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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  March 17, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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boss is right here, and the blood flows. >> hearing chin was shot in the back of the head. the suspect climbed over him to steal the cash in the cafe. at the same time the second suspect was stealing the money from ed win baxter's cash drawer at the door. >> the next thing i know, my friend jumped. suspect's gunhe gun on his friend and intervened. he was shot in the arm. it ail rye mines baxter of the day ashkenaz's owner was shot and killed the 1996. baxter was working the door that day as well. >> really shooken up. >> the berkeley police arrested one of the two suspects. he was found hiding a few feet away. the shootings have shaken this entire music community. classes were afternoon, but by this
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evening... ♪ >> the beat was back. >> like a community. the dance community and music community and just a lovely place. >> lisa: ashkenaz is celebrate its 40th anniversary. people inside are signing a get-well-soon card for shin and ellis. >> carolyn: tonight, nap ca county sheriffs investigators continue to lookors cont into the officer-involved shooting death of a man in american canyon. authorities tried to stop the man last night driving whit white peckup. he led deputies on a chase. officers opened fire. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. authorities have not yet released his identity. this is the sixth deadly officer-involved shooting in the
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bay area this month in march, officers shot and killed a kidnapping suspect in again veil. there will three shoot on march 2nd in san francisco, san jose, and union city, and on march 3rd. >> there's another con concert cancelled. and now a tour from the east coast is in jeopardy. sergio quintana is live. sergio, a scheduled contonight d tonight and another tomorrow afternoon are now off. reporter: a total of 2004 concerts have been canceled. two earlier this week, tonight was as no-good, and the sign has been put up for tomorrow's 2:00 p.m. show. it has been cancelled. ♪. reporter: tickedholders for tonight's concert were met by a
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trio of wood winds playing outside the box office. the show was cancelled. >> we can'ted to explain to them the situation and have a little music going for them to listen to and enjoy so at least they get something to hear. reporter: as they played and picketed out here, negotiations continued inside over terms for a new contract. these musicians say the san francisco symphony has several grammy awards so they deserve a bump in pay. >> the los angeles philharmonic, the chicago symphony orchestras, so we need to be able to offer competitive salaries, and we have probably the highest cost of living. reporter: on average each musician earns $165,000 a year. they're the third highest paid orchestra musicians in the country. by phone, a spokesman tells me management recognizes their talent but the organization has to strike a balance in compensation.
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>> we are experiencing economic challenges just like other americans. there's a disimpghtd pressures -- distinct pressure on ticket sales. >> beside's tonight's cancelled performance and tomorrow's, he orchestra is supposed to go on tool, to be in carnegie hall next we're. >> we're hoping to get a fair contract so we can have the time to get ready and leave for the tour, and we need to rehearse, and get ready for the concert. reporter: next wednesday is scheduled performance in new york means shipping instruments by truck to new york, and also some rehearsal time, so if the contract isn't negotiated pretty soon, that performance could be affected. i'm told negotiationses are continuing inside here tonight and may continue on into the early morning hours. reporting live in san francisco, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> carolyn: we'll hope for a
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resolution. princess cruise line awai'i tonway to hawai'i tonigha delayed launch from the ship's new home port in san francisco. the grand princessdeparted from pier 35 more than five hours behind schedule. frustrate ud passengers waited in long lines for hours as the coast guard conducted a last-minute inspection. >> the cruise line has done a really pathetic job of keeping the passengers informed as to what was going on. we've been in like for three hours. >> if this is how we're startine on the cruise? >> carolyn: the grand princess is headed for a two-w cruise to exphiz mexico. today reside glitch marks the end of a bad week for the corporation, running both princess and carnival lines.
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technical issues forced one to be towed back to port. it's been 365 days since the morgan hill teenager headed to school and was never seen again. sierra lamar disappeared a year ago. her family and friended launched a search that continues every week. sierra was honored with a balloon release from the sierra search center. her parents and sisters and neighbors were on hand. >> very hard. we think about her all the time. we live out in the country, too, and it's very difficult. we checked our property constantly. it's a horrible thing. >> carolyn: anthony garcia torres is charged and ised and iewld to enter a plea on april 4th. let's head over to leigh glaser for a check on the weather. what is happening outside?
