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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 23, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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in the club panicked. they tried to escape and then there was another round of shots, another round of screams, complete pandemonium. then the gun fight made it into the parking lot where anywhere between 30 and 40 shots were fired. witnesses told me what they heard. take a listen. >> more than four different guns definitely. there was one smaller boom-boom and then there was one big boom! and then there were about five or six rapid shots that were pretty loud but they weren't as loud as the one big boom blast. then there was a couple other shots for sure that all sounded differently. >> the shooter sped away after the gun battle in the parking lot. the club management and police are currently looking at footage from surveillance cameras from outside the club to try to identify the shooters. meanwhile they are still here collecting evidence at brandon and rich. people whose cars were parked in
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the parking lot where shots were fired they still can't get to their cars. it's been almost five hours since the shooting. they are still waiting here to get into their cars so they can go home. again, it's an active scene. they need to wait until it's cleared until they can gain access to their cars. if cars were shot, which some were, those will be towed and taken into custody. reporting live in san francisco, kira klapper, abc7 news. kira, thank you. and we have more breaking news. arson investigators are trying to determine the cause of a restaurant fire in san francisco's financial district early this morning. firefighters were called out just before 3:00 this morning to 7 pleasures california grill on commercial street. they were quickly able to extinguish the flames there. but one firefighter was hurt and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. in castro valley, alameda county deputies shot a parolee after they say he pointed a rifle at them. the deputies shot the 49-year-old man in the driveway of his hands around 7:30 last night. he was reported to be in surgery
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at eden medical center at last check. the man's family officially called 911 to report he was acting erratically and arguing with a neighbor and then the parolee himself called 911 and threatened to kill arriving deputies. developing news in san jose where police continue to look for a killer. the man stabbed a woman to death yesterday afternoon just a few blocks from the santa clara county sheriff's office. john alston has more from north first street. >> the brutal stabbing happened in broad day light just after 2:30 in the afternoon in the parking lot next to the togo sandwich shop. matt was eating lunch when he heard a commotion and ran out to help the woman slashed on her neck and arms. >> i held her head up and kept pressure on it. i said, who did this? can you give me a name, any name? and she couldn't really talk. >> he, too, was covered in blood when the paramedics arrived. >> i feel it was horrible for her to have to die that way, and
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i just hope by me being there maybe it wasn't as bad way to die. >> he walked to north second street where he was doing handiwork and had to convince police he was not the killer. police say the real culprit hopped the fence and ran through this neighborhood where detectives found blood in front of some homes. the detectives came by and circled where the blood stains are. we've been told to stay in our house with our doors and windows locked. we aren't even allowed to come out to our front yard. >> people went door to door to check garages and other possible hiding places. after several hours they scaled back the search. police are trying to figure out what led up to the attack. >> the male suspect approached our female victim. there was some type of conduct. we don't know if there was conversation, if they knew each other, what the connection was but during the contact the male suspect stabbed the female victims multiple times. >> the woman who was kept inside the house told abc news that the
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police said they did know who they were looking for after the killing. in san jose, john alston, abc7 news. >> this morning the san jose police are calling it a domestic murder. they believe the suspect, juan ramirez, may be trying to escape to mexico had a dark green 1996 toyota t-100 pickup truck. san francisco police are looking for this man, a jailed inmate who trick the guard into releasing him. 35-year-old jesse warren parsons posed as another inmate who has a similar name and a physical similar description and then he was inadvertently released from custody yesterday. he was arrested earlier this week for several outstanding warrants. if you spot parsons, you are asked to call 911. a long time bay area youth baseball coach accused of molesting a young player and secretly videotaping another is out on bail.
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the 52-year-old man posted bond yesterday afternoon and was released from the martinez county jail. he surrendered to authorities at 11:00 a.m. the charges date back 8 years and there may be more victims. a 27-year-old man from vietnam is in san francisco this weekend hoping to save his little brother's life. he's a rare donor match for the five-year-old boy who he hasn't seen since he was adopted. abc7 news reporter sergio quintano brings us the story. >> collin probably didn't remember the last time he saw his big brother, but collin, with help from his sister ciara, is happy to greet him at the airport. collin was 14 months old when was he adopted but it's clear from the big smile on his big brother's face, he still remembers little collin. the 27-year-old man lived in a remote community in north vietnam. this is his first intercontinental flight and his first time in the united states.
