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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 19, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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what. also, you and i were talking about this. what a day at the vatican this morning. pope francis celebrating an inaugural mass before hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people and weather i could have used last week in rome. boy, what a day as he again kissing one man, is this yet another symbol of a man who many people are calling the people's pope? >> i saw this when it was happening live and he would just jump out -- it wasn't a popemobile. it was an open jeep and he would see someone and he would disembark and just bless them. it was something to see this morning. we'll have a lot more on that but, let's get right now to the breaking news for the view ners the west. the fatalities overnight for the marines. abc's martha raddatz calling it by far the largest loss of life she can remember in recent history in ground training. paula faris starts uts off. >> seven killed, seven wounded. seven u.s. marines have been killed in a training accident. seven injured.
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david kerley is following this. david, what do we know? >> this does appear to be one of the deadliest military ground training accidents we have seen in recent memory, could be decades. seven dead and seven injured, all marines from camp lejeune. southeast of reno. this was a mortar round. sources are telling us it did not land on the marines. it appears they were handling the round or transporting it when it exploded. mortars are designed to shatter. that could explain if they were in a training mission, watching how it is put in a tube or brought to a tube why so many were killed or injured. the seven injured marines taken to reno. much more to learn on this incident. paula? >> david kerley live. thank you. chaos and carnage across baghdad.
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on this tenth anniversary of the invasion of iraq, a dozen car bombs went off today killing at least 59 people. hundreds are wounded. a new poll finds that 53% of americans now believe the war in iraq was a mistake. and you won't believe this. an eye-opening breach of u.s. national security. a defense contractor charged are sharing everything from missile defense plans to information about u.s. nuclear weapons to a chinese woman he was dating. he met her at a conference where she may have targeted him. she remains here in the u.s. not charged at this point. now to the story threatening the global economy and affecting stocks here at home. outrage is growing in the small nation of cyprus.
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the government would seize 10% of the people's bank accounts for the bailout. banks are shut down to prevent people from withdraws their savings. here at home, a computer glitch set off a panic for chase customers. when they checked the balances in their accounts, they saw this. the bank says it was there error. the problem is resolved. >> good news. i thought it was just me. now to winter's blast. snow and ice hitting so much of the country. with an update of sorts, sam champion, the man we're blaming this morning. >> let's show you how much the entire eastern coast of the country, enveloped in the country. up to 10 inches of snow up to 2 feet in the mountains of new england. more than 360 storm reports in the south. most of them big, big hailstones
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and powerful winds. the pictures out of mississippi. the last few places to pick up snow this morning. from northern new york state to burlington, maine. the entire state of massachusetts. nanuet, new york. last night before this turned over the rain. one or two places are still getting snow out of this. ginger zee is in one of them. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, sam. it's still snowing here and we've got about six inches of fresh, fine, fluffy snow. this acts almost like sand and it's very powdery, something you'd want to ski on but all over bushes and roads an absolute disaster. remember, this part of the country has already seen more than double their annual average. that's 100 inches of snow. now it's 106. overnight the latest winter blast sent cars sliding on icy roads in the north. and blew trucks clear off overpasses in the south. nearly half the country is
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suffering with a brutal mixed bag. snow, sleet, hail and severe whipping winds. >> it's march and still snowing. it's like it's not going to go away. >> reporter: this morning nearly 300,000 customers in alabama and georgia are without power. trees crashed on houses and power lines. >> we've got downed power lines and want to make sure everybody is safe. >> reporter: in the southeast hammering winds some as high as 80 miles per hour and tennis ball-sized hail pounded cities from atlanta back to mississippi. >> definitely one of the worst hailstorms i have ever seen. >> reporter: hail shattered windshields in jackson. and in new york, black ice sent this car into a tree, killing the driver. while unplowed roads halted bus service and slowed traffic. >> this is bad. i'm driving about 10 miles an hour with my flashers on. but i'm telling you, you have to stay safe. >> reporter: messy highways and blinding snow means school is closed across massachusetts this morning. our friends in boston had less than 10 inches of snow last
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year, this year they'll end up with more than 60, sam, i say that phil groundhog guy is not getting an extreme team coat. >> that's exactly. many people were asking me what phil said. i said that'll teach you. that'll teach you to pay attention. ginger, thank you so much. i know it was difficult to get where you are because traveling all night in the bad weather to get there so behind all of that snow is going to be an awful lot of cold air. with this we're seeing these numbers, these windchills like 2 below or right around 2 degrees in chicago. 8 below in minneapolis. detroit coming in at 14. i don't want to be the one to say this, but i think i have to. >> then don't. >> the forecast models are saying by monday, we may have another winter-like storm in the same direction, even though it's fully spring by that point. >> so blame it on the groundhog. there you go. >> that furry thing. >> you bet. thanks, sam. all right. we'll turn now to the vatican where pope francis has officially begun his ministry as the 266th pope in history. he has just been inaugurated in a special mass seen by hundreds
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and hundreds of thousands of people in attendance including our cecilia vega covering it for us in st. peter's square. good morning to you. what a day. >> reporter: josh, good morning. boy, what a day. and what a glorious day it is really here in the vatican. beautiful weather for these pilgrims gathered in st. peter's square. this crowd began showing up at dawn for this inaugural mass and to catch a glimpse of pope francis. pope francis emerged this morning, thrilling a crowd of hundreds of thousands of faithful gathered in st. peter's square. for nearly half an hour riding in an open-air popemobile, he toured the square stopping several times along the way reaching out to pilgrims from around the world. kissing babies, giving thumbs up to well-wishers, even climbing out of his jeep to lay hands on and bless a severely disabled
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man. the buzz in this crowd is overwhelming as he came out in that jeep, the crowd went wild. you can see the shots of the pope waving. clearly this is a pope, pope francis, who is loved by the people less than a week into his papacy. back in the pope's home country of argentina thousands flocked to the main cathedral in buenos aires to watch the inaugural mass of their fellow countryman. in attendance at the vatican, vice president joe biden led the american delegation along with political and religious leaders from around the world. pope francis bowed and prayed at the tomb of st. peter. and afterward received a simple woolen pallium and fisherman's ring placed on his right finger and we heard some of pope francis' familiar themes. >> translator: an embrace with tender affection the whole of humanity. especially the poorest, the weakest, the least important. >> reporter: and the crowd
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estimated to be up to 200,000 people strong and they watched this inaugural mass on large screen televisions. monitors scattered all over st. peter's square. we're also learning more about someone else who watched this very special event, pope emeritus benedict, italian media reported he watched from the comforts of his own home on television. robin? >> good for him. such a special morning. thank you so much. back here at home the frightening and potentially deadly plot foiled at the university of central florida. police revealing that guns and explosives were found in a student's dorm room all part of an apparent plan to stage a massive campus shooting. abc's pierre thomas is in washington and has the latest for us. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning. today those students are breathing a sigh of relief. they know they narrowly averted a nightmare. police say it was supposed to be a massacre. [ sirens ] perhaps on the scale of virginia tech in 2007.
