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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  March 25, 2013 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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first, today's nasty weather. check it out. orlando, florida. power of a strong wind storm here, blowing a shopping cart inside the lowe's store. and tried to manually close the automatic doors. a storm roars through. customers try to stay out of harm's way. >> my goodness. that is home for me, wow. up to a foot of snow is expected in indianapolis by later this morning. the snow is causing plenty of flight cancellations. not so good during this busy holiday travel week. storm watches and warnings posted for 15 states right now. abc's gio benitez was in the heart of the storm as it moved through kansas city >> reporter: kansas city, missouri, socked in, shut down in massive piles of snow. driving around town wrapped up in white it seems winter will never stop coming back for more. 8 inches of snow so far. it is dangerous. this is where drivers have to be really careful because cars have had a tough time getting down the icy hills. the storm hammering this area. these dangerous conditions now moving east after hundreds of miles of highway were shut down from denver to kansas.
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more than 19 inches of snow falling in parts of colorado over the weekend. shut down this interstate near denver. burning tanker trucks and causing a 50-car pileup. incredibly no one was seriously hurt. the same system -- is bringing severe weather to the south. winds in atlanta blowing this tree into an apartment building. luckily the building was empty. >> i heard this cracking noise and it came tumbling down like the london bridge. >> reporter: in florida, 50-mile-an-hour winds and blinding rain forced organizers of the arnold palmer invitational where tiger woods was in the lead to suspend the golf tournament. the menacing storm hasn't finished its work yet it will now head over to the east coast. gio benitez, abc news, kansas city. >> thank you, gio, the storm is bringing double trouble to millions of commuters in the northeast. we are just over it. >> what happened to spring? heavy snow expected during the morning and afternoon commutes. accuweather's jalelah ahmed is
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tracking the story. good morning, jalelah. >> thank you, john, marci. the good news, it is not really going to be impacting new england if at all. this time they are spared. if you are traveling through pennsylvania, also, through the virginias and back into our nation's capital, it's going to be a snowy morning for you. talking anywhere from 1 to 3 inches in our nation's capital. back into baltimore. they will get slammed twice in one day. morning commute and commute home from work. we are talking anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of snow. across i-80, pennsylvania, laurel highlands, i-81, roanoke, could see 6 to 12 inches of snow. in manhattan looking at anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow. john, marci, back to you. >> thank you. northern ireland is getting slammed by crippling snowstorms. utility crews are scrambling to restore electricity to thousands of people. some left in the dark for four days. the storms blew over power poles, and trees, across many roads. others were blocked by high
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snowdrifts making it tough for people to get supplies. so it is so bad that, a lot of families are roughing it and actually having to use open fires to keep warm. >> imagine that. the island nation of cyprus struck an 11th hour deal to save itself from financial collapse. after days of protests, european leaders agreed on a $13 billion bailout package rescuing cyprus from bankruptcy and collapse of its banking system. the controversial plans tax bank deposits will be scrapped. the deal would shut down the second largest bank. secretary of state john kerry delivering a warning to iraqi leaders during a surprise weekend stop in baghdad. the u.s. wants iraq to stop letting iran use airspace for flights to syria. officials believe the flights are carrying weapons to the syrian government. iran says flights are bringing humanitarian supplies to syria. new developments in the murder of colorado's top corrections officer. abc news learned prisons in the state have been on lockdown because of fears there could be more attacks. and it all appears to be linked
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to a white supremacist group. >> reporter: the motive for the murder of tom clements may have been revenge for breaking up a prison gang. clements concerned about the rise of a white supremacist group, 211 crew, sent its leaders to another prison trying to diminish their power base. evan ebel just paroled in january was a member of 211 crew. law enforcement yet to confirm the connection. the fear, the potential for more attacks from other gang members. the governor's mansion and state capitol have expanded security following the murder. prison gangs are prolific across america. the american correctional association reports, almost 14% of the prison population are involved in gangs. an estimated 200,000 inmates. investigators believe ebel may have been linked to other murders.
