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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 18, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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but, now, the pattern looks like it will be two weeks' delayed. cold air in the northern part of the country. this now is a collective snowstorm. this one is going to pound some snow. virginia early this morning, the twitter pictures are showing snow in the area. alexandria, minnesota. a blizzard warning there. trucks were stranded on the interstate, so were drivers as well. as that snow starts to spread toward the east. green bay, cleveland, you're in line for this. this snow spreads and gets the nor'easter going again. we're talking about central pennsylvania, northern new york state, central new york state, vermont, new hampshire, into maine, maybe a foot of snow out of this. we're not playing with this one. 6 to 12 inches in the purple area there. one of the bigger problems is going to be who gets icing out
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of this. right now, there looks like a significant part of icing through west virginia mountains, through pennsylvania. possibly into southern new england. and that's just a layer of ice and heavy, wet snow. we'll talk about it throughout the day today, robin? >> what are you going to do? what are you going to say? now to the verdict that's rocked an ohio town and has been felt across much of the country. a judge convicting two high school football players of sexual assaulting a 16-year-old girl. both young men breaking down after the verdict. abc's alex perez is in steubenville, ohio, for us this morning. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this morning, as the defendants begin serving their time, prosecutors say this investigation is still not over. they're still working to determine if others should be charged. >> both of the defendants are hereby adjudicated delinquent beyond a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: in court, 17-year-old trent mays and 16-year-old ma'lik richmond sobbed as they heard the
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verdicts. and then apologized. >> i would like to apologize to [ muted ]. to my family, their family. no pictures should have been sent around. let alone even taken. >> reporter: richmond speaking to the family of the 16-year-old girl they were convicted of sex jally assaulting. >> i would like to apologize to you people. i had no intention of doing anything like that. i'm sorry to put you guys through this. i -- [ sobbing ] >> reporter: in the courtroom, tears of pain streaming from both sides. emotion and compassion prosecutors say mays and richmond should have shown before. >> as an outsider looking in, the lack of remorse was appalling. >> reporter: but, now, with the emotions pouring, the judge offered the teens advice. >> as bad as things have been for all of the children involved in this case, they can all change their lives for the better.
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>> reporter: advice that the victim's mother hopes will resonate. >> human compassion is not taught by a teacher, a coach, or a parent. it's a god-given gift instilled in all of us. i have pity for you both. i hope you fear the lord, repent for your actions, and pray hard for his forgiveness. >> reporter: the defendants will get credit for time served. mays must serve at least two years. richmond was convicted of rape and must serve at least a year. but both could be held until they're 21. >> thank you, alex. for more, let's bring in dan abrams. you heard from the sentencing from alex. where do we go from here? >> mays has to serve a minimum of two years in a juvenile facility. richmond, a minimum of one year. i point out the minimum, because they both could serve up to the time that they're 21 years old. that's just part of it. both have to register as sex
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offenders. the remaining question is how long? could it be for the rest of their lives? that's yet to be determined. >> the judge has not ruled on that as of yet. >> correct. >> what was your reaction when you heard the verdict? >> i think that most people following the case thought this was likely to happen. not a sure thing. the lawyers, clearly for the two defendants, didn't expect this. remember, the big win came earlier when the case was moved from adult court to juvenile court. think about the difference. if this case had been in adult court and there had been a conviction in adult court, you would be talking about many, many, many years behind bars. here, you're talking about a minimum of one year in juvenile for one, a minimum of two years for the other. that was the big victory earlier in the case. >> a lot of people know about this case because of social media.
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a lot of people want to blame technology. you're like, wait, not so fast here. >> we keep hearing about this case, that it was a social media case where there was evidence. in the end, this social media led to catching these people. it was about accountability. so, when people say, social media, this shows you need to be careful, yeah. but probably the biggest lesson is you need to behave in a particular way. if you do not, you can be held accountable. >> thank you, dan. and a special "20/20" on the steubenville case is this friday. josh? we're going to turn now to the vatican, where pope francis will be officially inaugurated tomorrow. as the new pontiff. leaders around the world will gather there. remarkable moments here as you see here this past weekend. the pope plunged into the crowds to greet well-wishers. ron claiborne joins us with the
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latest. good morning, ron. >> reporter: good morning to you, josh. we're seeing again why this pope has become so popular in a matter of days. he's doing things that popes in the past didn't do. today, he's meeting with one world leader he knows very well. in his first meeting as pope with ae head of state, pope francis will sit down today with cristina kirchner, the president of his native argentina. the vatican grapples with a lingering controversy, allegations that as a young provincial leader, the future pope turned a blind eye while military rulers were jailed and killed. >> before we knew who was going to be pope, i said that the cardinals are very, very aware that they need to elect someone that doesn't have skeletons in his closet. whether they made a good choice on that regard, i don't know. >> reporter: despite the
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controversy, this is a pope who is winning fans around the world. and here in rome. before mass on sunday, at a small vatican church, with his trademark exuberance he gathered to touch and be touched by the faithful. after the mass, he spoke with parishioners, acting more like a parish priest than the leader of the catholic church. by the time pope francis appeared in the window of the papal residence for the blessing, the crowd was over 300,000 people. [ speaking italian ] >> he just seems very humble in the way that he presents himself. >> reporter: and the pope has sent out his first papal tweet on sunday. he said, dear friends, i thank you from my heart and i ask you to continue to pray for me. tomorrow, the very elaborate and very long inaugural mass
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ceremony at which the pope will receive his fisherman's ring. >> ancient rituals in a modern age. we turn to paula faris for the other stories developing. including the tragedy in indiana. we begin with that small plane crash into that neighborhood in south bend, indiana. two people on board were killed when the corporate jet struck two houses and then crashed into the top floor of a third. the pilot reported electrical problems. three other people were injured. and a fast-moving wildfire has destroyed three dozen homes near the resort town of pigeon forge, tennessee. a similar scene near myrtle beach, south carolina, this weekend, winds whipping up brush fires that destroyed more than 100 condos. two inmates pulled off a daring escape in broad daylight.
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climbing a rope that was attached to a helicopter. in montreal, they got help from two men who posed as tourists and hijacked that helicopter. the men's freedom didn't last for long. they were caught about 30 miles away, one of them hiding in a cabin in the woods. and it is shaping up to be a rough day on wall street. investors are skittish after another big bailout in europe, this time for the nation of cyprus. stocks overnight suffered their worst day in ten months in asia. and finally, a spectacular sight in texas took only a few seconds for this historic bridge to come crashing down over marble lake. people had traveled hundreds of miles for a glimpse. the bridge, 80 years old, will be replaced by a new and safer span. just plays into our fascination with demolitions and implosions. >> things that go boom.
