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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  March 16, 2013 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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a violent gang robbery captured on a surveillance cam
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raw. police make an arrest, but tonight that man is back on the streets by mistake. good evening, everyone. i'm larry beil. dan ashley has the night off. >> i'm carolyn johnson. police are confident they arrested the right man, but a snafu in charging him forced them to let him go. and tonight he is on the fbi's most wanted list. he is believed to be armed and dangerous. abc7 news reporter alan congress is live at the detention center. why was he released? >> carolyn, that is a good question that hasn't belly expla fully explained at this time. the contra costa sheriff's department says he did released him from this jail. timing is everything, and this blunder revolves around four crucial minutes. it allowed a suspected it bank robber to walk through the doors with a chance at freedom. police say this is 22-year-old gary casdell before he jumped over over the counter in pinole and stuck a gun to the teller's head and make off with more than $3,000.
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he was quickly arrested, but he was back on the streets just three days later because of a deadline. law enforcement has 72 hours to file charges after an arrest or the suspect is released. the work day ends officially at 5:00 p.m. fight was arrested at 4:56 on friday which means the district attorney had to file charges by 5:00 p.m. on tuesday. for some reason they thought they had until wednesday. the contra costa county sheriff's department says fight did not have any outstanding warrants so they had to released him. >> they never should have let him go. he obviously robbed a bank and there is e evidence, and why over four minutes? >> iny tisht see. inefficiency. it is totally irresponsible, totally irresponsible. we have enough crazy people around. >> the senior deputy d.a. told abc7 news that we took the time because we thought we had the time. pinole police chief says his
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department was aware of the deadline, but on our end we should have been more definitive to push the time issue and we didn't. now the fbi says it is urgently trying to recapture a man who could be dangerous, desperate and willing to fight for the freedom that was mistakenly handed to him. police say he is 5 foot 8 and 180 pounds and he has ties to oakland, vallejo and antioch and also reknown, -- reno, nevada. reporting live from richmond, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you. what a mistake. also new at 11:00, a daylight attempted kidnapping in pinole. a 12-year-old girl said a man asked if she wanted a ride as she walked home from school this afternoon. when the girl said no, she claims the man grabbed her wrist, but she was able to escape. the man has been described as a young, thin adult, short hair with a brown goatee and a piercing in his right eyebrow.
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tomorrow marks a grim anniversary. sierra lamar vanished on her way to school march 16th, last year. despite countless searches by law enforcement and volunteers, there is of no sign of sierra. sergio is live in morgan hill where family and friends are planning for tomorrow's special event. sergio? >> this elementary school has basically become the sierra lamar search center, and as you can see on that board back there, they are planning a balloon released to mark the year that the 15-year-old disappeared. steve lamar, sierra's father, and a few volunteers spent the afternoon getting ready for arr. news conference tomorrow. for the whole lamar family, the last year has been rough. >> missing sierra, frustration, not knowing what happened to her and that part has made it a long year. >> tomorrow marks one year since 15-year-old sierra lamar disappeared.
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she was supposed to catch a bus to school at this intersection, but she never did. sierra's mother, marlene, noticed the teen was missing when she didn't come home from school that afternoon. >> we checked marlene's again and saw a message from the school that she was ab -- absent that day. atnt.houldn't have been that was weird. at that point we called the quickly a full-fledged search was launched with dozens turning out and teams combing the area. in a field just yards from her school bus stop, her clothes were found folded neatly in a bag, but she remains missing. >> i don't think any of us ever thought for a moment that we would be in this position now. the tragedy of it all is -- one of the tragedies is that there is somebody that knows the answers and can end this right now. >> in may, 21-year-old garcia torres was arrested and charged in-law mar's abduction and murder: still, her father says he is holding out hope
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she is alivpect.>> we have a su. the sheriff's department says it is a homicide, but as a parent i i am not going to believe that until i know for sure. >> and this is a case that still holds a lot of public attention. 234 fact, there are teams between 30 and 40 people who turn out here on2 out ond 2 out on day-long searches. i talked with the sheriff's department and they say they are still getting between 15 and 20 tips every week. some of those calls come from across the country. reporting live in morgan hill, abc7 news. >> sergio, thank you. we have developing news. a livermore daycare center was suddenly shutdown today pending an investigation by the state department of social services. livermore police say the school is closed for licensing violations, and the department has not received any reports of criminal violations. social service officials were at the school today and a notice on the front door now says closed for business.
