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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 15, 2013 11:35pm-12:35am PDT

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as far as i can tell, the biggest difference is starting soon photos and videos will be larger. so the old facebook looks like this and the new one is going to look like this. i can't wait. i wish i could just go to sleep and wake up after it happens. zuckerberg said that with this improved news feed, facebook hopes to give the world "the best personalized newspaper that we can." i think he's playing it a little bit loose with the word newspaper. a newspaper tells us that north korea is threatening to attack us, not that your friend jody went to panera bread this afternoon. [ applause ] that is not news. that is not news. new york city mayor michael bloomberg has a new crusade. he wants people to stop listening to loud music in their headphones. i didn't see the movie, wasn't that the plot of "footloose"? actually over the past few shows, bloomberg has banned smoking in public, transfats and
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sodas larger than 16 ounces in the city of new york. now he wants people to stop listening to loud music. maybe i'm wrong but the last time i checked, mike bloomberg is only a mayor. my headphones are named by a doctor named dre. [ applause ] i don't recall asking for a second opinion. mayor bloomberg must throw the worst parties ever. how long before he just starts showing up on street corners and whacking the hot dogs out of people's hands. [ laughter ] here's an adorable picture. kate middleton, the lady they hired to be the next queen of england, visited a fire and rescue station in northern england this weekend. she met this little guy, who gave her a one-fingered salute. you know, when you greet the future queen, you're supposed to pick your nose with your pinky in the air. the boy is currently serving a life sentence at the tower of london. have you been following the unusual vacation plans of dennis rodman? dennis rodman was in north korea last week where he spent some quality time with the supreme
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leader of north korea, kim jong un. the leader of the country that this morning promised to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against us. there they are sharing a hug. very sweet. i know this sounds like a bad movie plot, but we might need donald trump to fire dennis rodman from celebrity apprentice so he can save us from obliteration. dennis rodman's publicist said he wants to go back to north korea sometime in the next six months and he wants to use his new friendship with kim jong un to help broker peace between the united states and north korea. maybe we should let him try. we already let our smartest people try to work out peace. why not let our dumbest person take a crack at it, too. [ applause ] it's just so crazy it might kill everyone. [ laughter ] this is funny. while the worldwide web was built to connect people and act as a catalyst for the sharing of information and ideas, i think i happened upon a more significant reason the web
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exists and that is so that everyone, whether they be man, woman or child, can enjoy the simple pleasure of watching a dog listen to rap music. ♪ [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: we found the actual snoop dogg. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] he exists. the only dog with a medical marijuana license. new issue of "entertainment weekly" hits newstands tomorrow, and on the cover is matt damon and his boyfriend liberace. stars of the new movie "behind the candelabra," or is it "candelabra in the behind." i'm not sure. [ laughter ] but i'm excited about this. i'm very excited.
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i don't know if they're doing a movie about live race or siegfried and roy from those outfits. if you have a copy of this magazine, mail it to me. i want to collect a thousand of them and use them as wrapping paper for the rest of my life. the much anticipated movie "oz the great and powerful" opens tomorrow. this is a prequel to "the wizard of oz" starring james franco, mila kunis, rachel weisz, michelle williams, and zach braff. the film was directed by sam raimi. the trailer looks really good. >> am i dreaming? >> it's the emerald city. >> you are here at last. and the prophesy shall be fulfilled. >> you have a dipstick for health. it's called your penis. the real age of your vagina is 73 years old. >> oh, my gosh. >> for the first time ever, you're going to perform a hemorrhoid procedure on me.
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>> me? >> his penis sort of looks like this. >> let's say this is your pubic hair, okay? you like the hairy nipples? i'll be the vagina. >> jimmy: he really is great and powerful. winter storm saturn, it started in montana, it barrelled through chicago, it's now hammering the east coast. more than 4,400 flights have been cancelled. more than 200,000 homes lost power. experts are predicting this storm could force millions of people to stay home and interact with their families and that is about as bad as it gets. so we thought it would be fun to play a game with two families who are indeed stuck at home tonight. it's the winter weather edition of our skype scavenger hunt. all of our competitors tonight come to us from the state of massachusetts. first up joining us live via skype it's the smith family,
11:41 pm
patrick, molly, jack and charlie. how are you? >> good. >> jimmy: how's the weather there right now? >> bad. >> miserable. >> horrible. >> jimmy: are you in school or are you out of school because of the cold? >> out of school. >> jimmy: that is the worst case scenario, isn't it? you will be playing against a family from norwood. please welcome mica and mason. dy pronounce your last name correctly? is it snowing there right now? >> it is snowing pretty hard here, yep. >> jimmy: it's snowing pretty hard. are you guys in school too? >> yes. >> crossing our fingers that they're going to cancel it soon. >> jimmy: who's crossing fingers? >> everyone is. we work at schools too so -- >> jimmy: the rules of this game are very simple. it's a scavenger hunt. i'll ask you to find something or do something and you find it or do it. okay? you guys ready to play?