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we're going to move on now to sarah palin, making headlines at a big conservative conference this weekend, firing up the crowd with jabs at president obama and new york mayor michael bloomberg. is this part of a comeback tour? abc's martha raddatz joins us with more. >> reporter: the conference was supposed to be looking forward to the future of the republican party. but it was not the new republican starts getting all the attention. it was one many thought was fading away. >> governor sarah palin. >> reporter: sarah palin is back, and tossing red meat with the best of them. palin and her big gulp made the biggest splash with her swipe at new york mayor bloomberg's failed attempt to limit the size of sugary drinks. the crowd seemed to think even cooler was palin's jab at president obama and democratic proposals on gun control. >> new background checks? dandy idea, mr. president. should have started with yours.
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>> reporter: few pollsters or pundits believe she would succeed at a bid for national office. but you wouldn't know that by listening to her. >> barack obama promised the most transparent administration ever. barack obama, you lied. >> reporter: but when it came to the serious business of picking favorites for 2016, it was filibustering senator rand paul who won the straw poll by taking on the party establishment. >> the gop of old has grown stale and moss-covered. >> reporter: a cornerstone of that gop establishment, speaker john boehner, told me in an exclusive interview, on "this week," his party needs to better brand its message. >> republicans have not done as effective a job as we should in terms of talk iing about our
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principles. >> reporter: and boehner said that while the president's two-week charm offensive has been working hard. not much has happened. >> martha raddatz in washington, thank you for that. now, to more bad headlines for carnival cruise lines. there has been yet another serious malfunction on one of their ships. so, if you're counting at home, that's now four carnival cruise ships in trouble in the last month. to the degree that u.s. senator chuck schumer is proposing a cruise passenger's bill of rights. and abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, the carnival "legend" is back at sea and full of passengers. >> i really don't want to get stranded out in the middle of the ocean. >> reporter: the departure comes nine hours after unloading 2,000 angry passengers on sunday. they cut the voyage short. >> terrible trip, canceled early, three days at sea, missed
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two stops, they gave us 100 bucks. >> last cruise i'm taking, for sure. >> reporter: it comes in the midst of other pr setbacks in ten days. the company was forced to fly that ship's passengers back to the u.s. after an emergency generator failed. four days earlier, the carnival "elation" was escorted back to port by a tugboat because of steering issues. some industry experts now question if the company can maintain its ships effectively, especially after passengers were stranded on that hobbled carnival "triumph" for eight days last month after it lost power. >> while they're in a rush to meet demand, build ships big enough to hold thousands and thousands of people, we don't know what is happening. >> reporter: this morning, the problems apparently have not all been solved. carnival says the ship's
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propulsion issues are still being worked on by technicians. meanwhile, carnival says "the dream" is on its way back to the u.s. all of its passengers back on american soil. while most cruises have been stopped short, schumer's bill of rights would allow passengers to get full refunds, not just partial ones. >> seems the least they could do. thank you for that, gio. now to the royals, kate making headlines with this picture. don't you hate when this happens? got her heel stuck in a grate in a st. patrick's parade. but it was what the duchess said about whether she and will want a boy or girl that has everyone buzzing. abc's lama hassan is in london with that story. >> reporter: with her baby bump decked out in st. paddy's green, she was also spinning secrets, telling one member of the guard, quote, i would like to have a boy. and william would like to have a girl. >> the fact that she's saying
7:15 am
that she doesn't know and that william would like a girl and she would like a boy is pretty amazing, really. >> reporter: and the perils of wearing heels. take a look at this. kate gets caught in one of the drains, stumbles a little, before her chivalrous prince charming comes to her rescue. >> she had to bend down and pull it out. the funniest thing about it, there was a soldier saluting. he carried on throughout the whole thing. >> reporter: last night, all eyes were on the queen for the first time in 20 years, the documentary, "our queen," received unprecedented access to what goes on behind the throne. revealing one of her favorite tricks of hiding a microphone to surprise visiting heads of state. >> where are they hidden this time? >> reporter: and how she always inspects the table before a
7:16 am
grand dinner. she meets with the prime minister every week. every wednesday, usually a private affair. the two catch up, discussing the week's event. >> you and her majesty. no note takers. just the two of you. >> reporter: one other nugget we learned from the documentary, how competitive william and kate are. they squabble over scrabble, kate saying, no one wins, they never finish the game. inevitably, one of them slams the box shut and storms off in a huff. >> who doesn't squabble over scrabble? thank you so much. >> who doesn't squabble over scrabble? >> sam, things are heading south? >> there are some signs of spring weather. most of it is south. hail involved in these storms here. that's the bigger problem with this line as it swings to the south.
7:17 am
it's the gusty winds and the hail, not so much in the way of tornadoes. from carbondale to the south. a little bit of hail coming in. damaging winds. this is the pattern we can't believe. we're looking at right now. remember, last year at this time, we were talking about 80 degrees in the middle of the country. now, it's a strong solid pocket of arctic air that is not leaving. every time the storms move, they'll pick up the arctic air, move it to the east, drop a little snow. ten degrees warmer through texas, louisiana, florida. that's the weather around the nation.
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>> now, developing news from the east bay right now where alameda miss are investigating a bar stabbing happening at the sports bar and grill on central avenue around 2:00 a.m. as the par was closing. investigators say two men were both men were taken to the hospital. no word on the extent of the injuries. alameda police are reviewing surveillance video hoping it
7:23 am
leads them to the attackers. the commute this monday, how is it, suest >> so kay in some spots and not okay in other spots. in the novato area, this is 37, between novato and the napa area, an accident on the right shoulder, and to daly city, south 280 at john daly boulevard, but we have debris in the area because of the accident. we will check with mike nicco
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>> beautiful sunrise from our east bay camera looking to mount diabolo where the sun popped over the tip of that. we will talk about what happens today, how close to average, 62 if san francisco, one to five degrees warmer and we will top out in the low-to-mid 60's around the bay and upper 60's around the bay and upper 60's near [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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♪ i didn't hear you breathe that is joed zi areas singing. a little bit later, a handstand. then going through the garbage in a police interrogation room. this all after she was just arrested. her trial resuming again today. and we'll have the latest, just ahead. as we say good morning, america, on this monday morning. a little spring break for george. good to have josh by my side. >> good to be here. much more on video we've been showing you this morning. it's -- some calling it astonishing. two men pulling off a death-defying stunt. threw the two skyskrarps, a gap ant 26 feet wide. why cothdo they do it? i have no idea. >> it reminded me of us in our
7:29 am
superhero costumes. >> just like it. >> oh, yeah, just like that. >> okay, wonderwoman. >> okay. a also coming up, beyonce, the new cover of "shape" magazine. she's opening up inside the mag on how she lost to baby weight and why her crazy in love video is her own inspiration. coming up, part two of the interview we can't turn away from, honey boo a-boo and mama june. >> it's fair to say they like their fun. now to the bizarre video we just saw in the so-called breakup murder trial. jodi arias doing a handstand right before she was charged with the murder of her exboyfriend. ryan owens in phoenix with more.