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>> there is physical evidence in the car we want to recover, compare and see if we are on track with the crime scenes in colorado. a law enforcement source says investigators are not convinced that evan ebel acted alone. they're looking into whether he had an accomplice. a public memorial for clements will be later today. police in georgia say a tip helped lead them to the suspected killer of a 13-month-old boy in a stroller. a 17-year-old taken into custody for the murder of antonio santiago. hismotor said the toddler was shot to death during a botched robbery attempt last week. police in southern california are haling a 9-year-old girl who want to amazing lengths to get help for her father after a car crash. though she was injured. the child got out of the wrecked suv and walked to a home nearby
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for help. while she made her way across the rough terrain in the darkness and knocked on the door. no one answered. she walked back to check on her father, before trying again. >> she walked quite a distance in a very, very threatening environment. it's very black out here, very dark. it's very steep. it is brushy. there is also coyotes in the background. >> amazing. the girl had to climb 200 feet embankments before finding help at a rail station. sadly, paramedics found her father dead when they arrived at the accident scene. >> what a story. listen to this one. a bizarre freak accident stunned a quiet neighborhood near los angeles. a glendale couple lost control of their car ended up on the roof of a neighbor's house. the driver and his wife say they drove down a hill. they couldn't stop the car. it turned the corner. when the car went airborne and landed on the roof amazingly no one was hurt. emergency crews needed a crane to remove the car. oops.
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>> amazing. a wild finish to a nascar race in california driver denny hamlin in the number 11 car and number 22, joey logano were battling for the lead in the last lap. logano hit the wall. hamlin ended up slamming into an infield wall. he was stretched off and flown to a hospital. his team says he will be fine. afterward, driver tony stewart got into a pushing match with logano before teammates pulled them apart. drama, drama. >> oh, yeah. passing note, the man credited with making body building a worldwide phenomenon has died. joe weider was behind mr. olympia, and "muscle & fitness" and brought arnold schwarzenegger to the united states and helped make him the star he became. weider died of heart failure. joe weider was 93 years old. i used to buy the muscle and fitness magazines in high school. >> it paid off. >> it didn't work. what happened? supposed to look like arnold. >> you got it. >> close. marci, you acan stay as long as you want. as opening day nears, it
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seems, derek jeter will start the season on the disabled list. jeter will play in minor league exhibition for remainder of spring training. playing on a surgically repaired left ankle he broke last season. yankees open the season a week from today. >> i have bad news. no one in the newsroom won the powerball jackpot over the weekend. we will find out officially later today where in new jersey the one winning ticket was sold. but, people at a truck stop in borden town say it was bought there. the winner can take a lump sum payment of $211 million. or get the entire $338 million spread over 30 years. >> i woke up this morning. got coffee. and i woke up in new jersey, on the jersey shore in my house. >> did you start celebrating? >> the hair on the back of my head, stood up for a second. this is it. this is it.
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want to my pants. pulled out the ticket. sat down. i'm going to get it. first number -- >> not even one number. >> if you had it would you be here right now? >> nah. maybe be here to keep my cover as i was planning my master plan. >> leave me hanging on my first day. they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. with a cat, however, there is a whole different story. >> this is our, ready "favorite story of the day." check out the cat showing the dog who the boss is. the cat picks up the leash. leads the dog around. posted by some one in israel who says the kitty is taking the canine home, right up the stairs and through the front door. >> i don't believe this. >> amazing. >> as you can see the dog doesn't seem to mind at all. just kind of quietly following along. little glance at some one holding the camera. thinking can you believe this? i am going along with this? >> it's all good. >> come on, dog, man up. >> man up. >> yeah. >> cats are tough, man.
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welcome back. it's been more than ape year since amanda knox was cleared of murder charges in italy. her legal drama is still not over. >> prosecutors will argue her murder conviction should be reinstated. joining us is niki baptiste. following since the beginning. thanks for joining us. what is the hearing about? >> the final step in the legal process. a big day for amanda if the supreme court decides to uphold the acquittal, she can move on with her life. if not, they go back to a retrial and the case is heard again and it could drag on for years. >> really incomprehensible. there really is a chance. do they think it is a long shot that they would say come back
3:15 am
and do this all over again, take two? >> her lawyers, her family, amanda, they believe it is a long shot. a good chance it will be upheld and over after six years. >> how is she doing, a ton of stress, how is she handling it? what has she been up to since the acquittal? >> she is anxious for today's hearing. it is her life still in their hands. she spent the last year writing. lots of time with her family. her new boyfriend. and, just, she is actually back at university of washington taking classes. >> she has this book coming out? >> a new book "waiting to be heard" out on april 30th. >> there is a chance in addition to being cleared she could get monetary compensation if she, this slander charge, got thrown out as well. there is obviously a real bad worse case scenario, potential best case in this? >> amanda was convicted of slander for falsely accusing her former boss. she spent three years in prison for that.
