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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 27, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. new this morning, america reacts to gay marriage at the nation's top court. the justices asking is it too soon to decide straining to find common ground as a wave of grassroots support builds overnight. this red symbol with an equal sign goes viral, shared by millions right now. also breaking overnight, dramatic images from a powerful earthquake in asia. schoolchildren caught on camera jumping, scrambling, running for cover after a 6.1 quake jolts their school. animal home invasion. the man trapped in his house by this pack of mountain lions. big cats prowling just outside his living room window. how his home warning system keeps him away from harm.
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ballroom shocker. >> i wish i could give it my all but i can't. >> big drama on the dance floor. as dorothy hamill is forced to drop out. why she says it will be completely unfair for her to stay. and we'll talk live to both couples, stunned she saved them from elimination. ♪ i just want to feel this moment ♪ and good morning, america. boy, really felt for dorothy hamill last night. so much emotion out there on the dance floor. we'll get to that a little bit. and a big emotional speech last night also from david petraeus, the former director of the cia speaking out for the first time since his resignation. started out with an apology. got a standing ovation. we bring you that this morning. also, new details and clues
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in that mysterious skydiving tragedy in florida as we learn that the experienced instructor was actually trying to save his student while they were falling at 120 miles an hour. >> that is heartbreaking. all right, well, we also our very special "gma" event this week. we're seeing double. i truly met my match yesterday. today, well, it's george's turn. is -- wait. is that george or is that his double? oh, he's just doing a little light reading, i think. like the funny papers. >> exactly. >> ali was warning me about this today. >> and away we go. first, we begin at the supreme court. second big day of arguments over marriage equality. can the federal government define marriage as only between men and women? our supreme court expert terry moran is there for all of it today. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george.
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round two of gay marriage at the supreme court. a 21st century social movement that arrived with astonishing speed at this court driven by activists, by hollywood in part and by young people especially on social media revolution. you can hear inside, the justices grappling, not only with the constitutional questions, but with emotion and love, the ancient tradition of of marriage and and whether they have the power to define it for all americans. it's happening so fast. the wave of increasing support for gay marriage in america especially among the young is crashing on the supreme court and the justices, average age, 67, seem downright perplexed. >> the problem with the case is that you're really asking particularly because of the sociological evidence you cite for us to go into unchartered waters. >> why is taking a case now the answer?
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>> reporter: justice samuel alito noting how gay marriage in america is less than ten years old. >> you want us to step in and render a decision based on an assessment of the effects of this institution which is newer than cell phones for the internet? >> reporter: across the country, thousands are taking to social media changing their profile pictures to express their support for same-sex marriage. this morning, the justices will take up another case, challenging the defense of marriage act which defines marriage under federal law as a ueen and edie windsor is 83 years old and this is her case. edie had 42 happy years with the love of her life, thea spire. >> we are gathered together today -- >> reporter: the two were married, but when thea died in 2009 edie got hit with almost $400,000 in federal estate taxes, a penalty she would not have had to pay if she
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were married to a man. if you could talk to the supreme court as they consider this case, what would you tell them? >> it's a marriage that anybody would want, okay, gay or straight. we wonde >> reporter: eddie windsor in court today. now, none of the justices as far as we know have twitter or instagram accounts. this is a 21st century social media revolution. and you can see it. check out beyonce's instagram account. she posted a photograph of a note that she apparently herself wrote. it reads simply if you like it, you ought to be able to put a ring on it. george? >> maybe one of them will have to get an account. thanks very much. now to general petraeus' very public mea culpa. the former head of the cia makiifiri sp sin abc's david kerleha t good morning, david.
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>> reporter: good morning, robin. david petraeus has been davily hs aeus has been with this speech last night, in a piece in a newspaper this morning, the mag >> i join you keenly aware that i am regarded in a different light now than i was ar a >> reporter: personally remorseful for the affair with his biographer that led to his resignation as cia director. >> how deeply i regr apologize f cir that led to my aton the cia and caused such pain for my family, friends and supporters. >> reporter: this is a veterans group in los angeles which clearly supports petraeus giving him a standing ovation as he took the stage as he tries to rebuild his reputation. it was a spectacular fall from grace. the four-star general would took command in iraq and managed a surge of troops which led to their eventual withdrawal then afghanistan as the top general.
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it was during that time that he met paula broadwell, a former army officer, writing a book on the general. that relationship later became an affair exposed through e-mails after a tampa woman complained of threatening e-mails. the investigation led back to petraeus who was then running cia. we have heard nothing from broadwell or from the former general who was by a sdeta n petraeus hoping t image as well as relatiwthaan n assuage the pain th inflicted on thlose ate >> reporter: it is clear that petraeus wants a future role of some kind perhaps with veterans, that is what he is writing about some kind perhaps with veterans, that is what he is writing about th disappointed by hictio couple of yars >> well received lanigh ri id, received lanigh we're going to turn now to josh elliott with developing stories. >wegin rea fear there in taiwan, robin.
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two stories breaking overnight. check out this video coming in from a clam ow ft the childremana escape okay butf o were injured in the quake. at least one person was killed as workers tried to evacuate office buildings, you see it there. and run for co kew.e other breaking story peninsula s is quote, at any moment, end quote. the north today cut off a key military hot line with south korea. its final of in fact, kim jung u.n.'s government has been ramping up threats in recent days as the u.s. and south con and on wall street this morning, stocks are down slightly. bianna golodryga here to explain why. >> good morning to you, josh. the dow coming off its best day in three weeks rising 111 points tuesday and two, big headlines explain the new record.
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first home prices, they're skyrocketing, rising at the fastest pace in more than six years since the housing bubble popped. that's great for selling a home. but the other headline is gd factory orders for big-ticket items from jumbo jets to refrigerators surged in february. josh, one analyst said unless something g cog to derail this rally it looks like the market is going to keep on climbing higher. one thing to watch, however, consumer confidence took an unexpected dip last month. looking to see if americans keep spending in the stores this month, josh. >> what goes up must come down. thank you for that. >>noota for a l resticon. y t governor there t the governor is urging state anv from australia where a massive wildfire is now raging out o sehn injured fighting the blaze as sof thr
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and this bus driver being hail the as a hero. in china, a car traveling the other way struck a pole which crashed through the bus windshield right into the driver's seat. somehow the driver keeps his composure at full speed, kept the bus in control safely pulled over and however thankfully no passengers were hurt. finally, an uninvited guest showed up at a swanky five-star hotel in southern california. take a look. she made herself comfortable. lounging on a patio chair. wondering what all the fuss was about. when asked if you had a hotel key, no, and so the people from seaworld came and took the sea lion pup back to a proper home. >> we're going to see that on "sea rescue." >> we will see that on "sea rescue." >> i think that's a two-parter, sam. >> thanks, josh. >> thanks, josh. now to a new crack in the glass ceiling.