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the james oliver seevakumaran was planning to kill his fellow students. >> anybody armed with this type of weapon and ammunition could have hurt a lot of people here. particularly in a crowded area as people were evacuating. it could have been a very bad day. >> reporter: authorities say just after midnight monday seevakumaran pulled the fire alarm, apparently to flush the students out for slaughter. the suspect's roommate called 911 after seevakumaran allegedly pointed a gun at him. he spoke to the campus newspaper. >> when he was raising the gun i slammed the door on him before he could pop anything off. >> reporter: police responded within minutes and the gunman police believe took his own life. the evidence left behind was chilling. >> we found some notes and some writings that indicated that this was a planned attack. >> reporter: police discovered a .22 caliber assault rifle and .45 caliber pistol and sources tell us there were hundreds of rounds of ammunition and high-capacity magazines, including a drum magazine, similar to the type used in the
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colorado mass shooting this past summer. and also found, four suspected improvised explosive devices in a backpack allegedly lined with shrapnel, obtained by florida wftv. this morning, students are shocked. >> i just thought he was a quiet, introverted person. the only time he made solid eye contact with me was when he was pointing the gun at me. >> reporter: the suspect is a 30-year-old business major who was not enrolled in spring classes. he was in the process of being removed from campus housing. his motive still unclear, robin. >> pierre, thank you very much. we're going turn now to one of the most famous art heists ever. the fbi saying they think they know who took the paintings in march 1990.
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brian ross has been tracking the twists and turns in this story since then. and he joins us now. it looks like your long search is finally over. >> getting closer. this has been a 23-year-long game of cat and mouse between the fbi and a long-suspected gang of boston art thieves with ties to local mobsters. this morning, the fbi says there's new hope they're getting closer to cracking the case. the theft was timed to the busiest day of the year for boston police, st. patrick's day. just after 1:00 in the morning with the party still going on downtown, two thieves dressed as police talked their way into the side entrance of the tiny gardner museum of art. in just 81 minutes they had perhaps the largest haul of stolen art in this country ever. there were no alarms and they methodically cut the selected paintings out of their frames. three rembrandts including his only known seascape, the storm
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on the sea of galile rks. and this masterpiece, lady and gentleman in black. one of only 31 works from the dutch master, vermeer, the concert. 13 pieces in all an estimated $500 million worth of art still missing. the empty frames left on the wall as a reminder of what happened. >> on the 23rd anniversary of the theft, we are pleased to announce the fbi has made significant investigative progress. >> reporter: the statute of limitations has passed. but the fbi said monday its agents have now figured out who stole the art. >> we can say with a high degree of confidence we know who is responsible for the theft. >> reporter: the fbi would not identify the thieves. but over the last three years, agents have conducted a series of searches in connecticut and massachusetts. no art but new leads as to its whereabouts perhaps offered for sale in philadelphia. >> we don't know if the sale was ever consummated. we don't know if they're still down there. if they went to somewhere else. >> reporter: now the fbi hopes a
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new round of publicity with a fancy website and a $5 million reward could produce the lead they need to finally close the case. the stolen paintings are so well known in the art world that the fbi and art experts figure they actually have very little value for the thieves. too hot to handle even now, 23 years later. as one agent jeff kelly put it they are worthless other than back on the walls of the gardner museum. >> back where they belong. remarkable story. thank you. robin? all right, josh, now to a special auction of some of the most famous dresses in the world. all of them belonging to princess diana. it's the biggest sale ever put together of her gowns and abc's lama hasan got a closeup look. >> reporter: they're the dresses that helped catapult diana to a global icon like this midnight blue one worn for her unforgettable turn on the dance floor with john travolta. >> this one is the most famous. princess diana is thrilled with it and she said, excuse me,
7:15 am
ma'am, i just need to go and show my husband. and she rushed out of the room wearing the dress and a few moments later, prince charles came in and said, darling, you look wonderful. >> reporter: the stunning collection of tension gowns, charts her evolving style from the mid '80s to the late '90s. each single dress telling a different story. >> die glan, at this point in her life, is again suffering from eating disorders. but it's a very sweet little dress. it really shows the contrast between the diana, the young woman and the sort of journey she made in her life to the very regal princess that we came to love and know. >> reporter: then there's this green velvet number which may hide a little secret. >> it's very simple plain dress but it has what looks like a little -- a little child's hand print just on the skirt down here. and these dresses haven't been cleaned since diana wore them. >> reporter: oh, they haven't. >> they're absolutely in the same condition as they were sold in 1997.
7:16 am
>> reporter: oh, you can, you can see a little handprint. >> so many people have surmised it was a little prince's hand in saying, no, don't go out, mummy. i want you to stay. who knows? it's a lovely thought. >> reporter: it's quite amazing. while the auction is expected to fetch $1.2 million, for a private owner in the u.s. and, robin, if you're interested in that midnight blue gown, the one they call the john travolta dress, well, it is expected to sell for $600,000. some would say that's a bargain. >> done. >> oh, who are those people who say that's a bargain? >> i got a couple bucks. >> thank you. >> i got about 98 cents. >> that's about it. >> layaway. layaway. >> what is going on here? >> i know. i know. we'll show you where all the heat is. it doesn't seem to be able to get north. but this morning, there's still a little bit of leftover snow in that system that's in northern new england. here's who gets it. some strong gusty winds pull in behind it. in those areas shaded in purple. northern new york state, vermont, new hampshire, more
7:17 am
than 6 inches, probably 12 inches of snow in that direction then you look at mcallen, 100 degrees yesterday. this is where the heat is. midland at 80. laredo, 92. houston, 76, dallas-ft. worth at about 72 degrees. phoenix in the 80s. brand-new system moves in and up to three feet of snow in the cascades and olympics. avalanche warnings everywhere in that area for this very wet snow that comes in with the brand-new rain and snowmaker.