3:16 am
her defense appealed that as well. the supreme court will make that decision. if they overturn her conviction and could seek money and could $525,000 to $750,000. >> what a big range of consequence could come out of this. thank you for joining us appreciate it. amanda knox will speak for the first time in an abc news primetime special with diane sawyer, tuesday april 30th at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. >> and we will be right back. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from ou
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♪ all i do is win win win >> the miami heat is hot. the team is chasing a winning streak few have accomplished. >> heat beat the charlotte bobcats to extend the league, pushing them into elite
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territory and perhaps the history books. abc's john schifrin has more. >> reporter: by georgetown getting stunned by florida gulf coast university and number one seeded gonzaga getting knocked out, the ncaa march madness tournament is almost defying reality. over in the nba. >> here it comes. >> reporter: the miami heat dream team is doing just what is expected of them, winning and winning and winning. lebron james and company are flirting with nba history. >> let's be honest, guys, we are not sitting here saying this is not something special. this is unbelievable streak. that we are on. >> reporter: the heat are trying to break the record set 40 years ago by the 1971-'72 los angeles lakers who played right here at their old home, the forum. >> chamberlain. >> reporter: legends like wilt chamberla chamberlain, jerry west and pat
3:19 am
riley helped that team win 33 games in a row. >> it is very difficult to win games over an extended period of time. even if are playing against lesser opponents. just the sheer amount of games that have to be won, the travel, the fatigue. >> reporter: it certainly hasn't been easy, the heat's winning streak starting in toronto on february 3rd. then picking up wins in oklahoma city, atlanta, chicago, philadelphia, new york, minnesota, milwaukee, boston and cleveland. so can they do it? >> the miami heat have an excellent chance of breaking the record. only a couple teams stand in their way, the chicago bulls and san antonio spurs. >> reporter: when anyone gets in king james' way, well, look out below. john schifrin, abc news, los angeles. >> marci, are you a florida girl and a heat fan? >> i am now. >> pretty amazing. >> absolutely.
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this is an interesting one. we're talking latex condoms, bill gates. what do the two have in common? strange little thing. bill gates wants to pay $100,000 to build a better condom. a condom that feels good for men. >> okay. >> he is not doing this because he, not doing it, he is doing it, because it is part of his initiative. let me find out here. part of his grand challenges exploration initiative. round 11 of that. really what he is doing is trying to prevent disease and unwanted pregnancy in many countries in the world. >> story is taking a different direction. >> offering $100,000 to build a better condom. the idea is to make it feel good enough that men around the world will stay with the condom, not mind having it on, and it will prevent all these -- a good thing. let's face it. >> yeah, yeah. can't be a bad thing. go, bill gates. here is another one. this is pretty interesting.
3:24 am
more people have access to cell phones than toilets. [ toilet flushing ] >> wow, classy, guys. >> access to toilet paper than cell phones. that could just be terrible. >> goodness, gracious. the united nations study. they said, the 7 billion people on earth, 6 billion have access to mobile phones. so when you think you are walking around the streets and everybody is glued to their phone. they are. 6 billion people have access. and only 4.5 billion have access to a toilet. a big public health issue of course. >> horrible, really. a one to one ratio. at least you could sit and talk to the phone. that's the ultimate. >> do you do that? remind me not to call you. >> i have done that on occasion. read the sports section. whatever it takes. [ toilet flushing ] >> bingo, a word you didn't want to yell casually. a man from kentucky.