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the notice cites health and safety code violations involving the protection of children from physical or mental abuse. police in union city are warning bank card users to beware of suspicious card readers. this after a sophisticated steas was discovered at the citibank this week. an alert customer noticed something suspicious about the card reader that allows access to this indoor atm lobby. police found the pin reader installed on the inside of a false face plate attached to the card access system. investigators warned criminal target atm and gas stations and anywhere card readers are used. the weekend is upon us and a lot of people have parade plans. sandhya patel has a look at the forecast in live doppler 7hd. >> if you are going to the st. patrick's day parade you are wonder figure the rain will holdup. let's check out live doppler 7hd. sze patches of fog -- we have patches of fog showing up here
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right over san francisco. the temperature right now 56 degrees. mid50s for oakland, san jose. 48 in half moon bay. we do have rain in the forecast. i will let you know if it will arrive for the weekend or if it will hold off until next week. carolyn? >> see you shortly. a missing scots valley man has been found in a utah library. they say matthew austin abraham is in their custody and undergoing a medical evaluation following a sury. head injury. we have surveillance image to show of 8 braye ham in sparks, in eve nef -- of abraham in sparks where a bros driver dropped him -- a bros driver dropped him off. he and a person on the bus hore trying to figure out abraham was. >> he had a couple of names he thought he might be. there was confusion about his identity. this person on the bus helped him and brought him to the library. they did some internet research and was able to find a news article from california
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and linking one of the names he thought maybe who he is. >> now, the two together contacted the police agency in salt lake who then -- rather the police agency here, and they then got in touch with salt lake city police to verify abraham's identity. a defamation lawsuit against san francisco sheriff and his wife has been dismissed. the lawsuit was filed by his neighbor and her husband. they claimed that they were falsely accused of various crimes during a case last year. madison triggered the investigation when she gave police video of a crying lopez and her bruised arm which lopez said resulted from a fight on new year's eve. minutes after a lion attacked a young intern, her co-worker arrived at the scene. >> kuz-kuz was near her and i called to her. she looked as if she was unconscious. >> up next, an exclusive interview with the head keeper
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at a fresno area wild animal park where this lion attack happened. >> and rapper lil wayne in the hospital. his condition is anything but certain tonight. >> and spring comes early to yosemite. what you will find if you are heading to the park. >> and tonight music from rival suns. who wiland kobe bryl us things. you will tell us things, right?
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north korea definitely has america's attention. they are protecting against
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possible missal attacks. kim jong-un watched a live fire exercise. chuck hagle announced 14 new missal intercepters will be built in alaska. the announcement comes in response to north korexpectedly unexpectedly quick weapons advances such as nuclear tests and long-range missal launches and an inter continental missal that could hiska alaska conceivably. but nobody knows if the american intercepter system will actually work. >> we have never had a test against the kinds of missals that north korea would shoot at us. the only way we will find out is in a real world scenario. >> north korea stepped up its rhetoric threatening to carry out preemptive nuclear attacks on washington, d.c. the head keeper where an intern was killed by a lion last week is expressing her emotions for the first time since this tragedy. the cat haven reopened after diana hanson was killed march 6th.