7:30 am
>> reporter: we'll have more of the video in a moment. we'll see it, the jury will not. it has no question of the case, didí,: jo arias kill her boyfriend in self-defense and then forget all about it? after an unprecedented and still unbelievable 18 days on the witness stand. >> i have no memory of the stabbing. in circles. june 4th is an anomaly for me. >> reporter: jody areas is finally letting somebody else talk. this morning, the jury continues to hear from dr. richard samuels, a psychologist hired by the defense. he says even though areas admits to shooting and stabbing her boyfriend, she suffered from ptsd and can't remember what she did. >> the memories don't form because chemically, it doesn't
7:31 am
work. >> physically? physically speaking it's not possible at times? >> that's correct. >> reporter: the prosecutor wants the jury to believe that her testimony that she has no memory of committing the crime is just her latest lie. he wants the 32-year-old put to death for the murder of mormon businessman travis alexander. plans to attack the credibility of the psychologist who spent much of his career as a sex therapist. here's bizarre behavior any therapist would struggle to explain. jodi arias doing a headstand in the interrogation room before she's charged. she nosnoops through the trash d sings a tune by pop star dido. ♪ i can't blooet until you're resting here with me ♪
7:32 am
>> reporter: when the detective returns and says she's about to be arrested, areas wants her purse to do some primping before this now infamous mug shot is snapped. >> that's a trivial question. it is going to reveal how shallow i am. before they book me, can i clean up a little bit? >> you're going to be taken the way you are. i can't give you anything else. >> reporter: abc news has confirmed that lifetime is making a made for tv movie out of the jodi arias case. like nobody saw that one coming. >> thank you for that, ryan. let's move on now. you may want to hold your breath for this next story. we have been showing you the stunning video of two men in specially designed win suits flying in nair re gap.
7:33 am
oh, paula, paula. >> the one that's afraid of heights doing this story. fair to say you'll never do this, josh? >> yes. >> it's a bird, plane? no, two flying pros. two men with wing suits. they didn't alert city authorities about their insane stunt. do not adjust your tv. that's man wearing nothing but a wing suit and those are the 460 feet tall ventura corporate towers in rio. you might want to hold your breath. watch again as he descends through the mist and then -- he threads the neeld, 36 stories up and a gap dhat's 26 feet wide. who is this? jokke sommer and frenchman ludovic woerth.
7:34 am
>> it was more for me to do it just for the fun of it. i always wanted to do an urban wing suit flight. >> reporter: they took to skies at 5:45 a.m., giving them 20 minutes before the first commercial flight would appear on the horizon. then the leap. >> we just measured the distant from where we had to be dropped at what altitude. and how much the distance from this exact point to the building. >> reporter: this is not their first daredevil dive. they're careened through canyon, trimmed tree tops and rocketed past rocky mountainsides. how will they top this latest adrenaline ride? >> i would love to come to new york and fly. that is like, that is beyond my biggest dream. >> reporter: the winged flyers landed in the nearly empty central square, celebrating that they survived the harrowing
7:35 am
flight and that they caught it all on tape. unbelievable images there. the margin of error was slim to none. a gust of wind could have taken them out completely. >> and the sound of them hitting the building -- because of the sound of them going through it? >> a gust of wind. they're -- >> feel free to not bring it here to new york. >> thank you. >> thank you for saying what we were all thinking. >> it's okay. we're going to start with pictures out of washington, d.c. at 37 degree, it won't stick much. coastal areas, that's the plan here. dinner time in philadelphia and new york city. drive time home will be a snow win one. once you're about 30, 40 mile off the coastline, a big collecting snow. vermont, new hampshire, maine, a real snowmaker. strong gusty winds as well.
7:36 am
here's what's happening in the deep south though. take a look at the numbers. lare laredo, 101. houston, 84 degrees today. most of the temperatures are 10 degrees warmer than normal. there's a clear line where the warm air is sitting and all the cold air is staying for the first two weeks of spring, we all that weather was brought to you by tide. so, about dirn time tonight, expect to see the flakes flying, even outside our doors. >> oh, great. >> are we going the let it pass that he said naked in the first half hour. >> i think we may have to.
7:37 am
after his explosive response, we may have to. >> twitter is all atwitter. also ahead, gwyneth paltrow's health scare. and a high-profile split in hollywood. why did ryan seacrest and julianne hough go their separate ways after two years together? we'll have an update. well we suddenly noticed that everything was getting more expensive so we switched to the bargain detergent but i found myself using three times more than you're supposed to and the clothes still weren't as clean as with tide. so we're back to tide. they're cuter in clean clothes. thanks honey yeah you suck at folding [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] one cap of tide gives you more cleaning power than 6 caps of the bargain brand. [ woman ] that's my tide, what's yours? than 6 caps of the bargain brand. avoid bad.fats. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. carbs are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing.
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we're back now with oscar-winning actress and mom of two gwyneth paltrow, opening up about two life scares. are a stroke scare and apparent miscarriage that nearly killed her. private moments she has never talked about until now. a stunning revelation that until now, the usually guarded gwyneth paltrow has kept a secret. i had a really bad experience when i was pregnant with my third and i nearly died. i'm like, are we good here, or should we go back and try again? while the oscar-winner doesn't describe the details of what appears to have been a miscarriage, she says that she still thinks about having another. my children ask me to have a baby all the time. i am missing my third. i am thinking about it. >> in some cases, a woman may have to decide how badly she wants to try it, especially if her complications potentially could endanger her life.