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for the first time ever, a woman will be in charge of protecting the president. julia pierson has been nominated to run the agency by president obama and jim avila has more details from the white house. >> reporter: they call it secret for a reason. julia pierson, the first female director of the secret service, has been on the job for 30 years but we can only find two pictures, one official and one not of the former disney world employee who worked her way up from the parking lot to cartoon character in the parade, telling the smithsonian magazine in a 2007 article, "the experience of dealing with large crowds at the park had a good influence on my ability to do that sort of work with the secret service." from there sheed a orlando, liked it, but wanted to travel so the secret service made sense as her next step. the white house announcement 1 l life, saying only that she consistently exemplified the spirit and dedication the men
7:12 am of the service important since pierson takes a sex scandal just a year ago. >> what happened here in colombia is being ited by the directorecre >> reporter: a group of secret service agents advancing the president's trip to colombia were caught hiring prostitutes and fired. it led to the resignation of director mark sullivan last month. >> i am deeply disappointed and of these >> reporter: pierson's >> re sily : pierson's male servicwher ,00 agents only 20% are women. >> i think given the fact that the first female agent was accepted by the secr in 1975, that's about time the secret service finally did get a female director. >> reporter: now, women now head the dea, the u.s. marshals office, the secret service and also the clandestine wing of the cia. women on the front line. george.
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>> barriers broken all over the place, thanks. and to the new details, new clues we mentioned now emerging in that florida skydiving tragedy. a veteran instructor struggling to save his student in midair. their chutes not opening and then a dramatic 911 call. abc's steve osunsami has that story for us. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> reporter: on the ground where they had been waiting for the two skydivers for more than an hour this was the call for help. >> i have two missing skydivers that have landed in the swamp somewhere. >> reporter: a florida medical examiner says they landed hard, the experienced instructor and his younger student both vacationing from iceland died from injuries after falling more than 13,000 feet saturday. this morning police are holding on to video recorded on one of their helmets. the rdo >> i was called out that night and i was out on t
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the b werred. seeing what tra pri >> reporter: investigators say the two jumped separately and after watching that video, they now firmly bvhat 41-year-old instructor orvar arnarson was desperately ng andrimar pordarson. >> he was attempting to stabilize the stto reach for the studen he was a hero. he died a hero. >> reporter: all this happening while they're falling at 120 miles an hour, trying to open a student's parachute before opening his own. their backup chutes did oen b now the faa is investigatin arnarson, the instructor, was an experienced jumper on his personal web page as he posted videos of his perfect landings. the man who gave his own life to save another. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> what a selfless act. we're going to switch gears now to more trouble for justin bieber.
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after some public meltdowns on his european tour one of his neighbors back in california is telling police that bieber assaulted him during a sho match. abc's rob nelsp lov >> reporter: he we another sour note for ts. >> the biebs being investigated. >> justin bieber is being investigated. >> reporter: this sensation is being acc battery after an allegedly nasty confrontation with a neighb tuesday at bieber's home i calaal >> have to do with an allegation of a battery and threats made by mr. bieber on one of his neighbors. >> reporter: according to reports, the boyfriend singer had just returned home from concerts overseas when he began racing hi up don 1 o angered by all that noise the neighbor reportedly confronted the crooner. he is now accusing bieber of threatening him even making physical contact. overnight, bieber's neighbor told abc news, he's a punk.
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he thinks he's invincible. he can't continue to have a bunch of enablers around him. it wasntan cpettaion this is just the latest mishap it wasntan cpettaion this is just the latest mishap tempered behavior by the performer. on monday the biebs showed airport security in poland shirtless and a few weeks ago h tweeted a shirtless picture of himself from the hospital after collapsing after a london concert. lately, the public has been seeing more than just justin's abs but also his temper as he lashed out against a photographer a few weeks ago. >> what did you say? >> reporter: on top of that a former bodyguard is suing bieber claiming the singer assaulted him, charges the bieber camp denies. ♪ hey girl let me talk to yo itblthu'r you're going to land one day and you're going to hit the ground and the question is how hard is he going to hit the ground? >> now, tmz is also reporting
7:17 am
this morning that several neighbors are backing up the story of bieber's reckless driving, saying it was especially dangerous because it happened at 9:00 in the morning when people were walking their dogs and many kids in that neighborhood are home for spring break. we'll see how it turns out. george? >> slow down. >> yeah. >> good advice. >> gty. advice. >> i do. i ve ahat eye, harrowing ose tr check them out prowtsid his window but is png this is a sight few of us w o our two unwavering eyes staring back at you with a couple of friends but that's exactly what happened to this manitou springs, colorado, resident john vomastic. >> that was a little bit frightening because the only thing that was protecting me from that big cat was a piece of glass. >> reporter: not one, not two, but three mountain lions showed
7:18 am
up at his home and strolled >> this is the window where the mountain lion came over and stood on his hind feet and looked into twind >> reporter: living high altitude, vomastic has actually gotten used to seeing these wild cats. >> i consider it a privilege to live with these animals and share the space. >> reporter: he set up cameras and sensors that alert him when wildlife is close by, but experts warn should you ever find yourself in a situation >> make yourelf wit your arms up, ive a open if you are with others you want to form a gr >> you got that. if you ever come in contact with a mountain lion, n very simple. >> did he say make yourself look calm? >> big. >> you win. >> that's it. >> exactly. >> i think i'd get small very loudly.
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>> this is going to be a position and hug yourself. >> and hug myself. all right. let's get to the boards. we'll start with this unusual position of the jet stream that brings up much colder than normal weather en further south this morning dropping it down to central florida. orlando to ure waiting als ph a month ea so there's been a big difference country. and now this morning here's where the frost and freeze reere the frost and freeze birmingham at 28 degrees, so a real chill in parts of the country.
7:20 am
>> how long will this cold in spring break territory last right in the heart of spring break? we'll get into it the next half hour. >> never-ending cold? coming up on "gma," is there a new generation of followers for charles manson? how he's cultivating them from prison using a wristwatch phone that was snuck in. and jaw-dropping video of a
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man's plunge. his friends refuse to give up the adrenaline rush on ropes. a 911 shocker ripped right out of hollywood. inside the "breaking bad" break-in. [ female announcer ] dear easter, the hunt is over.
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lets you talk and surf on your iphone 5. are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie -- 'tis tasty. okay, george washington, did you take my truck out last night? 'tis tasty. ♪ into the suuuun.... ♪ good morning, i'm eric thomas. san francisco firefighters looking into the cause of a four-alarm blaze in the bayview that left 20 people homeless this morning. it broke out shortly before 1:00 a.m. giant flames erupted from the two-story building on mckinnon
7:25 am
avenue and spread over to two adjacent buildings on third street. the red cross is working to find temporary housing for the displaced residents. we welcome a new member to the team this morning. here's leila in the traffic center. >> thanks, eric. we're starting off in fremont where we had an earlier accident southbound 880 right as you approach mission boulevard. we do have some damage due to that wreck and plenty of slowing to show for it. also want to take a peek out in berkeley. here's 80 westbound, headlights coming toward the maze. everything looking clear out
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good morning. look at all the haze out there. it is 52 degrees, though, downtown, 51 across the bay in oakland and we're looking at about 50 in san jose. so with the clouds and mild temperatures and also comes the threat of a shower. numbers will be cool in the city once again at 60. 64 in palo alto. a few peeks of sun here and there, could manage to bring our temperatures up into the upper 60s for livermore. ♪ look ahead, we're looking
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you know what, it does take two in our gma special event this week. george is the one being doubled this morning. >> there he is. >> is that george there reading -- well, he does read "the new york times" quite a bit when he comes in in the morning. >> that is true. >> or is this -- >> trying to get the angle right. >> very accurate. >> very accurate. >> it's uncanny. >> amazing. >> plastered down hair. >> it could be any dad sitting at the breakfast table right now. they all look just like that. >> you will meet your doppelganger coming up. >> i cannot wait for that. this eerie story about charles manson.
