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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 25, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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who knew cyprus could affect us all? >> a stunning fall for a skier in washington, plumbing 100 feet, the nail-biter all caught on tape. and, well, if my microphone is not working, bear with me. could you make this shot? pro sergio garcia, up in a tree, at golf's big tournament this weekend. how did it go? we'll let you know. >> a big storm there in orlando. >> we're going to get right to this winter's push. we're going to stop, sam, asking about spring. >> we only had one more snowstorm because we didn't want george to miss it all. he had the week off last week. 25 times it's snowed in washington, d.c. 29 times in new york city. if it feels like you're tired of snow, that's probably why. take a look at the live shots
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this morning from twitter and facebook. the washington, d.c., look and philadelphia, as well. we have both of them for you. the d.c. look, the road surfaces there. >> in the 30s in most of these places so road surfaces looking good. a snow accumulation. this continues through tonight, we'll get a little windup on the coastline. that means later on tonight, the temperatures dip, the road conditions get icy. st. louis, 12 inches from this system. denver, 11. this runs from denver to d.c. >> kansas city and there's a look at the totals. now, from the big swirl of snow here on the storm site radar. indiana gets punched, detroit, buffalo, pittsburgh, scranton. we sent our extreme team out. gio benitez is out in indiana. >> good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning.
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>> driving to indianapolis was too dangerous. we passed car after car in ditch after ditch. it's a lot like what you'll find across america right now. it's not your average spring shower. overnight, near whiteout conditions as six inches of snow dumped across parts of indiana. dropping visibility to mere feet and leaving cars sidelined in illinois. this is video of our drive as we tried to make it from chicago to indianapolis. not much later, these roads became too dangerous to continue. this morning, missouri begins to dig out. after high winds left parts of the state with more than a foot of snow. meanwhile, late sunday, 86-mile-an-hour wind gusts ripped through central florida. the only thing flying at this air show, debris. blasts so strong, they burst through the doors at this lowe's store. >> hey, it's -- >> reporter: and ripped the roof
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right off this building. more than an inch and a half of rain drenched the course of the arnold palmer invitational. forcing tiger woods to suspend his first place lead. and one florida woman was severely injured when the roof of her home collapsed right on top of her. >> it picked it up and down on her. she was home alone. she had to crawl in, get on a phone, in order to call 911 herself. >> reporter: the snow falling all morning long. clearly still coming down here in indiana. below freezing. it's not going anywhere any time soon. as this heads east, we'll see if we can make the drive. >> good luck, gio. the roads will stay bad there. take a quick look at what we think the totals will be. it's a bigger miss for washington, d.c. there will be snowy surfaces just outside.
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that's where david kerley is. >> reporter: it's going to be a mess of a commute and here's the reason why. this winter wonder land of a shot. 3 or 4 inches of snow here already. it will mean a mess of a commute. this is more snow than they had forecast for. an inch or so already in the washington, d.c., area. the commute here is a mess. the only good news, sam, is that it's spring break, believe it or not. it's supposed to melt when we get into the 40s. it should melt away, maybe a nicer commute this afternoon. george, back to you. this seems to be march madness. we're staying in washington. now to the gun debate. >> more than 100 days since the newtown tragedy the ban on assault weapons is going nowhere in congress. president obama is trying to save the rest of his legislation to stop gun violence with help from michael bloomberg. >> reporter: he's the mayor of new york's largest city.
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he has the ear of the president on immigration and gun control. he has something many other big city mayors don't -- a personal fortune he's willing to spend. today, pouring $12 million into two commercials supporting background checks for all gun purchases. they'll air in 13 key states from arizona to pennsylvania, where bloomberg believes senators are on the fence. >> i believe in the second amendment, i'll fight to protect it. with rights come responsibilities. that's why i support comprehensive background checks. >> reporter: on his weekly radio show mayor boom burg said he knows he has public support. >> recent polls show 90% of americans support criminal background checks for anyone purchasing a gun. >> reporter: a second commercial called family tries to reassure gun owners that -- >> they have nothing to do with taking guns away from anyone. >> reporter: but the nra opposes the new legislation.
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on abc's "this week" karl rove echoed its concerns. >> if there's one thing that scares a lot of people that believe in the second amendment is the federal government keeping a national registry. >> reporter: the senate is expected to vote on what is left of gun control legislation when it returns from recess in april. the assault weapons ban has been dropped from the senate package. >> thank you, jim. let's go to cecilia vega now. >> good to be here. breaking news overnight affecting your money in the stock market. this time it's good news. after frantic last-minute negotiations, leaders have agreed to bail out cyprus which would prevent it from going bankrupt. under terms of the $13 billion deal, one major bank is being forced to close. and only the wealthiest account holders will lose funds. despite what is being called
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a spirited discussion, secretary of state john kerry has failed to win any agreement from iraq after a surprise visit to baghdad on sunday. kerry warned the iraqis to stop allowing iran to use air space for flights into syria. the u.s. believes the flights are carrying weapons. for the syrian regime. kerry visits afghanistan today. and the mysterious death of a billionaire russian businessman is raising questions about whether moscow has pulled off a cold war-style poisoning plot. an out spoken critic boris berezovsky was found dead at his apartment. at the scene, a radiation detector went off. a possible motive in the killing of colorado prison official tom clements.
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he was shot in his home last tuesday. it may have been revenge for breaking up a white supremacist prison gang. they say suspect evan ebel was a member of that gang and spent years in solitary confinement. thousands of people forced to evacuate their homes after a fast moving brush fire ran out of control in ft. pierce, florida. it was whipped up by heavy winds. a few homes were damaged. thankfully, no injuries reported. take a look at this dramatic video this morning from 5,200 feet up. rescue crews called in to bring a severely injured skier to safety near stevens pass in washington state. the skier had fallen about 100 yards down the slope in an unmarked area. he was flown to the hospital for treatment after being secured in the chopper. unbelievable.
