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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 17, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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dance league consumed last night at ashkenaz. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian said there was a special prayer session for employees. >> at ashkenaz. hearts and heads hang low. >> they cannot stop us. the fun will continue. and the peace must continue. >> this prayer circle is in honor of larry chin and stan ellis. the two employees were shot just after midnight during a robbery. >> i heard a pop, pop, pop, and i hear everybody dropping down. so i'm starting to look at my boss what should we do? my boss is right here, his head is here and the flood just flowing. >> larry chin was shot in the back of the head. suspect climbed over him to steal the cash in ashkenaz's cafe. at the same time, the second suspect was stealing the money from edwin baxter's cash drawer
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at the door. >> the next thing i know my friend jumped on me. >> he saw a suspect's gun on his friend and intervened. he was shot in the arm. it all rebounds baxter of the day ashkenaz's owner was shot and killed in 1996. baxter was working the door that day, as well. >> a little shooken up. traumatized. >> berkeley police arrested one of the two suspects. they found him hiding just a few feet away from ashkenaz. in the meantime the shootings have shacken this entire dance and music community. classes were cancelled, but -- ♪ >> the beat was back. the dance community, the music community is just a lovely -- a lovely place. >> ashkenaz is celebrating its 40th anniversary. >> the people inside are signing a get well soon card for chin and ellis. both men are in stable
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condition. in berkeley, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> this afternoon's performance of the san francisco symphony is cancelled because of the ongoing strike by symphony musicians. last night's concert and two a performances also were cancelled. abc7 news reporter sergio tells us this week's prestigious tour of the east coast is also in jeopardy. >> we wanted to be here to explain to them the situation and just -- have a little music going for them to listen to and to enjoy so at least they get something to hear. >> as they played and picketed out here, negotiations continued inside over terms for a new contract. these musicians say the san francisco symphony has a stellar pedigree, including several grammy awards so they deserve a bump in pay. >> the other work straws also he
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prestigious work straws. >> on average each earned about $165,000 a year. they are the third highest-paid orchestra musicians in the country. by phone a symphony spokesman said management recognizes their talent but the organization has to strike a balance. >> we are experiencing the same economic challenges that many other americans and of in our organizations are. there are pressures on our philanthrope by. on our ticket sales. >> they canceled tonight's performance and tomorrow's. the orchestra is supposed to go on tour and schedule to be at carnegie hall in new york. >> we hope to get a fair contract so we have the time to get ready and leave for the tour. we need to rehearse and prepare for our concert. >> wednesday's scheduled performance in new york means shipping instruments to new york
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and also some rehearsal time. if a contract isn't negotiated here very soon, that performance could also be affected. in san francisco, abc7 news. princess cruise line passengers are finally on their way to hawaii this morning after a delayed launch from the ship's new home port in san francisco. the grand princess departed from pier35 about 9:45 last night. that was more than five hours behind schedule. frustrated passengers waited in long lines for hours as the coast guard conducted a last-minute inspection. >> the cruise line had done a really pathetic job of keeping the passengers informed as to what was going on. we've been in line for three hours. >> if this is how we are starting off, what is going to transpire on the cruz -- crews itself? >> they are headed to a two hack cruise to hawaii and mexico.
