governance. when we found that, where he came from, what his age was, what his background was, that was all gravy and i think we got not only a good man but good gravy. >> safe travels too. >> you happy st. patty's day. i'll miss being in new york for our patronal feast day. >> to you too.
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>> more to pope francis. outpour emotion about his selection in latin america and cecilia vega is in vatican city with a much closer look from being a chemist to the spiritual leader of 1 billion catholics around the world. it was a great day for you, yesterday, i know to be there. >> reporter: what an amazing story and experience. elizabeth, good morning. when pope francis stepped onto that balcony, the tens of thousands of people here in st. peter's square were cheering, they were crying, they were praying. it was simply electric. in so many ways this is a pope unlike any other. he is in a word a contradiction. a pious and humble man who dances the tango, loves wine and like most argentineans is an avid soccer fan with a team jersey and club membership card to prove it. a well liked but shy cardinal who chooses to sit in the back row at meetings.
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a man who is now the leader of the catholic church. a jesuit at 76 years old, he comes from a part of the world which has never before produced a pontiff. and while today he is francis, to those who knew him as a child, he was simply jorge. "we used to play soccer in the plaza. he was very studious from a very catholic family and nice people." >> reporter: the son of an italian railway worker, jorge mario bergoglio and his four siblings grew up in buenos aires, an infection as a teenager cost him his lung but not his spirit. after studying chemistry he went to seminary becoming a priest when he was 32. until now, the pope has led a frugal life. when he became a cardinal he reportedly sold off the church mansion, opting to live in a small room in this downtown building with a simple bed and a small stove for heat. ♪ and he cooks his own meals. passing up those famous
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argentinean steaks for skinless chicken breasts. he is also legendary for his compassion for the poor. as a priest he reportedly once gave all the money in his wallet to help the homeless family who wrote to him. but he is not without controversy either. creating buzz when he chastised priests for refusing to baptize the children of single mothers and criticized for not speaking out against his country's military dictatorship in the '70s and '80s. >> he's a man quietly charismatic. he wins affection by his gentleness and simplicity but not by being an actor. >> reporter: not an actor his fellow cardinals say but kind and surprisingly funny. >> he toasted us and he simply said, may god forgive you. in other words, i hope you don't regret this later. >> reporter: now, pope john paul ii made bergoglio a cardinal in 2001. when that happened his parishioners in argentina reportedly raised money to throw him a party. he said, thank you but told them
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to donate that money to the poor instead and he ended up celebrating alone. now, all eyes are on pope francis to see how he carries over that sense of humility here at the vatican. elizabeth. >> cecilia, thank you very much. joining us is cardinal donald wuerl, archbishop of washington, d.c. and he was part of the papal conclave. cardinal, good morning and welcome. you know pope francis. >> good morning. >> you know pope francis very, very well. you sat next to him when he was still a cardinal at mass in the last morning in the conclave. are you -- did you imagine at that moment that he would be taking the center stage for the catholic church? >> well, i think that was part of the surprise, sitting there at mass with him and then chatting with him afterwards was altogether different than seeing him a little while later in white in recognizing our new pope. the excitement, though, of what he brings to this moment is so palpable.
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it was such a joy simply to see him stand up now as the newly elected pope, a smile and then, of course, as we all saw when he stepped out onto the balcony and simply greeted people as you would anyone, he just said good evening and then, of course, there was the roar of applause. but i think what we have now for the first time in history, a pope from the new world. >> right. >> a pope from the western hemisphere. and someone who comes bringing a whole new fresh vision. >> well, he definitely brings -- cardinal, he definitely brings a fresh vision. he brings an incredible story of a life of humility. how do you think this man will adjust to the life of grandeur, the pressures of being the pope of the new catholic world? >> well, i think we already got
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a little taste of that when he stepped out onto the loggia. he, while vested in white, didn't seem to lose any of that characteristic simplicity, charm, quietness. i don't think we'll see a lot of personality change in him. what he's going to have to do is take on the responsibility of leading this worldwide church, but i don't think that's going to bring to him a change in who he is. >> we heard him with his sense of humor, trademark sense of humor saying "may god help you" after he toasted you after you elected him pope and said he would go back to his old rooms to "pay his tab." do you think that will continue, as well? >> i think so. you know, when he walked into the dining room where we were all gathered after he stepped off the loggia and came down to have supper, he came into the room pretty much the way he did every other time in this
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conclave. he is simply walked in, greeted the brother cardinals who were standing around, made his way to his seat as if nothing had changed. i think we're going to see a great simplicity of style, even though he now has this enormous responsibility. >> that, he does. cardinal donald wuerl from washington, d.c., joining us this morning from vatican city, congratulations on a successful and 25 1/2-hour conclave. good to see you here this morning, sir. >> thank you. thank you. >> and, george, we were talking just a moment ago. you said bishop francis may be the only argentine to do the tango and then decide i'm going to become a priest. we'll take that and see whether the pope does the tango. the big story for everyone who flies, the growing controversy over the tsa's decision to allow pocketknives on airplanes. tough questions on capitol hill and david kerley has the story.
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>> reporter: even the union that represents 44,000 tsa officers this morning is joining air marshals, some pilots and flight attendants in opposing this move. in fact, flight attendants went straight to the head of the tsa saying letting blades back on planes is a bad idea. a very controversial decision. are you going to rescind your plan? >> no, i have to make sure that tsa's focus is on those things that are most destructive to the aircraft. >> reporter: the tsa administrator's plan to let small knives on board to concentrate on the real risk to planes. in the briefs you get is there something that scares you every day? >> yes. >> and it's not pocketknives? >> no, it is those nonmetallic improvised explosive devices, the bombs that are small, concealable and they are well designed, constructed. there is still a significant attempt and intent to get on --
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particularly a u.s. carrier to blow it up. >> reporter: john pistole will play this video, showing how a small amount of chemicals can put a hole in metal like a fuselage in a plane but pistole says the cockpit doors have made it difficult to hijack a plane with a knife. even security experts question his move. >> it's really a hazard and it's a dangerous situation so to bring this back into the foray is beyond my comprehension. >> reporter: here's what the officers say, this is the kind of knife that will be allowed. it's a folding knife, small. you can tell this one will be allowed under the new rules. here's the problem, a knife like this, it has a locking blade, therefore, it would not be allowed. so when you bring your bag, how do you tell which one is allowed and which one isn't? the officers say it'll take them more time, george, the tsa administrator says that's not the case and will explain himself on the hill.