7:31 am
he has been in prison serving a life sentence. you see him right there. he may be cultivating a new group of followers, though and one has been arrested for trying to bring him a wristwatch cell phone in prison. we'll bring you that in just a bit. >> all right, also ahead one of the final episodes of one of cable's biggest hits is in jeopardy of leaking. it is a 911 shocker ripped right out of hollywood. we'll take you inside the "breaking bad" break-in. >> all the details on that ballroom stunner. your sweetheart, dorothy hamill, somebody else might be going home, emotionally bowed out. we'll talk live to the two couples, if fact, that she saved last night from elimination. >> a lot of people sorry to see her go. right now to that charles manson story. is he cultivating a new generation of followers. john schriffen has the details. >> reporter: this morning investigators are trying to figure out if charles man
7:32 am
condition has a new flock of disciples. over the weekend manson follower 63-year-old craig hammond was arrested for allegedly trying to sneak a wristwatch cell phone in to the notorious killer locked behind bars. back in 1969 manson with his young brunette followers, orchestrated the gruesome murders of seven people around los angeles including sharon tate and leno and rosemary la bianca. >> reporter: it's been more than 40 years since manson went to prison for that murder but his followers haven't stopped trying to connect him. according to the department of corrections the watch never made it to manson but he has been caught with a cell phone twice in the last four years. the now 78-year-old manson who is serving a life sentence for the so-called helter-skelter killing spree spoke out from behind bars in 2011. >> i don't tell people what to do. they know what to do. >> reporter: according to a website run by manson followers, hammond is known as gray wolf and has a young female friend in
7:33 am
her late 20s, a fast food employee known as star. names given to them by manson himself. not much is known about star except her striking resemblance to the three women recruited to carry out those infamous killings back in '69. in a 2009 interview star told cnn "he's really witty and really sharp and he's got a lot of good humor. he's got a weird sense of humor but i like it. it fits with me." >> charlie pays attention to them. he tells them they are beautiful and that he can provide them guidance. >> reporter: but as for the man allegedly trying to sneak him a communication device, gray wolf was released from jail on a $30,000 bond and is due back in court next month. for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, los angeles. >> my, okay. >> now to that jaw dropping video of a terrifying stunt. it's called rope swinging and it's an online sensation but a 22-year-old daredevil was killed this weekend while trying to swing through the opening of a
7:34 am
130-foot-tall sandstone arch in utah and john muller has the latest. >> good morning. the corona arch rope swing has a 130-foot freefall followed by a two-minute wild ride. with the right precautions climbers tell us it's perfectly safe but a simple miscalculation turned deadly. it's the rope swing you won't find in your backyard. >> watching this jaw-dropping video as these human pendulums catapult up the 130-foot-high corona arch in moab, utah. coming dangerously close to the ground they're screaming all the way down and back up. this viral video has nearly 20 million views on youtube and what inspired kyle stocking to take that plunge. but in a horrific turn of events
7:35 am
he overestimated his rope length and his ill-fated jump sent him straight to his death. austin baird is one of the rope swingers in this video. he and his friends are avid climbers and the founders of this dangerous daredevil stunt. >> they set it up, tested it with big backpack full of rocks and then we went back multiple times to do it again. >> reporter: baird wasn't there when stocking made his fatal jump but is well aware this leap of faith comes with several calculated risks. >> there are risks that run the gamut from friction on the rope to making sure your rope isn't too long so your angle of swing is properly calculated. >> reporter: the maker of the video even warns the jumpers in the behind-the-scenes clip. >> it's not worth losing a life trying to do something like this so make sure you know what you're doing. >> reporter: despite this, baird says he refuses to give up this adrenaline rush. >> i know every time i climb i know every time my friends climb we run a risk but i sit in front of a computer eight hours a day. i need this. >> reporter: but this morning stocking's family hopes their loss shows others the grave dangers of the swing.
7:36 am
telling abc news, "it was a terrible accident that could have been avoided. we hope there will be no more parents experiencing what we are going through." now this video posted to youtube over a year and a half ago received its share of backlash many saying the stunt should be regulated or outlawed but austin say he and his friends take full responsibility for their actions and the consequences however extreme those are. guys. >> they certainly are extreme. all right there, john. thanks so much. a check of the weather with sam. >> speaking of extreme, consider, robin, if you will the thousands, maybe millions of young people who flock to the south to get away from the cold when they get one tiny, tiny little break from studying all year long. >> bless their heart. >> consider that. >> and know that early this morning in jacksonville, florida, if you were hitting the beach you'd have to hit it in a parka. temperatures are about 3 degrees off the record low. really not everyone in america is as cruel as it sounds like our studio is. right now.
7:37 am
that's mostly eddie over there being mean. but this is good news for all the folks in the south as the warmer temperatures come kind of flying back. these are nighttime low temperatures. early morning lows. miami maybe 48 but going to 60 by the time we go to thursday night, 48 getting into the 50s. atlanta going near 40, orlando, as well, on the climb. into the northwest there's a wet system. this one stays for days and days. we'll talk more about that in the next half hour. >> all that weather was brought >> all that weather was brought to you by bush's baked beans and we'll talk more about that northwestern system in about a half-hour.
7:38 am
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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to spring, get 3 shrubs for just $10 at lowe's today. back now at 7:41 with a real-life drama for the star of "breaking bad." a script for one of the final episodes was stolen from the car of emmy winning star bryan cranston.
7:42 am
abc's cecilia vega is here with the details. what happened? >> boy, lara, so many questions still. there may be a giant cliffhanger for its final episode and the cast is hoping no one finds out what it is. the stolen "breaking bad" could spell very bad news for this hit show. >> chemistry is the study of matter. >> reporter: on the hit show "breaking bad" he's a science teacher turned meth maker that no one should dare mess with. >> i am not in danger. i am the danger. >> reporter: but bryan cranston suffered a real-life break-in and the secrets of the finale is in jeopardy. >> can i get your name please sir. >> it's bryan, b-r-y-a-y, cranston. >> reporter: in these just released 911 tapes. >> i need to report a breaking and entering into my automobile. >> reporter: cranston tells new mexico police that on march 1st he parked had is car not far from where the hit amc series is
7:43 am
filmed. >> they have me mistaken for somebody else. >> reporter: police say this man, xavier mcafee, smashed the actor's passenger side window and snatched his bag. inside, an ipad and a script for one of the final episodes of this last season, a show watched by more than 2.6 million people. mcafee is under arrest but that script is still missing. if it gets out -- >> the details of that particular script would probably not give away the entire ending of the series. >> you steal a force you can't hope to control. >> reporter: when thieves swiped samuel l. jackson 's script, thy shopped it around hoping for a quick payday. no one was willing to pay the price. now charles baker who plays skinny pete has a plea on tmz telling the thief you already made a choice to steal from a person who is loved by millions of people. don't make it worse by betraying the rest of the cast and crew and fellow fans of the show. you have the choice to be a better person than that.
