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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 22, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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devin dwyer in washington. and our other major story. president obama wrapping up his visit to israel by paying respects to heroes of the jewish state and the victims of the holocaust. >> after a visit to the birthplace of jesus, mr. obama travels to jordan to meet with the top u.s. ally in the region, king abdullah. >> as this visit comes to an end, let's check in with alex marquardt in jerusalem. alex, what's been the overall reaction to the visit? all right. >> reporter: good morning, john, good morning, diana. there have been two very distinct reactions. on the israeli side for starters i don't think it could have gone any better. many israelis viewed obama with some suspicion, but he's really won them over with his actions in recent days and particularly his speech here in jerusalem yesterday. here you can see the front page of one of the main israeli daily newspapers that says -- [ speaking a foreign language ] -- "you are not alone," one of the lines from his speech yesterday, which he won widespread praise for, and i think it's safe to say that in the coming days, you'll see a public opinion spike among israelis in the coming days and weeks. now, on the palestinian side, it
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was the polar opposite, deep frustration, deep disappointment, anger over the fact that president obama didn't call for a halt to israeli settlements in the west bank, which palestinians see as the main obstacle of peace. they don't feel that he did anything to advance the cause of palestinian statehood. palestinians this morning really feeling like they got very little, if anything, out of this trip. >> all right, alex. next step for u.s. relations with israel? >> reporter: well, this trip was obviously deep in symbolism. it was the first trip president obama made to israel and the palestinian territories since he was elected but there was no real banner diplomatic accomplishment. we'll expect to see the main issues that were discussed here continue to be the focus of the u.s./israeli relationship. syria, iran, the israeli/palestinian peace process. they will continue to coordinate closely on syria and iran. you can expect to see israel continue to demand that the u.s. exert strong pressure on iran to prevent it from getting a nuclear weapon, and you can also expect to see secretary of state john kerry back here in israel
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and the palestinian territories, more often than his predecessor, secretary clinton, as the u.s. tries to get the peace process back on track, which, of course, the obama administration failed to do in the first term. john, diana. >> and that trip coming to an end later on today, alex marquardt, thank you so much for that. a suspect in the murder of colorado's prison chief has been killed and shot in a shootout in texas. >> he has been identified as evan spencer ebel, an ex-con and a member of a white supremacist gang. >> he's also suspected of another murder in the area. abc's brandi hitt has more. >> reporter: the manhunt for tom clements' killer in colorado may have ended in this brutal crash and shootout near decatur, texas. >> it could be related to the prison murder in colorado. >> reporter: deputies pulled over this crumpled cadillac with colorado plates thursday and say the driver opened fire hitting a deputy in his bulletproof vest. after a high-speed chase, the suspect then crashed into an 18-wheeler and tried to flee
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when he was shot in another gun battle. >> he wasn't planning on being taken alive. >> reporter: the boxy two-door car closely matches the description of a vehicle seen tuesday night in this colorado neighborhood where clements was shot and killed in his doorway after someone rang the doorbell. >> it appears at this point in time that mr. clements obviously was the target. >> reporter: clements was the head of colorado's state prison system and oversaw thousands of inmates leading detectives to investigate revenge as a possible motive. >> we really can't rule anything out. >> reporter: colorado detectives are now traveling to texas to see if this gunman is their suspect, but the shooter has no i.d. and can't be questioned. >> he is basically legally deceased, however, he is on machines for potential organ harvesting. >> reporter: brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. a victory of sorts for advocates of stricter gun control laws.