7:42 am
>> reporter: while this is the first time paltrow has talked openly about that struggle, she's spoken candidly on "gma" about the mix of emotions she felt after the birth of her first child. >> the best way that i can describe it is like, the most madly in love you have ever been mixed with the most painful heartbreak you have ever experienced. i just couldn't stop crying. >> reporter: in the article, she also opens up about scare. this one in the garden of her london home a few years ago. she lost control of her right hand and suffered a blinding pain. the episode turned out to be a migraine along with a panic attack. she revealed, i was vitamin d deficient, thyroid issues, my liver was congested. a benign tumor on my ovary. it was crazy. i knew it was time for a change. that change, includes an
7:43 am
elimination diet, it restricts her from eating dairy, sugar, wheat, and some fish. it also inspired her new cookbook. as for her life now, the costar of "iron man 3" says she's happily cut back on acting, spending her time with family and friends, including rapper jay-z and his wife, beyonce. paltrow says, their baby, blue ivy, is totally delish. she's made me very broody. i can relate. that's a cute little baby. she's been open about post-partum depression, as well. she's still not ruling out having another baby. wishing you the best. and coming up right here on "good morning america" -- behind the scenes, the nail-biting final rehearsals before tonight's "dancing with the stars" premiere. twitter party with sam. you remember this fella,
7:44 am
right? >> two, three. >> turns out, turns out it's not the only warmup walruses need. walruses need. triple berry, and strawberry shortcake coffees?
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right then, here's "the play of the day." >> i've gotta believe you stuck around for the walrus. let's take another look. how good is this fella or gal doing situps. turns out, this guy has a pal who speaks. literally. listen up. listen, listen, listen. >> puck? >> growl. [ growling ] >> putter. >> oh, i love him. >> whistle. >> whistle? [ whistling ]
7:49 am
>> oh! >> what is that? >> what is that one? scowl. >> oh, i love you, e.t. a 30-year-old walrus. in tacoma, washington. >> his name is e.t.? >> because of the wrinkles. and he's terrifying as an alien might be. we have a lot more coming up.
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>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. bart has started another test on the bicycle policy. bicycles are allowed onward trains at all times through friday this week. there are a couple of restrictions. the first car is off limits to bicycles and during rush hour no bikes are allowed in the first three cars of the train. mike, how the forecast? >> partly cloudy with temperatures from 40 in palo alto and saratoga to 50 in pittsburg and the financial district. headed in the afternoon hours, the sun will go away. temperatures 60's at the coast and 70 inland and chance of rain on wednesday. >> israeli city has an accident on -- daly city has an accident on the shoulder with debris if the lane. san francisco left lane is
7:55 am
blocked southbound 101, and that accident is involving four cars that are still blocking the lane. >> the news
7:56 am
7:57 am
♪ got me look something crazy
7:58 am
right now your love got me looking so crazy right now ♪ look at that wonderful crowd. and the kansas sign. she was out early this morning. >> hello, kansas. >> the kansas kuties. >> by the way, give it up for kansas, they're a one seed. >> oh, here we go. >> selection sunday. >> march madness. march madness. >> oh, boy, here we go. >> we're playing "crazy in love" for that young woman right there. no, because we have an exclusive first look at beyonce's interview with "shape" magazine. the superstar revealing how she lost the baby weight and why crazy in love is her inspiration. can't wait to get to the bottom of all of that. george is off. good to have paula faris keeping us company. >> lots to get to. also ahead, the very latest now, a sad bit of news here. a high-profile hollywood
7:59 am
breakup. it might be over for ryan seacrest and julianne hough, reportedly calling it quits after almost two years. >> oh, that is sad. julianne hough, who we came to love from "dancing with the stars." and we're just hours away from the brand-new season of "dancing with the stars." reigning mirror ball champ is with us, melissa rycroft. only she can take us behind the scenes and tell us about the final rehearsal before tonight's premiere. also coming up on the show, we've got insider beauty secrets to turning back the clock. and love this. we're going to save you some money while you do it. a top beauty magazine editor is now revealing her top tips just ahead. we're going to put them to the test. >> don't have to spend a lot of moolah to do that. we'll get to that. we'll get to all that later. few first, to paula faris for the developing stories. we begin with breaking news from orlando. authorities have found explosive in a dorm room at the university of central florida.
8:00 am
while investigating the death of a man who apparently took his own life. the bomb squad is looking to remove the explosives. in ohio, a grand jury will now investigate whether any students or school officials broke the law by not speaking up after two high school football players sexually assaulted a girl at a party. the victim was too drunk to remember but pieced it together after looking at tweets and looking at pictures online. the two boys from steubenville were convicted sunday and will serve at least one year in a juvenile prison. and a major civil rights trial starts in new york. at issue is, whether the stop and frisk law unfairly target minorities? officers are allowed to stop, question, and sometimes frisk people on the street. city officials say it's helped dramatically reduce gun violence.
8:01 am
and a quiet indiana street in is shambles this morning after a private jet came crashing down. the corporate jet hit two homes in south bend, indiana, before becoming lodged in a third home. the pilot had reported electrical problems. hundreds of people evacuated in eastern tennessee this morning after a wildfire erupts and destroys dozens of homes in great smoky mountains national park. helicopters are being brought in to douse the flames. and a health scare for old school rapper tone loc. he clapsed on stage while performing in iowa. you haven't heard that name in awhile, have you? he reportedly has a history of seizures. the 47-year-old is best known for his '80s hit, everybody -- funky cold medina. and finally, a pro football star is a free agent this
8:02 am
morning all because of a fax machine. it took too long to transmit the $30 million tract of elvis dumervil back to the broncos. listen to this, sam, you're not going to believe it. his agent sent it before the deadline. but it got there six minutes after the deadline. he has 63 career sacks. you can add one more. he sacked his agent. the team, and they had agreed to this contract, 35 minutes, agreed, go find a fax. driving all around miami looking for a kinko's. can't find one. >> fax? a fax? >> can't you do it electronically? >> was the pony express not available? >> no. >> i'm sorry. $30 million on the line and a busy signal can stop it? paper jam? >> oh, that agent has some 'splaining to do. >> he's gone. >> for another client. >> how about a little "pop news," here, lara? >> i would love to. good morning to everybody.
8:03 am
we're used to seeing dan stevens, dan stevens, of "downton abbey" fame look good. clean-cut, blond. but this weekend, he was showing a slimmed down look. he lost ten pounds. his hair is black. he could play matthew's evil twin. >> is that another fella? >> look at how different they look. we believe that he is -- he got the new look for an upcoming film, "a walk among the tombstones "? he plays a heroin trafficker. >> is he a bad guy on "downton abbey"? >> no. >> no, no. >> i'm going to walk off. no spoiler alerts. everybody, let us move on. that shot of matthew taken at the glaad media awards. here in new york, where josh, sam, and i were so honored to host the event. the annual awards show
8:04 am
celebrates the fair representation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people. anderson cooper was the big honoree of the night. he was toasted by madonna. she spoke out about the scouts' dismissal of gays. it was deejayed by none other, d.j. kiss. mama june was nominated for honey boo boo. the cast of "amazing race." a lot of people were there. it was a special night. and while we were at the glaad awards, stacy keibler and george clooney shot down rumors of a split when they were spotted holding hands walking into a restaurant in berlin. it was a little bit like "three's company" though. they were joined by matt damon. both there to film "the monuments men." george with some facial hair for that role. always looking dapper. finally, on mondays, i always try to cheer everybody up.