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and finally, my favorite story of the morning. where pro golfer sergio garcia found himself. yeah, right there, up in a tree at the arnold palmer invitational. channelling my inner josh elliott. the unfortunate spot where his ball landed, up there in the tree. he made the backhanded shot right onto the fairway. getting to the ground was the hard part. the play was later interrupted for the thunderstorm, like you mentioned. >> can we talk about the second career this guy has in tree-climbing if it doesn't work out. >> and tiger woods in the lead. he could be number one. great to have you here. now to the latest on amanda knox. an italian appeals court is in session trying to decide if she'll face another trial. over the 2007 murder of her roommate. john muller has the latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: today is the day. the end of a six-year legal nightmare or back to step one. a retrial.
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all eyes on the italian supreme court. this morning, inside the italian supreme court, prosecutors are making the case that amanda knox and raffaele sollecito should never have been acquitted of meredith kercher and are ordered a retrial. after they were released 18 months ago, prosecutors appealed the lower court's decision, citing contradictions in the rulings. kercher's family supports the appeal telling the media there are still unanswered questions. we're searching for the truth. in a statement to abc news, the knox family says this is another example of harassment by the prosecution. >> we're hopeful and prayerful that they'll render a verdict which will simply say that the apell at court acted properly. >> reporter: the worst outcome? a retrial.
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knox's legal team feels that is not likely. >> that appellate court jury determined the evidence to be absent, nonexistent, inaccurate, unreliable, and simply wrong. >> reporter: a verdict the italian supreme court has to evaluate. in seattle, knox is back in class at the university of washington. she spends free time with her boyfriend, her three sisters, or playing the guitar. she dedicated the past year to writing her upcoming memoir. waiting to be heard. in the event that it is overturned, it would set up legal maneuvers for extradition. that could dak take years and be very tricky. she would most likely never set foot on italian soil again. now to the power ball winner, only one, in new jersey, $338 million. a clerk says he talked to the winner. rob nelson is live from the lucky gas station in new jersey. good morning, rob.
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>> reporter: good morning, george. we, believe it or not, have been reporting from this truck stop all weekend long, purely by chance. turns out, a truck driver could have made the luckiest stop of his life here. this morning, the hunt for the winner of the $338 million power ball jackpot is heating up. new details are emerging about the location of the sale and the possible winner himself. according to the manager, that winning ticket was sold right here at love's travel stops in new jersey, according to the owner. >> i heard we got the winning ticket, i was like, wow. someone stepped forward and claimed it which i was happy for it. >> reporter: the manager of love's, a routine stop for truckers on interstate 295, says the ticket was most likely sold to a regular customer. >> if i were to see his face, i'm sure i would recognize him. he claimed to be a regular in the store.
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>> reporter: the winner reportedly called the store from delaware to say he had the winning ticket. but the call got disconnected. before he could get a name. lottery officials will hold a press conference later today. >> it's a whole new range of possibilities. more than you have ever had before. it's like christmas on steroids. >> reporter: if the mystery man takes the lump sum, that's $211 million in his pocket. he could afford 105 private submarines, 24 private islands, or 17 vintage ferrari testa rosas. dreaming big is part of the power ball fun, even for the more than 80 million of us whose tickets are now worthless. >> a mansion and a yacht. >> high class taste. >> you know it. >> a car where only i can sit in it, not my kids. >> reporter: all good ideas for sure. the winner here in new jersey cannot stay anonymous.
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we expect some details at the press conference at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. robin, back to you. >> won't be anonymous for long. all right, rob. now to the cinderella team. little known florida gulf coast beating san diego last night two days after they upset top-seeded georgetown. they've never played in the ncaa tourney before. >> reporter: this morning, a team seeded 15th was welcomed as if it were number one. the story of florida gulf coast university, or fgcu as they're called for short, is as improbable as it is fun to watch. >> we like to get the crowd involved. >> reporter: on a shoestring budget, yes, they pay for their nike uniforms, a star, who had no scholarship offers before walking on to the team -- >> it feels great.
7:15 am
i still can't believe it's happening right now. >> reporter: -- and a coach married to a former model. last night, they did what they do best. they sure know how to dunk. and destroy brackets. less than 1% of the 8.1 million brackets submitted to had this team making the sweet 16. did we mention they know how to celebrate a big win? forget the basketball program. not many have even heard of the school. it was founded in 1991. >> we knew no one knew who we were or where we were. most people don't know where ft. myers or southwest florida is. >> reporter: but the basketball team has people googling more than ever before. the school had to bolster the servers so it website didn't crash. after looking at this campus, including dorms right on the water and an on-campus spa, it's not hard to see how future basketball players, as well as prospective students, would now see florida gulf coast as an option. stories like these are why they
7:16 am
call it march madness. >> this is unbelievable. did not expect it. >> reporter: this improbable cinderella has replaced a glass slipper with a flip-flop. >> how come i didn't know about this school when i was applying? one guy knew who florida gulf coast was. he bet $10 on the team to win their region at 1,000 to 1 odds. he'll win ten grand if they do it. they have to beat florida on friday and win another game. he's got ten grand for his ten bucks. >> that picture was legit. the dorms are on the beach like that? >> i got it straight from the website. >> darren, thank you. >> hard to believe. >> and the women's tournament, too. a little more march madness. >> i want spring break again. >> spring break every day, yes! >> at florida gulf coast university it is. >> sam? >> let's start with where the cold air is.
7:17 am
the middle of the country, the chilly temperatures. look at the low area of pressure the snow all the way across the country. weakening. it re-forms a bit, heads out to the atlantic. if you're waiting for the warmer shot to final move across the country, it does this week. denver, from a foot of snow to almost 62. dallas, a frost and freezy morning this morning. 75 by thursday. everybody is getting milder temperatures. it's getting through this last chilly week. that's the weather around the nation.
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and coming up on "gma," why didn't parachutes open for two skydivers. inside the case baffling investigators. >> chilling brush with danger, the stunning shark attack all caught on tape. ♪ with two cats in the yard, hd 3.
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oh my gosh no, no don't look at me don't you look at me there's only one place to get more jt. ♪ >> now, from abc7 news. >> good morning, new this morning it tooks years of construction but the tunnels on highway one are finally ready to open. they will open to drivers between pacifica and half moon bay later today. the new tunnels are the first to be built in 50 years. the first drivers can go through tonight after the evening commute. now the morning commute? >> rough one on caltrain with a pa facility in palo alto with no northbound trains getting through.