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senate majority leader harry reid says gun legislation that will be debated next month will include an expansion of federal background checks for firearms buyers. that came after vice president biden's trip to new york city where he called for tougher gun laws after a meeting with parents of children killed in the newtown massacre. we've now learned that one of the children's parents have met with the father of the gunman adam lanza in an effort to bring some closure to the tragedy. the new budget deal just passed by congress last night appears to continue the requirement for six-day mail delivery. but some lawmakers and postal officials say plans to cut saturday service to save money should proceed. others say a provision in the bill mandates six-day delivery. faced with a billion dollar deficit, dozens of elementary schools in chicago are being closed. officials claim most of the 54 elementary schools to be shut down are half empty anyway. but opponents say these closures mostly in poor and black areas will further erode neighborhoods and endanger children who will now have to travel even further. all right. one of california's most popular
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tourist attractions celebrating a major milestone, the rock, better known as alcatraz, is marking a half a century without its famous inhabitants. 50 years ago this week the last prisoners left the federal penitentiary, which is in the middle of san francisco bay. if you visit soon, you will be able to see a new exhibit there, photographs of the prison on its very final day. you ever been? >> no. >> it's very cool. i don't know why, it's just an empty prison but something about it is cool. time to check the weather across the nation. it still feels like winter almost everywhere. atlanta and nashville will see a messy rain/snow mix. blustery around washington, d.c. rain from little rock to new orleans and a few showers for seattle. >> up to 15 degrees cooler than usual in the midwest with minneapolis at 31 instead of the usual 44. denver has been in the 60s but today drops to the mid-40s. the warmest temps are in the southwest with phoenix in the mid-80s and in the far west, honolulu is 80. >> why do they tease up?
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coming up, more from our top story. another tragedy for the marines. three marines killed overnight in their base in virginia. then a scare on board a flight in philadelphia. a passenger posing as a pilot, he is now in hot water. and he's a legend on the green, and now he's rolling in the green. arnold palmer's busy sav
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welcome back. the worries about cyprus are dragging down the world's financial markets including the dow which lost 90 points thursday. the island nation appears to be running out of time. many stores are insisting on cash. banks are closed. european leaders have set monday
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as the deadline for them to come up with a bailout plan. there's good news about housing and it keeps on coming. sales of existing homes rose again last month at the fastest pace in three years. prices are up too, as well. by almost 12% in a year to a median price of nearly $174,000. it's also taking about two weeks less to sell a home these days compared to a year ago. and subaru is developing its first hybrid. the automaker will unveil the car in next week's new york auto show. some fans had hoped that the company would bring a diesel to u.s. but says a hybrid is a better fit for this country. pepsi introducing a new bottle for the first time in 16 year, the 16 and 20-ounce bottles will feature a swirled grip to make them easier to hold and new graphics of the first one arrives on the store shelves in april. he hasn't played golf competitively in a quarter of kently but 83-year-old arnold palmer is one of the highest paid athletes in the country earning $36 million last year from a beverage he concocted.
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the arnold palmer is a mix of iced tea and lemonade's. as one of the world's top golfers, many of his young fans only know him by the drink that bears his name now. >> and he's made a drink. coming up next on this friday a wrestling star to the rescue when his own mom is threatened. >> and march madness again living up to its name, big win when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast, i need all the help i can get. i tell them, "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast." funny, that last part gets through. [ male announcer ] serving nutella is quick and easy. its great taste comes from a unique combination of simple ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. okay, plates in the sink, grab your backpacks -- [ male announcer ] nutella. breakfast never tasted this good.
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our ships are designed for wow. ♪ oh ♪ sometimes ♪ i get a good feeling ♪ yeah ♪ get a feeling that i never, never, never, never had before ♪ ♪ no, no, i get a good feeling ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] all this... only on royal caribbean. call 1-800-royal-caribbean today. well, this is what spring is looking like in some places. maple syrup frozen in place. snow-covered vineyards and those famous cherry blossoms delayed until next month but warmer weather is on the way. scientists are predicting above average temps for most of the country this spring. finally. >> i'll believe it when i see it. but will it be wintry on the roads for this morning? for much of the nation a rain/snow mix could make it messy in atlanta.