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>> yeah. >> jimmy: okay, great. the first round, i would like the dads -- i want micah and patrick to run to the bedroom, put on a bathing suit, just a bathing suit, and come back, okay? go! now, hold on a second -- the rest of you guys, i want you to run outside, grab snowballs, and when dad comes back, nail him with it, okay? yes, go get snowballs real quick. when dad comes back, hit him with the snowballs. okay, fast, fast. before he gets back. he comes back, he'll think the family has abandoned him. okay. oh, wait. now, wait a minute. all right. they both chickened out and have their shirts on. smiths, hit your dad with a snowball! okay. all right. pretty good. you know what? i'm not giving anyone points for
11:43 pm
that. they should have come back with no clothes on, right? all right, guys. we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, we'll continue with this. it's the skype scavenger hunt. plus kobe bryant, dominic moynahan, music from rival sons. and "this week in unnecessary censorship" when we come back. we'll be right back. ,, [ male announcer ] the lexus command performance sales event has begun. featuring the exhilarating is. ♪ engineered to take on the most thrilling curves no matter where they are. the lexus is performance line. real performance demands real precision. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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♪ and it's beautiful >> jimmy: hi there. welcome back. kobe bryant, dominic moynahan, and rival sons are backstage waiting to see you anxiously. but first, the weather is cold, but the competition is just heating up as we play round two of our winter weather skype scavenger hunt. we welcome back the families both from massachusetts. both very competitive.
11:48 pm
right now they are tied with no points, but we are far from finished. are you ready for your next challenge? >> we're ready. >> jimmy: most of you are. all right. here's your challenge. are you ready? i want you to come back with all the soup in your house. most soup wins. yeah, everybody. everybody help. all right. the smiths seem very relaxed about this. the haubens, i don't know what's going on in that house. might be haunted or something. it's interesting to look into people's houses, isn't it? i mean, everybody's got their kind of thing. oh, wait a minute. what's going on? there's an intruder. two cans of soup. three cans of soup. the haubens have two cans of soup. the haubens have -- only two cans of soup in the whole house? those look like baked beans, by the way.
11:49 pm
oh, my. the soup just keeps coming with the smiths. all right. you know what? unless mike -- okay, we're going to give this one to the smiths. you have the most cans of soup. and what's that in the plastic container? >> homemade soup. >> it smells horrible. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right, the smiths are up 1-0. the next one is a physical challenge. you're all a part of this. i want you all to dance like you're falling snow flakes. okay? dance like falling snow flakes. okay? okay. let's see. very gentle dancing. very gentle dancing. really good dancing going on. all right. you know what? everybody did a really good job. [ applause ] we're going to call that a tie. all right, that one's even. everybody gets a point for that
11:50 pm
one. all right. our final challenge, i would like you to get the youngest member of your family dressed up for the snow. charlie and mason -- when i say -- i want each family. leave the youngest there. grab boots, a sweater, winter coat, gloves or mittens and a scarf. come back and put them on your kid. okay? boots sweater, winter coast, gloves, mittens and scarf. okay? okay, great. this is the slowest scavenger hunt we've ever had. i guess when the temperature gets low -- oh, there goes mason. he's disappeared. jack is not helping. [ laughter ] the skype family torture. get him dressed, get him dressed, get him dressed quickly! the haubens are in the lead. they've got the jacket on.
11:51 pm
okay, all right. are you completely dressed there, charlie? charlie is completely dressed! the smiths win! [ applause ] oh, the poor hauben family. he's dancing like a snow flake again. you know what he? nobody's going home empty handed. you're all winners because both families will receive a great prize package. tell them what they won. >> dicky: each family will receive a beautiful new snow cone machine and a 50-pound bag of rock salt. a glasses to both our families. thank i guys for playing. we appreciate it. the smiths and the haubens. one more thing, it's thursday night. it's time for our weekly tribute to the fcc. it is "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> artistry and intrigue go hand in hand at russia's [ expletive ] ballet.
