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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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city council to turn down the nfl request for tax breaks but we'll have to see what they decide tonight. >> thank you very much. two convicted swindlers got the harshest penalty ever handed dmoun a fraud case. you're looking live at the building involved. it's one of the city's prime pieces of real estate. abc 7 news is in the newsroom with the latest on it. vic? its got all of the makings of a novel, perhaps a movie. a ring of conartists making off with millions, money laundering condos, a fugitive on the and murder. the mastermind of the ring of thieves dubbed a dark prince. he may never be tried in this case, he's spending a life jents for murdering a 74-year-old palm springs man
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when he tried to steal his estate. his two accomplices appeared today to face their fate here. telecommunications executives and this tennis inspector were convicted for defrauding vips out of millions in real estate. today, the judge passed sentence. therefore mr. shaw sentenced to owe 20 years. >> the judge ordered shaw to pay a fine of $14 million. the co-defendant got 13 years prison in a four and a half million dollar fine. >> mr. shaw masterminded a scheme of fraud and false identity. it showed a high degree of
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callousness. >> the biggest victim, shirley wong. they stole three condos from her. shaw and lum forged deeds then took out millions of dollars of loans on the properties. the day of the conviction in september, shaw was out on bail and the next day, disappeared. >> there were serious criminals and they were very sophisticated in what they did. this is good for a movie script, right? >> two of them came to the sentencing today. they said the judge did the right thing. >> i think it's fair. >> the san jose attorney was a defendant in the trial but there was a hung injury on his
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charges, prosecutors trying to decide whether to try him again. >> we've been getting sprinkles today but there is wetter weather coming just off shore right now. here with a look at live doppler 7 hd. >> it's now coming onshore of oakland and hayward reporting light rain. i'll show what it looks like don't be too concerned about yellows and reds here. this is not as heavy as what you're looking at now. light rain around sonoma mountain parkway. we're seeing very light returns. now, from san francisco down towards south san francisco, pacifica area we're seeing very light rain as well. and heading out towards east bay, i mentioned oakland and hayward, foot hill boulevard
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light showers right now as you look towards milpitas san jose area. yellow not an indication of moderate rain. so we're seeing some rainfall right now around 880, airport boulevard, yes. evening commute starting to become wet. and i'll let you know. >> a devastated zment a weapons depot claimed seven lives when a round unexpectedly exploded during a life fire training exercise at the hawthorne army depot. tonight seven survivors now being treated for their injuries. >> the hospital tells me conditions of the marines have survived. four are in serious condition. one is discharged doctors say the seriously injured marine
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would not have survived had it not been for a medical helicopter 140 miles from here. three to four marines present firing off a round. >> it's a dangerous job. people don't realize. >> the retired navy man hit a live mortar before and didn't like it because of the danger. >> were you worried? >> always worried bit. >> the deadly live training exercise in nevada's high desert proved it's power, seven marines from camp lejeune, north carolina were killed and seven injured when an explosion occurred after 10:00. >> a mortar round exploded. this caused deaths of seven, and injuring seven others.
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a team of investigators has begun the investigation to figure out just what happened. >> there are dangerous explosives. >> the retired marine has gone through training and can't believe what happened. >> can you imagine what is like for the people at home? to sit there and hear about their sons or daughters getting into the accident and dying here at home. >> renowned regional said seven survivors were all men under 30 suffering from penetrating trauma, and vascular injuries. the marines suspended the use of the mortars in the same lot in training in the us us and war in afghanistan. parsons has suspicion ons on what might have happened. >> you drop the round into the tube. you get back about a second it fires. and goes up. and over to the trajectory that they want to hit.