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an emergency generator problem crippled the carnival cruise ship in mexico. it was slowed by a speed problem and technical issues forced the elation to be toad back to port. they call them all minor issues. >> pinole police released a sketch of a man who reportedly tried to abduct 12-year-old girl friday afternoon. police sketched this man who the victim said grab her by the wrist after offering her a ride. it happened as she walked home from school. he's 19 to 20 years old, six feet tall with a thin build and brown goatee. he has a piercing in his right eyebrow. his car is a silver four door. if you have any information who that might be, you are urged to contact pinole police. it's been more than a year now since a morgan hill teenager headed to school and was never seen again. sear are -- sierra lamar disappd
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a year ago. yesterday she was honored at the search center. per parents and sisters were there, as well as the neighbors affect bid her loss. >> very hard. we think about her all the time. and we live out in the country, too, and it's just very difficult. we checked our property constantly. it's a horrible thing. the man charged with murdering sierra is scheduled to enter a plea on april 4th. a benefit fundraiser close to the heart of abc7 news was held last night in mountain view. abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings and meteorologist mike miko and don sanchez you saw there were at the event. a ralph and auction were held it raise hone for the ronald macdonald house at stanford. it creates a supportive
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community for families of children with life-threatening diseases. what a wonderful event and to see don sanchez back and the beautiful forecast? >> the irish girl has green on? >> i had to because i knew if you wore green you would vanish on your green screen. >> thank you. so mild. 40s and 50s. skies clear. no fog to speak of. we will talk about how warm we will get and when the rain arrives. that's coming un. >> and pope frances makes his first sunday morning window appearance at st. peter's square. how he broke
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>> welcome back to you. 5:12 on this sunday morning. you are getting a beautiful look at san francisco from treasure island, courtesy of our photographer. early this sunday morning pressure island is going to be in the upper 60s today and sunny like most of the bay area. lease arnold has a look at maybe some rain in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> pope frances celebrated mass and gave his first blessing to thousands gathered in st. peter's square. [cheers and applause] >> he delighted the faithful by breaking with tradition right away.
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instead of reading from a prepared script, frances ad libbed remarks about god's power to forgive. the crowd roared with delight and two hours before his window appearance, frances made a surprise appearance at a gate at vatican city. he wore a simple white robe and greeted two priests and others waiting in line before returning inside to celebrate mass. pennsylvania state police are investigating a bus crash that killed a pregnant coach of a women's lacrosse team. the driver was also killed when the bus from seton hill university outside pittsburgh ran off the pennsylvania turnpike and crashed into a tree yesterday morning. several of the 23 passengers were injured. the 30-year-old coach was about six months pregnant. her unborn child did not survive. this morning nfl free agent donte stall worth is suffering from severe burns when the hot-air balloon he was raiding in hit power lines in south florida. they were taken to a trauma
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center yesterday after the accident near homestead about 35 miles south of miami. his agent said he is okay and his injuries will not affect his ability to play next season. it's been quite an eventful year already for former 4-9der tight end delany walker and it's not always been in the best way. after helping the 49ers reach the super bowl last month, walker learned his aunt and uncle had been killed in new orleans by a person police say was driving drunk. yesterday walker made an appearance in san carlos with the team. he said he will now always be a part of mothers against drunk driving. >> a great cause and i feel like that's something i want to be part of. so we teamed up to try to get this message sent across the world. >> walker is now heading to tennessee after signing a free agent deal last week. california is moving to expand medical coverage under president obama's healthcare reform. but there is a dilemma. there apparently aren't enough doctors to treat a new rush of
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insured patients. here is abc7 news capital correspondent nannette miranda to explain. >> if insurance is extended to millions often the afford angle care act next year, the state won't have enough doctors to treat the influx of patients. this man, also an open tom terrorist, points to a map that highlights in dollars where the shortage is most severe. only 16 of the 58 counties can meet the federal recommended supply of primary physicians. >> if he better going to man date every person in this country to buy health insurance, we have to make sure that care is available for them. >> they need professionals in all area. most agree they have more training than they are allowed to as you. nurse practicers would even be able to set up their own practice. >> clock brags without patient danger. >> but the proposed shake-up in