8:05 am
i like to show animals. it was st. patrick's day. let's show guys like this. >> aw. >> that's a real pig pushing a real glass of guinness. but some things happen. sometimes you have to be spontaneous. when you're a broadcaster. when you're doing your job, sometimes you're thinking about something else. like this. >> unbelievable temperatures here. ten degrees warmer than normal. all the way into florida right now. most people can't reach it. that's the weather around the naked -- nation. your local forecast is just 30 seconds away. >> and that is your monday food for thought. [ bell rings ] >> that was -- that was -- >> if you weren't watching at 7:00, that's what happened in the weather. >> naked weather. >> is that a brand-new segment, "monday food for thought"? >> it is now. >> sam, a penny for your thoughts. >> let's just get to the boards. one or two things we want to show you this morning. >> maybe, maybe not.
8:06 am
>> let's just start with a live shot out of chicagoland. this is one or two things. this little hit of snow, light for chicago. at any points north, you're picking up more snow. we've got four states that have those blizzard warnings out today. 21 other states with winter weather, watches, warnings, advisories. the low comes off the lakes. a coastal low, a heavy wet snow, a mixing of ice. northern pennsylvania, central new york state, all the way into vermont, new hampshire, and maine, picking up the heavy, wet snow. and some of that is by your drive-time home. the cold air is locked in place for several days. and actually, when we look at the patterns, we see it even longer. it looks like it could be two weeks where the jet stream is dropped in with the arctic air mixed in. the northern areas, around the great lakes and also into the northeast. meanwhile, the deep south is roaring hot. look at san antonio, 91 today. or
8:07 am
>> forget nation. it's just, that's the weather around the country. lara? >> it's safer that way. here's a look at what's coming up on your "gma" morning menu. now i'm scared. beyonce's secret to getting back in shape. boy, is she. she talked about losing the baby weight in an exclusive first look with us. plus, ryan seacrest and julianne hough reportedly calling it quits. we've got the story behind the breakup. and then, some great news. "dancing with the stars" champ melissa rycroft is with us.
8:08 am
she's going inside the final nail-biting rehearsals. all before tonight's blockbuster premiere. all that and more coming up on "gma," live in times square. i know, i deserve it. all that and more coming up on "gma," live in times square. i know, i deserve it. ♪ ♪ with two cats in the yard, ♪ life used to be so hard. ♪ now everything is easy 'cause of you, ♪ ♪ and our la, la, ♪ la, la, la, la, ♪ la, la, la, la, ♪ la, la, la, la. glass on floors. daily chores. for the little mishaps you feel use neosporin to help you heal. it kills germs so you heal four days faster. neosporin.
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[ male announcer ] nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. ♪ and watch it surround you ♪ when we sail into the sun ♪ into the suuuun... ♪ when we sail into the sun ♪ into the suuuun... ♪ sail into the sun [ cheers and applause ] hey, back now with our "gma" heat index. these are the hottest stories trending right now. and we begin with beyonce. burning up the cover of the new "shape" magazine and opening up about how she got that body back in shape after giving birth to little blue ivy. so, what is her secret? let's take a look.
8:13 am
>> one, two, three, four. >> reporter: whether she's rocking the super bowl stage or sharing her innermost thoughts. >> people see celebrities they have money and fame. but i cry. i get scared. i get nervous. just like everyone else. >> reporter: beyonce seems to reign supreme. ♪ what i need >> reporter: now, in this exclusive behind-the-scenes photo shoot, the april cover girl with secrets to whipping her body back into shape just three months after giving birth to daughter blue ivy. >> i gained 57 pounds when i was pregnant. i didn't have a lot of time to lose the weight. because i scheduled a show three months after i gave birth, which i would never do again. i'm not a person that is naturally very thin. i am a person that has to work at keeping my body in shape. >> reporter: so how did she do it?
8:14 am
"80% of my weight loss was from cutting back on food," she said. "i ate a very low-calorie diet. stayed way from red meat, ate a lot of fish and replaced pasta and rice with quinoa." >> she's a role model for all of us women. >> reporter: she says her ideal weight was when she was working on her "crazy in love" video. ♪ got me hoping you're crazy right now got me hoping you'll play me right now got me looking so crazy in love got me looking so crazy in love ♪ >> reporter: and when she wants to be in amazing shape, that's the body size she aims for. >> for me, dancing keeps me active. i would just say everyone is not supposed to be the same. be healthy, and take care of yourself. but be happy with the beautiful things that make you you. ♪ >> we all tend to have a size in our heads. but for beyonce, it was about getting back to be healthy, confident, and feeling great on
8:15 am
stage. ♪ if you like it then you should have put a ring on it ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh >> reporter: she says she doesn't count calories. i always have breakfast, say scrambled egg whites, a vegetable smoothie. or whole grain cereal are with low-fat milk. for lunch and dinner, i will eat a lot of fish, vegetables. and throughout the day, i try to stay hydrated. i always treat myself to one meal on sundays when i can have whatever i want. usually, it's pizza, which is my favorite indulgence. ♪ who run the world girl who is run the world ♪ >> reporter: with the mrs. carter show world tour kicking off next month -- ♪ -- beyonce will focus. and then, she says, start trying for more kids. for now, though, it's all about her little blue. i'll tell her to embrace who she really is, she says of her daughter. it took me until i was 25 to fully appreciate my unique qualities. the things about my personality and my body that make me special.
8:16 am
it's always the stuff that you're self-conscious about as a kid, and then you grow up, you look back and you're like, i had no idea i was so fly. it really is true. i love that sentiment. and get ready, her new album comes out later this year. she says it's empowering and a lot more sensual than her last album. she is feeling it. >> it could be more? >> yeah, i didn't realize it was possible. >> hey, everybody. "shape" magazine is on newsstands this week. we're going to turn -- now, this is sad, ryan seacrest and former "dancing with the stars" pro julianne hough reportedly calling it quits. what went wrong and how are they both coping? right now, abc's diana perez has the story. >> reporter: it's the rebound photo of julianne hough that is bound to make ryan seacrest a little jealous. the "dancing with the stars" alum tweeted this picture of herself frolicking on the beach on saturday. with the hashtag, friends are the best therapy. her photo appears to be the
8:17 am
first public acknowledgment that the dating duo have called it split after nearly two years together. >> it could come as a surprise to some, considering we have seen them in paris, in st. bart's, and having all these romantic getaways together. >> reporter: on friday, she was seen somberly heading into a beverly hills hair salon on her own. a far cry from the days they were holding hands on the red carpet. just two months ago -- seacrest gushed about hough to chelsea handler. >> she's phenomenal. she's the best part of every day. >> reporter: and in may, they pretended to get engaged live on "american idol." >> will you give this note i wrote to tom cruise? >> reporter: their careers reportedly made them less than idle partners. hough in three recent films and seacrest continuing his hosting and producing gigs, something he recently talked to josh about on "gma." >> like, how do you do this?
