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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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story. >> a pep rally of sorts took place throughout the morning for those on both sides who care deeply about the outcome of the land hashing case. inside, no arguments. the jus advertises had -- the justices had hard-hitting questions for those for and against proposition 8, california's ban on same-sex marriage. >> you have a reason for not including same sex couples. is there any reason you have for excluding them? >> there is some 40,000 children in california that live with same sex parents. they want their parents to have full recognition and full status. the voice of those children is important in this case, don't you think? >> when did it become unconstitutional to exclude homosexual couples from
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marriage? 1791? 1868? >> besides the merits of the case, the justices must decide if prop 8 backers even have the right to be in court since the state is not defending the voter-approved ban. sacramento says absolutely. >> and if it is determined that the initiatives passed by voters can be vetoed by the government officials, the initiative was designed to circumvent, and then that would be a fatal blow to the initiative process. >> the plaintiffs from berkeley brought their 18-year-old twin sons and they say they just want to be tweeted equally. >> in this crai -- in this country as children we learn that there is a founding principal that all men and women are created equal. we want this equality. >> tomorrow another blockbuster same-sex marriage case. the jus advertises -- the
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justices will weigh in on the defense of marriage act. it denies federal benefits to legally married same sex couples. i will be in the courtroom and i will bring you live reports. carolyn tyler, abc7 news. here at home many are feeling cautiously optimistic about those taking on same-sex marriage. lisa amin gulezian joins us with that part of the story. lisa? >> carolyn, santa clara county has always supported same sex marriage and local couples and even marriage commissioners are optimistic. the -- optimistic the justices will rule in their favor. they have the rings and the photo albums, buts they are still not married. i visited them in 2010 when they thought the prop 8 stay would be lifted and they could have their dream wedding. they even had a facebook wedding invite page. >> we are going to keep fighting for it. >> life has gone on for the
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couple. they are even adopting their first child. but they still want one thing. >> the ceremony i want is probably not going to happen anytime soon necessarily, but i do want it just like anyone else. >> it is important for a child to be able to say my parents are married, and the state recognizes their marriage. >> the issue of adoptions and the voices of children of same sex couples made their way to the supreme court today. according to a constitution allah professor, margaret russell, this may be why more californians are opposing prop 8. marriage isn't simply about procreating anymore. >> what if you have a 55-year-old who want procreate they can marry if they are of different genders, right? >> they think the justices will decide not to rule on prop 8 at all which means the last local court decision would stand. >> and that would mean that proposition 8 is unconstitutional, but it would be a decision limited only to california.
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>> and the justices should render their decisions in june. live in santa clara county tonight, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> lisa, thank you. the justices should render their decision in june. and again, you are now looking at a symbol in support of same-sex marriage. the supporters #r* changing their profile picture to the red and pink colored equal sign logo from the human rights campaign. it is an organization in support of gay marriage. as carolyn tyler mentioned, she will be back at the u.s. supreme court tomorrow as the justices consider the defense of marriage act. she will have live reports here on abc7 news and she will tweet updates at c tyler abc7. less than an hour from now, the golden gate bridge will never be quite the same. no more toll takers. the iconic span is going all electronic. it is a big change obviously that some wonder might affect the morning commute. cornell bernard is live where
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toll takers have just a few more minutes left. >> that's right. since it opened in 1937, the golden gate bridge has never been without toll takers until now. at midnight that all changes. all electronic following arrives and tonight the toll takers are saying their goodbyes. drivers are handing over tolls for the last time to toll takers who are leaving his toll booth for good. the flowers are gifts from drivers. >> are you sad to go? >> i like my job a lot. it is a lot of fun. i am sad to go, yes. >> all of the electronic following for the golden gate bridge means there is no longer a need for san francisco's unofficial ambassadors like jackie dean. >> we are not object obsolete. >> jackie is leaving a long career and a lot of friends behind. >> we are family whether we get along or not. we have all been through it together. >> eliminating 28 toll takers will save the bridge district about $16 million over eight years.
