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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 19, 2013 12:35am-1:05am PDT

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tonight on "nightline," may day, nose down, plummeting thousands of feet and surviving. tonight the secrets for staying safe and avoiding a plane crash. from sparring with socialites to "dancing with the stars" there is nothing that this reality tv star can't do. it's glitz, glamour and bundles of money as we go inside the world of the rich and the famous. foxy, wild animals as house pets. how anyone can share their home with this cuddly predator.
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from new york city, this is "nightline" with juju chang. >> good evening and thanks for
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joining us. for most fear of flying involves fleeting flashes of nerves during turbulence over stormy weather. overcoming the panic can get you through the jitters. but what if that is the key to avoiding a mid-flight catastrophe. we take to the skies to find life saving answers. >> reporter: sometimes they get lucky. little did these three passengers know they would be filming a close call with death. their private pilot desperately trying to take off in a heavily loaded small plane at high altitude when it finally stalls into the tree tops. the plane tumbles to the ground, cameras still rolling. passenger and pilot survive. >> everybody okay? >> we're okay. please get out. >> reporter: too often in general or private aviation luck is not enough.
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just this weekend there were nine fatalities in 11 small plane crashes nationwide. this twin engine jet came down into a house in south bend, indiana, killing two. a twin engine turboprop killed three. >> reporter: the ntsb has placed this issue on the most-wanted list of transportation safety improvements. >> reporter: while domestic commercial airplanes have had no fatalities in more than three years, small planes average five accidents a day, nearly 500 americans die in small planes each year. the leading cause of death is pilot loss of control. >> almost all of the accidents are preventable and we have seen them before and unless things change we will see them again. >> reporter: we went to the spin doctor, rich stowell he said
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that private pilots don't get the training they need to recover from emergencies. they have never done a spin until they are in one. >> what enemy is panic? >> once we panic it's over. panic is really the precursor to lights out. and so by having a mental routine that we can go through, a mental procedure it takes us away from panic. >> reporter: so off we go to practice panic at 3,000 feet above the california soil. my plane entering a death spiral. too often for private pilots their final view of earth. >> the first time a pilot is in a spin they are in trouble? >> yes. >> reporter: stowell teaches us to overcome panic to survive straight stalls where the plane stops in midair because is it
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climbing too fast. >> just allow the stick to come forward two inches. >> reporter: and next the barrel roll caused by high wind or turbulence strong enough to push the wing up and over. >> it can push you over? >> it can bank us to the side or get us upside down. three, two, one, roll. >> woe. . >> there we go. >> so not nearly as much nose attitude down. still unusual. >> a feeling on your head. i felt like i was going through the roof. >> reporter: and the combination dive to the ground and roll. >> baby. >> there we go. we went around two times. this is the heading we started on. >> all right. >> there you go. >> a little bit of g's. >> the first thousand spins are the hardest. >> i have no idea what you did.
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>> reporter: for pilots the most difficult lesson is to resist the temptation to pull up. the airplane doesn't have enough speed to fly. contrary to the impulse, the pilot must push the controls toward the ground. >> the pilots freeze on the controls and again typically they're occurring close enough to the ground when they are entering the spin it's too late. so we have to replace that instinct with the brain telling the body no you have to do this and then that. >> reporter: 97% of aviation fatalities happen in small planes. not all can be avoided with practice. this idaho plane was too heavy to gain altitude in the mountains. but for many, experiencing the unthinkable from rolls to spins to dives before that critical life and death moment could save lives. for "nightline" i'm jim avala
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over santa paula, california. >> he deserves a medal for that one. thanks. she is fabulously rich and increasingly rich. what pushes her to the limits on "dancing with the stars"? how this hard working housewife manages to get it all done. >> announcer: abc news "nightline" brought to you by centrum. at the corner of "multivitamin" and "multiple choice," come to walgreens for help finding the one that's right for you... like centrum silver. now, buy one, get one half off with balance rewards card. at the corner of happy and healthy. for over 30 years. and it's now the most doctor recommended, the most preferred and among the most studied. so when it comes to getting the most out of your multivitamin, the choice is clear. centrum. always your most complete.
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imagine having wealth beyond your wildest dreams. now add fame to your fortunate, movie star glamour and business success and you are living lisa vanderpump's life. her am exswiping and bentley driving ways are featured in not one but two reality shows and tonight add a third, "dancing with the stars." how did she become one of the busiest women in show biz? there is much more to vanderpump than what we see in primetime. opulence doesn't begin to describe lisa vanderpump's lifestyle. >> i could stay in this bed and just look out that view all day. >> reporter: she has been extraordinarily rich for a very long time. >> these i don't think i would wear. they were a gift. >> reporter: but it was after she crossed swords with other real housewives of beverly hills that she became rich and famous.
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>> i was sensitive. >> but you also hold a grudge. >> reporter: explain to somebody who might think those reality show stars just want to be famous. >> of course. i would be lying if i didn't say that the celebrity aspect isn't beneficial. i'm the same person i was from three years ago. i've written a book i couldn't have written suffered
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from seizures and was in the hospital in icu for a long time. >> announcer: this is an abc news special report.