7:23 am
we will look at some video from a few minutes ago, there is the caltrain just stopped there, a fatality, near the charleston road off-ramp, and the investigation is underway. they say caltrain that there will be single tracking and putting in some transition buses, some shut buses but that has not happened so you can expect major delays on caltrain northbound this morning. eric? >> thank you, sue. when we come
7:24 am
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>> good morning, check out cloud
7:26 am
cover with fog in the north bay and numbers cool in napa at 46, and mild in hayward near the east bay and 50 degrees, look if cooler high temperatures today, and the onshore wins keeping you in the upper 50's and palo alto,
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♪ oh, when you hear this music, it's never good. >> no.
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>> that's the stunning video of the real-life jaws. a newlywed, on his honeymoon, decides to go in a shark cage. >> why would you do that on your honeymoon? >> i have no idea, george. >> at all. >> just a little closer. it will all make sense coming up. >> will it, though? >> good point there, lara. maybe not. it is monday, everybody. great to have george back from vacation. cecilia vega in for josh, making his way back from las vegas. >> we hope. another mystery coming out of florida this weekend. baffling investigators. parachutes did not open for two people from iceland. they cannot figure out what happened here. we'll have a report on that coming right up. also coming up, spring break turns scandalous. inside the sleeper hit that's got america's teen sweethearts going a little bit racy, a
7:29 am
little bit raw. >> a little bit. a little bit. >> a little bit raunchy. is this the movie that will skyrocket them to stardom? love means sharing everything. absolutely everything. >> but ice cream. >> but your ice cream. >> no. come on, come on, just a little -- no. we're going to talk. this video was fantastic last week. everybody is talking about it. the couple is here this morning. we're going find out this morning, coffee? sharing coffee? no. >> great peripheral vision. >> okay, we're going to get to that in a bit. but first, the skydiving deaths in florida. this is such a mystery. >> it is. they're still investigating. this was supposed to be an adventurous vacation for skydivers from iceland. instead, it turned tragic. this morning, an all-out investigation into how an experienced skydiving instructor and his student fell more than
7:30 am
13,000 feet to their deaths. the company behind saturday's jump near tampa says it appears the two men did not attempt to activate their main parachute. even their backup chutes did not fully inflate before the men hit the ground. >> there's a multitude of scenarios. they lost track of altitude, weren't paying attention. distracted by something else going on. who knows? >> reporter: the instructor and his student were part of a group from iceland training and vacationing at skydive city in florida. nearly 20 skydivers went up saturday morning. after the instructor and student jumped, they were nowhere to be found. following a grueling nine-hour search, the pair was located. their bodies found in a wooded area about a mile away from where they were supposed to land. now, authorities are hoping a camera worn by one of the men may be their best clue. >> we're reviewing the tape. we're reviewing anything that
7:31 am
may have been said on the camera. >> reporter: last year, 19 fatal skydiving accidents out of more than 3 million jumps. just last week, a man in california, attempting this difficult stunt, turned into this. a tangled parachute. the emergency chute gone wrong, too. the diver slams into the ground and survives. a daredevilish dangerous sport that turned fatal for the pair from iceland. while the instructor reportedly had thousands of successful jumps under his belt, for his student, his eighth jump was his last. and the skydiving company says it inspects gear for every jumper. it appears this gear was in good shape. a real mystery as to how this happened. now all eyes turn to the images from that camera, hoping they may answer a lot of questions. >> thank you. now to that terrifying shark
7:32 am
attack all caught on tape. a newlywed has a shocking brush with danger when a great white goes after him. abc's nick watt tells us about the narrow escape. >> reporter: the guy in the cage just got married the day before. there's bait in the water. and there's a great white shark. holy smokes. that is not supposed to happen. the jaws are inside the cage. and there's blood in the brine. bryan plumber filmed the terrifying scene. >> just for a few seconds, you just -- you can't help but think the worst has happened. >> when they get the scent of blood or get the scent of fish in the water, they can go into quite a frantic feeding type frenzy, they devour and hit everything in the path. >> reporter: amazingly, the happy honeymooner emerged unscathed. with nothing more than a story to tell the grandkids about. >> just avoid where the shark had access to.
7:33 am
so, very quick thinking on his part. >> reporter: just watch again. way too close. way too personal. i've been cage-diving in the exact same shark-infested waters. the view is extraordinary. holy [ bleep ]. his fin was about that far away. oh. critics say we shouldn't be baiting the water, enticing these eating machines into human contact. the jury on that is out. i dived to confront my greatest fear, sharks, in a safe way behind bars. after watching this video, not sure i'll ever do it again. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> that's one way for nick to confront his fears. >> golf is a good hobby. >> i'm with you. i'm with you. on "sea rescue," sam. >> settle in a chair and watch "sea rescue" every saturday morning on your abc stations.
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it's a lot safer. behind this snowmaker, an incredible force of cold air. dallas, 34 degrees. even birmingham, alabama, at 36. tallahassee, at 45. atlanta, you're sitting at 37 degrees. the only warm spot is really west. san diego, 65, vegas, 73. if you curve up to seattle and portland, these numbers are slightly warmer than they should be this time of year. the good news is the warm air is pooling. it will make a shove across the country. it will end up being two weeks >> all that weather was brought to you by jimmy dean.
7:35 am
this last kick of snow, indiana, ohio, to the coastline, icy roads today. >> you said last kick. you said last kick. we're going to hold you to it. [ laughter ] thank you, sam. coming up, teen queens transformed inside this scandalous spring break movie. changing the image of three of america's sweethearts. and they're being called the ones to watch this season. we're up close and personal with "dancing with the stars" zendaya and super bowl champ jacoby jones. and super bowl champ jacoby jones. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes?
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back now at 7:43 with the few movie that is shocking some for its portrayal of teen girls gone wild. "spring breakers" features actresses formerly known as g-rated stars. dan harris is here with the story. do tell. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. these young starlets have made a sharp left turn into extreme debauchery. here is the question. is making the transition from squeaky clean to grinding, gun-toting wasterels a brilliant move or a bit of risk taking? "spring braereakers" contains a royal flush of things.