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he's here because he is a one in a million match as a bone marrow donor for little collin, who suffers from aplastic anemia, a life-threatening disease. >> you are saving collin's life. >> he's giving collin one chance to have a normal life. can't thank him enough. i don't know how you thank somebody for that. >> collin's adoptive parents linda and john kept in contact with his birth family in vietnam. when the five-year-old was diagnosed, they were lucky big brother tho as a perfect match. he shared pictures of his son. >> that's your nephew. >> in the process of making arrangements for tho to come to the u.s. to be a donor, the mcfaddens learned his son was suffering from an infection and needed a $600 operation. the mcfaddens were all too happy to help. >> he's very well. after two months he went back to school. >> tho will be in the u.s. for a month for the transplant process. the process for collin will be
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much more involved and take a few months. >> the mcfadens live in carson city, nevada so they will be in the bay area for a few months as collin goes through the transplant procedure at children's hospital in oakland. >> great story. it is 6:09. lisa arrangen has a look at the forecast which is pretty gorgeous. >> yeah. once we get into all the sunshine. right now pretty dark out there. in the east bay numbers are held up into the 40s. a few 50s. but over in the north bay we are chilling out in the 30s this morning. a lot of it has to do with the wind, the absence of fog. i'll explain and have a look at your afternoon high temperatures when we return. >> thank you, lisa. talk about being star struck. people on the east coast were treated to a show in the night sky and it is caught on video for you to see, as well. plus the smartphone that started it all is back with a new model. it all is back with a new model. but is it enough in this red hdg
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>> this morning people on the east coast are buzzing over a possible meteor shower that lit up the sky last night. this bright flash was seen streaking along the eastern seaboard. people from new england to florida were tweeting almost nonstop with it. here's some video.
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watch the left side of your screen. this video was captured in baltimore. a spokesman with the american meteor society said the flash is consistent with a meteor shower. the society fielded phone calls, hundreds every hour, from people who saw the show. remember blackberry? well, the brand that used to make everybody's must-have cell phone list is launching a new smart phone. and the buzz about the blackberry z10 is pretty good. but even with impressive technical stats, jonathan bloom said blackberry is facing an up-hill battle. >> beneath his slick sport coat and hair, university professor andrew is hiding something that's not so stylish. >> i have a blackberry and it's a little embarrassing. >> trapped in the final months of a two-year contract, he's watched all his friends trade up to an apple or samsung. they ask why do you still have a blackberry? >> the phone that started it all
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now accounts for just 2% of the market and blackberry is determined to change that. >> we are used to competition now. we have to innovate and get better. that's why we launched this platform. avilanching in europe, blackberry 10 is now in the u.s. >> the z10 looks an awful lot like its touch screen competitors and it's getting good reviews. >> i like it. i think they have done good job with certain aspects of the phone. it feels comfortable in the hands and they have done a nice job with the camera. >> she was enthusiastic about the touch keyboard and camera and the online store full of appears. k -- aps. because who wants a phone without angry birds? the latest blackberry has all the trappings of a modern smartphone. >> the question remains is a simple one. is it enough to save the company? >> right now i think they are just trying to prove that they are not dead. >> are they? >> they aren't dead yet. >> blackberry has no shortage of former users. >> my old blackberry wouldn't work in my own house, where this phone does. >> what would it take for blackberry to win you back?