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>> david, thanks very much. john muller and two other stories developing. the stories we're following for you this morning, first, a tense standoff in upstate new new york. .police have shots and killed the man after he opened fire in a car wash wednesday. four of them died. the motive remains unclear and set fire to his home before. schools remain closed as a precaution. on wall street, the dow enjoying its longest winning streak in 16 years, posting gains for nine consecutive days now. overnight good news about the housing market the the number of homes in for closure dropped 11% last month news. let's check out
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the weather and see if we have great news there. >> we do. high elevation snow that moved across west virginia. up to 4 inches in those high elevations as we said. this is the kind of thing that will happen several times over the next couple of days, it's a serious pocket of cold air from the great lakes all the way to jacksonville, florida, at 37 degrees today so each one of these small systems will drop a little layer of snow around the great lakes and some cases all the way into northern new england. here's where the warmth is and take a look at places like phoenix, 91 degrees, near 90 yesterday. 91 is a record. we think we'll get a near record in denver, as well, 77 degrees. this number in l.a. may be a little optimistic. there's going to be a lot of fog on the west coast particularly that southwestern corner of the coastline today. that's the weather around the nation. first here's the warmest days on the bored brought to you by marshals mtd have.
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>> and coming up, judge judy facing a big lawsuit. . coming up, judge judy facing a coming up, judge judy facing a big lawsuit. why a set of china plates could land tv's most popular judge in court. the teacher allegedly caught red-handed spiking her preschoolers' sippy cups with sleeping pills. what police are saying right now. the car salesman who looks like he's getting the ride of
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7:25 am
half moon bay. they want it re-opened so they can get to the surf spot at the beach which is not accessible to vehicles. the property was bought in 2008 and the owner put up a gate to block the road and hired a private security guard but california law requires public access. now, how is the drive, sue? >> slow from pleasant hill. we had an early accident on the shoulder and brake lights are beyond north main to highway 24. slow traffic to the hayward and san leandro area at 238 northbound at east port, an accident is just clearing. san jose, the early accident, north 101, beyond 280/680 is cleared but the slow traffic
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>> we are watching the sun over mounts tamalpais and well talk temperatures, we are at least five to nine degrees warmer-than-average. not as warm as yesterday because of the high clouds but well hit the low-to-mid 70's inland and mid-60's to 70 around the bay and upper 60's at the
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check out this wild ride right there. behind the wheel in disguise is nascar superstar jeff gordon. appears to be a salesman on a jaw-dropping test drive. >> nice and easy. >> no, it wasn't that. the shock ad, has it gone too far going viral and millions overnight. more than 5 million people. >> i think you need dramamine to watch that ad. also up ahead in this half hour a dramatic twist for judge judy facing a huge lawsuit herself. why would a set of china plates -- they might land the most popular judge in court if you can believe it. we'll explain the story in a moment. interesting to hear that. all right, also coming up the fight heating up over how you
7:31 am
shape up in shapewear. two of america's most popular companies changing the way women look, everything they wear. why spanx is under fire this morning. >> oh, a battle under the clothing. also, well, most interesting stuff comes to "gma." we have megadea deadeals and str you. there's the megadeals and steals. i can't wait to give it away. actually you have to buy some of it. almost like giving it away. >> practically free. >> tomorrow honey boo boo and her family right here on "good morning america." >> oh, my. >> looking forward to that. >> have you seen that show. >> >> oh, yeah. we'll get to that in a bit but the latest on pope francis. the first latin-american pope crowds across argentina and latin america euphoric at his selection and on the ground in buenos aires and matt, even though cardinal bergoglio was a runner-up in the last conclave, this caught the argentines by surprise.
7:32 am
>> reporter: oh, it did. big time, george. good morning. this is the blaring "e:headlin my god and what a great day for them. a lot telling me they haven't had anything this huge since they won the world cup in '86. there were thousands praying for the new pope. he's the kind of guy used to walk up from the subway right over there into this church and he's known here in this country for his humility. we've been hearing about it and cooks his own meals, didn't have a chauffeur. he used to walk to work and just before he took that 13-hour flight, george, to rome, he was taken to the airport by his friends. he flew there on economy. now next thing that happened in this country, the president is going to fly to rome to be there with pope francis known as francisco for his first mass on sunday, george. >> the pope flies economy. that's something. but one other question -- you say what he was known for is
7:33 am
simplicity. is he that well known inside argentina? >> reporter: he's pretty well known as opposed to the other contender based mostly in rome as a diplomat. he was here and met with the people. he was a champion of the poor and he worked very hard to actually help people out in this country and that's why he actually had a pretty decent amount of notoriety here. >> matt gutman, thanks very much. we turn to judge judy. in a twist she could soon be headed to court not as a judge but defendant facing tough questions about expensive goods bought at bargain basement prices. abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> what are you, crazy. >> reporter: judge judy is used to being on this side of the bench. >> i'm still waiting for your defense. >> reporter: but the quick-witted, no-nonsense judge is now the one being sued. >> i don't care. i don't want any money. i just want my property back. >> reporter: in the new lawsuit patrice jones said judge judith
7:34 am
sheindlin won't give back her fancy dinnerware which she says is worth a whopping $500,000. >> what have i done to judy? >> reporter: she says it started in 2007 when she was in the midst of divorcing randy douthit, the longtime executive producer of "judge judy." she says her ex made a deal with the courtroom queen behind her back agreeing to sell the couple's flatware and china for $50,000. >> she told me to get lost. she said she's a judge, she's a lawyer and don't contact her ever again. >> reporter: in the lawsuit, obtained by abc news, joan argues sheindlin who spent 16 years as a real judge should have known better claiming the china was community property in the divorce and she knew that the sale required both spouses' written consent. >> i'm not speaking to you. >> reporter: this morning joan says she now wants the china and another $500,000 in punitive
7:35 am
damages. in a statement to abc news, the tv judge says "i don't owe this lady a cent and if this 00-year-old woman would spend her time more productively at trying to find a job, instead of abusing the judicial system with frivolous lawsuit, we would all be a lot better off." what is your plea to judge judy? >> do the right thing and return it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> wow. >> that is some story. and this is one too. this preschool teacher from chafl who said to have prepped her toddlers by giving them sominex. the parents are enraged. she's been arrested. all the details. >> reporter: good morning. it is a parents' worst nightmare. the children involved just 1 to 2 years old. the adult supposed to be looking out for them charged with trying to drug them. this morning police are investigating this woman, 59-year-old debbie grotz caught
7:36 am
red-handed alleged lly spiking sippy cups with an over-the-counter drug. >> at the kiddie academy seeing the suspect place an unknown substance into the children's cups. >> reporter: when administrators confronted her friday, police say she admitted it was the sleeping aid sominex but did not explain why she was giving it to the children. she was immediately fired and when police were told about it monday, she was arrested. >> best case scenario would have been for us to be called right away and taken a sample or those cups and taken them to the crime lab for analysis. >> reporter: now the question investigators and parents want answered has she done it before and if so how much of the drug could her students have ingested. >> we were seeing things of irritability and we were seeing symptoms of possibly not sleeping through the night. this actually could have been a side effect from being poisoned. >> reporter: the sominex label
7:37 am
warns it's not to be used in children under 12. >> thankfully these drugs are relatively safe. i would expect that these children will do just fine. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news the school says "the actions of this individual are reprehensible. the authorities in this case have our full cooperation and the children, along with their families, continue to be our top priority." this morning, many parents are still reeling from the disturbing betrayal of trust. >> sickening. sick to my stomach. i'm not angry. i'm just -- >> sad. >> sad. disturbing. i don't know what to think. >> debbie faces felony charges of child endangerment. the school insists nafis the only incident and the school took charge before they could drink those sippy cups. it's impossible for these parents to ever know for sure possibly. >> okay, thanks very much. the weather from sam. >> not often you get to see a visible comet but a lot of video out of the west coast.