7:18 am
>> and remember, anyone who got that rain and snow last night and into this morning now you get a cold shot of air for the next day and a half. >> thanks, sam. that's great. >> yeah, thanks a lot, sam. coming up the latest twists in the so-called breakup murder trial. a psychologist revealing in court why jodi arias may not have a memory of her exboyfriend's murder. tiger woods and lindsey vonn must really be dating because it says so on facebook. tiger woods and lindsey vonn must really be dating because it
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[ female announcer ] all this... only on royal caribbean. call 1-800-royal-caribbean today. ♪ into the suuuun.... ♪ >> amendment, i am eric thomas a new bart director says it is time to extend bart along the i-80 corridor, a district seven director wants to bring bart to san pablo and richmond hilltop. he says running the line along 80 makes senator because suburban commuter growth develops along freeways and a competing idea extends bart north from the current richmond bart station along the union
7:23 am
pacific corridor. it has been tough in the east bay. here is sue. >> all three bad commutes, fortunately, are going to get better but, still, not great. we have a sig-alert lifted and san marco is clearing, and still jammed westbound 80. 34 minutes from 580 and 148 minutes from antioch to condor and 40 minutes highway four to the macarthur maze. >> thank you,
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>> check out temperatures a spread from 39 in petaluma to 52 in richmond, very mild this morning. san jose, can you see it is 87. most of us are pretty close if not above average with temperatures hanging out from the low 60's to the
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♪ oh, yeah, super bowl champ jacoby jones of the ravens, the last dance of the night, definitely one of the most promising. >> oh, yeah. >> bruno really liked it. len thought he was -- should have been -- he only had one week coming off a knee injury. >> it's the first dance, too, yeah. >> the nerves are all gone now. who's going to win it all? kelly monaco will be along later to tell us all about the premiere night. good morning, america on this tuesday morning, george is off. great to have josh here, paula faris with us, as well. >> we have a lot to get to in this half hour. including another bizarre twist in the so-called breakup murder trial. a psychologist is revealing in court why jodi arias may have no memory of her ex-boyfriend's murder. and the new fist couple of
7:29 am
sports. tiger woods and gold medalist lindsey vonn announced they're dating. and they do it in a very happy and public way. >> online. and eat anything you want and you can still lose weight. you heard it first on "the fast diet." first appearance from the doctor who started it all. >> a lot of questions about it. to the latest on that so-called breakup murder trial. a defense psychologist telling jurors monday that jodi arias suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. and saying that could explain why she has no memory of brutally murdering her ex-boyfriend. abc's ryan owens has all the details for us. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. you know, we normally think of ptsd associated with soldiers coming home from war or someone involved in a horrific accident but this psychologist wants the jury to believe that jodi arias suffers from it, too. >> i don't know how the mind works. i don't know if i blacked out. i have a good memory. >> reporter: if you think jodi arias has an explanation for
7:30 am
everything she did, meet her defense psychologist. dr. richard samuels says he diagnosed the 32-year-old admitted killer with posttraumatic stress disorder even though she's the one who shot and repeatedly stabbed her ex-boyfriend travis alexander. >> people who are involved in causing harm to another can get ptsd. as a result of the harm they have caused. >> reporter: as a result of the stress of killing someone, dr. samuels says arias developed amnesia, and can't remember committing the brutal crime in june of 2008. a story she told repeatedly on the stand. >> i have no memory of stabbing him. >> reporter: wait, there's more. he can explain all her lies after the day of the crime like leaving a voice mail for a man she just killed and told the jury she was creating an alternative reality to escape the horror of what she did. >> by creating her alternative
7:31 am
reality it's as if it didn't happen. and it reduces the level of stress. >> reporter: prosecutor juan martinez believes arias is a cold-blooded killer, who methodically planned the murder of her ex. on cross-examination he portrayed the psychologist as gullible, just the latest man to fall for her charm. >> there's an appearance that you're trying to help her. right? >> reporter: dr. samuels admits she lied to him, too. at the time he gave her one of the ptsd tests she's still claiming what she did during this police interrogation. >> i actually didn't see it. i heard it. first. >> reporter: that two masked intruders killed travis alexander as she cowered in the corner. she later admitted she killed him but claims it was in self-defense. >> this test really is only as good as the person who is telling or filling it out, right? >> that's true. >> so if they're lying then the test is not very good. >> that's correct. >> reporter: ultimately the
7:32 am
psychologist was forced to make this stunning admission. >> perhaps i should have readministered that test. >> reporter: expert witnesses like this do not come cheap. in case you were wondering, it has so far cost taxpayers more than $800,000 to defend jodi arias as she tries to stay off death row. josh? >> a staggering sum, ryan. thank you for that. switching gears now to tiger woods and gold medalist lindsey vonn officially confirming they're a couple. the superstar and top olympic skier posting the snapshots you see here on their facebook pages, so paula, it must be true. >> it is true. the best way, of course, to dictate the story is to get in front of it and that is just what tiger woods and lindsey vonn did. on monday, two of the world's top athletes confirming their relationship on facebook and public relations experts say it may have been one of their best moves yet.
7:33 am
tiger woods getting back in the swing of things on the links -- >> tiger woods. >> reporter: -- and in love. his new flame? olympic skiing star lindsey vonn. the happy couple all smiles posting these photos on their respective facebook pages woods writing "lindsey and i have been friends for some time but over the last few months we have become very close and are now dating." the two met at a charity event in april and rumors began circulating soon after that they were an item. including last month when woods reportedly gave vonn a lift home on his private jet after her season-ending crash and injury at a competition in austria. then last week, the 28-year-old was photographed leaving woods' private yacht in a golf cart. on monday vonn confessed saying "i guess it wasn't a well-kept secret but yes i am dating tiger woods. our relationship evolved from a friendship into something more over these past few months and it has made me very happy."
7:34 am
>> they wanted to make sure it was told in the best way possible. it's a way for them both to show they've moved forward with their lives. >> reporter: the couple's relationship comes at a career crossroads for both athletes. just as the 37-year-old golfer has seen a resurgence on the course, vonn has been forced off the slopes by a knee injury. what's not lost in their announcement the endorsement potential. both are prominently wearing gear of their respective sponsors. woods in that white nike polo and vonn, under armour. for now at least, this steamy sports couple wants to be left alone. woods posting, "we want to continue our relationship privately as an ordinary couple and continue to compete as athletes." >> they released these obviously posed pictures and say please respect our privacy. it's almost become a joke. >> well, woods and nike recently reupped with a ten-year contract estimated at $187 million. but he has not won major
7:35 am
tournament since george w. bush was in office. yes, it was the summer of 2008. should he get his life and career back on track it could be one of the more gripping comeback stories that we've seen and you need a status update, don't you? >> he's already having quite a season on the links. >> good for him. >> good for them both. >> just really like her. >> make their way through life. >> sam, it's time to blame you. it's that time again for -- >> it's blame time, everybody. okay, here we go. no, we're going to start with where the storms are through the deep south, there were just a punishing, a pounding of storms last night. atlanta involved in that tallahassee, as well. new orleans and now those storms push into florida. the idea here the southeast clears out quite a lot but then down goes the storms, orlando you're involved. tampa, as well, even miami will get powerful thunderstorms. this area doesn't cool down too much. it actually kind of moderates this area of high pressure, atlanta, 67 isn't that bad and about as cool as you'll get, savannah, 79 degrees. here's where the cold air does settle in. minneapolis, 18 on wednesday,
7:36 am
this is unbelievable. wednesday, by the way, first day of spring. and then boston, wednesday at about 62, 35 on thursday and it stays chilly through the entire weekend, new york city, the same thing, chicago, it's just that pattern that we see a big dip in the jet stream and all of this area basically the eastern third of the country will come in with cooler temperatures. >> and very wet system moves into the northwest today. all that weather was brought to you by mercedes-benz, everybody. >> okay, there, sam. >> thank you, sam. coming up -- beyonce's edgy new song. >> yep. >> her first in almost two years. why it's picking up a
7:37 am
controversy right now. >> i was gonna say, it is a hot button. also, take a look at her, go, wynonna, go. mom naomi and sister ashley cheering from the sidelines. "dancing with the stars" in full effect yet again last night. we'll have a recap for you straight ahead. ♪ i got the music in me ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just stay alive... but feel alive. the c-class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz, through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. through mercedes-benz are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie -- 'tis tasty. okay, george washington, did you take my truck out last night? 'tis tasty.