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>> i don't know if that's possible. >> he said it's not likely people who left them will come back. >> i don't think they will get anybody who already likes their i-phone or android to switch over. but blackberry 10 might be a hit with the current user and a start for a slow turnaround for the company, though it's a turnaround some users won't stick around to see. >> what will blackberry have to do to keep you when your contract is up. >> they would have to merge with apple. >> jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> it's the end of an era. golden gate bridge is going to an all-electronic toll system next week. no coins, no cash, no toll-takers. drivers have three way to pay their toll, a fast track account, a license plate account or buy a one-time payment at a kiosk or if you don't do anything look for a bill in the mail. >> each time you cross you get a toll invoices. however, if you continue to
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cross without doing anything, it goes into a monthly bill cycle. so we want to caution people to know that, that there will be a bill. if it's not paid on time, you become a follow violator. -- a toll violator. >> they are also upping the speed limit through the toll plaza to 25. the first day without follow takers is next wednesday. >> look for road closures tomorrow morning. northbound 880 between hagenbarry road and 98th avenue from one to six. drivers will follow a dedoor that will get them back on the road at 66th avenue. it's part of construction for a shuttle bridge that will eventually link bart and the oakland airport. this is time-lapse video from bart of the work on the bridge last weekend. the project should be finished by the end of the year. the airport connector will be open for service in late 2014. tonight the lights will go
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out on landmark buildings around the globe for earth hour. places like san francisco's city hall will turn out the lights for one hour to raise awareness about the environmental impact humans have on the planet. earth hour has become the world's largest voluntary environmental action and san francisco is the u.s. capital city for the event. it was selected from 29 cities that were participating in the world wildlife foundation's earth hour challenge. the city was awarded a $30,000 grant to promote renewable energy. of course, today we can count on solar power. the sun is going to be out? >> yes. the sun sets at 7:25. it should be another beautiful afternoon. very little in the way of cloud cover this morning but as we start you out with live doppler 7hd, free of precipitation. we will be looking at the sun coming up in less than andrew murray. 7:08 with 12 hours, 16 minutes of day light. live doppler 7hd quiet and we
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will see just a few high clouds in the forecast throughout the day today and the rest of your weekend. but as we go into the upcoming work week, we will see extra cloud cover. as we bow into the middle of the week, the possibility of rain comes back our way slightly. 37 in santa rosa right now. the numbers continue to drop to the north with the clear skies, the lower dewpoints. 35 degrees in napa. holding on to some of the warmth over by the delta with a bit of a breeze. low 40s from livermore, hayward and las got toes. with the sutro camera with the sky. mid-40s san carlos and 44 oakland with 49 in san francisco. so featuring the high clouds, but mostly sunny throughout the weekend. and the rain chances, they are with us in the seven-day outlook but they are pushed back until the middle to latter part of the week. so a long ways away. that could change. 24 hours ago we were a little
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bit warmer. so it is much cool we're those mid-and upper 30s in the north bay and napa, santa rosa and novato with cooling in san jose. average high temperatures today upper 60s. south end of the bay a few degrees warmer there. we will still look for the breeze to hold on along the shoreline. that's due to the alignment of high pressure offshore. it is building into the eastern pacific but with low pressure to the east of us, it will keep the coast breezy and numbers seasonable there in the upper 50s. but it's also going to allow for the area of high pressure to keep the clouds and the storm track mainly to the north. in the days ahead it will weaken and slightly move to the east. that will allow for a few upper level systems to head our way. not until monday. tomorrow still sunny with high clouds occasionally but that will keep the temperatures pretty nice, 60s and 70s. you can see that running the
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gamut from north to south although low 50s in eureka and 61 yosemite. very little snowpack there in parts of the sierra, but spring skiing is a big deal around here. perhaps you are headed that way for the weekend ahead. 69 for milpitas. mid-60s, and 64 milbrae. 62 downtown in the north bay. mainly upper 60s to 70 in napa and 67 san leandro and out over the east bay looking at highs from the low 70 #* 70 # in fairfield. changes come monday and tuesday with increasing clouds. that will bring the numbers down by tuesday. slight chance of showers wednesday and thursday. a better chance by the end of the week. so hopefully it doesn't rain on any of those egg hunts that we have before easter. abc7 news has yet another great weather resource for you to follow. that's live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest
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conditions rain or shine and spare the air alerts and power outages and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. a big holiday week maybe this week or the next week with spring break and pretty good weather. >> thanks, lisa. coming up next, a famous piece of art. why it's been taken down from a san francisco watering hole.
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>> it is 6:24 and dan harris is joining us live from new york to tell us what is coming up at seven on "good morning america." good morning, dan. >> good morning to you. coming up on gma he are talking about an endless wintry mix everybody. not a problem you have to deal with. take a look at this. this is denver overnight getting slammed with snow. these are incredible pictures of the u.s. minutes soccer team playing through nearly zero visibility for a chance to play in the world cup. this is a big game and a big storm about to hit the midwest and it's coming to our direction in the northeast. we will have the full forecasts coming up. and make history, a new pope for the first time meeting a former pope. this hasn't happened since the middle ages. frances and benedict in a historic encounter over lunch today. we will have the details coming up on gma.