11:52 pm
>> don't [ bleep ] me. >> was maks fired from "dancing with the stars" because his [ bleep ] was too big for the dance floor? >> first time you worked with tina fey and there's a steamy [ bleep ] scene. >> there is. >> it's very tough to [ bleep ] you for the second time. >> or the third time for me. >> let's get pumped up, powered up, and [ bleep ] up. >> very nice. >> will pauly d ever [ bleep ]? >> of course. >> there's a cardiologist, chauncey crandall, real high on [ bleep ]. so [ bleep ] is good for your body. it cleanses it out. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm [ bleep ] amazing right now. >> we now have a lap dog, throw up our leg [ expletive ] lap dog media. >> snooki says she lost the first 20 pounds just by [ bleep ]. >> polar bear, there are lots of [ bleep ] around here. it's not safe for you here. >> britney and i were [ bleep ]
11:53 pm
when i was paying robin back. all [ bleep ], numerous times we were all [ bleep ]. >> what about now? you guys are still [ bleep ]? >> no, not now. >> jimmy: we have a good show tonight. we'll be right back with kobe bryant, so stick around. ,, wow, 10 days of allergy relief.
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>> jimmy: tonight on the program, you can see him touching snakes and bugs on "wild things with dominic moynahan." the season finale is tuesday night on bbc america. dominic moynahan is here. [ cheers and applause ] and then this is their album, it comes out on march 19th, it's called "head down," making their united states television debut, rival sons from the sony stage tonight. our first guest, unprecedented success over the past 17 seasons in the nba proves what i've always said, and that is college is for suckers. he is a five-time nba champion and 15-time all-star. he is willing his team into the playoffs whether they like it or not, from your los angeles lakers, please welcome kobe bryant. [ cheers and applause ]
11:59 pm
>> jimmy: i have the snazzy shoes. >> looking good, man, looking good. >> jimmy: man, those are ridiculous. how are you? >> i'm good, man, i'm good. joimplg all right. >> i heard your daughter is here with you tonight. >> yeah. i take her to work with me every now and then. >> jimmy: how old is she? >> 6. a competitive little sucker too, man. >> jimmy: i wonder where she gets that. in what ways is she competitive? >> she wants to compete in everything. we can't compete on who finishes breakfast first. who falls asleep first. we have no idea of tracking who won that. but she has a competitive gene.
12:00 am
her sister does, too. >> jimmy: maybe you should have an official in your house at all times to blow wilves. >> when i wind up having to officiate everything, it becomes a mess. >> jimmy: it's good for you to be on the other end of that every once in a while. you had some game last night. i mean, that was unbelievable. [ cheers and applause ] these games are so important now. you're down, you hold the hornets -- you outscored them 20-0, i think, to close out the game. >> it's about time we start playing some kind of defense. it was tough. >> jimmy: has this been the hardest season for you so far? >> physically, yeah. it's been pretty taxing physically for me. >> jimmy: only physically? >> 17 years in, playing all these minutes, i have to do a lot to make sure my body's recovered and ready to play the next game. >> jimmy: this is a team that there were high expectations when you come into the season. you guys miraculously sign steve nash and dwight howard.
12:01 am
all of a sudden you're i think just behind miami as far as the favorites to win the nba title. and then things get off to a terrible start. but i have a theory about this. and that is you have intentionally done this so that you can come from behind, squeak into the playoffs, and complete the greatest nba run in the history of basketball. yeah? [ cheers and applause ] >> yes. >> jimmy: i knew it. >> i mean, it's los angeles. what's a laker team in l.a. without drama? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: some serious drama this year, though. >> a little bit. >> jimmy: do you feel like your teammates are playing as hard as you would like them to? >> i do. at the start of the year was tough, though, because you've got so many different pieces coming in. we obviously had a coaching change. we had to adjust to the system. we had all these injuries. so it was a lot of moving pieces. but right now, i feel like we're in a good place. >> jimmy: you're a game and a half out of the playoffs. you've guaranteed that the team will make the playoffs. what do the other guys say when you go and guarantee that the team is going to make it?