7:40 am
>> why acting suspicious? >> reporter: the most surprising thing is the cast. three of the stars got famous if teen and tween entertainment. selena gomez, from "the wizards of waverly place." ashley benson and vanessa hudgens. they play college student who is rob a diner to pay for a trip to florida where they hook up with a tweerk gangster played by james franco. will this movie be good or bad for the careers of these young starlets? >> we can't say what kind of effect this will have on their career, we can say they're excited about the project. >> reporter: she told "entertainment tonight" she has no regrets about taking on the roles. >> the decision we made, we
7:41 am
stand by and love it. >> reporter: justin timberlake went there this to this -- ♪ when i give you >> reporter: britney spears from this -- ♪ you're the only one for me >> reporter: -- to this. christina aguilera was a teen star, too. before getting significantly more risque. the reviews for "spring breakers" have gone from transfixing to horrified. putrid. either way, it's outperforming at the box office. it was released on a limited number of screens, but it cracked the top ten list over the weekend, bring in more than $5 million. where the box office is king, ticket sales may be the final
7:42 am
arbiter about whether they made a wise career choice. >> it piqued my interest. >> and the ve reviews have been good. >> you said "new york times?" >> yes. the time-saving beauty breakthroughs you need to know before you put on your makeup this morning. and get ready for a "play of the day" that's cold as ice. the couple joins us live. ♪
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right then, here's "the play of the day." sorry josh, had to take over today. the game was the magic versus is pacers, think. all the action in the stands. check it out with the help of chris weber from nba tv. >> it's like, are you -- stop that. that right there, that there,
7:47 am
she's going, oh, no, you didn't. that's what she's doing. look at him, he's just nonchalant. i got some ice cream. ♪ i got some ice cream >> the eddie murphy. ♪ i got some ice cream >> there they are, the happy couple. jake, what were you thinking? >> i didn't want her to have my ice cream. >> pretty simple. >> she's still sitting next to you, which i don't understand when you won't give her even one bite. >> we do it a lot. only this time, it was recorded. >> i'll say. is it true, have you had a whole bowl under the cram? >> i didn't have a big bowl. it was a tiny little --
7:48 am
[ laughter ] -- i wanted one scoop. >> did you have any idea you were being captured on tape? >> absolutely not. >> not at all. >> no. >> well, we just can't get enough of it. i want to know -- >> i love that face. >> the face. you look absolutely -- who is that fella there with you? who is your pooch? >> sophie. >> oh. you'll get sophie some ice cream, i hope. or maybe not. >> he won't. >> you guys are incredibly cute. >> thank you, guys. a lot of fun. coming up, "dancing with the stars" dzendaya. dwrourn to the news for several reasons. >> we didn't think "world news" was going to teach us now make money. >> it was awesome. 700 bucks was no joke.
7:49 am
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>> breaking news from the south bay an amber alert is issued for an 11 in old girl. we are live over the scene in east san jose, you can see all the police activity there, police say the game's mother was warming up the jeep at their home and someone jumped inside the jeep and took off with the baby inside at 6:45. can you see san jose police are investigating gathering clues and information and here is the license plate of the vehicle they are look for: 6bw kfor 40, 2006 white jeep and we have crewed headed to the scene. the latest information on that, now, and more. sue? >> thanks, we have a fatality with caltrain it is northbound that happened early this morning, and we have an investigation underway with major system-wide delays. >> thank you very much. again, we will have updates on
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ]
7:58 am
and a big monday morning crowd out there in times square. why is that man dancing in the middle of it all? wow, it's uncanny right there. today is a landmark day in music history. we'll tell you all about it in a little bit. >> just makes you want to go hee hee. we'll tell you all about it. and also ahead, beauty breakthroughs. for every woman racing to put her makeup on before work, we're testing out the drugstore time savers all under $20. they could cut down your beauty routine and have you look pretty dog gone good, too. >> love that. get out the pen and paper. and the shocking ad burning up the "heat index" this morning, it's paris hilton and the kardashian sisters banning together to sell cars. or are they? we'll tell you why the ad got pulled. >> kind of a shocker. every parent of teen girls going want to pay attention to this story. the extreme lengths some girls
7:59 am
are going to to get the thigh gap. i've never heard of this before. you see it right there. in many cases, going way too far. we're going to tell you all about it. >> i don't, i don't, i just don't. we've been introducing you to the folks dancing on "dancing with the stars." today, we're talking to zendaya and super bowl champ jacoby jones. you'll find out more of them. and what it takes to do the dance. coming up. first, some news. cecilia vega if in for josh this morning. we begin with nasty commute for millions of americans. sam has been telling us, that snowstorm blamed for two deaths in the midwest is dumping snow as far east as pennsylvania and washington, d.c. ferocious winds are kicking up as much as a foot of snow, creating treacherous whiteout conditions. in the meantime, winds topping 80 miles an hour ripped off roofs in central florida and burst through a home improvement store.
8:00 am
thousands remain without power. and crisis averted. stocks rising overnight after a last-minute deal to bail out the european nation of cyprus. without a deal, the country would have gone bankrupt, inds mining europe's currency and threatening markets around the globe. and some welcome news at gas stations. prices continue to fall, dropping another three cents in recent days. the national average is $3.67 per gallon. government investigators are sounding the alarm about safety in labs that research anthrax and other potential bio terror weapons. they say a lack of national standards is putting the labs at risk for a major accident. nothing has been done about the problem since an original warning four years ago. in medical news, a warning for new moms. too many infants are being fed solid food too early. a new survey found 40% of new
8:01 am
moms were already giving their babies solid food at four months. pediatricians insist that babies should have nothing but breast milk or formula for six months. britain's prince harry will travel to the united states this may, he's stop in new york and connecticut, as well as areas of new jersey devastated by hurricane sandy. he'll visit troops at walter reed medical center and attend the warrior games in colorado featuring injured service members. and finally the scare of a lifetime for a photographer, trying to get the perfect shot. don't know why, of a crocodile in costa rica. >> no, no, no, no, no. >> yeah, just watch. take a look. he nearly ended up as lunch. his friends, i don't know if they're still friends after this, had been throwing meat to lure the croc to shore. a slightly delayed reaction time and this would have had a very different ending. why do you need a picture of a crocodile that close? >> that close? >> that's a big croc.