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and they can this out. this guy is trying to sell a bomb shelter from the 1960s for half a million bucks. we will give you a look inside. why he's calling it the ultimate man cave. and this is the best story of the morning. a note on a car, extraordinary gesture by a complete stranger making a military couple a viral sensation this morning. we will tell you what this one anonymous person did brought a soldier on the other side of the planet to tears. it's a great story and it's coming up on gma on this saturday morning. hope you will enjoy us. >> that's wonderful. eats usually bad news had someone leaves a note on your car. >> yes, indeed. >> thank you, dan. >> a familiar work of heart that has come to define the palace hotel is coming down. maxfield's huge pied piper painting that has graced the bar for more than a century has been taken down and it will be sold at auction in a couple months. sheridan, who now owns the palace, say it's not practice to
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-- have the iconic work displayed in such a public area. the hotel hopes the auction will bring this between $3 million and $5 million. coming up next, the senate passes its first budget in four years. why the plan will likely bring more debate this summer in washington. >> plus a shooting at a san francisco nightclub lands three men in the hospital. shooters got away. i'm kira klapper live outside of 330 rich where police continue to investigate this morning. i'll have the latest on the conditions of the victims
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour off with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, katie. we are looking at the official sunrise. 8 minutes after 7. but you can already see the beginning of dawn out there. nice and clear from our sutro camera. we will be looking at very pleasant temperatures today with a mostly sunny sky not only for your saturday but for your sunday as well. numbers are dropping into the 30s. in fact mid-30s toward the napa valley. elsewhere we are looking at
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mainly in the 40s, perhaps a 50-degree temperature. we will keep the upper 50s with the breezy winds at our coast today. definitely cool there. but you head away from the coast, plenty of 60s and even some low 70s. it will be a nice evening tonight. we will keep the fog away but more clouds will enter the forecast as soon as the upcoming work week. we will let you know if that includes any rain in a few minutes. katie. >> lisa, thank you. we want to get you back to the breaking news we've been reporting on. we've been covering all morning. abc7 news reporter kira klapper is live at the scene after nightclub shooting. three people were shot. kira, what's the latest out there? >> katie, police say one victim is in critical condition. the other two men have none life-threatening injuries. in any case they are all in the hospital being treated after a shooting that witnesses called a chaotic and very scary scene. we have footage from right after it happened. just after 1:00 this morning at night club 330 rich.
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someone fired a gun into the air, witnesses say, and everyone in the club panicked. the masses were rushing, trying to escape. then there was another round of shots. the gun fight made it across the street into the parking lot where anywhere between 30 and 40 shots were fired. when i asked one witness what could have parked this gun battle in the middle of a club on a friday night, here's what he told me. >> i could sense the tension inside. just, i don't know, people were being drunk. i don't know. there were some people bumping into each other. any little thing like that could start a fight. difference in opinion, you know what i mean? someone might step on their shoe and take it the wrong way. any little thing in this area can really escalate really quickly. the shooter sped away after the gun battle in the parking lot. club management police are looking at surveillance footage
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trying to find out more information about the shooters. meanwhile we are nearing 6 hours since the shooting. investigates to are still here collecting evidence. csi officers have already left the scene but there are still investigators here in the alley way recreating the shootings and taking measurements. kira klapper, abc7 news. thank you. santa clara county is planning a second gun buy-back event today after the last one netted more than 1100 firearms. anonymous buy back will be held from 8:00 a.m. to noon on reid hillview airport on cunningham avenue. the county is using leftover money from an earlier event to fund this one. authorities will pay up to $100 for each handgun, shotgun and rifle and $200 for assault weapons. no questions asked. new this morning, president obama is closing out his four-day trip in the middle east in jordan. his trip trent end u.s. bonds with israel but it left some
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palestinians angry. they say president obama is playing favorites and he needs to more strongly condemn israel's settlements on palestinian land. in his weekly address he's calling on congress to focus on domestic issues. he's calling on congress to vote on three gun control measures that would ban high-capacity gun mig deans and fund school security and crackdown on gun trafficking. >> these ideas shouldn't be controversial. they are supported by a majority of the american people and i urge the senate and the house to give them each a vote. a few hours ago the senate passed its first budget in four years, approving a $3.7 billion spending plan for next year. the 50-49 vote ended a growling all-night debate. no republicans voted for the package and that sets up contentious negotiations with the republican-dominated house in april to reconcile what are two vastly different plans for dealing with the deficit. the senate version calls for
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spending $100 billion on infrastructure to help create jobs. the house version calls for deep cuts in domestic spend to go balance the budget by 2023. the california department of education is expanding its list of recommended reading for kindergarten through twelve grade and it includes newly published works dealing with sexual identity issues. here's abc7 news capital correspondent nannette miranda in sacramento with the story. as summer nears, educators want to keep kids reading. the california department of education just updated its list of more than 7,800 recommended books. meant to prepare students for college and the ever-changing world. included for the first time are winners of the stonewall book award which recognizes lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender literature. >> it's good to teach kids that everyone is different and we are all people and we can all be accepted for who we are.