7:38 am
from l.a., if you look right up there -- well, wap. but look at the video. i missed the mark. look at the video there. and we'll show you -- take a look at the left-hand side of your screen and you can see it dropping in the sky. now, we did speed up the video but that's what's going on. a few twilight look to the western area of the sky. if you're not in i popular area where the city lights mess it up, you will be able to see it. now it gets a chance to be seen in the northern hemisphere. the west coast weather. we have this area of fog and may have overdone the temperature in l.a. a little bit. it may not ever get to 77. san francisco, 63. once you hop off the coastline, the heat is roaring and goes that way all the way inland to the desert. phoenix probably 2k3wgetting, 91 at the record mark. that warm air spreads to the south but not the north over the next few days. atlanta, 73. by saturday, new orleans about 76 saturday. dallas, you're 84 degrees,
7:39 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by advil. >> coming up, have shock ads gun too far? there's nascar superstar jeff gordon in disguise behind the wheel taking this guy on the ride of his life. >> oh, boy. and jim carrey, fasten your seat belts, is here live in the studio. don't go away. ♪ [ male announcer ] everyday thousands of people are choosing advil®. my name is taho and i'm a fish guy. it's a labor of love. it's a lot of labor and it's a lot of love. i don't need to go to the gym. my job is my workout. you're shoveling ice all day long. it's rough on the back. it's rough on the shoulders. i get muscle aches all over. advil® is great. pain and soreness is just out of the picture.
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back now at 7:42 with that ad we've been talking about starring jeff gordon except he's in disguise. it's gone viral overnight. more than 5 million walking taking what looks like an unsuspecting car salesman on the ride of his life. so have shock ads gone too far? abc's nick watt investigates. >> watch out! >> reporter: nascar ace jeff gordon is behind the wheel apparently taking an unsuspecting car salesman on a test drive like no other. >> whoa, whoa. a. agh. >> reporter: millions of youtube hits later a viral home run for pepsi max which starts out with jeff gordon showing up at the dealership in disguise with a hidden camera in his can of
7:44 am
pepsi. >> sort of gravitated toward the camaro. >> i don't know if i can handle it. i've never driven anything like this before. >> you are liable for any damages to the vehicle so please stop the car. >> reporter: but is any of this real? a pepsi spokesperson said a stunt man actually did some of the driving. >> please stop the car or at least -- >> reporter: refused to say whether steve is really a car salesman or an actor but stressed his reactions are 100% genuine. >> stop the car. stop the [ bleep ] car right now! >> i started to suspect on the second viewing -- >> reporter: this man, an auto enthusiast noticed some flaws among them rubber marks on the ground. >> there are multiple takes taken so i know that the salesman was an actor. i was told that by my source on the set. >> no matter what still exposure even if they're talking about it in a negative way. >> reporter: tweets suggest a lot don't care if it's fake or not. >> it's still a lot of fun to watch. it's a great ad. >> oh my. >> reporter: is the viral prank
7:45 am
the future of advertising? pepsi has done it before with an old man called uncle drew, really the cleveland cavaliers' kyery irving in disguise upstaging some young bucks. >> i don't know how much longer you can keep it up without people realizing they're being tricked. >> reporter: i'm talking about it right now and -- >> i'm going to kill you. >> reporter: a real salesman might have had a heart attack and that would not be funny. good morning, america, nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> something tells me we'll see more of these. >> if i was an actor -- >> doesn't matter. >> even though he shared duties with the stunt driver gordon said it's the most fun he's ever had -- >> i like that too. >> very, very funny. coming up on the show the shape of things to come. get it, why the makers of spanx and this real housewife could be
7:46 am
headed to court. and the unexpected breakout star of the conclave. there he is, everybody. we'll explain in "play of the day." ♪ ♪
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7:50 am
right then, here's the "play of the day." >> thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> you have wind-swept hair. you should see what goes on here. josh, miss you so much. hard to do these. i do love this one. so it turns out that yesterday while everybody was waiting for the white smoke out at the sistine chapel in rome where josh is, there were these famous guys, new international superstars, these seagulls, one sat there for a full half hour and, of course, it wasn't long before twitter was atweeting how appropriate and the first one was @15seagull and 8,000
7:51 am
followers. the first "hanging out at the sistine chapel chimney livetweeting. then came @papal seagull "twitter is trying to suspend me. they said the cardinals don't wanna be friends with a seagull." tlfz one "he had to take off because dennis rodman wanted to me me. pope seagulp us. st. francis of assisi who pope francis is named after is always pictured around seagulls.
7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
7:56 am
>> now from use seven news. a university is look for a new president as they wrap up their two-day meeting after the president said he would resign as u.c. president and will stay on until august so they can find a replacement. a selection process will give a report this morning. >> meteorologist, mike nicco, has the forecast. >> you can see the fog filling in to the bay. right now that and the high clouds will keep our temperatures two to six degrees cooler than yesterday but still well above average in the
7:57 am
low-to-upper 70's from the bay to inland neighborhoods. >> still stop-and-go traffic in san jose. early accident north 101 at 280 but 680 is clear although it is slow. bumper to bumper with another accident at north 85 at
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
and a colorful crowd out in times square this morning. lots of great signs out there. and, boy, we've got a great morning coming up. we've got elizabeth vargas in this morning. josh is on his way back from vatican city. robin is off today. josh muller and lara and sam, as well and deejay sugar ray helping us kick off our thursday morning. we have a huge mega deals and steals event with tory and a big crowd up there, and we're going to keep giving people 70% off inside those big boxes this morning. [ sirens ] >> there you go. oh, yeah. >> i mean, this is the thing.