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that new song by beyonce stirring up a lot of controversy. "bow down" is the title and she repeatedly sings a word that i can't say right now but i'm sure you can guess so what is the superstar so angry about? abc's chris connelly takes a look. >> reporter: look who's choosing to lean in. ♪ i took some time to live my life but don't think i'm just his little wife ♪ >> reporter: beyonce's back to work and her first new track in nearly two years released on tumblr on sunday is all hit, and no mrs. carter. it's i'm back on top lyrics includes two words unheard during her super bowl show. ♪ don't get it twisted get it twisted [ bleep ] ♪ >> reporter: scratching where it itches dropping the "b" word. >> think maybe hearing her use
7:42 am
that word in a song is less expected an in rihanna or katy perry or lady gaga used it. >> reporter: not everyone was ready for that. her "b" word kicking up a cyber kerfuffle. singh keyshia cole. first, women need to stick together. now b-words better bow. shaking my head. >> do i want her to have said the quote/unquote "b" word, maybe not. when has she ever been profane? but when she has she ever shrugged off her beauty queen pop superstar and maybe let us see a little of her. >> reporter: it features a little hip hop. a little hip opera and a little, well -- ♪ down on the ground >> reporter: all contributing to its cutting-edge sound. re-establishing the 31-year-old spouse, mother, multitalent as the most contemporary of superstars. this new track is a far grittier
7:43 am
go-round than the regal images -- to kick off her mrs. carter show world tour, before putting this side on display. >> no official word on when the new album will be released or even if this track is on it but beyonce's world tour kicks off april 15th. what do you think? >> it's cutting edge. and coming up, we have the doctor behind the diet that everyone wants to know more about. why he says you can eat anything you want and not gain weight. >> yeah, all right. and a "play of the day. wts pink performing for a packed crowd. you won't believe what happened next. ♪ ♪ with two cats in the yard, ♪ life used to be so hard. ♪ now everything is easy 'cause of you, ♪
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right then, here's the "play of the day". >> i was saying this weekend as serena was singing along with
7:48 am
the pink song how i love there's so many positive role models for my daughter in the world of pop news and saw this and it was a pink concert no less. she was singing her hit who knew on sunday and distracted by commotion in the crowd, a little girl was crying because two women were fighting nearby so what did she do? take a look. >> hang on one second. time-out. is everything okay right here? is this little girl all right? what's going on? why is she crying? why is she upset? because there was a fight. y'all are fighting around a little girl. honey, do you want this? will this make you feel better? will this frog make you feel better? >> i love pink. phenomenal.
7:49 am
>> as everybody knows a froggy and rice crispy treat will make it all better. everybody okay now. cut it all out. [ male announcer ] at scott, we don't spend money inventing phrases like "triple jumbo giant roll" to tell you scott 1000 has 1,000 sheets. instead, we give you deals and rewards when you join scott shared values. sign up at see... 1000.
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7:53 am
oh, they're fired up. "dancing with the stars" premiered last night. we'll have it for you.
7:54 am
>> goodgood morning, the breakig news is from san francisco where police are investigating a suspicious package near the powell street bart station. bart trains and muni metro vehicles are not going through and the passengers the let off before they reach the station which is shut down. sue has more. >> i do. market treat is closed because of police activity and we have the powell street, bart and muni station closed. you have to get off at the civic center plaza or montgomery. we have highway four just jammed out of the antioch area because of major early accident. here is mike with the forecast. >> thank you. temperatures are close to yesterday, the only place it would be cooler is the one area that could have sprinkles in the afternoon in the north bay. we will go from 50's at the coast to low-to-upper 60's at
7:55 am
the bay inland, with scattered sprinkles and scattered light rain tonight.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ get on the floor [ cheers and applause ] look at that fantastic audience with us here in times square. they don't care about the weather. >> what weather? >> sam. >> always nice to spend a little time. and they were on the dance floor. the new season of "dancing with the stars" off to a sizzling start. there were a lot of great moments. a lot of fun moments. wynonna felt the music in her. yes. her mom, naomi, her sister ashley was there. her mom was so overcome with emotion and we have -- call. we have the first ever mirrorball champion. right here, kelly monaco. listen, you were there last night. you flew all night to be here with us. you took the red-eye. >> well, of course. yes. i wanted to give a live recap.
7:59 am
>> we cannot wait to hear from you, kelly. thanks for being with us. george is off. great to have paula faris and josh. >> i have to admit i was toggling back and forth. i did watch the miami heat win the 23rd consecutive game in boston. >> sam and i did, too. >> we just expect that there sam. but i did want to, in full december closure. and also ahead, we have "modern family's" sofia vergara opening up, the big 4-0. her possible real-life role that could be her biggest challenge yet. stick around for it. >> 40 is the new 30. plus, we told you about the fast diet just a few weeks ago, 500 calories a day for two days a week is a key for women on the diet. that sounds tough. this is one example of what 500 calories looks like. >> and that's a fast day. that's not so bad. >> still ahead we have the british doctor behind the fast diet answering your questions and i know you have many of them. as we all do. >> i do, i do. now 30 feet up, would you, would
8:00 am
you stand 30 feet up and take the plunge? >> oh. >> no way. >> been there, done that. >> all right. i mean look at that. all right. all right. cam visits the set of the new celebrity diving show "splash" that premieres tonight. we have a sneak peek and remember keisha knight pulliam from "the cosby show" and former "baywatch" babe nicole eggert is there. taking this challenge to dive like a pro with a little bit of training. >> it is a challenge. it's daunting, but somebody here among us is -- lara spencer, you were a diver in college and we uncovered some -- >> look at that. ninth grade video. look at that. >> i think this is nice -- >> overrotation. >> yeah. >> nice, lara. >> back in her freestyle competition. >> very little splash. >> this is high school. >> yes, this is ninth grade.
8:01 am
>> ninth grade. >> ninth grade. that's at penn state. that's my wonderful year. >> you were a division i diver. >> i know what these folks have to go through and it is a lot of fear and just take a deep breath and go for it because if you don't, if you second-guess yourself you're going to get hurt. i have. it hurts. there's nothing like a belly flop from ten meters. >> ouch. >> it's really -- >> it's dangerous up there. >> yeah. >> we're not supposed to be up that high. >> from what i've seen so far i'm wildly impressed. it's a diverse cast. i think it will be a lot of fun. i'll be judging. >> awesome. >> right now to paula, with the headlines. right to the breaking news at this hour. an investigating under way in a nevada decemberer after a training accident that killed seven marines overnight. all from camp lejeune, north carolina. they were training at the hawthorn depot and were handling
8:02 am
a mortar when it exploded. seven others injured. no word yet on their condition. as heavy snow slams the northeast, the south is cleaning up from a ferocious wave of wild weather. and at least two tornadoes bore down in tennessee shredding homes and tennessee with hurricane-force winds. hail as big as tennis balls shattering car windows injuring several people and knocking out power to 250,000 homes and sam's forecast in just a few moments. the other big story, an estimated 300,000 people packing into st. peter's square today for the inauguration of pope francis. the pope marking the day with humility and simplicity wearing his plain iron cross while receiving the gold-plated fisherman's ring. francis rode in an open suv as he stopped to kiss babies and a disabled man. he delivered a homily saying power is service, and urged everyone to respect and protect the poorest and weakest among us.
8:03 am
it was a beautiful sight. also overseas, the tenth anniversary of the war in iraq. at least a dozen car bombs went off in baghdad today killing 59 people. wounding hundreds. this is the latest evidence of the religious tensions threatening to plunge the country into chaos. on wall street, stock trading higher. a strong increase in new home construction. that is fueling more confidence. helping investors forget about the debt crisis in europe at least for now. a medical alert now for the millions of baby boomers and their family, a new study finds a staggering 1 in 3 people over age 65 now dies with alzheimer's or some type of dementia. an increase of about 70% in just the last decade alone. while they are often not the cause of death the diseases can speed an older person's decline. advocates say these figures prove the urgent need for more research.