6:33 am
i think it's great to see those books being recommended. >> the books are recommended according to age. from young kids activity books celebrating gay rights leader harvey mills to books for older kids like "i am jay," a novel about transgender teens. and "totally joe," telling about a boy coming out. >> there's a full-scale war, a sexual war. >> social conservatives are appalled. they say such topics promoting alternative lifestyles have no place on the state's official reading list. >> your children are not being taught rigorous academics or critical thinking. they are being taught social engineering that will hurt them physically and emotionally. >> the new book titles are recommended, not mandatory. the state insists they were not chosen because of their lgbt themes. >> it's not based on the content at all, actually. mostly it's based on the quality of the literature.
6:34 am
it could be non-fiction, fiction, biography and poetry. >> we hope they actually get excited about reading and writing. >> i've seen the activity book and it doesn't really make a big deal over harvey mill's sexual orientation. eaves a guy that set up for everyone. >> the list also includes newly published works on immigration. such as a book that talks about the reasons why people come to the u.s. illegally. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc7 news. >> new this morning taggers caused an estimated $10,000 in damage in downtown martinez yesterday afternoon. the city's popular skate park was the hardest hit out of all the locks targeted in the graffiti spree. now crews may have to close it to give themselves time to clean up all that mess. the vandals also tagged building in martinez's waterfront park. >> new this morning at 8:00 more than 1200 people plan to run up 52 flights of stairs to the top of the former bank of america
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balling in downtown san francisco. it's the annual fight for air climb to benefit the american lung association. participants include bay area firefighters who will be dressed in full gear when they ascend 1,197 stairs to the top of the city's second-tallest building on california street. funds raised will help the 35 million americans who suffer from chronic lung diseases. that looks hard. coming up next, finding the right job. the new service that claims to streamline the application process for job seekers and companies looking to hire. and let's take a live look outside at 6:37. you can see the beginning of sunrise there. live from our mt. tam camera. shaping up to be a beautiful and sunny day, but there are changes coming later in the week. lisa argen will have your forecast
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>> there are sites to match people for dates, so why not a process to match people with jobs? the process is scientific with a mathematical algorithm at its heart. david louie introduces us to bright. >> it's a universal complaint among job seekers. >> i put out at least five or six resumes a week. >> do you ever hear back from
6:39 am
them? >> most of the time i do not. >> this era of applying for jobs online has created climate of frustration for the applicants and too many applications for the employer to review. >> there are checkboxes for the jobs they want to apply for and applying to thousands of jobs. >> steve believes he has a solution. it's called the site developed an algorithm that evaluates your resume and produces a score employers use to identify candidates to interview. >> over 2 million resumes, 8.5 million job seekers, 20 million job descriptions, about 75,000 man hours in development, and it took us about a year and a half to get there. >> indicates the more people who use the service, the more accurate it will be. that's in terms of predicting success between the appearly can't and the company. the employer pays, not the job seeker. clarissa is using for the first time. but as an older worker she was
6:40 am
taken aback when asked for her graduation year and level of education. >> they can't discriminate upon your age or education. >> the ceo said applicants don't need to worry. >> the algorithm doesn't look at that data, only the meat or the core of the resume, so you don't have to look at human bias on the resume. >> bright does have strengths and weaknesses. >> a tech position in the bay area will score well. other areas, such as agriculture, it won't perform as well because we don't have a ton of jobs on the site for that. >> they might be taking search on a job search. abc7 news. >> coming up on 6:43 on this is the day morning, and it is shaping up to be a beautiful day. >> yeah, but you know the sunniest and the warmest days out of the next seven happen to land on the weekend. >> perfect.