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the 24-year-old intern is being remembered by family and friends as a passionate conservationist. the head keeper was the first to discover hanson. she is grieving the loss of her co-worker and the four-year-old lion that was put down by first responders on the scene. >> he wasn't doing anything to cause that. that's not at all what i think. he was just being a cat. >> staff members say the usda inspects cat haven several a never found a. safety violation. an independent investigator will look into the death of a shark during a commercial shoot last week in los angeles. the 5 foot long white tipped shark died on march 6th. it was being used in a k smart commercial. the investigator was hired by the american humane association that is responsible for the safety of animals. peta says actors were diving into and out of the pool where the shark was a
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possibly causing the animal stress. the aha says no one dove into the pool. a pioneer of wine country has died. jim barrett stunned the industry in 1976 when his napa valley chardonnay beat a lineup which is known as the judgment of paris. barrett died yesterday at age 86 . his son says the cause of death was a life well lived. grammy winning rapper lil wayne is in hospital with conflicting reports about his condition. >> ♪ i have the right to remain sigh lept ♪ >> the multi platinum selling air at this time suffered a seizure. he is recovering, but tmz is reporting that wayne is in critical condition after suffering multiple seizures. they say he is in a medical -- medically enduced coma. he has had a history of seizures in recent years. this week's warm weather triggered a spectacular sight
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in yosemite. she found the water falls are already off to a big start. >> the snow capped cliffs and the bear tree branches show winter is lingering in yosemite. but the flowing water falls look more like midspring. >> i am happy to see they are flowing this much. i think the weather is absolutely perfect. >> park rangers say the warm weather melted enough snow to give the falls some extra force. you can hear and feel the power of bridle veil through its sounds and spray. visitors are soaking it all in. >> the mist is part of the fun. the mist is part of the fun. you go to disneyland and you pay to get wet. this is just nature. this is the purest water you can find. you cannot capture with the picture it feels to really watch it. >> the merced river is rising thanks to the storm and climbing temperatures. rangers say this winter brought more moisture than the
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previous one, but the snowpack is only 70% of normal. so the water falls may lose their strength by midsummer. that's why she went from co -- colinga to capture them now. >> the water falls are spectacular. they are always changing and it is never the same from day-to-day and year to year. they are breathtaking. >> and the best is yet to come.smany of the falls reach tr peak low in may. the water falls are some of the many attractions in the park. the iconic sites draw people from all-around the world all year long. in yosemite, abc7 news. we have a gorgeous weekend ahead with some rain on the way. >> not so fast. here is sandhya patel. >> well, yes, larry and carolyn, i will hold off the rain until next week. you have a chance to enjoy this as you look from our highnn definition emeryville camera. check out thethe high clouds su. the high clouds we had all day
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long larry was complaining about , they parted ways. let's check out live doppler 7hd. we are now seeing clearing as you will notice. there are patches of fog the forming along the coastline and our radar will be tracking rain. from the high definition rooftop camera there is a view of the bay bridge. the visibility is looking good. the temperatures look like 56 in fairfield and 51 in santa rosa and it is 52 in los gatos. here are the highlights. it is patchy fog at the coast overnight. it is blue and breezy for your weekend. and the rain arrives on tuesday night and it is going to hang around for pretty much all of your wednesday. so get ready to pull those umbrellas out.he for the weekend you can leave them where they r. high pressure controls the weather and it is a dry pattern for the weekend. it starts to change as the ridge loses ground by early next week. look for the fog near the coast and the patches of fog will pretty much disappear. and it will be sunny and
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breezy at times. northwesterly winds 10 to 20 miles an hour for your saturday afternoon. first thing in the morning we will see the temperatures across the entire bay area with only a few patches of fog. most of the bay area will wake up 20* pretty clear skies other than the fog. the highs for your saturday south bay, and 71 cupertino and sunshine in santa cruz and 69 degrees. same thing for mill pea it is a. it is go sh -- ties. for mill pea ties. 69 pown 10 view. 69 for mountain view. downtown san francisco is 65 degrees and daly city is 58. get you up to the north bay and you will be seeing plenty of 70s. pretty mild weather, 75 calistoga and san rafael 70 degrees. east bay temperatures in the 60s. 68 in union city. oakland, 65 for you in richmond. inland areas, in the midto upper 60s, but it is going to be warmer than normal again, 70 sick in fairfield. 70 pleasanton and 71 in livermore. here is a look at the forecast
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for the st. patrick's day parade. it is starting at second and market. it works its way to civic center plaza and the weather cannot be better. 59 degrees and in the mid60s and sunny for the 1 to 3:00 hour and then we are looking at sunshine and breezy conditions. 62 by 5:00 p.m. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, i know st. patrick's day is on sunday. you will see green and blue. that's the way i put it. a little cooler on sunday. much more of a drop in the temperatures on tuesday. mid60s inland and mid50s coast side. rain on tuesday night and it will be wet on wednesday, and then we andy out on thursday and friday.thursday ani rainfall totals, three quarters of an inch and an inch at the higher locations. >> let's move on to sports now, larry. >> not warm and sunny for the warriors unfortunately. they turned in one of their worst efforts. where is the energy? where is the urgency?