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nashville and denver. rain will make it slippery on i-10 near new orleans. >> if you're flying there's just a couple of airports you want to keep an eye on including atlanta and memphis. a french man will be charged in federal court for impersonating a pilot. 61-year-old philippe jennard was removed from a u.s. air flight to west palm beach wearing what appeared to be an air france shirt with black jacket and gold stripes. >> authorities say when he asked to be upgraded to business class, he was told there were no seats. so, of course, he went into the cockpit and sat right behind the pilots. >> well, we don't know what his designs were. he could be anything from just wanting to take a look at the cockpit to some other criminal designs. >> well, when he was removed from the plane, an air france i.d. card that had been altered to include his name was found on him as well as a fake flight plan. he is now, of course, facing criminal trespassing and other charges. >> well, former professional wrestler from southern
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california being called a hero for saving his mom. he's the guy once known as chris the masterpiece masters. tuesday night his mom's house was burning with her trapped inside so masters pulled the tree out of the ground and used it to break through a window so he could pull his mother out. >> i just looked at it like who wouldn't do the same thing for their mom? you know what i mean. i don't feel like a hero necessarily but to me it was just i mean there was no other option. it was to get her out of there. >> a neighbor who was apparently upset after the landlord asked him to move out is accused of setting that fire. he's already pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and arson charges. president obama among twitter users who passed on this tweet from yoko ono showing her late husband john lennon's blood spattered glasses and including text saying more than a million people have been killed by guns since lennon was shot in 1980 and that, by the way, has now been retweeted almost 11,000 times. >> all right, medical news and
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disturbing statistics about the dangers of salty foods. harvard researchers found one out of every ten america dies from eating too much salt and they say the danger from salt is much greater than posed by sugar because salt is everywhere. bread and cheese the top two sources. should we do march madness. >> let's do it. >> just one full day down and already a major upset thanks to harvard. yep, i did say harvard. >> that's right. the ivy leaguers answered every surge last night from the highly regarded lobos of new mexico. harvard, yes, once again harvard the darling of march madness right now. they win 68-62 and they trach on arizona tomorrow. >> all right. harvard is a 14 seed as is davidson, nine-point lead against marquette with just over 6 1/2 minutes left. but the golden eagles surged down the stretch and won it on a basket with a second remaining. marquette wins 59-58, and they face butler next. there were a couple of big wins from teams in the pac-12
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conference. first up don't mess with the oregon ducks. disappointed with their number 12 seed so they took it out yesterday against oklahoma state. those ducks, they made it look easy. oregon wins, 68-65. up next a showdown with st. louis. also from the pac-12, the california golden bears held unlv without a basket for more than 11 minutes in the second half but it almost wasn't enough, the running rebs' surge came up just short and cal wins it 64-61 which takes on syracuse which won by 47 points last night. should we let you toot your horn here or i'll toot it for you. you with 13-3 in your bracket picks. >> oh, yes. >> i was 8-8, but we still have three of the same four teams for the fine, but you nailed it, man. >> thank you very much. i am patting my back right now because -- >> you should be. i'll pat it for you. nicely done. making me feel like i'm not a real man getting smoked by diana in my brackets. >> usually when you -- at the very beginning almost always, you know, there's something like in that happens then you'll, of
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course, be the one that takes it all. >> i don't believe it. you got me. coming up next in "the pulse" extreme peeps. create uses for a favorite easter treat. >> webtastic, video clip of a little guy still trying to get the hang of a catch. check it out.
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we were so lucky to have watched diane and dr. besser that night. i know, it does seem crazy but watching "world news with diane sawyer" saved my husband's life. this is my family, and that is our abc "world news" story. ♪ babe i got you babe ♪ i got you babe that sonny and cher hit from "groundhog day" will make all the sense after we read our first story. feel like spring to you yet? >> no. >> not here either. not for us either, so an ohio prosecutor is apparently frosted about that and he's indicted punxsutawney phil, the pennsylvania groundhog. >> i think it's a good idea. he says phil committed fraud by indicating that february was going to be a short month and spring was just around the corner calling for the death penalty for phil. chances are good beyond a shadow of a doubt he will relent once the good weather arrives. he is kidding, of course, folks. >> yes. please don't take this seriously.