12:02 am
>> well, i mean, if anybody in that locker room would have said well, i don't know if we're going to make it -- >> jimmy: you would have swallowed them whole. >> i would have called the buss family and said cut this guy right now. get him out of here. [ applause ] >> jimmy: so there's not a spirit of openness and communication going on in that locker room? >> there is, as long as it's a winning one. >> jimmy: but that's what we want to hear. i see you out there and i think this guy is crazy. i mean, you -- to the point where you will just completely take a game over if you have to. >> yeah, well i care about it so much. last night's game was really tough. but you just try to keep a good spirit, remain competitive and just try to stay within striking distance even though being down 25 points doesn't really seem like striking distance. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what do you feel like when you're outscoring a team 20-0?
12:03 am
>> you don't realize it. at least i didn't. i don't know if my teammates did or not. but i was just trying to think about we're getting close, let's not let the game slip away. we work so hard to get back into contention. let's not turn it over here. let's not give an easy point here and let the game slip away because we work so hard to get back. >> jimmy: on another topic, you played with dennis rodman for a short time. do you think he is the solution to our problem with north korea? [ laughter ] do you think that he is the guy to go over there? >> you know, it's a crazy world, man. you never know. who the hell knows? >> jimmy: in this case, i feel like we know. >> our president is a chicago bulls fan. dennis obviously has a great history with that. north korea -- i mean, i think we're all probably just as shocked as everybody else is here about that. it's a weird world. >> jimmy: have you ever gotten any overtures from kim jong un? him being a big nba fan, i would madge he's a fan of yours, too. >> i haven't heard anything yet.
12:04 am
>> jimmy: would you go over there and focus on stopping this potential nuclear warhead that could come over? that seems more important than the game. >> yeah, but i'd probably pass. >> jimmy: you would pass on that one? >> i'd probably pass. >>. >> jimmy: oh, for once you're passing. [ laughter ] [ applause ] my house gets burned down but you're passing. you've been on twitter all of a sudden. you decided to go on twitter, like a few months ago, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: and already have a million and a half followers, which is unbelievable to get them that quickly. why are you on twitter? >> just for fun, i guess. i mean, you know, for laughs. >> jimmy: you put that your new nickname is vino. who gave you that nickname? >> it's kind of unfair because one of my friends is a copyrighter. so i've known him for a long time. he just threw that out there to me. >> jimmy: because you age like fine wine. that's what he said.
12:05 am
>> that's what he says. >> jimmy: so vino, you've been putting it as a hashtag on your tweets and now people think, oh, he's drunk. he's drinking. he's putting vino at the end of this. >> there are some people on twitter, reading comprehension is probably not one of their strengths. but last night, i kind of hashtaged something last night, it's kind of like maybe i shouldn't have written that. >> jimmy: that's the trouble with twitter, is at any time you can speak to anyone. >> i thought oh, to hell with it. whatever. >> jimmy: that's good. on the court, none of that stuff. we're going to take a quick break. kobe bryant is with us. he's from the los angeles lakers. we'll be right back. when did you know that grandma was the one? when her sister dumped me. grandpa was my dad a good athlete? no. oh dad, you remember my friend alex? yeah. the one that had the work done...
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bryant attacking. he dunks it home! another 30-point game. he got there with this. just think if he could palm the ball. >> jimmy: i wish i could do that just one time. kobe bryant is here. and i realize that's never going to happen. do you still have that basketball camp for kids? >> i do. i have it every summer. we're doing it in santa barbara. >> jimmy: maybe i can come to that. maybe i can play in that. >> you should. >> jimmy: i'm 45 years old. is it too late for me to be able to dunk? >> no.
12:12 am
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: kids come from all over the country to this camp? >> yeah, we bring them from all over. we just try to teach them to play the right way. it's funny. like i'll put them in the triangle offense and i have these 8-year-olds running the triangle offense. it's hilarious. >> jimmy: i would imagine you being the way you are do not let the kids win. >> what, like playing one-on-one and things like that? >> jimmy: yeah, whatever. >> yeah, no. every year i get challenged from different kids, different age groups and i'll play them. absolutely. >> jimmy: have any of them beat you? >> no, i can't let that happen. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, you can't let that happen. >> maybe a bucket every now and then. >> jimmy: when you were a kid in italy, didn't a team try to -- they buy players over there, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: how old were you when that happened? >> 11. yeah, they tried to purchase me. >> jimmy: who are they buying you from, your parents? >> well, you play on certain clubs. over there, they don't have high school sports. so you have different clubs.