8:01 am
>> all morning long. >> things for your home. >> exactly. how can we work it in today? also -- >> what did we do to the floor up there? did you see that? i can't wait to get up there. it makes you dizzy. >> it does. it does. all designed to make you go buy more online. guess who is here, jim carrey live. it's so funny. we were just talking, george and i, about the fact that our kids love him. watching "liar liar" nonstop, my boys, but he has played some of the funniest movie characters ever not to mention the crazy hairdos. we can't wait to talk to him about his brand-new role in "the incredible burt wonderstone" and also a great wig on him. >> i'm hoping it was a wig. >> steve carell saying he was insane on the set. that's a good plug for the movie. also talking about shapewear and shapewear wars to be exact. the maker of spanx under fire right now. the maker, i should say, why she could be headed to court in a fight with a real housewife of new york city. >> wow.
8:02 am
>> the shapewear wars are heating up. i'll just try them all on and wear them all. >> i like to call it better living through structural engineering. >> yes, exactly. >> structural. >> i'm wearing it now, lara. i'm wearing it now. >> okay, samuel. >> all right. and guess who this is? take a look behind the screen here. it's our quest to introduce you to every one of the "dancing with the stars" couples. so you know who to vote for. they are hot, by the way and we're going to introduce them to you. >> do you have a clue? >> i don't because i was talking so much i didn't get a chance -- >> very good dancers. >> yeah, that was something. >> okay. we'll get to all that in a little bit, but right now to vatican city for the latest on pope francis and the vatican senior media adviser greg burke is joining us live from st. peter's square. good morning, greg. so great to see you this morning. we've seen so many interesting touches from pope francis in his first days now asking the crowd to bless him before he blessed them, clearly signaling
8:03 am
simplicity and humility. what more do we expect in the days ahead? >> well, i think we'll see more signs like that, george, you know, some really interesting things, the fact that last night he took the van down with the other cardinals rather than getting into the papal car. this morning he went back to the place where he had stayed before they moved on to the vatican proper for the conclave to get his things. it's one of these priest residences around here. they told me on his way out he actually tried to pay his bill which i found was funny. you know, here's the pope, practically owns the building now and tried to pay his bill. a lot of signs of simplicity and went to st. mary major's this morning. very much a sign there's a statue of our lady there, the safety of the roman people, he feels very much that he is the bishop of rome, george. >> and, greg, we're all going to be watching that first meeting between pope francis and the pope emeritus, something that has not been seen in hundreds and hundreds of years, if never.
8:04 am
>> yeah, no, well, you may be watching it or you may not be, george. it's going to be an interesting thing because right now we only know they had a private phone conversation. another interesting touch last night, one of the first things pope francis did was asking for prayers for pope benedict and a huge cheer from the people there and basic prayer, our father, hail mary, glory be. it is expected that pope francis will go out to the summer residence, castel gandolfo, about 20 miles outside rome in order to meet there shortly sometime before tuesday. >> so they did speak on the phone. what more do we know about what they said? >> well, i can't tell you exactly what they said, george, because i'm not privy to that but i'm sure it was one promising prayers for the other and the other right back at him. >> all right, greg burke, thanks for your insight this morning. now to john muller with the rest of the news. we begin with a growing uproar over a decision to allow small knives onto a plane, the first time they've done it since 9/11.
8:05 am
the head of the tsa can expect a grilling when he is questioned about this decision on capitol hill. just this morning the union representing 44,000 tsa agents became the latest to oppose the move but the tsa administrator insists allowing small knives will give those agents more time to search for explosives and other more threatening devices. just yesterday a man somehow got a stun gun past security at jfk airport. it was on his carry-on. police say the man had assaulted his ex-girlfriend and they finally caught up with him before he boarded a flight to london. police shot and killed a man in a shooting spree in the town of herkimer. four died in the attacks wednesday. the 64-year-old suspect was hiding in an abandoned building overnight. no word on the motive for the attack. this ter fieg fall. he ended up hitting the ground
8:06 am
at 30 miles per hour. he only sustained bruises. texting and driving at the same time is as dangerous as driving with a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit. and that's not even the big headline from the study. the big headline is that researchers have found that drivers who use hands-free devices aren't really much safer. all right. finally a sign of the times at mcdonald's. they will announce that they will be selling egg white mcmuffins. they'll even come on whole grain english muffins. mm-mm. don't worry, you can still get the cheese and bacon and rationalize it because it's just egg whites so give me super-sized bacon. how about that? >> bacon still negates it. >> pop news. >> indeed, let's get some pop news. good morning, everybody. good morning to you and we begin with dennis rodman's world tour. it continues from north korea now to rome where the former chicago bulls star has traveled hoping for an audience with pope francis i. there he is driving through the streets of rome in a modified
8:07 am
mercedes utility vehicle that is rather convincing -- >> looks like a popemobile. >> wait, wait, wait. >> a replica. >> is that real? >> yes, that's dennis rod messenger in -- >> no way. >> -- driving through rome. >> true. >> he told tmz that his people -- he told tmz that his people were in touch with the pope's people about arranging a meeting and that he wants to be anywhere in the world that he's needed, and he said "i want to spread a message of peace and love throughout the world," and hopefully he will share this part of his journey with george again on "this week." >> i'm in touch with the pope's people about arranging a meeting too. >> let's see who gets that meeting first, george, whether it's you or dennis rodman. who knows. >> i mean, you cannot make this up. >> wow. also in pop news this morning, remember the tv show "veronica mars." its die-hard fans certainly do and to ensure that it's made into a movie, kristin bell, who played the title roll and rob thomas launched a kick starter
8:08 am
campaign to raise the $2 million that warner brothers said they would need to raise in 30 days for the movie to be a go. they did it and then some in less than 11 hours. they made it the most successful crowd-funded movie ever. the studio has now green-lit the project. production begins this summer. congratulations. >> $2 million. >> oh, they actually raised -- it's still going. people are still contributing. they've been trying to make this movie for years and years. it just was stalled, and warner brothers said, go ahead, try this, a kick starter campaign. if your fans are getting behind you, we'll consider it. >> that's incredible. >> amazing. >> there are now -- this just in, 5 million and counting people continuing. >> all right. >> so congrats. >> john, did you just contribute over there? >> i did. >> i knew you were a big fan. >> who knew. >> i am now. if george says i'm a fan, i'm a fan. >> that's right. you're going to do just fine. hey, everybody, dog lovers out there, myself included, you remember the affenpinscher named