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>> the savings of doing this automatically and electronically it is unavoidable. >> there are now four ways to pay tolls. using a fast track transponder, register your license and a credit card with the bridge district. make a one-line payment on-line or wait for an invoice in the mail. but despite months of getting the word out many admit that they didn't get the memo. >> i think i heard about it, but i didn't know when it happened. >> others heard of gridlock from confused drivers wondering what to do. >> there will be waves of people stoping and backing things up. >> ace move forward it is a couple steps back, but a move forward. >> a couple of toll takers remain on duty. they hope it will be smooth. the bridge crews are getting ready for the big transition. there will be signs telling drivers keep moving to the toll plaza. do not stop. they may even use bull horns
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to get the message out. 17 of 28 toll takers have moved to other jobs and are retired. the rest will get a severance package depending on their years of service. we are live on the golden gate bridge, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> cornell, thanks. to find out how the first commute goes after the switchover tune in starting at 4:30. we will have complete live team coverage for you. >> sprinkles are moving into the bay area. let's check in with meteorologist sandhya patel and live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> we may see sprinkles as early as tomorrow morning for the start of the morning commute. let's check out live doppler 7hd and we do have some clouds around. as you notice most of those along the coastline right now. i want to show you a wider perspective here. you can see some clouds heading toward the bay area. a weak system is approaching. here is what it looks like from the high definition emeryville camera. a few clouds around as we look toward emeryville and the temperatures are in the low to
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mid50s. sprinkles tomorrow morning. when will you need those umbrellas? you will have to use them. it looks like a higher possibility of rain. i'll have a complete look at the forecast and when you might need the umbrellas in a few minutes. dan? >> thanks, sandhya. a report suggests they are trying to remove their name from the hp pavilion. tech website all things d reports that meg whitman said she would like to get out of the deal. it costs hp $3.1 million a year. any change would have to be approved by the city councilor. >> it is a done deal tonight. san jose city officials finalized a $7 million tax incentive to entice samsung to expand in the silicon valley. he wants to replace its existing office with a campus totaling $680,000 square feet, seen here. austin, texas is also in the running for the expansion. samsung's growth will create $23 million in tax revenue for
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the city over the next 10 years. coming up next, a terrifying experience for a little girl visiting uc berkeley's lawrence halve science. >> she knew right away there was an arrow in her leg. >> an arrow, but how did it get there? the search for an archer in the berkeley hills. >> and general petraeus and his first public comments since resigning from the cia. >> and tiger woods and the new nike ad that some people say is offensive. you be the judge. >> and then later on "jimmy kimmle live." >> tonight music from kid kuddy to kareem abdul jaw -- jabar and
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we are following this developing story. at least one person has been killed after a strong earthquake struck taiwan. a 6.0 quake struck taiwan about four hours ago shaking buildings and damaging some. a 72-year-old woman died when a temple in a rural village collapsed. 19 people have been injured. mostly because of falling
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objects. tonight police are trying to find the person responsible for a bizarre, but potentially deadly incident. an eight-year-old girl shot with an arrow on a field trip with her class. it happened at uc berkeley's lawrence halve science. her family gave us photos of her in the hospital. abc7 news reporter john alston has the story. >> this is the injury to an innocent eight-year-old girl. a 20-inch arrow through her left thigh. the only thing nay dean -- nadine was doing was playing on this life-sized whale replica during a field trip in the berkeley hill. >> he was -- she was riding down the whale, and she felt a shock in her left leg and jumped off and tried to run, but she couldn't run. >> her mother says the arrow went through only fatty tissue, missing any major blood vessels in her leg. >> she cried a little bit and then calmed downright away. everyone said she was pretty