8:04 am
and it's only fair, last week we told you about mcdonald's introducing an egg white mcmuffin. well, now there is a new entry in the healthy fast food craze. burger king adding its first ever turkey burger to the menu this spring. have it your way, right? it's going to become a permanent choice if the sales are healthy enough. and finally, sheer is good if you're selling stockings. not so good when it's your exercise clothing. this morning, lulu lemon recalling black yoga pants delivered to its stores this month because a little transparency and showed a little too much. >> fully see-through. >> how would you know, lara? >> because i've seen them. >> you've seen a little too much of them. they say they used the same supplier and fabric they always have. it's now offering full refunds which may hurt their, bottom line, no pun intended. >> ding, ding, ding.
8:05 am
how about a little "pop news," everybody? all right. and we begin, good morning, to you all. and tom cruise is in "pop news" today. turns out he could have some big shoes to fill namely george clooney's, clooney has been long tied to the movie version of the '60s cult mitt "the man from u.n.c.l.e." and now he's reportedly crying uncle. come on. giver me one. [ bell rings ] he's actually not crying at all. but he's not going to do it. due to a back injury. word is tom's the front-runner for the role. he has a little experience playing a spy making this actor switch a mission possible. [ bell rings ] wait until you see this one. it's ding-fest tuesday. who are the richest musicians of all time? p. diddy, beyonce, jay-z all in the top 20 which is probably not a surprise. here are a couple that may surprise you. at number four, she's dreaming of a green christmas.
8:06 am
[ bell rings ] bing crosby worth 550 million. at number three, this guy has clearly found what he's looking for, bono worth 600 million. number two, he needs no help and probably hasn't had a hard day's night in a long time, paul mccartney, 800 million. [ bell rings ] but above all others, you have never heard him sing a note. he has though brought us singing cats, phantoms and a dancing jesus, don't cry for him, argentina, andrew lloyd webber has a net worth of 1.2 billion. >> a lot of bling. >> billion with a "b." and i mean news call note "b." >> oh! >> and finally, in "pop news" today -- a little history lesson for you. napoleon bonaparte knew the way to a woman's heart. >> what was that? >> that was my french. >> oui, oui. >> how about napoleon bonaparte.
8:07 am
his engagement ring to josephine is back on the market, so to speak. a diamond and sapphire ring rather simple but what history, wow, up for auction in paris later with a presale estimate of between $13,000 and $20,000. i would imagine it's going for much higher than that. napoleon gave this ring to his wife-to-be back in 1796 part of the collection of descendants of the emperor. but on march 24th, this sparkly slice of history could have a new hope. >> merci beaucoup. >> oui, oui, madame. >> yes, sam, you did not know i'm trilingual. >> no, it's just -- i'm trying to figure out who that was. ha, ha, ha. >> who is that? >> pepe le pew. >> is that it? maurice chevalier. i'm just trying to -- >> pepe le pew. >> we apologize. we apologize to the french. okay. let's begin -- >> je suis --
8:08 am
[ speaking french ] i'm sorry. >> very nice. our live shot, andover, massachusetts. you guys sent us pictures of what it looks like. wcvb out there and what looks like in areas picking up snow. the rain came in if there was any plowing at all put it down to the road surfaces by washing that away. a little snow that will collect in the higher elevations of new england today but there's cold air that pours in behind it. northwestern rain, a big one, awful lot of rain but even higher elevations will come in with snow and avalanche warnings of three feet of heavy, wet snow expected in the cascades and olympics there, and the rest of it when you get down to the coastline is rain. mild into the west, southwest all the way through the deep south, curve that around to
8:09 am
>> tuesday. tuesday. spring starts on wednesday. now, as we like to say here, thank heaven for lara spencer. >> right back at you, sam champion. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma" morning menu, sofia vergara opening up. is she gearing up for her own modern family? she already has one. will she be talking about her own family? and the ballroom. highlights from the premiere of "dancing with the stars." kelly monaco is here with the dancing dish and is it really
8:10 am
okay to wear heels when you're expecting? i know i thought it was but we'll talk about it. all that and more coming up on "gma" live in times square. [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" morning menu brought to you by coffee-mate. hd 8 i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. and that on! symbicort is for copd including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. with copd, i thought i'd miss our family tradition. now symbicort significantly improves my lung function, starting within 5 minutes.
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♪ yeah, that sounds good. oh my gosh no, no don't look at me don't you look at me there's only one place to get more jt. ♪ ♪ baby baby ooh [ cheers and applause ] oh, nice move, sam. >> outside, only had the sam cam on. the heat index has arrived and first up this morning, sofia vergara channeling, perhaps, her inner "modern family" character,
8:15 am
gloria. she recently had a baby and turns out vergara may be ready for another baby if real life and diana perez has all the details. >> get out! >> reporter: on tv, sofia vergara became a new mom on "modern family" and it look like life may imitate art. >> i'm pregnant. >> you're going to get fat. >> reporter: in an interview with "vogue" she said he and her fiance want kids and are taking all the necessary steps to make sure it happens. they're freezing my eggs, she told the magazine. they want to get as many eggs as they can because usually you produce them but they're not good. they have to be perfect. >> sofia! >> reporter: vergara told "vogue" she's in the beginning of the process. taking hormone pills and watching what she eats. >> the number of eggs a woman produces rapidly declines after the age of about 35 and then drops again after 40, there just are not that many eggs left by that point. >> reporter: and she is far from the first. experts say more and more women are choosing to freeze their eggs later in life.