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>> leigh: actually doing pretty good. a few high clouds here and there around the bay area, but doppler d. not picking up any returns. you may notice that also the wind is up right now. half moon bay, gusts to 23-miles-an-hour. sfo, 32. right now there's few high clouds overhead. temperatures in the 50s. rain returns next week. we'll look at the seven-day forecast straight ahead. >> carolyn: a benefit fundraiser close to the heart of the abc7 news family was held in mountain view tonight. >> carolyn: abc7 news anchor sheryl generalization, and mike nico, and don sanchez emcee eed the event to race money for the ronald mcdonald house. the house creates a supportive community for families of children with life-threatening
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diseases. still to come, rand paul for president? the new poll that could lead up to the g.o.p. favorite for 2016. >> the wildfire bushing right now and i would official -- the wildfire burning right now and officials are concerned this fire season could be one of the worst ever. >> a former 49er gives back.
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>> carolyn: pennsylvania state police are investigating a bus crash that killed the pregnant coach of a women's lacrosse team. the driver was also killed when the bus from seton hall university ran off the pennsylvania turnpike, crashing into a tree. several of the 23 passengers onboard war were injured. the 30-year-old coach was six months pregnant. her unborn child did not
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survive. >> new worries the fire season could beginning earlier than ever. right now firefighters are battling a blaze threatening 50 homes in colorado. here's the details. reporter: firefighters are desperately trying to control this blaze before high winds kick in, potentially supercharging the flames. >> there's a lot of fire on the ground. the whole west side of the fire is open, burning upslope. >> this fire started so early, much of the nation's firefighting forces are not ready. >> this time of year there's not a lot of resources available. the resources that are available come a distance. reporter: there's progress. hundreds of people forced to evacuate friday, will be able to go home tonight. >> no injuries. reporter: for colorado it's deja vu. last month this fire sent families scrambling for their lives, and in june, another massive blaze swept through the same area burning now. one person killed, 250 homes
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destroyed. >> this is becoming seemingly not unusual for colorado. reporter: heading towards number, fire danger will be hest in parts of southern california, the west, and arizona. >> carolyn: senator rand paul of kentucky won the symbolic straw poll for the next presidential candidate at the cpac conference in washington, dc. edgedley edge -- barelyd mark rubio. taking center stage, sarah palin, taking twieps at probe poke probe and new york mayor michael bloomberg. >> after helping the 49 years reach the super bowl, the tight end learned his onand uncle had been killed in new orleans by a person the police say was driving drunk. walker made an appearance today
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in san carlos with the team. he says he'll now always be part of mothers against drunk driving. >> a great cause, and i feel like that's something i want to be part of. so we teamed up to get this message across. >> walker now heads heads to tee after signing a free agent deal this week. >> a time are honored tradition on market street. the annual prescription st.~patrick's parade. >> it was a day ofbands, bands, bagpipeses and a lot of green. hundreds of people lined the streets, ending up at civic center plaza. san francisco has been hosting the parade for 162 years. and this year, leigh, the weather could not have been better. here's meteorologist leigh glaser. >> leigh: it has just been pouring down in years past.
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but a beautiful day today. this entire weekend going to be dry and mild. next week things change for us. the live doppler 7hd right now very quiet, but come tuesday ans wednesday, this thing is going to get very active as the storm system will bring the return of rain to the bay area. this is mt. tamalpais. it's a beautiful and clear sky out there. here's a look at the highs today. accept rosa, 77. concord, 73. santa cruz, 72. a nice look here of the bay bridge. san francisco, 52. half moon bay, 54. santa cruz, low 50s as well. and another shot on the reverse side of the bay bridge. 51 livermore. folks, here's a look at the forecast highlights.
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a few high clouds drifting ov, andcooler for sunday, and tn returns tuesday and wednesday. lows tonight, some of the high clouds will continue to filter by. looking for 41, santa rosa, 49, san francisco. livermore, antioch, brentwood, oakley. mid-40s. high pressure building over the bay area, responsible for the nice spring-like weather. tomorrow it will nudge a little more east. we'll bring in sunshine and high cloudiness as well. a mild day tomorrow. sunday and monday, dry days. get ready for tuesday as the leading edge of the cold front will get closer and will bring the return of the rain heading into wednesday night and -- tuesday night and wednesday. so, enjoy tomorrow. st.~patrick's day, temperatures in the 70s. 71, san jose. high clouds to venture in near the coast.