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>> what do you think went wrong? >> bad round. >> the pentagon has now extended a ban to prohibit the military from firing any 60 millimeter round until more is known about this accident. live in reno, abc 7 news. >> it will be a while before the pentagon releases details on marines involved but we do have information about them based on what they know about the unit. second marine exped decision nairy force is a task force headquarters in camp lejeune, north carolina. this unit has been involved in pretty much every major effort since the mid 1990s including operation iraqi freedom, operation enduring freedom and afghanistan, and multiple operations on the balkan peninsula the home base is camp lejeune. it's home to 43,000 marines and sailors. elite forces command is headquarters there. >> in just about an hour an
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emergency meeting will take place to help save a 35 year pra decision in the mission district. the nonprofit holding the annual carnival street parade has gone under, telling the city kit not hold the de -- event this year, community grum grooups coming together to try to save the celebration. right now, the parade is scheduled but... 500 volunteers and $300,000 are needed to hold the festival. only on abc 7 news engineers dealt with repairs on a damaged bay bridge tower say they expect work to be complete bid thursday. california engineering contractors inc video shows workers putting final touches on repairs and plan tg install more panels and sheathing today. sky 7 shows the damage from january when an oil tanker side swiped a base of the bridge in the fog and did this damage. >> easy to buy something with clicks of the smart phone. maybe too easy. a man claims he was just
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comparing prices when he wound up ordering an explosive item that he didn't want. michael finney investigates. >> ever try to catch a cab in san francisco? what the city is doing to make it easier and why taxi drivers aren't very happy. >> later tonight street named for a world renowned labor hero. why a lot of people want to change it a mystery on the bay area coastline. why are so many sale pups in need of human help? stay with us.
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as you well know you can buy stuff on the internet with just clicks of the computer however one viewer says it got him into trouble. >> yes. word of warning tonight about online shopping. michael finney is here with the story. >> this guy just was trying to be a careful shopper using an app to compare prices. he says he wound up buying a big ticket item he never intended to order costing him $1300. he is trying to figure out how did this happen. >> ty is showing us the google shopping app he put on his phone. >> i listen to my son thinking this is a neat thing to have he snaps a picture of the product. the app displays who sells it. >> 140s oodz ty thought it's a great way to compare prices but one afternoon he says his
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point and click browsing got out of control. >> it's too late. >> it happened when he was shopping. he saw this machine in a home depot store. he wondered is it cheaper someplace snels he whipped out his phone. >> i got a number of places to buy it. first one at the top was >> so ty clicked on web site displaying the power washer but cost a lot more than one at home deepo ty says he closed the page and forgot about it until receiving the e mail an hour later. >> from, thank you for your order. and i couldn't believe it there it is. you have they'd ordered the power washer.
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amazon charged the card on file with the account. >> i didn't order it. i didn't want it. i don't even, i didn't log on to didn't use my user name. i didn't use my pass word. >> tye mailed back saying i do not want this item but the seller was a third party company selling through amazon called dam low prices. the 75 pound washer landed on his door step. >> in front of the garage door. and i just had a sick feel eyeing -- he had a 1389 charge on his card. ty said he needly shipped the washer back but the company cited it's return policy only refunded half of the price. ty out $700 plus $131 for return shipping. >> it's like a nightmare.
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>> more disturbing he says he could not figure out how this happened. >> they probably recognized my phone but i don't understand how that is substit yurting for logging in. >> we asked google. a spokesperson there said the app only displays a list of retailers and it does not connect the phone to any accounts. next, we asked amazon. how did the order go through if ty was just comparing prices? axa skon declined requests except to say it isn't possible. and referred us to amazon check out procedure. the company said if customers have a question or concern about an order, they should contact amazon customer service. amazon did not respond to our respond to see records but later said it does not discuss customer accounts. so... we set out to trace what
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happened ourselves. >> somehow, it got me logged on to that account. >> it turns out ty used his phone six months earlier to buy a book. the one click feature was turned on for his account. one click let's users bypass the log in, pass word, and check out process. instead the consumer simply hits the buy button on a product page and they have put through an order. amazon charges to the card on file with the customer account and ships to the address on file. ty isn't the only one to claim the inadd verant purchase, consumers saying they're just checking prices and found the charges on their accounts. consumer action joe ride jout says this shows the shopping convenience may be too convenient. >> it's become so easy to sign up, that you can be unaware that you're doing so, perhaps
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this quest for efficiency has gone too far. >> the company has not returned calls however, good news for ty, he later disputed the charge with his credit card company and refunded full amount. not only that, he says amazon recently offered to refund shipping costs with a credit on ama skochbl he says he is giving up on the idea of buying a power washer. >> moving on. >> yes it worked out it did. >> and it's a reminder to be careful. >> spencer christian is off. but sandhya patel is here. >> tracking activities on live doppler 7. >> it's becoming more wide spread now. not down pour type of rain. more cities reporting rain now. you'll notice radar with national weather service radar in santa cruz tracking the
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incoming storm. you'll notice here santa rosa some light rain. the yellow is not heavy rainfall now. it's most of it evaporating sm. reaching the ground. getting rain along the coast lichblt light rainfall haiding out towards east way. streets turning wet in oakland as you take it down to street level here. go inland a little bit some light rainfall across 580. san jose reporting light rain. willow glenn you'll notice santa clara. keep umbrellas around. you can see rain drops on the lens here.