8:16 am
>> it's no longer that unique for a woman over the age of 40 to get pregnant with her own egg and carry a pregnancy. >> sofia, big smile! >> reporter: this would be the couple a first child together. loeb who is three years younger, has never had kids. >> i rub my hand with one hand while driving a stick. i think i know how to keep a baby safe. >> reporter: she has a son, 21-year-old manolo gonzalez from her first marriage. even though she once thought he was all she could handle with her blossoming career, she says he's been wanting a sibling for years. he used to scream at me when he was younger, why can't you have another baby so you can stop focusing on me? and now it seems he may finally get his wish. for "good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york. >> we always love when she visits with us. tangoing into the heat index now, "dancing with the stars" blockbuster premiere. i know you were watching the
8:17 am
heat. >> back and forth. >> we're delighted to have the very first "dancing with the stars" champion and all-star season finalist, kelly monaco, also, of course, the star of abc's "general hospital" celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. we're going to talk to kelly about that in a moment but first a look back at last night. ♪ >> the dancing. the drama, and those dreaded paddles. >> 4. >> reporter: -- returned to prime time on monday night. with a little skin, sweat and tears. ♪ ooh country singer kellie pickler setting the ballroom on fire with a white hot rendition of the cha-cha-cha. >> yum, yum, pig's bum, that was fun. >> reporter: bachelor sean lowe brought a little heat of his own with a sultry and sexy foxtrot. >> for a dance virgin you have a very effective pelvic thrust. >> thank you. >> reporter: soap star ingo
8:18 am
rademacher pumped up the passion choosing a contemporary dance. >> it was very well. >> reporter: meantime, olympians dorothy hamill and aly raisman strutted their gold medal athleticism. >> well done. i was impressed. >> reporter: while boxer victor ortiz showed his softer side. >> you sparkle. >> reporter: super bowl champ jacoby jones's fancy footwork didn't cut it with len. >> it was all icing and no cake. >> reporter: reality tv star lisa vanderpump ended her dance with a kiss. >> there was too much staggering about going on. >> reporter: but it was comedian andy dick and d.l. hughley who landed at the bottom of the leaderboard. >> that was y-y-yikes. >> reporter: and wynonna judd's soulful routine brought her mother to tears and had her famous sister doing a little early, well, campaigning. it was "dancing's" youngest contestant ever, disney star
8:19 am
zendaya, who brought in the highest scores. soon the cha-cha-chase heats up again to the mirrorball trophy. kelly monaco is here. exciting to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> we were watching and especially val who you danced with. >> yes. >> and zendaya, the disney star. >> fantastic! i mean, they blew me away. i think -- i think they blew everybody away. they got 8s, i think they deserved 10s. i didn't see one flaw in that whole routine. val is just one of the most amazing choreographers and is an excellent teacher. zendaya is a fantastic student. so i think they're going to be a couple to watch to beat in this competition. >> they set the bar very high very quickly. so who surprised you last night good and not so good? >> i think -- ingo rademacher who is one of my "general hospital" co-stars, i think he surprised me. he went out there and did contemporary, which is very hard and unknown to the ballroom world. and i thought he was amazing.
8:20 am
i know how nervous he was and to get out there and just have the courage to do it alone, but to go out there and actually i mean look at him. he's amazing. >> i appreciate you saying that, the courage to go out there. it does take courage to step outside of your comfort zone. you know this. >> oh, yeah, i did it to myself twice. but, yeah, it takes a lot of courage. you put yourself in a very vulnerable position to be judged by not only the judges but america and yourself and you have to kind of rise to the challenge. and everybody did that last night. andy dick i thought was amazing. >> his back story. >> i was emotional in the audience just watching that. >> he was very honest. >> he's a comeback kid. this is a story i think america can get behind. >> i think he'll be around for a little bit. kellie pickler, the first one on the dance floor. >> on fire. >> it was magic there. >> derek and kellie, their chemistry is out of control. her body is ridiculous. her moves are insane.
8:21 am
they're definitely in my top three of who's going to make it to the end in this competition. >> how important is it to have family? because we saw wynonna, her mom and her sister there in the audience with her. it was a very sweet dance. very sweet. >> yeah. i mean, i think it's really important to have support, whether it's your blood and family or family and friends just to have people in that audience to support you or else all these faces really don't mean anything, you know. i actually appreciated my "general hospital" family came every single week to support me. my mom came out when she could and it's -- there's a comfort in that. there's a comfort in having that there. >> we're cheering you on as always. happy anniversary. 50 years. >> yeah "general hospital" 50-year anniversary april 1st. >> thank you, kelly. you always have a home here with us. >> thank you so much. >> more "dancing with the stars" tonight 9:00, 8:00 central. for exclusive interviews check out abc radio's brand-new radio
8:22 am
station, "dancing with the stars" radio station. all the details on yahoo! lara? >> loving "dancing with the stars." thank you so much, robin. we also are talking about wearing heels when you're pregnant. we saw duchess kate get her stilettos stuck in a grate and now abbie boudreau has the story on whether wearing heels when baby is on board are okay or could it be flirting with disaster. >> reporter: pregnant in pumps. from jessica to kim to snooki. even kate is sticking with her stilettos despite this minor high-heel mishap on st. paddy's day. seems nothing will slow down these fashionable stars not even their baby bumps. >> for me personally i feel good when i think i look good and wearing heels is a part of that. >> reporter: "pregnant in heels" star and mompreneur rosie pope says if it makes you feel sexy
8:23 am
wear them. >> if you look good walking in heels you should wear heels. >> reporter: while not so long ago i was pregnant, i channeled that belly using this padded one. and right away, remembered the pain. this shoe, what do you think? >> this shoe is a no-no. >> reporter: beverly hills foot dr. stanley orwasher kicking the high-heel habit is a must for mommies to be to keep their babies safe. >> when you're pregnant you'll change the center of gravity more. you'll fall over, hurt yourself. >> reporter: pointing out on me all the potential painful spots from your lower back to the tips of your toes. and do those swollen feet ever shrink back to their prepregnancy size? they might not according to some. in fact they could become a half size larger and stay that way for months, maybe even longer. guess that means more shoe shopping post baby. so what should expectant mothers wear?
8:24 am
>> i love the idea of pregnant in wedges. wedges give you the extra height. they make you feel very sexy, sassy. >> reporter: rosie says she stopped wearing heels in her third trimester but women need to listen to their own bodies. >> it's very important to make the right choice for you as long as you're putting the baby first. >> reporter: while we don't expect celebrities and the duchess to ditch their sky-high stilettos we know they can be a royal pain in the heel. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> i don't know how you do it. i just -- i don't. >> you do it until your body says you can't. that's the deal. coming up, the british mastermind behind "the fast diet" here answering your questions. questions.
8:25 am
>> good morning. police are wrapping up an investigation over a suspicious package at the powell street station which is open right now, believe it or not. it was closed. bart trains and union metro vehicles were not allowed to go through while the investigation took place in the last hour. for the latest we will go to sue on the commute. sue? >> we still have a bart delay right now, about 15- to 20-minutes, system-wide because of the early shut down. everything, as you mentioned; open. we have a stall on the san mateo bridge, westbound, on the high-rise. we will look, now, at an accident in san jose, also, north 101 south san jose. kristen? >> well check with our
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> we have democrats in the mid 40's to around 50 with sunny conditions. in the afternoon hours it will abu ghraib sky and temperatures about the same as yesterday and we will have scattered sprinkles
8:28 am
♪ let's go oh. spring break in name only. they're braving the elements out there in times square but look at them. thank you for joining us here today. and coming up here, a diet that has been burning up the book charts. it's "the fast diet." you cut your calories two days a week and you eat whatever you want for the other five. we have the british mastermind behind it all, live in his first american tv interview. very interestingly, he actually stumbled upon this accidentally. he didn't even mean to sort of discover this diet as it were. >> a lot of questions about it. >> looking forward to it. >> he's here to answer them all. >> also ahead we told you about the new celebrity diving show getting ready to make major waves "splash" premieres tonight. >> ding, major waves? >> we have a sneak peek just ahead. >> ah, fun. also on the show, so happy to see fashion icon diane von furstenberg with us this morning
8:29 am
with her favorite looks for spring and also tell us all about her prestigious dvf awards given to women who help transform the lives of other women. such a terrific idea and thank you for being here. >> and we're celebrated by men, too. >> well put. we do bow to you. >> glad she's here. always makes us feel better. also, fergalicious, ladies and gentlemen. fergie is here coming up next week, by the way -- this week, thursday, that's what i meant to say. >> love her. >> live in the studio. first time she's going to talk since revealing she's pregnant and will do it right here on "gma." >> terrific, terrific. >> exciting. let's get to it, the new weight loss plan from a british doctor that's become an international phenomenon "the fast diet." and in it, dr. michael mosley says you can do it by feasting and fasting and he's here for his first american television interview. we're going talk to him in just a moment.