7:44 am
>> say my name. >> eisenberg. >> reporter: so will there be a serious spoiler alert for one of the hottest shows in hollywood? stay tuned. we won't reveal the spoiler alert now. police arrested mcafee after they overheard him discussing the "breaking bad" script over drinks with friends. the hope all around is that it wasn't shared with anyone else. lara? >> indeed. such a great -- >> yes. >> please. >> no, no, no. >> we are not listening. do not tell us. all right, thank you so much, cecilia. ballroom bombshells on "dancing with the stars." dorothy hamill, fan favorite, emotionally dropped out. we'll talk live to the two couples that that move saved. we have a great "play of the day." a woman takes her very best shot in an nba game. that didn't work out so well, but this -- ♪ freeze frame freeze frame >> oh. ♪
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right then, here's the "play of the day." >> going through it. >> sometimes you're lucky. that commercial break lasted long. hard to believe half-court shot. we've seen a lot. but take a look at this. alana in a game between the heat and magic think she's shooting for 20 grand. half-court halftime. but there's a catch and, in fact, the whole crowd is in on it. now, the shot missed it by that much but she turns around and guess what -- >> would you come with me, please? oh. alana. >> eric down on one knee. >> you gave it your all. it was a really good attempt. >> while we can debate whether you'd want to be proposed to in front of 20,000. >> and the dragon. >> oh, look, there they are. the happy couple. eric and alana joining us now. all right, so, eric, how did you
7:50 am
know that this would actually work out in the end? >> i just came to me one night. i was up. i want -- we have such a happy relationship and what can i do to tank her so i have great contact with the orlando magic and i sent them an e-mail at 2:00 in the morning and they were like, yeah, we'd love to do it and get everybody involved. i had so many people supporting me at the magic organization. so easy. all i had to do was bring her to the game and show up and the rest is -- >> what if she made the shot? >> oh. we were thinking the same thing, what if she made it and -- >> alana, really quickly, how surprised? >> how what? >> how surprised were you? >> oh, my gosh. it was just complete shock. probably the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me in my life so far. we're the best of friends. >> you are.
7:51 am
gorgeous couple and congratulations and absolutely worked out. guys, thanks for joining us -- >> congratulations. >> all right. we're seeing double. go nowhere. [ female announcer ] dear easter,
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7:55 am
and coming up, wooer's seeing double. george. go nowhere.
7:56 am
that breaking news is from san francisco. a live look right now at broadway and the embarcadero. that's where paramedics are attending to a woman and a little girl who were hit by a garbage truck about 30 minutes ago. that truck there on the left-hand side of the screen was turning right from broadway onto the embarcadero. the woman who was hit was sitting up and talking. the little girl appeared to be seriously injured. both are heading to the hospital. let's get an update now on traffic. >> well, that accident definitely affecting traffic along the embarcadero. southbound side just one lane gets you by. battery is an alternate, also
7:57 am
van ness will be a good way to get around that accident. temperatures today with a little sunshine in the mid and upper 60s. it's hazy out there now and the shower chances linger into tomorr
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it takes two to make the thing go right ♪ >> definitely spring break. look at the great crowd we have joining us in times square and you aren't seeing double. >> again. >> little twins in our audience joining us for our -- they're joining us for our huge seeing double "gma" event. lara met her double as you know yesterday. today it is george's turn. >> the bar is raised. i mean, this -- >> i got to tell you ali is one of the judges. she's been torturing me all week with fake clues. at least i hope they're fake. >> can you give us one example? >> no, i cannot. >> oh, look at that. >> nice head of hair. >> oh.
8:01 am
>> he has the same preparation that you have so you come in, really early, george and -- >> i'm glad this guy is in character. . >> yes. >> keep rolling. >> as we said, george's wife, ali -- >> so true. >> ali torturing george's double straight ahead. >> yes, yes, there you have -- thank you very much. to that backlash we were talking about earlier in the show for victoria's secret. moms up in arms right now. moms, plural, because of a new campaign they say just too much for their teens, even their tweens. we'll go inside the controversy. >> yeah. and this is why she's america's sweetheart. i got to tell you, you just have to love this lady. dorothy hamill in pain injured but dropping out emotionally on
8:02 am
"dancing with the stars" and that selfless act saved two couples from elimination possibly. lowest scoring. we'll talk to them this morning. it's all straight ahead on "dancing with the stars," quite a dramatic night. >> i cannot wait for that. plus, the rock will be here. what he eats when he takes a break from his diet. that's the beginning. four pizzas for lunch. >> unbelievable. >> what is that? >> a stack of brownies. >> that's a snack. >> his cheat days are profound. >> let's get news from josh. we will begin with marriage equality. taking center stage at the supreme court for the second consecutive day. this time the justices will hear arguments over the defense of marriage act, the law defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. now, at issue whether married same-sex couples should be entitled to the same federal benefits as married straight couples. also, retired general and former cia director david petraeus is apologizing in
8:03 am
public for the first time since the extra mar that will affair that ended his career. he told a military gathering he deeply regrets the pain his affair caused and said he hopes to serve as an example to others who have made mistakes by showing them that life does go on. and overseas, they are now assessing the damage in taiwan after a powerful earthquake overnight. the 6.1 magnitude quake injured dozens of people sending office workers and schoolchildren as you can see here running for safety. at least one person has been reported killed. no tsunami warnings though posted. back in this country home owners with flood insurance could soon be spending more and i mean a lot more. fema says the people currently paying hundreds of dollars a year for federal insurance could soon be paying thousands because congress is demanding that the program break even. if you've noticed that it's taking longer to get on to your favorite websites or netflix, we may have an explanation. there's been a huge increase in cyberattacks in recent days.
8:04 am
experts say a european internet company angry over getting blacklisted by a group that fights spam has now launched a wave of server attacks, one expert compared those attacks to a nuclear bomb being dropped on the internet's plumbing system. wow. and finally, never has not scoring felt so good. the u.s. men somehow held mexico to a scoreless tie in mexico city last night in world cup qualifying. considering the u.s. has only enjoyed one victory there in the last 77 years, a tie felt like the biggest win of all and take a look at this picture. it says it all. extreme frustration for them. >> so many times they came close. >> so close! and the game went on till about 1:00 in the morning. i can tell you there's an anchor among us -- >> somewhere here. >> who may have watched every minute. there's also an anchor among us
8:05 am
who may have just made the show today but he was there. or she was there. >> you got it right the first time. >> anchor who owes his colleagues. >> all right. america, i wanted you to meet my friend. >> thank you there, josh. >> ah, but what a game. >> we understand. hey, about "pop news," everybody. good morning to you and we begin with the art world. it turns out if you stick your elbow through a picasso it's still worth a lot. >> what? >> that is what casino own steve wynn did when he was showing off his prize picasso "la reve." it made international news. he accidentally tore a six-inch hole in it and had a deal in place to sell the 1932 portrait of picasso's mistress for over $139 million. that deal was canceled. needless to say, so wynn spent $90,000 to repair the painting. he has now sold it for even pore to the same guy.