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the medical establishment is roughling some feathers at the california medical association. doctors have long been the gate keepers of medical care and worry about patients' safety under the plan. >> the concern is that they have adequate training and adequate experience for exactly the kind of patience they are seeing and they are not adequately trained, they may miss something. >> i really, really like them. they were very, you know, just like having a doctor, but they would talk a lot about my pain and i had many epidurals. >> they would rather give the money to the medical school so it can accept more students and expand the lone repayment program for graduates who take jobs in rural areas. neither will produce more doctors by january when the federal healthcare reform takes effect. and they also want more residencies in california
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hospitals. res kept can see patience immediately and each one can see an average of 600 patients during his or her training. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc7 news. >> bart is taking a second look at its bike policy this week allowing bikes on all trains at all times starting tomorrow. the new pilot program comes with a couple of restrictions. listen to this. the first car off each train is off-limits to bicycles. and during rush hour no bikes will be allowed in the first three cars of the train. bike riders will have plenty of options. most trains have between six and ten cars. the test program runs this week only. it ends friday." we should take advantage of the next few days of sunshine. meteorologist lisa argen is here now with a look at some rain. >> yeah, that's right. we have a couple dry days before we sea just a little bit of rain. i wish it was more. we certainly need it. live doppler 7hd this morning. all is quiet. the sun coming up 7:17 and setting at 7:19. that puts us over twelve hours
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of day light now. we are looking not only dry this morning, but it is really mild out there. in fact, temperatures have barely dropped into the mid-40s in most locations. still with a couple hours toward sunrise we could see some cooler numbers. but right now even santa rosa typically cool, and napa in the upper 40s. 42 in napa. that fairfield. it's 40 in livermore. definitely cooler air trying to drain into the valleys of the east bay. los gatos, good morning, 48 for you. the bay bridge this morning, notice clear. some of the winds are a little gusty. that has allowed for some better mixing and allowing us to retain the warmth. it's going to be because of our warmer start and our clear sky a pretty warm afternoon once again in some spots. 50 san carlos as well as san francisco with upper 40s san jose, oakland. and already in the mid-50s half moon bay. 55 santa cruz. the 24 hour temperatures change you may have noticed in most
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spots. you notice where the yellow is. it's warmer. santa rosa, novato. we talk about livermore, cooler there. hayward a little cooler. upper 70s the highs at the sonoma county airport and gilroy yesterday. 61 half moon bay. clear and mild in morning. sunny and breezy today. if you liked yesterday we can expect again similar high temperatures. the rain coming in by tuesday night. it's out of here, though, by wednesday. here's a look at our setup right now. we've got high pressure off the coast. once again, we'll have the northwesterly winds build in throughout the afternoon. so anywhere from ten to twenty miles an hour. it did get a little breezy yesterday. today a repeat performance. we will have that and the cooler numbers at the coast. elsewhere once again we will see the 70s return. around the state today, lower 50s in the northern sierra with mid-60s in the southern sierra. upper 50s coastside. otherwise look at the 70s
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returning for the valley. 80 in vegas. 90 palm springs with upper 60s in los angeles. taking you back home, closer to home, high temperatures today maybe a couple degrees cooler here as the sea breeze gets going in the city. we were in the lower 60s yesterday. about the same. 67 oakland. mid-60s in fremont. about 70 returning morgan hill, san jose. some low 70s up in the north bay. santa rosa and napa. otherwise a look ahead with the increasing clouds tomorrow. temperatures still on the mild side. 60s and 70s. here come the rain. not to wait, though. on tuesday and spring begins wednesday. notice the high temperatures, 50s and 60s. quickly we return to more sun and look at the temperatures come friday and saturday. big ridge builds in and we are getting warmer. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow. live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions. rain or shine, get videos, spare
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the air alerts, power outages and tweets from our weather team. >> rain or shine, we have our weather for you on live doppler 7. >> yeah. >> and it's going to be rain and sunshine this week. thank you, lisa. straight ahead, ran paul for president. the new poll that could lead up to the gop
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>> welcome back. children's hospital in oakland is offering a long awaited drug trial that can offer hope to those with a deadly disease. researchers believe that same drug could have an impact on other serious diseases, as well. abc7 news health and science reporter carolyn johnson has the details. >> oh, there's the candles! >> for this five-year-old the walls of the hospital are full of adventure but his parents are hoping his stay here will be life-changing as well. he is suffering from a rare degenerative disease. >> we took him to his neurologist and they did an mri, and that's when they found the eye of the tiger. >> the eye of the tiger refers to a signature image in his brain scan. the dark spots that form the eye shapes are actually accumulations of iron. they are caused by a condition known by the acronym pecan. four years ago we met several patience whose limbs were so twisted by the disease his