8:18 am
i have one gig and it's exhausting. you have all the others. seriously. >> they're pretty easy, josh. it's like, welcome back, take a look at this. no, i like the pace. i love doing it. >> both have very busy work schedules. our sources tell us that was primarily the reason for the break. >> reporter: and this morning, while neither side is commenting, friends tell "people" magazine they're determined to keep things positive and remain friends. for "good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york. >> we hope they're both okay. >> they're both lovely. wish them both the very best. up next in the "gma" heat index, the premiere of the brand-new season of "dancing with the stars." just mere hours away. reigning "dancing with the stars" champ and "gma" contributor melissa rycroft is joining us from los angeles. good morning, melissa. >> good -- good morning, guys. yes, i went behind the scenes of that final rehearsal before the
8:19 am
battle in the ballroom kicks off tonight. and i have to say, it's already clear that the chemistry between the pros and their partners is going to make for an undeniably dramatic season in the ballroom. how does this make you feel now? >> nervous. it looks like an ice rink a little bit. >> reporter: dorothy hamill felt at home. >> seems like it would be natural. from a skater's perspective. it's very, very different movements. >> reporter: fresh off his season of "the bachelor" sean lowe is no stranger to being stared at by a bunch of women. how is his frame? >> let's see. >> it's actually really good. probably the best bit about him. >> that was a trick. >> reporter: you guys have been practicing for a few weeks. how is the body holding up? >> no injuries. on the outside. but on the inside -- >> reporter: you're lying to me. i already see stuff on your toes. >> okay, well, you're not supposed to see that.
8:20 am
>> reporter: reality star lisa vanderpump will have her dog by her side on the set. nervous? >> i am. >> reporter: for kellie pickler, returning to this building is a bit of a homecoming. welcome back. a little known secret. this set is shared with your old "american idol" set. >> i know. >> reporter: how does it feel to be back in the building? >> it's like a family reunion. >> i feel like, two white women, i'm in the nba. >> i'm excited to be here. >> i'm trying to just take it in and have a good time. >> i have never danced in my life. i have never had that respect for a dancer, knowing what they go through. >> reporter: you're now the youngest contestant ever to appear on this show. you feel any pressure? >> i have to prove myself. that i'm just as good as the big kids. >> reporter: we have a survival kit. it's from "gma." a "dancing with the stars" survival kit. >> i'm excited. >> oh. >> oh, it's amazing. >> reporter: we all need sugar rushes. who needs one more? >> i'll take all of them. >> this is for me. i was look for one of these.
8:21 am
>> you need to read up on your fellow contestants. >> oh, right. >> alcohol, i'll have that. >> gum is for the close dances. let me put that right there. >> spray tan. >> i'll take it. >> reporter: and very important. tuck that in right there. >> how did i end up with this? >> reporter: i think it's fair to say that this is going to be another unforgettable season of "dancing with the stars." but i have to admit, i'm excited to be on this side of things and to cheer on everybody from the comfort of my couch and not be in the high heels this season. >> probably so. have they asked you for advice? you are the reigning champ? you won the all-star last time out? >> you know, i never get tired of hearing the reigning champ thing, robin. the biggest advice you can give is to just relax and have fun. they're going to be nervous. the anxiety is going kick in. but the audience wants to see
8:22 am
these guys having fun out there. it's the personalities that draw you in. smile, have a good time, and embrace whatever happens out there. >> there's no shortage of personalities. >> not this year. >> with this ensemble. you have been seeing the rehearsals and that. handicap it for us. who could be some of the front runners? >> it's so hard to say right off the bat. but if it's just between me and you, robin, i kind of got my eye on jacoby jones. i think he'll be a force to be reckoned with. the personality is awesome. zendaya, the youngest contestant. i think that these old fogies out there are going to have to keep an eye on her. and kellie pickler and derek hough are just adorable together. i think their chemistry is going to take them far alone. >> how many times at this point have they done that first dance in rehearsal? >> oh, my gosh, they've been practicing for just about a month now. so they know this thing forward and backwards, in chinese, in
8:23 am
every way possible, they know this dance. >> i'm excited to see andy dick. how about you guys? brings the most fun crazy? >> didn't tom bergeron say he was doing really well, better than people thought? >> melissa, have you had a chance to see andy? bergeron said he's very good. >> he is. i think andy will be the surprise this season because we all know the old andy dick. the crazy, we don't know what he's going to do on live tv andy dick. getting to see a sneak peek of his routine, i think we're going to be pretty proud of him. he's done a lot. he's not the same guy i think we're expecting to see. it will be fun to watch the journey through his sobriety and root him on. you always love a story like that on this show. >> indeed. >> and d.l. hughley, too. >> oh, wynonna, too. >> oh, yeah. >> it's a great cast. >> yep. >> thank you, melissa, the season premiere tonight.
8:24 am
8:00 on abc. we'll be right back. i have always wanted to be a nurse. hurricane sandy turned out to be very devastating. the floodwaters. people were out of heat and electricity. my patients had no insulin. i will never forget being with diane. we had to enter a building 17 flights up. very dark. >> what kind of medicine for her? >> i want to know how you're doing? >> she wanted know what the end results are -- in spanish, diane is -- [ speaking spanish ] diane would definitely make a great nurse. i'm ravita ortiz. that's my abc news story. nurse. i'm rashida. that's my abc news story.
8:25 am
>> now from abc7 news news. union postal workers are planning to protest outside the national postal forum at the moscone center. the post master will speak to the forum. a gathering of executives of direct mail industry whose businesses depends on the postal service. the union is protesting plans by the postal service to cut saturday deliveries. >> busy outside right now in the commute. we will check with sue hall. >> it is. look now as you make your way to the toll plaza, bumper to bumper at the first over crossing and we have a nasty commute from the central valley, westbound 580, it has been bad all morning with early citizens and now we head westbound which has just cleared but look at the slow traffic up and over the altamont pass. >> we will check with our meteorologist and talk about when the rain will
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> high clouds increasing but temperatures are close to average at 62 inland. the seven-day outlook shows scattered light
8:28 am
[ cheers and applause ] again, we were -- we were deep into a discussion. what is the harlem shake? when are you harlem shaking and when are you not? so many questions, so little time. but here is the little honey boo-boo, shaking with the family and amy robach, part two of their conversation, straight ahead. george, some well-deserved rest. he's off. paula faris is with us this morning. lots and lots to get to on the program. >> so many people who hit us on twitter and said, that's not the harlem shake. we keep referring to so many things. but, oh, well. also ahead -- >> we try. we try. >> one of the stars of "pretty little liars" here. before the season finale of the show. yeah. and we're going to challenge you. we're going to challenge you to two truths and a lie. are you up for it?