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calm for what happened. >> the startling injury occurred around 10:00 a.m. as nadine was with 50 of her third grade classmates from the mary esilvia . jeff was sham roaning another group -- chaperoning another group. >> maybe an idiot not thinking of what they are doing or maybe somebody being malicious. why would somebody do that? why would they chance it. >> detectives from the police department carried away an arrow concealed in paper evidence bags that was discovered in a backyard. it was among several arrows found in the hills surrounding the lawrence halve science. police don't know if any of those are lunged to this morning's incident. >> it is certainly possible that it might be an accident. it was a careless accident at the very least, but it could be considered potentially a violent felony. >> detectives talked with residents in the nearby hills and asked if anybody had been seen with a bow and arrow and handing out fliers of the arrow shot into nadine. nadine's mother says she is
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responding well. >> she wants to go to school tomorrow. >> is that going to happen? >> no. she will stop by to let them know she is okay, but that's it. >> abc news. >> nadine's mom say doctors say she will not have any serious after affects, that's the good news. and she should return to school in a few days. the nation is about to get its first female secret service director. the president has selected julia pearson for the post. she is a 30-year secret service veteran who serves as chief of staff. the appointment follows the scandal involving prostitutes in columbia. it is hoped she will change the boys club reputation of the secret service. the former cia director david petraeus apologized for the affair that lead to his resignation. >> how deeply i regret and apologize for the circumstances that lead to my resignation from the cia and caused such pain for my
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family, friend and supporters. >> petraeus spoke before the reserve core in los angeles. he resigned after an affair with his by yoking graw fer. >> tiger woods may be back on top of the world golf rankings tonight, but his new ad is getting micked reviews. take a look. the nike ad reads winning takes care of everything. some say the ad is offensive considering woods' extramarital affairs in 2010. woods just won the arnold palmer invitational yesterday and nike said the slogan is a direct quote from woods who asked about his rankings. >> we warmed up considerably, but we are look for some rain. >> yes, sprinkles are on the way. >> carolyn and dan, we will ease you into it. we start off with the possibility of sprinkles, and a shower chance as we head into thursday. live doppler 7hd is still watching the clouds right now as we look from our high definition sutro camera toward
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downtown san francisco. the visibility is good and the temperatures in the authority bay, upper 40s for napa and santa rosa and it is 52 degrees in hayward. here are the highlights. a chance of sprinkles tomorrow. showers are possible on thursday. and now we are looking at periods of rain easter weekend and switching over to showers as we switch to sunday morning. here is a look at the pacific satellite picture. we have a couple of weak disturbances. it is a series of weak disturbances and heading toward california, northern california and the pacific northwest. here is what we are going to get out of it, a little cloud cover right now. we will see a lot more cloud cover as we head into the morning hours. and there is a chance of sprung kills between about -- sprinkles between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. we will see the sprinkle chance becoming a little more isolated in nature and heading into wednesday afternoon. here is a look at thursday. as we fast-forward, the chance of showers increasing between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. thursday. very light. if we get anything it will be
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a few hundredths to a 10th of an inch. sprinkles and showers are not going to help with our rainfall deficit. check out where we stand right now. we are over six inches behind where we should be in san francisco. santa rosa, you need close to 7 inches of rain to make up where you should be. 4 inches in san jose and livermore is is four inches behind. you really need a lot more rain to get you back to normal for this time of year. tomorrow morning, partly to mostly cloudy. temperatures in the mid40s to the low 50s. you may see a sprinkle or two around, but not to where you will need to carry your umbrellas. still the possibility of a few sprinkles and 65 san jose and 66 in santa cruz. sunnyvale 64 degrees on the peninsula and sun and clouds mixed. 64 redwood city and menlo park, 57 on the coast in half moon bay. temperatures coming down just a little bit over today's highs. 60 in downtown san francisco. you may see a few sprinkles around the golden gate bridge.