8:30 am
but first, take a look at how it all works. it's the popular british diet that is now taking the u.s. by storm. >> we now talk about this new diet craze, something that came over from england. >> watch what you eat two days a week and eat what you want the rest. >> it's called "the fast diet." within a week of u.s. publication in january and following its exclusive "gma" appearance -- take a look at this. would you eat this two days a week? it's now a "new york times" best-seller. reviews have customers screaming "i feel like i've finally found an eating plan i'll be following for life." already lost almost 4 pounds after two weeks of doing the fast diet. fans of fast dieting report getting radically healthy by fasting, just two days a week. the other five days require no will power. you can eat whatever you want. >> please could i have the almond croissant. and i step on the scales each week and is the pounds are dropping off. >> reporter: tara says she lost
8:31 am
36 pounds over seven months but some nutrition experts say it's impossible to know if the diet is safe without more human testing. >> it's not safe for somebody under 20 or somebody who's growing or for kids, you know, and it may not be safe for all adults, as well. >> reporter: but tara says her dress size isn't the only thing that's changed. >> my appetite is reduced so even when i do try and overeat, i sometimes find it quite challenging. >> a lot of people talking about this diet. and here he is, the man behind it, dr. michael moseley, joining us here, thank you for being here. >> absolute pleasure. >> i want to remind everybody your diet says you can eat normally five days a week and lose weight if women limit themselves to 500 calories and men to 60 calories a day on the other two days of the week. you say that that is actually plenty of calories. >> absolutely and they're full of nutrients. this is a breakfast, oatmeal and lots of delicious blueberries that would be about 250 calories and also have an orange but not orange juice.
8:32 am
the orange has lots of fiber and that's important. and you can see, big plates of food there. lots of vegetables and delicious chicken. >> this is all you get for the whole day. >> that's what you debt for the whole day. >> how do you recommend timing it out? >> i go for breakfast at 7:30 and have an evening meal with my wife and kids 7:30 then i drink lots of fluid. for a woman. for a man you can go further. for example, i would have, instead of that, i would have a couple of scrambled eggs there. and i find the protein keeps me full, so i'm actually fine. first few weeks are tough but after that it gets better. >> you mentioned again all calories not created equal. >> that's right. >> so what foods should we be looking for on fast days. and perhaps voiding. >> essentially what you see here is a mix of vegetables and protein. the protein will keep you full, vegetables you can get a lot of volume. you look at that. that is probably only about 250 calories. and quite substantial. >> that's a very substantial meal. >> you can imagine -- look at that one, delicious, tasty, lots of colors and flavors and that's
8:33 am
important, nice piece of beef. >> i want to ask -- >> that is the bad stuff. this is the bad stuff. this is what they call high glycemic. this is full of calories and carbohydrates. and sugars. what is surprising, for example, potato. you think potato is healthy. but a baked potato will shove your blood sugars up as fast as a tablespoon of sugar. >> you came upon this accidentally. what were you looking to do? >> what happened about a year ago i discovered when i went to see my doctor my blood sugars were way too high. she said, essentially, you're a diabetic. my cholesterol was way too high so i decided rather go on drugs, i went and visited a whole bunch of american research stations and they suggested intermittent fasting and then this emerged out of that. >> i want to talk about the fasting really quickly, josh, because medical professionals some are saying that this can actually be potentially dangerous and slow down your
8:34 am
metabolism. so please do tell us, a lot of question, what are the drawbacks? >> okay, that is not true. basically your metabolic rate will speed up briefly. that only if you fast for days or weeks on end are you likely to have that problem. this has been studied extensively, lots of human trials and lots of studies in the uk and u.s. it's safe. there are people who probably shouldn't do it and those would include pregnant women, women who are breast-feeding. people who have issues around weight and wouldn't recommend it to teenagers, broadly speaking. >> i do want to ask a lot of question, jane from texas, how important is drinking lots of water? >> very, very important. because you frequently think you're hungry but actually you're just dehydrated. black tea, black coffee. >> a lot don't like to drink water. they want to drink soda. is there anything -- >> bubbly water with a bit of lemon juice in it is delicious, i assure you. >> jean has this question, would it do more good to fast three days a week? or is that not recommended? >> i tried it first of all
8:35 am
because there are studies that suggest you will lose more weight. but i found it too extreme. i went for two days because it was more mod rat and these days i'm on a maintenance dose which is one day a week. >> it's "the fast diet" in stores now and get the recipes for the meals you saw here at on yahoo! >> thank you, doctor. >> thank you, real pleasure. coming up next, the woman behind facebook, sheryl sandberg topping the best-seller list with her book "lean in." women, work, and the will to lead. and she is the director of abc's parent company, disney. well, she isn't stopping there and created what she calls lean in circles which she hopes inspires women all over the country. here's a look. sheryl sandberg's book "lean in" created a firestorm of debate. >> i think there's this sense we're being attacked. >> she has a billion dollars so it's easy for her to have a whole staff. >> reporter: women are talking
8:36 am
about it. but this week the conversation has gone one step further. a buzzy cover story in "new york" magazine, women choosing to lean back and feminists deciding to stay home with their children. and one woman says "i want my daughter to be able to do anything she wants, but i also want to say, have a career that you can walk away from at the drop of a hat." but for those wanting to stay in the job market, sandberg tells me she believes women hold themselves back. >> we're held by institutional barriers, lack of flexibility. but we're also held back by things within ourselves. we're held back by the fact that we continue to do the majority of the housework and child care. >> hey, how are you? >> reporter: she believes by creating lean-in circles, women can empower each other to push past their insecurities. elizabeth vargas spoke to sandberg about this last week. >> how do they work? >> it's like a book club with a cause, coming together to decide what their dreams are and give each other advice all the way there. >> and the date is the 22nd? >> reporter: lisa rutherford said she found support from a
8:37 am
lean in circle after the birth of her son parker. >> i was trying to decide whether i would take a safe job at i company or do another startup. he's posted something on the blog for them. >> reporter: she decided to start her own company and has never looked back. >> shorter e-mails are always better. >> reporter: emily white in the same lean in circle got some of the best advice from sandberg herself. >> i turned down an offer to go to facebook. i was thinking about having a family. and i was a little scared. >> i gave emily the advice i give all women, which is, lean in. don't lean back. years in advance in anticipation of responsibilities you don't yet have. >> reporter: emily ended up taking that job and is now an executive at facebook. sandberg hopes through these circles women can use each other to reach their full potential. dialogue is so helpful and the conversation is continuing. final check of the weather? >> support, support, support. let me show you one of the few -- gorgeous shot of the northern lights in alaska, one of our twitter and facebook pictures you sent.