8:02 am
>> the plan, i'll get near the crocodile and you throw the meat? everyone say no. just say no. right there, just -- walk away. >> a really good idea. good morning, "pop news" time. hi, everybody. remember last week. i told you about the engagement ring that napoleon gave to josephine. remember that? my french. my bilingual moment. >> you speak french. >> yes, i do. the diamond and sapphire ring, given a presale estimate of $20,000. as we predicted, the actual price tag a wee bit higher. >> how much? >> $1.17 million. >> wow. >> it is french. >> i appreciate that. you sold it. you really sold it. >> yeah, thank you. listen, one point, it sounds like a lot of money. you're buying a true piece of
8:03 am
history. >> it is a lot of money. >> fantastique. 30 years ago today, 1983 to be exact, michael jackson moon-walked his way across the stage and turned a little-known dance move into one of the most iconic of our generation. he was 24 years old, performing "billie jean" on the "motown 25" special. it wasn't invented by jackson. he openly said that. it became the signature move exactly 30 years ago today. since none of us can pop and lock, we have a professional here to pay tribute. let's just sit back and enjoy. ♪ i am the one ♪ when we danced on the floor in the round ♪ ♪ she said i am the one ♪ as we danced on the floor in the round ♪ >> robin roberts.
8:04 am
oh, wow. i'm not sure if i should move on or -- not sure what to do now. >> i can't believe it's been 30 years. that's right. right back at you. uh-oh, watch out, george. >> oh. >> oh, my. oh, my. i am honored. thank you. >> a beautiful tribute to the one and only michael jackson. and a dance that inspired robin to say -- give us one. come on. ♪ hee hee >> thank you. thank you, thank you so much. also in "pop news" today, you know when you get a song stuck in your head playing over and over? it's called an ear worm. researchers have a cure. the best way to get rid of that broken record in your head is to do verbal brain puzzles. solving anagrams, crosswords. what happens is it forces your brain to think it's -- this one
8:05 am
is a real problem. any way, reading also works. but the reading needs to be challenging enough. you can't sort of flip through a magazine. the song will not go away. a few of the songs you're hearing right now are among the most likely to get stuck in your head. often times, you may not love a song you're thinking of over and over. "bad romance," by lady gaga. "single ladies," by beyonce. and, of course, "call me maybe." >> and the ear worms move right in. >> they move in. they don't know. by using more brain square footage, you have to get your mind off it. >> square footage. >> "call me maybe" it's already stuck. >> it's because, well, any way. we digress. the michael jackson tribute cut a couple off. finally, how hard it can be to get moving on a monday morning. soori the meerkat knows how hard it is. it can be so hard staying awake. you know that feeling. >> oh, that looks so great.
8:06 am
>> the alarm clock, no, but wait. i gotta get up. i can't go back to sleep. i -- aw. oh, yeah. well, it was supposed to be longer. but there you go. soori, enjoy you're nap. that is "pop news" on this monday. george, welcome back. we missed you. >> thank you, i missed "pop news." let's get the weather from sam. >> good morning, everybody. signs all over times square. we love you some folks from portland state. coconut creek, florida. denver who are you missing? >> josh. >> i know. we're missing him, too. cancer free, who is it? >> what? >> tell me your name. >> leah. >> you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here with us this morning. one or two things to share with you. hi, good morning, alabama. a live shot from washington, d.c. in comes the snow. it will be there a little bit today. road surfaces seem to be handling this well.
8:07 am
we collect a little bit more, they'll get sloshy. here's the way the area of low pressure looks. kind of stronger once it gets offshore and pulls away. this is good news, though. it doesn't curve up too close to the coastline. the mountains of virginia, west virginia some snow. a little bit of snow in central [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm taking a picture with courtney right now. let's go back inside to -- >> lara.
8:08 am
>> thank you so much. here's a look at what is coming up on your "gma" morning menu. will this teen be going to prom with kate upton? what she's saying about that offer now. remember, from last week? and the shocking new trend for teen girls. why so many are trying to get the superskinny look. it has a name. it's called thigh gap. and the ones to watch. behind the scenes of "dancing with the stars." with zendaya and jacoby jones. all that and more coming up on "gma" live from times square. [ alarm clock ringing ] [ female announcer ] if you have rheumatoid arthritis, can you start the day the way you want? can orencia help? [ woman ] i wanted to get up when i was ready, not my joints. [ female announcer ] could your "i want" become "i can"?
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[ male announcer ] a car has a rather small rear-view mirror, so we can occasionally glance back at where we've been. it has an enormous windshield so we can look ahead to where we are going. now is always the time to go forward. and reimagine all the possibilities that lie before us. an ally for real possibilities. aarp. find tools and guidance at
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. [ cheers and applause ] and we're back now with the "gma" heat index. the hottest stories trending now. that paris hilton ad that got pulled. kate upton on the spot. all the surprises from this weekend's kids choice award. all the scoop from larry hackett. managing editor of "people" magazine. let's talk about the ford ad. an ad in india.
8:14 am
it had paris hilton in the front seat, the kardashians in the trunk? >> look, you know, it's tasteless to have women taped and bound in the trunk. what i want to know is, what year is it in india where paris hilton is selling cars? >> apparently 1996. >> honestly. so, again, it's ridiculous and terrible and tasteless. the idea that someone like paris is selling a car. >> doesn't matter where it is, it goes viral. that's why ford had to pull it. how about kate upton also? i actually felt a little sorry for her. she got that video invitation to the prom last week. what is she supposed to say? >> she has to say, sure. it's nice. thanks a lot. the publicity was good. >> there's the video. >> that was funny. it was well done. but you are between a rock and a hard place. >> there could be about 10,000 after this that could be more clever. are you supposed to go to every
8:15 am
prom? she did a nice job. now she's practicing the art of the -- tasteful back away. >> i started when the guys in the military did it. >> mila kunis, justin timberlake. now a lot of senior boys that would like to take her to the prom. >> it is hard for the celebrities to say no and not look bad for saying it. >> a reasonable person like george would say, nice try, bud. stay within your weight class. last time i was here with you, we were talking about miley cyrus. looked like she had broken up. now back together? a trend? >> this is a couple. that, as i said, they're kind of tempestuous. he was away, now he's back. i don't think we could have -- but yes, reconciliations are in. >> danny de vito and rhea perlman back. wasn't that great? >> when it broke they were breaking up, it was huge.