8:09 am
banana joe, he took home best in show in year. at westminster next year he'll have a little more competition in the way of three new breeds being allowed into the show. in the working dog class, the chinook, bred for dogsled racing. they are so adorable. they're said to be great with kids and are the official state dog of new hampshire. i'll have you know. you won't believe the name of this next dog, it is a tongue twister, welcome portuguese podengo pequeno. small, cute, need lots of exercise and finally, don't let this name fool you, rat terriers are cute. happy-go-lucky and a welcome addition to the terrier class. >> why do they name it rat terrier? >> i agree. don't judge a book by its cover. >> descriptive. that's what they do. >> launch a campaign to change the name. >> so logical. >> sorry about that. let's go to sam with the weather. >> i have got to show you this crowd. george, everybody, take a look
8:10 am
at this audience in times square. it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. wait a minute. there's a whole lot of orange and speaking of orange, who is that? >> this is out of the orange. >> yeah, and where are you guys from? >> syracuse, new york. >> all right. you guys are kind of on spring break. why are you here? >> for the big east tournament. >> that you speak of. josh would know all about this, right? what sport is that? >> basketball. >> all right, good. now i feel better. i feel a little bit informed. let's get to the boards. so many things going on we want you to know about. we start with this live shot out of chicago. now, several little snow systems will come across like the one that delivered in west virginia last night. and they'll move from the great lakes all the way to the east coast. who gets snow? take a look at this graphic. in chicago, you're right on the borderline of getting it. so is detroit. everybody north of you. buffalo, you're in. erie, so is northern maine, vermont, new hampshire and into the northwest drier day today but by evening time it catches you onshore. that means there will be some showers in southern california, look out for that fog because the fog is going to take those coastal temperatures down and
8:11 am
keep them down. meanwhile, if you hop into the desert, those numbers are roaring. 82 in vegas today. 82. >> and show me the sign. it took your husband -- it took you 21 years to get her here, but you made it and we're glad you're here. good on the promise. good making on the promise. let's go inside to lara. oh, lara. >> so glad they made it. thank you, sam. and here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma" morning menu.
8:12 am
bachelor sean and his fiancee catherine, a secret you didn't know about their relationship. plus the shapewear wars heating up this morning. why this real housewife is real angry at the maker of spanx. and this siren can only mean one thing, it's mega deals and steals. right now a flash deal. tory johnson upstairs. go for it, girl. tell us. >> we have a whole lot of insanity starting our morning with a big smile, a hunk of love from the vermont teddy bear company. you can get this three-foot baby or we've got a six-foot one, as well. normally these little suckers are $90 to $200 but slashed in half, 45 to 100 bucks. lara, come join us. >> that's a good deal. thank you so much and so many more of those to come. biggest deals coming up from "gma" live in times square. >> "gma's" morning menu is brought to you by coffee-mate, natural bliss. add your flavor naturally.
8:13 am
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8:17 am
♪ i'm walking on sunshine coming up, emeril's mother day's breakfast in bed brought day's breakfast in bed brought to you by thomas', the original nooks and cranny english muffin. >> back now with a big crowd out there in times square. and our "heat index," the hottest stories trending right now. joining us again, our friend larry hackett, managing editor of "people" magazine. got to begin with the pope and elizabeth's favorite detail, the pope tangoed before he went to the seminary. >> and he was also an actor. he was on the stage, had quite a love affair in a platonic pre-pope way with another actress.
8:18 am
>> we know what you mean. >> yeah. interesting because even though he's been a longtime cardinal, even though he was a runner-up for pope last time, it still strikes everyone as very fresh and a big surprise. >> absolutely. the initial stories are who is this man and it's all great fascination and the message about a life of poverty, taking care of the poor. >> humility. >> is really resonating with people. as an ex-altar boy that's the most attractive thing. >> my parents were thrilled he was a jesuit, the first jesuit pope because i was raised in the catholic church and my parents are very involved in it and they know a lot of great priest/friends who are jesuits, which is a highly intellectual -- >> they're teachers. >> at georgetown university and challenging and had a rocky history. >> a lot of challenges but he's got a good start. >> did i miss this? did he study chemistry or something like that? >> yes, a chemist. he's a chemist. >> very well rounded. very well educated.
8:19 am
>> people are saying he's not as intellectual as pope benedict but in many ways the jesuits and obviously him as a chemist is a very, very smart, educated man. >> got to make a hard turn here. we're going to go from the pope to miley cyrus and -- >> yeah, hard turn. >> as grateful as it gets. this is what we'll do. on again, off again. what is it? >> two things to remember, she's 20, he's 23. all friends say they have a tempestuous relationship. they've fought and broken up before. they fight. this is how they get along or not get along. right now she's not wearing a ring. and he's in australia. >> they're so young and they're on two different continents. >> those around them seem kind of -- it's fine. they'll -- >> she's navigating pretty well, though. >> i think you're absolutely right. she has gone from being the kid star to being a young woman who her look is great and sound is great. >> edgy. >> i like it. it's not like everybody else. >> trying to get her way through it. >> just the facts, no ring
8:20 am
and -- >> no ring and -- >> that's all. >> that's off. >> right now they're separated. >> right now. >> on right now and sure looks to be on, sean and catherine from "the bachelor." >> yeah, absolutely, and they are on -- how can i transition to this, and they'll remain chaste till their wedding night. adamant. he said that in college he decided to stop sleeping with his, you know -- >> born again virgin. >> absolutely, and she's honoring his choice. >> wow. >> that's very nice. >> i got to tell you, the cover that we have, the photograph, they look like they may make it. they look very, very happy. i can't say that for all the couples that emerged from that show but this couple does. >> more than the last few i have seen, he draws a crowd. i can't tell you the amount of people that came to the studio really wanting to see this guy. he has a little something-something. >> wishing them the best. thank you. >> are we done? >> apparently.