3:25 am
18-year-old security guard in a bingo hall. decided to yell bingo randomly. the elderly women got freaked out, called the police. the police came. they were going to let the guy off. he refused to apologize. he got himself in big trouble. let me see what happened. do they say, charge him with something. delayed the game by several minutes. caused patrons alarm. it led to a citation. basically can't yell fire in a crowded theater. better not yell bingo inside a bingo hall filled with elderly women. it would stink. ruins the game. >> yeah, really going to call the police over that? >> hey, serious stuff, man. this is bingo in kentucky. for real. >> yee-haw. we can say bingo here! >> all right. >> we have more time. >> we have time for another story. we don't. that's this -- half-hour's news. catch
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3:27 am
this morning on "world news now" -- legal challenge. the american student imprisoned
3:28 am
for four years in italy for killing her roommate then acquitted. >> now amanda knox's case is before an italian court today putting her freedom on the line yet again. it is monday, march 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. i'm marci gonzalez in for diana perez. >> you got this "world news now" thing going? you got it? you getting the swing of things? >> yeah, i got it. >> i'm john muller. the unusual twist in the italian justice system for amanda knox. that's our top story. and then -- what a mess for travelers in one third of the country. busy travel week begins. a foot and a half of snow fell on missouri and big cities in the northeast. we're going to get hit later today. the latest from accuweather. in just a bit. also this morning, a dangerous turn for a honeymoon couple who decided to get a
3:29 am
little too close and personal with a great white shark. the pictures taken underwater will make you wonder about this couple's decision for a honeymoon adventure. >> i think it is a bad omen. i really -- i don't know about that one. when you thought lindsay lohan was running out of good luck. wait till you hear about her movie released over the weekend called "inappropriate comedy." hit a milestone not the milestone you want to hit. details in "the skinny." >> who knew? another lindsay lohan movie. first, the amanda knox case returns to international headlines this morning. >> prosecutors in italy demanding the former college student be returned to jail. abc's nick schifrin has the story. >> my family is the most important thing to me right now. i want to go and be with them. >> reporter: amanda knox waited four years for the homecoming but she is anxious that italy's supreme court could put her freedom in jeopardy. >> the fact that she spent
3:30 am
three, four years in an italian prison and this murder charge continues to hang over her head there is no peace of mind. >> i couldn't understand why they were so sure that i was the one who knew everything. >> reporter: in 2007, knox and her boyfriend, raffaele sollecito were convicted of murdering their roommate, meredith kercher. they languished in prison for years and the world watched the dramatic moment they were released. >> both defendants have been acquitted by the charges. >> reporter: now prosecutors want to reinstate the murder conviction. kercher's family tells italian media there are unanswered questions we are searching for the truth. but knox's family who won't be in court hope the hearing clears her name forever. they call it another example of harassment by the prosecution. >> if she wins on monday, case closed, it's over, and she can go forward without any further
3:31 am
worry. >> reporter: if she loses, knox and sollecito's case goes back to court and their legal saga goes on. knox has spent the last year writing her memoir and will talk about it next month with diane sawyer in an exclusive interview. knox says she wants to make writing a career but it could depend on the judges in rome decide. nick schifrin, abc news, london. the civil war in syria not making much progress. delegates from factions met in damascus to reaffirm the peace talks where the only possible opposition was thrown into chaos, its president quit. the military leader refused to recognize his replacement. the prime minister of iraq is pushing back against u.s. demands about iranian overflights. secretary of state john kerry warned iraq about the flights during an unannounced visit to baghdad. the u.s. claims the iranian flights are carrying fighters and weapons to the syrian government. but iraq says there is no proof of that. >> just a reminder today is march 25th. it means it is indeed officially springtime. you wouldn't know it by the weather across the middle of the country. a storm system that dumped tons of snow across the plains and midwest targeting the mid-atlantic. storm watches and warnings from illinois to north carolina, new york.
3:32 am
details from abc's larry jacobs. >> reporter: it is the winter that won't go away. from colorado to kansas to missouri, they're digging out from as much as 19 inches of snow. crews have been working nonstop to clear accidents and massive pileups caused by poor visibility and dangerous road conditions. driving around kansas city, missouri was still a challenge after this third major snowstorm hit there. the same system that brought snow to the midwest is making its way across the country. it spawned severe weather in the south. strong winds in atlanta blew this tree into an apartment building. fortunately the building was unoccupied. >> i heard this cracking noise. and it came tumbling down like the london bridge. >> reporter: take a look at this -- fierce wind crashed through the front doors of a lowe's in orlando, florida. pushing shopping carts like toys. 50-mile-per-hour winds and blinding rain halted play at the
3:33 am
arnold palmer invitational where tiger woods was in the lead. after hitting parts of illinois, indiana, ohio and west virginia, the storm is forecast to take aim at the mid-atlantic from washington to new york city. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> how sick of the stuff are we? >> i am over it. >> my goodness. i want one breakout day before june. >> i know. please. >> please. commuters from pittsburgh to washington and here in new york can expect hassles from the storm. >> both the morning and afternoon commutes are going to be a mess. accuweather's jalelah ahmed continues our coverage. good morning, jalelah. >> thank you, john, and marci. i think the good news, new england will be spared this time around. but the snow will certainly be concentrated across pennsylvania back into the ohio valley and definitely across the mid-atlantic. now if you are traveling early in the morning as a lot of folks will be, here, monday morning, washington, d.c. back into baltimore. looking at 1 to 3 inches of snow. a slow go along i-95, towards philadelphia.