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parents transported him in a wagon. >> these kids scared me in a way because they were so handicapped, they couldn't move, they couldn't talk, they were flat. >> but the doctor is beginning an international trial of a drug that can cross into the brain and filter out the iron for children like tanner. having used on a case by case basis with an fda waiver the doctor was able to stabilize it in a small number of patients, including travis brown. >> over a short period of time he was started looking and was able to move. and then he started communicating. >> so this is a cross-section of the brain. >> the doctor said interest in the drug also began to grow because the disease, while extremely rare, shares characteristics with other well-known diseases. >> we noticed parkinson's of disease in adults, a large number of them have isolated
5:24 am
iron in their brain. and data going back to the 1970s has demonstrated that alzheimer's disease and dementia is also associated with excess brain iron. >> the trial will include 130 patients on two continent. children's hospital oakland is the only site in the u.s. the goal is to not only stop the deterioration but to reverse the effects of this devastating and deadly disease, possibly providing the first hope to families like tanner's. >> well, i hope it works and it helps all children with it. we know it's not a cure, but it will definitely be a step in the right direction. >> carolyn says the trial is being funded by both the the fda and the you're fine union of the 130 patience participating, 40 will be treated at children's hospital oakland. republican senator rand paul of kentucky has won the symbol
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tick straw poll favoring the next presidential candidate at this week's play the cal action conference. he edged out marco rubio, and sarah palin returned taking swipes at president obama and new york mayor michael bloomberg. coming up at 8:00 abcs this week has an exclusive one-on-one. they are taking on the president and the budget show down. plus the powerhouse round table, don't miss it. abc's "this week" coming up at 8:00 right here on abc7. coming up next, undercover videos have changed animal cruelty laws in several states, but now when i it could be considered criminal activities to shoot the very videos of that made all the difference. >> and the progress report of the fourth part of the tunnel
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called i. >> welcome back at 5:30. i'm kira klapper in for carolyn tyler. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. he's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, good morning. here's a look what you can expect today. starting out clear right now. we are looking for more clear sky throughout the afternoon. but there will be a few high clouds from time to time. but really a little bit of a breeze is going to kick up today. we will see a little bit in the way of fog later on along the san mateo coast. but otherwise once again starting out in the 40s and 50s with upper 50s to the low to mid-70s once again. tonight fair skies. things will be changing as we enter the first day of spring by wednesday. we will talk about that, which includes some rain. that's coming up. kira. >> thank you. the power and influence of the agriculture industry is coming under scrutiny. undercover videos on farm sometimes show shocking abuses of animals.
5:29 am
but now as reporter brian ross reports, such citizen journalism is considered criminal activity in several states. >> wayne, the head of the humane society, said such undercover videos have been the key to tough, new, anti-cruelty laws. >> this led to the largest meat recall in american history. >> and this one which disclosed unsanitary condition at major pork producers. but all of that could be coming to an end. under pressure from the agriculture industry, at least five states now have laws making it a crime to go undercover on farm properties to record videos n iowa the law passed a few months after an abc news report featuring undercover footage as a huge iowa egg factory, taped by the group mercy for animals. >> if somebody comes on somebody else's property through fraud, deception or lying, that is a serious violation of people's rights.
5:30 am
>> and agriculture industry lobbying groups have used their influence and money to try to expand the ban. as part of the effort they cite what happened to dairy farm ares are louie and sharon of idaho. an underground investigator with mercy for animals got a job at their huge dairy operation last year and made these disturbing videos of fellow workers handling the cattle. including the use of electric products. the five employees caught on tape were fired. even the betancourts agree it was a damaging video. >> it's animal cruelty. >> but the betancourts claimed they had no idea of the mistreatment until the video and they began to get phone and e-mail death threats. >> killing me, kill my kids. >> the agenda of the animal rights group is not really the treatment of animals but they say getting promoting a vegan lifestyle.
5:31 am
they train employees now in their zero tolerance policy for cruelty. >> there's some good that has come from this. yeah. >> but not enough in the view of farm lobbyists to stop the efforts of that already made such undercovering taping on farms illegal in five states. brian ross, abc news, new york. 5:33 right now. tomorrow afternoon former santa clara county supervisor george is expected to plead guilty to five felonies and seven misdemeanors for misappropriating public funds and lying to investigators. prosecutors say the veteran politician engaged in a persistent pattern of using public money and campaign funds for things like partying, golfing and gambling. he will plead guilty to ten counts by spending campaign funds for personal use. the district attorney's office said he faces up to one year in county jail and $50,000 in fines when he is sentenced later.