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>> i still want to see phil behind bars in a jail suit for a photo-op for five minutes. >> indicted, fraud. >> in ang orange jumper, punxsutawney phil. spring or not easter is around the corner and that means peeps so a wisconsin library is hosting a peep show. >> really? >> get your mind out of the gutter. it's really the library's third annual peep diorama contest. every entry features the marshmallow candy all by local artists. >> there are papal peeps and peeping tom peeps and peepcocks featuring real peacock feathers. it's being judged on originality, overall appearance and how the peeps are used, not necessarily how they taste. an inspiring story from this couple in cancer. gladys and gilbert were starting their date in their senior year of high school and they've been together ever
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since and just celebrated 79 years of wedded bliss. 79 years. >> wow. he's 103. she's 99. >> that is awesome. >> the romance is still going strong. their only regret, they have to live apart because of various health challenges. their advice, by the way, for lasting love, always be kind to your partner. wow. >> good advice. >> always be kind to your partner. >> there you go. >> playing catch with man's best friend is one of the pleasures of owning a dog but apparently not all dogs are naturals. check out this guy. very cute. this puppy's named pacino. he needs some practice. >> after he misses the soft tosses he rolls over and plays dead, probably dying from embarrassment. he looks so adorable and cute and cuddly. so is he catching or is he -- >> i think he's mixing up two trixs. he thinks it's part of the move. >> i want pacino for myself. >> me too. it's now built with two softshield™ layers. when wet, new angel soft® is one, two, three times stronger
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. we are following breaking news
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in san jose. c.h.p. is investigating a faith accident on interstate 280. it happened before 3:30 this morning. it is not known if a man was hit by cars on the freeway or died another way. this is a look at the scene. a sig-alert has been issued. this will probably be an issue for drives this morning. we will get more on that from sue in a couple of minutes. >> three marines have been shot dead at the base in virginia, katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with details. >> the marines held a news conference the last 30 minutes. they had the news conference at marine corps base quantico, in virginia, where the shootings took place. here is the knewest information. three active duty marines are dead, one is the suspected shooter. authorities say he killed a male and a female colleague. the base got a call, 9-1-1, at
4:27 am
8:30 last night no one heard shots but the base was put on lockdown. all three bodies were found inside a single barracks. there was never any stand off. this is called a tragic loss for the marine corps. >> we take care of our marines and families dealing with the tragedy, i ask for the support of our neighbors, the community, and their thoughts and prayers, as well for our marines who have lost their comrades in arms. >> the commander did not take questions at the news conference. there is no word on what the motive might have been. >> the victims' names will not be released for 24 hours. all three victims worked as training personnel at the officer candidate school. the lockdown has been lifted. authorities do not believe there is any further danger to the base and do not think there are
4:28 am
other victims. >> at 4:30, time for a look at the weather forecast. gusty winds in places. >> tough driving in? >> a lot cooler than the temperatures but we have dry air rushing in so you do not see radar runs on live doppler 7 hd. while you were sleeping the wind advisory was cancel asked we have gusts out there, about 13 miles per hour in novato and ten at santa rosa and everyone else is about eight to calm around san carlos and concord and livermore. the breezes will pick up in the afternoon hours and keep us sunny with mid-60's and near 70 appear the bay and mid-50's to near 60 at the coast where we will have the fastest wind and warmer inland with sunshine and mid-60's to low 70's. sue? >> good morning, everyone, happy friday. not a good friday when we have to wake up with a fatal
4:29 am
accident. as was mentioned, southbound 280, a sig-alert has been issued. three right lanes are affected. if you want to avoid this area you would take southbound 280, get off at 880 and go around to 101 to avoid this. it will be out there most of the morning. we will follow it for you. another accident in fremont, northbound 880, and an accident eastbound highway four at railroad, the westbound commute from antioch is not too bad at this hour at 4:31. >> new this morning, president obama is wrapping up a three-day trip to israel with self symbolic stops in the country. the president paid respects to israel's heros and victims of the holocaust reaffirming the jewish state right to exist and visited the brave of firm israeli rabin who was assassinated in 1995 and the grave of the founder of modern zionism who died in


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