12:13 am
and as you advance, ultimately you want to get to the professional level, the professional club team. but during that process, if another team sees a talented young player, they'll try to buy you. >> jimmy: that's crazy. >> i know, it's nuts. >> jimmy: my parents -- for a garage door opener, they would have sold me. >> it wasn't happening. >> jimmy: you have one year left on your contract. >> yes. >> jimmy: you said something to the effect of you can't imagine retiring without another ring. now when you say that, does that mean a ring with the lakers or just a ring in general? >> no, i'm not going anywhere. [ cheers and applause ] i couldn't possibly. i've been very fortunate to be with one organization. and i just feel like you should just try to do the best that you can can to win with the organization that you're with. if it happens, great. if it doesn't, it doesn't. >> jimmy: it's so rare that a superstar player in any sport stays with the team the whole time. it really does sully it at the
12:14 am
end of career to suddenly play with somebody else. >> yeah, like i said, i've been very blessed to be with a fantastic organization. i truly have. i'll be -- it's coming to an end. i'm happy that it will be with the lakers uniform. >> jimmy: how soon do you think it's coming to an end? >> it will be soon. sure, sure. i know -- aw -- i've played 20 years. i came into the league, i had an afro and i can't grow one now if i tried. >> jimmy: we're going to give you a wig and keep you playing for another 15 years. kobe bryant, everybody. the lakers this sunday at 3:30 eastern here on abc. we'll be right back with dominic moynahan. can't get enough kimmel? find highlights and more at only the best dishes make applebee's 2 for $20 menu,
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>> jimmy: still to come, music from rival sons. our next guest is an actor, he's the former bassist from drive shaft, and now amateur bug fondler.
12:20 am
the season finale of his document tritt series "wild things with dominic moynahan" airs on bbc america next tuesday night at 10:00. please welcome dominic moynahan. you seem so much smaller now after kobe was here. >> i know, yeah. >> jimmy: did you talk to kobe. >> i did. i hope they weren't real leopards that he's wearing. i know he's a big guy. it wasn't a real leopard cat. >> jimmy: it was a whole family of leopards went into those shoes. >> did you notice my impression? >> jimmy: yes, i did. >> what did you think it wases? because i've been doing impressions recently. what do you think that was? >> jimmy: what was that an impression of? >> do you want me to do it again? i'll do it again. what is that? >> jimmy: an animal. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i don't know, a sloth? >> close.
12:21 am
it's a lady who's lost herring on the dance floor. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you threw me off there. >> i'm doing -- it's a whole impression season. you want me to do a few more? >> jimmy: no, i don't. >> but they're good. >> jimmy: i want to ask you a question. i have a great question four and then we can get back to your impressions because i heard a little something but today. just a few minutes before the show started. a mutual friend of ours sent me an e-mail and said you crashed your beloved brand-new tesla automobile in the driveway of your house. >> i know who this is. >> jimmy: you crashed your car in the driveway? what happened? do an impression of that. >> no, i will not! [ applause ] >> jimmy: how new was the car? >> let me ask you a question yourself. >> jimmy: yes? >> did this e-mail come from j.j. abrams? >> jimmy: yes, it did. >> i did that idiotic thing where i have a certain spot where my car should go.
12:22 am
and i backed up a little bit further back flow it so i thought, okay, i'm going to push forward a foot and a half so i'm not quite as far back. thought it was in drive. but it was in reverse. and i hit my surf rack. >> jimmy: oh, beautiful. and how much damage did you do? >> well, it's a tesla so teslas don't tend to make spare parts. so you're talking about $10,000. >> jimmy: that's terrible. >> for a trunk. >> jimmy: you don't need a trunk really. >> just do a whole convertible thing. >> jimmy: i want to talk about your show. >> did you love it? >> jimmy: i did. >> i made this type of show for you because i know you have that kinship with wild beasts. >> jimmy: but i'll tell you something, i don't have akinship with wild beasts but i did enjoy it because i was able to look at them and enjoy them without fearing them. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and you are -- really what you do is ridiculous on the show. >> thank you, thank you. >> jimmy: it's ridiculous. you're picking things -- you're not one of those animal guys that we see on tv. you're an actor. you're not supposed to be
12:23 am
picking snakes up. you're not supposed to pick up spiders and centipedes that turn your body into liquid. >> i'm not a herpetologist, i'm not a biologist, but what i am is an enthusiastic animal person. >> jimmy: those are the guys that get killed. >> that's potentially true. it's like flying, the more you fly, the more you risk your chance of being in a plane crash. the more i handle a snake, the more chance i have of being bitten by a snake. but i'm willing to give myself over to nature to send that message across that these animals are important and amazing. you're talking about animals that are getting crushed on a daily basis by people, ants and bees and stuff. people think they're silly and unimportant so you just crush them. >> jimmy: you realize if a spider, for instance, killed you, i would say let's kill all of that spider in the world. that would be the result of that. >> right, but that's not the way to go. obviously i volunteered for this job and it's something that i want to do. but let's take for example the honey bee, right? this animal that sometimes lands on you and people shove away and maybe crush. this is an animal that makes honey.