5:32 am
the fourth bore project at the caldecott tunnell is expected to open to traffic later this year. the tunnel that connects oakland and orinda. our transportation reporter got a look inside. >> there will be plenty of high-tech features in the new fourth bore but elbow grease and shovels were still the preferred method tore work on a ground water drainage system. at the same time work has just gun on one major milestone, putting in the roadway. this rocky material is the sub-sub base, lose and rocky for drainage. eventually layers of materials capped with pavement will fill two to three feet from where the surface is now, reaching to the shoulder curb on one side and to just below the pedestrian walkway on the other. when finishes, this fourth bore will carry westbound traffic only. >> with the construction of the fourth bore, there will be two
5:33 am
tunnels permanent nationally dedicated to eastbound traffic, two tunnels permanently dedicated to westbound traffic that will eliminate the twice a day traffic shifts and the pop-ups. >> the fourth bore has a number of safety features including nineteen 200-horsepower jet fans to be hung yet from above. they will help in firefighting and air quality. >> they can actually reverse the direction of airflow. some of the 19 jet fans can direct air in one direction and the other set can direct air in the opposite direction. just depending on where the fire is and what the air quality issues are in the tunnel. >> there will be seven pedestrian crossovers with electronic motion sensor doors. there will be a p. a. system and security cameras. much of the work to complete the tunnel will be the sophisticated behind-the-scenes system. >> the installation of the ventilation systems and the fire systems, the air quality monitoring systems that not only need to be installed, they need
5:34 am
to bent greated with the existing systems and with the new operations maintenance building and also tested before the tunnel can open to traffic. >> the new tunnel is on track to come in on budget, which is $402.1 million. in oakland, abc7 news. new this morning, the california highway patrol plans to step up enforcement today along highway 1 in marin county during the traditional sunday morning ride. the chp said there have been complaints about large groups of motorcyclists and bicycle efforts not sharing the road along that curvey stretch 2010 damage junction and point raise. officers in aircraft will be looking for riders who will cross over double yellow lines or pass unsafely. they also will be watching for speeders or anyone who runs a stop sign. next month thousand of police statewide will be cracking down on drivers who text or talk on hand-held cell phones.
5:35 am
it's been five years since the state first passed distracted driving laws that ban that activity. our media partner, the san jose mercury news, reports more than 425,000 citations were issued to violators statewide last year alone. that's 41% higher than the first year of the law in 2009. an oregon community is lending a hand to some girl scouts duped by a customer. the troop thought they had sold 6,000 boxes of cookies to a corporate sponsor but it turn out the person behind the order didn't even work at the company. it was all a hoax. >> makes me so tad because i thought somebody really bought 6,000 cookies but they really didn't. >> well, get this one. the town heard about it and they began lining up to help out. you can see there the orders are still coming in. the group thinks they may actually sell all the boxes. a very happy ending. coming up next, too much snail mail? we will show you a way to outsource your in box.