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half moon bay, 59. redwood city, palo alto and mountain view, near 70 degrees. san francisco tomorrow, 65, but some hazy sunshine, petaluma, 71. sonoma, you'll warm to 73. napa, 72. oakland, 68 tomorrow. as well as castro valley and interi, in bay, in the mid-to-low 70s, me a -- may come down a few degrees. >> here's a look ahead. irish will be smiling on us, sunshine and breezy near the coast. temperatures in the 70s inland. 60s elsewhere. then the clouds thicken up. monday, look for the rain. it moves in by tuesday afternoon. wayne, cooler and then warm back up next weekend. >> carolyn: spring about to spring. >> leigh: on wednesday. >> carolyn: look out for road closures along the thaty --
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nasty him in -- him nimitz free. there will be a detour. the closures are for construction of a bridge that will reach barret and the oakland airport. >> who is worse, the warriors or the sharks? >> mike: that's a good>> mike: . both are going to play themselves out of the postseason if they're not care. the sharks bow down to the kings. an ugly night in l.a. for the me
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in times of joy, in moments of grief, we are there. when the world looks for truth, broadcasters come through -- even when all else fails. today, with more ways than ever to experience the moments that transform our lives, americans still choose broadcast television and radio more than all otheined. we are the local broadcasters of radio and television. >> mike: sharks hosted by the kings. they beat l.a. thursday in san jose but the men that teal tied with l.a. and minnesota for the playoff spot, and need to get busy. celebrity sighting.
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jayson bateman at the game. kings out early. antianymore. the kings, the 1-0 lead. sharks on the board in the second period. patrickthe kings followed with e unanswered goals. dwight king. lights the lamp. kings win 5-2. jumping ahead of the sharks in the playoffs. >> college hoops. selection sunday sent for 3:00 p.m. saint marys on the bubble. and cal was upset by utah. pac-12 championship, 21st 21st ranked ucla and oregon in las vegas. bruins started strong. shabazz, not bad for a le got ts in a row in their st. paddy's day unis. oregon never lost the lead in the second.
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emery, sky-high for the ducks. a oregon winh 20. oregon wins the pac-12 championship for the first time since 2007 an automatic bid to the ncaa tournament. 78-69 the final. major league soccer, san jose and the columbus cruise. morrow places it perfectly to tie it. that would be the final score. 1-1. >> we'll take our final time-out before we hit the hard court. djokovic lost his first match since october. who did the deed? find out as
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>> mike: the tennis tournament of the year in indian wells in southern cal had the biggest upset of the year as juan martin del potro took care of djokovic. djokovic catches a break. del potro flubs the forehand.
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in the potro get second, del pos help. djokovic's backhand catches the net. this match went back and forth but del potro takes over late. then match point. 133-miles-an-hour ace, handing djokovic his first loss dating back to october. he'll face rafael nadal sunday. we're down to the final four in the world baseball classic, after puerto rico knocked out team u.s.a. the puerto rico and dominican republic had to play today for seedings. pagan rounding up the team for a pep talk. however, dominican republic were focused. the monster slam. and then peña, singles to right,
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scoring aybar. 2-0, the closer, francisco rodney. the only undefeated team in the baseball classic. despuerto tomorrow plays tomorr. and the winners face off tuesday at 5:00 p.m. >> let move over to cactus league action. angels and a's, top dogs. bottom first. two men on. josh reddick unloads on the pitch. 3-1 shot. we're tied at three. then after backup catcher launches a homer, cespedes guessesn o gets in on the action. bottom ninth. tied at 13. this one ends in a tie. it's also lost another split squad game to the white sox,
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split squad. giant with split squad action and lose them both, 76 to the reds, 4-3 to the indians. this sports report brought to you buy river rock casino,. >> carolyn: did you answer my question? re just we were just killing time. >> carol >> carolyn: still to come, undercover videos have changed animal cruelty laws in several states. what could be considered criminal activity to soot the videos that have made a difference. pour --
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>> carolyn: good evening. in tonight's headlines, two people are dead following a racetrack accident in
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marysville. a 68-year-old man and a 14-year-old boy in the pit area were struck by a sprint going going 90-miles-an-hour. race officials say the driver, 1-year-old from petaluma, failed to negotiate a curve during a practice run. the ashkenaz nightclub in berkeley is back open for businesses hours after last night's robbery. two employees were shot. one in the head. one suspect was caught. police are still looking for the second gunman. >> another black eye for thetioe princess cruise liner steamed under the golden gate bridge, leaving san francisco five hours late. the coast guard kept passengers waiting in line as they did a last-minute inspection of the boat. the power and influence of agriculture industry is coming under scrutiny. undercover videos on farms reveal sometimes shocking abuses of animal.