8:21 am
>> oh, my. now we're going to go to the shapewear war heating up right now this morning. "real housewives" star of new york heather thomson and billionaire founder of shapewear brand spanx are going head to head. abc's linzie janis has the latest on this battle. >> reporter: there's a shapewear showdown ramping up this morning. >> hi, my name is heather thomson. >> reporter: on one side, heather thomson, the mastermind behind yummie tummie and a star of "the real housewives of new york city." >> i won't be bullied and lie down and fight it as hard as i can with my last breath i will fight this. >> reporter: on the other side sara blakely, the billionaire owner and creator of hugely popular spanx whose company thomson claims ripped off several yummie tummie designs violating its patent. >> my heart dropped. it was like, oh, my god, spanx is knocking me off. >> reporter: the dispute hinges
8:22 am
on the yummie tummie slimming tank, one of the most popular items in town shop in new york city. >> the thing that was so beautiful about this is it has cotton on top and girdle material in the tummy section where you need it then it has cotton on the bottom. so if you wear it underneath the blouse it looks like a regular camisole. >> reporter: with the industry worth nearly a billion dollars a year, a lot is at stake. >> no larger growth in the lingerie industry. >> reporter: earlier this year yummie tummie's lawyers wrote a cease and desist letter to spanx, and just overnight thomson wrote an open letter on the yummie tummie website. >> i needed to write it down woman to woman how i feel about this. >> reporter: but blakely isn't getting her spanx in a bunch. a spanx spokesperson tells abc news "spanx has not infringed on any valid patent and we will continue to make fabulous products for our loyal fans." spanx's lawyers also filed a complaint asking a judge to rule on the disagreement in court. >> do you, baby, because i'm doing me.
8:23 am
>> reporter: if they don't >> reporter: if the dueling divas don't settle their differences, the intimate details of their businesses could soon be squeezed out for the whole world to see. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> wow. big money at stake on that. all right, let's go upstairs to sam and lara. >> very excited. all right, all right. >> let's go. >> we want to tell you about these deals we're kicking off. thank you so much to tory johnson for bringing them, our biggest bargain blowouts. all about great buys for your home without breaking the bank. >> quick reminder, all these deals while supplies last, go to our website, on yahoo! for the promo codes and links to get what you want to buy. you should already be online right now. >> you're so pushy. >> okay, so coffee bean and tea leaf, this is their americana machine and what is amazing about this machine is under one minute you can have a cup of brewed coffee or espresso depending on what your preference is.
8:24 am
you only need one machine to do it. >> i'm on it. >> the machine and 80 capsules, regularly $206 slashed by 65%, 72 bucks. >> that's a great deal. thank you. >> let me tell you, 200 bucks is a lot for a coffeemaker. now it is worthwhile. >> all right. so check these out. babycakes. so you can make cake pops or you can make little mini pies. >> wait, you can make these at home. >> yes. you can make them at home. >> i bought it and we make these. >> the crew made these. a little cherry with chocolate glaze. so depending on what package you choose, they range from $30 to $45. yikes. slashed in half and sometimes a little more than half, $15 to $21. really fun in the kitchen. a lot of fun in the kitchen. really fun. >> i'd remember that. >> you remember these. so you'd remember sippy cups but this is like the newest innovation because it has in it this ball so that no matter where the liquid is even if it gets to the bottom your kid will
8:25 am
never get frustrated. stainless steel version. >> forget kids. >> $13 to $20. slashed in half starting at $6.50. >> sippy cup. you can't get it out. >> you guys will love this. this is a kitchenaid 12-piece cookware set that comes not only in peacock blue but vibrant red. normally $240 slashed in half, $99 plus free shipping. >> free shipping? >> free shipping. >> that's the little handles on the pots. >> stationary studios so you can write thank you notes and love notes to everybody in your life. a little sam champion, a little lara spencer, you get to choose from different fonts and beautiful motifs. regularly $66 to $166 depending on the set you choose, slashed by more than 55%, these are starting at just 30 bucks. >> wait. is there more? >> then here we go. here we go.
8:26 am
slash deal. we got a little insanity coming. >> i love these. >> yes, so this is -- this company is called lyfe kitchen. you get seven gourmet meals all under 500 calories, no artificial ingredients, no butter, no cream. super delicious you can prepare in the oven or in the microwave. what's amazing everything comes in a steam pouch so the way that it's prepared -- >> not microwave food. >> it's so healthy. >> they're so delicious. >> kale in these. the best, best ingredients. so you get seven gourmet meals normally $50, but seven gourmet meals for 25 bucks on this. all these deals plus we will have bonus deals every single hour until 9:00 p.m. tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern time, on yahoo! >> thank you. thank you. go online.
8:27 am
>> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, this morning we are learning a registered sex offender traveled with constitutes at two local high schools on a field trip in february to a college. a letter went to parents saying the man knew a district volunteer on the trip. he did not have contact with any student. >> now the morning commute. sue, where are the problems? >> it has been walnut creek with southbound 680 still sluggish to highway 24. an early accident was in pleasant hill area is now gone. a new accident westbound 580 from the central valley at north flynn. the right and left shoulders are
8:28 am
blocks so you will find slow traffic over the altamont pass. kristen? >> we will check out the forecast with our meteorolo
8:29 am
>> it is going to be foggy at the coast but at the bay and
8:30 am
inland we will be five to nine degrees above average up to the mid-70's. cooler through the happy thursday morning, everyone. the countdown is on to "dancing with the stars" and you see the latest couple right there. the new season premieres monday. but behind that screen one of the couples that will compete for the coveted mirrorball trophy. so any guesses? >> well, we have a clue. >> we have a clue. here it is. the actor who plays her brother on tv competed in season -- >> you just gave it away. >> not to me. >> for anyone who watches the disney channel. >> yeah. >> that would be all of us with little kids. >> right, there's a couple of extra clues. we'll reveal their identities ahead. also ahead, we have somebody sitting at home base, what we call home base, who's been cracking up. >> oh, no, lara --
8:31 am
>> he spilled something. >> actually he couldn't spill more than lara spills every day. >> that's right. >> he's cleaning up after her. >> jim carrey is in the house, everybody. he's got a great new movie. fasten your seat belts. it's going to be crazy. >> looking forward to that. >> all right. and, bam! >> bam! >> emeril, emeril is in the house. he's cooking up a very special breakfast in honor of one of our favorite "gma" traditions. mother's day breakfast in bed. this is the nicest thing. mom works hard. moms work hard all year, and no one gives them a break like our emeril. by the way, a special programming note about tomorrow, a -- i love how this is a programming note. honey boo boo is on the set, by the way, right here. don't miss it on "good morning america." >> yeah. >> where's the siren? >> we should have a siren. [ siren ] >> sorry i asked. >> which means only one thing, well, we've got deejay sugar ray
8:32 am
in the house and we also another slash deal in our mega deals and steals event. tory johnson, what do you got? >> here we go, baby. this is if you've ever stayed at a "w" hotel, you know the beds are extremely luxurious. and whether you've stayed at one or not, now is your chance to have a "w" bed in your home courtesy of gilt home. queen or queen size regularly starting at almost $1400 slashed in half. you get the mattress and the boxspring for $689. free shipping, and they will take away your old mattress ahead, as well. all the details on on yahoo! >> get me a computer. >> i know. >> okay, do something. >> order me one too. everybody, i want to get to our countdown on "dancing with the stars." brand-new season, of course, kicks off monday. we have another mystery couple from the cast, and who are they? if you didn't guess, zendaya and valentin chmerkovskiy.