8:16 am
people are so thrilled they're getting back together. >> and dennis quaid trying to get back together. but the divorce papers already -- >> the papers have been filed with the judge. they haven't been signed yet. according to the california law, at least as i understand it, you get a 60-day grace period. you can take a mulligan, you have 60 days to do it. >> the marriage mulligan. nice. the kid's choice awards. my daughters and your daughter agree on one big thing. >> outraged that jennifer lawrence was not given the butt-kicker award. outraged. >> if not her, who? >> the odds in our house and yours apparently, she should have been. >> second runner up. >> i guess. >> josh duhamel did a great job. >> he did. you're wearing costumes, getting slimed. he congratulated his wife, fergie, who is pregnant. you have to maintain energy. he did a good job. >> the bump off. that was funny. >> it was. exactly.
8:17 am
they look good. whole new audience for them now. >> you have to be game to carry that off. >> you do. you really do. it's basically uncomfortable costumes and a dose of humiliation. he did a good job. >> a smart career move, right? >> a very smart career move. you guys have some green slime here in the morning, right? >> careful. >> you knew what you were doing there, didn't you, larry? thank you. >> also in the "gma" heat index. we've been talking about this. teen girls striving for what they think is a perfect look. it's a fixation called the thigh gap. and abc's juju chang explains. ♪ >> reporter: runway models have it. ultra thin trend-setters like kate moss have it. what is it? the latest obsession for a shocking number of teenage girls. what is a thigh gap?
8:18 am
>> a thigh gap is you're standing straight up, your feet and knees are together, there's a gap in between your thighs. girls don't want their thighs to touch. >> reporter: it's another way teen girls scrutinize each minute detail of themselves and wind up feeling like they don't measure up. the movie "mean girls" explored it. >> god, my hips are huge. >> oh, please, i hate my calves. >> reporter: how many of you have friends obsessed about the thigh gap? so all of you. "good morning america" sat down with four high school juniors from students against destructive decisions to try to get inside the mind of teenage girls. what does it symbolize if you have a thigh gap? >> i guess it's the ideal body shape. >> reporter: what kind of fashion pieces show off a thigh gap? >> tight jeans or leggings. >> reporter: it follows teen home. tumblr, facebook, and twitter
8:19 am
are flooded with images of thigh gap. bony collarbones, and confidence-crushing messages disguised as inspiration for staying thin. >> this thigh gap will get bigger. >> too bad i'm fat. >> how fat are they? >> disgraceful. >> the popular ones are skinny legs. >> it's a site that makes you feel like you have to be part of that group. you have to be one of the tumblr girls. you have to be skinny. have wavy hair. >> i see the pictures and think, wow, they look so good. then i realize how unhealthy it is. >> reporter: tumblr says it discourages blogs that actively promote or glorify self-harm. >> teens are innately self-conscious. >> reporter: it's almost like they're setting themselves up for an unattainable goal. >> that's right. >> reporter: and the motivation for extreme body images?
8:20 am
not what some might expect. it's a popularity thing? >> the popular girls are pretty, skinny, and long hair. >> reporter: do you think boys look at a girl's thigh gap? >> no. >> they don't know what it is. >> reporter: they don't know what it is, right? the boys don't know what it is. so why do girls care? >> it's a girl thing. >> reporter: is it a girl status thing? >> i would say so. >> reporter: a status thing that critics say leave too many girls feeling like they don't measure up. for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> a lot of head-shaking at the table. therapists warn that social media can make thigh gap obsession seem normal. that's something to be on the lookout for. we have smaller girls. it starts young. it's important to remind, healthy, healthy is good. that's sexy. >> i couldn't help but notice, you were watching so intently. >> i was taking notes. that is dangerous stuff. they get so obsessed in that way. >> and you have young daughters, you think about the images. the fact they knew what a thigh gap was.
8:21 am
>> so much pressure on our girls. >> boys don't know what it is and don't care. so let up on each other, women. >> that's it. all right, there, lara. wrapping up this morning's heat index, two early favorites on "dancing with the stars," jacoby jones, of the ravens, his moves from the gridiron to the dance floor, he wowed the crowd. and 16-year-old zendaya put in an amazing performance. cameron mathison has it for us. >> reporter: this season exploded right out of the gate with the youngest star, 16-year-old zendaya and her partner, val chmerkovskiy, with the lead. she shook loose. >> 8! >> 8! >> reporter: while newly minted super bowl winner jacoby jones and his partner, karina
8:22 am
smirnoff, fired off and became the ones to watch. the excitement causing her to break out into the squirrel. how do you feel about your performance from week one? >> it was all right. i got a lot to learn. the posture. >> reporter: you keep hearing about it? >> yes. posture, the smiles, and the toes. >> reporter: toes, clearly a sore spot. >> them things right there? >> this is not even the heel. >> that thing right there, you hit my toe, i'm going down. i can take a hit to the chin, a punch to the face, whatever. step on my toe? >> reporter: what do you call him when he's in trouble? >> jacoby jones. if he's in really big trouble, jacoby rashad jones. and he go, don't call me by my full name, woman. >> reporter: as for the youngest star, pronouncing her name is the least of her worries. you just go by the one name. >> zendaya, like madonna. >> reporter: like madonna. in good company.
8:23 am
>> like madonna, like prince, like rihanna. >> reporter: you're in good company. cher. you're too young for cher. youngest contestant ever on "dancing with the stars" and you killed it. how did it feel? >> it feels amazing. i think i'm still trying understand that it's actually happened. now it's about working harder and just proving that that's not all i can do. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, los angeles. >> all right, just one name. all righty then. you can see the competition, "dancing with the stars," continues tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. coming up here, talking about it for weeks. >> i have been hearing a lot about these pictures coming in. >> celeb lookalikes have us seeing double. come on back.