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now such citizen journalism is considered a criminal activity in several states. >> wayne, the head of the humane society, says such undercover videos have been the key to tough new antibiotic cruelty larges. >> the largest meat recall in hoyt. >> this one which exposed cruelty and unsanitary conditions. but now all of that could be coming to an end. under pressure from the agriculture industry, at least five states now have laws making it a crime to go undercoverrm pt farm properties to record videos in iowased justw passed just a few months after an abc news report featuring undercover footage at a huge iowa egg factory. >> if somebody comes on somebody else's property, through fraud or deception or lying, that is a serious violation of people's rights. reporter: agriculture industry
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lobbying groups have used influence and money to try to expand the band. they cite what happened to dairy farmers farmers of idaho. an just cover investigator got a job at their huge dairy separation last year and made these disturbing vide fellow handling the cattle. including the use of electric prods. five employees caught on tape were fired. even the owners agree it was a damning video. >> animal cruelty. >> they claim they had no idea of the mistreatment until authorities told them about the video. they say they began to get phone and e-mail death threatling me, >> killing me, my kids. >> agricultural lobbyists claim the agenda of the animal rights groups is not the humane treatment of animals but getting publicity, promoting a vegan lifestyle. >> the bettencourts concede they're now using the video they object to, to train employees in
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their zero tolerance policy for cruelty. >> some good has come from this. >> yeah. >> but not enough in the view of ady already made such undercover taping on farms illegal in five states. >> carolyn: the first person to come across an intern killed baileyon in fresno county is sharing her story tonight. 24-year-old diane ya hansen was cleaning the cage of 500-pound lion when he pounced, snapping g her neck. did not anna did not arrive at their meeting place. >> i came around the corner and i saw her behind the bush. on the ground. i called to her, and the lion was near her and looked as if she was unconscious. >> carolyn: she says hansen's death was an unfortunate
2:37 am
accident. pope francis i opened up why he took the name. the pope had an house of sorts with the thousands of journalists who covered the cardinal con alive. he took the name francis after st. francis who dedicated his life to helping the poor. while francis may use the papacy to deal with poverty, journalists say don't expect change on other social issues. >> married priests, women priests, gays and lesbian, i don't expect any change on those core teachings that have been part of the vatican lexicon for the last 30 years. >> carolyn: one week from today, next saturday, pope francis will have lunch with his predecessor. pope benedict xvi. >> some girl scouts were tricked. they thought they sold cookies to a corporate sponsor but the
2:38 am
person behind the order did not work at the company. it was all a hoax. >> she said, got somebody really bought 6,000 cookies but they really didn't. >> well, when the town heard all about it they again lining up to help out. the orders are still coming in, and the group thinks they may actually sell all those boxes. good deal. still to come, the caped crusader. how a simple idea transform her son and is now making a difference in the lives of other bay area kids. this is the last weekend of winter. we say hello to spring next week. with spring showers. we'll have another l
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>> carolyn: it can be a powerless feeling when a little one gets sick. now national the child being sick for a very long time. you might want superhero powers instead. as wayne freedman reports, danville woman can supply them. >> the rob nadal mcdonald house is not the kind of place we or anyone we care about would ever want to stay until we need it. everybody here is eithersick ory sick or knows somebody who is really sick. even six-year-old alex. he has had a relapse of a rare and difficult soft tissue disease.
2:42 am
>> he lives in the>> especiallyi >> especially tonight because it's party time. >> yeah! i want to play. >> so we're going to go ahead and do this with the lightning bolt. >> alex had no way of knowing the preparations began weeks earlier in hayward. kids had no idea what they were getting into. they had to learn to handle needles and threaded. >> don't stick yourself. >> i already did. >> the elm to elm thighs -- empathize with kids kid never met. >> what's the sickest you flu. >> the flu. >> can you imagine what these kids are going through? >> not at all. >> it may seem selfish but no. >> all thele students were making superhero capes. >> you go ahead and have the -- >> all in a day's work. if you ever need her, never question what a cape can do for.
2:43 am
>> it makes them feel as though they can conquer their battle they're facing right now. >> she knows from experience. she and her husband have throw boys. when doctors diagnosed diagnosen maddox it was tough. >> nonverbal, violent, banging his head against the wall, slapping, twirling, did not feel any pain. he would fall down bleeding, not feeling any pain. >> this is where the capes come in one day out of desperation, barbara sat down in the family room and set to sewing a miracle. >> it made him feel strong. >> maybe superhero. >> i do not -- i did have it. >> he recovered. >> it's not easy. reporter: well, one cape led to a second for a friend, and then
2:44 am
a third, and then before long barbara had made hundreds. then she got in touch with the ronald mcdonald house of stanford and they helped. >> you node -- need to say, i'm here, and then we'll call you back. >> barbara formed a charity called kiss the towed toad creation. they have now given away thousands of capes. >> my goodness. >> hugh go had intestinal surgery. joseph has leukemia. one at a time, kids come in and make selections. >> if i can bring another child or parents happiness to see their child smile when they're dog through a tough time, why wouldn't it? imagine if we didn't do somebody nice for somebody else, would we would be?