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the inaugural ceremony of pope francis. francis. everyone.orning, everyone. good very early morning to many terry moran here i am terry moran here in new york to bring you coverage of pope augural mass of pope francis. there he is r there he is right now you are ooking at a live picture in a jeep, not the covered popemobile going through st. peter's he is to celebrate he is to celebrate along with ardinals and world leaders, an inaugural mass. nne really, the formal eginnings of his papacy, the ding to pacy according to catholic tradition. st. ll take the throne of st. rich today in a ceremony rich with symbolism. what a moment this is. look at this. i can't remember the last time a pope was not in a popemobile. st. go to cecilia vega in st.
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thrr's square. as the pope moves through the square what are you seeing and feeling down there? >> reporter: terry, good morning it, an absolutely ty is, no other way than to say it, an absolutely glorious morning here in vatican city. you can see the pope as you said zig-zagging through the crowd. he is right behind me. the buzz in the crowd is overwhelming. they were areame out in the jeep. the crowd went wild. they were screaming. this is the first time we are seeing hem out here in the square this morning, in this, as you say not the pope mobile, thought we would see him in the pope mobile today. there are hundreds of thousands expected to show up for the up.ugural mass. the city of rome prepared for 1 million people to show up. tey have been pouring into vatican city since before the square.e up. metaln the morning seeing throngs of people pouring into st. peter's
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security at an all time high. there are metal detectors on every corner of st. peter's square this morning. everyone who wants to be inside the square to see this inaugural mass has to pass through. see the shots of the pope waving. this is a pope, pope francis who is loved by the people less than cy.eek into his papacy. look at the flags, brazil. sia, fellow countrymen from n gentina, well represented in this t this throng of people out there. you can see the blue-and-white flags scattered all over this local we even heard from a local report early this morning that very excited fellow countrymen got too excited and may have attempted to hang a san lorenzo futbol banner up. thatan police not allowing that to happen. there is the pope, there is the pope, kissing a terry, very excited, terry, here. amid the sense of excitement, a aal sense of spirituality for a order y of the highest order
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that people will be experiencing morning. this morning. a catholic mass like no other. very at we see very, very ut ely in the history out willlic church. one that we will see pope .rancis undertake in a matter of back tut here. and we'll be reporting back to you over the course out morning over the building excitement as that mass begins to start soon. >> thank you, for setting that up. this is an this is an historic event. it is a spectacle as you can rowd there what a crowd there in st. peter's square. it is also a spiritual event. we want to turn to cokie roberts rome foreen with us in rome for ois choosing of the pope and e, alast one as well. cokie, as you look at pope francis who has struck such a, such a different note -- was announced. when he was announced last week. you and i were sitting on the he rome. we had no idea who he was.
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neither did the crowd in st. ovter's square. but they have come to know him over these last few days. >> a and really come to like him. >> as you can see he has gotten hut of the jeep. there is a person with severe thsabilities that he got out of the jeep there to bless. bolism 's the kind of symbolism we have seen sin we have seen since he was named. he has been out among the people. he has, he has not dressed up in the ring that in fact today the ring that he ill be taking, is a used ring, secretary.ul vi's secretary. nd it is silver with gold e is not, he o he is not, he is -- he is bandoning a lot of the fancy impler gs to be a much simpler and more humble man. father t to bring in father jesuit rtin who is a jesuit like the pope as well. esuit he author of "the jesuit guide to almost everything."
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editor emeritus of "america" the jesuit magazine here. father, for a lot of people who ear about jesuits what is a what makes it what makes it different that pope francis is one? > a jesuit is a member of a we olic religious order, we ake vows of poverty, chastity, obedience. we live in c we live in community probably chools inn for our schools in try. country. georgetown,ege, georgetown, like thate that. ope is the first jesuit pope ever. ever. ago, i was here a few days ago, t ane sawyer said what does it ?ean? i said i have no idea. before.r experienced it before. he brings a degree of fpirituality. and a certain type of experience some what different than popes in the past. >> what do you see n> what do you see in pope francis so far in a few days, bergoglio, cardinal bergoglio, myt do you see, "oh, that is my brother jesuit?" >> a good question. his his desire to be with the poor simply.