8:24 am
>> we continue with breaking news from the south bay with an
8:25 am
amber alert issued for a missing 11-month-old girl in east san jose. a lost police are out there saying the girl's mother was warming up the jeep in east san jose and someone jumped inside the vehicle and took off with the 11-month-old inside. it happened at 6:45 and here is the license plate of the white 2006 jeep liberty: 6bw kfor 40 and we will alert you to new developments at and on twitter. we have caltrain issues this morning and other commute problems. sue? >> system-wide delays with caltrain an early fatality in palo alto. right now, one track remains open and they are single track ing. kristen? >> we will check in
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> good monday morning. plenty of clouds. partly cloudy later [ cheers and applause ]
8:28 am
there's always a clue to the music that we play when we come back from -- >> denise is great. >> great crowd here you see on a monday morning. as anyone ever told you you look like someone, especially a star? these people have made a career of it. we're going inside the world of celebrity lookalikes. >> a kickoff to our seeing double week. everyone is sending in pictures. we put in a call for our look-a-likes. a lot of photos coming in. it might get like the newlywed game. ali is one of the judges. >> you don't know who she picked? >> i have no idea. >> it's a all the, hot adonis. >> knowing ali, it's true. >> exactly your twin. also coming up on the show, the best-selling author behind the "twilight" phenomenon. now stephanenie meyer has creat
8:29 am
a world far beyond vampires and werewolfs. here to tell us about "the host." >> i watched it. wow. and jersey is in the house, the real housewives of new jersey. caroline manzo is here. she's written a book. we'll talk to her. i can't imagine there is too much we don't see on the show. but i think we'll find out. >> and if there's more, i'm concerned. >> exactly. she tells it like it is. we'll hear from her later. first, the story we loved recently in the "wall street journal." the laits in makeup magic. the new, fast'sly caters on the market at the drugstore. they save time, you look fabulous, all for under $20. abc's rachel smith, host of "on
8:30 am
the red carpet" with the story. >> reporter: if only it were that simple to look like this without wasting a whole lot of this. >> the average woman spends about seven minutes in the morning putting or her makeup. she wants a great look, and fast, and out the door. >> reporter: the need for speed has the beauty business focusing on easier'sly carrots. i hit walgreens with carmindy. >> instead of using a liquid line we are one long tip, they have ones with balls at the end. cow can control the your applicator does the job for you. the beauty blender sporng is
8:31 am
easier. it's round, sorter points for the smaller areas. >> reporter: the trend in applicators is taking the system by storm. >> they've extended the brush size. >> reporter: then it was time to face the music and try the products for myself. on one side, makeup with modified'sly carrots. that took 35 seconds. on the other, my own cosmetics. my time, a less impressive 45 seconds. more products to add to my makeup tool box. now that is a thing of beauty. for "good morning america," rachel smith. >> that is so not fair. she looks beautiful period. but, it does. it gets to be so time-consumint.
8:32 am
it looks logood. you try to put it on yourself. sorry, guys. >> if you were to scrape off what i'm wearing right now -- we're going start with your twitter and facebook pages. from "the orlando sentinel." this was the cold front that moved through central florida yesterday. kicked up about an 80-mile-an-hour wind. you have seen videos of the people rushing into the stores to get out of it. and this enthis little bit of, i know, spring flowers trying to come up in the snow. the country this morning has a big chill. once the storm depart, it reinforce this is cold shot of air from minneapolis to new orleans. atlanta, you're feeling the chill. this is where the warm air is pulled up. the temperatures are comfortable. you get inland. you hop the hill. get inland.
8:33 am
the heat is roaring today. that heat will slowly start to spread across the country. this does look like it will be the final push of warm air that will unlock the cold air from being trapped in place across >> i like this. all the weather was brought to you by quark instant oatmeal. i love my instant oatmeal. think it's delicious. >> good to know, sam. a fun fact from sam champion this morning. we kick off seeing double week here now. hundreds and hundreds of you sent if photos. we'll meet the ones that look most like us laettner the week. but first, some uncanny celebrity look-a-likes. 7 billion people in the world,
8:34 am
all of us unique. but out there somewhere do we all have a double? shn who looks just like us? gotta be, right? and double trouble can show up when you least expect it. max found his in a 16th century painting at the philadelphia museum of art. >> we're hoping that maybe we can find out if it is an ancestor. >> reporter: then there's the duchess double. heidi was working at a rate resz when customers pointed out she looks just like kate middleton. >> it's fun. >> reporter: her royal look now commands a $1,000 appearance fee. being a celebrity look-a-like can mean big bucks. >> i think everybody has a double out there. whether they're famous or not. >> reporter: she's doubled as madonna. >> somebody comes to me and sarks i kind of look like -- we can refine it. >> reporter: from hollywood
8:35 am
power couple brad and angelina. >> i got my shirt ripped off one time by some girls. it was hilarious. they thought i was him. >> reporter: to oprah. >> i am oprah! >> reporter: there's cher. >> people ask for autograchs or tell me stories about when they saw cher in the '70s. >> reporter: and johnny depp. >> it's a great gig. >> reporter: what about our "gma" team? are the doubles out there? you sent in the pictures. we september them to our judges. my better half, ali wentworth, model cynthia bailey, and comedian sherrod small. join us as we come face to face with, maybe ourselves. our fate is in their hands. >> for sure. right now. >> i don't know. >> that's okay, it's all right, george. you're thinking about ali
8:36 am
judging. >> haven't you walked through the airport you see someone you think is a good friend or relative you get up there and you're like, oh, oh, i'm so sorry. you're not who i thought you were. >> going back, that woman in england, the double for kate, guess what she's got now, a little baby bump. so she can grow along. >> oh, really? she's taking it to a new level. >> is she really pregnant? or -- i'm sorry, no follow-up. >> fake baby bump. >> i was going to say. >> that's method acting. >> the first one is tomorrow, right? >> who is it? >> lara. >> it's me? oh, great. thank you. >> you're up first. coming up, block buster
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
the "twilight' saga sold millions of copies worldwide. the movies, $2 billion. now the author has left vampires and werewolves behind. now, "the host." juju chang has more on the
8:40 am
phenomenon. then we talk to her live. >> reporter: the creator of the monster hit, "twilight" sold 116 million books. then unleashed a box office bran chiz, grossing their than $3 billion worldwide. now, stephenie meyer brings us another hotly anticipated, other-worldly romance. >> we've been invaded by another species who erase our minds and take our bodies. >> reporter: two red-blooded human men in love with a teenage girl and the alien who has taken over her body in "the host." meyer didn't just write this one, she's one of the movie's producers. yet another interspecies romance. >> it is. >> reporter: she says she's done with vampire ifser the time being. and is focused on turning "the host" into a trilogy. and no doubt legions on fans
8:41 am
await. for "good morning america," juju cha chang, abc news, chicago. >> we're excited to have stephenie meyer back with us this morning. you brought a few friends. man, you have done it again. i told you before we came on the air, i don't normally watch science fiction movies. watched yours this weekend. it's fascinating. thought provoking. it does leave you wanting more. we saw juju talking to you. are you going to extend the series? >> i'm working on the sequel now, well, after this is done. i'll look myself in the closet. >> is that how it works? >> it does. it has to be more removed. >> you said, you're staying away from human beings. you had werewolfs before.