8:33 am
>> wow! >> wow. >> good to see you. >> hello. >> hi. >> you are so beautiful. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> i love your dress. >> thank you. >> look like a spring flower. >> you do look like a spring flower. >> thank you so much. >> so, val, how is your student doing? how is zendaya doing? >> my partner zendaya is amazing. incredible student. really talented. got great energy, great focus and she's doing amazing. >> are you allowed to vote if you're under 13? >> are you allowed. >> yeah. >> because you will crush it. >> our kids are going crazy over you. >> my daughter cannot wait to meet you. she thinks you are pretty much the coolest thing on the planet >> that's awesome. so cute. i got to meet her. >> well, you are, of course, on "shake it up" on disney and we have some video
8:34 am
showing you doing a little hip-hop. you definitely got some moves. now, are these going to translate on the dance floor, val, zendaya? tell us what you think. >> hmm. >> see, here's the thing, some people would assume that because i'm a hip-hop dancer, it would be easier for me to do this -- >> no, i don't assume that. i think it's very different, right? >> it's like -- it's basically doing the exact opposite of what i'm used to so not only am i kind of learning something from the beginning but i have to forget what i already know and what's already naturally in my body so everything i naturally want to do -- >> there we go. >> right there. >> he's all about form and poise. >> hip-hop is a lot of that culture is here, you know, it's a lot of expression through the shoulders. >> can't you work some of that in? >> we could, but you can't do it in an argentine tango or the waltz. >> contemporary. >> well, there you go. contemporary. >> now look at her. she won't move -- you have to loosen up a little bit. >> it's very fitting that we have you here today because you're the latin-american dance champion. >> i'm the russian
8:35 am
latin-american. >> and the tango. >> yeah, he's argentinean so the argentine tango hopefully we'll be -- >> so will you go to the vatican to -- >> i doubt they'll have a jewish guy dancing the argentine tango. >> shake it up. >> the name of the show. >> there you go. >> "shake it up." really quickly, did roshon give you any advice? he plays your brother on the show? >> yes. >> he was a contestant. >> did very well. >> he gave some interesting advice. >> he gave me some good advice and i was asking him, i was like, you know, can you give me tips? he was like, listen, what you need to know, you need to blow your nose before you go out on stage. i was like, what, because it's live, snot will fly, and i was like, thank you so much because that's genius. >> i got to say that's very good advice. it really is. >> very legitimate advice and he's like, they got hd cameras, you don't want any of that. >> "gma" is -- >> yeah. >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> right before we came over here. >> everybody carefully.
8:36 am
>> tissues on standby. >> best of luck, and everybody tune in to catch zendaya and the rest of the cast on "dancing with the stars" this monday 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. >> abc. and we've already seen a little sneak peek. they look fantastic dancing, if you hadn't seen them behind the curtain. let's get to a little bit of weather and want everybody to know what's happening as you step outside your doors. we have your facebook pictures, your twitter pictures you sent us, by the way, give you an idea of what's going on in ft. wayne, indiana this morning. a little bit of light snow on the ground. southern california, this picture is from yesterday where the fog just kind of stayed in place around the trees there. well, that fog is still on the coastline today, and we may be a little overdone. all our friends in l.a. are saying, i'm not sure you're going to make it to 77 today but 91 for sure in phoenix and a record because once you get into the desert areas, that heat is roaring. vegas gets above 80 degrees today. back up to about 82 and vegas
8:37 am
>> all that weather, all that weather was brought to you by target. could someone explain to me what's going on in the window? what do we have? is that -- look at all these picture. only jim carrey can be in the middle of a window in times square getting folks up there to make -- jim, jim, oh, jim, oh, jim carrey. >> yes. >> no, no, in character. all right. >> yes. >> let's go upstairs to elizabeth. elizabeth. >> i don't know, sam. you're having fun down there. we have more mega deals and steals now, our home sweet home edition. and a quick reminder that you have to act fast because these deals are only good while supplies last.
8:38 am
go to on yahoo! for all the promo codes and links that you need to get these great deals. tory is back with our great bargains. what's behind door number one? >> ready for door number one. our little hotties in the kitchen. come and pull this away. >> yes. >> we can't let them go to waste. the prima direction by marcela, so this is an unbelievable -- this is a very small sampling of a very big collection of stuff that is dinnerware, drinkware, all kinds of patterns and a lot of it is safe to cook in, as well. depending what you choose -- >> you can cook in this? >> yes, it's nice and heavy. >> beautiful, beautiful, the pieces range from $8 to $35 depending on what you choose and every single item is slashed in half starting at just $4. [ sirens ] >> yes, beautiful.
8:39 am
and this is just a small selection. ready to pull this door away? >> yes. [ sirens ] >> we have a surprise. hi. so i have begged carla for a year to have these on "good morning america." >> so delicious. >> these are our petite cookies, big flavors, small bites, they range from 7 calories to 10 calories. >> each? >> each. >> i dare you to eat just one. >> you can have a little bit of this, a little bit of that. we have the mexican chocolate chip, the cinnamon mexican. pecan shortbed and lemon black pepper. you have to try them. >> normally the three little pieces together are $16, carla slashed this in half, 8 bucks. >> thank you. thank you. >> okay, and look at who came with something special. who knew. >> how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> emeril, this is another one.
8:40 am
we've been begging emeril for so long and delivered. big 15-piece set. tell us about it. >> every possible knife from a slicer to a santoku to a bread knife, paring knife and a set of steak knives with the block so 15 pieces of this -- >> wow. >> in this stainless with this very cool handle. >> not only slice the vegetables but the price. normally $120 slashed in half, 60 bucks and emeril has thrown in free shipping. free shipping. all right, you guys, you hear the sirens. yes. it's unbelievable. [ siren [ you got the sirens, here we go. also from the "w" hotel, a towel collection. 16-piece towel collection, 100% cotton. a beautiful, beautiful set. regularly $84 slashed also in half, 42 bucks plus free shipping and we've got deals all day long until 9:00 p.m. on on yahoo! >> to get all the codes and links on yahoo!
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and she'll have an exclusive deal right through 9:00 p.m. all available on our websit
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8:43 am
♪ do the count again. do the count. i wasn't ready. i wasn't ready. >> welcome to the best four minutes of your day right here. jim carrey from "the incredible burt wonderstone" here today.