3:34 am
eastern portions of new jersey could see up to 6 inches of snow in manhattan. we are talking about a coating to an inch. once you make your way into the western boroughs anywhere from 3 to 4 inches of snow. anywhere from philadelphia back into pittsburgh. we are talking anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of snow. across the laurel highlands, roanoke, i-81, 6 to 12. john, marci, back to you. >> jalelah, thanks. for the nation's weather there will be some rain in florida. afternoon showers in the pacific northwest. rain in hawaii. clear and pleasant day across the southwest. >> temperatures there will be seasonal up to 81 in phoenix. and the 70s for california. much chillier than normal for most, outside of the southeast, or in the southeast, rather. atlanta reaching just 49. medical news now. a tiny chip could one day save lives. the chip is a 1/2 inch long. scientists say it could be a powerful weapon against heart attacks. the device implanted beneath the skin promises to detect sudden changes in your blood.
3:35 am
the chip sends a warning via bluetooth to your smart phone or to your doctor's computer. can you imagine? "warning, you are getting a heart attack." pretty much what it will do. >> my gosh. >> federal public health investigators are going all out to see if underground toxic chemicals have put thousands of new jersey residents at risk. that's why the fda will be asking people from garfield, new jersey, to donate, get this, their toenail clippings. >> kind of nasty. >> yeah. tests done on the clippings can confirm if buried industrial carcinogens have tainted the soil and if people have been exposed. investigators are looking for chromium and slow-growing toenails apparently. >> slow-growing toenails? >> i guess. >> chromium. >> confirm -- >> how would you like to be the guy who has to test the toenails? double rubber gloves and tweezers. >> how do you sign up for that job? >> i don't know. >> how do you sign up to not have that job? guess you go to med school for 12 years and test toe nails or something. >> the epa has found no signs of chromium in garfield's water supply. chromium is the same chemical that was in the movie erin brockovich.
3:36 am
>> that's right. the weather may not be cooperating, but here in new york, a sure sign that spring has arrived. >> if you say so. all right, coney island. open for business. coney island is great. for the first time since getting battered by hurricane sandy. the storm left the amusement park buried in sand and flooded the rides that have been around for generations. >> after five months of hard work, determination and millions of dollars, coney island opened on schedule. i was just there the other day. >> scott was telling me in my ear, thought he was leading me down a red herring there -- >> i was there, opening day. i didn't i was there early. wasn't open yet. they were getting ready. they were all really excited. such a great sign there. they were saying -- new york is back. after everything that new yorkers have been through. although there is still a lot of work to do. at least they have this one thing, one great summer pastime. coney island will be open. >> an iconic amusement park. back so early in the season. coming up, international
3:37 am
waffle day. what a tasty treat. we will have some of the sweet treats right here. >> one of my favorite days of the year, i can already tell. and the honeymoon adventure in the deep. the man-eating, great white shark that was not too happy to meet the newlyweds. you're watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by maneater ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by
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♪ oh here she comes watch out boy ♪ ♪ she'll chew you up >> maneater indeed. a decidedly unromantic encounter for a man on his honeymoon. he wanted to get close up with a shark. and it got pretty close. right through the cage. it sounded like a good idea. >> yeah, the shark had ideas of his own. now as abc's tanya rivero tells us there are new questions about the safety of cage diving. >> reporter: it is a booming tourist industry, cage diving promises you will experience a great white up close and personal. >> whoa! >> reporter: hear from the man who witnessed that terrifying moment the shark getting inside the cage. >> are you okay? >> those on board panicked not
3:42 am