8:06 am
hedge fund billionaire steve cohen paid 155 million for the now repaired picasso. the most ever paid by a u.s. collector for a piece of art. >> tear your priceless art -- >> make more money. >> it goes up. >> yep. >> world, i don't understand. >> fascinating. really fascinating. justin timberlake having a great run from his knockout performance at the grammys to his funny outing at "snl." his album selling 100 million copies. he's a front runner to host the oscars, there is buzz about. >> he would be great. >> isn't that great? anything this guy can't do? i don't think so. finally, anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant knows that people who make reservations and then blow them off can absolutely kill a business. well, now a well-known l.a. restaurant 45s eye new way of handling no-shows but shaming them on twitter.
8:07 am
red medicine, one of the 50 best restaurants in the country, vietnamese food to die for in beverly hills have outed the people who stood them up this weekend with tweets like and i quote "all the nice guests would wonder why restaurants overbook and may sometimes have to wait for their res should thank people like those below. the next tweet says big thanks to carlos, i'm shortening the name. alison, daniella and mmatt for no-showing between 7:30 and 9:30. hi, kyle, i hope you enjoyed your girlfriend's birthday and the flowers that you didn't bring when you no-showed." thanks. the owner of red medicine says it not only hurts business, it's not fair to guests who take an earlier reservation than they originally wanted. >> that was a lot of people who didn't show up. >> yeah, 20% of sales that night and he said it happens to every business and there's no way to fix it. he said do you do just walk-ins. they're taking to twitter.
8:08 am
>> wow. >> that's "pop news." >> thank you, lara. >> thank you, lara. to sam with the weather. >> we are standing outside in times square. you know what, just keep on coming. the crowds get bigger. we love having you here. tell me your name and where are you from. >> chris from pennsylvania. >> okay. and -- >> kate from pennsylvania. >> look at the cameras so everyone can see your beautiful faces. >> young sir? >> i'm from louisiana. >> your first name. >> ronnie. >> nice to see you. i know we met earlier but i want everyone else to meet you. i hear you, madison, wisconsin. good morning. good to have you here too. to the boards. one or two things going on this morning. everybody sending these incredible moon shots so close to the full moon phase yesterday into today so you could take a look at what the moon looks like, gorgeous, nice and full if you have a clear sky, feeling like spring eventually. it's coming. chicago may be cold today but look at saturday at about 52 degrees. into the southwest where all the warmth as han stop sending us your warm happy pictures from
8:09 am
laredo, just stop it because we're still cold in times square. >> we are live in times square. we don't mind the chill. it lets us get closer but let's go inside to -- >> all: lara. >> here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma" morning menu. the victoria's secret campaign that has moms angry. why they say it's sending the wrong message to their daughters. and one of the real housewives
8:10 am
called her life picture perfect. why her husband says their marriage is over. plus, dorothy hamill in that ballroom shocker last night. so many people disappointed to see her go. but we'll talk to the phobes that she saved by bowing out. all that and george meets his doppelganger live on "good morning america." we are seeing double this morning so stay with us. >> "gma's morning menu" brought to you by coffee-mate. natural bliss. add your flavor naturally. hi, i'm brooke burke-charvet. so you may know me as a television show host but what you may not know is that i'm also an allergy sufferer. this year, i've partnered with claritin again and am taking the claritin clear challenge. it's simple-- when your allergies start, take one 24-hour claritin every day of your allergy season. get continuous relief or your money back. to learn the details about the challenge and check out my story, visit
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8:15 am
oh, my goods in. i met this young woman earlier this morning. saved a life. 2 years old. her 4-year-old sister donated her bone marrow and saved her life. >> great story. >> lovely. >> one more time. there they are. thank you guys for showing up. great to see both of them leer. let's do it. >> we'll start with victoria's secret. at the center of another controversy. the moms threatening to boycott the company targeting young teens in an inappropriate ad campaign. abc's abbie boudreau has the
8:16 am
story. >> reporter: it's known for its lacy lingerie and sexy runway models but is cvs pushing it too far too fast? many moms say the company's new campaign bright young things is targeting their tween and teen daughters sparking backlash on victoria's secret facebook page. comments like "this is really disgusting and i'm thinking twice about buying from you anymore." another woman posted "whatever happened to good old fruit of the looms." >> i don't think any marketers would admit that's what they're doing but clearly it seems to be something that's happening. >> reporter: bright young things is bart of the company's pink collection. in a statement a spokesperson for victoria's secret says pink is a brand for college-aged women. despite rumors we have no plans to introduce a collection for younger women. bright young things was a slogan used in conjunction with a college spring break tradition." but these moms aren't buying it.