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th his relaxed atmosphere you see yround him. his is very jesuit. >> not that he's the first je ant to go to >> i want to go to ron claiborne because i understand, ron, our colleague in st. peter's square, he pope is going right by you e just passed by >> reporter: he just passed by a few feet away. you xcitement. hear the excitement. th g,e looks on their faces, beaming, smiling. - is pope is just a few days -- ook than a week since he took the papacy. articularly here in rome i average people in average average .verage tina and mexico. of called it a revolution of mall gestures, much more and sibility, inform ality and ut of to meet the crowd out of minutes jeep a few minutes the pope ng babies, the pope
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ho more than a week ago was nknown, most catholics, just ive or six days he has become normously popular and i would say, wow. terry, back to you. >> that square, ron, looks like the united nations or maybe the world cup with all of the flags from the nations there, pilgrims from all over the world come to ee this moment, the formal eginnings in some ways for the eople of pope francis' papacy to some argentines who tried to unfurl the banner of his favorite soccer team. >> the saints. > the saints, the san lorenzo sa appropriate. >> which h >> how appropriate. but >> which he is very dedicated to but apparently the officials in st. peter's square thought that would be just a little bit too nea. to rome once again near the cast ell san angelo, father, could thisust explain to us what this hat means to catholics, what
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e're going to see and means.ence, what it means. > i think today marks the eginning of the petrine pope ry, the role of the pope s successor of st. peter, the bishop of rome and the highlight of the life of the church is the mass and it's natural that the celebration of the mass here in t. peter's square which ymbolizes the communion of all fatholics with god and with the visible head of the church on should ow pope francis, should elebrationted in the celebration of the mass this morning. an e blessed to have an absolutely glorious roman orning as you can see from the mage, the crowds are really ecstatic. >> cokie, i can't remember the >> cokie, i can't remember the last time we saw a pope in an was before >> well, i think it was before the assassination attempt on as, john paul ii and that as,
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you know, we have in this ountry when you have those bringsf violent acts, it brings that's security and so that's been the case in rome, as well. ut this pope has been etermined to get out among the tople and, you know, he went to he house where he had been staying and paid his bill and picked up his toothbrush and, ou know, went to move back to anta marta, so he's done all kinds of things that just make regular.hink he's regular. nd that is -- that's clearly appealed to people. lso, you talk about argentina, he's been at loggerheads with he president of argentina, , two ent kirchner, two president kirchners and he and she, president kirchner made peace. >> and the picture i just >> and the picture i just saw was my favorite moment when he showed up at the modest guest
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ouse that he was staying at clerical guest house in rome to pay his bill which is not something any head of state i think in the world pretty much cash. they never carry cash. want to go back to rome and auck thavis is with father wauck there. he is the "the vaticanhor of "the vatican diarie diaries," a delightful book and 30 yearshe vatican for 30 years an and that's his reporter's notebook and, john, having es ased the vatican and popes as long as you have, we're talking this the striking impact this ine francis has already made in gestures., in his gestures. hat do you make and also just o fact-check us, have popes ridden around the square in open recently?ntly? >> well, in fact, yes, even pope benedict rode in an open jeep ecurityme to time. he had some security problems. there were times when somebody f ied to jump into the back of ted, sop and was prevented, so
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pope ws something about pope e's not' style that he's not popemobi take the popemobile coveris a little more covered separated ould have separated from the le bit more from the crowd. he he's going to ride in the open jeep. an and this is the first time we've crowd.m in a huge crowd. wondering ople were wondering ow he would act in front of a he's ude like this and he's he wn as camera shy, well, he we s perfectly at ease and we to him stop his jeep just to greet d get out and greet ismeone who was sick. you know, this is the kind of erson i think we'll see who looks hrough a crowd but looks for individuals. >> he seems to be having a right there. >> when he greets these big hello he says bon giorno, hello nd have a good lunch and all inds of just, again, regular things that they are finding very appealing. father simplicity that father ortin was talking about.
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>> he's a man of the people. he's also been a pastor and a it'sp and an archbishop so it's whole though he spent his whole life in an office. of aid mass at the church of t. anne and afterwards greeted very single one of the parishioners and some of them iss comfortable enough to kiss g we hd hug him which is omething we haven't seen in a while. >> popes are not often >> popes are not often hugged. > their security men weren't too happy about that, though. > let us go to our other guest is a hington, d.c., helen is a mason fessor at george mason university and more importantly a consultant to the pontifical ouncil for the laity here and, helen, good morning. good very early morning. >> yes, very good morning. >> and i wanted to ask you, your perspective having worked on the pontifical council for the laity under pope benedict, what do you expect so many people wonder d at kind of changes, what kind pope francis t pope francis
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have from your perspective, what o you see shaping up as the hemes and things you like, pope you hope for in pope francis. >> well, first of > well, first of all, it's so interesting here's a man born in raised and then worked in one diocese essentially. a taught there, he's been a bishop there. he's it alreadyw he knows how to ++k relate to all the different kinds of lay people and religious and religious institutions in a diocese. he knows the church on the ground so i suspect that he will have a lot of good ideas about how people like me and other lay people can serve the church, can work with the church and bishops and archbishops, i look to see if i could find out anything about particularly how he worked with women. you know, my position, if you
1:04 am
will, on the pontifical council for the laity pays special attention to the role of women in the church and world and i couldn't find anything other than he had good relations with the institutions in his diocese run by women as those run by men. i couldn't find many more details about that. i'm also expecting that he's going to have a great deal to offer the church in terms of bringing together sort of some of the major messages that you've seen the church put out in the modern world today, number one, our message for the poor and for the vulnerable, number two, our message on respect for life, for the family, for children and i think he's going to be able to help people understand how these belong together in the eyes of the church whereas here in sort of late 20th century and early 21st century america, sometimes we split those issues into different political camps.


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