6:41 am
>> that means there are changes for the week ahead with temperatures, cloud cover, precip, all of that coming up with a look at your seven-day outlook next. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, brackets blow-up. a cinderella takes down the mighty georgetown hoyas in the ncaa tournament. larry
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in sports today the cal bear take center stage with both the men's and women's basketball team playing in the ncaa tournament. this afternoon the second-seeded cal women play fresno state in texas. and tonight the 12th-seeded cal men will try to advance to the sweet 16. bears take on fourth-seeded syracuse at hb pavilion. tipoff at 6:40. yesterday there was a rash of march madness and bracketbustering. here's larry beil with the details in this morning's sports. >> good morning. part of the charm of the ncaa tournament is some little school that you couldn't find on a map slaying a giant. like 15-seed florida gulf coast knocking off mighty georgetown. florida gulf coast has only been in existence as a school since 1997. this is their first ncaa tournament appearance. eddy murray? yes! eagles in charge. florida in gulf coast in ft. myers open up the lead.
6:45 am
the slam and the chase. the one-handed. oh, that is good stuff. and florida gulf coast, an upset of the two-seed georgetown, 78-68. here's a game that just crushed brackets everywhere. 12th-seed ole miss led by marshall henderson, shooting down five-seed wisconsin. a lot of people thought the badgers would make a deep run. no, they are done. henderson has 17. stalking the court. ole miss stuns wisconsin. 57-46. they will meet lasalle next. ucla, one and done. clobbered by 11-seed minnesota. andre hollins had five threes in the game. minnesota up 11. any glimmer of hope for the bruins ends right there. joe coleman throwing it down. minnesota a winner, 83-63. pacific coach bob retiring after 25 years. his tigers trying to take down the two-seed miami. good luck.
6:46 am
the canes just too talented. shane drives and scores. miami up 21 at the break. duran scott, 5 of 8 from beyond the arc. he had 21. miami moving on, 78-49 against uop and they will play illinois next. cal will face syracuse tonight in san jose. at stake is a spot in the sweet 16. the orange won their opening-round game 81-34 over missouri tigers. -- montana. you heard the score right, 81-34. syracuse a perennial big east power, they are used to the big stage. but their coach worried about containing the pac-12 player of the year for cal, allen crab. >> their guards are really good. crab is a tremendous shooter. one of the better shooters in the country. their point guard made so many really big plays. that game would have gone the other way, but he made some huge plays. >> in the nba, miami extends their winning streak up to 25 games now. they beat the pistons, who are
6:47 am
streaking in the other direction, they lost ten in a row. lebron 29 points. the last-place bobcats are up next for miami. oh, the weather outside was frightful. incredible scene for the usa-costa rica soccer world cub qualifier. played in a massive snowstorm in denver. they had to use a yellow and purple ball or they couldn't see it. clint dempsey was the only goal in the blizzard and the u.s. wins it, 1-nil. that's a wrap on your sports mike shaw man will be her at five, six, nine and' eleven. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> crazy to see all the snow falling elsewhere as we bask in the sun light. >> right. but march can be pretty fickle. we are featuring today more sunshine so the recipients of some very spring-like weather for this full weekend of spring. absent of any clouds or moisture this morning, and if you like that, that will be the trend for
6:48 am
a pretty nice weekend. but things will be changing as a series of weak area low pressure will drop down from the northern pacific. that will allow for some changes as we begin the work week. we will show them to you in just a moment. but we are talking about some pretty cool temperatures this morning. take a look as we begin to see the beginning of day light with clear conditions. here's a look from our emeryville camera. 36 santa rosa, 35 in napa with low 40s from livermore and hayward. 42 los gatos and also from our sutro camera, boy, isn't this pretty? no fog to speak of. that still will allow for cool numbers at our coast due to the on shore winds. the northerly winds will be backing off but through the overnight hours it has allowed for the fog to stay absent and the dewpoints to lower and the temperatures to cool. although we are still pretty mild in san francisco at 49. 40 in santa cruz, 49 half moon bay.
6:49 am
a few high clouds today, tomorrow. keeping us mostly sunny throughout the weekend. rain chances, they are in the seven-takeout look but they have been pushed back to the middle of the week and they are beginning to get a little more believable by the end of the week. so we will see what happens. but this morning we are certainly colder anywhere from five to seven degrees colder from the napa valley, santa rosa, novato and san jose. the coast a few degrees cooler, as well as oakland with the mid-40s this morning. the clear sky allowing for the chilly numbers. but high pressure is still our fair weather-maker. it is staying offshore. it will begin to slightly move to the east by the beginning of the up-coming work week. that's when the ridge begins to weaken. it will keep us dry, though. as it weakens and slides east, that will allow for the weak systems to head down from the pacific northwest. there's about three of them that will work to bring increasing clouds and the chance of showers probably by wednesday.