8:17 am
>> it sounds like you're marketing to children and marketing sex to children is not okay in my opinion. >> just let our kids be kids. >> reporter: still mom blogger jenny erisson has no problem allowing her tween daughter to shop the pink collection. >> no one wants to be the girl with the ugly underwear. >> reporter: same thing with this mom. her daughter has more lingerie than she does. >> to think you don't look good enough or would look better if you dressed in a more sexy way is a slippery slope. >> reporter: while the debate ranges on, these raging many mos say they're not backing down. >> we're moms but we're not idiots. we know who they're looking at trying to target and we're not going to put up with it anymore. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> i like that. we're moms, not idiots. >> amen. >> well, here this is also on the heat index. "the real housewives of atlanta"
8:18 am
are no strangers to on-screen shake-ups but it's thrown a real-life curveball for portia stuart's husband, kordell stewart has dropped a major behind-the-scenes bombshelby filing for divorce. i know. abc's diana perez has the details. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: kordell loves to dress me. i'm his barbie doll. >> reporter: the quintessential george peach and he's a gridiron great. former pittsburgh steelers quarterback. but together portia and kordell stewart were one of hotlanta's hottest couples until their love seemed to go cold with nearly 4 million viewers watching. >> i'm disgusted. why can't you act right? >> the tension played out between kordell and portia. her wanting to maintain a career and kordell maintaining she should either be a mother or choose a career but not both. >> not trying to sound like your daddy. >> reporter: even fellow
8:19 am
castmates noticed trouble in paradise. >> i guess papa kordell didn't sign her permission slip to go on a field trip. >> reporter: now stewart is filing for divorce calling his nearly two-year marriage irretrievably broken and the man nicknamed slash during his football days is slashing spousal support calling her an able-bodied person capable of supporting herself. >> from the filing it appears as if they have a prenuptial agreement. in addition, they have no children together. the only issue left would be is she entitled to any spousal support and for how long? >> reporter: mr. stewart claims the two have been separated for some time but a rep for his soon-to-be ex-wife tells abc news she was blindsided saying stewart misled her and found out about the filing in the media. >> this is hard. it's emotionally hard. >> reporter: overnight stewart took to twitter thanking fans for their prayers but like so many reality show romances it seems this real housewife's
8:20 am
drama could turn really ugly really fast. for "good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york. >> the other housewives may have figured there was trouble in the stewart marriage when kordell didn't show up for the taping of the reunion show, something all of the husbands usually attend. that was a clue, robin. >> i am just looking down. whew. that's going to be quite a reunion show. thank you, lara. how about that emotional announcement by dorothy hamill on "dancing with the stars," that's burring up our heat index. dorothy hamill's surprise dropout saved two couples that were in the bottom two headed for elimination. lisa vanderpump and victor ortiz and their partners will join us live but first abc's rachel smith host of "on the red carpet" has last night's dazzling highlights. >> reporter: last night in the first elimination of this season's "dancing with the stars" -- >> dorothy and tristan could come out. >> reporter: the most shocking
8:21 am
elimination ever. >> i've taken the advice of my spine surgeon and i need to withdraw from the competition. >> reporter: figure skating sweetheart dorothy hamill announced she was leaving the show after only two weeks of competition due to a recently discovered injury. >> i have an injury that could be irreparable and nerve damage and would be unfair for me to stay in this and have any of these people go home. >> reporter: her withdrawal meant neither lisa vanderpump or victor ortiz were eliminated despite being the bottom two couples. hamill's announcement garnered a standing "o." >> i wish i could give it my all and i can't. >> reporter: what was it like receiving a standing ovation tonight? >> i was trying to keep it together because i didn't want to be a blithering idiot. denial is powerful until i really knew what i was dealing with, i realized this isn't just a muscle thing. >> reporter: the diagnosis a
8:22 am
cyst on her spine. >> it's radiating down my leg and ply foot and i have no stability in my ankle. you know, i can't put my toes back. >> reporter: although her dancing dreams were cut short she made a lasting impression amongst the stars. >> she's quiet today and i was watching her and wondering what was going on. was she nervous because today is elimination day. i had no idea what was going on. she's even classier because she never said a word. >> i have a feeling we'll possibly see you back on the ballroom floor. would you like to come back? >> i would love to come back. i would love to come back. i'm going to be sitting there rooting everybody on so i'll be here, definitely. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, los angeles. >> what grace, true, true champion. we are joined now by the two couples would are safe from elimination. "real housewife" lisa vanderpump went jiggy there on her lap, yay. her partner. >> good morning. >> and in this corner boxing
8:23 am
champion victor ortiz, his partner lindsay arnold. thank you all for getting up so early and being with us. lisa and victor, so emotional last night, i mean, everyone in tears with what dorothy did. i know you had a chance to bond with her in a north amount of time, lisa. >> yeah, she -- i became very close to her. i'm so sorry. it was a hard night for all of us but i think especially her. my heart goes out to her because she really wanted it and really fought against it all week. i just love that woman. a class act. >> i saw tears in your eyes too, victor. >> yeah, it was -- you know, she's amazing. i was the guy that always kind of bonded with her before and after practices and i saw how hard she worked so i know she was working super hard for this one and i don't know, just for her to step in like that, it was very, very i guess to a point of
8:24 am
bigger than someone else could do, you know, it was like -- >> she's amazing, though. she was fantastic. >> it was a sad ordeal my heart goes out to her, as well. >> we feel the same way and in a short amount of time the way you all have gotten so close. do you have this second lease on life? you get the second dance now, lisa. what are you going to do with this opportunity that you have? >> oh, good lord. i think we just got to work harder. it did shake us up a bit last night but we're having an incredible experience, i have to say that, just the camaraderie between all of us has been so positive but last night when we were standing there, i had gleb on one side and victor who was gripping my hand saying i'm going to throw up. it wasn't easy. >> victor, gleb seems to be pushing you, almost teasing you out there. how are you going to wow him? >> you know what, i'm going to trust my partner lindsay and,
8:25 am
you know, i'm going to work as hard as she needs me to. apparently from this point on, i'm all hers, anything she wants 110%. >> there's a partner. >> yeah. >> this is your first season on the show. how relieved are you to have another week? >> oh. >> honestly, after last night i just do not ever want to be in that position again. we're so happy to be here. >> that will inspire you. >> we're just really ready to bring it for next week. >> that's true. >> i want to ask the two stars, lisa and victor, is it much harder than you thought because victor, we saw you get so frustrated and almost walk out of a rehearsal. how does this compare to your life in boxing and what you thought this would be. >> you know what, this is -- it was a very -- well now i look back on it, a very embarrassing moment for me to try to give up on the dance. i've been at the top of my game in boxing and i just think
8:26 am
something as simple as this little person next to me and me breaking down like that was just -- it was horrible, uncalled for. >> it does test you emotionally. >> it definitely does. >> really tests me. >> you've lived to dance another day. thank you all very much.
8:27 am
good morning. we have breaking news from san francisco where a woman and a little girl were hit by a garbage truck at broadwaycadero. it happened about an hour ago when the truck was making a right turn on to broadway. the injured woman was sitting up while paramedics helped the girl on a gurney. let's check in on your morning commute now. >> yes, that crash did cause quite the backup on south embarcadero. you're going to be seeing a lot of traffic coming your way from pier 39. we also have delays on caltrain. we do have at least one train. 218 has been completely stopped new to mechanical failure so all passengers are being loaded onto 220. here's a peek at your drive through san rafael. your southbound commute looking
8:28 am
good. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks a lot. we'll cdays of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
8:29 am
good morning. we're in san jose with a little sunshine. there's clouds on the peninsula but it is mild, upper 40s to the lower 50s.