2:45 am
>> for a first-timer like brandon, it's an eye-opener. >> feels wonderful. >> late in the evening, alex and his new best friend, maddox, showed up. >> my child has several issues with autism, but one of the sickest children here. >> small victories are most significant -- we saw one, two -- >> all started with capes. that's one cape. and look where we're at now. >> strong enough to face tomorrow. >> how do you feel today? >> good. >> from the ronald mcdonald house at stanford, wayne treatman, abc7 news. >> carolyn: if you would like more information on kiss the towed -- toad creations go to and click on "see it on tv".
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love the laughter of kids. let's check in leigh glaser. >> leigh: right now we're looking at live doppler 7hd. just a few high clouds starting to move across the bay area. that actually will keep temperatures milder overnight. travel plans tomorrow, i tell you, back east, just not looking too swell. st. louis tomorrow, 35. a rain-snow mix expected. 77 degrees w some afternoon thunderstorms for new orleans. dallas looks good. snownver, fee higher elevations, and in california you bring on the sunshine and mild temperatures. l.a. tomorrow, 72. 91 degrees tomorrow for palm springs. monterey, few high clouds moving through. 59 and tahoe, 56. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. it's st.~patrick's day tomorrow, and we're looking for sunshine,
2:47 am
breezy near the coast, keep 70s inland. 60s around the bay. 50s at the beaches and then we'll bring rain in tuesday night. wednesday, the first day of spring, morning rain, afternoon spring showers and then warm things back up friday and saturday. lisa will be here tomorrow morning. >> carolyn: she will be. but i love you. >> leigh: now that right. >> carolyn: let's good to mike shumann. a potpurry of sports.
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>> mike: the. >> mike: the 49ers signed former rams safety craig dahl. he gets a three year deal. in perkily, cal football coach trying to get bears up to speed with the run and gun offense him doesn't have a quarterback but that's what spring ball is about. >> one of the things to choose the best quarterback and built the offense around them.
2:51 am
with their skillset. just being able to run the football is a factor. >> everyone is just going all out. it's hard to tell. to, everyone is doing a job. job. just got to go out there and do your thing and not worry about the competition. >> mike: sharks hosted by the kings who they beat thursday in san jose. san jose trails minnesota for the sixth playoff spod are -- spot and need to get business. child clifford beats antti niemi right there. sharks on the board 35 seconds into the second period. patrick marleau, the rebound. 14th of the year, sharks 2-1, but the kings had three unanswered goals. kings on top 5-1, go on to win >> college hoop, selection sunday set for 3:00 p.m., cal and saint mary's on the bubble. saint mary's lost to gonzaga,
2:52 am
and cal was upset by utah. pac-12 championship. ucla and oregon, in vegas. bruins started strong.r a not b. ucla up eight. oregon finely got their ducks in a row. stanley from downtown. 11 in the first half. oregon never lost the lead in the second. emery, sky high. oregon wins the pac-12 championship for the first time since 2007. it's an automatic bid to the fantasticrnament -- the tournama tournament. >> the tennis tournament had the biggest upset as del potro takes care of djokovic. in the second, del potro gets help. novak's back hand catches the net. del potro takes the second. the match went back and forth
2:53 am
but del potro takes over late. match point, del potro ends in style. 133-miles-an-hour ace, handing djokovic his first loss in 21 matches, back to october. >> down to the final four in the world baseball classic. dominican republic and puerto rico puerto had to play in miami for seeding, ridiculous, as japan and netherlands already in town. pagan rounding up the team for pregame pep talk. the dr with focus. all of got all of that. dr on top. toythen peña singles to right. aybar scores. 2-0dr. rodney slams the door in the night. dr wins 2-0. the only undefeated team in the world baseball classic.
2:54 am
the semifinals at at&t have puerto rico and japan on sunday, and the winners will play in the final tuesday at 5:00 p.m. >> let's tee it up. pga championship in florida at tampa bay's innsbruck copperhead course. this event is up for grabs. beautiful day for golf. when isn't it in florida? garcia showing have -- off the short game. nothing but net. 3-under. justin leanord on his game. a birdie on 12. tied for the lead at 6-under. streelman, 6 under 65. low of the day, tied for the lead. 16 players separated by three shots going into sunday. >> this sports report brought to by river rock casino. >> the folks will be monitoring selection sunday tomorrow. >> mike: 3:00, we'll find out if cal and saint mary's get the bid. >> carolyn: that is it for this
2:55 am
edition of abc7 news. i'm carolyn tyler. abc7 news continues tomor contiw morning at 5:00. for mike shumann, leigh glaser, thank you for
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