8:44 am
>> the pope has retired! the new pope has retired. >> there's some breaking news from jim carrey right there. >> that's right. >> see, we were talking to steve carell yesterday, and he laughed every time your name came up. he said the character you play and he's right about this, steve gray -- >> it's a defense mechanism. >> brain rapist. >> yeah. >> insane character. >> he's a beautiful svengali control meister, and he loves to get inside you and, you know, kind of undermine your confidence, you know, he feigns disinterest in the trappings of life, and yet that's all he wants. >> let's show it. >> sound familiar, george? >> it certainly does. i'm feeling it right now. >> it means i take people's nightmares and turn them into dream realities. >> what is a dream reality? >> and you are? >> well, hold on a minute there, steve gray. you're telling us you don't know who grant holloway is? >> never heard of him. >> we owe this man everything and you don't know who he is. >> i didn't say i don't know who he is.
8:45 am
i said i've never heard of him. your skin makes me cry. >> this floating thing was hilarious because after i did it in rehearsal, i'm on my tippy toes doing a fred flintstone out there and they wanted to put a truck under me with a crane and stuff like that, i said, no. >> steve said so much of this came from you. where did you pull this guy out of? >> well, you know, it's like years of psychology. you know, a little spirituality thrown in there and those things together can be a dangerous weapon. >> it's also one of the few scenes in the movie we saw where you wear a shirt. >> yes, exactly. yeah, i finally got to take my shirt off in a movie. thank goodness. i hadn't done it before because matthew mcconaughey was doing that everywhere. >> he's got that cornered. here's your pose. >> not exactly magic mike but more tragic mike really.
8:46 am
>> pretty good shape and also designed your own tattoo. >> uh-huh. a bit of an artist and i got to actually lend the tattoo to the movie company and design it myself and my makeup artist billy corso, we refined it together, and it was kind of cool. >> also cool that you just announced this news that the pope has retired. >> exactly. >> but before he retired we actually saw that sign yesterday on the sistine chapel, the seagulls. >> yeah, everybody saying it's a sign, crazy sign. we want it so bad to be a design. >> we do, don't we? >> it's amazing how much that seagull -- how much publicity that seagull got. i swear the next time they vote for a pope, kim kardashian is going to be perched up there. >> well, you know, dennis rodman was close by. >> yeah, exactly. >> that was really something. i also want to talk about a couple things you have coming up. you'll be back singing again with the eels? >> yeah, i got together to with
8:47 am
the eels to do a song i wrote and it's called "cold dead hand" and -- >> charlton heston. >> charlton heston is in there. charlton heston is in there. yeah, i did a charlton heston impression. i don't know if we have that picture. it's not going to make him happy wherever he is and, yes. but, you know, to me comedy is the best way to deal with stuff and to me, you know, tragic circumstances as far as i'm concerned are an invitation from the universe to let go of old ways, you know, and kind of, you know, let go of our addiction to violence and our entitlement to it, now he so i'm in my way trying to get my message out. >> i cannot wait to see it. thank you for making us laugh. >> great to be here, man. great to see you. >> "the incredible burt
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ i'm walking on sunshine who's that handsome guy? who is the guy on the back of the box and says everything we need to say. emeril, "good morning america." emeril's mother's day break fashion in bed is coming up. >> it is. >> 13th year, by the way, and you'll be showing us some of the meals that you will actually be serving for the winner of our breakfast in bed. >> that's right. well, here's what we're going to do today, sam. we'll make two dishes. we'll make a panini with steak and eggs. we'll saute mushrooms and onions and a little bit of garlic in some oil and scramble some eggs as i'm doing right here preferably in a nonstick pan. >> mom deserves a steak for breakfast. she works hard all year. oh, em, look at that. it is just perfectly seared on that side. >> you can use a rib eye. you can use sirloin, whatever you want.
8:51 am
now what we'll do is take the english muffins, once the steak is cooked, this is rare to medium rare, you're going to let it rest a bit, butter the muffins and layer the scrambled eggs with muffins, steak on top, cheese is optional, either cheddar cheese or -- >> put these in -- >> no, all in there. >> into the panini. >> they form a sandwich like this. and then what we're going to do is put them right in there and fry them up. put them right in there. assemble them. do the press. it'll press real good. now, watch this. how are you doing? >> how are you doing, emeril? >> good to see you. >> so this is what they look like after they're pressed. that's hot, sam. >> all right. >> that's hot. >> that's perfect for me. >> here's a little plate here, buddy. >> i don't need a plate. >> here's a napkin. you do need that. >> i need a napkin. >> this is a hot one. so, elizabeth, cut that in half for me. >> okay, with your emeril knife. >> yeah, there you go. so here's another thing, so we got a bunch of these steak and
8:52 am
egg sandwiches, but then look at this. this is what i call a little lyonnaise, yeah, so a little frisee which is like a little chickerry. and just sunny side egg, salt and pepper and then what we do is put a little aioli and also, you know what, with the steak sandwich, if you want, you can do a little of this sriracha. just a little bit. >> how hot is this? >> a little sriracha right in there. >> here's the deal. does your mom deserve breakfast in bed? >> yes, she does. >> yes, she does. go to on yahoo! and find out how you can nominate your special mom for emeril's mother's day breakfast in bed. listen, don't miss it. don't miss it. >> don't miss it. >> these are all available on our website, as well. we'll see you in just a minute. >> do you like it? >> wow. >> emeril's mother's day
8:53 am
breakfast in bed brought to you
8:54 am
8:55 am
big thanks to deejay sugar ray for spinning us through the money. we got to go right back up to tory. one more mega deal and steal. >> the big surprise is everybody here is going home with a mega deal, so look under your seat to see what you guys have got. very fun morning. [ siren ] >> whoo!
8:56 am
>> that's great. everybody got a prize. everybody wins. tomorrow on "good morning america," everybody's favorite reality tv star, honey boo boo and her family right here on "gma." >> emeril will come back for that. >> oh, yeah. >> "gma live" next. log on.
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8:59 am
>> now from abc7 news, good morning. a massive thanksgiving for pope plan advertise is held at st. mary 'cathedral at noon, the head of the ambassador die size asked for every parish or institution that has mass celebrate the thanksgiving mass for the new pope. temperatures are still warm today. >> we will be above average with the extra cloud cover that we will have, the high clouds will drop our temperatures 2 degrees to 6 degrees but we will be above average with low-to-mid 70's and near 50 at the coast. >> we have a new accident in


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