knowing the fate of the diver. a newlywed on his honeymoon. brian plumber shot the video. >> we see a little bit of red gets kicked up in the water. my heart stopped. really easy to assume the worst. >> reporter: the quick thinking newlywed ducked and was unharmed. our own nick watt reporting on shark cages suddenly too close for comfort. but is this safe? >> the cage is sturdy, cage diving in and of itself isn't dangerous. but you really just want to make sure that you are going down there with a reputable organization. >> reporter: with this newest case, new questions, critics argue, luring sharks with bait increases the risk of attacks. but others say it can teach us to appreciate the crucial role sharks play in our eco system. >> i think people are interested in connecting with animals, they're interested in seeing them up close, whale watching and shark dives are so popular. people are interested in nature. that's a good thing. >> reporter: the south african cage diving company in the video tells us their cage was built to
3:43 am
industry standards. they have never seen great white behavior like this in two decades of operation. they plan on narrowing the viewing gap between the bars. tanya rivero, abc news, new york. >> before you saw the video would you have gotten in a shark cage, maybe? >> i don't know. i don't know. it doesn't seem like a good idea. >> clearly not. >> yeah, before i knew that was possible. >> hindsight is 20/20. >> still probably wouldn't have. i have my doubts. after seeing that i wouldn't. >> before, something you would have considered. >> i would probably do that before i would jump out of a plane. i would chicken out. on that one too. >> i'm with you. >> two chickens. count us in. coming up -- lindsay lohan's misfortunes enter a new arena, the movie theater. >> an actress taking a rest, and you get to watch. stay tuned for "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
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♪ skinny so skinny
3:46 am
♪ skinny so skinny >> all right, time now for "the skinny." usually the stories are really fun. we will start off with some kind of sad news. the actress from the twilight movies, played character alice, her name is ashley green. a fire in her condo over the weekend. claimed the life of one of her dogs. really sad news. a picture of her. played alice, one of edward's sisters the one with psychic ability. i know you a big "twilight" fan. >> not really. >> in hollywood over the weekend. around 9:30 in the morning. in her third floor unit. with her boyfriend. the fire broke out. she was able to make it out. one of her dogs survived. weren't able to save another one of the dogs there.
3:47 am
sad news there. all courtesy of tmz. >> all right. >> the flames right there. >> let's lighten it up. kids choice awards. are you familiar with those? i have a 9-year-old daughter. she is familiar with them. kids choice awards took place. josh dumal was the host. any rate, you know how people get slimed on the kids choice awards. this year we got sandra bullock and neil patrick harris. being slimed. >> looked like he got more of it. wait a minute. right up the nose. >> slime. you get a trophy in the shape of a blimp if you win. speaking of winners. besides neil and sandra getting slimed. didn't win anything. they did present winners. kristen stewart recognized for her role in "twilight breaking dawn 2" got a hug from bullock and got messy in the process. and won for the prize for favorite female butt kicker "snow white and the huntsman." >> that is a category? >> favorite female butt kicker. selena gomez, favorite tv actress, "wizards of waverly place" on the same weekend that her buzz heavy film "spring breakers" opens. >> i've been slimed before. >> have you? >> i have been slimed before. >> it tastes good. like apple sauce. >> not as messy as you think. almost like, you almost can peel
3:48 am
it off. maybe i had a better slime. >> you may have. >> slime concoction may have been better. >> we have to talk about lindsay lohan. >> what now? what now? does this involve a mug shot? >> no mug shots this time. but it is another disaster at the box office. she was in this movie. i have never heard of it. >> nice outfit. >> it's called "inappropriate comedy" i guess, guess its name, inappropriate, sassy there. this movie earned $172,000. that's it. that's not very much money. >> how much? >> $172,000. listen to this, the guy who directed it, the shamwow guy. >> the shamwow guy. >> i love the shamwow guy. >> i remember him. >> i could watch the guy for hours. i don't know. something about him. i get sucked right in. >> and, shamwow. brought in $625 for every theater it was shown in. they should have had the guy, vince, this guy, stand outside of every movie theater.