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temperatures 56 in san francisco. 61 in san jose. 52 half moon bay. here is a different vantage point. some cloud cover around, temperatures 61 degrees in livermore, sheer what is coming up. scattered showers tonight periods of rain and a windy pattern will develop. it will be a dry one for two days, satellite showing a cold front approaching but getting a band of moisture so scattered showers this evening. light so far into the night time hours. then, showers will let up for the start of the 5 5:00 a.m. commute there. you'll notice showers around then, as the commute goes on, rain becomes more organized here. the cold front comes through. it starts to fall apart.
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it doesn't have as much strength as we're hoping for. rain done by wednesday night, sheer what we're going to see up to an inch in north bay mountains. upper 40s to mid-50s sh comfortable start by afternoon, scattered showers cooler than where you are today. temperatures mid 60s in the south bay. 62 oakland, napa. 56 degrees in clear lake. drying out, becoming milder but windy for thursday and friday. and a pleasant weekend. first full weekend of spring. >> terrific, thank you. >> coming up here a giants
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pitcher takes an old friend to coast. >> a bay area drug manufacturer deep in trouble tonight because
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a bay area company facing possible bankruptcy because of a problem with only product. palo alto drug manufacturer today laid off three quarters of the work force. 200 people because the drug is too dangerous to take. the drug recalled after several patients experienced side affects and some died. they're hoping there is enough left to sell to an investor. another 64% lost today. >> tonight's money matters another set back for carnival cruise line. the company was forced to cancel 10 more cruises today whit became clear the ship triumph will be out of service longer than expected. stock in lulu lemon stores hit a snag after the chain took
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black yoga pants off shelves because the material is too sheer. lulu lemon predicted a shortage of the pants. >> and a bankruptcy judge gave a green light for hostess to sell twinkies and snack cake brands to two investment companies and hopes to have cakes back in stores by summer. looks like twinkies will be back. >> still ahead tonight the 10th anniversary of the iraq war. a journalist that spent months embedded with a california marine unit. >> senator feinstein all but concedes defeat on a ban for assault weapon autos the need for more cabs. tonight a noisy confrontation where drivers are honking mad. stay with us. awc news
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bombs exploded in baghdad on the 10th anniversary of the
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u.s. letd invasion of the country. 65 people were killed and 200 wounded. abc 7 news political reporter is here now with a look back at the war and mark, the cost to one california family. >> dan, long time reporter talked with me today from his home. but on the night the war began he was embedded with marine unit fox 25. they roll add cross the border, mike remembers clearly the sentiment among the troops they knew it's game on he says the statue of saddam hussien came down, two days later the looting start skptd second turning point, right after saddam hussien was captured. >> we stood, took fire everywhere we went. i think people were now realizing that they're going
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take sides. >> the marine unit was one of the first to come home that summer. the country had no idea how long the fighting would drag on.. >> i don't think troops had to change much until they're going for their second and third tours. and that is was november, 2004. >> that is the year when jared hubber went back to iraq. this time, as a sniper team killed nogt ramadi. >> two remaining sons signed up forearmy. one son died in 2005 and the other son is now institutionalized for post traumatic stress. >> the family's loss two of sons and another hospitalized reflected terrible sacrifice the war exacted and bewilderment over why. >> i hope that we got something done over that ended
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up being good for the country and world. >> i'll never forget him saying i just hope something goods come out this, i don't think he was prepared when i interviewed him again in 2011 when last troops pulled out of iraq he was waiting to makeup his mind. >> this summer, condoleezza rice told me it's too soon to judge the zoigs invade iraq. history, she said, will judge the war differently.. >> thank you, mark. tonight a piece of gun control rej rex die ntd senate. senator dianne feinstein behind the effort that had been part of a larger package that congress will consider. the senate majority leader told feinstein the ban would fall short of the 60 votes needed to pass. one way bai area mother says she's disappointed by the
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news. >> the gun industry is having too much control over what is happening in our country. mothers and fathers not having enough say over what happens. >> senator feinstein released a statement today i regret it. i tried my best but my best, i guess wasn't good enough. >> cab drivers packed a board meeting today say their incomes being hurt by car services springing up in the city. and the mta think there's is a need for more. >> honking in solidarity, cab drivers circled city hall. inside, cabbies packed an
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sfmta board meeting. the agenda included discussion about improving more cabs on san francisco streets but that item was put off until april. still, that is what angry drivers came to talk about. they say they can't get enough work as it is. and complaint is with unregulated car service and ride sharing apps popping up. >> they're going to drive everybody into the ground. >> you might have seen pink mustaches. those are taxi alternatives from a company called lift there. is also uber and side car. they're so far unregulated and therefore, spared dus and fees paid by cabs. the state p.u.c. is deciding whether they can be regulated and by whom. taxi drivers want the mta to wait before deciding about more cabs. >> i can't see how to go forward with any kind of a