8:42 am
where does this come from? >> this one was a road trip. i'm always telling myself stories. this one, when i thought of it, i was like, this is a full story. i could do something with it. >> you were worried how to translate from the the book to film. why were you concern? >> almost the entire movie takes place signed someone's head. i had no idea now mahow to make visual. >> the actress who does it is brilliant. think many of us, we kind of wonder about that irn voice that we hear. i want to play a lit bit more from "the host." william hurt is brilliant in this. he confronts the one character who is two characters in one, two, two, two in one. >> i wonder. with a love like that, might it play on someone's mind, heart?
8:43 am
i guess somebody to do something they wouldn't ordinarily do. maybe you're here because you do actually care about jarrod and the kid. >> and it is so romantic. and how you're able -- i feel like i'm going to give away too much if i try to explain about the to characters. i'm going to let your fans ask some questions. brooklyn is in the house. >> good morning, steve phenie. do you think from the future, you'll write from the male point of view? >> think it's possible. for me, obviously, it's most natural to write from the female perspective. i have to know a character really well to the point where i'm not thinking about, what would man do. it's what would this character do. it does worry me. you don't want to get it wrong. >> jennifer, from new york. >> hi, do you have plans to produce any more movies?
8:44 am
>> i have a little one called "austinland" that we took to sundance. making a comedy is so much fun. a couple of other thing that we're looking into right now. but it's -- it's not something i want to do instead of writing. it's something i want to do also with writing. it's a lot of fun, though. >> you don't want to limit yourself. >> why not have every creative outlet you can find. >> one more question. >> if you could be bella or melanie who would you choose? >> do i get to have bella's powers? if i never have to sleep and i'm superstrong, i'll do that one. >> got your answer? >> yeah. >> thank you very much. thank you all. for coming out and just continued success in all that you do. >> thank you. >> "the most" opens nationwide on friday. you can see more with stephenie meyer on "night line" tonight
8:45 am
with juju. coming up, real housewives
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ if you want to scream 8:49. we all know caroline manzo as the straight-talking voice of reason on the "real housewives of new jersey." >> let me tell you something about my family. we're thick as thieves. you lie. you're lying right now. >> i'm not lying. >> great, i'm done. i'm done. that's it. >> now, she's telling all in her new book, "let me tell you something" life as a real housewife, tough mother, and street-smart businesswoman. congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> it's a great advice book. why did you decide to come clean, so to speak? >> it really was because of the
8:48 am
viewers. i get asked these questions over and over again. i decided to put them in a book through my life, rather than saying this is a memoir. dmemoir, y life, rather than fwhu number one. i have no degree in psychology. i took their question, incorporated them into my life, and answered them. >> there's not a lot i feel like i don't know. but you share a lot of behind-the-scenes scoop for fans. you talk about how you have kept a wonderful marriage going for 28 years? >> approaching 29 in july. >> what advice would you give? what is the secret to your happy marriage? >> we never forgot that we're boyfriend and girlfriend. he's my husband first, and we're mom and dad second. i know that sounds horrible. it's visible on the show that i adore any children. but i adore my husband more.
8:49 am
at the end of the day, when i turn around, my kids are grown and married, i don't want to look at a stranger. we're very cognizant of that. we keep the connection together always. >> you're really honest about infidelity in the book. in fact, it's raised some questions. >> right. >> you talk about whether or not either of you has cheated. you sort of say, i don't know, i don't care. >> if it didn't happen yesterday, i am not worried about it. i have a good man. we have a good marriage. we've built a tremendous life together. we're together since we're 19 years old. i think logically. do the math. the odds are just as much against him. so, like, lay off the guy and like, just -- go with it that the odds are against each other. but the marriage is strong and solid. it's my crazy mind thinking, what if, that's all. >> season five? >> season five. >> when last we left you all,
8:50 am
things were a little intense. especially with theresa. where are you now? >> i will have the big bravo machine on my back if i say anything more than it's an unpredictable season. i can sit in the room with all of them. it's so volatile. >> you don't know who is going to blow? >> it's not that you don't know who is going blow. the things change so quickly. there's a lot of self-reflection. a lot of laughter. a lot of tears. there's a loot of drama, obviously. i always say we can never top ourselves, but we do. i speak to that in the book. >> sounds like you have described the book. >> there are certain moments on the show, i look back and say, gee, that's not the caroline that i know. i talk about that. this season, i say it all the time, we're never going to be able to top it. we're never going to be able to top it.
8:51 am
well, we did. >> that's a good tease. the book is, "let me tell you something." it's in book
8:52 am
8:53 am
whoa, tomorrow we're seeing double. our look alikes. you first. >> lara's turn. "gma" live coming up. don't go anywhere.
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>> we continue with breaking news from the south bay, an amber alert has been issued for this baby you can see right here, 11 months old from san jose. around 6:45 this morning her mother warmed up the jeep in front of her home and someone jumped in and took off with the 11-month-old inside the jeep. we were over the scene and here is a live look, white jeep liberty. we are working this story and we will bring you new developments at and on twitter@abcnews bay area.
8:58 am
a traffic update with sue. >> no major delay on the freeway but we have big delays with caltrain because of an early fatality in palo alto and slow single tracking through palo alto, still, at this hour. >> the latest for the stories and follow us on announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, singer, dancer, entertainer and from "the voice," it's usher. and a performance by "american idol" finalist paul jolley. also, they're red, hot and green. environmentally friendly cars as we begin our preview of the new york auto show. plus, joining michael as his co-host is kristin chenoweth all next on the emmy-award winning "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television]
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