8:38 am
we're going to start with that. beautiful, absolutely is one of the most stunning sights in the world to sunrise in palm desert, a lot of west coast pictures. >> yeah. >> i'm in. maybe we do this show from there tomorrow. spring starts in palm desert tomorrow. just like everywhere else. 80 degrees in midland, 76 in houston. here's where the warmth is. state of texas and all places south. even new orleans comes in at about 72 degrees. where the warmth is not. and the additional snow is falling into the northeast right around the great lakes. that colder air is going to whip in and these temperatures drop over the next couple of da >> all that weather was brought
8:39 am
to you by target. oh, robin. >> oh, sam. thanks so much. coming up, the big stars making waves. a sneak peek of
8:40 am
8:41 am
they come in every shape and side from an nba legend to a late night side kik. >> what did i get myself into? >> with fear their biggest obstacle. >> i'm sick of you picking on me. >> i'm not even picking on you. >> abc tonight, the moment they've been training for. stars will fall. "splash," the series premier tonight. 8:00, 7:00 central. back now at 8:43 with that first look at abc's brand-new show "splash" and this one hits close to home for me. yeah, there's the shot. okay, you can take it down now. you can take that down too,
8:42 am
okay. i dove at college and enjoyed it very much. however, for this one, we sent cam mathison to hit the pool. take a look. ♪ >> reporter: what happens when you combine a healthy fear of heights with revealing bathing suits, celebrities, and a nationwide audience? you just might make a "splash." >> you always have a nervous or anxious feeling because you don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: tonight's debut of abc's new highly anticipated competition show will be kind of diving with the stars, as we see actors, singers, athletes get a lot more than their feet wet. to learn if they can conquer that belly-swirling fear. the big one, the ten-meter dive. i thought i'd try myself. first with smaller dives. >> okay. >> reporter: advising me, the greatest diver of all time,
8:43 am
olympic medalist greg louganis who also happens to be a coach on "splash." >> all right, okay. >> reporter: and then i made my way to the tipty top. >> well, it's high. i'm not going to lie to you. >> jump. former playmate and reality star kendra wilkinson snows what it's like to compete. ♪ >> so "splash" and "dancing with the stars" are completely different. they're the same but they're different. you know, "dancing with the stars," you have hope all the time. there's a window of hope but with diving, it's like you do it or you don't. you know, it's do or die. >> reporter: basketball legend kareem abdul-jabbar says the heights don't really scare him. i think i read back in the day that you used to skip rope and jump rope with a ten-pound rope. or something like that. >> six-pound. >> reporter: a six-pound rope? competitors stress fear of heights. and coach louganis encourages
8:44 am
"splash" contestants to just have fun. >> remind them to breathe and smile. breathe and smile. most important thing. you know, if they don't remember anything else, that's fine. >> reporter: cameron mathison, abc news, los angeles. >> i'm going to add one more thing, breathe, smile and pray. "splash" premieres tonight 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc, it's going to be fun. and so is this. coming up, fashion icon
8:45 am
8:46 am
women empowering women is a cause close to the hearts of many, including mine. and it's the focus of "people's" voice awards given to one of four nominees by diane von furstenberg. and the family foundation. we are so happy to have diane with us. >> thank you. i'm so happy to see you. >> you are a dear friend and a dear friend of this program and the awards are coming up. >> they are. the awards are on april 5th. >> tell us about these nominees this year.
8:47 am
>> okay, they are four wonderful, wonderful women who have really the courage to fight and the power to survive and the leadership to inspire. and each one of them has had hard on their own and then they survived it and so we have -- we have tina, tina frundt who is, i mean an amazing woman who survived sex trafficking and who now helps other people, boys and girls. we have the next one is talia, talia leman who mobilizes young kids and she has this organization called randomkid. >> she's young herself. i love this. i love this. >> she's young. you should listen to her. she is a fire. she's incredible.
8:48 am
she's a wonderful, wonderful girl. then we have colonel kim olson who is a woman veteran so one tends to forget about that and so she helps other veterans, and it's a very, very, very strong, strong, strong lady, and then we have tammy, tammy tibbetts who helps girls' education in developing countries. so the four of them, you can go on the dvt awards and you can read about them, you can listen to their videos. and then please vote, because the more votes we have, i feel is fair ir it is. >> and i have to say i've gone online and i haven't been able to vote yet because i can't decide. but i will. >> i'm not going to say who i voted for, but i did vote. >> this has always been a passion project of yours. >> yes, the awards is a wonderful thing and the people's award is nice because we can contribute and have -- everybody
8:49 am
vote in and i like that. i like to see how many votes there are. butky mention the leadership award? can i mention that we have a leadership award, lifetime 4r5ed leadership award that one year we gave to hillary. and one year to oprah. and this year, it's going to robin roberts. >> oh, that is very. [ applause ] that's very sweet. very sweet. >> and the best thing is when i e-mailed her and i said would you accept this, and she said, i've been offered many awards and i say no to everyone, but i say yes to you. >> people have been so kind and i know you and i know this award ceremony. i have been there and where it comes from. now you got me in trouble with all the people i said no to, but thank you very much. but i'm looking forward -- i know it's coming up in april.
8:50 am
but while you're here, you're a fashion icon, my friend. we must have the spring looks that you are describing. please have the models come out and tell us what we'll look for in spring. >> all right. okay. so the first look is an adorable little dress that is very successful. it's like -- it looks like a two-piece. it has a little peplum and it's a wonderful, wonderful little dress. and then she's wearing shoulder handbag because it's the mini lip handbag and it's a very, very cute little handbag. >> i love the pantsuit there, too. >> the pantsuit. that pantsuit -- are we seeing it now? the first person who wore it was solange, beyonce's sister.
8:51 am
she's not just beyonce's sister, she's wonderful but she wore that. oh, here it is. she wore it with shorts and it's a wonderful little blazer you could wear with pants, with skirts, with anything. >> the final look. >> the final look is lace. you know how important lace is this season. and the 440 bag so that's it. >> thank you, diane. the dvf awards, april 5th. we'll be right back.
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what happens during the commercial breaks. priceless. tomorrow, high-end designer derek lam launches his low-cost line right here. be the first to see it. >> go get the fresh cut. see you on "gma live." coming up right now. see you on "gma live."
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>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen z. san francisco's at&t u-verse park will fill up for the champion game of the world baseball classic with puerto rico facing the dominican republic at 5:00 after beating japan. >> how is the weather? >> very nice. well have weather tonight that will translate from sprinkles to possibly light rain and we have a better chance of the light rain tomorrow for the commute in the morning. the seven-day outlook shows it will be spring warmth again for the weekend. sue? >> a couple problems in san jose, northbound 101, both of the problems will cause major traffic delays from south san
8:58 am
jose and a second accident at northbound 101 at 680. san jose is announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "olympus has fallen," gerard butler. and the latest and hottest fashions just in time for the 2013 prom season. plus, your questions and comments direct from kelly and michael's "inbox." all next on the emmy ward-winning "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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michael: whoo! kelly: it's tuesday, march 19, 2013. i love this audience so much, i love them more than yesterday's audience. michael: yes. kelly: there. i said it. >> if you're mad, it don't matter. kelly: we are so excited around here because we are going back in time to our prom days. our prom days are upon us ove the prom so much because never before has one woman wore so much dyeable red to a prom from the shoes to the the -- gloves to the -- [laughter] you can't see the banana clip. the banana clip, really, makes the whole thing pop, but that is my actual prom dress and believe it or not, four other girls wore the same dress. [laughter] michael: well, you know what,


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