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decision until we know what is going to happen with uber, side car and lift. >> mta says it appears there is a need for more cabs. >> based on information from our customers, from around stit we understand there is more need to make sure we provide service. >> and side war says it's a ride sharing application not a taxi company. meeting needs of people who want more options. >> coming up next, side street named for a labor hero. >> what he says... that has a >> what he says... that has a lot of peopleoman) 3 days of wag
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barry zito is taking an old friend to coast. zito claims clark told him
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he's going to use the money to raise $20 million in equity for the company. the pitchers lawsuit claims money was used to pay salaries instead. no comments so far from clark. >> years ago when season fran switched the name army street to cesar chavez it sparked a controversy. now a lawmaker wants to remove the naib name of another labor icon avenue made homophobic remarks. it's between grove and hays in the civic center. the story of a controversial name change pro posea posea. -- proposal. >> you probably have never noticed this alley that used to be part of ivy street wh. renamed in 1986, singer joan baez was there to honor the man who became a nobel peace prize winner but here he was
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this month on polish tv saying gays in parliament should sit in the back, yeechb behind a wall. >> we started to receive calls and e mails asking us if we'd consider renaming the alley considering that san francisco is a beacon for lgbt community. >> supervisor jane kim introduced a name change measure today pointing out the only business using the street address is the tom waddel health center including a transgender clinic. waddel might be a replacement name. >> no. i won't support taking the name off. >> edmond operates a web site for local polish americans and has some political difference was the former president but wants the sign to remain. >> he should be honored somehow.
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for his work for solidarity. >> that is why some leaders are also questioning the potential name change. but gay supervisor david campos thinks it's got to go he has been a hero of mine so it's sad that someone that you admire and respect would turn and say something like this. >> the public swril a chance to weigh in before a vote is taken. >> still to come a look at a new way for zooms to raise
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in this age of cell phones the old fashioned school bake sale is still a staple but it's cuts continue to tighten a mom decided cupcakes weren't enough to makeup the difference. abc 7 news has more now on a company that is out to help parents raise money for education. >> here in sherman elementary school, school is out for the day.
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and before you know it, school will be out for the summer. that gave stacy an idea. >> parents accusing summer camps to attend paying for them. so why not do it in a way that allows to you raise money for your school. >> she founded a company called schoola, described as groupon for school fund raising. they can offer special deals and they give a portion to a local school. >> we'll pay for books in library support arts programs make sure that we have supplies in classrooms and just keeping our xerox machines running. >> sherman is the latest school to sign skpupt first to partner with summer camps. she spends money on paints and markers she has no budget for advertising. >> i can't afford to send the word out to kids in the city so this is a great way to do it.
6:45 pm
school by school, everybody gets to raise money for the school and they get to hear about the most fabulous art lessons in the city. >> school is based here a lot of it's adoptors are outs side of the bay area, nationwide the company says one in 10 schools has a page on schoola. they'd like to think it's was overdue. >> it's stunning to me that schoola was the first to come wupt idea. an idea whose time as come. >> the pta says they're a third of the way of their fund raising goal. >> better than a bake sale? >> is there anything better than a bake sale. >> don't worry schoola has cup takes -- cupcakes, too. at a discount. >> delicious. well, pupping season is underway and a warning going out about baby elephant seals may need human help. 19 have been rescued and most of the center for care. many more are expected. it could be a rough life for a
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seal pup. forced to grow up and fend for themselves after birth. >> mom nurses them 28 days on the beach. then, she takes off. and they -- it's called a hard wean. babies have to figure out what they can do from there. >> it's rough. pups go through fish school and volunteers teach the youngsters how to catch herring. they're warning people to leave the pup as lochblt remember, seals can bite. >> yes. they can. sandhya patel is back now. >> watching rain coming in today. >> that is right as you noticed here, pretdy wide spread rain now. it's light most areas reporting just light rainfall. as i know you santa rosa here, highway 101 down to street level. guerneville road we're seeing light rain now. and other parts of the bay area, san francisco looked
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wet. east bay from berkeley and oakland orinda, some rain right now, kensington area. down to san jess yeah. light showers around airport boulevard. so it's slick out there. and tomorrow, scattered showers around for afternoon. mid-50s around clear lake and half moon bay. 62 in oakland. 63 livermore. 64 san jose. make sure have you umbrellas tomorrow. checking out the accu-weather forecast you'll need them for the first day of spring tomorrow. vernal equinox takes place. sunnier and milder pattern hitting the weekend. but it's going to be windy for thursday or friday. but dry throughout monday and then, tuesday we have a slight chance of rain. so hoping that that materializes. >> okay. thank you. >> that is a sign of spring. >> yes. larry beil is here with ncaa
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action. >> yes. we're going to bust out big boards and help with you brackets. cal gets set for the tournament opener. allen crab, will this be his final game? splechl sports is coming up next.