12:24 am
that alone is outstanding. but then the honey bee doesn't make anything that we don't use. it makes wax. we use it. it collects pollen, we use it. it makes a thing which is when a plant is overly pollinated, it releases a kind of glue so that the honey bee can't make any more honey from that nectar. that glue creates this thing. you can use it to heal wounds. it's actually an antiseptic. these animals are amazing. the worker honey bee secretes -- yes -- a type of grease from its brain and that creates the queen. so when they want a queen, the worker bees create a liquid from their mind, jimmy -- >> jimmy: it is amazing. >> and they feed it to the baby bees and that becomes a queen. you talk about a sophisticated community. and we kill them. meanwhile, we as humans, we can't organize the fact that we're having sex too much.
12:25 am
the fact that we don't have enough space to live in. >> jimmy: are you having sex too much? >> i am, actually. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: let's show a clip here. i want to ask you about this. >> hopefully we can get close enough to this rattlesnake to show you just how fast they can strike. yeah! that was a strike. yeah! look at that. a little bit of venom. that's quite a lot of venom, actually. not a dry bite. and venom, it's kind of sticky. ends up feeling a little bit like super glue. not only that, but unless venom goes into your bloodstream, it's not dangerous. i'm going to actually lick my finger. >> very tasty! >> jimmy: by the way, that is a ridiculous thing to do. you know i love you, but if you'd fallen down dead after doing that, it would be the
12:26 am
funniest thing ever captured on videotape. >> it would be like backing my tesla up into my own driveway. >> jimmy: it would be similar to that but on video, yes. >> this is my thing about wild things. i'm passionate about a lot of things, but the thing about animals and wild things that i'm trying to show is these animals that we've shown and animals that have myths associated with them, snakes and spiders and scorpions, and we know you're a little bit fearful of those animals. we say with a little bit of education, you might not feel that way. >> jimmy: that's the problem, i don't like to be educated. >> they're ignored and vilified and they're incredibly important animals. so in the second season if we do more stuff, i want to continually remind people that we can live alongside these animals and they're also important and beautiful and special. >> jimmy: i agree with you. i just don't want any part of them. >> okay. >> jimmy: the show is called "wild things with dominic moynahan." it's fun to watch. next tuesday night, 10:00. we'll be right back with rival sons.
12:27 am
>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is brought to you by sony.
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is brought to you by sony. >> jimmy: their album "head down" comes out march 19th. from long beach, california, rival sons. ♪ ♪ one day my prayers are gonna be answered, so long i been hungry for something else ♪ ♪ where there's a will and there's a way cause the lord helps those who help
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themselves ♪ ♪ hey, i keep my head down ♪ but i keep on swinging ♪ hey, i keep my head down ♪ but i keep on swinging ♪ hey, i keep my head down, but i keep on swinging ♪ ♪ hey, i keep my head down, but i keep on swinging ♪ ♪ right now somebody's counting my money ♪ ♪ so much they can't see the top of the stack ♪ ♪ there's a will, there's a way, that money's going to find my hand one day ♪ ♪ and when it does, i ain't looking back ♪ ♪ hey hey i keep my head down but i keep on swinging ♪
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♪ hey i keep my head down, but i keep on swinging ♪ ♪ hey, i keep my head down, but i keep on swinging ♪ ♪ hey, i keep my head down, but i keep on swinging ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ hey i keep my head down but i keep on swinging ♪ ♪ hey, i keep my head down, but i keep on swinging ♪ ♪ hey, i keep my head down, but i keep on swinging ♪ ♪ hey, i keep my head down, but i keep on swinging ♪ ♪ i keep on, i keep on, i keep on, swinging swinging ♪ chausz >> jimmy: i want to thank kobe bryant, i want to thank dominic moynahan, i want to apologize to matt damon. thank you for watching. "nightline" is next. "head down."
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it's out march 19th. playing us off the air with a song "you want to," once again, rival sons. good night! ♪ ♪ ♪ you got me out on the street ♪ yeah, yeah, i'm out on the street ♪ ♪ oh, i'm cold
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