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the warriors wrapped up a two-week home stand and theyse t with a win in chicago. the bulls lost by 42 in sacramento a couple nights ago. that apparently made them angry. it wough night for the warriors. this is opening possession and two-happened slam. two-hand slam. nate robinson enjoying his visit back at oracle. back to back three's. they end the half at 20. here is a warrior highlight. and steph curry without authority. har harrison barnes clean it was all up. it was all bulls, all the time.
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derrick rose is still out and carlos boozer two hands and he hadthe night and the night is really complete with the air ball from the foul line. brother. warriors are down 36 and rally to lose by only 18. they really got crushed 113-95. a big game on the road against houston. miami heat and their 20-game win streak. lebron james 360 spin and with authority. it.t's how you do it. it. how do you stop that? how do you stop this? it is now time for your facial. james 28 points and 10 xtend their win streak to 21. it is the tngest in nba history 107-94. the world classic arrives at at&t park. they were in a must win situation in miami against puerto rico. pagan firing up his teammates before the game. 38-year-old nelson figueroa was dealing. six score less innings and allowed two hits.
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vogelsong goes 5 and two-thirds. his loan strikeout against his giant teammate pagan. a key moment in the 6th with the bases loaded and andy gonzalez doubles to left and 4-0. puerto rico -- 4-0, puerto rico. the u.s. is eliminated and so it is italy, puerto rico, the dominican republic, japan and the netherlands coming to san francisco. cactus league and giants and rangers in scottsdale. matt cane and five strong score less innings striking out bell tray. hunter pence. a two-run homer, the first of the spring and it is 2-0 giants. in the seventh and here it comes and there it goes. adios. giants beat the rangers 5-2 and the a's tied the d-backs 2-2. and now maybe we know the real reason that smith could not get to the quarterback at the end of the year plighteroffs for the 49ers. the line backer had shoulder
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surgery to fix a torn labrum. he is listed with a shoulder problem during the last two months of the season and maybe that explains why he didn't get any sacks in the fennel six games. -- in the final six games. he was hurt, but they wouldn't talk about it. abc sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> up next, where to get your irish on this weekend.
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here is a look at your wake up weather. first thing in the morning, clear skies inland and there are patches of fog near the coast. temperatures in the 40s at
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5:00 a.m. upper 40s to mid50s. lisa argen will be here tomorrow morning. carolyn, larry? >> thanks. san francisco is taking its sister city relationship with cork, ireland to a new level. >> during tomorrow's festival sisco systems will provide a live feed. revelers can use their cell phones to watch the celebrations in ireland including the mayor who is visiting the city. >> you can find a link at under see it on tv. this is the parade route you are looking at. the celebration is again tomorrow, not sunday, the 17th. it starts at 11:30 from market and second streets. the festival runs until 5:00 p.m. at civic center plaza. >> that will do it for us. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. s next.kimmle live next. >> tomorrow morning we will be back at 5ing on. >> have a good weekend.
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