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and at 5:38 a live look from our rooftop camera. take a look at that. are we in the best location? look at that beautiful shot of the bay bring on this sunday morning. meteorologist lisa argen has our forecast, which has highs in the 60s, some sun, some beautiful days ahead before some ra
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>> welcome back. as our tron being lives move further into the cloud, there is something being left behind. old-fashioned snail mail. earlier this month a start-up launch in san francisco is aiming to change that. here's abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom. >> he's not the mail man and he doesn't live here so why does frances sanchez have a key to the mailbox? the answer is hard to miss once you see his car. >> you know the flag, the flag on this car, that thing sticks out. >> they see it and they say what is that? >> he's an unpost man. >> you are undoing the work of the post man? >> exactly. this is our stop here. >> making as many as 60 stops a day he retrieves mail from people's mailboxes and takes it back to the warehouse of a company called outbox. >> we make you paper less
5:40 am
overnight. all your postal mail is now on your i-phone, ipad, and you can access it anywhere at anytime. >> the cofounder said for five bucks a month outbox will pick your mail three times a week and scan it for you to see from anywhere. >> this is the first time that you have ever had control to unsubscribe from junk mail, to share mail with your spouse and even to request physical items that you want without anything of the rest. >> outbox is gathering steam but it's also getting mixed reviews. everyone seems to agree it's innovative. the question is whether it's an invasion that enough people will actually want. >> the postal industry is on its way out so a start-up is working for a dying industry doesn't make since. >> and she said privacy is also a concern. >> you have pretty sensitive information coming through in the form of bills. you have to make the decision about whether you are comfortable having someone else open your mail. >> outbox said all of their employees have rigorous background check but your mail
5:41 am
will be red by a machine. just like g mail they intend to have targeted adds with a twist. >> you can click and request a sample of your favorite makeup for cleaning product that would be delivered in your weekly requested mail. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. i don't know, i like that but i'm an old-fashioned snail mail type of gal. >> i know. me too. >> lisa will join us with a quick tease about you're accuweather forecast. >> that's all we need because you step outside and it feels so mild. but today is going to be another beautiful one out there. here's a look from our emeryville camera. although it is cool now in livermore. at 40. 50 in concord. we will talk more about the east bay, high temperatures as opposed to rain coming our way next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, their struggles continue. another ugly night for the sharks as we go on the road to l.a. l.a. [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> the world a baseball classic comes to at&t park. there will be games tonight and tomorrow night. last night the sharks traveled
5:45 am
to l.a. to play the kings, trying to get on a roll. here's abc7 news sports anchor mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. good good morning. the sharks hosted by the kings on the back end of a home-and-home. they beat l.a. thursday in san jose. the men in teal tied with the men in minnesota for the sixth playoff spot in the west. they need to get busy halfway through the lockout-shortened season. jason bateman at the game. he watch the kings jump out early. he beats anti niemmi giving the kings the 1-0 lead. sharks on the board 35 seconds into the second. patrick marleau, his 14th of the season. sharks trail 2-0. the kings follow with three unanswered goals. dwight king, lights the lamp. kegs on top 5-1. they win 5-2, jumping ahead of the sharks in the playoff hundred. college hoops selection sunday set for today at 3:00 with cal and st. mary's pen both
5:46 am
on the bubble. cal was upset by utah in the pac-12 tournament. speaking of which the pac-12 championship. bruins started strong. shabazz the right-handed hook. ucla up 8. oregon got their ducks in a row in their green unis. deadly from downtown. 11 points the first half. oregon never lost the lead in the second. carlos emery execution for the dunk. a game-high 20 points. oregon wins the pac-12 championship for the first time since 2007. automatic bid to the ncaa tournament. 78-79, the final. the dominican republic in puerto rico in world baseball had to play yesterday for seedings. kind of ridiculous with the japan and netherlands already in town. angel pegan rounding up team puerto rico for a pep talk. the dominican republic were the
5:47 am
ones focused. breaks the scoreless tie in the fifth. monster blast to the upper deck. 1-0. dominican lead in the eighth. the single to right, erick aybar scores from third for a 2-0 lead. rodney shuts thedor in the ninth and rosario finishes the game. they beat puerto rico eye 2-0. the only undefeated team in the world baseball classic. 6-0 record. the semifinals set at at&t park has part rico facing japan today at six and feather lands play the dominican monday at six and the tuesday the finals. that's the way the ball bounces. see you again at five. have a great day. thank you, mike. just shy of 5:50 on this sunday morning. lisa argen joins us with a look at the beautiful accuweather forecast with the trick at then of it. >> that's right. that's a good way to put it. we are ready for a change and it is coming our way. live doppler 7hd this morning.
5:48 am
nice and quiet. if you have plans for the 12k run, emerald across the bay from fort baker ending in marijuana -- starting marin county and ending in the park. that looks great with temperatures in the 60s and low 70s in some parts of the bay. and willie mays plaza, we have the world baseball classic going on today. the doppler will get active come tuesday night when the next storm system heads our way and it could bring from trace amounts of rain up to a half-inch in our north bay valleys. but today we are talking about mainly the breeze that will pick up this afternoon and the mild numbers for most. except in our east bay valleys where numbers are beginning to cool off. this morning in santa rosa, a typically cool spot. up in the upper 40s. low 40s in napa. fairfield 45. good morning livermore. one of the cooler locations at 40. hayward 48. los gatos 48, as well. and another shot at the bay bridge this morning. looking at numbers pretty nice underneath the clear sky.