8:30 am
look for a partly to mostly cloudy skies today. a few drops of rain are possible. ♪ in times square today. hope they had a good breakfast but they're never going to match what you see right here. look at this. this is dwayne "the rock" johnson. a few pan many cakes. this is cheat day. pizza and a whole bunch of brownies. >> look at this. >> yes. >> here he is. the rock joining us live. dishing on why he eats all that food. his brand-new role back on the big screen with some pretty big names. you know you're a big star when we have people pressing up against the window to see you. >> you call him the rock. i call him the tooth fairy. >> yeah. >> i've seen him many times. >> and the stars of the highly anticipated
8:31 am
new movie from the creator of "twilight" with us live. saoirse ronan nominated for an oscar when she was just 13 and max irons following in the talented footsteps of his famous parent. can't wait to hear all about "the host." >> speaking about can't wait, snowflake -- >> your time will come. >> i know, i know. and lara got us started yesterday and it was terrific. actually let's take another look. there she was yesterday. lara and her look-alike taylor kicking things off raising the bar and in just moments george is now going to meet his match, almost. but first a look at our cross-country search to find a second, if that is possible, for george stephanopoulos. every morning -- >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> reporter: -- and some nights. >> tomorrow could be the busiest travel day of the year. >> reporter: -- and even on the
8:32 am
weekends. >> good morning and welcome to "this week." >> reporter: george is bringing you the news. >> george. >> george. >> george. >> george. >> reporter: a busy guy who could actually benefit from a double. our esteemed panel went to work, they rod small, comedian, model and entrepreneur cynthia bailey and george's own wife, actress ali wentworth. >> all right, this is your husband now. oh, my lord, have mercy. >> come on. i can't do that to george. >> he's not greek. i'm not saying you have to be greek to look like greek but if you went to greece, there's george stephanopouloses. >> everywhere. >> everywhere. it's raining george over there in greece. >> turns out -- ♪ it's raining men >> reporter: it's raining georges here too. >> good morning, america, i'm george stephanopoulos. >> she goes, did anybody tell you looked like george stephanopoulos. >> at first the deliberation was tough. >> this guy looks nothing like him. >> you know who looks exactly like george stephanopoulos, our daughter, and i'm surprised nobody sent in her picture. >> reporter: so the search went on. >> i'm going to e-mail
8:33 am
"good morning america" and tell them george has a twin. >> we have a lot more in common than just good looks. >> until finally even ali saw a real resemblance. >> total strangers all the time, airports, grocery stores, movies, even my kids -- >> there's something george about this guy. >> i get it. i'm with you. i'm with you. >> something there. >> he might be greek. he might have a little greek in him. always like a gyro from time to time. [ cheers and applause ] >> lara, you're right. this is really nerve-racking. >> george, please step over here. his double is waiting on the other side. >> okay, i'm ready. >> all: move that mirror! >> i see. >> we want to welcome bruce. >> a couple of inches. >> that's good.
8:34 am
>> ah, bruce, durham, north carolina, married father of four, he's a program manager for blue cross and he and george have a lot more common. two lustrous heads of hair. i might add. both high school wrestlers in ohio. >> where? >> for st. ed's in cleveland. >> st. ed's, powerhouse, they never lost. >> separated at birth. >> absolutely. >> george. >> well, i was a lightweight so when i was younger, 103 through 130. >> 105 in high school. >> have you been mistaken for george? >> absolutely. not mistaken but people will often come up and say you look just like george stephanopoulos and it's -- >> always nice when they say that? >> just always nice. in fact, a lot of times they'll say, george is so smart, you know, they'll be -- >> ah. >> they will bring that up too. >> oh, wow. that picture is great. >> yeah. >> so we got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of entries. we do have one of our esteemed judges from the panel on the phone with us right now. >> oh.
8:35 am
>> who could that be? >> who could that be? >> who would get up at this hour? >> ali wentworth, when you saw bruce, what did you think? >> i said, now i get more vacation time with my husband. [ laughter ] in fact, george, i'm still in my pajamas eating honey nut cheerios if you want to come home right now. [ laughter ] >> ready to take over? >> absolutely. >> there's so many ways this could go right now. >> let's go there, ali. go. >> what was it like for you to see all of these people that were sending in their pictures and everything and saying they looked like your hubby? >> it was a little surreal because, you know, i sort of thought maybe george's double -- i can date. let me be perfectly honest. there's a lot of people that kind of look like george and the
8:36 am
man standing right there i think looks a lot like george and i hope he can fill in on "this week" and "gma" sometime but nobody is as sexy as george stephanopoulos. [ cheers and applause ] >> true that. >> i think we can do a cut now. >> oh, we're losing you. >> supposed to be the true test. can you say hot mess like george stephanopoulos? that's a hot mess. >> that is a hot mess. >> tremendous. >> all right. >> i really can go now. >> george, and tomorrow, are you ready? >> yes, i am. i'm ready. >> robin's turn to see double. we cannot wait to fill in that photo. oh, this is going -- >> love you, ali. that was great. >> ali, thanks a lot. thank you, bruce. >> thank you. >> i think we got a couple of days. robin is next and then josh and i are on friday. >> mini-me. >> if you could work some
8:37 am
durham, north carolina, weather in for bruce. >> sure. absolutely. let's go to the boards. we've got so many pictures sent in, it's amazing. other than the snowy pictures you guys are complaining about the snow you have some beautiful moon shots. so close right there last night into today on that full moon and so everybody just getting some great-looking shots and thought we'd show you one or two we got in this morning. here's what's going on in the west right now. we've got this storm system that kind of moves into the northwest, plenty of rain and thunderstorms and thundershowers. this one wants to hang around for awhile. it's not in a hurry to leave and neither is this cold blast that has reached all the way into new orleans, all the way into tampa and, yeah, even miami. you're flirting with some records today. quick look at what's going on on the big board as we fly by. and that mid-60s across the bay.
8:38 am
>> well, that weather was brought to you by thomas' english muffins. where do we go now, george? >> let's go to lara. >> okay. >> well done. well done. thank you very much. a new movie epic for "twilight" fans to sink their teeth into. get it? coming out this friday. this time though instead of werewolves and vampires, "the host" stars saoirse ronan and max irons, the son of celebrated actor jeremy irons, as two star-crossed lovers living in a world filled with aliens. take a look. >> impossible. you're -- come back! wait. >> look, look, look at me. i'm human. i'm human. >> get off me. >> so happy to have saoirse and max with us this morning and i wish you could hear these two
8:39 am
tease each other. clearly great chemistry. >> you know he's jeremy irons' -- >> i know. i just heard that. >> she's funny. >> she's funny. >> she's funny and i heard you. you were teasing him and you were teasing her. >> oscar nominated actress. >> i don't mind people knowing that, though. >> i wouldn't mind either. >> i have to be equal. those two qualities. >> it could happen. you guys are great in this film. tell me what drew you to these roles. >> well, for me i think the main draw, there was a few things and people involved were -- >> stephenie meyer. >> stephenie was the first person i met and really got on with straightaway and andrew is just kind of perfect for this sort of genre. he's brilliant at it but for me really it was just about playing two different characters and it's kind of an actor's dream to do it. >> what our viewers need to understand, there's the human you and then there's the
8:40 am
other you. >> yes. >> and it is a love story, though. how is that for your character having to sort of deal with not one but two? >> it was slightly unusual but my character, he was in love with a human. so then when she becomes inhabited, it's a huge problem for him to then discover that melanie is trapped inside that body. it's an unusual love story. to say the least. >> and is it true you did your own stunts in this? >> yes, i mean there aren't that many stunts but, yes, i did the ones that are -- that you see in the film. i jumped off a balcony and apparently i didn't realize that the second a.d. brought me out when we were shooting the scene that day, and she said to me, you know, you can do it if you want to. there's going to be a harness but you don't have. no pressure. no, i'll do it. i prefer to do my own stunts if i can. >> right. >> and she said, okay, that's great because we all had a bet and apparently everyone else bet that i wouldn't do it and she was -- >> we were so sure she wouldn't. >> were you in on the bet? oh, my god. thanks a lot. >> she's all talk. she'll chicken out at the final