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good evening, have you filled out your bracket yesterday? ncaa fans this is a bracket there. is a 12-5 upset and cal bears would love to be able to handle that. the 12-5 match up is cal against unlv. this game will be played thursday a virtual home game for the bears in san jose. allen crab averaging almost 19 points for golden bears. crab has an nba skill set. issue is that sometimes you gets passive. kind of disappears out tlchl the challenge is going to be
6:52 pm
containing this guy. anthony bennett from canada. match up nightmare for golden bears. it does not have the front line to stop him. bennett went for 25 points against cal. >> i think he's surp pricing us a little bit with how good he was. and... you know it was blow by you, do this or that. he just shot n very good shooter for a guy his size. actually a leading field goal percentage guy we'd like him not to have the ball all the time. >> the winner moves on to face the winner of syracuse against montana. and this is a 4-13 match up.
6:53 pm
and a 13th seed knocked off a four seed in each of the past five years, just saying. no worries or yank fans. up and down year for the jaud. they could be great or terrible. in the big east tournament final syracuse up by 16 only to see louisville outscore them 49-13. winning going away. now, st. mary's will play the play in game underway in dayton ohio know now, first four. gales in tennessee state both 11 seeds vying for an opportunity to move on to face memphis. they're in the first half in this game. every field goal attempt turned into an adventure. david acres cut today niners signed a replacement from the browns. 14 years spent in cleveland 29
6:54 pm
of 31 attempts. announced he's joining red and gold on twitter. where else, right? saying i'm thrilled to have the opportunity to continue my career with my new team f you're wondering last year he was 13 oufrt 13 from 40 yards and beyond. bleacher seats for world baseball classic going for over $150 a pop. so prices plummeted to under $10 a piece. finals underway as we speak. now in the rain in fact. this is becoming pra decision. bottom of the first, oed win incarn yaix on right center. a 2-0 lead right now it's still dominican republic leading 2-0 there in the five blg. this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware
6:55 pm to look great in my living room. >> join me at 9:00. that is cable channel 13 coming up then, if you think you might have an illegal pot farm in your neighborhood but not sure, one crime stopping organization has just the thing at 9:00. >> then at 11:00 tonight super bowl decision in santa clara. will the city council meet money demands? find out at 11. >> for larry beil ask sandhya patel, spencer chris chirngs i guess that is everybody. guess that is everybody. >> all of
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a nonprofit-program coordinator from salt lake city, utah... a museum guest-relations manager from los angeles, california... and our returning champion, a classics lectu from los angeles, california... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny, and thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
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you know, one of the ways to make a good impression as a contestant on "jeopardy!" is to average over $20,000 per win, and that's the case for rob, our two-time champion. lauren and lars -- the two l's have arrived. welcome aboard. good luck. here we go -- the jeopardy! round. and here are the categories. alex: rob, start us, please. let's do the king'ish for $200, please. lars. s englat is a telephone? right. king's english, $400, please. lars. what is a stuffed potato? no.
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lauren. what is a baked potato? correct. the king's english for $600, . lauren. what is a credit card or atm card? right. the king's english for $800, please. what is welfare? correct. king's english for $1,000. . what is welfare? correct. rob. what is to ground? that's it. let's do water transportation, $200. rob. what is a canal? no. lauren. what is a steamboat? stea yes. i will take real names of fake characters for $200, please. lars.


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