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in the north bay, you will see possibility of a few drops. 65 in santa rosa and 63 san rafael. heading out to the east bay, low to mid60s will do it. 63 hayward and 65 in oakland. 234* the inland areas, you are out of the low 70s. some of you made it up there, but tomorrow it is a little cooler. 67 in concord and 68 for livermore. here is a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. a few sprinkles and giving way to a chance of showers on thursday. your weekend is now looking like you are going to need the umbrellas. a band of rain, showers and pretty much right on through easter weekend. >> so a soggy easter egg hunt? >> i am hoping not. i will pinpoint it as we get closer. right now just a shower band. >> let's move on to sports now. >> should we wait for larry? >> no, i want you to say it. >> stanford alum.
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very proud of her cardinals tonight. they advance with a win over michigan. most of the damage in her last game and
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as expected stan forked is the -- stone ford -- stanford advance tots sweet 16 with a win over michigan at maples pavilion. favorite football coach on the ban wagon. eight three's in the first half. 5 of 5 from downtown and a career high. and she is doing her part. damage in the paint. she had 12 points and stanford lead it 41-16 at the break. tinkle was outstanding in her final game at maples pavilion. she lead with 21 points and stanford advances to face georgia. a 73-40 victory. >> it is time to go out with a bang. that's what i wanted. i wanted to show to everyone that this game meant so much to me. i had the best four years
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here. i am excited to go to spokane. >> warriors host sacramento after the win over the lakers. the back story was david lee's elbow busting dwight howard's lip. david gets the pass and drives to the hoop. it was unintentional. his elbow hits howard's mouth and busted his lip. he was called for a foul despite the lip. howard said he will get leigh back. -- lee back. they will face them in l.a. today lee talks about the threat. >> i told him at half time it was unintentional and a little surprised he made the poit -- the post game comment. he wasn't chipy in the second half and then post game changed his tune. it was the no intentional so i don't know what else to do about it. >> picking it up in the 10th and trying to make the team at first base.
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extras to put the a's ahead and they win it 7-6. prior to the game oakland placed rosalis on the disabled list with a rib injury. usa and mexico in a world cup qualify yes, sir. mexico had numerous opportunities to score. , but he was a brick wall swatting away shot after shot. he comes up big in therd minute -- in the 43 hrd -- 43rd meeting. it was a 0-0 draw and the u.s. is tied for third place in their qualifying region. it is too bad cal and stanford are in the same region. they both could make it to the final 4, but they may play against each other. >> exciting they are both in it still. >> i would be more excited for stanford. >> maybe a little. up next, it is sort of like an olympics for pizza makers. >> do you have gold medal potential? stay with us.
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temperatures in the 40s and 50s. lisa argen will be here for mike niko, 4:30 to 7 is:00 a.m. >> sandhya, thank you. first the giants win the world series and the 49ers almost win the super bowl and now it is the pizza world acrobatics. >> they came in first place this eke -- this weekend at the world pizza games. >> pizza acrobats were judged for dexterity and sin crone gnaw swraition. it includes pizza box folding and the pizza triathalon. this is -- >> this is the third title for tony's pizza. but you wouldn't want that particular pie. dan ashley. thanks for watching "jimmy kimmle live" is next. >> i'm
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight --
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jeremy piven. from "splash" nba legend kareem abdul-jabbar and music from kid cudi with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> thank you for watching, thank you for. co-ing. we have celebrity dancing celebrity diving. the supreme court heard arguments on the constitutionality of same-sex
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marriage. it could be a major blow for those who believe that marriage should be between two bitterly and eventually overweight people of the opposite sex. the arguments against were lawyers for conservative activist groups and the arguments for it will be delivered tomorrow in song. if the supreme court overturns either prop 8 or the defense of marriage act, it could mean that, you know those guys who said they couldn't be married until gay people had the right to get married, they're screwed. i honestly don't understand what the -- [ applause ] -- what the big deal is. if you want to be gay and get married, get a sex change. get married then get changed back to what you were before. as if kim and kris' fairy tale


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