6:50 am
even though it's just a slight chance. by tomorrow we are starting out once again with the clear sky and the afternoon featuring more sunshine. a few high clouds and numbers very spring-like with 50s along the north coast. 53 there, 72 in sacramento, 74 in los angeles. so numbers a couple degrees above average in san jose today at 70. 69 in milpitas. a beautiful day from man mattio, 65. 69 in in here. the cool 50s return for stinson beach, 68 sonoma and near east bay, 65 in richmond but about 68 in fremont. you head out over the hills and we've got the 70s for you from san ramon to concord. and the look ahead with temperatures just a few degrees warmer, tomorrow the warmest day of the work week, and then a few more thin clouds on monday and tuesday. we are looking at increasing clouds, a slight chance of showers wednesday, thursday and
6:51 am
friday. we have the mud run down in monterey and the santa cruz event. good weather for that. >> thanks, lisa. coming up next, the san francisco's zoo's newest addition. you will love it. look. find out when the tiger cub
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> the star attractions of the
6:54 am
zoo are appearing after a six-month hiatus. the sea otters go on display today. they were removed in september while their tank was renovated but now kit, ivy, rosa and gidget will be back in the public eye for everybody to see now that the $2 million tank project is complete. welcome back. get ready for oohs and awes as we show you this tiger cub. she's five weeks old and thriving under her mom's care. the yet unnamed cub will make her first public appearances today and tomorrow between one and three in the afternoon in the zoo's lion's house. she was born february 10th and she just had her first exam by the zoo's veterinary staff and that's how they knew she was a little girl. i love that little chubb by picture of her. clearly thriving. too cute. >> big paws. low 60s at the zoo today. that will be later on in the afternoon. certainly breezy along the great
6:55 am
highway today. upper 50s, though, if you are right at the beach. 55 san mateo, 70 san jose. a look ahead. a couple degrees warmer tomorrow but then we will increase. more clouds come monday and tuesday and the chance of rain becomes morph a reality by wednesday into the next weekend, which is easter. so that's, you know, holy thursday, good friday a little bit. >> get your easter bonnets out. thanks, lisa. and thanks everyone for joining us on the saturday morning news. saturday morning news continues at 1:00 a.m. meanwhile you asked for it, now the abc7 news exclusive alarm clock app is available for your android phone or your tablet or kindle fire. you can download it for free. it's always been available on your i-phone. good morning america is next!
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good morning, america. this morning, giving new meaning
6:58 am
to march madness. a new spring snowstorm has the u.s. men's soccer team playing in the snow bowl. that same storm is about to make a play for the midwest and then the northeast. worst date ever. a man tries to impress a woman he's out on a date with by staging a knife attack and heroically saving her. we'll tell you how his strange plan backfired and if she'll ever go out with him again. safari gone wrong. a giant giraffe attacks a jeep full of tourists, and it's all caught on camera. so why does a giraffe suddenly go wild? ♪ i wanna be rich and big bucks up for grabs. the powerball jackpot hits $320 million. do you think winning the lottery is tough? find out how it compares to, say, your office basketball poll. ♪ i want to be rich hey, good morning,
6:59 am
everybody. this is a historic saturday morning. something is happening right now that hasn't happened in centuries, since the middle ages, in fact. a new pope is meeting with a former pope. francis lunching with benedict. coming up, details of their private meeting. >> you hear ron laughing. ron is just back from -- >> i thought you were talking about the giraffe attacking the people. >> that's another story. >> hasn't happened for 600 years. >> a sign of ron's skepticism. he believes the whole giraffe thing is cgi, special effects. >> exactly. >> could be. >> great to have you back, ron and you as well, dan. happening overnight the senate working into the early hours of the morning to hash out a new bipartisan budget deal. so why is this so significant? well, it's the first proposal actually passed in four years. but the question this morning, will it bring an end to the spending showdown? >> i wish we had a more positive answer to that question. also coming up, a story that is positively going viral about a soldier's girlfriend and a gesture of kindness from an anonymous veteran. we're going to tell you what this guy did


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