8:29 am
i love her acting. >> we're bringing that straight from the "gaa" files. it's serious. also some fun news here. big news from our friends at pinterest. the social media platform. that allows users to collect, organize, and share things that they love. starting today, a new look. based on comments and feedback from you, the pinterest users. and it makes it cleaner and much simpler to use. so, check it out. >> i used it for wedding planning and for redecorating. because you can kind of get everything organized in one spot. everybody can take a look at it say if they like it or if they don't like it. we're revealing it exclusively this morning. you can find more on on yahoo!. if you're on pinterest, follow "gma." we're there. >> knowing it worked for you. that's an endorsement. there you go. you're it. thanks, sam. to the tips to turning back
8:30 am
the clock without breaking the bank. h one hit the drugstore with one of the country's top experts, linda wells, of "allure." >> how does my skin look? >> beautiful. look?ve been using the products for four days now. you >> you look 2 years old. >> that's what i was going for. mama. surprising stats a new survey out reveals gr surprising stats on what we think about aging. growing old gracefully can be costly sometimes. theof the nation's best beauty editors tells us how to tackle it. it. >> fyi, i am not transitioning. >> reporter: others fight it. yo look at you. ve beene been yanked and stitched and sucked and pulled. sucked aturkey. nd outorter: to find out what what ans real tling about nk aboutallure" magazine surveyed 2,000 women and men in the u.s. to find out how they're handling the pressures of getting older. who is more concerned about inng? >> by far, women.
8:31 am
essure to lookeel there's more pressure to look young today years ago was ten years ago. men agree that women have much more pressure to look young. >> reporter: but men don't feel young.essure. 66% of them are not worried about looking older. what are the concerns women older. are theowing old? >> sagging skin, wrinkles, grey es,r. r: women withaccording to the survey, women with gray hair are considered old. while men are described as distinguished. thful george clooney. how do we hold on to the youthful looks as long as possible? what products should we be looking for? >> a sunscreen, a retinol, an antioxidant. b.b. b.b. cream. the great one is garnier skin enew. it's got anti-ox danoxidantanti hydrators. it's got a little bit of
8:32 am
silicone. it goes on the skin smoothly. >> reporter: now an antioxidant? >> olay regenerist. green tea extract and vitamin c. dation?rter: it's great to have a retinol cream. you have a recommendation? >> this one, the roc retinol correction. it deals with dark spots, makes your skin brighter. it's really a crucial product. >> reporter: if we are getting older, the survey found some erks. >> the majority of people believe that sex gets better as ter aset older. >> reporter: did they say it was exponentially better or just tetter? >> nobody measured the degree of justr. let's just say it's better. bett >> reporter: better is good. the magazine takes their bdorsements seriously. every product has been rigorously tested before they put their stamp of approval on it. >> good to know. now we're joined by carmindy of >> good to tlc's "what not to wear." ofheers and applause ] we love a good game here on "gma." no we're going to get to not sf the truths or not so
8:33 am
s to theut beauty. it's called beauty myths tely.led. will you put us to the tests? >> absolutely. test your beauty iq. ealber one, to erase dark or les, apply concealer before or after foundation? i say after. >> fact or fiction. >> i say -- >> fact. it's a fact. >> yes, yes. if >> if you use foundation and ehen put concealer on, it lasts longer and bounces light under the eyes. number two, filling in eyebrows with a pencil make you appear more youthful. fact or fiction. >> fiction. like i don't do it, i look like a giant egg. depend i go halfway in between? rtant.ends. >> i think they're important. >> survey says, fact. filling in eyebrows with pencil make you look for youthful. >> what if it's severely? >> it's on. >> i w that.want to challenge that. asnext one, as you age, use only matte makeup.
8:34 am
shimmer makeup will accentuate wrinkles. >> wait, wait, this is tricky. are you talking on eye shadow? yes. here, love a little radiance here. ike that j. lo glow. i'm going like this. >> a little back and forth. >> no, no, no, you can't waffle. > we've got fiction. can uses the right answer? >> you can use -- the new particles are refined. and pearlescent. any age can use shimmer. >> okay. >> >> one more? >> as you age, you should start waterprooferproof formulas. fact or fiction. >> fact. >> i say fiction >> i say fiction. >> fact, fact? >> >> it's a fact. >> why? why? >> our skin tends to lose a little bit of elasticity. as we age. sometimes our makeup can end up under our eyes. eyes. waterproof can make it stay put. a who won? >> actually, formulas that are
8:35 am
gel and filled with antioxidants filled wtant. ntioxidantsall learn something? >> paulad something. ission accomplished. paula needs to know, did she win? ike ayou won. >> i think it was a tie. >> i like a good tie. girl power. tips to loothe top makeup myths and tips to look younger, head to on yahoo!. >> it's so amazing that none of u are competitive. none of us are interested in winning. winning. winning. won.n. we're going to start with your twitter and facebook pictures. indiana, snow started there yesterday. virginia, haymarket, virginia. morning, byarket. good morning, by the way. to the south, the active severe actms. lanta, kickingng it off. montgomery, alabama. new orleans, i wouldn't be surprised to have storms in your sed to have sto re of aksonville. ail and cold front works south. more of a wind and hail and rain issue. meanwhile in t meanwhile in the west, a little coastal fog. more spotty than last week.
8:36 am
the area of high pressure will the get the temperatures going. l.a., because of the fog, a little cooler. san antonio, the texas temperatures., 101 to 104 today. it >> all of that weather was brought to you by target. >> paula just pops up. >> oh, josh. >> good work out of you, as always, sam. great morning. >> thank you. now to one of the most powerful media moguls, roger ailes. the mastermind, of course, behind fox news. regardless of where you stand on politics, he's got an incredible story. and he's sharing it, with his
8:37 am
brand-new biography. bianna golodryga sat down with the author. >> reporter: he's the often-bombastic larger than life architect of fox news. >> fair and balanced. >> i'm not in politics. i'm in ratings. we're winning. >> reporter: and now, the person president obama calls the most powerful man in america, is opening up in a new biography. "roger ailes, off camera." giving the author his thoughts on just about everyone. calling newt gingrich a name we can't say on television. >> he likes to stir up the, something i also can't say on the air. >> reporter: in the book, he fires away at the president saying how often does he play basketball and golf? i wish i had that kind of time. he's lazy. he's quoted saying this about the vice president. i have a soft spot for joe biden. but he's dumb as an ashtray. >> that's how he talks. i mean, roger is very straightforward. >> can a 4-year-old be a pinhead? yes.