8:41 am
minute. but she dit. >> but anyway, maria was the only one that actually believed in me, and she got 40 bucks out of it and i proved them wrong. there you go. >> saoirse, good for you. get ready for a lot of fans. stephenie meyer has a giant legion of fans and i think you will too after this movie opens. >> thank you. >> everybody, "the host" opens nationwide this friday. and coming up what do you do when you cheat on your diet? wait till you see what the rock does. he's very naughty and he's here live. stay with us. ♪
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8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ great crowd outside. although i did notice they seem to be pressed up against the window. >> her. >> i can't imagine why. oh, perhaps it has something to do with him, dwayne johnson starring in "g.i. joe" after "the rise of the cobra." he plays roadblock second in command to channing tatum. take a look at this. >> how do you call an air strike? can i bring -- what about one -- >> i'm bleeding out and i need you to -- >> can you use a package thingy? >> i can -- >> who is shooting? what -- >> i'm bleeding out right there and you -- are you crawling. >> i'm going to crawl to victory. that's what i'm going to do. >> how can you be so good at
8:45 am
combat when you -- >> i think you need to relax and i believe i outrank you. >> not in my house. >> that is such a great interchange between friends playing a video game. you're the best when you two are together out there. we welcome dwayne johnson here this morning. >> thank you so much, sam. i appreciate it. good morning. >> you play roadblock. look, this is one of these iconic franchise -- we were playing with g.i. joe action figures. they ask you to be one of the action figures. how daunting is that? >> well, it's exciting, number one. i mean, you know, when we were kids we were playing g.i. joes. i have two massive collections, i had g.i. joe and i had "star wars" and grew up an only child so g.i. joe was my family. i was road block. i was snake eyes and bob ba fete and han solo. i was those guys so you can imagine getting a phone call from paramount saying we want you to be g.i. joe but lead the joes. what do you think? >> it's phenomenal and had a chance to spend some time with
8:46 am
channing in new orleans with the super bowl. this movie works if part because of that chemistry. you can't fake it. you can't fake it. >> channing is a great guy. you know, and so we were lucky because not only in the mythology of g.i. joey we wanted to pay respect to, duke, channing's character and roadblock are best friends and in this case, you know, wound up being the guy is like a brother to me and we had great skems industry on the set and somewhere along the line someone seems to think that he's the world's sexiest man. ha. >> someone said there must be some kind of competition. >> some have said. some have said but i tip my hat to him. happy for all his success. >> you can tell you get along. can we wheel this in? you do -- every move you do -- i watched you trim down, trim down. trim down for some roles and now you've gotten back up to full like force here. this can't be real. you can't really honestly. >> it's a cheat day so if you're
8:47 am
going to cleat, do it. i mean -- >> if you're going to cheat, you have to go big. here's the deal. you know, my diet is very -- especially whenever i'm training for whether "g.i. joe" or "hercules." diet is very clean. i have a great dieting and conditioning coach. when it's time to cheat, i start off with the pancakes, go with a dozen pancakes. >> who doesn't. >> there's a picture of me -- >> carrying the pancake. >> for you maybe. >> ooh. >> but for me -- it's good. then i move on to pizza. but here's the thing with the pizza. i got a great place, pizza heaven where i live in ft. lauderdale and this place makes double dough pizza for me so you take a pizza, slap two doughs together and -- it's nice and big. a lot of pizza then of course you move on to the amazing brownies. my girlfriend who is this fabulous baker, she bakes double
8:48 am
brownies and she also puts peanut butter cookies on the inside. made with love. >> all right. as we say good-bye, your teams, are they going to get it done. >> how about the "u." >> okay. >> got to talk basketball. >> they're number four -- okay -- >> retaliation tomorrow. >> the "u." >> josh gets to sit down with cal ripken. so gla
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ let's go >> many reasons we love what we do. we get to hang around some really great people, dwayne and this next person. >> they called me and said do you want to sit down with cal ripken jr. >> all-time fave. >> i don't know yet. let's get to it. great day i spent with that legend and a group of kids. he told me baseball taught him some important life lessons and writes about it in "wild pitch" and talked about it during a day
8:51 am
spentit some little lads and lasses. he's the iron man and considered one of the best shortstops in the history of baseball. >> number 8 for the orioles, cal ripken jr. >> after his retirement in 2001, cal ripken jr. took his passion and love for the game to its grass roots creating ripken baseball running youth camps and spreading the game's gospel. >> is this all in a day's work for you. >> i don't spend every day like this but i do enjoy this probably the most. >> reporter: and in so doing ripken has become baseball's amanda ambassador to children. today he's giving a few pointers to some kids at new york's chelsea pier >> that's better. that's exactly what i'm talking about. try that now. >> reporter: back in 2001 did you have a sense this is what you'd be doing 12 years later. >> i knew i liked the influence i have on kids in a baseball sense. i mean really i want to encourage kids to -- more kids to play more baseball. >> reporter: it's a mission he's devoted to off the field as well with a series of books for kids tackling the tough issues they face today like bullying.
8:52 am
>> have you guys ever been bullied? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's a fascinating thing to hear you were bullied. >> when i was high school, i was smaller, 5'7", 128 and made the varsity baseball team and there were seniors and juniors, i don't know if they were tortious or not but being hung over the stairway and all the contents of your pockets going out. >> "wild pitch" about a pitcher who beans another kid and struggles to regain his confidence. how big a part was reading in your life growing up. >> i enjoyed reading, period, but it was specific to sports and i remember being moved by "relief pitcher" so when the idea of communicating ideas and principles came up i remember how i felt about that one book. >> reporter: the books are fictional but draw from real-life experience. the most influential he admits growing up in a baseball family with a father who showed him all the ropes. and now as a parent yourself,
8:53 am
what's it like sitting in those stands? >> it's a little bit more nerve-racking. some parents are so fidgety they can't watch their kid hit or pitch and i always tell them you think your kid doesn't know for a second you're turning your back on him and not watching. they know your body language. there you go. that's it. >> kids today, what do you hope they take away from this. >> i hope that they feel a little bit better about their ability to compete and play and takeaway the feeling that grows inside them when they love baseball. >> so many things struck me among them, he loves the game and, boy, he is a great dad. loves, loves his kids. it was terrific. what a day. thanks. >> we'll be righ
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
big thanks to my double, bruce, ready to take everyone away. >> have a great day, everyone. >> yeah.
8:57 am
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good morning. all electronic tolls are now in effect on the golden gate bridge. at midnight a vintage packard was ceremonially the last to stop and pay cash at the toll plaza. commuters must now drive through by using fastrak or be bill id later for the toll. nice morning. lisa has the forecast. good morning, everyone. we're talking about partly to mostly cloudy conditions. chance of a shower, low 60s san mateo, better chance of rain over the weekend. we're taking you out to san mateo where we have a crash on
9:00 am
101 southbound as you make that drive away from sfo. southbound 101 at hillsdale you are looking at heavy delays coming away from millbrae. as we take a quick look, caltrans is running slowly. 218 is a 53-minute wait an announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "g.i. joe: retaliation," dwayne johnson. and a performance from the hot country duo, florida georgia line. and scomplick sexy hatch backs as we continue our look at the new york auto show. plus, actress and singer vanessa williams joins michael at the co-host desk. all next on the emmy award-winning "live."


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