3:49 am
>> i would rather watch vince do the commercial than the movie. >> he can sell the shamwow and can't sell the movie. come on, vince. >> we will skip the next story and go right to michael jackson. >> talking about the moonwalk here. 30 years ago, march 25, 1983, yes, michael jackson invented the moon walk. >> he didn't invent it. he didn't invent it. he first did it. >> likes to say he did the same thing in the '30s. earliest footage that portrays someone doing something identical, to the moonwalk, is 1983, dancer bill bailey. imagine 1983, when jackson did it at motown 25 taping. that like, put him way over the top of super cool. >> very cool. yeah, they will never know. >> let's go. >> come on. >> oh, boy. let's do it. >> i can't do it. i can't do it. and "dancing with the stars." >> can you do it? >> you are doing much better than me. >> if i knew in 1983 -- >> you look way cooler. 3 -- >> you look way cooler. >> you look way cooler.
3:50 am
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♪ do you like pancakes? yeah we like pancakes ♪ ♪ do you like french toast yeah we like french toast ♪ >> welcome back to the "world news now" waffle buffet. behold my dream. as you can see from this spread we are celebrating waffle today with a little taste test. >> it is waffle day. >> international waffle day. >> here's what we have. we have waffles. >> shrimp. i have not heard of that combination. that is awesome. >> looks like the eggo. you ready? remember the commercial? >> leggo my eggo. >> pops up. leggo my eggo. grab it! you leggo. >> they're great. >> what's up with that? >> chicken and waffles. >> fried chicken. >> like one of my favorite dishes. >> fried chicken and waffles. >> fried chicken and waffles.
3:54 am
>> a classic. order at a restaurant. delicious strawberries. >> how are you supposed to eat fried chicken and a waffle? rip off a piece? >> don't be dainty. got to get dirty. >> read some facts. i'm stuffing my mouth. okay. wow. oh, my gosh. classy. you have really arrived, john. eating chicken and waffles at the same time on national television. here are fun facts. waffles are descended from flatcakes baked in ancient greece. back then they were prepared with cheese and herbs. >> keep going. >> the word waffle is descended from a dutch word meaning wafer. >> pilgrims brought them here in to america in the late 1800s. jefferson returned from france with a fancy new item, waffle iron. >> very fancy. glad he did that. >> fried chicken and waffle sandwich. insane. >> you keep going. so i can eat. >> belgium waffles are brussels waffles. during the 1964 world's fair, they were renamed belgium waffles because they didn't think anybody knew what brussels
3:55 am
was. >> i'm chewing. >> wafflehouse big name in waffles. >> of course. >> since 1955, wafflehouse served more than 877 million waffles. >> my goodness. >> on an average day, the chain makes 145 waffles per minute. >> you were asking how chicken and waffles came together. kind of a weird combination. a mystery many believe it started with the famous wells supper club in harlem. have to cruise up town, check it out. ask them if this is where the amazing combo comes from. i'm loving this. >> do you think the chicken and waffle thing was a bad idea. >> it's great. >> a home run. totally awesome. >> i'm glad. >> classy. you joined the club. >> shrimp here. >> go for it. >> all right. >> that's it for this half-hour. on facebook, >> have great day, everyone.
3:56 am
3:57 am
this morning, buried again. >> massive spring snowstorm
3:58 am
right now on the move after dumping two feet in the midwest, it's got east coast cities in its cross hairs today. the severe weather in florida, too. main za's fate. will amanda knox be retried for murder in italy's high court hearing arguments today. waiting game. the winner or winners of the latest gigantic power ball prize could come forward today. and close call. quick reflexes keep a photographer from becoming lunch. good morning, everybody. i'm john muller. >> and i'm marci gonzalez in for diana perez. we begin with the wintry weather causing prons for millions. >> a storm system making its way toward the east coast, already
3:59 am
blamed for two traffic deaths. winter watches and warnings in 15 states. it's the winter that won't go away. dig out from as much as 19 inches of snow. crews have been working nonstop the clear accidents and massive pileups caused by poor visibility and dangerous road conditions. driving around kansas city, missouri, was a challenge. the same system brought snow to the midwest is make its way across the country. it's spawned severe weather in the south. strong winds in atlanta blew this tree into an unoccupied apartment building. >> i heard a cracking noise. it cam tumbling down like the london bridge. >> reporter: take a look at this. fierce winds in a lowe's store in orlando, florida. nearby, it sent people rung for cover at this apartment


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