5:49 am
some breezy winds offshore. high elevations allowing for good mixes and the temperatures to stay pretty mild to start out with 50 san carlos, as well as san francisco. 54 half moon bay. already 55 santa cruz. so besides the cooling in our east bay valleys around livermore we are warmer in some spots from concord. also up in santa rosa and novato, a little change san francisco and san carlos. our highlights today, clear and mild with temperatures this morning once again in the 40s and 50s. this afternoon we will be sunny and breezy along the coast. numbers very similar to yesterday. we are starting out clear. we had some cloud cover and fog yesterday. so it probably will end up temperatures once again well into the 70s in some spots. the rain with cooler air arrives tuesday and into wednesday. high pressure offshore once again the setup will bring the northwesterly winds. but more importantly, it's keeping the jet stream to the north and the storm track, as
5:50 am
well. that allows for more sunshine and all that solo radiation to warm us throughout the afternoon today. high temperatures ranging from low 50s in the northern sierra. 66 in yosemite with 90 in palm springs. in the sacramento valley, low 70s chico and sacramento. from the south bay once again, 70 san jose, 73 gilroy. look for upper 60s for redwood city to about 6 to in pacifica. san francisco look for 63 downtown. in the north bay, kind of a mix from upper 60s to about 7 to in novato. 67 oakland with 67 in fremont. you head over the hills. 70 in concord and livermore today. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. even with the increasing clouds, high clouds tomorrow. we are still mild. rain not until late tuesday. the commute looks dry in the evening. by wednesday just a few leftover showers. but quickly we not only bring back the sunshine, but look at the temperatures. even warmer than what we are
5:51 am
experiencing now. >> just in time for spring to arrive. >> yes. >> isn't that nice for mother nature to cooperate. >> and two on wednesday. >> love it. i have family coming back to the states after living this australia for the last year and a half and it's been summer there. i'm so glad i have nice weather to give to them or to offer them as they return today. thank you, lisa. coming up next, going green a day early. san francisco held it's big annual saint pat truck's day parade. we will tell you where the
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> welcome back. today is fully st. patrick's day and that's why i'm wearing my green. the time-honored traditional parade was held yesterday down san francisco's market street. ♪ >> it was a day of bands, bagpipes, and as you can imagine, a whole lot of green. hundreds of people lined the streets, ending up at civic center plaza to cheer on the park participants. san francisco has been hosting the st. patrick's day parade for 162 years. there are still festivities to be held today. dublin has celebrations.
5:55 am
next at six, long lines and tense passengers as they sit still wait to go embark. and a sprint race car goes out of control. a gunman on the lose after two people are shot at a bay area nightclub.
5:56 am
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5:58 am
>> good morning to you. 6:00 on this sunday morning. i'm kira klapper in for carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> a gorgeous shot. we are looking at pretty mild temperatures except for our friends in the east bay where it is on the cool side. lever more around 40 degrees. look at the twinkling lights there. this afternoon nice and mild again. temperatures coolest at our coast where the breeze is going to kick in again, up to 50s to near 60s. also plenty of 70s. we are looking at changes right in time for spring. i'll have them for you a bit later. kira. >> thanks, lisa. just shy of 6:01 right now.
5:59 am
this morning police are trying to determine the cause of a raceway trap at a practice run at marysville raceway park. convince en say the driver, a 17-year-old senior at petaluma high school, failed to negotiate a curve going 99 miles an hour. ran off the track is into at pit row. >> we wanted the practice to stop and so a lot of frantically waving to the officials to stop the other cars to get the safety people over there. once that took place it got very silent, eerily silent, and there were immediately people on the scene, bystanders, mainly trying to help the injured. >> a 68-year-old man and a 14-year-old boy died. they were part of the race crew in that pit area. the race was cancelled. berkeley police are looking for one of two men who shot employees at a well-known nightclub during a brazen robbery. it happened friday night.


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