8:38 am
>> reporter: and fox news, as powerful as it is polarizing, is 5 all but a reflection of ailes as well. is it fair to call him a starmaker? >> sure. o'reilly was not a super career. sean hannity was on radio. he told him on nhow to appear o tv. he produced a network out of it. >> reporter: he revolutionized cable television. >> we want the star of the network to be the news. his position was i want the stars of this network to be the stars. >> reporter: how will history judge him? >> history judges the winners. roger has been a winner to establish this conservative tv network. >> reporter: for abc news, bianna golodryga, new york. >> thank you, bianna. coming up here, we're going back home with with honey boo-boo.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
we're back on the couch, everybody. i loved part one, by the way, loved part one. we're back with part two of our interview with honey boo-boo. >> when last we left you. >> when last we left you. they were opening up about fame and started a little harlem shake in the interview. now our own amy robach is here with more. >> why do think that will haunt
8:42 am
me for years to come? she took me to her favorite place on earth. she's got boundless energy and a love of sock skating. >> one, two. >> reporter: she's the sassy 7-year-old known around the world adds honey boo-boo. >> speaking of the daughter, she's mighty fierce. her family, self-proclaimed red necks. >> keeps you cold. >> reporter: they love food. >> the ribs. be the barbecue chicken. >> and the potato salad and baked beans. >> reporter: family, and fun. >> come on, come on, i need to hop on. no wonder the fun factory is her favorite place to play. a local arcade where people roller skate. but we did some sock skating. climbing around in this
8:43 am
contrapti contraption. i don't know what i'm doing. she gave me her purposed bows to wear in my own hair. it was exhausting, even for me, with two little girls at home. she's not typical. >> i'm not typical! >> reporter: she likes to chant. ♪ honey boo-boo, honey boo-boo >> reporter: and sing. ♪ got me driving me crazy >> reporter: when does your belly decide to talk. >> belly decides to talk right now. >> oh, no, no, no. no belly talk today. >> reporter: what does the belly say. with the hit show comes fame and money. but what's remarkable is how little, at least in terms of material things, their lives have changed. you have a nice paycheck you didn't have before. do you have plans to change your life? >> no, why would i be?
8:44 am
we do so much for the community. reraised thousands of dollars thanks to our fans for the community. we raised over 10,000 canned goods. we were able to -- >> reporter: you're bringing tears to alanna's eyes. she jokes. mama june is serious. you have not let the money go to your head. >> i would like to expand the house. two bed rooms and the bathroom. but, you know -- >> reporter: it's not the top of your priority? >> no. mama june does extreme couponing. the father works seven days a week. the only major purchase is a truck. the money is put into trust for the kids. >> an ipod for christmas. >> reporter: you could buy more
8:45 am
than that? >> they don't ask for anything. >> reporter: smart lessons for anything. this is a lifestyle that a lot of people, you know, their jaw drops. i gotta tell you, there's a lot of luv in that house. and there's -- for all their silliness, they're extremely confident. nothing makes them feel uncomfortable. >> with the crazy behavior, a lot of common sense talk. >> we met her at the glaad awards. lovely woman. really lovely woman. it meant a lot for her to be there. >> they're so charitable. >> they would give the shirt off their back, i believe them. >> and making good family decisions. you can see "here comes honey boo-boo" on tlc. coming up, one of the stars of "pretty little liars" is here with the inside
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
do you remember when you were in the lighthouse, emily? you had to make that choice? it was either him or you? i wasn't as strong as you were. when i saw toby in theed w ewoo like that, i just gave up. >> so what changed? to make you back to yourself? >> i decided i didn't want to be a victim anymore. >> a sneak peek at the finale of "pretty little liars" over 1 million followers on twitter. >> they've been waiting all day. a show about four teens getting threatening letters from a mice t -- mysterious figure, "a." one of the show's stars joins us.
8:49 am
>> good morning. >> good morning. >> will we be shocked by this episode? >> there's going to be a lot. we know spencer is working with the "a" team, working with mona. this season finale will reveal a lot of the inner workings of the "a" team. who is on it who is not. >> they took over before last year. now they're lined deep outside. speaking of revealing things, will you play two truths and a lie with us? >> it's one of our favorites. >> she's going to tell us three things about herself, studio audience, you decide which is the lie. thus we begin. >> i did any first sky dive from 18,000 feet. one leweek later, i went bungee jumping from 500 feet. spencer seems conservative. i have four well-hidden tattoos.
8:50 am
>> and number three. >> i was obsessed with "titanic" as a kid. i watched it 22 times. over 71 hours of my life. >> number one? the bungee jumping and the sky diving? >> the four tattoos. number three, the titanic. who thinks that's the lie? >> i think the titanic. >> i think the four tattoos is a lie. i'm going four tattoos. and the answer is -- >> i am that obsessed with titanic. i thamt crazy of a person. and i only have one tattoo. >> yes! yes! well done, well done. >> wow. i want to ask, troiann. you have a lot dom coming up. tell us about upcoming projects. >> thanks, i got to go back and
8:51 am
shoot more of a web series i was a part of called lauren. it will come back mid april. and a project close to my heart. and i have a film getting released on itunes and netflix video on demand. the sooeason finale. tomorrow, the season finally
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
before we run naked through times square, the big week here on "gma," fergie from black eyed peace, live. her first interview since she announced she's pregnant. >> mazel tov. "gma" live.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. the san francisco at&t park is hosting the finals of the world baseball classic. the netherlands face dominican republic in the semi final matchup advancing to tomorrow's game against puerto rico tomorrow. they eliminated japan last night. if you are going to the game tonight, how is the weather? >> back in the 50's under clouds. comfortable if baseball. here is a look at what going on right now, the high clouds are increasing and temperatures are near if not above average today. rain is on the way on wednesday morning. sue? >> a couple of late breaking accidents cleared to the roadway and we go to san jose where we have an issue at stevens creek cleared on the median, northbound 880 and a stall in
8:58 am
oakland 880 at high and that has been cleared. kristen and sue? >> join us for midday news t plus, your questions and comments on another edition of the it box. all next on the winning "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ipa and michael strahan! ♪ heers and applause]
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